In the Barn

This story is a fantasy and depicts rationalized unprotected sex. In real life you should always be safe. Consensual adult-youth incest and watersports are featured in the story. Comments are welcome and may be sent to

I leaned against the kitchen sink and looked out the window while drinking a glass of water. I was still breathing a little heavy from just having finished my workout and walked up the stairs from the basement where the weights were. I didn't get to work out often enough, not enough time with the job and the commute and the house and the kids, though the kids did a pretty good job of taking care of themselves nowadays. My widowed dad helped out by coming over a lot, especially on Wednesdays, when I didn't get home until 9PM, and he'd sometimes drive them some place they needed to be.

He was a great granddad to my boys, especially in the last few years, taking them fishing and camping and helping them with sports and things, stuff I wish I had time for. He was the one who got them into 4H, the youth farming organization. We lived on a farm in Vermont, the one I grew up on, though we had sold off or leased out most of the land and just kept 20 acres around what was now my house and barn and another 5 acre lot with my father's house on it further down the road. We didn't do any farming anymore. I worked in the city and dad was retired. He'd made enough selling the land that he could retire early.

Anyway, a couple years ago he got the kids interested in raising animals for 4H. I never paid much attention to the details. I guess the farming bug skipped a generation, it just never appealed to me, but we had a barn and fenced pasture that didn't need much fixing and he and the boys did most of the work, so it was OK with me. I know they had lambs one time, and calves, and we always seemed to have multi-colored chickens wandering around.

I don't want to give the impression I don't pay attention to my sons, or that I don't care about them. I love the hell out of them! I just wish we had more in common. We were closer when they were small and my job wasn't so demanding. My office then was in a nearby town with a 15-minute commute so I was around more. I loved coming home and having them crawl all over me, so happy to see their daddy! I'd hug and kiss them and roll around with them in the dirt or the snow, depending on the season, much to their mother's annoyance.

Unfortunately, lots of things seemed to annoy her about married life almost from the start. She loved my big dick and we shared an energetic and slightly kinky sex life with watersports, role-playing, and dildoes, but she didn't like living in the country and she was never much of a mother. She wasn't bad to the boys, but she never seemed to really bond with them, and as they entered their teens I could tell that the feeling was mutual.

A couple years ago I got a promotion with more hours and a longer commute which meant I wasn't around as much, for my wife or my sons. My father started coming around more often to do things with the kids and drive them places they needed to go.

The boys were both into sports, although not the typical team sports so much. Joe, the older by ten months, who was built heavier than Josh, wrestled and did gymnastics while Josh, who was already taller than his older brother, swam and ran cross country. Now at age 16, more or less, they were beautiful boys. Joe was about 5'9” and I figured would top out around 6', but Josh was already almost there and would probably at least equal my 6'3” before he was done. Both had my reddish-brown hair and thick, dark eyebrows, so you'd know we were family if you saw us. Joe had that mesomorph build that seemed like he only had to walk through a weight room and new muscles would pop up all over him, or at least that's what his envious brother said. Josh was no slouch in the muscle department, but his were longer and smoother, and stretched out over greater height.

Josh kept his body shaved for swimming, but Joe had that pattern of chest hair that forms a triangle seemingly supported by the swelling of his muscular pecs, a straight line across the top of his collar bone and then tapering down to a point midway between his nipples, nothing farther out. Lighter color than his head and brows. Short and straight. Symmetrical. Perfect.

And then about five months ago I came home from work and found my father and the boys sitting around the kitchen table looking serious and, I thought, even a little guilty. On the table was a short note from my wife saying she'd had enough of 'you men' and she was moving to the city to stay with her sister and I wasn't to contact her and divorce papers would arrive in the mail.

It just about floored me! Joe jumped up and pushed a chair behind me and I sat down automatically. They had all obviously read the note, and I felt terrible that the boys knew their mother didn't want them. I sat staring at the paper and it suddenly occurred to me that among my first thoughts were, who am I gonna fuck? I had known we didn't have a real love match, we stayed together out of loyalty and responsibility and because it was the thing to do......and because of a shared strong sex drive. If not ideal, it was enough for me, but apparently not for her. But then I felt ashamed of that thought and pulled myself together so I could be there for my sons, who must be needing me right now.

