I'm All Yours, Daddy.



I was twelve when my daddy first fucked me. Oh, no, I hear your say, this is one of those unbelievable stories where a twelve year old boy takes ten inches of stiff dick right up his ass without the slightest pain. Well, it isn't. Ten inch dicks are total fantasy, and those pics on the internet are photoshopped. My daddy's dick was average, about six inches and as he'd spent many careful loving hours preparing me, it didn't hurt a bit.

My earliest memories of his sexual interest in me was when I was ten. He liked to dress and undress me, stroking my legs and my butt and saying how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. He would fondle my cock until it got hard, then tell me what a big boy I was becoming. He wasn't shy about showing himself off, hanging out all evening in his white briefs and tank. At the end of the day, we would shower together, and I would admire his dick as he soaped me all over. It seemed huge to me at that early age, and when he was hard, which was often, it looked enormous. He would let me look while he took a pee and one time, when I came into his bedroom and caught him jerking off, he let me watch while he finished himself off, leaving a big pool of cum on his stomach. He explained all about masturbation and orgasms, how good they felt and how, in a few years, I'd be doing the same thing myself. "Jerking off is a good thing," he said, "though it's private. You shouldn't let anyone see you do it, unless you trust them absolutely, like I trust you." I was totally thrilled by the whole incident, and thereafter I spent lots of time stroking my dick, but cumming was something for the future. My little stiffy was tiny compared to his, but that didn't stop him from touching it at every opportunity. Naturally, wanting my dad to feel good, I touched his. I would take it in my hand and stroked it up and down, pulling his generous foreskin back and forth, exposing the bulbous head, and fondling his big hanging balls. One evening, maybe the fourth or fifth time I'd touched his dick, he shot a load of cum on to my chest and stomach. "Awesome, Daddy," I said. He apologized but I said it was O.K., I didn't mind and he could cum on me any time he wanted.

* * *

I was eleven when he first took my dick in his mouth. He was kissing me goodnight, and he pulled the sheet down exposing my little white briefs. He cupped my tiny basket in his hand, squeezing it gently, saying how sexy I was, and when it grew hard, he pulled my underpants down to mid thigh and gazed at my rigid dick, all three inches of it. "Mmm, that's so beautiful," he murmured, bent his head down and took it in his mouth. His lips felt so soft and his tongue played with the end of my dick causing thrills to run through my body. At that age, I was too young to experience an orgasm, and he sucked me for a long time. Finally, he pulled my briefs back up and tucked me in. "I love you so much, Peter," he said, and I knew he meant it.

Being sucked was so exciting that I wanted to give my daddy the same pleasure and the next time we took a shower together I dropped to my knees and took the end of his dick in my mouth. I could only get the tip in, but it left enough room for my tongue to lick the end. He leaned back against the shower wall and groaned, his hips thrust forward. My hand stroked his shaft as my lips and tongue did their work, and after about a minute he pulled his dick out and shot several big squirts of cum on my face. I grinned, not bothering to wash it off. He wrapped his arms round me. "Thank you, Peter," he said. "That was the nicest gift you could have given me." I felt so proud.

* * *

One afternoon I was looking at myself in the mirror in my room. I had a kind of page-boy haircut, shoulder length, and my face looked a bit like that of a little girl. I stripped down to my briefs and tank, then pulled the bottom of the tank out of my briefs and stretched it down as far as it would go, almost to mid thigh. I pretended it was a mini-dress. I pulled my hair into a ponytail with a rubber band, and squinted at myself through narrowed eyes. Yes, I could be a girl, except for the bulge in my underpants. At that moment Dad came in. "Wotcha doing?" he asked.

"Do I look like a girl, Dad?"

"Wow, now that you mention it, you do. You're a sexy little preteen girl and I want to kiss you." He took my in his arms and held me close, my hard dick pressed against his thigh. I could feel him getting hard as he bend his face to mine and gave me a long kiss on the lips. I felt dizzy and had to break away to catch my breath. I turned back to the mirror and gazed at myself again. For a moment, I wished I was a girl. "Let's dress you up properly, with some panties and a bra and a sexy short dress."

My pulse began to race. "Oh, yes, Daddy. Can we go shopping?"

