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"God, no! Carry, come here!"

Carry turned around and ran out of the room as fast as his little legs possibly could. Perry dashed out after him leaving me sitting on the bed feeling like shit. What the hell did I just do? A little seven year old boy just saw his father kissing another man! Not just that, he knows that im his father's brother! Oh my God! I ran after him and I saw him running after Carry into the street.

"Perry!" I screamed as I realised that Perry could not see the black Mercedes rapidly coming his way. The car was getting mighty close, but Perry wasn't looking, he was too focused on Carry who was getting further and further away from him. What the hell did I do?

"Perry watch out!"

The car missed Perry by inches and swerved bacause of the sudden movement. Although Perry didn't hear my screaming, Carry sure did. Perry fell down when he saw the car and when Carry turned around he must have thought that his father had gotten run over by the Mercedes because he started running towards his father, crying and screaming.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

Carry was running back so fast that I caught up with him. I tried to grab him, but he wriggled free and kept running to his father. He unfortunately didn't see the Mercedes coming his way and I knew that I had to do something. I started to run towards Carry.

"Carry, get out of the way!"

It was too late. The car came nearer, spinning out of control and towards little Carry. He was too worried to see if his father was ok than to see the car coming towards him. I tackled Carry out of the car's way and he landed on his back. Perry looked up and ran towards his son. The Mercedes spun around and took off. I managed to get the licence plate number in the process and then made my way over to Perry and Carry. Perry was crying hysterically and when I got there, I knew why. Carry was lying on the ground and he didn't look like he was breathing.

"Ricardo, what the fuck are you doing here? Go call the ambulance! Come on, get on with it! Carry? Carry, wake up please!"

I dashed into the house and got my mobile. Celeste was standing in the living room and was crying silently. The wasn't sobbing, but she wasn't moving either. She turned around and hugged me. I was flabbergasted, why was she doing this? The whole entire accident had been my fault! If it wasn't for me being here, Carry would never have seen Perry and me kissing and therefore he wouldn't have run away. I let Celeste go and ran out to Perry. He was still lying on the grass with Carry in his arms. I couldn't go near them. I stood like a paralyzed being watching this scenario play up infront of me. God, please. God, don't let Carry die!

Carry was admitted to the casualty ward and Perry and Celeste were in there with him. I decided to go outside to get some fresh air. I had to blink the tears away as I couldn't take it anymore. Just as Perry and I had gotten as close as we weren't for fifteen years, this had to happen! Why was I always doing stuff like this? I could have left it like it was years ago when Perry had killed Rachel. Chances were that nobody would have found out that it was him, but I had to step in and cover for him. If I hadn't gotten together with Rachel in the first place none of this would have happened. I wished I was dead. I went back home and found Dad in his study. He looked up and saw my face. He stood up and gave me a big hug. I couldn't keep it in longer and I started to cry my eyes out. I grabbed my father's shirt and clung to his body like never before. I needed him now. I really needed him now. I fell to my knees as I could no longer stand. My father kneeled beside me took me into his arms. For that moment only I felt like little Ricardo again. Just a little boy who needed his daddy's help and love. Dad stroked my hair and I buried my face into his chest. He picked me up and carried me up to my room. He put me down on my bed and covered me with the blankets. He kissed my forehead and tucked me in just like he did years ago. Here I was, twenty-nine years of age, and my father was tucking me in. I fell asleep almost immediately.

As I woke up I felt a presence. I sat up and looked at Perry. When he saw that I was awake, he leaned over and stroked my cheek. Then he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. My tongue found his and danced the tango of love once more. He put his hand behind me head and pushed me closer to him. I let go of his lips and kissed him on the left side of his neck. I licked his ear while grabbing a handful of his hair and found his mouth again. Finally I let go and I looked into his eyes. It sparkled. Then I pulled away and pulled the covers off me. He climed in with me and we kissed passionatly once more. He licked his way down my chest before finding my rock hard cock. He squeezed my love organ before deep throating it at once. The quick manner of which he sucked me made me wanna cum right then and there. Well when you haven't been sucked off for close to fifteen years, you tend to fire fast when it happens again LOL. I groaned and blasted his throat with my white, creamy seed. My love juice inside his mouth, down his throat and into this stomach. I had become part of him again. It was meant to be. He put my cock between his legs and squeezed the last spill of cum before wiping it off and licking it off his fingers. He kissed me again. After he sat up and sighed.

