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Innocent Games


"Boo-Yah!" Vishal exclaimed, throwing his hands high, "I whooped you again!"

Aman grimaced with anger as he slammed the table, "SHIT..."

"Chill dude, it's just a game..." Vishal said, trying to soothe the ruffled features of his friend.

"Lay off!" Aman snapped, sulky.

"Man, where's the bathroom?" Vishal said, standing up and jabbing a finger in Aman's rib, "I gotta take a hotpiss..."

"Hah, as if you don't know," he snapped again, shoving his friend's hand away, still sulky at the repeated defeat, "you've been there a zillion times."

"A'ight, braw..." Vishal smiled down at him and headed for the bedroom door, his hands already working at the belt buckle.

Aman felt miserable... thrice he had tried and three times Vishal had wiped him out! That boy knew some magic, black magic, maybe... else how could he be so good at every single game that they played... He shook his head in disgust and disappointment. Slowly standing up he shut down the system and then gathering up the empty coke cans and wafer packets, called out, "Rishabh, take these and put them into the kitchen bin..."

The kid, his cousin, had been there when he had returned home from school... Said his mother had gone out with Aman's, and would be late, and so he had to stay with Aman. He had gone along, to sit and watch the two older boys play, and to Aman's utter exasperation, interfered every few minutes, most annoyingly, making silly suggestions, as if he knew the game better! He had remained there the whole while, and now, when Aman needed him to do some work, help clean up the room before his mother returned, the kid was gone! Probably to the park, and his silly basketball game, 'HUH!'

Already seething with frustration, Aman called out again, louder, "Rishabh..." grumbling under his breath, "Where did the boy go?"

And when he got no reply, he picked them up and headed for the kitchen.

x x x x x x x x x x

Vishal walked down the hall to the bathroom and went in, not bothering to close the door since Aman's mother wasn't home, and fishing out his teen cock stood over the bowl, letting out a deep sigh as he let go, releasing the pressure in his bladder. And as the golden liquid gushed down against the porcelain, he caught a slight movement.

Turning his head slightly he saw Aman's cousin, Rishabh...

"What you lookin' at foo?" He asked the kid, watching him peer in.

Rishabh grinned a toothy smile, "Aw, nothing..." he said, but made no attempt to move away, or get out.

"Bro, you wanna see my d.i?" asked Vishal with a wicked grin, squeezing out the last few drops and then shaking his dick.

"Uh, aw'right," the kid nodded, moving in.

"Zoiks..." exclaimed Vishal, slightly taken aback. "You wanna check out my cock, eh, braw?"

Rishabh nodded; his smile widening as he blinked up at Vishal.

Vishal shoved his cock back into his boxers and slowly turned around, not bothering to zip up, "You seen cocks before?" he asked going to the wash basin.

"Aw yea," Rishabh nodded.

"Huh?" Vishal turned to face the boy, drying his hands.

"I've seen Aman's," Rishabh replied, his eyes flitting between Vishal's face and his unzipped crotch. "It's really big," he revealed, with a great emphasis on the word 'big', "and with lots of hair around it." And as Vishal stared at him, his jaws open with bafflement, Rishabh continued, "and when I play with it he goes all crazy and makes funny sounds and then squirms around like crazy before something comes out of his cock..." Rishabh smiled.

Vishal stared, his mouth still open, his eyes wide with shocked disbelief, before finally turning and walking out, mumbling, "Freakin' weird..." under his breath.

x x x x x x x x x x

"Dude, the kid tryin' to clown on me, huh?" Vishal said as he caught Aman returning from the kitchen.

"Huh?" Aman asked, looking at Vishal and then Rishabh, who stood right behind him.

"Says he's seen you, um, naked, and plays with yer cock?" Vishal asked with a sly grin as the boys entered back into Aman's bedroom.

"Huh!" Aman exclaimed, totally stunned and then spun around, glaring down at Rishabh, his eyes blazing.

"But we do... even Sanj..."

