I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 3


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events, although some parts have been configured for story flow.  You clicked on Gay Incest, so you certainly didn’t stumble onto this by accident!  If you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.


Sean had been traveling with me for the last three months since I got custody of him.  Virginia Beach, VA was my last stop on my tour: Labor Day weekend. When we arrived they were getting ready for a tropical storm that was coming up from Florida.  I made a last minute decision to cancel the show and thought it best to just stay where we were until it blew over.  I looked down at Sean and I could see the fear in his little, blue eyes.  He’d had a fear of storms ever since I could remember.  He was fine until the man at the front counter of the hotel told us the storm was coming in.  Sean clung to me even tighter and I could feel him shaking.  I think if Sean could crawl inside of me in fear he would have.  I smiled at him hoping to calm him.  “It's okay son, I told you I would never let anything or anyone hurt you, ever.”

I held him tight and started to rub his back as the desk clerk checked us in, and then we were shown to our suite.  The man, or should I say young guy, couldn't have been more than 19 years old.  He looked over at us and smiled.  “It's so nice to see a dad and son so close.  You’re such a lucky boy to have a dad who loves you so much.”

Sean looked up at him.  “I know, I love my Daddy so much and he loves me.”

I think the conversation took Sean’s mind off of the approaching storm.  When we arrived at the suite the young man went in first and turned on some lights and opened the curtains. Man, what a view of the beach and ocean!  The water was churning so much you could see it was going to get nasty.  I asked Sean to join me on the balcony but he declined and backed away as far as he could.  He backed up so far he ran right into the guy that let us into our room.  He almost fell but the guy caught him before he hit the floor.

It was probably best that he didn’t look out the windows since the wind was really kicking up.  Sean begged me not to go back out on the balcony in an almost cry.  “Daddy, please don't go back out there, I don't want you to blow away, Daddy please!”

Sean ran to me almost in tears he was so scared.  I grabbed him to pick him up and hold him tight, kissing him.  “I'm not going anywhere son, I love you too much to do that.”

I totally forgot the guy from downstairs was still there.  All of a sudden I heard him clearing his throat.  I looked up and there he stood just watching us with a big smile on his face.  I glanced down and saw a big bulge in the front of his work pants.  I looked back up and saw that smile again.

He reached out his hand.  “Here is your key Mr. Anderson.  If there is anything you or your son need please call me, I'm Justin.  Here is my card.  I took the liberty of putting my cell phone on the back if you should need anything after hours.”

I took the card and shook his hand.  Man his hands were warm and so soft, I bet they would feel great wrapped around my hard cock.  I took my head out of that daydream.  “Thank you… Justin was it?”

“Yes sir, Justin.”

“Thank you Justin, I will keep this close by.”

As Justin left the room I kept my eye on his tight, young ass.  As the door closed Sean spoke up.  “Daddy, I saw you looking at him.”

I looked down and saw a big smile on his face.  I had to change the subject fast because of what I was thinking of doing, especially with Sean right there for the taking.  I wanted to rip his clothes off and lick him all over till I reached his small, hairless ass, eat it, tongue fuck him and then plow him right there.  I knew if I did I could hurt him really bad considering how big I was and how small he was.

“Hey buddy, did you see an indoor pool when we checked in?”

“No Daddy, I didn't see one.”

“I think I did!  Why don't we get your trunks on and go for a swim?  Go change while I make some phone calls real quick.”

I had to call my agent/manager and let him know of the situation here.  “Hey Mark, It's Kevin.  Yeah, we arrived okay but the weather here is awful.  Yeah, Sean’s doing great, I think he's adjusting fine.  Did you get everything ready at the house like I asked?  Great, I hope he likes it.  No, they said it's going to get worse before it gets better, I can't perform in this. Yes, everything has been canceled.  We should be able to fly out on Sunday; just have the car pick us up to take us to the airport.  I'll see you Sunday then.  Thanks, you’re the, best!  Love ‘ya.”

Sean came back into the room dressed in his cute Speedo.  “Daddy, who was that?”

“That was Mark, my agent back home.”

“I heard you tell him you loved him.”

“Yes, you did hear that.  We’re very close, he's been like a brother to me since I arrived in California.”

“Is he my uncle, like you?”

“No son, he is not actually related to us, but if you want you can call him Uncle Mark I think he would like that.”

“Okay Daddy.  Can we go swimming now?”

I ran into our bedroom to change and returned to find Sean sitting in a chair waiting. “All right son, let’s go.”

“Daddy?” Sean looked at me.

“Yes baby?”

“I like it when you call me son.”

“You know what Sean, I love calling you son and I love it even more when you call me Daddy.”

