The First Night (A story from Hong Kong)
by T.C.

I will never, ever forget the first time we made love. It was a bitterly cold night. There was a fierce storm howling outside the window, and we could hear the wind beating against the glass. But inside, on the bed that we were sharing, our bodies were glistened in a thin film of perspiration — we were generating some intense heat our own.

'Mmmm.... you're so nice and tight,' he said, for the second time in as many minutes, as his thick cock moved inside of me ever so slowly, exploring, savouring. I could sense every throbbing pulse along his naked shaft. He was rock hard, body and cock. My legs were wrapped around his waist as he hovered over me. My hands were stroking and squeezing his biceps. I just wanted him to enjoy me; I wanted to bring him and his cock as much pleasure as my body could. He slowly raised his hips and pulled out almost the full length of his fuck stick. Then he pushed it back inside. He repeated the movements. Every penetration and withdrawal made me grunt and writhe underneath him with unspeakable ecstasy.

Before long his movements became faster and bolder as we settled into a steady, exciting rhythm of lovemaking. 'You're a great kid you know that?' he grunted as his sex tool insistently probed my insides, grating against my prostate and sending unbearable pleasure through my body. Yes, the man I was making love with was older than me. A few years more than twice my age, in fact; which wasn't that old considering I was only 19 at the time.

' know that?' All I could manage for an answer was to lift my mouth to his and grunt into his throat. Just then he altered the angle of his thrust and sent a bolt of pleasure up my spine so intense that I threw my head back and gasped. I almost hit my head on the headboard of Dad's bed... Yes, I was having sex on my Dad's bed. And the hunk fucking me... he was my father.

It had all started innocently enough. Dad and I had been living alone since the divorce about 3 years ago. I had actually planned to go to sleep a bit earlier that night, considering it was freezing cold outside and there really was nowhere to go. I went into his room to say goodnight, and found him sitting in bed and reading a book. "Freezing cold, uh Dad? These heaters just don't do the job in weather like this."

"It's not that bad, is it? Come over here for a bit." He motioned me to sit beside him in bed, and wrapped his arm around me as I settled in next to him. Clad in a thick cotton bath robe, his body was nice and warm and I snuggled up to him as we began one of those idle chit-chats we had from time to time. I suppose he was enjoying my body warmth as well because soon he put down his book and snuggled up closer. Before long we had stopped chatting and were just sitting in each other's arms, enjoying the warmth, occasionally patting or stroking each other. I can't recall how or when exactly it happened, but somewhere along the way, I started to enjoy this intimacy in a different way. I mean, I already knew I liked guys and not girls (although my experience was very very limited), and I had always thought Dad was a hot looking man. Over the years I had even cast him in a few of my fantasies. But I certainly wasn't obsessed with him or anything. But now I suddenly realised I had a raging hard-on between my legs and I was seriously enjoying all this physical contact with my old man. His body was so warm, hot even. And it felt strong and comforting. We held each other, patting and rubbing each other's arms and back. And at one point, I suddenly realised that our snuggle had turned into caresses. It was quite definitely beginning to develop into something you wouldn't expect a father and his son to get into.

I lifted my face to find my beloved dad looking straight at me, and simultaneously we brought our faces towards each other. A kiss, mouth to mouth, just a peck. And again. The third time it lingered, and as soon as I parted my lips his tongue entered me, so gently at first. But soon our tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouths. My heart was beating wildly at a hundred beats a minute. We kissed wordlessly for a few minutes. Then one of his hands reached under my T-shirt and continued to stroke my back muscles. Oh it felt so good. And then both his hands were under my shirt as we continued to kiss. He lifted my T-shirt over my head and had it off in one swift movement. I dug my hand inside his robe to feel the hunky chest that had fascinated me for so long. As I did so, the already loose robe fell open to reveal a naked torso. Totally naked.

He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his excited erection sprang into view. My heart stopped for a second. It looked so thick and hard. What was happening suddenly hit me: I was in bed in my father's arms with his hard cock pointing at me. Instead of feeling shocked, I felt a new surge of excitement. I actually felt my already hard dick give an extra jump in my pants.