"After we get rid of my hard-on," he said, and I needed no urging to pull his briefs down and stroke his cock until he came on my face. A couple of hours later, we were back home, and I changed into a pale blue dress through which you could faintly see my white panties and training bra. I was a perfect eleven year old little girl and Daddy couldn't keep his hands off me. I loved it as he ran his palms up my thighs, lifting my dress, showing off my panties, fondling my bulge as I unzipped his pants. After that, we would sometimes out, me dressed as a little girl, Daddy holding my hand. No one ever suspected that I was really a boy.

My dad was so sexy when he wore just his undies. Some days he would wear a pair of white cotton boxers that were a little too small. His cock would hang below the leg, but often it was rigid and poking out of the fly. Of course, I could never resist it and would drop to my knees and start to suck him off. "You sexy little cock sucker," he'd said. Being called a cock sucker wasn't very nice, except when my daddy did it to me. That's when I liked it, because it was true. I would dress up as a girl as often as I could, and my dad bought me lots of different outfits and underwear, including a garter belt and stockings which I particularly liked. When I wasn't dressed like a girl, I would hang out in just my white little boy briefs or completely naked, and Dad was seldom fully dressed. There was only one rule: our underwear had to be white. White underpants turn me on to this day.

* * *

Later that year I had my first orgasm. I was in my dad's bedroom, sitting on his lap in front of a big mirror, wearing my little briefs. My dad, in his boxers, with his erection pressing into my butt, had his hand down the front of my underpants, stroking my hard little dick. I leaned back against him as he whispered in my ear that he loved me. I wiggled my but to show my appreciation and he kissed my neck. We looked so incredibly sexy there in the mirror, Daddy fondling his son's cock. It had never been so stiff. "Don't stop, Daddy," I said. "it's never felt this good before." Then it happened. I could feel it coming, an electric thrill running through the whole of my lower body, a tingling near my tail bone and then a sudden rush as my cock began to pulse and I let out a little cry, and slumped back against his chest.

"Did you cum?" he asked.

"Yes," I gasped, still breathing hard. "It felt fantastic. Thank you Daddy." He removed his hand from my underpants and inspected it.

"No cum, yet," he said. "Soon, maybe in a month or two, you'll be shooting a big load like I do. In my mouth, I hope."

"What does it taste like, Dad?"

"Everyone tastes different, sometimes a little bitter, sometimes just creamy."

Two weeks later, early one Saturday morning, I was jerking off, thinking about my daddy's beautiful dick, and I produced a single blob of white cum, which landed on my tummy, and I rubbed it in. I told my dad about it. "You're growing up," he said, "and there's a lot more I have to teach you." I could hardly wait.

* * *

Of course, I wasn't the only person with whom Daddy was having sex. He had a variety of boyfriends who would come over, and they would disappear into Dad's bedroom and I would hear gasps and groans of pleasure. One Saturday morning, his friend Leon, a tall black gentleman came over and we were all sitting by the pool drinking beer and soda, stripped down to our underpants.

"You have a cute son," said Leon. "Is he gonna grow up gay like you?"

"No question," said Dad. "He's already an accomplished cock sucker." I should have been embarrassed, but all I felt was pride.

"You caught him sucking his buddies?"

"Actually, he likes to suck me, and he's good at it."

"Holy fucking shit!" said Leon. "Your own kid sucks you off?"

"You have a problem with that?"

"I guess not, but I'm kinda shocked." He turned to me. "Your dad doesn't force you, does he?"

I laughed. "Of course not. I love sucking his dick. I'm happy doing anything he wants."

Leon turned to my dad. "Do you. . . ? You know. . ." He raised his middle finger.

"Not yet," said my dad, "but we're gonna work on that. Let's go into the bedroom. Do you mind if Peter comes and watches us?"

"Absolutely not," said Leon.

"You wanna come?" my dad asked me.

"Try to stop me," I said, grinning. This was gonna be awesome.

In the bedroom, I sat on a chair and watched as Dad and Leon pulled each other's underpants off, and lay down on the bed, head to tail, and began to suck each other off. I was amazed by Leon's dick, about an inch longer than my dad's and slightly thicker. Nevertheless, Dad was able to get most of it into his mouth and clearly enjoyed fellating Leon, just like he enjoyed doing it to me. Leon was similarly busy with Dad's dick and the whole scene was getting me very excited. I was stroking my dick through my briefs when my dad looked up at me and let go of Leon's cock.

