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Innocent Games


'Where did that boy go...' wondered Aman as he looked around, searching for Vishal in the crowd, smiling and waving at his school mates as they jostled their way down the noisy hall, all happy to be leaving...

During the last class he had asked Vishal to come along, they'd go to his place and play some game... Oh-well, Halo 3, to be exact... the last time they had played Vishal had beat him convincingly, each time... his timing and skill simply amazing! And now he wanted revenge... He had practiced well over the past week, played it time and again and now was prepared, and ready to take on Vishal...

'But then, where was that idiot?!'

He had checked the cafeteria, and the playground, but Vishal wasn't there, and he had even peeked into the ground floor washroom... The guy just seemed to have vanished! He just didn't know what to do... maybe he'd wait a bit longer... No use rushing home...

Waving his good-byes to a couple of his classmates, Aman went and sat down on the steps near the main entrance, he wouldn't miss Vishal from here... And as he sat watching the last of the boys leave, his mind went back over the events of the past three months...

Those two amazing weeks, and then Sanjeev... and his wet tongue... Not a single day passed without the two kids dropping in... and there always seemed time, and opportunity, as they went into his room... The two kids still wide-eyed, giggling in wonder as they explored his throbbing and twitching penis... rolling the hardened shaft in their soft palms... caressing and squeezing, and licking... the tiny pink, moist tongues lapping away along the sizzling length of his cock... moving up and down... bathing the burning flesh in soothing saliva... making him growl, his pelvis twisting and bucking at the incredible feeling... before finally jerking him till he exploded in a frenzy, shooting thick loads of cum high into the air, thrashing and gasping as he came in a nerve-wracking finale.

And then... oh, the shame and humiliation... they started bringing in more 'best-friends'... new grinning faces, each as curious and as wondrous... ogling with awe, and groping in wonder at his teen pubes. With slamming heart, and a crimson face burning with embarrassment, Aman just sat or lay, sprawled, thighs wide and open, sucking in air with flared nostrils as the inquisitive hands stimulated him further and further... taking him higher, and higher... uncontrollable... wondering, if he'd end up like one of those porn stars... his privates permanently on display, more like some public property... And the boys giggled and probed... whispered and nudged, prodding and tugging... groping as he shamelessly groaned and thrashed, his cock twitching and spewing spunk to the appreciative ah's and oh's of his audience!

He felt sick... Oh, why couldn't he slap Rishabh and say enough-was-enough and stop him from ever touching him again... or allow any more of those so-called 'best-friends'... But try as hard as he could, the moment he saw Rishabh, and that glint in his eyes... he felt his knees wobble and his cock twitch... the precum already gushing out of the tiny slit... He was horny, always horny, full of cum and dumb, as most teen boys... ready to shoot out all his pent-up sexual energy, dying for release... and the very thought of having someone else do it for him, take his cock in his hands, help him with the release was so devilishly divine... so exhilarating, that the very touch of Rishabh's soft palm over his crotch was enough to weaken all resolve!

And then it all stopped!

Rishabh seemed to have suddenly lost all interest in their little 'game', his fascination of the teen cock evaporating almost overnight... And as usually happens with most eight year olds, he was soon enamoured by new interests, currently basketball, hardly ever visiting Aman... always at the park, dribbling and dunking balls!

And the few times that Aman had cornered him, and in desperation hinted at their 'secret' game, Rishabh had simply given a blank stare, mumbling, 'gotta go...' before sailing out of the door.

Bewildered, Aman found himself, suddenly alone again... suddenly having to use his own hands after over two months of having innumerable hands do it for him!

With a sigh his mind went back to last Friday...

He had just got back from school when his mother announced that she would be away for the whole evening, and since his aunt was also accompanying her, Rishabh would be staying over...

Aman had nodded... not really enthused with the news as he was aware that Rishabh probably wouldn't even bother to try something... But boy, was he wrong!