My father quickly ridded himself of his robe so that he was now lying on the bed totally naked. I ran my hand all over his muscled pecs, more aroused than I had ever been in my life. Then I leaned in and started to kiss my Daddy’s thick, wide chest relentlessly, licking and worshipping the two bold mounds of male muscles. I sucked at his nipples hungrily. They were wet and big, swollen with excitement. Dad hardly made a sound, but from the sound of his breathing I could sense how excited he was, and how much he was enjoying it. Moving further down, I licked and tasted my father’s flat, firm stomach, before I was faced with his most powerful and beautiful organ.

Daddy’s penis proudly jutted out of his pubic hair, huge, hard and straight. All along his enormous shaft I saw his veins throb. His girth and length (exactly nine inches) took my breath. The whole organ was red with excitement. His cock head was so swollen that the skin was stretched and glossy. My Dad was cut, like me. When I reached out to touch his shaft, his hardness thrilled me, making my body tremble. As a preview of his sexual prowess, Dad flexed his muscles and his rock-hard prick twitched and flexed in front of my face — all fathers like to show off! !

My fingers took hold of his root and I buried my face in his crotch, kissing and squeezing Dad’s throbbing love muscle to my young heart’s content. His pole felt so hot against my lips and cheeks. Ah! Such delicious dick meat! And so much of it! And it was all my Dad’s. I rubbed the magnificent rod all over my face, smearing his clear juice over my face. He couldn't keep quiet any longer. Dad started to writhe on the bed and was moaning very audibly. I generously licked along his whole length while my left hand caressed and explored his nuts. His dick tasted so clean and delicious.

Then I was sucking my own father’s penis! I took the forbidden fruit into my mouth. The heat! The texture! The sweet-salty flavour! I engulfed his thickness. His fleshy pole pulsated inside my mouth. He pulled back till the tip was poised at my lips, and then eased into me again. I sucked the cock of the most important man in my life as if it was the most wonderful cock in the world... And it was. "It feels wonderful..." he whispered, the first time he spoke since we started this. This was all the encouragement I needed to redouble my efforts. I will never forget his hard and velvety tool travelling up and down my tongue to the back of my throat as my head serviced my father’s manhood diligently. Then with his hands on the back of my head, he guided my mouth back and forth along his thick shaft...

With my Dad’s rod inside my mouth, I felt so lucky, thinking how few men would ever experience this kind of intimacy with their fathers, thinking how none of my friends had ever known their dads like I was getting to know mine. I felt like asking them: have you ever touched your Dad's dick? Have you ever seen him hard? Have you ever tasted your Dad? I don't mean his cock necessarily - have you ever tasted even his skin? His lips? His chest? Do you know how your Dad moans or grunts when he makes love? How he makes love?... I had never known such intimacy with my father until now... But there was more to know, more to find out about him. And we were on our way that night, to experiencing the ultimate intimacy: I intended to share his orgasim with him...

As I savoured the delicious joy of sucking Dad’s hard erect meat, he suddenly eased himself out of my mouth and sat up. Before I could say anything, he was hurriedly pulling my pants off me. He wanted to see me naked. His eyes travelled up and down my exposed body a few times. Then Dad pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. Finally we were naked together. He gathered my body in his arms and pressed me hard against him. The weight and bulk of his ripe, mature body crushed and comforted me as he rested his weight on top of me. Our mouths were pressed together. He kissed and licked me from my face to my chest, then my abs, and finally my towering pole, which until now had received little attention. He licked up all my precum. And to make sure that he got it all, the tip of his tongue drilled into my gaping cum-slit while his hand massaged my erect pole. He thoroughly kissed and licked my organ. And I almost screamed as his warm, wet mouth descended on me and sent electric convulsions throughout my young body. He glided his lips up and down. "Uh Dad... yes..." I panted. "...yes please..."

My father looked up and smiled at me, his face a strange mixture of joy and intense concentration. "What would you like me to do, son?"

"...everything..." I wanted him to fuck me, like I've seen those men fuck their boys in magazines. But somehow I was too embarassed to say it.

