The Next Room

This year it was Korea. Delicious food, hot springs and massages. It's been a bit of a tradition. The three families would get together and go on a trip during winter vacation each year. Our parents have all been friends for a long time and this ensu red that everyone got together properly at least once a year. My mother hadn't been on these trips since the divorce four years ago. She remained friends with everyone, but I guess it felt awkward for her to spend her vacations with Dad. So it's just been Dad and me. All of us boys are around the same age. We've practically grown up together. The hot spring hotel was grand and luxurious. We young people had our own rooms, so we were free to chat and muck around and do whatever. I shared a room with Sam, while Tony (Sam's younger brother), AJ and Josh shared another. As for the parents, of course each couple had their own room. Except my Dad, who, without a partner, had a room to himself. His room just happened to be next to ours.

Sam is one of my closest friends. We went to the same school until we graduated from high school. Sam's always been a good looking kid. He has a very athletic build, a little taller than me. Somehow he's always retained a bit of a babyface, which seems to work toward his advantage. In other words, he's hot. Our fathers have been friends since their university days. Actually it was Sam's dad, Uncle K., who told my Dad that he wished he and Sam had the same kind of close relationship that Dad and I had. Of course he had no idea just how close Dad and I had become. I must confess that, for the few days after I heard what he'd said, I couldn't stop the mental intrusion by images of Sam and his Dad going at it with each other. Those images aroused me a great deal. I remember that evening, while I was crouching over Dad, impaling myself on his hard rod, I couldn't help imagining that we were fucking in a hotel room (much like this one). There would be two double beds in the room. Dad was fucking me in one, and barely a few feet away, Sam and his father were naked in the next bed, grinding their bodies together in frenzied lovemaking...

Anyway, after dinner, we guys all went down to have a soak in the hotel's hot spring bath. Afterwards we all gathered in my room. We had the TV on, but were barely watching it. We were just having a few drinks, mucking about and talking about this and that. Not surprisingly, when you got a bunch of eighteen to twenty year old boys together, before long the topic turned to sex. I was mostly just playing the audience -- I mean, I had so much to tell, but how could it? It frustrated me that something so great'd happened to me, and I couldn't say even a word to my best friends. The thing is, my father and I might share the hottest sex in bed, but we are really just regular, normal guys. Someone you might go to college with, or someone you might be working with. I wish I could tell my friends: Hey, I found this really great guy, and he's handsome, and really hot in bed! But how could they understand, when I tell them it's my own father?

Anyhow, I had to admit that hearing the guys talk about sex incessantly got me really horny. And all I could think about was my father, alone in his room, only a wall away. I wondered what he was doing. I didn't see him in the bath while we were there. Was he soaking in the hot spring bath downstairs now? Was he sleeping already? Was he in the shower? Was he masturbating? And was he thinking about his son? It'd been about a year since Dad and I became physically intimate. I wished I could've shared a room with him on this trip. But he thought I should room with my friends, just as I had for the past few years. For the first time in my life, I wished I was sharing a room wth my parent rather than with my friends. My dick was getting real hard, and I tried to hide it. I tried to stop thinking about Dad. But the more I tried, the more I thought about his scrumptious body, about his hands on my skin, about making love to him.

It wasn't as if Dad and I never spent anytime apart. Since we got together, there had been several occassions when he'd taken business trips, up to one week at a time. And I'd also gone away with friends during vacations. Of course we missed each other's company during those times. But we managed, and it just made our time together afterwards extra steamy. But knowing that he was in the next room, that he was accessible, made it more difficult to bear.

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly finished the drink I had in my hand, and stood up, careful to hide my hard on from view. "...uh, I'm just gonna pop outside to get more drinks and stuff."

"Outside?" Ted asked. "What's the mini bar for? They've got beer in there."

"Do you know how much they charge for those drinks in a hotel room? There's a convenient store just down the road. I can get the same thing for one third the price. You guys want anything?"

I escaped the room before I had to justify mys elf any more. Out the door I went, headed right down the corridor, and knocked on the door of my Dad's room next door.

As soon as he let me in the door, I planted a deep kiss on his lips.

"Uh! You missed me, huh?"

"Very much."

It seemed to make him happy, as a big smile lit up his face. We locked our lips together again in a long deep kiss. Soon I had snuck my hand into his robe and I was rubbing his balls through his briefs. I could hear the rumbling from the base of his throat. My father's penis was growing long and hard. Before long my hand was in his pants, trying to fish out the hot powerful organ.

"H ey hey hey," he broke off our kiss. "C'mon son, your friends are all next door."

"I can be quiet. Can you?" I smiled at him naughtily.