We both smiled at each other, clasped hands and off we went to the pool.  We arrived to find hardly anyone there.  To the left was an older couple sitting near the windows watching the wind and rain.  On the other side there was what looked like a mom and dad with their two young boys.

“Look son, it seems like we have the pool mostly to ourselves!”

After we found a table and set our things on it, Sean asked if he could go swimming.  It occurred to me I never asked if he knew how to swim.  I looked into those little, blue eyes and asked in a low voice, “Son, do you know how to swim?”

“Yes, Mommy took me to the Y when Dad was gone or passed out.”

I just shook my head in disgust with that thought.  “Okay son, go swim, but please stay in the shallow end unless I’m in there with you.”

“Okay Daddy!”  With that he ran and did the most perfect cannonball.  He looked so hot in his Speedo, the way it clung to his tiny, little ass and tight front, showing off his 3” cocklet.  I had to stop looking because if I didn’t everyone would see my raging, hard cock!

I sat at the table watching Sean.  Man, he really could swim!  I took out my phone to check my messages keeping one eye on the pool.   By the time I finished, Sean was sitting on the steps of the pool talking to one of the boys.  I caught a shadow out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see his dad walking over.

“Excuse me sir, my wife seems to think you are Kevin Anderson.”

I smiled, reached out and shook his hand. “Yes, I'm Kevin Anderson.  It’s nice to meet you.”

He got a smile so big it could stop traffic.  I didn't really notice how hot he was at first, probably due to the fact that I had an eagle eye on Sean.  “I’m so sorry to bother you, I just had to ask,” he said.

I stood up and looked the man in the eye and winked.  “It's okay, I know just what to do.”

I walked over to his wife and the closer I got, the bigger the smile she had and I could see she was blushing.  I sat down next to her and leaned over.  “Hi, I'm Kevin Anderson, and I have to say you are one beautiful woman.”

She let out a loud yelp and smiled.  “Oh, Mr. Anderson!”

“Call me Kevin, please.”

“Oh my god, Kevin I am one of your biggest fans, we drove down here to see you perform!  We were so disappointed to find out you had to cancel.”

“Well Mrs….?”

“Oh, it’s Shelly, please.”

“Well, Mrs. Shelly…”

“No, just Shelly!”

“Well ‘just Shelly’…”  We both laughed.  “I guess you have the next best thing; me in the flesh.  Oh, I'm sorry did that sound conceited?”

“Oh no Mr…. I mean Kevin.”

“Okay Shelly, if this is going to work you have to treat me like anyone else you meet on the street, all right?”

We sat and talked for a while.  She asked me a number of questions about my career and the tour, then she asked about Sean.  “Did I hear him call you Daddy?”

“Yes you did.”

“But Kevin, you’re not married, when did this happen? I thought I knew everything about you, who is his mother?”

I told her Sean’s story and she was almost in tears.  When her husband came back to join us he saw the look on her face.  “Is everything okay hun?”
“Yes Steven, everything is fine.”  She relayed the story, and how Sean was related to me.

Steven sat down and put his hand on my knee.  “You’re a good man, Mr. Anderson.”  I told him to please call me Kevin.  He gave me that big smile again and gave a little squeeze to my leg.  “You’re a good man, Kevin.”

The three of us talked for a long time while the boys played in the pool, my eyes hardly leaving Sean.  I heard Sean yell, ‘Daddy, get in!’  I looked at Shelly and Steven.   Shelly declined, but Steven winked at me and off we went.  We both hit the water at the same time in big cannonballs, making big waves.  When we came back to the surface the boys were laughing and pointing at Steven.   I looked over and had to laugh myself.  There was Steven at one end of the pool, with his swimsuit at the other.  He made a mad dash for his suit and that’s when I saw one nice, tanned ass!  I wondered to myself; tanning bed or sunbathing?  I looked over at Shelly who was giving him a look.

“Steven, now that's a nice way to make a good impression on our new friend Mr… I mean Kevin!  I told you to get a new suit, next time you'll listen to me!”   She was smiling and shaking her head.  She sat back down and went back to whatever she was doing.

One of their boys, Steven Allen, Jr., was 13.  The younger one, Zachary James, was Sean’s age at 11.  Zac chimed in with a big smile.  “Oh Daddy, not again!”

Steven retrieved his suit and got it back on, then he swam back over to us with a smile.  “Sorry about that, I guess I’m in the doghouse now.  She'll never let me live this down, especially with it happening in front of you!”

“It's okay Steven, it could happen to any of us.”  I was hoping it would happen to him again!  Steven stood about 6'2’, with black hair, green eyes, and a totally smooth body.   I wondered if he probably shaved his pubes as well.