"Is this turning you on?" he asked.

"Look," I said, stood up and pulled my underpants down to mid-thigh, exposing my rigid little member, wet at the end.

"Look at that cute little cock," Leon said. "That's fuckin' beautiful, that long foreskin covering the end. It looks like it's gotta be pretty tasty."

"You wanna suck him?" asked my dad.

"I think I've died and gone to heaven," he replied. "Come here, little guy. Put that little love stick where it belongs, in my mouth." He sat up and I stepped over to the bed and let him put his hands on my butt and pull my hips to his face, his big lips engulfing it right up to the hilt. I thrust my hips, fucking his face, and my daddy's face lit up.

"I gotta get a shot of this," he said, rolling off the bed and pulling a camera from the dresser drawer. "Smile, Peter." He clicked half a dozen pics of me, my underpants down at mid-thigh and my dick buried in Leon's mouth, and then said, "What I'd really like is to get a shot of you sucking Leon. Would that be O.K?"

"Oh, yes, please," I said, eagerly, anything to make him happy.

Leon stood up and I sat on the bed. He stepped close to me and began to gently slap my cheeks with his long dick. I was smiling broadly as Daddy shot pic after pic, and then I opened my mouth to invite Leon in. I could only manage the tip, but it felt good, and my hand caressed his big hanging balls.

"Get a load of that," said my dad, continuing to take pics. "My son sucking a big black nigga dick. My gorgeous slutty son with his mouth full of black cock. What a fucking turn-on. Fuck his face, Leon, you know he loves it." My dad was right, I was loving it. I could hear Leon moaning and gasping as his hips lunged at me, driving his cock to the back of my mouth. "Cum on his face!" called Dad and a few seconds later, Leon pulled out and began shooting blob after blob of thick, white cum onto my face. I opened my mouth and several squirts went in, letting me taste its saltiness. I milked his dick until I squeezed the last drop out onto my tongue, then swallowed it all. Leon collapsed on to the bed and my dad got up and showed me the pics on the display screen. He had caught the cum-shot perfectly, a creamy white arc exiting the steamy black dick, joining the blobs already on my cheek. "Ain't that the sexy sight you ever saw?" said Daddy, and I had to agree, it was much better than all those cock sucking pics I'd seen on the internet.

"Fuck!" said Leon to my dad. "I didn't wanna cum. I wanted to fuck you up the ass."

"No problem," said Dad. "Let's have a swim, get some lunch, take a nap and then you'll be recovered enough to give me a nice, long, hard fuck."

Which is what happened, and I got to watch. Afterwards, Daddy said, "I love it when you watch me. It turns me on."

"I'll do anything to make you happy, Daddy."

* * *

The month's went by and I had many opportunities to watch my dad having sex. He particularly like to be fucked up the ass, whether from behind, or lying on his back, and sometimes on top, sitting on a guy's stiff dick, his head thrown back in ecstasy. One day I asked him, "I must be nice to be fucked, Daddy. Tell me how it feels."

"It's not so much the physical sensation of a cock up my ass," he said. "It's more the satisfaction I get from pleasing my partner. It's like when you suck me off. It's not the feel my dick in your mouth that gets you excited, it's you knowing how wonderful it makes me feel. Sex is not about getting your rocks off, it's about pleasing your lover. The more excited he gets, the more excited you get, right?" He'd put into words what I had unconsciously known all along, that when it comes to gay sexual pleasure, to give IS better than to receive. "Let's start to get you ready to be fucked. The first thing to know is how good it feels when you put your dick in a guy's ass." He laid me on my back on his bed, sucked my dick until it got hard, then spread lube all over it. Then he straddled me, lowering himself down until the tip of my cock was touching his hole. "Ready?" He slowly lowered himself down until I was buried up to the hilt. He was right, it felt marvelous, just as nice as being sucked off.

"Oooh, Daddy! This is awesome!" I cried.

"Fuck me, you little slut!" he said with a grin. "Ram your lovely dick right up my ass, all the way, yes, yes! Oh, God I love this! Fuck my fucking brains out!" My hips were lunging up and down as I grabbed his rigid cock and stroked it vigorously. "Oh, Peter, you gorgeous little fucker. Harder, harder!" I could see from his contorted face he was truly aroused and this, in its turn, got me even more excited. Periodically, he would squeeze his ass round my cock, which thrilled my through and through.