"Do you want me inside of you?"


"Good, 'cause I gotta be inside you!"

Dad climbed to the head of the bed so he was kneeling next to my head. I looked up at him and saw his thick club hovering over my face. He leaned over and draped his hot tool over my face, moving his hips so the hot hard shaft was gliding over my lips, my nose, my eyes and rubbing against my forehead. I instinctively opened my lips and stuck out my tongue to get as much of that delicious taste as I could. He just rubbed his sex all over me, and then I had him between my lips again. Dad thrusted his cockshaft sideways against my lips while my darting tongue teased its sensitive underside. Then he switched his angle slightly and entered my mouth straight on. I turned my head to give him a better angle and he put his hips to work to give me a good face fuck. "....oh yes, lube it up...." I heard him whisper. After ten strokes or so he pulled out and again thrusted his cock sideways against my lips. And he rubbed it all over my face, then into my mouth again. He did this several times, leaving trails of his rich, clear pre-cum over my face, getting me totally hot for him.

Then one time when he pulled out of my mouth, I saw that he had found some lotion in the bedside drawer. Right in front of my eyes he smeared a big dollop on to his dick and lubed up his cock eagerly. Then he reached between my legs and smeared the lube on my butthole. The touch of his fingers almost made me jump up in bed. He pulled on his hard prick a couple more times, pushing it down and then letting it bounce back to slap his abs. It was such a lewd and impossibly sexy gesture; it made me want him even more urgently.

He was now kneeling between my knees. Leaning down over me, he positioned his erect column of flesh against my butt and our mouths locked in a wet open-mouthed kiss. With his hard and slippery cockhead pushing against my twitching sphincter, he sighed "Damn, why do you have to be so good-looking?!" For a moment, from the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes, I could sense the conflict inside of him. And it made me wonder too what I was doing here with my father. But I think there was no doubt in our minds that we were going to go through with it anyway; we were going to experience with each other this thing we both wanted. We had to.

My butthole was twitching with excitement. I drew up my legs slightly and tried to open up for him the best way I knew how. His whole body leaned into me. His monstrous steel pipe of a dick entered me immediately, forcing my tunnel open. I'd be telling a fib if I said it didn't hurt a bit. I groaned, and he paused. He leaned back and looked between our legs, and said to me: "Try to relax, my head's in.... it'll get easier from here..." I looked down the length of my body, but could only see my own excited hard cock twitching over my stomach, and beyond that my father's sweaty pubes. How I wished I could see what he was seeing: half his shaft buried in my butthole, our two bodies joined.

I signalled for him to continue, that I was alright. Looking straight into my face, he leaned forward toward me again. Under his weight, Dad slid his drooling penis into me inch by inch. My whole world spinned as his fat nine-incher sank slowly into me, stretching my tight ass-ring. My father felt even thicker than he looked, stretching my guts to the limit.

"Oooaaah!… this will be wonderful…" he said, licking his lips, half to himself and half as a promise.

Dad buried himself to the hilt inside of me. All nine inches of my father. I had felt myself becoming a part of him, and him of me. Having his cock inside of me felt so good: so full, so satisfying... so natural. I had never in my life felt so complete and happy. The beads of sweat rolling down Dad’s face and the passionate distortions in his handsome face bore testimony to his pleasure. At first we were motionless, basking in the pleasure of having our flesh joined together.

" like it?" he asked. I desperately held on to his frame, and felt his whole body shivering. My father was as strong a man with as hard a dick as I could imagine. But to feel that a part of him was so vulnerable and sensitive was the sexiest sensation.

Easing back his rod most of the way, he held my waist just above my hips, and started fucking me. I tried to move my butt to meet his every thrust. My body writhed and buckled under his. His movements, gentle at first, became faster and harder. My butt stuffed full of hunky hard meat, I was surprised how distinctly I could feel Dad’s every move inside me. Dad penetrated me deeper and deeper, and his thrusts became harder and faster, tickling my buttocks with his pubic fur.

