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Innocent Games


"Eeewww..." Vishal exclaimed as he sat back and looked down, "fuck you, skeetin' all over my tee..." he grumbled, crinkling up his snub nose in disgust, "you should have said you'd shoot!"

"Uh, sorry..." Aman mumbled, still gasping, totally drained.

"Yuk..." Vishal growled as he tried to rub away the thick gobs of cum clinging to the cotton, leaving a wet, messy trail across the front of his tee.

Aman giggled, looking up at his friend, his right hand snaking between Vishal's spread thighs as he still sat, straddling him, feeling the lump there, "Aw, c'mon..."

Over the past two months, ever since that afternoon when Rishabh had unwittingly introduced the two old friends to the joys of sexual pleasure, pleasure beyond one's own hands, Aman and Vishal had played they horny teen games nearly everyday... meeting up after school, or whenever they could get the house to themselves, indulging in their newly discovered, naughty play... insatiable. And once the summer holidays started, it was every day, at least twice a day, they got together... twisting and turning... bucking and thrashing... gasping... groaning... as they groped and fondled, rubbed and petted... before jerking or sucking each other off till their lithe, teen bodies arched high and went taut, releasing their pent up sexual energy in a Vesuvian explosion that left them totally drained and completely exhausted.

And today, as usual, Vishal had come over, after lunch, and the two boys had gone to Aman's room... playing some computer games. But both seemed distracted, hardly able to concentrate on the game... their mind seeming elsewhere...

"Your cousin's a real hottie..." Vishal finally said, getting up, "how old is he?"


"Have you seen him?"


"You know, seen him..." he nodded, "seen his..."

"NOOOO..." Aman exclaimed with horror even before Vishal could complete.

"Absolute hotrami!" Vishal said in a low voice, going and flopping down on the bed.

Aman didn't respond to the statement, instead turning around asked, "Don't wanna play?"

"Come here..." Vishal said in response.

"No, not today, Neil's there..."

"So, does that mean we can't do it?"

"Not as long as he's here..." Aman replied, shutting off the computer.

"How long?"

"Ah, maybe three weeks."

"Zoiks!" Vishal exclaimed in horror, "I'll die by then!"

Aman giggled as he got up and joined Vishal on the bed.

Well, as horny teens will be, soon the boy's were nuzzling... moaning their hunger, as hands reached out and groped, tweaking and fondling, and generally being naughty... But then, they remembered that they had to be cautious... and careful, since Aman's older cousin was in the other room. They wouldn't be able to take off all their clothes... and also, would be unable to indulge in their usual raunchy play... unable to suck each other off... And it was so very frustrating, so maddening!

And in their play on the bed, Vishal had pushed Aman back and straddled him, his crotch pressed against the prone boy's, rubbing pubes... moaning their hunger and the need for release...

And as the stifled moans got louder... the lust reaching fever pitch... the heat becoming unbearable... both boys desperate for release... Vishal had pushed Aman's tee high, exposing the smooth torso... soft and taut... the nipples erect with passion, like two tiny raisins, ready for the picking... and unable to control his hunger any further, he had lowered his face, taking a gentle bite... Aman had groaned and pushed up his chest... his fingers wrapping around Vishal's thick locks as he pulled in the face for a closer contact...

Sucking on the boy teat, Vishal had worked down Aman's shorts and reached in... extracting the pulsating shaft... squeezing it as he lovingly ran his fist up and down the throbbing length...

"Nnnngh..." Aman had groaned, his hips pumping high, sliding the flexing column through the tight fist...

Vishal had tightened his grip and slowly increased the speed... his mouth still working on the tingling boy tit... and suddenly, without warning Aman had ground up and shot... drenching Vishal's shirt front with his capacious load... stifling his cry of passionate release by biting down on his lower lip.

Aman tugged down Vishal zip and reached in... grabbing the rigid phallus, and feeling the area, already soaking wet with the leaked passion. Pushing down the brief, he pulled out the cock, and as Vishal growled his approval, grinding his hips, Aman began the familiar manipulation... carrying him higher... further...

Throwing back his head, Vishal leaned back, his palms pressing down on Aman's thighs as he rotated his ass... gasping harshly as he licked his lips, the nostrils flared...

And sure enough... within minutes he was bucking, hurtling closer... and closer, till finally his ass lifted off, his stomach flexing wildly... as he ground his way into a threshing, convulsing orgasm... spewing thick chords of white cream right across Aman's chest and belly...

And just as Vishal moaned his joy and slumped forward, over Aman, there was a soft knock on the door...

The boys froze, glassy eyes staring in horror... and even before they could react or disengage, the door opened and Neil entered...

"Aman..." he began and then stopped immediately... "What the fuck are you two doing?" he asked, staring, eyes wide with surprise.

.... a story by outlaw        

copyright © author, 2007 - 2008

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