I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 6


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events, although some parts have been configured for story flow.  If you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.


I woke the next morning with Sean’s arms and legs over top of me. I had to slide out of bed nice and slow so I wouldn't wake him.  Once I got out of bed I looked down and watched him.  His little chest was moving up and down as he breathed softly, and he had a little smile on his face.  I wondered what he was dreaming about.  He looked so beautiful.  My eyes ran up and down his perfect, smooth, little body.  I had to tear myself away because I could stand there all day watching him.

I went into the bathroom and started the shower.  I stepped in and washed up, and when I came out Sean was still sleeping.  I got dressed and went downstairs to find that Wayne had breakfast ready.

“Is Master Sean joining you for breakfast, Kevin?”

“No, I thought I would let him sleep in.  We were up late last night.”

Wayne looked over with this Cheshire Cat smile while he brought over two plates, placing one in front of me and then one for himself.  He sat across from me.  “How is he adjusting to his new life?”

“I think he'll be fine.”

“So, what happened?  How did you get him?  Mark tried to explain a little to me but he didn’t make a lot of sense.”

I told Wayne the story of my brother and sister-in-law dying and how I got custody of Sean; how my brother had abused him and his mother.  When I finished I looked over and saw Wayne crying.

“That poor little boy.  He's so cute… how could anyone treat another person that way, especially their own son!?”

“I know Wayne, my brother was a mean bastard. You know, I keep trying to put my finger on it but Sean looks like someone I know.”

Wayne looked over at me with a slight grin.  “You really don't know?”

“Know what?”

“Wait here.”  Wayne left the kitchen and returned carrying a photo album.  It was my family album.  He flipped the pages looking for something.

“Where in the hell did you find that?  I haven't seen that in years!”

“There… right there it is.  Look Kevin.”

I looked down at a picture he was pointing at.  “So… it's a picture of Sean.  What about it?”

“No, that’s not Sean!  That's a picture of you at his age.”

I looked closer and noticed that the location in the picture was somewhere I didn’t think Sean had even been.  Then it hit me…  Oh my god!  He looks just like me!”  I smiled at the picture for a few moments, then a horrible realization came over me and I felt myself feel a little faint. 

I started to cry.  Wayne looked at me.  “Kevin… why are you crying?”

“That's probably why my brother treated Sean the way he did.  He hated me and took it out on Sean because he looked like me!  It's my fault he beat Sean.  He took his anger out on that beautiful boy because he looks like me!”

“Kevin, no… please, you had nothing to with it!”

I took the album to the other room and held it close and cried.  Once I got myself together I swore I would make it up to Sean.  I put the album away and returned to the kitchen were Wayne was cleaning up.

“Wayne, I have to run out for a while.  I need to enroll Sean in school and pick up a few things.  Will you watch Sean for me, and when he gets up let him know I will return shortly?”

“Of course Kevin, I'll take care of Mr. Sean.”

I ran out and drove off.  


While I was gone Sean woke up and started to look around for me.  He ran through the house screaming for me.  “Daddy!  Daddy where are you?  DADDY!!”  He started to cry he was so scared.

Wayne came running and found him curled up sobbing in a corner.  “Hey, hey, good morning Mr. Sean.  You remember me from last night, right?  I’m Wayne, I work for your Daddy.”

Sean looked up and saw Wayne standing next to him.  He rubbed his eyes, sniffled and nodded his head.  “Where’s my Dad?”

Wayne knelt down.  “He had to run out and take care of a few things, like enroll you in school.  I told him I would stay right here and get you some breakfast while he was gone.”

Sean came out of the corner and took Wayne by the hand.  Wayne’s eyes grew big once he saw Sean.  “I guess you lost your clothes there Mr. Sean.” Sean looked down and realized he was naked.  He was so scared he hadn't noticed.  Wayne took Sean by the hand and walked him to his room.  “Let’s say we get you cleaned up and dressed, then we can go outside and play with Landon, your new puppy!  What do you say?”

