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Innocent Games


Shutting the door Neil walked in...

The sound of the door seemed to break some spell, and Vishal sprang back, as Aman scurried up on his elbows...

Neil moved closer to the bed... observing... noting Vishal's cum stained shirt front... the glistening trails along Aman's uncovered belly and chest... his spent cock lying limply on his exposed pubes... his hand still holding Vishal's dangling teen cock... Neil grinned, his eyes twinkling...

"Well, playing some naughty game, eh..." he finally said, walking up to the terrified boys.

The boys remained silent... and then, all at once, as if getting back the use of their limbs, together, they jump up, Vishal desperately tugging up his zipper, as Aman tried to pull up his shorts... and pull down his tee, all at the same time.

Neil laughed, "Relax dude, I've seen enough..." he said as he sat down on the bed. "So, what else you two do, huh?"

"Ah, Neil..." Aman mumbled... and then trailed off as he looked at Vishal... maybe for some idea, maybe support...

"And since when have you two been doing this?" the older cousin asked, reaching out and pushing Aman's tee back up.

Aman gurgled, his tongue frozen... while Vishal looked miserable, staring back, unblinking. Both boys were visibly shaking now... and no words came out of their trembling lips.


"We, um, ah..." Vishal finally stuttered, "we... we just suck off each other," he finally blurted out, chocking on the words.


Both boys shook their head.

"Why don't you two take off your clothes so that I can see..." Neil said with a smile, pulling the chair close, sitting down.

The boys looked at each other and then back at Neil, eyes wide with horror.

"So, do I get to see," he paused for a moment, "or, do I..." and he left the sentence unfinished, his eyes looking towards the closed bedroom door.

The boys scrambled up, shedding their clothes like they were on fire... and in less than a second stood by the bed side, stark naked... trembling hands shielding their flaccid genitals.

Neil let out a whistle as he grinned broadly. "Come closer," he ordered. And as the two boys inched towards him, he pushed away their hands, smiling as he saw the two tiny nubs, shrunk in terror.

"Want to see me, naked?" he asked slowly.

The boys stared back, unsure, and then looked at each other, trying to make sense, read meaning into the offer... Would it ensure their own safety from discovery by their parents... would it secure their future indulgence... They looked back at Neil, still unsure.

"Well," the older teen said as he stood up, "we can play more games together, and I could teach you some fun stuff," he smiled as he slowly pulled off his tee... and then, before the curious and eager gaze of the young boys, dropped his jeans.

Both gasped, awed by the sight!

Neil smiled as he took himself in his hands and displayed his member for the boys' benefit. "Big, huh? Nice and juicy..." he said in a low, husky voice as he stroked the quickly thickening column, "I could surely use two hot, wet mouth around this," he said, as he shook the large cock at the two boys. "Now let's see how well you've learnt your lessons," he smiled as he sat back on the chair and spread his thighs wide, still holding the monstrous shaft at the base.

Aman and Vishal looked at each other and then in a swift move squatted on the floor, in front of Neil...

Tongues darted out, as hands reached up... and soon the boys were lapping along the solid thighs... inching closer to the centre... up along the groin... working their way up the throbbing length... till their mouth met at the top... And as Aman went back down, licking the twitching shaft, Vishal open his mouth wide and lunged forward, taking in the bloated head.

Neil groaned and shoved up, feeding the boy over two inches of his thick phallus... And as Aman wrapped his lips around thick base of the cock, Vishal took in more... feeling the head nudge the back of his mouth... trying to force its way down his throat...

Neil reached out with both hands, caressing the two heads, pushing them further into his crotch... It felt amazing... Though not exactly experts, the boys knew enough, and were doing fine. He threw his head back and closed his eyes... His stay here would be great... He had been forced to come here, visit his uncle to keep him away from the crowd he associated with... keep him away, during summer break, from getting into any further trouble than was necessary. He had complained, he had protested, but now he knew the trip was worth it...

Aman was sucking on his massive balls... and Vishal was taking nearly half of his lengthy shaft... and the double mouth was driving him crazy. He wanted to shoot, unload his cum into that gripping throat, feed the boy his semen... but he wanted more and was willing to risk it... If the boys agreed, his stay here would become even more exciting... And reluctantly he straightened up while pushing away the two mouths.

The boys looked up, confused.

"Have you two ever fucked?"

Both shook their head.

"Well, then, why wait, lets try it, eh..."

Both looked at each other and then up at Neil, questioning.

"Well, you gotta learn, right, so now, get up on that bed and let me teach you!"

Both stood up, their cock rigid once more, sticking out in their five and a half inch glory, strings of silvery pre-cum dangling from the reddened tips... swaying as they moved... leaving glistening trails across their thighs.

"Aman..." Neil said, taking his young cousin and making him lie down... He then grabbed his ankle and lifted his legs high, spreading them apart, wide, exposing his most private orifice.

Aman let out a groan as his butt cheeks parted and he felt the air caress the deep cleft... lick at his tiny opening...

"Vishal," instructed Neil, "lick his hole and get it ready."