"I'm cumming soon!" I cried, but I wanted him to cum first, so I stroked him faster and faster until I felt his dick pulse and he shot his load on my face and chest. His cum on my lips and chin got me so worked up that I came right there and then, in his ass, pumping him full of my cream. He collapsed on to my chest, then gave me a long kiss.

"You've made me so happy," he said.

"Me, too, Daddy. I can't waif for you to fuck me."

"Were gonna have to get you ready," he said. "Let's go shower."

* * *

Over the next few weeks, whenever Daddy sucked me off, he would wet his finger with saliva and insert it up my ass. "You have to relax and bear down like you're taking a shit," he would say, and I soon got the hang of it. From his finger, we progressed to a slender butt plug, then a bigger one, until finally, one night he produced his favorite dildo. It was shaped like a circumcised dick, complete with veins, skin colored and the exact same size as my dad's cock. "When you can accept this without any pain, you'll be ready for me," he said. Lubing it up, he handed it to me and I lifted up my legs and put the tip against my hole. "Take hold of it and push till it hurts, then wait," he said. "Remember to relax like I showed you." I pushed until suddenly the tip went in, and my ass began to sting. I closed my eyes and waited while Daddy watched. "Take your time," he said and gradually the pain subsided. I relaxed again and pushed it in further. This time it hardly hurt at all and I began to shove it in and out like I was being fucked. "How does it feel?"

"O.K., but I think a dick would be nicer."

"It will be," he said. "You're doing fine. Just practice whenever you get a chance. Take it out now and let me suck you off." By the end of the week I told him it didn't hurt at all.

That night, on my twelfth birthday, he took me into the bathroom and showed me how to use his douche bag to give myself a deep enema. That was quite a pleasant experience in itself and when I was nice and clean, we stepped into the shower, soaped each other all over, and gave each other a little warm-up suck. Then in his bed, he lay on his back, his beautiful rock hard cock poking up in the air. He let me spread lube all over it, then told me straddle him and sit on it. I gazed into his eyes as his cock entered me, utterly without pain, filling me up. I'd never loved him quite so much as at that moment, my sexy daddy fucking the ass of his beautiful son. To say it felt good is an understatement. It was as though I was fulfilling some important mission, achieving some state of loving submission and surrender, nearer my goal of making my daddy happier than he'd ever been before.

"Does it hurt, son?"

"Not a bit. I love you, Daddy, I love your cock inside me. Fuck me! Fuck me like you fuck Leon, only harder. Yes! Yes! Deeper, harder!" His cock was now buried its full length and my heart felt as though it would burst with love for my dad. He pumped away vigorously, while his hand closed round my stiff cock and jerked me off. After half a minute or so, I had to push his hand away, so as not to cum, and then I could feel him pumping inside me, but he kept on thrusting, twenty, thirty more strokes until he stopped and relaxed. I fell on to his chest.

"Thank you! Thank you! I loved it. What a perfect birthday present! I love your cock inside me, Daddy. Fuck me as often as you want. I'll always be willing to take your dick up my ass. I love you so much."

* * *

We did other things, too, besides sucking and fucking. One Sunday morning Dad was in the kitchen, dressed as usual in his underpants, holding a glass half full of beer. He pulled out his dick, rolled back his foreskin and topped the glass up with piss. Then he took a couple of big gulps. "What the fuck?" I said, bewildered.

"Very few people know that a fifty-fifty mix of piss and beer tastes pretty much as though it came straight out of the can. It's indistinguishable. Here, try it." I'd drunk beer before and a couple of swallows of dad's mix wasn't any different. "Your piss will taste better than mine," he said, "given all those acidic sodas and fruit drinks you take. They dilute the alkalinity of piss and leaves it tasting pretty good." He finished the glass and licked his lips. "I'm a fucking slut, aren't I?" He grinned.

"I wouldn't have you any other way," I said, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

That evening, we were in the bathroom, both wearing white briefs, admiring each other in the mirror. He could get hard from just looking at me and this, in turn, was getting me hard. "I need to take a piss," I said.

