I've Missed You, Dad
by Winter

My heart skips a beat as I open the door to find you standing there, unexpected to say the least. It takes me a while to gather myself enough to invite you in, and then another awkward minute or two before I throw myself into your arms. It's been so long since I saw you last, yet you hardly seem to have aged a day. Still that little potbelly I used to tease you for, still those grey tufts at your temples. Still that polite, reserved smile, not revealing the emotions that are nevertheless there, in your deep grey-green eyes. Even though I'm bigger and taller than you now, I still feel like a little boy as we hold each other, and I relish in that scent that can only be described as 'you'. I have tears in my eyes as we break the hug, and I take your jacket.

"Oh dad, I've missed you so much."

"Me too." You laugh. "How long's it been?"

"Thirteen years, seven months. To the day."

"I never meant to stay away for that long..." You look away from me, as if shamefully. "I'm so sorry I haven't been here for you."

"Never mind, you're here now!" I lead you into my living room, then show you around the apartment you've never even seen before. "We can make up for everything."

"Thanks you, son," you whisper. "I'd like that, very much."

That night, I cook us as good a meal as I possibly can, and to my delight you eat with great appetite. We chat about this and that; I tell you all that's been going on in my life, and you talk about yours. After we've eaten, we still sit around, but we're finding it more and more difficult to find anything to talk about. Then, before the silence turns uncomfortable, you reach out across the table and take my hand. You hold it for a while, saying nothing, then you all but whisper.

"You grew up into a fine man, son. A really fine and beautiful man."

I try to find words to answer you, but I have none. Instead, tears begin to run down my cheeks. You keep holding my hand, stroking it gently while you smile warmly at me.

"I mean it, son, you really are beautiful."

"Oh, dad..."

You get up, pulling me to my feet, and for a moment that feels long as eternity, we just look into each other's eyes. Then you lean in and kiss my cheek. The soft touch of your warm lips pull me out of my lethargy, and in an instant all the old emotions come flooding back. I pull you into a tight hug and kiss you, and to my joy you don't pull back. Instead, you return the kiss, turning it into pure passion as our tongues meet for the first time. I'm hard as a rock, and I'm certain you can feel it against your stomach, but you still don't pull away. You take my hand and bring it down to your crotch, and I can feel that you, too are hard. We're both blushing when we finally break the kiss, and you start pulling me towards the bedroom.

Almost before I know it, we're lying naked on the bed, kissing and cuddling, shyly touching each other's cocks without any interfering clothes. I slowly kiss my way down your hairy chest, taking good care of your nipples on the way, until I finally have your straining erection right in front of my eyes. Without hesitating, I take it into my mouth until my nose is buried in your pubic hair. You moan and squirm on the bed as I begin to suck you, bobbing my head up and down, faster and faster. Before long, you come down my throat, into my mouth, and I swallow it all. The taste is as good as I ever imagined, and then some, and you laugh as I smack my lips contentedly. We kiss again, and you comment on how I taste of your semen. We laugh again.

"Dad, will you fuck me? Please?"

You look at me with such desire in your eyes I almost flinch, then you nod. I grin happily as I hand you a jar of Vaseline, then lie down on my back, waiting for you. You smile again, that warmly distant smile that's made close and intimate by your lovely eyes. I spread my legs as you bring some Vaseline to my itching butthole, rubbing it in, slipping a couple of fingers into me, making me ready for you. You take your time, rubbing my prostate until my cock is leaking like a punctured hose, but then you hand me the jar. You're all hard again, and I gently lube you up, taking my time to feel every vein, every throbbing beat of your heart through your wonderful cock. Then you take me, entering me swiftly, stopping only when I cry out with pain. You lie down on top of me, and we kiss until I'm ready for you to go on. You last a lot longer this time, making love to me slowly at first, then thrusting harder and harder until I cry out again, this time in bliss as I shoot my seed up between our bellies. You go into a frenzy after that, fucking me so hard I'm seeing stars before you finally come, filling my insides with your wonderfully hot cream. Afterwards, we lie cuddling with each other as our breathing and out heartbeats slowly return to normal.

"Why didn't we do this before, dad?" I ask between kisses. "I've always loved you, and I've wanted this for longer than you can know."

"You never asked. And I was always afraid to ask."

"I was so afraid you'd say no. I'm so happy we finally found out, that we finally did it."

"Me too, son." You kiss my cheek as I begin to drowse away. "Me too. I love you, my boy."

"Love you too, dad."

The morning is grey and dull, with a heavy rain smattering against the windowsill. I pat the empty pillow next to mine, then bring it to my nose and inhale. The scent of you is no longer there. Feeling as gloomy as the autumn weather, I make myself breakfast, but I don't have the heart to eat it. Instead, I throw on my jacket and head out into the rain, not bothering to bring an umbrella. I don't need one; I want to feel the rain. Before I know it, my feet have taken me all the way there, and I kneel to the soaked ground, knowing that it's not only rain that runs down my cheeks. I sob quietly as I run my fingers over the carved numbers.

1931 - 1990

"I miss you, dad. God, I miss you so much."