James and Jonathon

****This story involves love and sex between two young boy cousins. It also involves diaper wearing, as do all my stories. If any of this is not what you are after, then please leave now. This is a short and complete tale, and I hope that you enjoy it. If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you, so please email me at erich5748@ymail.com. Thanks for taking the time to read.****

“But Mom, I don't wanna watch him, he's weird.” Twelve year old James whined.

“He's your cousin, and he's living here with us now, I have to work, and you're more than old enough to take care of him during the day. Unless of course you want me to get a different babysitter to watch the both of you.” His mom Jane warned.

“No, but he's, well weird.”

“He's not weird.”

“Yes he is, he's eight years old and sucks his thumb and pees his pants all the time. I can't be seen with him.”

“He's your cousin and he looks up to you a great deal. It'll be good for him to spend some time alone with you. It's been really hard on him since his parents abandoned him on our doorstep, and just left with no explanation. You could try and help him, instead of always avoiding him. Did you know he cries himself to sleep every night, did you know that he hates himself, and thinks you hate him even more. No, there's gonna be no more of that. He hardly even talks to me even, I have to goad anything out of him, but he's let at least that much out. I've taken all the time off work I can afford to take care of Jonathon, I have no choice but to go back to work, and you need to learn some responsibility and some compassion towards Jonathon. He's having a very hard time adjusting. Just think how you'd feel if it were you.”

“I guess I'd feel real bad, but he was a pants pisser and a thumb sucker long before his useless parents left him here.”

“Watch your mouth young man or I'll slap it clean off your face. First of all, he's not a pants pisser, he has a bad bladder, did you know that. He can't control it, and it makes him feel real bad as it is. Also, his parents aren't useless.”

“Sorry, but you're the one who said it, not me. Right after they dropped Jonathon on the doorstep with the letter and left, I heard you talking to Aunt Mary. You said dad's sister always was a useless piece of, well you know what you said, because I don't want to get slapped, and you told her that her husband was even worse.” James said simply.

“You weren't meant to hear that. I know I said it, and I did mean it, but that doesn't give you the right to say it, you didn't even know them. I tried my best to keep you away from them as much as possible, they weren't at all good for you to be around, and even though it was horrible of them to do what they did, it's probably best for Jonathon in the long run, because maybe here we can teach him love and understanding.”

“Oh, I didn't know that.”

“Let's just say that they weren't good people, and there's a better than even chance that they ran and left Jonathon here to escape something. I know they were both into booze and gambling big time, and I suspect they may have even been into drugs, and possibly other things as well. I don't want you telling any of this to Jonathon though, I'm only telling you because I think you're old enough to know it, and you need to understand. Trust me, it's not Jonathon's fault that he is the way he is.”

“You said he has a bad bladder?”

“Yeah, remember when I took him to the doctor right after he came, because he looked so sickly?”


“Well, I asked about Jonathon's near constant wet pants, and he looked into it and informed me of that.”

“Oh, if that's the case, why not keep him in diapers then?”

“He's so raw right now that I didn't want to add that to everything else.”

“Well, I think I know what it'd be like though mom. You did the same thing for me with my bed wetting, and there were more mornings than not where I just wished you would've offered me something to help keep me dry. I even looked at Goodnites and things like that, wishing I had the courage to ask you to buy them for me.” James said with a rather large blush.

“Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry. I thought it would have been more embarrassing for you to have to wear diapers than to wet your bed.” Jane said sheepishly.

“Yeah, it probably would have been hard at first, but in the end it would've been better I think, and I would've slept better too I bet. I remember I didn't get a full nights sleep 'til I stopped wetting the bed when I was ten, and it was so nice.”

“I suppose you're right. Jonathon though is still having a really hard time talking to me, I'm an adult, so he's afraid of me, I can understand that from seeing some of the bruises he arrived with, so I want you to try and broach the subject with him please and see if you can get him to wear diapers, because you're right, it would be better, and this way he can even sit on the couch without a plastic bag down first.”

“Oh mom, I can't do that.” James whined.

“Don't do it right away, try and gain his confidence first a bit and go from there. I think if anyone can do it, it'll be you, because like I said, he looks up to you a great deal.”

“Okay, I'll see what I can do. Where is Jonathon anyway, and when do you start work?”

“He's in his room, and I start tomorrow.”

“Sure didn't give me a lot of time to adjust, did you?” James chuckled.

“I figured it'd be easier on you in the long run.” Jane laughed.

That was yesterday, and Jonathon spent most of the day in his bedroom as he normally did since he had moved in with his aunt and cousin. Jane went to work at seven that morning, and James decided to go get the day started, so went to wake Jonathon up.

“You awake Jonathon?” James asked as he walked in the bedroom, noticing that Jonathon was curled right up on the edge of his bed in only his underwear, not even covered by anything, because like the rest of his bed, his blankets were covered in pee.