"Hang on just a minute, Peter," he said. "Step into the shower with me." I went to take my briefs down, but he said, "Leave your underpants on." In the shower, he pulled his dick out of the right leg of his briefs and pushed it up the left leg of mine. Then he pulled open the right leg of my briefs, pulled my dick out and inserted it up the left leg of his. I put my arms round his neck as he pulled me against his body, our dicks happy inside each other`s briefs. He looked into my eyes and said, "Whenever you're ready, just let it go." Then I felt his warm piss on my stomach and I let my own start to flow. It felt wonderful, our warm piss soaking our underpants and trickling down our legs, pooling at our feet. He bent his face and kissed me, his tongue deep in my mouth, and I felt as though I was going to faint, my heart pounding with joy. "You can piss on me any time you want," he whispered, "on my face, in my mouth, anywhere." I nearly came at just the thought.

The next night, in the shower, I asked Dad if he wanted me to pee on him. "Hell, yes!" he said. "Hose me down." He dropped to his knees, took hold of my cock and aimed it at his face. It was difficult to piss through a hard-on, but eventually and nice thick stream of piss was hitting him on his face, and he opened his mouth and let it fill. After he's swallowed a couple of mouthfuls, he directed my stream down to his cock and let me piss on that. "That was wonderful," he said when I was finished.

"Will you do it to me?" I asked, kneeling down. His hot piss felt so good on my face and chest. Letting him do this to me was so exciting my dick got even harder. I let a little run into my mouth, and the taste was a lot better than I thought it would be, so I took his dick in my mouth and let him fill it up. Swallowing it was so satisfying. After that, we would drink each other's piss frequently, except in the mornings when it tasted too strong.


* * *

My dad would write pornographic stories and publish them on the internet. I could tell they were about him and me, even though he changed our names and other details to keep us anonymous. He let me read them, and I was proud to be the star character in his "fictional" tales of daddies doing naughty things to their sons. He got tons of emails from readers who loved his writing, wanting to know if the stories were real or just fantasy. Dad never revealed anything until, after an extended exchange of emails, he was confident that our adventures would remain secret. That weeded out 95% of his fans, but left a few who themselves revealed that they had sons who turned them on sexually, and even fewer who had confessed to fondling and even sucking their offspring. One of them was a Navy Lieutenant, on a ship docked in San Diego, a ten minute drive from our apartment in Hillcrest, which is the gay area of this city. He told us that he had a thirteen year old son over on the East coast, and whenever he could get home, he would find opportunities to get alone with the boy, fondle and suck his cock and let his son play with his. Dad invited him to come over. "Wear your uniform," he said.

When the doorbell rang and I opened our apartment door to see a handsome man in his early thirties, wearing tropical whites. He introduced himself as Bruce, and came into the living room. Dad and I of course were dressed in just our underpants. After making him welcome and fixing him with a beer, my dad said, "I have to make sure that you're not some undercover law enforcement guy, out to entrap us. I'm gonna have to search you. Face the wall, put your hands up on the wall and spread your legs." Bruce grinned, as he could guess what was coming. Dad ran his hands over Bruce's arms, down to his armpits, then round his chest and fondled his nipples. Then he felt all over his body, round his waist, down the outside of his hips, then squeezed his butt thoroughly. Then, reaching round, he began to feel Bruce's package, taking his sweet time. "I think you've got a concealed weapon here," he said. "Something long and hard, like a club. You could do some damage with that." I could see him stroking the hard cock through the white uniform pants and I could see Bruce's grin getting bigger. "I'm gonna have to strip search you." Unfastening the pants, he let them fall and Bruce stepped out of them. His rock hard cock was tenting his white boxers. "Search those pants, Peter. He may be wired." The pants produced only a wallet and some keys, but I looked at the I.D. card inside, and it seemed real. Dad lifted Bruce's shirt, tweaked his nipples again, and lifted it over his head. I love men in white underpants and Bruce was as hot as anyone I'd seen, except for my dad. "I have to do a cavity search. Get me a latex glove from the bathroom, Peter." Wearing the glove, he made Bruce bend over the back of the couch, pulled down his boxers, lubed the glove and pushed his middle finger up his ass.