Sean just nodded his head.  Once they reached Sean’s room, Wayne took him in the bathroom and ran his bathwater, checking the temperature to make sure it wasn't too hot.  While the tub filled he went in Sean’s room and took out some clothes for him to wear.  He returned to the bathroom and shut the water off.  Sean was still naked so he picked him up and placed him in the tub.

Wayne started to leave the bathroom and Sean looked up.  “Can you stay and help me?”

“I think you’re big enough to do it yourself Sir,” Wayne winked at him.

“Pleeeeaaasse!” Sean looked up with those blue eyes.  Like I said, nobody could say no to that boy and those eyes.  Wayne relented and stayed, sitting on the toilet seat while he watched Sean wash up.  Sean stood up and tried to wash his back and Wayne noticed he was having a hard time.

“Here, let me help you with that.”  Wayne took the washcloth and soap and started to wash Sean’s back.  He worked his way between his shoulders then down his back and sides.  He then started to wash his legs up one and down the other, then he reached Sean’s beautiful, smooth ass.  Wayne washed his butt and paid special attention to his little crack.  Wayne was so entranced by the sight of his adorable butt he didn't even notice he’d gotten a hard-on… but Sean sure noticed.

Sean pointed at Wayne’s erection.  “Hey Wayne, look… you’re hard.”  Wayne looked down and indeed, he had an erection.  Sean reached over and grabbed Wayne’s hard cock. Wayne was a little shocked by this so he didn’t move. Sean kept rubbing his cock and Wayne let out a low moan, shocking himself back to reality.  He realized he was enjoying this little boy touching him!

He pushed Sean’s hands away.  “Sean, you shouldn't do that.  I think you can finish washing by yourself.”

He left the bathroom and leaned against the wall by the bathroom door, breathing hard.  What the hell just happened?!  He looked down and saw a big tent in his shorts with a wet spot on the front.  He left the hall and went downstairs to get his mind off what had just happened.

Sean appeared later, fully dressed, acting like nothing had happened.  “Is my Dad back yet?”

No, he just called and is on his way home.  Can I fix you anything to eat?”

“Yes please, I'm starving.”

“Okay sit right here.  What would you like?”

“Can I have an egg sandwich?  Daddy loves those.”

“You sure can.”  Wayne fixed the sandwich and placed it in front of Sean. Sean was eye level with Wayne’s crotch and saw he still had a semi hard-on.  Wayne looked down and saw Sean reach for the sandwich but he was really reaching for his cock.  Wayne was again in so much shock he couldn’t move.  Sean pulled Wayne’s shorts down just below his balls and took his hard cock into his mouth.  Wayne let out a low moan but didn't stop Sean from sucking.  He looked down and saw this little boy sucking his big cock!

He didn't last long, but before he was about to cum he tried to pull Sean off him before he blew his load in Sean's mouth.  Sean had a tight hold on it and didn't let go.  “Oh god, please stop… please.  I’m going to cum, please stop!” Then it happened.  Wayne shot his load deep in Sean's mouth.  Sean kept sucking, never missing a drop of his cum.  Sean didn't stop sucking until Wayne went limp and couldn't take any more.

Sean came off his cock and started to eat his sandwich. Wayne backed up looking at Sean.  Did that boy just give me the most incredible blow job? Wayne looked down and saw his limp cock hanging out of his shorts.   Just then he heard the garage door opening.  He grabbed his shorts, pulled them up and started to shake, his thoughts racing through his mind. Was Sean going to tell Kevin about what just happened?  Was I going to lose my job? Was I going to jail!?  Before he could tell Sean not to say anything, Kevin came through the door.  Sean jumped up from his chair and ran to Kevin,

Daddy!  Where did you go without me?”

“I'm sorry baby, you just looked so peaceful sleeping I didn't want to wake you.  Are you okay?”

“Yes Daddy.  Mr. Wayne gave me a bath and fixed me an egg sandwich.” “Really?  Wow!  Did you thank Mr. Wayne?”