"Shut up!" Aman screamed, banging the door shut behind him.

Bemused, Vishal watched Aman go and flop down on his chair, his face slowly turning red as he sat, mouth open, eyes half closed, breath coming in harsh spurts. He raised an eyebrow and slowly looked back at Rishabh... Well, the picture was slowly taking shape in his mind. Jeez, he couldn't have ever imagined that Aman, good ol' Aman, having such a gala time with his kid cousin. Blow, Vishal could hardly contain his laugh.

"Well, Aman?" he asked softly, and heard a raspy grunt.

"W00t!" he said after a while, "this is HOT!" and then turning back to Rishabh grinned at the boy, "You wanna see it, kiddo?"

Rishabh nodded, suddenly grinning again, not afraid anymore.

They heard another grunt.

"OK," Vishal smiled, and slowly undoing the single button pushed down his pants... then hooking his thumb in the waist band shoved his boxers past his hips... down to his knees, before standing back up, hands on his hips, "Well..."

"Wow..." gasped Rishabh, "it's as big as Aman's..."

"You think so?" asked Vishal, now taking himself in his right hand and slowly caressing the fast hardening shaft.

Rishabh nodded... dying to reach out and feel it, play with it... But he had to be sure, sure about a lot of things and quickly turning towards Aman said, "Aman, show him your cock.

Aman just sat, totally horrified with the fact that his best friend now knew his dirty, ugly little secret... Rishabh had betrayed him completely. It was one thing to get his little friends and show off his cock to them, and quite another to reveal their secret games to his, Aman's, friends! He wanted to die... hoped that the floor would open up and swallow him... And then suddenly he was jerked back into the present with that warm, soft touch... Rishabh's palm over his crotch... the fingers already tugging at the zipper... reaching in and fishing out his cock.

Aman was mortified, but he just couldn't move, still in shock... and as he slowly opened his eyes he gasped... Just inches away was the rigid, throbbing erection of his best pal, staring him in his face... pulsing with each heart beat... And as Rishabh worked down his own pants and briefs and bared his pubes to the fascinated gaze of his childhood friend, Aman stared... watching the cock in front of his eyes... noting the smooth texture... the fine web of delicate blue-green veins criss-crossing the bloated shaft... he gulped.

"See..." he heard Rishabh say, squeezing his shaft, "and it's not fully hard yet."

"How do you make it hard?" he heard Vishal ask.

"Oh, we use to play with it and it became hard before shooting semen."

"We?" Vishal asked, curious.

"Yep, Sanjeev and my other friends..."

"Zoiks..." Vishal rolled his eyes; Aman's secret life was getting more and more crowded... and fascinating.

"But then, Rahul took it in his mouth, you know, like a lolly-pop..." but he couldn't finish his sentence as Vishal nearly jumped up, "WHAT?!"

Aman groaned... his ears burning bright... as his head buzzed with shame.

"Huh..." Rishabh looked up at Vishal, unsure, "um, ah, yes Rahul sucked him and he shot that white stuff within seconds, and now Sanjeev and I too do it!"

"This is weird... this is crazy..." Vishal mumbled as he looked down at his dear friend, his eyes wide, a mixture of wonder, awe and respect.

"Wanna see?" Rishabh offered, giving the turgid flesh another hard squeeze.

"You bet, brah..." Vishal answered, squatting down by Rishabh's side.

"Wanna play with it first?" Rishabh asked, "just touch it and see, it's like an iron rod, and so hot!"

Vishal nodded as he reached out... taking the teen cock in a firm grip and hearing his friend gasp... but even before he could give it another squeeze, he felt Rishabh's hands on his own shaft and gasped himself, his hips swaying and bucking at the new experience of a foreign hand caressing him.

"Ooh..." he moaned as Rishabh expertly jerked him... his own fingers tightly curled around Aman's phallus... watching the clear dew ooze out... form a tiny orb and then slowly roll down the reddened glans...