"How ya feeling?" Dad managed to grunt throatily as he pumped, his handsome face a glistening mixture of uncontrollable enjoyment and painful concentration. His body pressed even closer to mine and his arms tightened around me as he fucked. "Wonderful, you’re wonderful," I moaned with my lips on his throat.

I wrapped my legs around him and greedily placed my hands on Dad’s ass to pull more of his fuck into me. I was totally abandoned to the sensations, totally aroused, totally hungering for him. "I never thought I'd see you like this," he panted. "You're really enjoying my cock aren't you?" "Yes..." was all I could moan. My Dad and I had always been close. But I never thought I'd see him like this either: so blatantly sexual, so physical, like an animal... I had never felt so 'together' with him. I was at once his son and his lover. I was submitting myself to him as his boy, and at the same time loving him as his equal, as a man.

As my ass ring slipped up and down the thick shaft of Dad's cock, I felt as if we’d been lovers for years. My father is a real man, and he fucks like one. With each thrust we grunted in unison and the bed rocked under the impact. During each delicious stroke, Dad lifted my body off the bed with the sheer strength and powerful hardness of his naked penis. At first I kept crying "Deeper! Harder! Daddy!" but now all I could do was pant and moan. Dad was making love to me with deeper and harder thrusts than I had thought possible. I thought I’d explode with ecstasy.

"It's coming..." he finally grunted as he pounded his cum-swollen tube up my butt. "Do you want me to cum inside you? Or all over ya?"

Hearing him say that made my dick jump. I never, ever thought I would hear these words from my own father. The thought of my big-dicked Daddy’s semen splashing all over me was deliriously exciting. But at that moment I desperately wanted and needed to feel his naked penis explode inside my body.

"In me, Dad. Give me your stuff!"

He was driving his dick into me like a hammer on a nail. My asshole was burning with the friction generated by his massive love muscle. Sweat was rolling off his body on to mine. I felt my nut-sac drawing up. I was gonna shoot! And I hadn’t even been touched yet, except by the tickling silky fluff on my Dad’s flat belly. And then, with his thick pole rammed deep into my butthole, I exploded as a thunderous sensation bolted through my shaft and I sprayed the room with my fresh, young jism. My cum arched and flew through the air, splashing my father’s and my own chests and faces. My back arched and every muscle in my body went into a jerking spasm. My slick asshole clamped down around his engorged cock shaft and my gripping sphincter squeezed Dad’s pumping prick. "Fuck!" he gasped and made one final stab. Then I felt it... my guts were inundated with my father’s hot life-giving man milk. Jet after jet of his spermy juice was filling me up. Seized by his climax, Dad’s entire body, flushed and glistening, convulsed and thrashed. "Uh…" he cried. "I’m shooting!"

After a long while, his heaving body slumped on to mine, my spunk cementing us together. His penis was still inside me. His cock continued to twitch even when he eventually finished gushing his fatherly milk into me. My butt was full of his cream.

Eventually he rolled off me. We laid side by side, still catching our breath. I became aware of the storm outside again. That had been so hot! But now that it was finally over and we began to calm down, I wondered if I would ever experience this intimacy with Dad ever again. We weren't supposed to have done it in the first place, and I just knew this would be the one and only time. And I even worried whether things would be awkward between us from now on.

Dad got up from the bed and walked around to my side. I watched his butt move and his glistening cock swinging between his legs, admiring his thick strong body. "We should wash up", he said. I followed him to the bathroom, where we showered together. But nothing happened in the shower; no horseplay; we hardly exchanged a word. Then we went back to his bed, and went to sleep. He did hold my hand, and I fell asleep wondering what it would be like the next day.

What happened when we woke up the next day was that my father and I made love. Dad fucked me again in the most wonderful way a young man could hope to be fucked. And now he has been doing that for the last 3 years. I am turning 23 soon, and I am the only one amongst my gay friends who hasn't moved out of home. They ask me why all the time, and sometimes I feel the urge to tell them about the my father and me, how great our love and our sex are, how he makes me feel. But so far I have had enough sense to keep my mouth shut. One thing is certain: I have no intention of leaving home.