My attention was pulled away when Steven Jr. splashed Zac, Zac splashed Sean, and off they all went trying to splash each other.  Steven and I joined in.  We started to wrestle around, sometimes playing grab-ass.   We got down to the shallow end and Zac asked if we could play chicken.   Steven asked Shelly to join us so the teams would be even and nobody would be left out.  She declined, saying she was just enjoying watching us, so we came up with a plan we thought would be fair: Steven would start with Steven Jr, I would have Sean, and Zac would be the referee.  The winning team would fight against Zac and his partner in the next match.

Once I had Sean on my back and we started to fight I could feel his little cock getting hard on my neck.  The more we moved around the harder he got.  I could feel him starting to shake and yell, and even though he was laughing, I know I heard him moan as well.  I looked over and could swear Steven Jr. was in the same condition.  Both Steven and I held the boys real close and were bouncing up and down in the water, making our sons move up and down as well on our necks.  We fought a good match, and Steven and Steven Jr. won that one, so then it was Zac’s turn.  Sean took his place on the steps and became the ref. for the next match.

Zac got on my back like Sean did but I didn't have to hold him tight, he just pushed himself flush against my neck.  I could swear he was already hard, but I knew boys his age had a hard-on every time the wind blew.  He wrapped his legs under my arms and started to bounce up and down right from the start like he was riding a bronco.  We took off after Steven and Steven Jr. and this time my team won the fight.  The whole time I could swear Zac was fucking my neck.

Shelly came to the side and told Steven and the boys they had to leave in 15 minutes to get ready for dinner.  The boys complained that when they got back the pool would be closed. She gave them a look only a mother could give and they piped down with a ‘Yes Ma’am.’  She looked over at Sean and me and invited us to go with them.  I thanked her for the invitation but told her we had already made other plans for dinner.

I asked Steven if he could keep an eye on Sean for a moment; I had to go do something at the front desk.  “Sean, I’ll be right back.  Please be a big boy for me and mind Mr. Cooper.”

He gave me one of his big smiles.  “Yes Daddy, I'll be good.”

I left the pool area and went to the front desk to talk to the manager.  When I returned to the pool I heard Sean squeal, “Daddy you’re back!”

I looked down and saw those little, blue eyes.  “Yes Sean, I'm back, and I'm sure the whole hotel knows it now,” I laughed.

Shelly yelled to her husband and boys.  “It’s time to go, everyone out of the water!”  Sean got out as well.  She looked over at us in surprise. “Oh I'm sorry Kevin, I didn't mean for you and Sean to stop swimming too.”

“It's okay, we have to get ready for dinner ourselves.”  I walked over to where she and Steven were standing.  “By the way,” I whispered.  “I spoke to the manager and he agreed to open the pool for us later tonight, so please, be my guest to come back with the boys and swim as long as you want.”

They looked at each other and smiled.  “Thank you so much Kevin, we’ll see how the boys feel after dinner,” Steven said.

I really wanted to see Steven and the boys again.  Shelly just came along with the package and that was fine.  We exchanged room numbers, Steven and the boys and I shook hands and we parted for dinner.

Once back in the room I told Sean to take off his wet swimsuit so we could hit the shower.  He immediately dropped his Speedo to the floor and stepped out of it.  “I didn't mean to take it off right here, but okay!”  I took mine off right there as well and we both looked at each other, smiled, then started laughing.  I reached for him and started to tickle him as I picked him up.  I loved the feeling of his soft, smooth skin touching mine, I couldn't keep my hands off him.  I tickled his sides, I tickled his ass, and then I started to grab and tickle his little cock.  He was laughing so hard and I loved hearing that.  He was trying to tickle me too but it didn't work.  I laughed anyway because I loved feeling him touch me.  I hugged and kissed him all over which made him laugh some more.  He kept saying, “Stop Daddy, stop, not fair Daddy, you’re bigger, not fair,” laughing the whole time.

“Do you love your Daddy?  Do you?”

“Yes Daddy I love you, I love you!”

The whole time we were laughing I was making our way to the bathroom.  Once there I put him down and he started to try and tickle my balls, my ass and my cock.  The more he did that the harder I was getting.  I picked him up and placed him in the shower and got in right after him.  We started to wash each other.  He focused more on my cock and man it felt so good!  He wrapped both his little hands around my hard cock and started to stroke me.   I didn't want it to stop but I knew we had dinner reservations.  I tried to stop him but he wanted to keep going.

“Please Daddy, can't we play for just a minute?  Please?”

I could never say no to him after looking into those bright, blue eyes.  They seemed to get brighter whenever he was horny, but then again he was always horny so his eyes were always bright blue.  I got down on the floor of the shower and told him to join me.  I sat him down facing me and we both started jacking each other.  God it felt so hot, feeling the warm water running over us and jacking our dicks.  It was like jacking under a waterfall.  I was lost in the sexual bless till I felt Sean starting to shake and moan.