"Fuck! That feels good!" Bruce groaned. "Gimme two fingers." My dad obliged until Bruce cried, "How about your dick? I need a big dick up my ass."

"Not until you've sucked it," said my dad, removing his fingers. "Go sit on the couch." Standing in front of the seated lieutenant, dad pulled his underpants down to mid thigh and let Bruce take hold of his rigid dick.

"Are you O.K. with this, letting your son watch you being sucked off?" asked Bruce.

"Why not? He watches himself sucking me off, in the mirror, don't you, Peter. He's a world class cock sucker. He may get jealous though." With that, he shoved his cock into Bruce's mouth, and yes, I was a little bit jealous, even though the sight of my dad being sucked off was a huge turn on. I sat down beside Bruce and took his stiff cock in my hand. It was nearly as big as my dad's, and I loved its hardness, covered with soft skin. I bent my head down, rolled his foreskin back and inhaled the steamy aroma coming off it. The smell of hot dick always gets me going, and I couldn't stop myself from taking it in my mouth.

"Look at that!" said Dad. "My twelve year old son sucking a nice big dick. Let's go into the bedroom and get into a three-way suck-off." The great thing about a three way is that, when we all changes ends, everyone gets to suck everyone else.

Bruce was a nice man, and after Dad fucked him, he let him fuck me, and made a video of it. Knowing that my dad was intently watching as I took this man's cock all the way up my ass almost made me cum without touching myself, but I held off until I felt the lieutenant's cock pump his load inside me. Later, he told us how he longed to fuck his son, hoping he would grow up as gay as I obviously was. I liked being a film star, especially that bit a the end, when I sucked Dad and his cum splashed all over my face. It would have been exciting to see myself on the internet, sucking and fucking, but Dad said no, he didn't wanna go to jail.

* * *

I was having fun at school as well. One day I saw the janitor coming out of a storage room, and asked him if he would give me a key. "No way," he said. I pushed him back into the room, reached down and grasped his basket. "Are you sure? I could be very nice to you." I unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and gave him a nice hand job. He pulled a spare key from his ring and handed it to me. Now I had a place to go, when I wanted to be alone with a class mate, and believe me, there were enough of them.

One day, in the hallway, a tenth grader, whose name was Bullock, called out to me. Bullock the Bully, they called him. "Look," he yelled, "it's that little cock sucking faggot." The noisy hallway fell silent. I stepped over to him, put my arm round his waist and looked up at him, a big sexy smile on my face.

"You looking for a blow job?" I asked, seductively, nudging him with my hip.

He pushed me. "Get away from me, you little queer," he sneered and turned to walk away.

"Go read a book!" I yelled after him, to a cheer from the crowd. After that I was he hero of the nerd clique and made lots of new friends. They all wanted to be a pal of the kid who'd stood up to the Bully. Of course I took advantage of my new found popularity, and spent many happy lunch breaks in the janitor's storage room, eagerly sucking someone's dick or being sucked in turn. But, cute as those kids' dicks were, none of them was as good as my dad`s.

* * *

I was nearly thirteen when one day I came home from school to find that Leon was paying a visit. As always, whenever I came home, the first thing I did was to drop my pants, but Dad told me to leave my sunglasses and ball cap on. Both Dad and I hate pants, they're just annoying, and in the summer, too hot. Leon, like my dad, was wearing just his briefs and a tank, and the contrast of white cotton against his black skin looked sexy. "You're growing up, Peter," he said. "Quite the man, now. Your dad's been telling me all about your sexual antics together. I'm quite jealous."

Dad intervened. "I wanna make a video of you two guys," he said, "If that's O.K., Peter?"

"No problem. I love to be watched and its gonna be great to see how I look on screen."

"Do you think you could let Leon fuck you up the ass?" he asked.

"Holy shit!" said Leon. "You'd let him do that?"

"Sure," said Dad, "though it's up to him."

Leon turned to me. "Oh, please, please, you darling boy. I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I first laid eyes on you."