“Yeah.” The small boy whispered.

“Can we talk for a minute?”

“I guess so.” Jonathon whispered fearfully.

“Are you scared of me?”



“Because all the older kids tease me and make fun of me and pick on me and sometimes even beat me up.”

“Do you think I hate you?”

“Yes, of course you do, I know you call me a pants pisser.” Jonathon said, starting to cry.

“Oh Jonathon, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it like that, but really, you kinda are, aren't you? You pee your pants all the time don't you? I wasn't trying to be mean, and I'm sorry you think I hate you. I'm sorry for avoiding you the last month since you arrived too, it was really mean of me. I know you've been going through a lot of crap lately, and it wasn't right for me to add to it. Come on, hop out of bed and I'll help you to get cleaned up.”

“Really, you mean it.” Jonathon asked cautiously.

“Yes, I do. Now hop up, I'll help you out of your underwear and then you can go hop in the bath and have a nice long hot bath.”

“Thanks.” Jonathon whispered once again.

The little boy climbed out of bed, and James helped him to remove his saturated underwear that were more yellow than they were white from continuous wetting. As soon as Jonathon was naked, James admired the cute little boys body for a moment before sending him off to the bathroom for his bath.

“Would you like me to come in in a while to wash your back?” James asked softly just as Jonathon was about to leave the bedroom.

“Yes please, no one's ever done that for me before.” Jonathon perked right up and said.

“Okay, just call when you're ready for me then.” James smiled.

As soon as Jonathon left the room, James groaned. Seeing the cute little boy naked was really hard on him, and that was not the only thing that was hard. James had admitted to himself almost six months previously that he was almost certain he was gay, and while he looked mostly at the boys the same age as him, he thought that some of the younger boys were real cute as well. Well, Jonathon was young and real cute too. He was a tiny little guy, and to look at him you might think an old six or a really young seven at best. He has slightly long light brown hair that has been cut a little shaggy. He has soft brown eyes that have a permanent sad look to them. Not only is he tiny, but he is also very thin, far too thin to really be healthy, but Jane has been trying to take care of that by feeding him more and better, but so far the little guy has hardly eaten anything, just a tiny bit here and there before claiming to be full. He also has slight and soft features, looking almost a little girlish, but still having an all boy look to him as well.

James himself though was not all that big, he was an old twelve, he would tell people thirteen if they asked, but in truth that was still three months away. He too was often mistaken for being much younger than he was, most thinking that he was at the very oldest eleven. This did not normally bother him too much though, he knew that he was not likely to be a very big man, neither of his parents were large. His mom was just barely five feet tall, and his dad had been only six inches taller than she, and he too had been very slight. It seemed to run in the family, because Jonathon was the same.

James had almost the exact same hair and eyes as Jonathon had, in fact once cleaned up and fed better and filled out more, Jonathon would very easily pass for James' younger brother. Their only real difference was in their noses, where Jonathon had a tiny little button nose, James' nose flared out just a little.

While Jonathon was busy taking his bath, James got to work on cleaning Jonathon's bed, stripping off all the wet bedding and putting it into the wash with lots of extra soap. He then went and washed the plastic sheet with the disinfectant spray that his mom had bought just for this purpose and was kept in Jonathon's room. Once everything was done, he remade the bed and then sat down upon it to wait for his little abused cousin. He stayed there thinking for at least half an hour before a meek little voice called out to him, asking to have his back washed now.

“Hey there handsome, ready for a nice back wash are you?” James asked as he walked in the bathroom.

“Yeah.” Jonathon whispered.

“You know that you don't always have to whisper right!” James said softly.

“Yeah I do, I was never allowed make too much noise, or I'd get smacked around.”

“Well, are you with your horrible excuse for parents any more?” James growled.

“No.” Jonathon shook visibly at having heard the tone of voice.

“Exactly. Now, you have nothing to be afraid of here, from either me or mom, we'll never hurt you again, you may feel free to talk to us and talk loud enough for us to hear you. Now, go ahead and turn around and let me wash your back for you, and then we're gonna go sit and talk, okay.” James said softly, to calm Jonathon down.

Jonathon did not say anything further, just turned around and presented his back. James urged him to get up on his knees to expose his entire back, this of course also exposed a good portion of his cute little bum as well. James was more than okay by that.

James grabbed the body wash and squirted more than a little bit into his hand, and then started massaging the young back presented to him. James was not washing Jonathon, he was purposely massaging Jonathon so as to try and relax him further. He started at the top of Jonathon's back, and slowly worked his way down, until he was right at the top of Jonathon's little bum.

