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Innocent Games


Thank you guys, thank you very much!
But as I keep saying, I'm NOT good at telling long tales, and therefore stick to narrating only short episodes   :o)
Well, here's my attempt at continuing with the sexcapades of the young cousins. Hope you like it... Would love to hear from you

"OK, now be good and make sure you two don't wreck the house!" said his mother as the two ladies picked up their handbags, looking into the full length hall mirror one last time.

Aman nodded with a smile, feeling the tingle run down his spine.

"And, Aman, please make sure Rishabh completes his homework," said his aunt, adding, "at least, now he listens to you," referring to the new bond that had developed between the two cousins over the past two weeks.

"I'm really happy," he heard her add, to his mother, as they walked down the steps, "they seem to have gotten closer, and Aman's a good influence on Rishabh."

"Yes," his mother smiled, "previously I had to plead or threaten him to stay home, but now he seems happy to do it, hardly ever complaining about not being able to go out with his friends."

He stood on the veranda, seeing the car pull out and then going inside wondered what was taking Rishabh so long that day... the kid should have been home by now! The school bus should have dropped him off at least ten minutes earlier...

He was horny, horny as hell... and desperate... Had been that way since morning, carrying that hardness between his legs ever since Nandita had taken the seat by his side in English class... Oh, he had the hots for her, and the touch of her warm arm against his... her twinkling-eyed, coy smile... the sudden, accidental rubs of her thigh... Even Vishal, his best pal, had noted the silly grin on his face, and had beamed at him across the classroom... catching up with him in the washroom during break, giggling, as he pointedly looked down at his crotch, winking with that knowing smile as he had nudged him.

Earlier, he would have rushed into his room as soon as he returned, and whipped out his cock and jacked off to glory... but these days, he didn't much enjoy doing it himself anymore, preferring the soft, eager hands of his cousin instead... And knowing that Rishabh would be there, he had stopped himself, desperately trying to control the urge... waiting for those sweet, soft hands...

But where was that boy!

With a disappointed sigh, and rubbing the painful bulge, Aman went into the kitchen, getting himself a coke, feeling the vicious twitch in his pants, the briefs already soggy with the leaked arousal... Well, no use fretting, the kid would come in his own good time... only, if he'd hurry though...

After that afternoon of innocent exploration, the past two weeks had been just incredible - Rishabh always eager and willing, as amazed as the first time and Aman, totally delighted, thrilling in each encounter! And being in the same neighbourhood, they had ample opportunities, Rishabh dropping in everyday... for homework help, or just to play computer games... and occasionally even insisting on sleeping over!

The homework sessions always ending up with Rishabh using a different 'pen' to scrawl liquid messages on the floor... while the computer games ended with him cranking a different 'joystick', the one between Aman's legs, ending the `game' with the older boy gasping and groaning as he rolled his head, his hips bucking and heaving... the flexing cock spewing geysers of hot cum high up into the air.

But both being young and inexperienced... or rather, not exceptionally imaginative, their innocent games had remained at that level, never graduating to anything more substantial... both happy to just pull out the ever ready cock and re-enact the first day's experiment...

And though initially amazed, both sets of parents had been happy, and pleased... after all, a growing boy does need a dependable older male to guide him... needs an idol that he can look up to and learn from, and who better than an older brother or cousin? And they had smiled indulgently seeing the budding bond between the two boys... Besides, having Rishabh to keep him occupied, they were sure Aman would actually stay out of a lot of trouble that young teens seemed to be getting involved in... Oh, all the dreadful tales that one got to hear!

And as he closed the fridge door he heard the doorbell ring...

Feeling his cock give a violent twitch as the heart picked up its rhythm, he rushed to open the door and almost immediately the smile froze... his heart sinking... the cock, in a single jerk, going soft. For there, on the steps stood his cousin, Rishabh... with another boy... a tyke, about his age and size... both grinning up at him!

"Hello Aman..." said Rishabh.

"Ah, come in," he said, turning away, totally disappointed.

"Come..." he heard Rishabh invite the boy.

"Aman, this is Sanjeev," Rishabh said, walking in and dumping his school bag on the small table that stood near the door. "He's in my class and lives next door.

"Hello, Aman..." the boy said with a small smile, his eyes curious as he looked up into Aman's face, two front teeth missing.

"Hi," he answered, a bit brusquely, "sit down."