"I thought you'd never ask," I replied. "Sure, your dick's bigger than my dad's, but my ass gets hungry these day, and I want you to fill it." I pulled off my shirt and stood there in my briefs and tank, letting Leon admire me, as Dad set up the camcorder on its tripod. My dick was getting hard, and I put my arms round Leon's neck and kissed him on the lips, poking my tongue into his mouth. "Fuck me hard and deep," I whispered in his ear. "Now I'm gonna take your underpants off." I dropped to my knees and pulled his briefs down. Out popped his great big dick, bigger than my dad's, long, black and veined, with a generous foreskin covering its black head, a bead of moisture on the end. I couldn't resist putting it in my mouth, but Leon pulled out.

"Not so fast," he said. "I don't wanna cum too soon."

"Sit down, Leon," said Dad, "and let Peter lube you up. Camera is rolling now." Leon sat in the armchair and I spread lube all over his dick, rolling his foreskin back, then forward again, and he pulled my briefs down and let me step out of them. Then I straddled his thighs, facing the camera with my back to him. Dad had propped up a large mirror next to the camera, so I could see exactly what was being recorded. I put my feet on either side of Leon's thighs and squatted, the tip of his dick against my ass. I pushed my cock and balls to one side with my hand, to let the camera get a clear view as I lowered myself onto his iron hard cock. I'd thought it might hurt, but it went in so smoothly and easily, that I let out a big happy whoosh of air. Then, one at a time, I lifted my feet and put them on the top of Leon's thighs, leaning back with my weight on my arms. He started to lunge, his shiny black cock coming almost all of the way out, then sliding back in up to the hilt. I could see myself, dressed in just my white tank, my knees splayed, getting royally fucked. I kept a big smile on my face, and to let my audience know how much I was loving it, I let out the occasional phrase, like "Oh, this feels so good," and "ram your big nigga dick up my ass," and "deeper, harder!" I hoped I wasn't overdoing it, what with all the gasps and groans coming from me and Leon.

He added a few encouragements of his own, muttering, "You lovely cock sucking little faggot slut," and "I love your sweet, white ass." In the mirror, I could see my stiff cock bouncing up and down in time with Leon's thrusts. He tried to touch it but I pushed his hand away. I wanted him to cum first. After four or five minutes, a long time to be continually fucked, Leon called, "I'm gonna cum!" and I lifted myself up off his cock and sat down on his waist. I gripped his cock and directed his many squirts of creamy cum on to my stomach, dick and balls. After I'd milked him dry, I lay back on his chest while we regained our breath.

"Cut!" called Dad, then stepped over to us and began to lick all the cum off my private parts. "Yummy," he said, licking his lips. "I got some real good close-ups. You're gonna love `em."

Later, when we looked at the video on the big screen, he'd zoomed in on Leon's dick as it went in, then widened the shot to include both our sweaty bodies lunging up and down, and then zoomed in again for the cum shot. It was fucking perfect.

A couple of days later, we watched it on the interned. Dad had contacted a guy who knew how to send it through an anonymous server, and you couldn't identify me with my sunglasses and ball cap on, though it was obvious I was underage. Then it went viral, popping up all over the web. I was delighted, knowing that thousands, maybe millions of people were watching a twelve year old boy being fucked by a big black dick, and were seeing how much he was enjoying it. My dad was proud, Leon was satisfied and I was supremely happy.

* * *

I'm lying in my dad's bed, where I now sleep every night. My hand is down the front of my little white briefs, stroking my hard cock. Dad's gonna fuck me, I know, and I can hardly wait. He comes into the room and seductively slides his briefs down letting his dick spring out, hard as usual. He peels back the sheet and watches me as my hand moves inside my underpants. Then he reaches down and pulls them off. I put my hands behind my head, and lie there, waiting for him to do whatever he likes to me. He lies down, his face between my legs, puts his hands behind my knees and lifts my legs up until I'm bent double. He puts his face up to my butt and I feel the tip of his tongue touch my hole. He licks it, then thrusts in as far as he can. My ass is totally relaxed and he meets no resistance. He fucks me with his tongue as I murmur, "Yes! Yes!" Then he slides up the bed until his face is next to mine, and gives me a deep, long kiss, the tongue which had just been up my ass now deep in my mouth. It doesn't taste at all bad. I wanted tongue-fuck his ass, but that will have to wait. I feel the tip of his dick against my hole and I grip his buttocks and pull him into me. My ass is ready and just his saliva is lube enough. His iron-hard cock goes all the way in, filling me up in the way that I crave so much.

"I'm all yours, Daddy."

The End.

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