“No sir.”  Sean looked over at Wayne with a big smile.  “Thank you Mr. Wayne, for everything.”

Wayne didn't look up.  “You’re welcome,” he stammered out, then left the room in a hurry.

“Wayne,” I yelled at him.  “Where are you going?”  I heard him saying there was something he had to take care of.  I walked Sean over to the table so he could finish his sandwich.

“Daddy, I was so scared when I woke up.  I couldn't find you.”

“I'm sorry Baby.  I will never do that again.”  I bent over and kissed the top of his head.  “Well, I have you enrolled in school now.”

“Am I going away?”

“No, why would you think that?”

He shrugged his shoulders.  “I don’t know.”

“Well, you’re not going anywhere.  I met some of your new teachers and they seemed to be very nice.  Now we need to go shopping for some new clothes.  Let’s go get you dressed.”

“Okay Daddy.”  Sean finished his sandwich then ran upstairs.

I went to my office and was startled to find Wayne sitting in one of the high back chairs writing something.  “Wayne, I didn't see you there.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Anderson.”

I looked at him strangely.  Mr. Anderson?  What happened to ‘Kevin’?”

“I don't feel comfortable calling you that anymore.”

“Wayne, what's happened?”

“I can’t sir.  Please don't make me.”

“Now Wayne, we hold no secrets around here.  Please tell me… you’re not leaving until you do.”

He started to cry and mumble.  I couldn't understand what he was saying.  I went over to the bar and poured him a drink.  “Now drink this and start over.” I sat across from him until he finished his drink.

“Mr. Anderson… I did something I shouldn't have.  You’re going to hate me forever.”

“What?  What could you have done?”

“I can't, sir.”

“Yes you can.  Now talk to me.”

Wayne tried to tell me what had happened while I was gone, but before he was done telling me he started to cry again.  I just sat there looking at him.  His head was down looking at the floor the whole time.  “Please sir… say something.”

I could tell that something more than just ‘taking a bath’ had occurred, and I wasn’t bothered with it at all.  I stood up and Wayne flinched as if I was going to hit him or something.  I placed my hand on his shoulder then I pulled him to his feet.  I grabbed him into a tight hug and just held him.  After a few minutes I pulled away and placed my hand under his chin.  I pulled his face up and looked deep in his eyes. “I know Sean is pretty hot, Wayne.  I can't keep my hands off him either.”

Wayne looked at me like he didn't hear me; like I was speaking another language.  I leaned in and gave him a kiss and left him standing there to process what I had just told him.  Just then Sean came bouncing into the room and Wayne jumped and left the room as if it were on fire.

“Ready son?”

“Yes Daddy.  Where are we going?”

“We’re going shopping for some school clothes.  Now let’s go.”  We walked out the door and got in the limo and drove off.

While we were on our way to shop my phone rang; it was Mark, my agent.  He asked how Sean was settling in.

“Oh, he’s fine.  He's still trying to get use to the house.  Yeah, I remember. Yes I do. Wait... I have an interview? What?  Today?  Oh man I forgot.  Okay, Okay… what time?  Okay, I’ll be there.  Don't worry Mark, I said I would be there.”  I hung up and looked over at Sean.  “Honey, we have to make a detour.  I forgot I have an interview this afternoon.  Hey, you want to come with me and watch??

“Daddy, what's an interview?”

“Well honey, I'm going to talk to some people and it's going to be on TV.”

“Oh okay, neat!  Yes Daddy, I want to come watch.”

“Okay sweetie.”  I picked up the phone and told the driver we had to go to the studio.   He made a quick u-turn and off we went.

It didn’t take long to reach the studio, and as we walked in I was met by Mark. “Thank god you’re here!  Hi Sean.”

Sean looked up at Mark with a big smile.  “Hello.”

I took Sean by the hand and we walked to the dressing room.  I was sitting in a chair getting make-up done as Sean watched.  “Daddy, why are they putting make-up on you?”

“Well Sean, they have to because the lights in the studio are so bright my face would look washed-out otherwise.