"Suck him," Rishabh instructed. And as he stared at the cock in his hand, Rishabh encouraged further, "It feels amazing and you'll like the taste of his cum..." And then he paused in his own working of Vishal's teen cock as he sat up and asked, "Can you cum too?"

Vishal nodded.

"Well, let's go to the bed then..."

Vishal stood up and as his hand, still holding tightly on to Aman's cock gave the pull, Aman too rose and the three climbed in. Shoving Aman down and spreading his legs, Rishabh dived in... holding the thick base as his tongue lapped away along the twitching length... and then opening wide he sucked in the head.

Aman groaned and his hips shot up, his whole body convulsing as Rishabh applied suction.

"Jeez, this is crazy..." Vishal whispered as he scooted down, watching Rishabh... his hands caressing Aman's thigh... and the tightly knotted balls... And as his saw the glistening shaft slide in and out of the kid's tiny mouth, Rishabh pulled away, shoving the cock at him, "Here, now you try..."

With a moan Vishal moved forward and slowly, tentatively, gave the head a lick... and as Rishabh held the base and tilted the cock further, he opened his mouth wide... letting the boy feed him Aman's cock.

Grabbing fistful of the sheet Aman wailed... bucking his hips, feeding more and more of his raging cock into that soothing tunnel of Vishal's slobbering mouth... It was absolutely impossible to control, to hang on any longer... Just to think... Vishal, his best buddy... sucking his cock... Ah, with a groan and a long wail he shoved up and as his hips vibrated, his legs stretched out taut, his stomach muscles going into over-drive, flexing wildly as it forced out every last drop of semen from his balls... through the exploding penis... forcing it down the gulping throat of the chocking and gagging teen.

Aman slumped back and Vishal rolled away, both teens prone on the bed, gasping for air... But not for long... as Aman lay, wasted, Vishal growled... his hips bucking high as he felt Rishabh take him in his mouth... Spreading his thighs wider, he ground up and let out a cry... feeling the knot in his stomach tighten... and before long he was grunting... driven higher and higher... closer to that amazing feeling of complete ecstasy...

"AW, YEAaaaaaaa....." he screamed as his world swirled into the bright colours of the rainbow and then exploded.

x x x x x x x x x x

An hour has passed, and Rishabh had already left for the park, for his game of basketball... but the two teens still lay sprawled out on the narrow bed, still naked... both cocks suddenly hard again... A new door had been opened, and not only their friendship, but also their sexuality, had reached a new level.

"Man, this sure is hott!" Vishal finally said, turning his head and looking at his pal, reaching out with his hand...

Sucking in air sharply at the contact, Aman remained silent, wondering where next all this would lead to... Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined, even three months back, what a little game of wrestling with his little cousin could lead to... He was still uncomfortable with what had just happened, and yet, it felt incredible... Would Vishal, now do it with him regularly... what next?

And as if in answer, Vishal asked, "Want to do it some more?" Now up on his elbow, peering down at him, his hand caressing Aman's chest, playing with his pointed nipple...


"Braw, I was totally wigg'n out when Rishabh first mentioned about what you do, couldn't believe my ears... but jeez, this is krunk as hell!"

Aman gulped, still unsure, still a bit apprehensive.

But that didn't matter much as Vishal shifted... his hands sliding down the smooth torso to collect the rigid shaft... once more taking him, jerking and caressing the flexing column, fascinated... and soon Aman felt the, now familiar, soft touch of the moist tongue lick along the length... His world began to swirl... and in the mind-numbing haze he felt the drooling tip of Vishal's cock nudge his lips... And as he stared, mesmerised... the cock persisted... nudging harder now... seeking to enter... It wasn't a moment to sit back and debate... and almost automatically, Aman opened his mouth and felt the cock slide in... heard Vishal gasp around his cock... and then, even before he could start to enjoy the new feel of a burning flesh lodged in his throat, he sensed Vishal take him in... and there was nothing else he could concentrate on...

.... a story by outlaw        

copyright © author, 2007 - 2008

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