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After he initial shock of discovering that Perry was not only married but also had a child, I never thought that he and I would ever be as close that we once were. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions that took us to the brink of being together again and now we were. Was it a scandal, being in love with your brother? We certainly didn't think so. We were going at it on a daily basis. Every day we would found somewhere in the house so that we could be together. Whether it was in his bedroom, on the counter in the kitchen or in the backyard under the trees, we were too much in love to not show it to eachother in some way or another. We were just getting back from the shower after making passionate love and we didn't notice that Carry was watching us intently. We started to make out on the bed, until Perry turned over so that he could lie on top of me and then he froze as he saw his son looking at us.  Carry had tears in his eyes as he clearly could not understand what was happening between his dad and his uncle. He was only seven years old, but somehow...oh I don't know...somehow that didn't bother me at all. I felt absalutely nothing finding Carry in the same room where Perry and I had just kissed.

"What are you doing, Daddy?" that innocent little voice asked.

"Carry, please buddy. You must forget that you've seen this, okay? Daddy's asking you nicely. Please keep this secret for Daddy, yeah? It will be our little secret. Father and son, yeah?"

I could see that Carry was very scared and uncomfortible around his father and it was me that created all this. Strangely I felt nothing. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why didn't I feel anything? I stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Carry with his father. They needed to be alone. I went into my room and got dressed, doing a great deal of care with my hair and clothes. I needed to be with my brother. We were in love and he would never love that bitch Celeste as much as he loved me. He really should get devorced so that we can be together. I thought that I would suggest it to Perry. He would listen to me. I found my dad in his study and I sat down in the chair across from him. He looked up.

"So what's on your mind, son?"

"Rather much, dad. I think that I should tell you that Perry and I are back together. Aren't you glad? I know that's what you wanted all along!"

My father dropped his pen, but it didn't look like that he had noticed. He stared at me in a funny way before standing up and sitting next to me, putting his arm around my shoulder.

"Ricardo, you know that this is not possible. Perry and Celeste are married and..."

"Oh, please! That marriage is a farce, to say the least! Perry told me himself that he only married her because of Carry. And im also sick and tried of finding him around everywhere everytime that I try to kiss my brother!"

"Oh God, he hasn't seen you two together has he? Ricardo, what are you talking about, you and your brother shouldn't be kissing, that is over now! He is married!"

I started to feel my emotions rage inside of me and I decided then and there that I had enough. You would expect that your father would at least be on your side in a case like this.

"Know what, dad? Go and fuck yourself! Perry will be mine, now and forever."

With that I walked out of the study, leaving my father gaping at me. Fuck that, I didn't need him. I couldn't care less. I found Perry in the livingroom watching telly. I sat down next to him and put my hand in his. He swifty removed it. I looked at him questioningly.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"Ric, come on. Not here, you know that's too dangerous."

"Danger from who? Celeste or Carry? Please, Perry even if Celeste do find out what the fuck is she gonna do? Throw me out?"

"Ric, what has gotten into you? I don't know you like this! Incase you have forgotten, Celeste knows that I really killed Rachel and not you. You want to go back to jail?"

"Ofcourse not. Please understand that I love you so much and it kills me not being able to show you that I do. Now that we have found eachother again, you can devorce Celeste and we can..."

"Wait...backtrack! Who said anything about me getting a devorce?"

The sheer disbelief must have been as clear as daylight on my face as I stared back at Perry.

"Perry, you told me that you only married Celeste because of me going to jail. Now that im out...I thought..."

"You thought wrong, Ricardo! I love Celeste and Carry means the world to me. Yes, I will never love anyone more than I love you, but think of Carry. I can't do this to him now. He will never understand this, he's only seven! Im sorry, bro. The price that you're asking I can never pay."

Everything felt weird around me. I had a splitting headache and I felt quite dizzy. I had lost Perry. All because of my own doing.

"You know what, Perry? You can go find someone else to stick his dick in you because this one is done with the likes of you. I've sacrifised everything including fifteen years of my life for you and still that's not enough. If you don't want me then ill go. Im not anyone's second best."

As I made my way up the stairs, it was like reality was hitting me for the first time. What the hell had I just done? What made me say those horrible things? Dad and Perry was right, this wasn't me. As I reached my room my head still felt quite dizzy. I thought if I layed down, it would go away. I closed my eyes and pleaded that the world should stop spinning infront of my eyes. This was too much. My head felt like it was gonna explode! Suddenly I became aware of someone staring at me from the doorway. It was Carry. I felt this unnatural hatred for this little bastard infront of me. Did I just think that? I stood up from the bed and I nearly came down again as my headache was starting to get so fucking intence that I couldn't stand anymore. Carry, the sweet little boy that he is, came to help his Uncle Ricardo on the bed. While he was helping me, thoughts of guilt racked my brain.  This sweet little guy, my nephew...

I screamed out loud. I couldn't stand the pain. It was too sore. I grabbed Carry at his wrist. I could feel his young body stiffen. I pulled his face to me and looked straight into his eyes. He was shit scared...and it turned me on so fucking much. He wriggled free and tried to run for the door, but I held him tight. I tossed my little nephew on the bed and then I got up to lock the door. I turned around only to see Carry sobbing. As I came closer to him, he climbed further up the bed.

"Daddy! Mummy! Help!"

For some reason his screams was like music in my ears. I got closer to him on the bed and grabbed him and he dived away from me. Somehow this pissed me off good and proper and I grabbed him. He was screaming and crying and I pressed my hand over his mouth. While holding his tight with my right hand I managed to get rid of his shirt with my left. He really started to sob now and then I heard the knock at the door.

"Carry? Carry, open the door!"

Carry tried to answer his father but it pressed harder with my hand. This was the block standing in my way for being with Perry and I was not letting him go. Perry started to kick and punch at the door and I quickly grabbed Carry. I heard Perry scream with effort and then the door was kicked open.

"Ricardo, what...what the hell are you doing?"

"You said that we can't be together because of this piece of shit so im getting rid of him. Then we can be together forever, my love."

"You are fucking crazy! Give him here!"

Perry jumped on top of me so that his sheer force of his speed caught me offguard. Carry fell out of my hands and he started running out of the room, screaming and shouting.

"Little bastard!" I screamed and started running after him, but I was quickly stopped by my Perry.

"You are never setting foot near me or my son ever again! You hear me? Know I want you out of my house, right now."

The tone of voice in which he was speaking to me hurt me so fucking much that I wanted to hurt, to hit, to even kill the reason that I had lost Perry. The reason was called Carry.

"You are such a fag, "I said to Perry.

The next thing I knew I was flying into the wall of the bedroom. The hits and blows to my stomach and face just didn't stop. It finally stopped when I heard a female voice screaming.

"No love, you're gonna kill him!"

I fell on the ground with my head feeling like rubber. Perry's angry face was the last thing that I saw before darkness overwhelmed me.

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