“Daddy I’m having that feeling again!  Daddy, Daddy, don't stop Daddy!”  He started to shake and for the first time I noticed his eyes rolling back.  He was shaking and bucking so hard, moaning so loud… I was so lost in his orgasm I didn't realize I was cumming myself.  I blew my load all over the both of us.  It was so hot I couldn't move and I don't think Sean could either.  He was lying on me with his head on my chest, breathing hard, trying to catch his breath.  I held him tight, my eyes closed, taking in all this love.  Thank god we were in a hotel so there was no chance of running out of hot water.  Once we regained our composure we got up and washed ourselves.  I got out first and dried off, then he got out and I dried him off.  As I was picking out my clothes to wear for dinner I chose some for him as well.  Once dressed, we were off to the restaurant.

Sean and I talked a lot during dinner.  He asked where we were going to live, so I told him about my home in California.

“When are we going to go live there, Daddy?”

“Right after we leave here, baby. This is our last stop before going home.  Have you had fun?”

“Yes Daddy, I have fun as long as I’m with you.”

As we ate our dinner we kept talking about everything under the sun.  I noticed people were staring and whispering around us.  I wasn't sure if it was because they knew who I was, or if it was because of Sean, or both of us.  Sean noticed it as well.

“Daddy why is everyone looking at us?”

“Sweetheart, I think they are looking at me.”

“Why, Daddy?”

“Well, I'm kind of famous, and people don't often get to see me in person.  When they do they want to meet me and sometimes take pictures.”

He noticed some taking out their phones and taking photos.  A few would even venture over and ask for an autograph.  After we finished our dinner and dessert we left and found a few reporters outside who started yelling questions, mostly about Sean.

“Kevin, KEVIN, over here, over HERE Kevin!  Who’s the boy, Kevin?”

I grabbed Sean in my arms and ran for the car as the driver opened the door, doing a kind of tuck and roll into the back seat, covering Sean as best as I could.  Once we were safely in the car I looked over at Sean.

“Are you okay baby?”

The look of fear in his eyes was overwhelming.  “Daddy why were those people yelling at you?”

“Well, like I said sweetheart, I'm famous and this is something that comes with that.   Don't worry they won’t hurt you, they just want to know who you are.”

“Why, Daddy?”

“Well, they know I'm not married and have never had kids, and now all of a sudden I have a boy with me.  This is nothing for you to worry about sweetheart, I'll take care of it as soon as we get home.  All I want you to do is just be yourself and have fun.  Okay?”

“Okay Daddy.”

As the car drove to the hotel Sean snuggled up in my arms and laid his head to my chest.  I had my arms wrapped around him, rubbing his sides and legs and holding him close, but not too tight.

“I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too, son.”

We didn't say anything else after that, we just enjoyed the ride and relaxed.  As we got close to the hotel I looked at Sean.  “Hey sweetheart, I have a surprise for you when we get back to the hotel.”

He jumped up in his excitement.  “What is it?  What is it, please Daddy, what is it?”

“No baby, you'll have to wait.  Besides, if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise, but I know you will like it.”  He pleaded with me and I almost gave in.  I had to stop looking at those blue eyes that always got to me.  “I'll tell you when we got back our room.”

He was so excited he almost jumped out of the car before it even stopped.   We ran for the front door and hurried in.  Sean was pulling my hand as if the place was on fire and his life depended on getting out!  The whole ride up to our room he was squirming around and jumping.

“You have to pee-pee Baby?” I teased.

“No Daddy, I want to get to our room to find my surprise!”

As we got off the elevator he ran to the room and was still jumping around in excitement.  I opened the door and in he flew.  I stood in the doorway and just watched him running all over the room looking.

“Daddy, where is it, where is it Daddy?”

All I could do was stare and think back to a few months ago and how much he had changed: from this scared little rabbit that would run and hide if you said ‘Boo,’ to this sweet, happy, beautiful boy who was now running around the room.

Sean ran up to me, pulling me into the room.  I lumbered in with my head leaning back and rolling my eyes, “Whaaaaat?”  The whole time I couldn’t keep from smiling; he was so cute.  He pulled me to the couch and pushed me back to sit down.  As soon as I was seated he jumped in my lap and held my face in his little hands.

“Daddy, where is it?  Where is it?”

“Where's what baby?”

“Daddy, my surprise, where is it?”

“It's not in here.”

“Then where is it Daddy, please?”

I loved hearing him beg like that.  I picked him as I went to stand.  “Okay, if you give Daddy a kiss I’ll tell you.”

“Oh Daddy, you don't have to ask for a kiss, I love kissing you!”  With that he leaned in and kissed me, tongue and all.  I wasn't expecting that!  I thought it would be just a peck, but hey, I wasn’t complaining.

