How I Seduced My Dad 3

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My name's Tim and I'm a 20 year old college junior. Though I've condensed and edited things and added a lot of dialogue to make it more of a story, this is actually a true account of me and my father.

It felt like he was trying to stick his fist up my ass! Damn that hurt. Luckily there was no actual penetration, because he would have literally ripped me a new asshole. I'd practiced, but not with anything big enough I now realized (a little too late). My Dad's cock head was the size of a big plum. I could barely get the whole head in my mouth, so I don't know what i was thinking. It was obviously a case of my desire being bigger than my asshole...or something like that.
When he heard me yell, my Dad came out of his semi-sleep and said,

"You ok, son? I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Just a little sore spot, maybe, but no permanent damage done, Dad."

"Tim, you can't do that without some sort of lubricant?"

"Got any?"

I wasn't gonna let a little pain stop me. I'm a pretty tough guy. I can take it. I wanted to take it. I was gonna take it.

My Dad reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out some KY. I knew it was there cuz I'd been through all my Dad's stuff looking for porno and anything else of interest (kids are sneaky fucks!). I'd even used it a couple of times myself to jack off on his bed when he wasn't home. I really got off knowing he'd lain right there and used the same stuff to stroke himself off. KY is ok for a quick jerk, but for what I had in mind...

I jumped up and went straight to the medicine cabinet in my bathroom. There it was next to bandaids: a big jar of Vaseline (already half gone from my prodigious jack off sessions!). I came back in my Dad's room holding it out in front of me like a trophy I'd just won. I was smiling from ear-to-ear and my dick was still standing straight up in front of me. What a sight! My Dad gave out a short hard laugh, reached out and grabbed hold of me and pulled me into the bed with him. We wrestled around for a bit, laughing as I tried to keep the jar away from him. He finally got on top of me, straddling me just below my waist, and pinning my arms up above me.

"Ok, ok, you win! You can have it, Dad!" I said laughing.

He just looked down at me with a huge smile and gave me a big kiss. He let go of my arms and sat back.

"Are we cool, son?"


"Ya know...with what we're doing...what we've done?"

He seemed a bit unsure; very unlike him.

"Yeah, I'm fine with it. More than fine..."

And I began to repeatedly pull my dick back until it pointed straight up at the ceiling and then let it go smacking quickly against my stomach. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Can't you tell?" I said.

"Alright, alright I get it!" he laughed. And then he took my cock and pulled it up until it was pointing towards the ceiling, and he shifted forward a bit. Then he took his cock, which was rock hard, and held his and mine together. He leaned over me a little and we rubbed them against each other...back and forth looking right into each other's eyes, letting out little hints of moans, then quick intakes of breath. A few more seconds and I'd be done. I thought: feeling Dad up against me like this is so beautiful. No sooner had i thought it, then I came, again.

"Damn, sport. You've got some power goin' on down there."

I looked down and saw I'd shot all over his chest and stomach.

"No, son, look here." He said as he wiped my cum off his chin. "You're my champion sharpshooter!"

I just laughed, grabbed his cock and started pumping it.

"Now it's your turn." I said.

"Aren't you even a little tired?"

"No way." I said and smiled a discernibly wicked smile.

I let go of his dick and grabbed his shoulders rolling him over without any resistance. There I was, straddling my Dad again, knowing exactly what I was going to do next.

I grabbed the jar of Vaseline, opened it and took out enough to get his cock all slippery and slidey. He started to tense up as I jerked him really quick. Then I stopped suddenly, stuck my fingers back into the jar and got a big glob. I got that wicked smile on my face again and stared him directly in the eye as I reached around and slathered it on my asshole. We locked eyes as I started shoving my fingers up inside me. One, two, three fingers. Then four. My Dad's cock was leaking precum again (more like streaming it down the side of his cockhead finally pooling on his stomach). I started to fuck myself with my four fingers as hard as I could. I was splaying my fingers when they were inside me trying to stretch myself as much as possible so I could take my Dad inside me. My Dad raised his head up from the pillow and kissed me, with a wicked smile on his lips. I took that as my signal.