I looked up and was wondering what to say when Josh beat me to it.

He had a can of soda that he was absently rotating on the table. “Dad”, he said, looking up seriously into my eyes.

“Yes, Josh?”

“We ordered pizza for supper, it should be here soon. Do you want a beer?”

I cracked up and so did Joe and my dad. Josh just looked perplexed.

“What? What's funny?”

I laid my hand on his and said, “Nothing, I was just expecting you to say something a bit more serious. About your mother and all...”

“Oh, no....I mean, I guess I'm sorry that she was so unhappy here, but she didn't really love us, did she? I mean, not like you love us. You'd never leave us....?”

“Of course not! Never! You boys are the world to me. I'm going to take a demotion and transfer back to the local branch so I can be here more now.”

They all glanced at each other and my dad quickly said, “No, Mike, that's not necessary, I'm here when the boys need me. They have sports and activities after school most every day, anyway, so they don't get home much before you. And they're plenty old enough to take care of themselves and each other when they're alone, aren't you, boys?”

Joe and Josh, grinning, enthusiastically agreed that they were. I thought it an odd phrasing my dad had used, but didn't pay it much attention.

So, that was five months ago and things had gotten back to normal. The boys (with their granddad's help, I suspected) were great at doing a lot of the everyday housework my wife had done, as well as keeping up with their schoolwork and sports and whatever it was they did in the barn.

The only problem was I was horny as hell. I had never paid for sex, and except for some swinging in the early years of our marriage, and despite the kinks, I had stayed faithful to my wife during our marriage. I had had myself tested just a few weeks before and I was clean, so either she had been faithful or careful. I was still hurting from the ego-slam of her leaving me, and hadn't met anyone I wanted to jump into bed with yet. And I mean anyone: I had never been exclusively hetero, especially in my fantasies.

And the boys weren't making it easy. We had taught them not to be ashamed of their bodies, being little short of nudists at home. We'd usually wear underwear, and my wife a bra, around the house but think nothing of walking naked down the hall after taking a shower. Now that it was only males in the house, the boys seemed to think clothes were almost completely optional. Being used to locker rooms as they were I guessed it was natural and innocent. But seeing two gorgeous young men walking around, dicks swinging, was not helping to keep my testosterone level down. And their dicks did swing! Both seemed to have inherited my big dick and tendency to hang long when soft. Joe was usually around 4”, but Josh, his 'little' brother, was closer to 5”! None of us were very hairy, none on our backs or butts, but Joe's legs were hairier than Josh's or mine.

Now, the thought of making it with my own sons didn't freak me out, far from it! It was one of the hottest things I could think of. I remembered back to my earlier years and how hot I had been for my own father when I had seen his muscular body and big cock. We had never done anything together, but I had sure wanted to. And my older brother Tom and I had swapped blow jobs until he got interested in girls and decided it wasn't cool anymore. So the idea of incest didn't bother me at all, in theory. I just had no idea if the boys might be interested, and how do you bring up something like that, and when? With my dad around so much and the boys so close to him, it would be hard to keep it a secret. I had no idea how my father would respond to it, but most people tended to frown on incest with under-age boys, no matter how grown-up and sexy they appeared.

So every night found me in bed half-watching a video while fucking myself with a dildo and jamming my aching dick into a Fleshlight, while my mind was really remembering just an hour earlier down in the kitchen when I had struggled to not get an erection while chatting to my boys about their day, Joe leaning back against the counter and idly pulling on his low-hanging balls with his cock about ¼ hard, and Josh bending over to see what was in the fridge and exposing his almost hairless hole to me. Like I said, they didn't make it easy.

