How I Seduced My Dad 2

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My name's Tim and I'm a 20 year old college junior. Though I've condensed and edited things and added a lot of dialogue to make it more of a story, this is actually a true account of me and my father.

My father didn't have to ask me twice. I went straight down on my knees and started to lick and kiss and suck his hard cock through his underwear and suit pants. I was slobbering down the side of his thigh trying to get to his balls through his pants when he said,

"Hey, whoa there, sport! It's not a feeding frenzy!"

I looked up at him and saw he was smiling, so I took the comment in stride.

"Sorry,'s just...I don't know how know...I've never..."

"No problem. Just come over here with me and I'll let you have your way, ok?"

So, he reached down and pulled me (165lbs of muscle) up pretty effortlessly, took my hand and he led me over to the couch. He sat down and I was about to sit next to him when he said smiling,

"Uh-uh, Tim. You're down there."

And he pointed to the floor in front of him between his legs and smiled. I have to say, at this point I thought to myself: my dad is so fucking cool. Here I was about to blow him and he's kidding around with me. It made me more relaxed, but I still couldn't wait to get his pants off. I kneeled down in front of him and my boner was dripping pre-cum on the carpet. My dick had not gone down a bit since my dad first laid his hands on my bare ass after coming through the door. I looked up at his face as I reached to unbuckle his belt and he just smiled back at me. That's all I needed to go for it. In seconds I had his pants pulled down and had the fat head of what was at least an 8+ inch cock in my mouth sucking it as hard as I could. My tongue was going to town on his slit trying to get every last drop of his goo into my mouth. It was sweeeeet and tasty.  I looked up to see my dad with a shit-eating grin on his face, completely bare-chested: he'd ripped off his shirt and tie while I was busy with his fatty between my lips. He said,

"Try taking more of it in your mouth. Go up and down and lick it more. Don't just suck on the end."

Ok, that almost sent me over the edge again: my dad was coaching me on how to suck cock...his cock! I was fucking loving this. I started to lick up his shaft like he said and then I'd go down on it from the top until I gagged. I kept going up and down on it trying to work more and more of it into my throat but I couldn't really get much more than 6 inches of it in without being able to breathe. Fuck it was big, but I couldn't really handle it...yet. He seemed more than alright with what I was doing. Our eyes were locked now while I was blowing him. He told me I should jack myself off but I just shook my head. Instead of pumping my own dick, I slid my hand down my back and into my crack until my fingers found my hole. I pushed 2 fingers in and started to move my ass all over the place the whole time looking right into my dad's eyes. Well, I guess the combo of his dick down my throat and watching me finger-fuck myself was too much. With a shout, my dad pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot all over my face. It was warm and sticky, rope after rope of it all over my face, in my hair...he even shot onto my back!

"Why'd you do that?"

He was still breathing heavy and looked at me funny.

"Why'd I do what?" he said

"Why'd you pull it out of my mouth?"

"Well, I didn't want to just do that in your know...without asking or anything."

I just looked at him.

"Alright, next time you get it all, ok?" he said laughing.

I started to laugh too. That's when he reached out and tilted my head back with his hand on the top of my head. My jaw dropped open, and he put his semi-hard jizzy dick in my mouth. Fucking bliss. It was cold and sticky and salty, but it was my dad's cum and it tasted awesome. I started to jack myself off as I cleaned up his shaft with my tongue. My dad's dick never really got completely soft and he was rock hard in a second and started breathing heavy again, thrusting into my mouth as I pumped up and down faster and faster. Then he abruptly stopped me and said,

"Hold up, sport. I know you're gonna shoot soon, so let's do it together."

He reached down and took his shaft into his right fist.

"I know I told you to lick it and go up and down before. But now, I want to cum with you and I'll need to be quick about it. So you suck the end of it like your life depended on it, and I'll stroke the rest of it with my hand. Ok?"

I didn't answer; I just went down and did what he said, sucking on his cockhead with all my might. And there was no way I was going to touch myself cuz I knew I'd blow in a second. My dad was basically jacking off into my mouth. How fucking hot was that? He made quick work of it and started to shout again as he filled my mouth with shot after shot of his warm gooey seed. I swallowed it as fast as he shot...and quite honestly had a hard time keeping up, cuz he had quite a load, just as big as the first. As soon as he stopped cumming I let go of his cock from my mouth, stood up and started to seriously jack my dick. He put his knees together and pulled me in and down onto his thighs. Feeling his hairy legs on my bare ass cheeks as I straddled him was all I could take: I shot my wad all over his cock, hairy stomach and chest, and even hit his chin! I was bucking and shouting and the whole time my dad's hands were all over my bubble butt, squeezing and pinching it, his fingers rubbing my hole. I'd been jacking off 5 times a day for the last 2 years, but I never came like this. It was powerful and draining. I fell forward onto my dad and he just wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.

"You're a great kid, you know that?"

"Thanks, dad...I'm really tired now..."

And that's all I remember. My dad told me I fell asleep on top of him. (He said I started to snore really loudly! Lol!) He carried me into my bed and while he was tucking me in I said I wanted to sleep in his bed with him (I totally don't remember any of this at all, but I definitely believe it) So, he picked me up and carried me into his bed.

I woke up the next morning (Saturday!) with my dad pressed hard (yeah, literally hard) into my back and his arms around me. What did I do to deserve this? I felt like the luckiest guy in the whole world. I moved myself up and started grinding my ass into him so it would rub on his hard prick. He started pushing back on my ass and I felt some pre-cum run down my crack (my dad drips pre-cum like a faucet!) I reached down between my legs and grabbed his dick from below, trying to navigate the head to press up against my hole. I fumbled a bit, but then got it exactly where I wanted it. My dad pushed his hips forward hard and I let out a sharp yell.

End of Part 2

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