Swallowing hard, which I might add was not the only hard thing at this time, but James took the chance and started moving lower, washing Jonathon's bum as well. Jonathon actually sighed from the feelings that this caused in his young body. Never before had anyone touched him in a way that he could ever say was loving, and he was loving this. In fact, even his little penis was loving it, it was hard, something that Jonathon knew nothing about. He could not ever remember it being hard before, because penises rarely get hard for kids who are miserable.

After massaging Jonathon for a good twenty minutes, James felt that he really should stop, before he did something that he knew he should not, something that he knew would get him in serious trouble.

“There you go buddy. Stand up and face me, and I'll wash your hair for you and rinse you off.” James said, using every ounce of will power he had to stop massaging Jonathon's bum.

Jonathon said nothing, he had no idea he was hard, nor the fact that he should be embarrassed to show that off. He just stood up, wondering if the massage of his hair would feel as nice as his back and bum had.

As soon as Jonathon stood up and turned around, James caught the full glory of Jonathon in his naked hardness, he gasped and came instantly in his pants. Jonathon was stupefied as to what was happening to James, he was shaking like a leaf on a tree on a windy day, he was squeaking cutely and he was panting as well. Never before had Jonathon seen anything of this nature, and he was almost afraid that something was wrong with James. If it were not for the large happy look plastered on James' face, Jonathon would have been really worried.

It took a couple minutes for James to come down, and when he did, he looked to Jonathon and blushed. He had no idea that Jonathon would have no clue as to what had just happened.

“Are you okay?” Jonathon asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I'm fine.” James gasped out.

“What happened there?”

“You'll understand when you're older. I can't really explain it, and if you don't know what that was, then it's better if you wait.” James said softly.

“Oh, okay.” Jonathon said softly, just taking the answer at that, not questioning it, which surprised James. He knew that had he have been handed that answer, he would have pestered the person until they caved.

“Here, let me wash your hair now.” James said.

Jonathon just nodded and closed his eyes while James grabbed the shampoo and squirted some into his soft hair. James though was not watching what he was doing as he washed Jonathon's hair, he was mostly watching Jonathon's cute little boner bouncing away merrily. His own erection still painfully hard and throbbing in his pants.

James massaged Jonathon's head as he washed it for a good ten minutes, and Jonathon sighed and nearly purred the entire time. If he thought the back and bum massage was nice, it was nothing compared to this, although the feelings were different.

Once he was done, and Jonathon was soft, he started rinsing the boys hair, and then his body. He grabbed Jonathon after pulling the plug in the tub and lifted him out. He set him on the toilet lid and with him still standing, James grabbed a towel and started drying him tenderly. A few minutes later Jonathon was nice and clean and dry.

“Would you like me to brush your hair for you?” James asked softly.


James grabbed the brush off the counter and took at least five minutes to gently brush Jonathon's hair perfectly.

“Thanks, that was really nice. Is that what it's like to be loved?”

“I sure hope so. Come to the bedroom, we'll sit and talk for a bit, okay.” James asked.

“Okay. Should I get dressed?”

“You can if you want, but why bother if you're only gonna pee yourself, why ruin perfectly good clothes.” James said softly, trying to make sure that Jonathon knew that he was not making fun of him.

“I guess you're right.” Jonathon conceded.

Once they made it to the bedroom, they both climbed onto the bed, tucked their legs under them so that they were both sitting cross legged. This had the effect of displaying Jonathon's cute little genitals in a most enticing way. The erection that had finally subsided had come back full force for James.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Jonathon asked softly.

“Well, first of all, I want to get to know you. I realize we hardly know each other, and since you moved in almost a month ago, I've sorta avoided you. Truth be told, I thought you were sorta weird, but my mom told me to get my head outta my butt, because I was being mean, that you weren't weird, just that you've gone through a lot of crap and you had to work through it all. So, what do you like?”

“I like living here, I don't get beat or yelled at every five minutes.”

“That's it?” James asked curiously.

“Yeah. What else is there to like?” He asked curiously.

“Wow, I think that's the most horrible thing I've ever heard, and makes me feel even worse for avoiding you.” James said sadly.

“It's okay, I'm used to it, most people avoid me.”

“But that's the thing, it's not okay, especially me, we're family.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“Okay, so tell me, how would you like to stop wetting your pants and bed?”

“I'd really like that, but the doctor said it'd never happen.”

“I know, you can't do it on your own, but I think I have a way that can help you out a great deal. It won't stop you from peeing, but it'll at least help contain it, so that you can play and sleep and not have to worry. How does that sound?”

“Not bad I guess, it'd probably be really good. What is it?”

“Well, now there's the part you might not like. Diapers.” James whispered, so as to lessen the impact.

“Really!” Jonathon asked far more happily than James expected, he expected Jonathon to revolt and or scream.

“Do you want to wear diapers?”