And here it was a beautiful June day, a Wednesday when I usually worked late, and by chance I had had two meetings canceled and I decided to take the afternoon off. I thought maybe I could do something with the boys, no idea what. I had driven home and put the car in the garage and just stayed down on that level where the weights were. I stripped out of my clothes and put on some loose exercise shorts and did my routine until my muscles were pumped and I was covered in sweat, then went upstairs to the kitchen for a drink. My muscles weren't the only things pumped: the workout and running my hands over my hard body and harder nipples had made my cock pretty hard as well. And as I stood at the sink looking out the window and rubbing my hand down the length of my cock in my loose shorts I was surprised to see my dad's pickup truck pull up outside the barn, and even more surprised to see my sons in the cab. It was only two o'clock and I thought they wouldn't get home for another hour or more.

But I was in for a much bigger surprise. Joe and Josh got out on the near side of the truck, dressed in their usual jeans and tight t-shirts and baseball caps, and as Joe got out Josh playfully snatched his cap off his head and turned to run. But Joe was too quick and caught him by his belt and pulled him back and around so they were facing each other. And then something happened I didn't see coming at all. Josh gently replaced Joe's hat on his head – backwards – and then took his brother's face in his hands and kissed him deeply and passionately! Joe grabbed onto Josh's hard butt and Josh's hand moved down to cup his brother's bulging crotch while they continued the lip-lock.

I couldn't believe it, but after a second my dick could, and got even harder. But what were they thinking, my father was right there! He got out on the other side of the truck and looked over at them.....and grinned!

“C'mon boys, let's take it into the barn,” he called out. “You boys got me hot and I can't wait!”

“Coming, Grandpa,” the boys said in unison and the three of them walked over to the big barn slider and disappeared into the darkness, pulling the big door closed behind them.

“What the fuck!” I actually said out loud. My dad and my sons were fucking around? I couldn't think of any other explanation. And it hit me....hard! My dad and my sons were fucking around! In the barn! Right now!

I got a beer out of the fridge and chugged it as my mind raced. My first flush of anger at the thought that my father had maybe seduced my sons evaporated as I realized that, if he did, he had only done what I wanted to do. There was no thought of coercion or rape involved: he loved my boys and they loved him, and they were both young men now, old enough to make decisions for themselves.

I pictured what they might be doing out there and stopped at an image of my father. He was still in good shape, great really, after a life of farm work, and if his belly was a bit bigger than it had been it was still rock solid. His defined pecs and big arms were impressive and I remembered that he had recently started working out in the weight room with the boys and appearing in the house wearing just shorts after the work-outs. I had caught a glimpse of the cut heat of his dick (his generation was almost all cut, my sons and I weren't) a few times as he lounged around in the loose shorts and felt almost guilty for looking. His chest and belly were covered with short, light brown hair, as was his head. He was a handsome man, and people never believed he was 56 years old. He had fueled some of my recent masturbation fantasies, but I never thought they might come true.

And, damn, I was going to make sure they came true! Finishing the beer, I left the house and walked over to the barn. It had a small, regular door off to the side as well as the big slider door and I went over to that one as I wanted to get a look at what was going on inside without being noticed. I slipped through the door and crossed the room to where I could get a view of the main bay of the barn.

A half dozen or so hay bales had been laid down in a rectangle making a raised area about the size of a large bed, and a canvas tarp had been thrown over it. I gasped: the reality of what I was seeing was greater than anything my fantasies had come up with. Josh was lying on his back with his long legs bent and his calves on his grandfather's shoulders. My dad was plunging his hugely fat cock in and out of his ass in long, deep thrusts that made the muscles of his ass pucker and bulge. And Joe was standing, straddling Josh's chest and feeding what looked to be more than 7” of cock into his grandfather's mouth while almost yelling a stream of filth at him.

“Yeah, suck my big dick, Gramps! You love suckin' and fuckin' boys, don't you, Grandpa? You love our hot jock bodies, our tight assholes, our hard cocks! Especially Josh's monster cock fuckin' your ass, how he makes you feel it way deep inside! How about a double-dicking, Grandpa, do you want me and Josh to both do you at the same time? Do you wish we started a few years ago when we were younger? We would have done it, Grandpa, we were hot for you and we've been fuckin' each other since we were 14. What about your own sons, what about Mike and Tom, do you wish you had fucked them?”