"Rishabh, there's food on the table, some sandwich, you wanna have it now?" he added after a moment, feeling miserable.

"Sure, I'm hungry..." the boy said with a happy grin, rushing into the kitchen, calling his friend along, "you too come and eat."

Aman remained in the hall... devastated... his hands shaking with frustration.

"Aman, can we have some soda?" came Rishabh's voice floating in.

"NO!" he snapped angrily, "your mother said you`re to have your milk."

"Please..." Rishabh pleaded.

Aman didn't bother to reply as he flopped down on the couch, reaching for the remote, adjusting the flaccid cock, feeling the wet briefs stick to his pubes.

"Aman?" he heard the kid call again, "Please..."

He tried to ignore, but Rishabh kept calling... "I'll have the milk, but can we also have some coke?"

Finally getting up, Aman walked into the kitchen, and saw the two boys sitting side by side, munching on the sandwiches, whispering and giggling all the while. But the moment he entered they grew quiet and straightened up... casting sly, secretive glances at each other.

"Here..." he said, sounding annoyed, as he placed the two coke cans on the table, "now eat."

"Thanks, Aman..." said Rishabh with his most flattering smile, and Sanjeev too joined in. And as he walked out he heard the giggles again...

Already frustrated, his anger flared and spinning around he snapped, "What's all the whispering and giggling about, now eat in silence!"

The boys fell silent, looking up at him and then back to their plates.

He felt like crying... felt like breaking something... This was so maddening! He had waited all morning for this moment... wanting those small fingers around his rigid shaft... that soft touch... feel Rishabh's hands caress and fondle his genitals, jerk him to a satisfying release... And that idiot, he had to get along a friend!


Resigned, he went to his room... Well, everything had its flip side, and with his plans of a horny afternoon gone down the drain, he decided he'd finish that long overdue school project instead, submit it before the letter came to his parents!

Switching on the computer he sat down, thinking things over... maybe he'd google a bit, for more information, or maybe, he'd just write from what he already knew. And as he opened a new document he heard the soft knock on his door and then Rishabh peeked in, "Aman..."

Aman didn't reply, still fuming.

"Aman, shall we play..." he asked, sidling up close.

"No, I have a project to finish," Aman answered, eye fixed on the monitor screen.

"Um, you don't want to do it today?" Rishabh asked again, surprised.

"I said, we can't play computer," he snapped, "I have work to do..." And then his fingers froze... his heart skipping a beat... wondering if he had understood the kid... Appalled that with another kid in the house Rishabh could even suggest it!

He turned and was horrified to see the look on Rishabh's face... yes, the kid had indeed suggested what he had just thought... He had that same look, that same grin that he always had when they went into his room...

And suddenly he had a horrifying thought... spinning around he grabbed Rishabh's arm, "What were you two whispering about, huh?" Aman demanded.

"Nothing, Aman..." replied Rishabh, eyes shifty.

"Tell me," he said twisting the boy's arm viciously.

"Ugh, that hurts..." Rishabh complained, trying to wiggle free.

"Tell me..." Aman said again, his voice a low hiss.

"Oh, well, he wanted to see..."

"See what?"

"Your cock and the hair down there," Rishabh blurted out and in the same breath added, "he wouldn't believe it, so I got him along today..."

"WHAT?!" Aman screamed, horrified, his whole world seeming to come tumbling down all around him. "You... you told him what we do?" he asked in shocked disbelief, appalled.

Rishabh nodded, scared... and then swallowed, shaking his head vigorously, "No... I mean... um, I just told him about your cock..." he mumbled, his eyes looking away.

"And you promised that this was all a secret between us!"

"But... but, he's my best friend..." Rishabh shifted uncomfortably, his free hand trying to work Aman's tight grip.


"Best friends are for sharing, isn't?"

"But you promised you wouldn't tell anyone... I didn't!"

"Well, neither did I," Rishabh mumbled, "only Sanjeev..."

And as Aman sat, aghast, Rishabh suddenly asked, "Can he?"

"Yes, please, can I?"

The voice was like a thunder bolt... and as Aman turned, he saw that Sanjeev was already in the room, watching them.

"Please, Aman..." requested Rishabh, suddenly smiling again, "or all the boys will laugh at me, they'll say I'm lying."

"All the boys?" he gasped in dismay, "But you just said you didn't tell anyone!"