“Oh yeah.” Jonathon sighed.

“Have you ever worn diapers before?”

“No, but I always wanted to, I knew it was what I needed.”

“Oh, well then, I'm gonna take a walk to the store down the road and see if I can get you some. Do you think you'll be okay here by yourself for half an hour or so?”

“Sure. My parents left me by myself all the time, sometimes for days at a time.”

“What, really?” James asked in disgust.

“Oh yeah, all the time. I've been taking care of myself for as long as I can remember. I always had to get up and get ready for school by myself, cook my dinner, do everything.”

“Wow, I never knew that. Why didn't you tell us before?”

“Because.” Jonathon shrugged.

“Okay, well I'll be back soon, you just stay here and watch TV, I'll be back as quick as I can.”

“Okay.” Jonathon said simply and grabbed the TV remote.

James went and grabbed his wallet, he knew he had lots of money to go and buy Jonathon everything that he would need. He headed out right away and went right to the store down the road from his house. He knew that it would be a little embarrassing to buy this stuff, but it was not for him, so he hoped he would be okay.

Once there, James hit the diaper aisle and picked out a pack of Pampers size seven, a bottle of baby lotion, a jar of diaper rash cream, a bottle of baby powder, and as a last minute addition, a baby soother. He headed to the till with his loot and paid for it, not even blushing a little as he paid for it, at least he did not think so. He was however thankful that there were no other people there at the moment, that might have been more difficult. Once he was done, he headed back to the house.

“Hey there Jonathon, how are you?” James asked as he walked in the bedroom, noticing that Jonathon had wet quite a bit while he was gone.

“Wet, again.” Jonathon pouted softly.

“That's okay. You can help me clean it all up after we have you nice and thickly diapered.”

“Oh, okay.” He said brighter this time.

“Good. Scoot down to the dry area of the bed please and we'll get you all taken care of.”

Jonathon did as he was asked and laid down in diaper change position, and submitted to being diapered. James opened up the diapers first and pulled one out, opened it up and slipped it under Jonathon's cute little bum. He then grabbed the baby lotion and lotioned up Jonathon's diaper area, then gave him a nice coating of diaper rash cream, and finally sprinkled him liberally with the powder. Once that was all taken care of, James pulled up the diaper and taped it closed.

“There you go, I bet that feels better, doesn't it?” James asked softly.

“Yeah. Thanks James, I really like it, and now I won't pee all over the place any more.”

“That's the point of wearing a nice thick baby diaper, isn't it?”

“I'm really a baby aren't I?”

“Only if you want to be.”

“Would it be bad if I did want to?”

“No, not at all, at least not with me. When mom's here, or when we go out, you'll just have to be a big boy who has to wear diapers, but when it's just the two of us, you can be a nice big baby. In fact, I bought you something else while I was at the store, so that you don't have to suck your thumb any more, but you really shouldn't do that while out.” James said while grabbing the bag and grabbing the last item out of it, the soother.

“I know, I just can't help it though.” Jonathon said sadly, looking down. It took a moment for him to look back up to see what James had for him. “What, you bought me a soother too, no way, that's awesome.” Jonathon said with far more emotion than James had ever heard from the boy.

“I know, and I'll help you to break that habit, at least while out of the house. The soother might help a bit that way, that way you can get used to sucking something other than your thumb. Whenever we're out, I'll always watch and tell you thumb out if I see it, so as to help you even more, but when we're home and mom's not here, then you're more than welcome to suck your baby soother.”

“Thanks James, you're the best.” Jonathon said happily, and did something that he had never done before, he hugged someone. He launched himself at James and attached them into a hug that James would have been unable to get out of, had he wanted to that is.

“You're welcome Jonathon, you do deserve to be happy too. I know you don't think so, and I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner, but you do.”

“Thanks.” Jonathon whispered once again, this time crying large pitiful sobs, his damn having finally broke.

James just held him and stroked his back and cute little diapered bum for the longest time. He had no idea how long, but his entire body was cramping up by the time Jonathon let him go.

“I bet that feels better now. Now, I just realized something as you were hugging me, my stomach is growling, and I'm hungry. Neither of us has even had breakfast yet, so let's say we head to the kitchen and get something to eat?”

“Okay.” Jonathon smiled warmly to James, his savior.

They headed to the kitchen and James got them both some cereal, toast and juice and set it all on the table.

“Now, Jonathon. I don't know why you've hardly even touched any food that we've given to you, but you need to start eating. Don't over eat, eat only 'til you're comfortable, but please try and eat more, you're still nowhere near your proper weight, even for your size?”

“I don't know if I can eat more.”


“I was never allowed to eat more than I have been here, so it's what I'm used to.”

“Why on earth not?”