"They're probably waiting for you to get back there."

"They can wait. I told them I was going to the shop."

"There isn't enough time."

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad is no fan of the quickie. He is a man who likes to take his time, taking pleasure in the tension, savouring every moment. He likes to make it last as long as he can, to explore new angles, to show off his stamina. And he is also a connoisseur in foreplay. He teases me with his lips and his body until I'm literally begging for his cock, before he'd finally give it to me. That's why lovemaking in the morning is a rarity for us during the week. It's something he'd only let us indulge in on weekends, when neither of us needs to hurry off to work or college, and we can take as much time as we want. So many times I've woken up next to him on an early weekday morning, feeling horny for him. I might have even started playing with his morning hardon. We might roll around for a while, I'd be getting hotter for him by the minute and he'd certainly appear ready and willing. I eagerly pop his hard, throbbing pole into my mouth, priming him for a quick but hard morning fuck b efore he'd have to shower and get dressed for work, trembling in anticipation of the ride. Mmm... maybe I'd sit no him this morning... But he doesn't like to rush it. "C'mon now, let's get ready for the day." He'd say, lifting my face from between his legs.

"C'mon Dad, we have a little time."

"We'll have more time when we get home tonight, huh?"

"But I want you now. I can see you want me now too." I'd say, waving his thick rod at him, as if I had to prove to him his own excited hardness.

"... yeah... but think how much harder and juicier it'll be by tonight. I promise you it'll be better. C'mon, we don't want to be late."

Like I've said, he hasn't stopped being the father. "But Dad, I won't be able to think about anything else all day, you know." I'd protest.

"Well, well..." he plants a big kiss on my lips. " In that case I'll expect my boy to be really really hot for his old man tonight then. Even hotter than usual. I'm really looking forward to it."

And so, we'd both be on time for work and college respectively. I'd be totally right of course: I don't know how he is at work, but I'd certainly be distracted all day long, unable to think about anything but my father all day, his body, his smell, his hands, his cock. On the other hand, though I hate to admit it, Dad is totally right too. When the time finally comes in the evening, we'd be so incredibly hot and juicy for each other, and our sex would be so am azingly steamy and intense. My dick would be so hard that it ached. His muscular shaft would be an angry red colour, almost purple, its veins throbbing. And it'd feel so unbelievably hard in my mouth and my butt. I have no words to describe the satisfaction when release would finally wash over our wet, sweaty bodies.

Sometimes I think he purposely teases me like that just for that reason.

* * * * * * * * * *

"You're so sweaty," I might say, as his body begins to relax on top of mine.

"Well, it was hard work, you know," he was still trying to catch his breath. "... but enjoyable work."

"... it certainly was hard!" I chuckled. His prong was still inside of me, not quite softene d yet.

I know for certain that I'll never find another cock that can make me feel the way my father's lubed up cock does. The man really knows how to fuck. Even today, Dad and I are as aware of the forbidden taboo of our coupling as on that first night. Yet we make love, not out of habit or convenience, but because our lust and love for each other just can't be suppressed. You just can't match that kind of intensity between a father and his son. Every stroke is full of meaning, full of intention.

Sex with my father is always amazing, but som e of my favourite moments are those lazy Sunday mornings when we'd lay entwined under the sheets, the morning sun filtering on to our bed. I love the feeling of Dad and I just making out in the daylight. With me lying in his arms, we kiss and touch each other endlessly, chatting easily between kisses like any regular father and son. It might be just after we'd woken up; it might be just after he'd treated me to an intense morning fuck, or it might be a slow lead up towards a long gentle session of lovemaking. Just my loving Dad and his boy. Those are the kind of moments when you wish you could stay like that forever.

* * * * * * * * * *

"You should get back. We'll be back home in a couple of days. We've done longer without."

"I can't. You're all I can think about..."

I started kissing his chest through the tight white singlet he was wearing beneath the bath robe. His body was so firm and so warm . Despite what he was saying, I could tell from the heaving of his chest and the throbbing in his briefs that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. My mouth travelled down the length of his torso. I untied his robe and pushed it back. It fell into a heap on the floor around his feet.

And then I was nuzzling my nose into his package, kissing the familiar bulge through the white cotton fabric. The plush hotel carpet was soft against my knees. "There isn't enough time..." I heard him say, almost feebly. I could feel him looking at what I was doing to his crotch.