After we broke our kiss I put him down.  “Okay sweetheart.  I spoke with the hotel manager and he agreed to open the pool for us tonight, that is if you still want to swim some more.”

He started jumping up and down again.  “Yes Daddy, I do!  Can we go now?”
“Sure.  Hey, do you want to call your new friends you met at the pool today and see if they would like to join us?”

“Yes Daddy, please, I like them and Mr. Cooper is nice, and he's just like you!”

After that statement he ran off to the bedroom.  I stood there not really thinking I heard him right.  I ran after him.  “Hey, what do you mean he's just like me?  Sean, what do you mean?”

When I walked in Sean was running around the room naked, looking for his Speedo.  “He’s like you, Daddy.  I was talking to Zac and he asked me if I played with you like he and his dad play along with Steven Jr.”

I was kind of shocked!  I ran over and grabbed him.  “What did you say?”

“I told him we like to play around in the shower and at bedtime, Daddy.”

I was stunned, but realized I had only myself to blame for this.  I totally forgot to have that talk with Sean about how what we did had to stay a secret.  I guess Sean saw the fear in my eyes.  “Was it okay that I told him Daddy?  Did I do something wrong?”

“No baby, Daddy did.  Sweetie, what we do has to stay a secret between you and me!”

“That's what Zac said too.  He made me promise not to tell anyone and he promised not to tell anyone either, not even his dad.  He said his dad would get mad if he knew he told me. Please Daddy, please don't tell Mr. Cooper!   Please?”

I told Sean I wouldn’t say anything, but in my head I had a plan.  “Okay sweetheart, get your swimsuit on and I'll call Mr. Cooper and see if they want to join us at the pool.”

I went back to the front of the suite, picked up the phone and dialed the Cooper’s room number.  One of the boys picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, this is Kevin, who’s this?”

“Oh hi Mr. Anderson, this is Steven Jr.”

“Well how was your dinner Steven?”

“Fine.  Would you like to speak to my mom or dad?”

“Yes son, I would like to speak with your dad.”  I could hear the phone being passed over, followed by a deeper voice.


“Hello Steven, this is Kevin Anderson.”

“Oh hi Kevin, how are you?”

“I'm fine thank you.  I was wondering if you and your family decided on joining myself and Sean at the pool this evening?”

“I'll have to check with Shelly and the boys and get back to you if that's okay.  What’s your room number?”  I gave him the room number and he said he would get back with me in a few minutes.

After I hung up I turned around and there was Sean.  “Are they coming Daddy?”

“I'm not sure Sean, Mr. Cooper is going to call us back, but you and I are going with or without them!”

I left the room to change.  I had bought a Speedo but had never worn it so I thought it would be a good time to put it on.  I stripped, put the Speedo on and then a pair of shorts over it. I returned to the room and there was Sean sitting in the chair waiting for the phone to ring.  I took this time to talk to Sean again about his conversation with Zac.  “Sean, what did you and Zac talk about at the pool?”

Sean looked up at me.  “Daddy, I can't tell you, I promised Zac I wouldn't say anything.”

I picked him up, put him on my lap and started to rub his back.  “It's okay Sean, you can tell me.  What did you mean when you said Mr. Cooper and his boys are like us?”

Sean looked up at me with those little, blue eyes.  “He asked me if you and I played around like he and his brother do with their Daddy.”

“What did you say?”  Sean kept looking at me, almost in tears.  “It’s okay Sean, you’re not in trouble, but I need to know what you said.”  He just kept staring at me.  “Sean, I know you love me and I love with all my heart.  A lot of people would not like what we do and the kind of love we share.  I could get in a lot of trouble and they would take you away from me, and we would never see each other again.”  Sean started to cry hard.  “Sean it's okay, please baby, stop crying.

“Daddy I don't want them to take me away, please Daddy don't let them!”

I held Sean close, rocking back and forth.  “Sean, the only way they will not take you away from me is if we keep what we do a secret.  We can't tell anyone what we do.  It's okay if you tell me you love me and I love you, but the kind of stuff we do in the shower and all, we cannot tell anyone.  Do you understand sweetheart?  You see, Daddy is famous and there are reporters that like to ask a lot of nosey questions.  If anyone asks you any questions about anything, it's all right if you don't answer them.”

He looked up at me and I swear his eyes had never been more blue.  “Okay Daddy, I won’t tell, or talk to any reporters,” he sniffled.  “But what about Zac?   I told him and he told me.”

“It's all right Sean, but we can never do that again unless I say it's okay to talk about.  Okay?”

“Okay Daddy.”

“Thanks baby.  Now, what did Zac tell you?”

