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Innocent Games


"NOOOOO..." the teen screamed, as if in pain, "GET OFF!"

"Huh..." the boy scrambled off him, in shocked surprise, "did... did I hurt you?" he asked with genuine concern, sitting down on the bed next to the older boy.

"Uh, no..." answered the teen, pulling up his legs and rolling over on his side, his hands between his knees, pressed tight.

"The... then, what happened, why did you scream like that?" asked the boy, looking down at his older cousin, his face a mask of surprise and wonderment.

"Nothing..." snapped Aman, "just go now..."


Not bothering to answer, Aman just grunted in shamed discomfiture, his face a bright crimson.

"And what was that thing?" the kid asked again.


"That thing, in your pants?"

Aman remained quite, totally embarrassed, dreading the next question, appalled at being caught with a hard on.

They were home, alone, watching TV and generally horsing around, as young cousins are wont to, when Rishabh, his eight year old cousin had suddenly jumped on top of him as he sat on his bed, challenging him to a playful wrestle.

They had done it many times before and Aman had happily joined in... both huffing and puffing as Aman quickly pinned down the younger boy, holding him as he struggled to get free, grunting furiously...

"That wasn't much trouble, eh?" Aman grinned down at the reddened face, quickly swinging a leg across the prone boy's middle, straddling him.

But, oh, yes, there suddenly was a slight 'trouble'... For, in his desperate struggle to get free, Rishabh had slid a hand between Aman's legs, open palm bang on the crotch... And being at that stage of life when that cute looking, tiny nub, that had lay benignly between his legs all these years had suddenly taken on a life of its own... suddenly growing bigger and bolder... getting an ugly mind of its own... on a hair-trigger, hardening and twitching awkwardly, at the most inappropriate time and place, and that too, for no apparent reason... had, as Aman sensed with dismay, grown taller, stiffening painfully as it got rubbed by the soft hand of his cousin...

Mortified, he had tried to shift, pulling his hips back... while still holding the boy down, not letting him go... And in this new struggle he had felt the inquisitive hand follow... openly groping at the throbbing object curiously, trying to make sense of the sudden heated lump...

And that momentary distraction, his effort at saving his embarrassment from further investigation, did him in. Rishabh, in a surprisingly swift move broke free and with amazing agility jumped over him, throwing him down on the bed and straddling him... the warm globes of his eight year old butt settling most sensuously on top of Aman's burning flesh.

Rishabh had grinned down at him as he rotated his ass, and then quite suddenly reached down, under his butt, pressing his hand on the bulge, grabbing it!

That's when Aman heaved his ass off the bed, and grabbing the boy by his waist had tugged him off his lap, screaming at him to let go... and get off.

And as he lay, his body trembling with that horny feel that he had been having practically every waking hour lately... but totally ashamed that it had to happen now, in front of his kid cousin... especially when he wasn't even thinking about girls... he felt the bed move and then with a joyful scream Rishabh was on him once more... the happy, grinning face staring at him... and even before he could react, he felt the determined hand at his crotch, feeling his shame through the denim...

"Ughhhh..." he grunted, rolling over and trying to throw the boy off him, but the grip only got painfully tighter...

"What is it, show me..." the boy demanded as he struggled to stay on top, his other hand now trying to undo the fly.

"Noooo... please..." Aman pleaded, trying to draw up his knees as his hands grabbed the boy's shoulders... but the pressure on his teen cock... the amazing sensation that it was creating, made him shake involuntarily, his efforts weakening...

The hand was now sliding along the full length... the palm adding an incredible pressure as the fingers raked the covered scrotal sac...

"Uh, please... don't do it..." he pleaded one more time, "please..."

"Then tell me what it is, show it to me..." insisted Rishabh with triumphant glee, grinning down at Aman, his soft hand still holding the flexing column.

"NOOO..." screamed Aman, totally horrified with the idea.

"Show me, or I'll tell mommy and auntie..." he hissed, eyes slitted, glinting with an evil look.

"No... please..." Aman cried, his voice choked, the eyes wide with alarm.

But the kid wasn't listening, and soon he had undone the zip, reaching in to fish out the tumescent phallus, gasping with awe as he saw the angry red tip, glistening in the afternoon light... the swollen shaft, rigid and unbending.