“Food's expensive and I was just a waste of good food.” Jonathon shrugged once again. This time James broke down into tears and went and hugged the little boy. A few minutes later he broke off.

“What was that for?” Jonathon asked curiously, but enjoying the hugs none the less.

“That's horrible, you're not a waste of good food, your parents were.”


“Now, try and eat just a little more, but not much, we'll slowly get you up to what you should be eating, and we'll try and get you up to a healthy weight as well.”


James dished up Jonathon's breakfast, giving him only a little more than he was used to eating, and they both sat there and ate their breakfast in near silence. As soon as they were finished, they cleaned up the mess and headed to the living room to talk and get to know each other lots more. They told each other all about their childhoods, but Jonathon's was of course very disturbing. They sat there for almost four hours just talking and talking, and even James told Jonathon a lot about himself.

“I'm starting to get hungry again, how about you baby?” James asked softly.

“I guess so. I'm still not used to eating three times a day, I was only ever fed in the morning, but I'm getting a bit hungry.” Jonathon admitted more yet, and James just shook his head in disgust.

They headed to the kitchen and James made them each a sandwich and grabbed some juice to go along with it. They ate in near silence until they were finished, and then they cleaned up a bit.

“James, do you think I could go and lay down and sleep for a bit, I'm pretty tired?”

“Of course you can. You're probably tired because you never get a full nights sleep with wetting the bed. Trust me, I know, I was bed wetter myself, and I never got a good nights sleep 'til I stopped.”

“Really, you peed the bed as well?”

“Yeah, stopped only a couple years ago, so I remember it well. Let's go change your diaper and then I'll tuck you in. Oh, we'll have to change your bedding again, we never did do that earlier.”

“Okay.” Jonathon said happily and they headed off to do that.

Once there, they each helped to change the bedding, and then James encouraged Jonathon to lay down and he changed his soggy diaper for him. He was already quite wet, so the diapers were certainly helping already a great deal. As soon as Jonathon was nice and thickly diapered once again, James pulled the covers back, Jonathon crawled under them, James pulled them back up, and gave Jonathon a kiss on the forehead and told him to have a good sleep.

As soon as James left the room, he headed to his own bedroom and booted up his computer and hit the first gay baby site he could find. He had never searched out gay diaper wearers before, having never thought of it, well now he sure was. What he found blew his mind, and a few seconds after extracting his rock hard erection, it too blew. He had not really even started jacking off yet, he just exploded.

One cum though was not enough, James just started jacking off to all the pictures he could find and came a further two times in under ten minutes. He scooped up all the mess on his stomach and chest and licked it all off, not that there was all that much mind you, he had only just started cumming only a month before, but what he did spray had a tendency to go for the distance, and so far his own nipples were his personal best, he was hoping to hit his own lips soon though. He sighed as he licked off the last of the mess, shut down his computer, and then went to go watch TV in the living room. On his way there though he got a crazy idea.

Detouring to Jonathon's bedroom, James snuck in and grabbed one of the diapers from the pack and then darted back to his bedroom. With shaking hands, James removed his pants and underwear and diapered himself quickly before he lost the nerve. He sighed as soon as the diaper was secured to himself, and he had to admit that it was far better than he had ever dreamed of when he was younger. He had dreamed of wearing diapers a great deal when he was still wetting, but that had gone by the wayside the past couple years. It was coming back in full force now though.

James quickly put his underwear and pants back on and headed out to the living room, where his original destination had been. As he was sitting there watching TV, he felt the need to pee, and with a naughty grin on his face, he peed his diaper. The sigh that he let out from this naughty behavior was intense to say the least. It just felt too good, and what happens when a boy feels just too good.

He stuck his hand down his pants and started rubbing his once again hard dick, this time on the outside of his freshly wet diaper and came again in only a few minutes, adding just a tiny bit more wetness to the thirsty diaper.

“Wow, I never knew it would be like that.” James muttered to himself.

For almost an hour more James sat there watching TV before Jonathon came out and joined him once again.

“Did you have a good nap?” James asked.

“Yeah, I did, thanks. I feel lots better now.”

“That's good. Sit down and watch TV with me, you can cuddle up to me as well if you want.”


They ended up sitting there until not long before Jane was to come home. James deemed it prudent to go remove his now nice and soggy diaper, so he excused himself and went to the bathroom and removed it. He felt as if he were losing his best friend as he pulled the diaper off and threw it away, and then pulled his pants back up. James figured that Jonathon might also be in need of a change, so grabbed another diaper and the diaper rash cream and headed out to the living room.

“Here, lay on the floor Jonathon, we should change your diaper before you spring a leak, I can well imagine you're starting to get full?” James asked as he walked back into the living room.


James made quick work of cleaning and re diapering Jonathon, and they were sitting back on the couch again a few minutes later when Jane came home.