I shifted forward and straddled him just on top of his cock. I got up on my knees, reached between my legs and pulled his cock back until it pointed up. With my other hand, I pulled my butt cheek out so I could have as much room as possible. Then, on second thought I said,

"Dad, can you pull my butt cheeks apart for me?"

He smiled, reached out and obliged me. His big hands held onto my bubble butt cheeks and pulled them apart until I could feel the stretch all the way onto my tight greased-up boy hole. I thought I was gonna cum again, but was brought back by the pain and pressure of his cock head pushing on my sphincter. I was gonna have to really work it to get it in.

"Son, don't hurt yourself."

"Don't worry, I won't"

But I was gonna have his cock up my pussy if it fucking ripped me in half. I was hell-bent on it.

I had his cock by the shaft and was moving it around so the head was doing circles on my hole. The pressure was tremendous and for a second there, I had my doubts if I should continue. I placed it firmly at the center of my virgin pink cunt, pushed out and sat down hard. Pop! The head went in.

"Aaaauuuugggghhh!" I screamed in pain.

"Tim get off right now..."

"Dad, don't move! Just stay there...please!"

And I pitched forward and my forehead rested on his chin. We just stayed in that position for a few minutes (can't remember exactly how much time passed) and then the pain subsided. Now when I said it hurt, I meant it hurt like no hurt I'd ever felt before. It made me break out in a cold sweat. That's how much it hurt. But, like I said before: I'm determined, I'm stubborn and I'm gonna do what I set out to do.

I sat back upright again and my Dad had this look of real concern on his face.

"I think we need to stop this, sport."

"No, Dad. I'm fine now. Just give me a second."

He was still hard, I still had his cock head inside me, and I wasn't letting it go. I maneuvered my feet under me so I was now squatting on top of him on the bed. I steadied myself with my hands in my Dad's hands just on either side of his face. I started slowly, very slowly, to get more of his dick inside of me. Now it was a different pain inside. As hard as I tried, I could only get 3 more inches in my ass...that was it. So, with half my Dad's cock up my ass, I started going up and down in the short motions I could manage. Then I let go of one of my Dad's hands, balanced on his other hand,  reached between my legs and started jacking his shaft while I continued to bounce on the end of his dick. My Dad's face went all funny and spacey and he started to let out some seriously strange sounds. I just went at it, going faster and faster. He went fucking crazy saying all sorts of things like how much he loved me and how good it felt inside me and how proud he was of me. I was in heaven. My 6 inches was bouncing up and down: smacking my stomach on the upswing and then lobbing strings of precum on my Dad's stomach coming down. The pleasure of the sensation was incredible. But the thought that I had my Dad's cock head lodged in my ass while jacking him off made me scream and shoot my second load of the morning. Just as that first rope of my cum hit his chest, and with hard fast thrusts up into me, my Dad came...and came...and came, with each successive thrust getting a little bit more up inside me. I'm sure it was all his jizz that made it easier to make it so far up me. I could feel his warm thick juice filling me up. By the time he finished cumming, I was sitting all the way down on his dick with his pubes brushing against my 14-year-old, hard round cheeks.

I fell over and lay on top of my Dad's sweaty cum soaked body and he wrapped his arms around me. I felt his seed starting to leak out of my ass and my dick got rock hard again. My Dad felt it and said,

"Enough already. Your old man needs a break now."

"Forty-two isn't that old, Dad."

He just laughed that short hard laugh of his and kissed me. We just stayed there like that, together: me on top of him, his arms around me, and we fell asleep.

I woke up with my Dad snoring and his arms still around me. His soft cock head was still inside my ass. (yes, it's that big! Like it had a barb on it!) I reached around and popped it out. Damn I was really sore down there! But right now, I had to piss like crazy. I wriggled my way out of his arms without waking him and tip-toed into the bathroom. I stopped in front of the full length mirror and that's when I noticed it.

End of Part 3

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