“He told me that he likes to play with his Daddy and his brother, and sometimes they play together when their Mommy isn't there.  They go on trips, just the three of them, and have a lot of naked fun.  He said his Daddy told him it was okay because they are all boys.”

I thought for a minute.  “All right Sean, and what did you tell Zac about us?”

“I told him I like to play with you a lot and we had lots of fun.  Zac asked if he could play with us.”

“Well, we'll have to see Sean.”  Just then the phone rang.  I kissed Sean and answered the phone.

“Hi Kevin, this is Steven.  The boys and I would love to join you and Sean.   Shelly isn't feeling well and will not be joining us.”

“That's a shame, I hope she’s feeling better soon.  Sean and I will be down at the pool in a few minutes, I'll leave your name at the desk.”

I hung up and sat down next to Sean and put my arms around his shoulders.  “Everything is fine Sean, I'm not mad at you.  What do you say we head off to the pool and have some fun!”

Sean jumped up and ran to the door. “Come on Daddy, let’s go!”  He grabbed my hand and looked up at me.  “I'm glad you’re my Daddy now.”
The manager gave me the key to get in the pool area, and told me where the main light switch was.  When we got to the pool only the underwater lights were on, so I decided not to turn the main lights on to make it more private. Steven and the boys had not gotten there yet, so I picked a table in the far corner out of sight from prying eyes if anyone wanted to look in.  Just as we were about to jump in I heard a knock on the door.  As I approached the door I could head the boys arguing, one telling the other, “See you had to take too long getting ready, they already left.”

As I got to the door the boys started to smile and I saw Zac push Steven Jr.  “See, they are here, I told you so.”

Steven looked at the boys with that dad look.  “Boys, stop fighting or we are going back to the room and you’re going to bed, understand?”

The boys stopped and looked at Steven.  “We're sorry Dad.”

I unlocked the door and let them in.  Steven shook my hand.  “Hey Kevin, thanks for the invite, the boys are real excited.”

“No problem.  I know your boys were having fun today, plus Sean has had it rough and hasn't been around anyone his own age to play with, so I’m really glad you guys could come back.  Come on in, I have us set up over here.”

Steven dropped their stuff on the table as the boys ran for the water and jumped in.  Steven and I dove into the deep end and came up out of the water right in front of the boys.   Just as we got the water out of our faces all three boys attacked, trying to dunk us under the water.  Of course we had to fight back, and then all you could see were boys flying through the air with giggles, lots of laughing, screaming and splashing throughout.  Zac and Sean were easy, but it took Steven and me both to throw Steven Jr.  Man we were loving it, feeling all three boy’s wet bodies, and yes, there were a few…  well, a lot of grabbing ass and boy dick.  The boys got a few grabs in as well.

Eventually Steven and I had to get out of the pool and catch our breath.  I got out first and as soon as I turned around I could see Steven had a hard-on, very visible even in his loose shorts.  The boys were yelling for us to get back in but I told them we had to rest for a few, and asked Steven Jr. if he wouldn't mind keeping an eye on Sean.  The boys continued to play while Steven and I sat at the table and talked.

“Kevin, it must be hard raising a boy and being on the road.”

“Yeah, this is all new to me, but I can't imagine my life now without Sean in it.”

“Yes, I feel the same way about my boys, there’s nothing like it.”

Just then Sean ran up to me and told me he had to use the bathroom and he couldn't get his Speedo untied.  “Daddy, Daddy, I need to go!”

I told Steven we’d be right back.  Sean took me by the hand and pulled me to the bathroom.  As soon as we got in the bathroom I untied his swimsuit and peeled it down.  He jumped up on the toilet.  Since I was going to stay there until he was done, I thought it would be a good time to talk some more.  “Did you and Zac talk again?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“What did you talk about?”

“Well I didn't tell him anything more about us, but he told me he didn't tell his Daddy anything.”  I untied my own Speedo to piss and thought, ‘Great, I might have some fun with this.’

After we were both done in the bathroom I was ready to go back and have some fun with this new information.  We got back to the pool area and Steven was back in the pool playing with his boys.  I guess he didn't hear us coming back because he had his back to us and was in the corner of the pool kissing Zac.  I froze.  I wasn’t sure why I was shocked because I already knew they played around, but I guess knowing it and seeing it was different.   I watched for a while thinking, ‘Is that how Sean and I look when we kiss, that is so hot.’  I really didn't want to disturb them but Sean was tugging on my hand.  I looked down.  “See Daddy. I told you they liked to play like us,” he whispered.

I told Sean I'd race him to the pool.  We ran for the water and both did a cannonball.  We came up from under the water and Steven Jr. started to laugh.  I wasn't sure why, then I saw Steven and Zac staring at me as well.   I still wasn’t sure why, but then Sean swam over to me and grabbed me around my neck and said, “Daddy, you’re naked!”