"Oh Ricardo. I've missed this so much. I wanted you all these years. I can't imagine my life without you."

"Right back at you, bro. What's happening with Carry?"

"The doctor said that he will be fine. He has a couple of bruises and his ancle is broken, but other than that he will be fine. He wouldn't have been if it wasn't for you. You know, when your child gets injured your heart stops beating. You feel as you want to share his or her pain, so I apologize sincerely. You and I can't be more in love with eachother. Again Im so sorry about what I said yesterday. I honestly didn't mean it. I feel like I need to tell you this. That night that they took you away, I went to that club down the road. I drank and drank until I couldn't anymore. This one girl offered me a ride home. Once I got here, she helped me put me into bed and then I started to cry. She sat with me and comforted me and before I knew it I had blabbed the whole thing to her. About me killing Rachel and you taking the blame for it. Relax; this girl im talking about is Celeste. Well obviously one thing led to another and we had sex that night. A month or so later she told me that she was pregnant and that she hadn't been with anyone else except me. Well, what could I do? I married her later and when Carry was born, I felt...I don't know...alive and great. But every time I looked at Carry, I thought of you. The love we shared, the passion that we had created with our bodies and the gentle touches here and there that we so loved. Ricardo, I want to tell you this. I may be married to Celeste, but I will never love her as much as I love you. I crave being with you every single moment of every day and I want your heart to be merged with mine. I love you and I'll always will."

Dad was in the kitchen as we eventually made our way down. He kissed us both and then left for work. Perry's mobile rang and he went to answer it. After he came back, he told us that we could go see Carry. I kissed him and I went to take a shower. As we stepped into Carry's room I suddenly turned away. It was my fault that this beautiful young boy was laying here. Perry took my hand and led me to the bed. Perry kissed Carry's forehead and the little boy started to wake up.


"Hey, my boy. Daddy's here. How are you feeling?"

"Im scared..."

"Why? You hurt somewhere?"

"No. Why were you kissing Uncle Ricardo?"

"Well, I kissed him because we love eachother."

"Oh! But you were kissing him like you kiss mommy..."

"Well, just forget about that for now. We'll speak about this when we get back home. Now you just get better, yeah?"

Perry stroked his hair and kissed him again. After a while we left and went to drink coffee at a little restaurant that we saw. As the waitress came to collect our order, she winked at me. I decided to play the straight game and winked back. Perry struggled not to laugh and when she had left, I felt him put his hand on my knee.

"You can flirt all you like, my love, as long as you park your car at the right garage, yeah?"

"I wouldn't dream of parking anywhere else, I don't wanna be arrested, now do I?"

"I suppose I'd have to handcuff you and then read you your rights..."

"As long as you don't take me to jail immediately. I want to become one with the crime that I had committed."

"I love you, Ricardo."

"I love you more."

I stood up and started walking to the bathroom. Halfway there I turned around and winked at him. I waited in the cloakroom and it wasn't yet a minute, when Perry came in aswell. He pushed me against the wall at once and started to open my trousers. He stroked my cock through my boxers and then he looked up at me.

"I want you inside me."

Like lightning he turned around and I put some of the soap lotion I found on the counter on my firery cock. I pushed down his pants and my boxers and pushed my cock into my brother, my lover. My balls slapped against his body again and again, over and over until his body spasmed underneath me as he shot his cum all over the bathroom floor. I wasn't far behind and I shot my soul into his body, making us one with eachother. I kissed his back and grinded my soft cock into him once more.

We loved eachother and I knew that no matter what happened, at least, that this love between us two would last forever and would triumph over anything. There was only one little problem.


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