“Hi boys, how was your day?” She asked as she walked in, not knowing yet how Jonathon was dressed, because she would not be able to see him yet from where she was.

“It was really good mom, we talked a lot and Jonathon's even talking more and better to me as well. I also went and grabbed some diapers for him, we both agreed that it would be better for him, and so far I think he agrees.”

“That's excellent. How do you feel Jonathon?”

“Fine.” He whispered, not looking at Jane.

“James, come on, no shyness or fear, look at her and answer properly please?” James nudged Jonathon and asked him softly.

“Okay.” He sighed, and then looked at Jane and answered her more audibly this time.

“That's good Jonathon. I'm glad you're doing better, and I hope it wasn't too hard having to be diapered, but I bet that it's better. And just remember, you can talk to me, I don't bite.”

“No, I was okay, they are a lot better.” Jonathon said softly.

“Excellent. Well boys, I'm gonna go make dinner, you can just stay watching TV.”

The rest of the night was spent with the three of them watching TV, and when it came time for Jonathon to go to bed, Jane asked him to come to his bedroom so that she could change him, but he asked for James to do it instead. She just nodded and James went and did it for his little cousin. He then tucked him into bed and gave him a kiss on the forehead, told him to have a good sleep, and he was sound asleep a few minutes later.

As soon as James made it back to the living room, he talked with his mom until his bed time all about what had happened throughout the day. James was careful not to make it sound like Jonathon wanted his diapers a great deal, but that he was quite receptive to the idea once it was put out there. He told her also a lot about what Jonathon had told him of the abuse that he had received, much of which she also had no clue about.

“I'm very proud of you James, you've done a great job with Jonathon, and soon with your help he could be normal again, or more likely for the first time.”

“Thanks mom.” James blushed.

“You're welcome. Now head to bed, it's past your bedtime.”

“Okay mom, have a good night.”

“You too.”

James headed to his bedroom to get ready for bed, but once again, he desired a diaper, so snuck into Jonathon's bedroom and snuck a diaper from the pack and crept back out of the bedroom. Once to his bedroom, James quickly diapered himself and put on his pajama pants, which was about all he normally wore, and then slipped into bed. As he was laying there, he peed his diaper, which of course made him very happy, and then he started stroking his happiness, which in turn added just a little more wetness to the diaper. With a satisfied smile on his face, James fell asleep as well.

Chapter 2

Two weeks have now passed since that first day, and Jonathon is doing far better. He is still more reserved with talking to his aunt, and although he does speak in closer to normal tones now, he will not initiate conversation with her, and he keeps what he says to a minimum. That cannot be said however for he and James talking. They talk each others ears off almost all day long. Jonathon is truly happy when it is just he and James at home all alone, and it shows.

James bathes him every day, and every day James almost cums while washing Jonathon. After getting him diapered and ready for the day, James disappears into his bedroom for a few minutes to take care of his needs, which is always inside his soggy diaper. Because Jane leaves for work before the boys even get out of bed, he just wears his diaper under his pants.

James also has Jonathon go for a nap every afternoon, because he still seems to need it so much, and every time, James sneaks in and grabs a diaper. He also sneaks a few extra so that he can wear them every day. Today Jonathon noticed though as James came in to grab a few new diapers, but just left it alone until after his nap.

“Hi James.” Jonathon said happily once he emerged from his bedroom after his nap.

“Hey baby, how was your nap?”

“Really good, but I think I'm not the only baby in the house, am I?” Jonathon grinned.

“What do you mean?” James asked curiously.

“I saw you come in and grab some diapers?”

“I was just grabbing them to have them in the living room for when we needed them.” James tried gently.

“Oh really, then where are they?” Jonathon asked far too smartly for James' own good.


“That's what I thought. Take off your pants and shirt please, I want to see you in just your soggy baby diaper as well? I know you like to see me like this, well I want to see you too.” Jonathon asked softly.

“Okay, just please, don't tell mom, or anyone.” James whispered hoarsely.

“I'd never tell anyone, just like you don't tell my secrets.”

“Thanks.” James said as he started to strip.

“Wow, you look nice like that.” Jonathon said, sounding a little rasp, and he could not explain why, but his diaper started to feel just a little tight.

“Thanks, so do you.”

“You love diapers too, don't you?”

“Yeah. Ever since the first day I diapered you I've been wearing them as much as possible, even to bed. I haven't even waken up in the night to go pee since, I just go while I sleep. I never thought of it 'til you started wearing diapers, but now I can't stop thinking of them.”

“Same. From now on, when we're here all alone, just diapers, okay.”

“Okay.” James smiled brightly.

“Can you change me please?”


They headed back to Jonathon's bedroom and James proceeded to change the little boys diaper, which was nice and full. His little penis was still very hard as well, but James ignored it as best he could, but his erection pulsed more and more madly from seeing it.