I guess I forgot to re-tie my suit back in the bathroom!  Zac swam over with the biggest smile on his face.  Right before he got near me he went under the water.  When he came up I saw he had the biggest, beautiful, brown eyes.  “Here's your trunks, Mr. Anderson.”

I took the Speedo and was trying to put it back on under the water.  It's harder than you think!  I was practically drowning myself.

Steven swam over to me with a grin.  “Hey, why kill yourself, we can all get naked.”  Before I knew it everyone was nude except Sean.

“Hey, I'm not naked!”  He was still hanging onto my neck so I started to remove his Speedo.  Since he was under the water I got a few rubs in, feeling his smooth skin and his soft ass.  It felt so hot!  Sean never let go.  I reached around and pulled the front of his Speedo down and damn, the boy had a nice hard-on.  I looked at him and his eyes were closed.  I felt him moaning and pulling himself closer to me.  I’m not sure how long I was lost in my own heaven.

“Hey you guys, get a room!”  I opened my eyes and saw Steven watching us with a big smile, so I splashed some water at him.

I tossed Sean into the air.  He let out a loud squeal, then a splash.  He came up and swam towards me.  “Daddy that was fun, do it again, do it again Daddy!”

We all played around in the pool, and yes, there was a lot more ass grabbing and dick pulling.  Steven and I got out for a bit of a rest and left the boys to play.  I couldn’t resist taking a quick look at his crotch.  Sure enough, he was shaved there, and damn, he had a nice cock!  I looked up and caught him checking me out as well.

“So Steven, what do you do?” I asked, drawing his attention away from my cock before it started to grow.

“I run my own business, programming digital images and films for large events.”

“Wow, that's so cool!”  As he was telling me about what he did I was lost watching the boys.  I guess he noticed I wasn't listening.  “Hey, where are you man?”

I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to what he was saying.  “I'm so sorry, I was in another world.”  Thank god I had a towel over my lap so he didn't see the raging hard-on I had.  “That Zac of yours is a real pistol.”

“Yeah I know, he's something else.”

“Steven Jr. is the spitting image of you, and I can see Zac takes after his mother.”

“Yeah, I keep telling Zac he's the pretty one.  I get a big laugh out of him whenever I tell him that.” Steven looked over at me.  “So, how did you get in your line of work?”

I was telling him about when I left home and how I started when I noticed he was staring at the boys this time, and he had his own bulge growing under his towel.

Just as I thought we might have the chance to talk about our sons, Sean ran up to us.  “Daddy, Daddy, can Zac stay the night with us?  Please Daddy?”

Right on cue, Zac ran up to Steven.   “Can I please Dad, please?  I'll do anything, please?”

Steven and I just looked at each other.  I looked at Sean and Zac.  “Boys, let me and Mr. Cooper talk first.”

“Okay Daddy, I love you!”  With that he gave me a kiss on the lips and started to run back to the pool.  I think he realized what he had just done and stopped in his tracks and looked back at me with a worried look, like he had just killed a puppy.

“It's okay baby, don't worry.  Go swim and have fun while we talk.”

Steven was the first to speak.  “I'm sorry about that Kevin, I'm sure you don't want to have to watch two boys all night.”

“Oh no, I don't.” I looked at him with a smile.  “Who knows, with two boys running around I'm sure I wouldn’t get any sleep and we’re leaving tomorrow after lunch.”

“Well, I just tell Zac it's a no-go.”

“Wait now, the boys are getting along and Sean doesn't get to play with kids his age.  I guess if you and Shelly are okay with it, Zac can stay the night.”

“Oh no, I wouldn't want to impose,” Steven replied.

“Steven, it's really okay with me.”

The boys kept watching us as we talked.  I guessed they were trying to gauge our reactions.  They kept smiling at us with those puppy dog eyes; we could see the pleading.  “Well, if you’re okay with it, Zac can stay the night.”

“Great, Sean will be happy to hear that.  Well, it’s getting late and we should all turn in.  Sean, get ready to go son.”

Sean ran to me and Zac ran to Steven.  “Daddy, you didn't tell me if Zac could stay the night.”

“I’m sorry, I thought I did,” I replied, giving Steven a side wink.

“No Daddy, you didn't.”

“Oh, I'm sorry son.”  I stood there looking like I was thinking.

“Daddy?  Daddy?”  Hearing his pleas melted my heart.

“Yes, I guess Zac can stay the night.”

“Hey Zac, Daddy said you can stay!”

“I know, my dad said the same thing, this is going to be so much fun!”

They both ran off to get their towels.  “Hey boys, you want to get dressed first?”

They looked back at me.  “No, can we just wrap our towels around us?”