“Oh.  Cool.”

“Daddy will only be right over there.”  I asked one of the girls if they would keep an eye on him for me.  When I was done I took Sean over and sat him close to the stage.  “Now Sean, I need you to sit here quietly okay?”

While I was being interviewed the question came up about Sean.  “Kevin, you have been seen with a very young companion.  Would you like to tell us who he is?”

“Yes Kathy.  As you know my brother and sister-in-law were killed in a car accident.  The boy you’re talking about is my nephew, Sean.  I have total custody of him as I’m the only family he has.”

“Wow, that's got to be life changing for you, having been single and known to be somewhat of a 'party boy'!”

“Yes it is, but I love him very much.  He's even calling me Daddy now.”

“Really?  Daddy?”

“Yes, and I really like it.  He's now the light of my life, my reason to live. I never knew I could love anyone like I love him.  He's brought me back to life.”

“Wow!  I see he is here with you today.  Would you like him to join us?”

“I'm not sure I want to put him in the limelight like that, Kathy.  He's still trying to adjust to his new life.”  I looked over at Sean.  “Sean, do you want to come up here and join me?”  Sean jumped up and ran over, jumping in my lap before they could get him a chair.

“Well, so you’re Sean.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“So Sean, how do you like being with your uncle?”

Sean looked up at me and I gave him a big smile.  “It's ok, honey.”

“Well… I know he's my uncle, but since my daddy and mommy are in heaven and he's all I have, I like calling him Daddy.”

“Are you having fun with your Daddy?”

“Yes ma’am, a whole lot.”

“So, what have you been you doing?”

My heart stopped… I had no way to stop him from talking without looking odd.  “Well, we go swimming a lot.  I have a big bedroom.  Oh yeah, I got to ride on a big plane and Captain Mark let me fly it!”  Sean was all smiles.

“Wow!  Are you going to school?”

“Yes ma’am.  Daddy was taking me clothes shopping but we had to come here first, but we are going to the store when we leave here.” Sean looked up at me with a big smile.  “I love you Daddy.”

All I could do was hold him tight.  God, I wanted to take him right there.  “I love you too, Sean.”

We wound up the interview, and as we were leaving Kathy stopped me.  “Kevin, I think what you’ve done for your nephew is so great.  You seem very different from the last time we met.”

“Oh?  How so? “

“You seem happy… calm… a totally different person.”

“Well, it’s all because of that little boy.  I have to live for him, he needs me and I now know I need him.  I don’t think I was ever really alive before.  I only existed, but now, because of him I’m alive.  I've never known so much love until him.”  I think I saw a tear in her eyes.  Little did I know she was filming that conversation as well.

I said my goodbyes, took Sean by the hand and left.  As we got in the car

Sean looked at me.  “Did I do okay, Daddy?”

I took him in my arms and hugged him.  “Yes baby, you did great!”  I kissed his soft lips and held him against my chest.  At that point, I didn’t care who saw us.

It was late by the time we got home and Sean was out like a light.  I picked him up and carried him into the house.  Wayne was there to open the door and walked with me to my room to put Sean in bed.  He waited until I had taken off Sean’s clothes and tucked him in wearing only his superhero underwear.  I turned out the lights and Wayne and I walked downstairs. I went out to sit by the pool.  Wayne joined me with some drinks.

“Kevin… I think we need to talk.”

I looked at him puzzled.  “About what?”

He sighed.  “About Sean and me and what happened.”

“Look Wayne, I know what happened. Sean told me.”  A look of horror washed across his face.  “Wayne it’s okay.  Trust me, you’re not in trouble.  I have to confess… Sean and I have done more than that ourselves.”

Wayne looked at me as if I was speaking French.  “What do you mean?  I don’t understand.”

I took a big gulp of my drink and looked Wayne in the eyes.  “Sean and I have been having sex for a while now.  I’ve fucked him a few times, and he loves it.”

Wayne was silent for a while before he finally whispered.  “You mean you and Sean have really been… fucking?”