"Gosh, it's so BIG," Rishabh exclaimed in amazement, holding and squeezing the five and half inch, moderately thick shaft in his hand... and then burst out laughing.

To his eight year old eyes, a fifteen year old teen cock, that too in its state of complete arousal, seemed stunningly enormous... bizarrely gargantuan! And he gaped in total fascination, wide-eyed.

Aman made another feeble attempt at drawing up his legs, while trying to push Rishabh away. But the boy was now determined... his small hands relentless as he pulled out the flexing penis completely.

The cool air caressing his scorching column... that soft, young hand... that inquisitive, tender touch on his burning flesh, felt freakily erotic, and with a soft moan he stretched out his legs, his pelvis jerking involuntarily... all resistance seeping out of him as he moaned his arousal.

"Wow... just look at it jump..." Rishabh giggled again, watching the shaft jerk and twitch in his hand as he kneaded and squeezed it, sliding his fingers along the length.

"Rishabh, please go now..." Aman made a final, feeble request, feeling that familiar flexing deep in his gut... his stomach already in turmoil.

"Why, this hurts?" Rishabh asked in all innocence, tugging at the penis, gripping it tighter.

Aman just lay, his eyes already glazed, nostrils flared as he sucked in air.

"Why is it like this?" Rishabh asked again, bending over the cock, admiring the colour and smooth texture... and then maybe because he saw it for the first time through the unzipped fly, he sat up and exclaimed in surprise before laughing out loud, "You have hair?"

Aman groaned, totally humiliated, and feeling miserable as he felt the fingers undo the single button and then tug apart the jeans... pulling it partway down along with the briefs, exposing his pubes.

"WOW..." the kid exclaimed in amazement, "you don't even have a proper beard and just look at this!"

Aman tried to roll over, drawing his legs up, but Rishabh didn't allow it, pulling him back... his fingers grabbing and squeezing the rigid shaft tighter as the other hand reached for the swollen balls... equally startling in their proportions to the young mind.

Aman gave another groan and felt his cock flex...

"You wanna pee?" asked the boy as he saw the single drop of glistening dew ooze out of the slit at the tip of the cock.

"Ah, nooo..." groaned Aman, his pelvis vibrating involuntarily.

"Then what's this.." the boy asked, putting a little more pressure under the bloated head and watching more of the clear fluid leak out, and then added, "well, it doesn't look like pee though..."

"Rishabh, please, let go..." his voice heavy with sexual charge.

"You're really weird..." the boy giggled, "say, Aman, you sure this isn't some kinda infection, huh? I mean your cock is all big and... and all this ugly hair..."

"Ah... no..." the older boy moaned, shoving up his hips, sliding his cock in the warm sleeve of his cousin's hand.

"This is really funny, say, will I also grow hair when I'm fifteen?" he asked in all innocence.

Aman nodded, his legs flexing, the toes curling as Rishabh began to stroke the pulsating shaft... The warm, tender fingers around his flaming penis feeling astonishingly amazing... even better than when he did it himself... And as that incredible feeling got even better, engulfed him completely, he just let go... surrendering his body, allowing the boy do whatever he wanted... enjoying it.

"This is really freaky," laughed the younger boy, totally spellbound with the teen cock, mesmerised by the crazed flexing... Watching closely as more and more liquid oozed out of the gaping slit... rolling down the fiery red head... and further down the length of the shaft... onto his fingers and hand... all glistening and slippery...

Releasing the rolling balls, he grabbed the shaft with both hands now, and following the reaction of his older cousin, began to jerk the cock in real earnest... faster and faster as the moans got louder and louder... the hips twisting and turning as Aman gripped handful of sheet... eyes shut tight, face a bright crimson, grimacing... sucking air in loud gasps.

"This feels good, huh?" Rishabh asked, curious.

But the only answer he got was louder moans and as he watched, he saw the boy groan and twist, his entire body jerk and convulse... like he was in tremendous pain. Aman was also making all sorts of funny noises, his hips acting wild as it bounced up and down on the mattress... pumping the flexing, leaky cock through the kid's fist...

For a moment it made Rishabh a bit nervous... Maybe he was hurting the boy... maybe causing some pain... but then, Aman wasn't asking him to stop... wasn't exactly crying out like he was in pain or something... Besides, it felt nice, kinda powerful, to see his older, stronger cousin reduced to a babbling mass of jelly-o... acting crazed under his manipulations...