I peeled back the fabric, and pushed his shorts down to his ankles. "... c'mon, stop that now..." I heard him say even as he stepped out of those shorts and spread his legs a little. He was standing there heroicly at the foot of the bed, naked except for the white cotton singlet streched tightly over his strong torso. So fucking damn sexy. My tongue was all over his hard throbbing shaft. Now I was licking his juicy ball sac, and then I was kissing his fuck pole from base to tip, before popping the head into my mouth and swirling it around. Then I was lapping at the underside of his dick again. I could hear Dad moaning despite himself, and a buzz was flowing through his body.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sometimes, every now and then, I do get what I want. I remember one morning when we woke up particularly early. We were locked into a luscious sixty-nine position. I felt so wonderful, my Dad and I sucking on each other. He had such a beautifully shaped dick. We were getting more aroused and into it by the second and it felt so fucking good. His cock was throbbing powerfully in my mouth and he was getting so hot. I had no doubt that we were going to see it through and go all the way that morning. He was that hard. Then Dad suddenly pulled back.

"It's time to get up and ready."

Not again! "C'mon Dad! Don't leave me like this!" I pleaded, stuffing his hard cock back into my mouth.

"C'mon now. We'll be late." He pulled back again, easing my face from his crotch. He swung his legs off the bed, stood up and started walking towards the bathroom, his wet hard-on swinging in front of him. He looked so damn sexy. I don't know how he could just s top like that. I was too far gone to just get up and get on with my day now. I made no move to get up, and just laid on the bed. I thought: "Fuck, I need the release. I'll just have to do it myself." I reached between my legs and started to jack off.

"C'mon baby..." Dad stopped in his tracks when he saw what I was doing. I didn't answer him or stop. I just stared at him as I pleasured myself, running my fist up and down my big cock. He didn't say anything more either. He stood there, at the foot of our bed, just watching me, his cock pointing straight up, twitching with the excitement of watching his own son. Well, if I was going to have to masturbate, I couldn't have asked for more stimulating inspiration then my own father standing a few feet from me in his full naked, aroused glory.

He didn't move to go away. He just stood there watching, unable to leave. I was getting close. I closed my eyes and writhed on the bed, calling his name. Then I felt the bed move, as he climbed over me, and I felt him press his crotch against mine. He pressed the thick length of his shaft against mine and wrapped our hands around our cocks, massaging them together. I didn't open my eyes, just enjoying the sensation. I felt him move about, and then felt the lube being spread over our organs. Our hot dicks felt so good rubbing together...

Then he made a sudden move. Lifting my legs, he positioned himself and rammed his erect muscle into my ass. I opened my eyes. It took me my surprise but he felt so good. He started bucking away, fast. He was grunting and moaning from the word "go" and wasted no time accelarating and increasing his force. My father's thick throbbing 45-year-old hard cock sliding up and down my smooth chute felt so deliriously hot. "I love watching your face when I'm fucking you," he panted. "It turns me on so much to see you so hungry and hot for it all the time..."

"You're the one who makes me so hot!"

He put that rock hard meat of his to good use. He had me grunting and moaning too as it turned into a full force frantic fuck in next to no time. His hot cock was grazing my prostate mercilessly. These moments, these sensation, I know I'll never forget for the rest of my life. "... mmmph... who... who's fucking you?... whose cock are ya taking up your ass?" he panted.


"Who is it?... Who's fucking you so hard??"

"... my... my father... my own father!" I groaned with lust at my own answer. "Ugh, ugh... Dad!... ugh!... Oh, Dad!... You're the best lover in the world..."

"It takes two you know. You and I make a great team!" He stabbed me over and over again with his hot rod. The fullness and friction of his muscular shaft against my sphincter and my insides really had my juices churning. I loved the wet squishing sound of his fucking as Dad's large tool pumped in and out of my body.

"Ya love getting fucked don't cha, baby?"

"I love getting fucked by YOU!" I panted as I slammed back butt back against his pubes. "Ugh... Dad... your cock... it's so fucking hard!"

"And your ass is always so hot and tight!" The round, hard head of his fuck stick was pushing all the right buttons on every stroke. "Can ya feel Daddy's thick pole working inside of ya?" Beads of sweat ran down his forehead and dripped on to me as he fucked.

"... oh yes, I can feel it alright..."

"Is my hard cock making my son feel good?"

"... ugh... ugh..." I was feeling so damn good, feeling his rock hard prong churning deep inside of me, that I could hardly speak. "Mmmph... yes..."

"Good! Coz that's what it's for!"