Rishabh came... along with Sanjeev and another boy, older, that Sanjeev introduced as Rahul, his cousin. Ignoring them, Aman had gone to his room, flipping through an old issue of Auto Craft when the boys entered...

"Hi..." Rishabh grinned, the two other boys a step behind him.

Aman remained silent.

"Aman, can Rahul see your cock?" Rishabh asked, as simple as that.

Aman looked up... suddenly unsure... but a peculiar thrill filling his heart... and his cock suddenly awake.

"He is twelve..." said Rishabh as the boys trooped in, "and he also has hair..." he added.

"You want to see?" asked Sanjeev, beaming; now standing by Rishabh's side.

"Huh?" Aman grunted, and even before he could respond he saw the older boy move forward and drop his pants, pulling his shirt up!

Aman gawped... before his eye was a pale expanse of baby flesh... and between the skinny thighs hung a tiny nub... surrounded by a faint fuzz... with about a dozen longer, straggly dark strands shooting up.

"See, he also is growing hair down there," Aman heard Sanjeev say, "Go ahead..." the boy added, shoving Rahul forwards, towards Aman.

"Now show yours," Rishabh piped in, his tiny hands already at Aman's crotch, the fingers working on the button.

Aman heard a groan and realised that it was his voice and as he looked down he saw Rishabh pull down his shorts and extract his cock, already rigid and throbbing...

A wondrous gasp resounded, followed by a long drawn 'wow'

"Saw, I told you..." Aman heard Rishabh say. And then everything was a blur... There were hands, three pairs and they were pulling away his clothes and tugging at his cock...

The boys went on with their game as Aman lay sprawled, groaning and thrashing about... his hips bucking as he approached the inevitable finale... feeling his stomach flex and then tighten... and as he stretched his legs straight, the muscles taut in anticipation of the orgasmic fury, he felt Rahul push away the two other boys... And as he opened his eyes he found Rahul crouching between his spread thigh... slowly bending over and then with a wail felt an amazing moist heat engulf him... his cock... Grabbing the sheet he ground up, his eyes closed once more and heard the giggles and then everything went black as the world swirled into nothingness and his cock exploded...

Aman just had his life's first blow job, and he didn't even last beyond the first few seconds of contact!

"Whasup braw, watcha doin?" The loud voice broke into his thoughts, waking him up.

"Ah, where have you been?" he asked, looking up, squirming a bit in his discreet effort to release the pressure from his hard cock without having to touch himself.

"Was just chillaxin with Bunty and Sunny."

"What you do, hanging out with them, huh?" Aman asked, making a face, "he's eighteen..."

"Ah, he's cool," Vishal smiled, passing his arm around Aman's shoulder as the boy stood up. "He's got this awesome new tat, he was showin' it."

"The one on his arm?" asked Aman as the two boys walked out of the school, "but he's got that for ages!"

Vishal giggled, and then lowering his voice as if about to reveal some great, state secret, squinted his eyes, "Nah, its here..." he said, releasing Aman and moving a step back, his finger pointing at his right hip bone, slightly lower and towards the groin.

Aman's eyes saucered, "Huh?"

"Yep," Vishal grinned, "it's f'awesome, real low, just near the hair line..."

"And you went to see that?!"

"He was showin'..."

"You should stay away from him and his friends..." Aman advised, the scowl on his face making his views about the older boy clear, "now let's go."

"A'ight brah..." Vishal drawled his arm back on Aman's shoulder.

"Why you cheezin so big, eh?" Vishal asked as they walked down the quiet lane.


"When I came along, you sittin' on the steps with that silly smirk on your face..."

Aman's face turned a shade redder as he remembered the thoughts that were going on in his head then.

"Thinking about Nandita again, eh?" Vishal asked with a knowing smile, "Boy, that girl'll be your kryptonite!"

Aman mumbled something incomprehensible, feeling his ears burn.

"OOOOOKKKKKKAAAAAAYYYY!!!!" Vishal exclaimed with another grin and together they headed home.

.... a story by outlaw        

copyright © author, 2007 - 2008

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