I smiled at Steven.  “Yea, I guess it's okay.”

We all made our way to the elevator.  When we arrived at Steven’s floor he and Steven Jr. got off and Steven looked back over his shoulder.  “You boys have fun!  Zac, mind Mr. Anderson.  He'll be no problem, Kevin, you’ll find Zac minds very well and does what's he's told.”   Before the doors closed I heard, “HAVE FUN BOYS,” and then a loud laugh.

When we arrived at the suite the boys ran in the room and tore off their towels.  God, what a sight: two young boys running around naked.  I sat on the couch and was promptly covered in naked boys, rolling around all over me.  Sean started to undo my trunks and Zac joined in.  “Hey boys, slow down, come on stop!”  I was laughing the whole time, I couldn't help it.  It was either that or grab them and take them to the bed and eat them up.  I didn't put up that much of a fight.  I lifted my hips to help them out and they finally got my trunks off.  We were all naked, and I had a raging hard-on!  All the boys did was stare at it.

“Well, now what are you going to do,” I chuckled.

Sean leaned in and started to lick my hard cock, then Zac joined him.  God, I thought I was going to blow my load right there!  I had two small tongues licking up and down my shaft, and both of my hands rubbing two soft, hairless asses.  I ran my hands all over them, running my fingers between those two round butts and underneath to their small ball sacks.  I reached for both their little cocks and I started to jack them in small strokes.  They both started to moan.  “Boys, why don’t we move to the big bed?”

They jumped up and ran for the bedroom and jumped on the bed, eagerly waiting for me.   I got on the bed and lay in the middle and had two of the most beautiful boys on each side of me.  Sean leaned over and started to kiss me.  I felt Zac sucking my cock and I moaned while kissing Sean, reaching down and feeling his little ass.  We parted and I pulled him up so his little cock was right in front of my face.  He pushed forward, I opened my mouth and sucked him in.  I wrapped my tongue around his little cocklet and started to move it in and out, letting my tongue jack him off.  He let out a loud moan.  I was moaning too and thinking to myself, ‘Damn, Zac knows how to suck!’  Just then Zac came up and whispered in my ear.  “Do you want to fuck me Mr. Anderson?”  Oh god did I hear him right?  “Do you want to fuck me while you suck Sean?”

All I could do was groan and nod ‘Yes.’  I was still sucking Sean and he was loving it.  I pulled Sean over so he had both legs on each side of my chest, his cock never leaving my mouth.  I heard Zac run to the bathroom and back, then I felt something cold and creamy being rubbed on my hard cock and these little hands jacking me.  I'm not sure what was going through my head.  I was in heaven!  I had my son’s cock in my mouth and was about to feel another hot boy’s ass on my cock.  Suddenly I felt it; this tight ring being pushed down on my cock.  I reached behind Sean and felt Zac lowering himself down on my cock nice and slow, up and down, up and down, and with every downward move he was getting more and more of my big cock in his tight, little ass.  He started to moan as he took more and more of me inside him.  I never thought he would take my whole cock, then I felt it in one move… he was sitting all the way down on my cock, his little ass resting on my balls.

He stayed that way for a while, moving around like he was wiggling in his seat.  God, I wasn't sure how much more I was going to be able to take!  I slid down on the bed and had Sean fucking my mouth and Zac riding my cock.  Sean started to moan real loud.  I reached back to feel my cock in this beautiful boy and found out why Sean was moaning and fucking my mouth.  Zac was rimming Sean who was going wild!  I felt Sean starting to shake and then tense up, whimpering so loud.  He was having a real intense orgasm, then I felt Zac shake.  He was having his own orgasm.  At that point I couldn't hold back either, I blew my load deep inside Zac.  He kept riding me, shaking and moaning.  Sean stayed in my mouth and Zac stayed on my cock for what felt like forever, then everyone split up all at once:  Zac pulled up off of my cock and rolled off me one way and Sean rolled the other way.

There we were, all three spent, all three laying there with the most blissful looks on our faces.  Zac snuggled in to me on one side and Sean snuggled in on my other side.  I held both boys as tightly as I could.  All I could think was, is that what it's going to be like when and if I fuck Sean?  Oh my god, now that's all I can think of.  I was wondering how that small boy took my whole cock inside him.  I decided I was going to have to ask Steven in the morning.

I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard a voice in the dark.


“Yes Sean?”

“I'm glad you’re my Daddy now, I love you.”

“I love you too Son.”

I love you too Mr. Anderson.”

“I love you too Zac.  Good night boys, sweet dreams.”

All three of us drifted off to blissful sleep.  I heard Sean softly breathing and pulled him in a little tighter.  I'm glad you’re my son Sean, I love you.


- - - - - - - -


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