The boy looked up at Neil, and then his eyes twinkled and he drove his head between the parted thighs, instinctively knowing what had been said. His tongue lashed out... Aman let out a groan and rotated his ass, pushing back at his friend's mouth. And as Neil held the legs high and open, Vishal lapped at his buddy's ass hole, lathering it with his saliva, poking at the tiny anus with his tongue...

"Yes, lick it good..." said Neil, "it needs to be wet and open."

And Vishal worked hard, licking till the whole area was sopping wet, the hole finally relaxing as it pouted out... seeking the soothing tongue tip.

"Have any lube, Aman?"

Aman was too lost to respond and Neil told Vishal to get the butter from the kitchen.

Vishal hopped out of the bed and ran out, least bothered with his nudity, and was soon back, clutching the cut-glass butter bowl in his hands.

"Here, hold him, and keep it open," Neil instructed Vishal as he took the butter and shoved Aman's legs to him.

Scooping up the butter Neil slapped it in the deep cleft of Aman's ass and lubed up the area, paying special attention to the clinging hole, working his fingers in...

And as Aman rolled his head on the pillow, moaning softly, Neil mounted him, gripping his phallus and guiding it to the tight opening...

Slowly, with gentle force, Neil eased his raging cock-head into the warm, spasming opening... feeling the tight mouth snap around his flared rim, grabbing him in a vice....

Aman had been lying still, his eyes staring up at the ceiling, unblinking... his mouth open, the tongue licking the parted lips furiously... and as the broad head popped in he squeezed his eyes shut and let out a gasp, his hands shooting up to grip the pillow... His legs went stiff and then jerked violently... And as Neil gently fed his cock deeper into the tight orifice, a constant whine emanated from Aman's open mouth... an almost faint gurgle.

Vishal looked on, mesmerised... barely breathing... watching the glistening shaft slide in slowly and then pull out of the clinging hole... And as he watched Neil begin to fuck his childhood buddy, he felt his own cock jerk and twitch, the tiny slit gushing out the clear liquid of passion in a continuous, sticky trail...

Aman, who had gone soft with the shock of entry, was suddenly hard again... and as Neil began to fuck in earnest, he felt the stirring... slowly and surely, the stomach muscles tightening and then flexing... sucking him into the vortex of mind-numbing passion... and as Neil repeatedly bumped against the magic spot, with a roar Aman twisted and jerked, the lithe teen body arching high before going stiff... erupting with a massive force that left him drained, a limp rag doll under Neil, as the older cousin continued to fuck.

Neil fucked his young cousin for a good half hour and then reared back, pulling out completely before ramming in and holding still... his ass flexing furiously as the pelvic muscles spasmed, unloading the copious teen cum deep into the vacuuming colon... flooding the narrow channel with the thick, creamy seed of life.

Neil held, and when his cock slowly softened, he pulled out and rolled over, stretching out by Aman's side... He saw the wide-eyed stare of Vishal and grinned, "You want some, huh? Ready to get fucked?"

Vishal nodded, his throat, dry as the desert sand.

"Good, make me hard and I'll fuck you," he told the boy. And even before he could blink, Vishal was between his spread thighs... slurping away at his groin, sucking the spent cock... breathing life into the limp sausage.

Within fifteen minutes Neil was hard again, and getting up he rolled Vishal on his belly and then pushing his thighs apart, got into position, guiding his massive cock between the plump teen butt cheeks...

Vishal wailed... his knees bending as his feet lifted, his ass rising too, pushing back at Neil... and as the older boy hilted his penis into the virgin hole, Vishal slammed back... crying out his hunger as his hands tugged at the bedspread, his stomach in turmoil... And soon he was blabbering, as he humped the bed viciously, edging closer and closer... till finally with a loud scream he shoved his face into the mattress and came... moaning as his balls were drained dry... splashing the bed under him with a voluminous load.

It took longer... and Neil fucked the moaning teen for nearly an hour before he felt the stirring... and speeding up he slammed into the boy, unleashing another huge load of scalding cum deep into Vishal's belly...

Well, popping two cherries within an hour of each other can be exhausting... and Neil, though eighteen and virile, was completely pooped... He pulled out and staggered to the chair, flopping down as he recovered his breath.

"Well," he finally told the two boys with a slight grin, "gotta go now, but I'll be back..." And getting up he pulled on his jeans, throwing the tee over his broad shoulder as he walked out of Aman's bedroom, "Peace out, kids..."

The two boys still lay, side by side... still naked, panting and totally exhausted... weak and insensate, yet blissful in the afterglow of their life's first fuck. A weird sense of pleasure, and satisfaction, coursing through their young mind at the thought of having lost their virginity at the same time, in each other's company.

They reached out and held hands, content to lie there, be together...

x x x x x x x x x x

Well, for the next three weeks Neil fucked Aman, every night, each night... several times, and Vishal came each afternoon for his share of the glorious teen cock... And when he left, Neil had taught the two old friends every trick that there was to learn... and now, Aman and Vishal was even closer, almost inseparable, literally!


.... a story by outlaw

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