“James, why is my pee pee always so hard lately?”

“Well, because you're a boy, and that's just what boys dicks do. If it feels good, it gets hard. You like diapers and diaper changes, and you like my bathing you, therefore it gets hard.”

“Does yours get hard too?”

“All the time.”

“Oh, then it's not just me, good. Can I change your diaper please, you're all wet too?”

“No, it's not just you, every boy is the same I'm assured. I don't think it'd be a good idea for you to change me though.”

“Why not, you change me all the time, and I like you, so why can't I?”

“I like you too kiddo, but.....well I, it's complicated, okay.”

“No it's not, I change your diaper, just like you change mine.”

“It's a lot more complicated than that I'm afraid. You see, my dick when it gets hard is different than yours, and if you touch it, something will happen that you don't need to learn about yet, not 'til you're older.” James said, trying his best to explain without giving up any details, and blushing rather largely from it as well.

“Why, what's it do?”

“I can't tell you that yet.”

“Why not? You said it happens to all boys, so I should know about it too.”

“Yeah, it does, but what happens to me won't happen to you for a few years yet, and I can't let you see that, or I could get in serious trouble.”

“I'll never tell anyone about anything we see or do together, you know that.”

“It's, well it's not right, okay, please just leave it at that.”

“But I want to change your diaper for you as well. Please, just this once?”

“Fine.” James said, hoping and praying that he would be able to stop himself from cumming.

James finished changing Jonathon, and then Jonathon hopped up far too happily for the situation, at least in James' eyes, and grabbed a fresh diaper and came back. He urged James to lay down, and then he proceeded to remove James' soggy diaper.

“Wow, your pee pee is huge.” Jonathon gasped.

“No, it's not that big yet, I'm only just under five inches hard, and the average is just over six from what I read. I'm only thirteen though, so I'll grow a bit more, I just look big compared to yours, but yours isn't so bad for a boy your size either.” James said softly.

“Really, mine will get bigger too?”

“Sure will, as you get older and grow, so does your dick.”

“And you have hair above yours.”

“Yeah, but so far only just a tiny bit, and only just above it. As we get older, more hair grows, 'til it covers almost all of your balls even.” James blushed.

“Wicked, I can't wait 'til I'm old like you.”

“Don't wish for that, you look perfect already.”

“Thanks. What's that clear stuff at the top of your pee pee?”

“It's, well remember when I told you something could happen if you touched my dick?”


“Well, that's part of it. It's called precum, it's a slippery sweet fluid that leaks out of a boys dick once he gets old enough to produce it, it's kinda a lube for other things, and usually comes before a big explosion.”

“A big explosion, doesn't that hurt, aren't you afraid of it?” Jonathon asked, wide eyed.

“Don't worry, it doesn't hurt, in fact there's nothing better than it if you ask any boy who's had it happen. Granted, the first time it happened to me I was scared shitless.” James giggled.

“Oh. Can it happen to me?”

“Yes, but for you, nothing will come out of your dick yet. I didn't learn about all this though 'til I was over ten, and my mom gave me a book to explain what all was gonna happen. Mind you, I asked her what had happened, because I didn't understand it, so she went and got me the book.”

“Cool, how do you make it happen?”

“Um, I don't think I should tell you that yet.”

“Why not, you've told me so much other stuff?”

“True. Well, okay, you just take your hand and put it around your dick and stroke.” James said, using his hand in mid air to give Jonathon the gist of the process. “Because your dick is so small still though, you may only be able to do it with a couple or a few fingers, and be careful of your little dick head, it's really sensitive, you don't want to rub it raw, not like I did the first few times.”

“Wicked, thanks.” Jonathon said, and then proceeded to use a wipe to wipe up all of James' diaper area. Well, that was just too much for James, and he exploded. He panted and gasped, he vibrated and he quaked, and Jonathon was in amazement, but he knew it was not bad, because he remembered seeing this exact same thing happen to James a couple weeks before, and now he got to see what had caused that.

“Wow.” Both boys said at the same time.

“That, that was an orgasm, or I came. The cum, which is what sprayed out, is what the explosion was. You really can't tell anyone about this though Jonathon, I'd get in huge, massive trouble if anyone were to know what we just did, okay.” James pleaded.

“That was awesome, totally awesome, I'll never tell anyone.” Jonathon said in wide eyed wonder.

He then proceeded to clean up all the mess, cum included, and then slipped a new diaper under James, creamed and powdered him up lovingly, and then pulled up and taped up the diaper perfectly.

“Thanks, that was nice. You're really good at changing diapers.” James said softly.

“It was nice to diaper you too. I want to change you every time from now on, okay.”

“Okay, except for my bedtime ones, because you'll be asleep.”

“Oh right, okay.”