And so he continued, faster... harder... His face now right over the demented cock... watching the shaft and the drooling slit intently, mesmerised... And then Rishabh saw the head swell... turn a fierce purple, the cock seeming to grow further... and then heard Aman scream, his hips lifting clear off the bed...

The first spurt caught him directly on his right cheek, and a quick second hit his chin... Startled, he jerked back, releasing the cock as it flopped back on the belly, twitching like a crazed snake, spewing volleys of the same thick stuff... And as he gaped in bewilderment, he saw Aman's hand shoot between his legs, grab the cock and yank it at a ferocious pace.... the tip shooting strings of the milky white stuff high into the air... the stomach heaving as the legs jerked violently.

And then with a heavy groan Aman fell back... his hand releasing the cock... his chest rising and falling like the stormy sea... his breath harsh.

"God, what happened?" Rishabh asked, baffled, his voice quivering, eyes wild with fear. "I'm sorry, did I hurt you... did you burst something... do we need to take you to the doctor?" he ranted in alarm.

Aman was still panting, but quickly he opened his eyes and looking at Rishabh gave a weak smile, "No, it's OK..." he panted.

"But... but something just came out of your penis, something white, it's not blood, but... gosh, what is it?"

"Oh, it's nothing..."

"You... you sure you're not hurt, huh?"

Aman nodded.

With a slight relieved look Rishabh finally gave a nervous smile, "You scared me," he said, reaching out for the limp cock as it lay on the heaving belly, no longer as monstrous, but still much larger than his own tiny pecker.

"Ah, don't touch it now," groaned Aman.


"Oh, it hurts after cumming..."


"Um, after what just happened, it gets very sensitive..." Aman explained.

"Oh..." nodded the younger boy, sagely, his fingers reaching for the pools of creamy, white stuff that glistened on Aman's chest and belly.

"Eeewwww..." he said, screwing up his cute face in disgust, "what's this stuff, it's really messy. And look at this..." he added, spreading his fingers and then closing them, watching the knobbly threads of cum between his tiny fingers, forming thick ropy strands...

"What's this stuff?"

"That's cum, uh, semen"


"You'll learn in your biology class..."

"OK..." he said, lifting his hand, sniffing, and then crinkling his nose, "this smells funny..."

Aman didn't reply as he lay still, recovering.

"Can I do it again?"

"Ah, not now, it won't happen..."


"Oh, it takes some time..."


"Ah," Aman grunted with irritation, not in the mood to talk, especially discuss details of the sexual working of a human body... wanting to just relax instead, and enjoy that amazing after glow that followed. "That's how it is..." he finally said, his voice still weak.

"How long?"

"About fifteen minutes..."

"Oh, cool, then we can do it again after fifteen minutes," he said, moving in closer, "say, Aman, when will I be making that stuff?"

"Once you're twelve or thirteen..."

"Oh, and will I also get a big cock like yours?"


"And grow hair too?"



"But you'll show me your cock, huh? And let me play with it, right?" he giggled, reaching out and petting the flaccid shaft once more, "This is really amazing, so funny..."

Aman didn't bother to respond... he didn't know what to say. But one thing was certain, it felt a lot better when Rishabh did it, much better than when he did it himself... Maybe, just maybe, if the kid would keep his mouth shut, he'd allow him to do it again...

As if reading his thoughts Rishabh said, "Listen, Aman, this is our very own private little game, we wont tell anyone, ok? Now, will you let me see your cock whenever I want to see it, and then we can do this same stuff, huh?"

"Um, OK..." Aman nodded, and Rishabh quickly clambered over him, giving him a tight hug, kissing his cheek.

And then almost as swiftly scrambled off him, his face horrified, "Sheesh, now I've got that gooey stuff all over my shirt!" he exclaimed in disgust.

Well, as boys will always be boys... and, as both were at that tantalizing stage of life when everything is so new, so wondrous, and so amazingly exciting... after fifteen minutes the cousins were once more at it... and then exploring some more... discovering new fun things to do with the body... oh, so much better than just spending the day slouched in a couch, watching TV... or wrestling playfully...

.... a story by outlaw        

copyright © author, december, 2007

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