"Well, I didn't, but now Sanjeev will..."

'Oh my GOD!' Aman said silently... wondering what sort of mess he had got himself into.

"Yes, but if what he said is true, then I won't tell anyone," promised Sanjeev, moving closer.

Aman sat, stunned, his head spinning...

Maybe taking that as a cue... or maybe the sudden, unexpected support from his best friend had given him back his confidence, the momentary fright vanished and with a happy grin Rishabh joined in, "Yes, let him see, he just wouldn't believe me when I told him how big your cock is, especially that you have hair down there..." his free hand already groping between Aman's legs...

The sudden touch made Aman jump... but it also made his cock jerk too, the nasty creature stirring awake from his frustrated sleep, almost instantly hardening!

And as he released Rishabh's arm, feeling the shudder course down his body, he felt a new hand between his legs, joining Rishabh's... curious, exploring...

"Aaah... don't..." he hissed weakly, already feeling the desperate twitches, the precum gushing out.

See... can you feel it?" he heard the hushed voice of Rishabh.

"Yes..." whispered back Sanjeev, his voice wondrous.

"Told you..." Rishabh said with triumph, his other hand joining in, undoing the button.

"No... Please..." Aman made a feeble appeal as he felt the pressure of the soft palm on his throbbing stalk... the gentle squeeze of the groping fingers. His tummy flexing as his legs parted automatically, his breath, a harsh gasp now... his body paralysed.

Tugging the zipper down Rishabh reached in, gripping the burning flesh and pulling it out... exposing it to Sanjeev's wide-eyed stare.

"WOW!" the boy gawped...

"Saw..." Rishabh said, the pride evident, "told you."

Sanjeev reached out again... tentative... flinching as his fingers touched the sizzling tower... "It's hot!" he gasped.

"Yes, it's always very hot..." explained Rishabh like an expert, "Just squeeze it, and see..." his eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Wow... it nearly jumped out of my hand..." giggled Sanjeev, feeling the furious twitch of the teen cock.

And as the two hands probed and petted... sliding along the pulsating shaft, Aman's eyes closed... his mouth opening as he sucked in air... This was so absurd, so weird... so damned erotic! Two sets of hands, groping and exploring his privates... totally fascinated. Both engrossed in the cock, one in showing off, and the other in discovering... Both ignoring the older boy... now sprawled out on the chair, the computer silently blinking in the background, the urgent school project forgotten, still undone...

"Aman..." the voice barely pierced his numbed brain, "get the pants off..."

And even before he could respond he felt the four hands tugging at his waist... and almost unconsciously he lifted his butt, feeling the material slide away.

"Now, see the hair, huh?" Rishabh said... his fingers rustling through the pubes.

"Gosh, it looks so funny," giggled Sanjeev.

"Yeah, told you," he smiled.

With another giggle Sanjeev wrapped his little fingers around turfs of the curly, dark hair, tugging at them, making Aman groan, his hips lifting off the chair.

Pushing the thighs further apart the two inquisitive boys stared... fondling the large cock, hefting the swollen balls, groping and kneading and squeezing, Rishabh showing off as Sanjeev ogled, mesmerised...

Oh, the shame... the utter indignity and humiliation... thighs spread wide, and on display... Being groped and fondled... stared at and giggled... so embarrassing! And yet so grossly wanton... so raunchy! And as the horny feeling washed over him, he slouched down further, loosing himself to the amazing feeling, his eyes already glazed, the breath harsh as he felt that familiar tingle deep in his gut... slowly expanding...

"See..." Rishabh said again, grabbing the throbbing shaft and lifting it off the belly and then bringing it down between the thighs, pressed the drooling tip against the seat of the chair. He held it for a moment, his thumb on the broad head, and then, suddenly removed his hand, releasing the phallus... the turgid shaft, as if spring loaded, arching back to hit the stomach with a loud thwack, before bouncing off to settle back again.

Both kids laughed, giggling uncontrollably, and then Sanjeev reached out... grabbing the cock and pulling it down, between the legs, re-enacting what Rishabh had just done...

Aman groaned, his hips lifting off, the cock bouncing off his belly, flexing and then settling back...