My dad pulled his head back so Joe's cock fell out. “Yes, fuck yes! I wanted to fuck them! I loved them and they were so hot! I wanted to do everything we do!”

“Everything, Gramps? You wanted to be dirty with your boys, too? Josh and I drank a ton of water this afternoon, Gramps, getting ready. Do you want it now, while you're fucking my brother?”

“Yeah, give it to me!”

“OK, here it comes, Grandpa, here's that sweet boy piss you love so much!” and with his cock in his hand he let go with a thick stream of piss that arched a foot before disappearing into my dad's wide open mouth. Dad was swallowing fast, but still a lot of the flow backed up and spilled down over his hairy chest and belly to where his cock was still thrusting deep into Josh's asshole. Josh, moaning under his grandfather's assault on his ass, was holding onto Joe's leg with one hand and using the other to reach down and gather the piss puddling on his belly and rub it onto his rock-hard cock, the biggest I'd ever seen outside a porno. It was thick and at least 10” long with a slight upward curve. A fucking monster cock all right!

Without thinking I had been slowly approaching the group of rutting bodies, hardly believing what I was seeing and hearing and turned on beyond imagining. I was twisting a nipple and jerking my rock-hard cock through the thin material of the loose nylon shorts. Joe was playing the stream from his hose of a cock over my dad's head and shoulders and down his body until he was pissing directly down onto Josh's stomach and cock.

“Here's some more for you, little brother. Fucking pissing all over you and our grandpa. I fucking love you guys! Fuck, I want some of this!” And he pointed his dick straight up and slurped his own piss into his mouth and leaned forward. My dad knew just what he wanted and opened his mouth and Joe spit his piss into the open hole. Joe's hard abs were clenched and his rounded defined pecs, capped by eraser-sized nipples were splashed with his piss as he continued to drink and spit.

“Oh my fucking god!” I couldn't help it, it burst out of me. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I was only a dozen feet away from them by then and lost in a haze of lust. Joe let go of his dick and his piss dwindled to a few drops. My dad turned to look at me, momentarily shocked. Josh looked up and took in the look in my eyes and the hard cock pushing the front of my shorts to the ripping point.

“Dad, you're home early,” he said calmly. “Aren't those shorts uncomfortable?”

I pulled the shorts off and stumbled over to the naked, sweaty, piss-covered men I loved and grabbed hold wherever I could. I bent down to kiss Josh, reached up to kiss Joe, tasting his piss, and turned to embrace and kiss my father, tasting even more piss. He wasn't in the mood for romance, though. He reached over to a can of lube and grabbed my cock, greasing me up, and guided me right to my young boy's beautiful hole.

“Fuck your son. He's been wanting this for years.”

I looked down at my thick 9” cock poised at his hole and then up into his eyes. He wasn't for romancing, either. He was in rut. He just wanted to fuck.

“Yeah, Dad, fuck your boy! Ram me with that big cock! C'mon, you big fucker, make me feel it.”

I just slid balls-deep into his ass! Fuck! It had been so long and he was so tight! My hips went on auto-pilot and started fucking him fast and I knew I wouldn't last too long, but I didn't care. I hooked his legs over my shoulders and reached out and grabbed Joe's incredibly hard ass and pulled him towards me and swallowed his cock and started sucking like mad. His gymnast's body drove me crazy, the bulging biceps and shoulders, there wasn't an inch of it that didn't turn me on. I ran my hands over his bulging thighs and up his spreading lats and back to his ass.

“Yeah, Dad, feel up your jock boy, feel those high school jock muscles. I'm your boy, Dad, and you're gonna suck my cock and fuck my hard jock ass, but I'm gonna fuck you too! I wanna hang onto your big muscled back and pump my cock up your ass. I wanna reach around and grab your hard tits and pull on 'em and make you beg for more and bite into the muscles of your shoulders so you'll remember. But right now I'm gonna feed you some hot boy piss. You want that, Dad?”

I could only groan as my mouth was full of his cock and my tongue was running circles under his foreskin. In just a few seconds the pungent liquid started flowing into my mouth and I swallowed frantically, then pulled back and ducked to let the piss flow over my head and shoulders, then took another mouthful and spit it up at his chest.