“Yes, that's what I said.”

“How?  When?  Where?”

I answered all his questions, and by the time I told him some of the fun we’d been having I noticed he had a big tent in his shorts.  I reached over and started to rub his hard cock.  He never moved.  I didn’t even think he realized what I was doing.  I got down on my knees and unzipped his shorts, took out his cock and started to lick up and down on the shaft, running my tongue all over the head.  Wayne finally realized what was happening when he felt his hard cock deep in my throat.  He let out a low moan and leaned back in his chair with his legs stretched out in front of him.

“Oh god yes... that feels so fucking good!  Suck my cock Kevin... god yes!” The more I heard his sounds of pleasure the more I sucked.  I felt his fingers in my hair pulling and holding my head down on his hard cock while he started to fuck my mouth.

“God I’m so close now!  I don’t want to cum yet!”  He yanked his cock from my mouth making a popping sound, pulled me up by my hair and started to kiss me.  His tongue darted in my mouth and soon both our tongues were fighting each other.   We were both moaning and panting.  “God, I want you Kevin.  I want you right now, I have to have you!”

He pushed me to the ground so I was on my back.  Wayne fell on top of me, kissing me.  He licked his way to my neck then down to my chest, sucking on each nipple.  I was in heaven.  I felt him moving down and then his hot breath on my throbbing cock.  In one move he took my cock deep down his throat.  He was sucking my cock as if he hadn’t eaten in months and my cock was the first thing he’d had!  I had to fight from blowing my load, it felt so damn good.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved having sex with Sean a hell of a lot, but sometimes I needed an adult where we could be a little rough without the fear of hurting or damaging each other.

I had to pull Wayne off me, telling him he had me so close.  He looked up at me with lust and desire in his eyes, like he had a real need.  He then drove his head between my legs and to my ass and ate me like there was no tomorrow.  I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled him back up and started to kiss him.  I could not only smell my cock and ass on him, I could taste it.

While we were kissing, Wayne took his cock and aimed it towards my waiting hole.  He had eaten my ass so much he left enough spit there to act as lube. I felt the head of his cock enter me.  He held me tight and kept pushing himself deeper and deeper inside me until he was balls deep inside me.

He held himself still, holding me tight.  Once I was used to his cock I started to move my ass to let him know I was ready for whatever he wanted to do. Wayne started to move in and out of me nice and slow.  The more he did that the more I wanted him to just pound my ass but he held back from doing that.  I looked up and saw he had a look of bliss like he was in heaven. I started to move my ass and pulled him deeper inside me.  God, I wanted him to crawl deep up inside me.  He started to move in and out a little faster and faster, and before I knew it he was pounding me balls deep, harder and harder.  I hadn’t even noticed how hard I was, all I knew was I wanted him as deep as he could go!

All of a sudden he pushed deep inside me, moaning and then yelling.  “Oh fuck Kevin, I can’t hold back, I can’t……. herrre I cummm!! Ooooohhhhh godddd!”  He somehow pushed in deeper and I could feel his shaft shooting his hot, young load deep in my guts so far I didn’t think it would ever come out!  I was shaking like I had never shaken before.  When he started to pull out I held him so he would stay inside me.  I could feel something between us, something wet.  I had blown my own load.

Wayne fell on top of me panting, both holding on to each other. I think we passed out because when I opened my eyes the sun was coming up.  I woke Wayne up and told him to go grab a shower. I was still laying there in the glow after he got up and left. I finally got up and went to take my own shower and check on Sean.  He was still sleep. I slipped into bed slowly so as not to wake him.  He rolled over and placed his head on my chest and his little arms around me, snuggling close.  I heard him whisper, “I love you Daddy.”

I leaned down and kissed him on the top of his head.  “I love you too baby.”

I held him close and drifted off to sleep.


- - - - - - - -


To my readers, this isn’t my story, it is Kevin’s story.  Kevin is one of my readers who wrote me and told me of a story from his past.  I helped him edit this and here you have it.  The story is 98% + true, I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

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