Soon the boys were kneeling between his legs... grabbing and tugging at his cock... the touch rough today, the pressure just not right... maybe not intent on bringing him off yet... just desirous of playing some more, show off `tricks' he had discovered over the past two weeks... But still, it felt nice to have the two pairs of hands grope and fondle, touch and caress his genitals, and Aman could just grunt, his pelvis jerking spasmodically as the cock flexed viciously, gushing more of the clear, sticky liquid... coating the purple head, and their hands. The tingle almost unbearable...

"It looks so cute," Sanjeev said, leaning closer, giving the shaft another hard squeeze...and then suddenly bent forward, planting a sloppy kiss on the glistening head!

Aman yelped, his ass jerking off the chair at the warm, moist contact.

Rishabh squealed. "What are you doing..." he asked, eyes wide.

Sanjeev didn't reply as his tongue darted out... licking the head... tentative at first and then more bold... slowly lapping down the length...

Aman hissed, his hips bucking wildly at the awesome new feeling... something totally unimaginable... so incredible!

"Wow..." Rishabh gasped, totally freaked, bringing his own face closer and watching intently as the pink tongue of his best friend darted out and took small licks along the length of the shaft... and then drag over the twitching surface... up to the bloated head... Amazed to see Aman's response to this new diversion, watching the crazed contractions of his abdomen, and the loud, raspy whimpers...

Pulling away his face Sanjeev grinned at him, "Very salty," he said, and then bending the rigid shaft towards Rishabh added, "try it."

Gulping, Rishabh moved in, his tongue flicking out... taking a slow, unsure lick... and then nodding his head, taking the cock in his hand, bringing it closer, as he licked the length.

With ears buzzing and his senses numbed Aman could just moan... his hips doing a crazed dance of its own... swaying and bucking... as his hands gripped the seat of the chair tight, the knuckles white...

"Ummmm..." he thrashed, pumping his cock faster through the grip of the boy's hands... feeling the two mouth on either side of the simmering column... two hot tongues flicking along the length... driving him wild... He wanted to ram in... Shove that burning cock into something... anything... Just douse the raging flame in his loins...

"OK, now watch this..." he heard Rishabh say, pushing away Sanjeev's hands, and then taking the rigid column in a firm grip... slowly began jerking it... running his fist along the whole length... and then squeezing... His other hand gathering up the loose ball sac, holding the rolling globes in his palm, gently urging them on to release their teen treasures...

Aman moaned... feeling the knot in his belly tighten, that awesome flexing begin... and as Rishabh speeded up, his ass ground off the seat of the chair, his hips bucking as he fucked the fist... howling loudly as the pent up emotion, the horny arousal that he had kept suppressed the whole day, came bursting forth... shooting up in a thick arch of liquid passion... scalding...

He slumped back, temporarily exhausted.

"Saw..." Rishabh asked, picking up the discarded briefs and wiping his hands.

Sanjeev nodded silently, too caught up in the wonder of what he just saw to say anything, his eyes still dancing between Aman's face, his cock, now suddenly not as huge and monstrous... and the ropy lines of creamy white stuff that lay on his heaving belly and his thigh... some even on the floor of the room...

"Here, wanna smell it?" Rishabh offered, scooping up some of the slimy stuff from Aman's belly and holding it under Sanjeev's nose...

He took a whiff and nodded, "Smell's funny, huh?"


"Can I do it?"

"Not now," Rishabh answered, looking down at Aman, stunned by the copious volume of teen spunk that Aman had shot, aware that he would need some time to recuperate for another session.

"Let's go and watch some TV, and then once he's recovered, you can do it," he added, wiping his hands once more, both walking out, leaving Aman on the chair, still sprawled, still gasping...

Well, within a half-hour the kids were back again, still gushing over what their favourite cartoon character had just performed, and soon had Aman down on the bed, both climbing in, on either side... two pairs of soft, warm hands back at his groin... caressing the already awakened teen monster... stooped over his middle, hot breath adding to the heat of his genitals, wet tongues lashing out as they tried out the new trick that Sanjeev had introduced them all to...

And the three played their new game several more times, pumping Aman's seemingly inexhaustible balls totally dry... Playing till the final, excruciating, dry spasms announced the complete exhaustion of the teen quota of semen... till they heard the sound of the car pulling in...

The two boys hopped off the bed and rushed out, leaving the totally wasted teen still lying on the bed, naked and panting, drenched in cum... Oblivious, that his mother and aunt had already returned...

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