He's a damn sexy hunk and an amazing fuck anyway. The fact that he's my father just makes him a hundred times hotter. He closed his eyes and kept hammering, an intense look of concentration on his handsome face. He was determined to bring us to orgasm soon. And his knew his stuff. I couldn't keep my moaning down. I was slamming my butt on to his cock as he stabbed his thick dick into me furiously. Before long, he had fucked me into spraying a big load all over my own chest and face. He grunted hoarsely with a few more quick hard plunges, before quickly pulling out his rod and pointing the purple shaft at me like a weapon. I watched wide-eyed as ropes of thick spermy juices gushed out of the gaping slit on Dad's cock head. He shot my torso and face full of his hot white fatherly cream. I enjoyed the thick hot liquid splashing on my face. Opening my mouth wide, I managed to catch a few drops.

It was so fucking amazing. His body was glistening with perspiration and his half hard dick was shiny with lube and cum. He didn't say anything. His job done, he got off the bed and resumed his walk toward the bath room. I watched him, his back and his butt as he walked. As much as I loved the fact that Dad was always so gentle and loving after sex, somehow that morning he was so sexy to me, the way he just shot his load, got up and walked away... So manly, somehow...

I laid there splattered with my father's and my own sperm, unable to move a muscle. He shot a bucket load of cum, even more than usual. On my skin, my own seeds mingled with my brothers. I felt so damn sexy. After all, isn't the mix up of genetic material the essence of sex? Surely the ultimate in this mix up is when a father copulates with his own son...

If you were at our breakfast table that morning, you'd have thought that we were just like any normal father and son, as we went about getting ready for the day ahead. Except that, as we walked out the door, Dad turned and kissed me gently on the l ips. "It was wonderful this morning," he said. And I thought to myself how much I loved the guy.

* * * * * * * * * *

I felt his hands on the back of my head. First just stroking my hair, and then, ever so gently but firmly, pulling my face onto his thick schlong. I bet it took all the self control my father had, to stop himself from throwing me onto th e big plush hotel bed and fucking the screaming daylights out of me. And in a way, such a large part of me wished that he would...

My head bopped up and down rhythmically on Dad's crotch. I couldn't get enough of the hard muscle. When my father and I made love, whenever I thought about how that was the tool he'd used to make me, it just made me want to take as much of it into me as possible. It made my head spin. A cock so powerful that it gave me life! My hands reached under his singlet and ran up and down the sides of his torso. On the other side of the wall were my friends. What would they think if they knew that right now my mouth was filled with my Dad's erect meat? I could hear Dad breathing labouredly over me. His hands were almost pulling at my hair. I needed to taste my father's stuff so bad. My lips firmly glided over the meaty tube over and over again, as the steady motion of his hips kept feeding his organ to me. During the past year, I'd had Dad's hard cock every which way over and over again. But somehow I still couldn't get enough of it. I couldn't control myself and sucked hard on his dick. Suddenly he almost doubled over. I felt his whole body shaking and his hard cock swelling and jerking in my throat as he began to shoot volley after volley of his hot fertile cream into me. It was all he could do to stifle his ecstatic scream, to avoid being heard in the next room. I pulled back a bit so that I could taste my Dad's delicious cum on my tongue. Its taste was by now familiar but somehow still always surprising. His thick fresh juices filled my mouth and his cock just kept jerking and shooting. I had to swallow so as not to spill his seeds from my mouth.

I kept him in my mouth, caressing him with my tongue until the flow of sperm had stopped and he began to soften. I stood up to face him, both our faces flushed. He kissed me. "Well, I better get back..."

"Not like that, you're not." Dad said as he cupped the big bulge in my jeans with his hand. "Let's take care of that too."

He sat down on the edge of the bed, and unzipped my pants. In no time my jeans were around my knees and my aching hard prong was swinging freely in front of Dad's face. He took my balls in his left hand and stroked up and down my length with his right hand, as he kissed and licked and made love to my young dick. Occasionally he'd pop my cock into his mouth, before letting it go again to lick it from root to tip. His mouth and tongue felt so wet and hot and so fucking good. He sure knows how to take good care of me.

"... Daddy, I'm gonna..."

He simply pointed my thick love muscle at his face and, while he continued to stroke me, with his eyes closed and his mouth open, let my thick white cum spray and splatter all over his handsome face. Some landed so his tongue and some got into his hair, and the rest formed shiny trickles on his face, running slowly down on to his neck...

Then it really was time.

"Is it alright if I raided your mini bar?" I asked. "Go ahead. Whatever you like." I opened the fridge and helped myself to as many bottles of beer and Coke as I could carry. I'd been gone for some time, and I figured I had better get back next do or. Not wanting to get cum on my face, I kissed his shoulder as I turned to leave.

"Hey," Dad said, patting me meaningfully on my bubble butt. "I'm getting in there the minute we get home."

"I'll hold you to that."

And so I left my father standing in the middle of his hotel room, naked but for a singlet, the fresh spunk o f his only son slowly dripping down his face.


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