Meanwhile my dad had stuck first one, then two greased fingers up my ass and twirled them around, reaching my prostate and, I was sure, getting me ready for something bigger. And I was right: soon I felt the head of his cock sliding up and down my ass trench spreading the lube and homing in on its target. I stopped thrusting into Josh for a moment as Dad grabbed my hips and rammed his fat cock into me. Even with all the practice I had had with dildoes, it took my breath away.

“Oh, goddam, boy, I've been waiting 20 years to do that!”

I started thrusting with my hips again, fucking my son and fucking myself on my dad's cock. My head was back and my mouth open and Joe was still pissing in and on me, but he was running dry. I pulled him to me again and licked every piss-soaked inch of his hard body I could reach. I sucked his pendulous balls into my mouth one at a time and pulled on them, stretching his sack.

“Ahh, Dad, chew on my balls. C'mon, stretch 'em so they swing when I walk and when I fuck. I pull on 'em all the time to make 'em hang low. Even the guys in the locker room notice how loose they hang. Some of them like to feel 'em when we're foolin' around in the showers. I think a few would like to do more, but I only play with family.”

My dad was hugging me from behind, running his hands over my chest and belly and muttering in my ear,”Fucking my boy, fucking my boy, finally fucking this beautiful ass. I love fucking my boys!”

The hair on his chest and belly rubbed against my back as I continued to plunge into Josh's tight ass. I reached down and grabbed onto Josh's cock, feeling that fat monster for the first time and started jerking him off, the plentiful skin sliding loosely over the hard core. I looked down and watched the foreskin extend a good inch past the tip and then pull back to expose the protruding ridge of the big head. Fucking beautiful cock, veiny, sexy, a man's cock. Bigger than mine. I was proud to have a son with a cock like that! And he was still only sixteen!

Joe dropped down onto his knees and went into a sixty-nine with his brother, sucking on his cock while I continued to jerk it off. I leaned forward and ran my mouth and tongue all over his armpits and muscular back while reaching behind me with one hand and pulling my dad deeper into my ass. We were all pouring sweat and moaning filth and getting close to coming, rubbing our muscular bodies against each other.

I was probably the horniest of us and my dad's fat cock was pounding my prostate while my hips were jerking, thrusting into my son's ass in a primal movement almost beyond my control. I could feel the pressure building and I started rabbit-fucking Josh's ass.

“Here it comes, Josh, gonna flood your ass with daddy cum.....oh my god....fuck!....fuck!”

“Yeah, son, shoot that load, I can feel your ass clench as you shoot, it's making me come, too! Oh, Mike, finally breedin' your ass, son, fuckin' breedin' your ass....uh....uh...fuck! You're squeezin' it out of me! Feels so good, son!

“Oh, Dad, fuck me, fill me up!” He held onto my hips and pulled himself tight against my ass. I was still jerking Josh's cock with one hand while Joe was sucking it and now I felt it suddenly stiffen and thicken even more and heard Josh moan and grunt around his mouthful of brother cock. The huge cock jerked and pulsed as semen rushed through it and up into Joe's hungry mouth. Joe was moaning and face-fucking his brother at the same time and I could see Josh's throat swallowing so I knew he was coming, too. They drank each others come until there was no more to be had and then let the cocks fall out of their mouths. Joe looked up and grinned at me with a mouth full of cum and I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to me and we locked lips and swapped the load back and forth until it was all gone.

Joe lay down to the left of Josh and my dad and I lay down to the right, all on our backs, recovering from the experience. I had never felt so good.

“I love you guys. You're gonna have to tell me how this all started, after I get rid of this beer I drank.”

Suddenly I felt a stream of warm liquid hit my chest. Josh was aiming his thick hose of a cock and pissing on me! Soon he was joined by his brother and my dad. I just laughed and joined in as we all pissed on each others sweaty bodies. I raised my head and aimed my cock and my piss streamed in an arc up my chest and into my open mouth, hot beer-piss easing my thirst as I felt my cock start to get hard again at the thought of what we'd just done, and what we would do again.