For the rest of the day, Jonathon pestered James with all sorts of questions about his body, centered mostly around his little penis, and what all he could do with it. James tried not to answer him for some of the things, but Jonathon just kept pushing until James caved and answered. Really, by then what difference did it make.

A few days later, and Jonathon was now actively working to make James cum every time he changed his diaper, and things moved forward a bit more.

“James, can you rub my pee pee like I do yours please, I can't seem to do it right on myself and I can't get the feelings you get?”

“You're still pretty young, and while I know you can do it, it takes a long time, because you're not quite ready for it yet. I also shouldn't do it for you.”

“But I do it for you, what difference is there?” Jonathon asked smartly.

“Good point. Okay, lay down.”

Jonathon laid down quickly and expectantly, and James went to work, removing Jonathon's diaper first of all. He then grasped the small thin erection between his thumb and forefinger and started jacking his little cousin off, really paying attention to making the little guy feel as good as he always made him feel.

Jonathon was moaning and sighing, saying how good it felt, and even though it was taking a long time to achieve, James could feel the pressure building in Jonathon's body for his first ever orgasm. Finally, some ten minutes later, Jonathon was panting and gasping, saying something was happening, saying that it felt like he was going to explode. James just grinned and told him that was how it was supposed to feel. Finally it happened, Jonathon exploded in his first ever orgasm, and then promptly crashed down and passed out.

James thought it prudent to get a diaper back on Jonathon, so went and grabbed a fresh diaper and diapered him up, then tucked him into his bed and gave him a kiss to the forehead. Once done that, James stroked the front of his diaper while standing over Jonathon, and three strokes later he came in his diaper, for the second time that morning.

The next few days went by, and at least twice a day, the two of them jacked each other off. Jonathon absolutely loved the feelings that were coursing through his body during one of his orgasms, but he preferred helping James out even more, getting to make James feel that good, and he loved watching James explode his still watery cum.

“Jonathon, do you really like to suck things?” James asked just after he and Jonathon had had their bath, they were just about to diaper each other for the day.

“Yeah, you know I do, I love the soother you bought for me, I suck it all the time.” Jonathon said in confusion.

“Yeah, I know, but how would you feel about sucking something else, something that's sorta like your thumb, but on me instead?” James asked softly, wondering if Jonathon would want to suck him off instead.

“If it makes you feel good, I'd do anything for you.”

“Well, it wouldn't feel good, it'd feel great.”

“Then what is it?”

“How about you sit up and close your eyes and I'll give it to you, and then you can tell me if you like it after a minute.”

“Okay.” Jonathon said happily.

As soon as Jonathon had his eyes closed, James got up and his erection led the way to Jonathon's mouth. He knew what he was about to do was wrong, but he also knew Jonathon would really like it too. As soon as his dick was touching Jonathon's lips, he opened up and started sucking, and he sighed from deep within. There was that soft warmth that he missed about sucking his thumb, but this was better, because it was his cousin.

“Okay, stop for a second.” James gasped and pulled away.

“Why'd you stop, I was enjoying that?” Jonathon asked, but did not open his eyes yet.

“Oh, you enjoyed it too, that was awesome?”

“Oh yeah, what was I sucking, I thought I felt your tummy on my forehead? Oh wait, was I sucking your dick?” Jonathon asked as he pieced it together.

“Yeah, you were, and you were doing great. You just have to be careful of your teeth, and use your tongue more if you want to continue. I'll do you next if you want me to.”

“Okay.” Jonathon said brightly, his eyes now fully open and bright.

Jonathon dove right back in now, looking at his target, and taking James' instructions to heart. It seemed, James thought, that thumb suckers made great cock suckers. Jonathon's technique was perfect he thought, his suction was incredible, and he sure was enthusiastic about it too.

James was unsure as to whether or not he should shoot in Jonathon's mouth, but he had to figure it out soon, because he was getting seriously close.

“Oh god Jonathon, you're amazing, keep it up, but when I tell you to, you better pull off, unless you want my cum in your mouth. It's not bad, I enjoy eating it, and it won't hurt you.” James panted out.

James heard a muffled affirmative, letting him know that Jonathon heard and understood. He just kept right on sucking though, trying to make it as good as he could for his older cousin who he loved more than any other person in the world. A few seconds later James gave the word, saying he was cumming, and Jonathon did not release, he just backed off until only the head of James' nice big dick was left in his mouth. He figured that increasing the suction and the tongue action would help, so he did so, and he was right.

James went insane with that and started shooting right away. Five good strong, yet small shots shot out of James' pulsing dick, and Jonathon caught and savored each and every one of them. He had snuck a few tastes of his older cousins seed already, so he had known he liked it before now, and now he finally got to taste the entire load, and he savored it like nothing before.

“Wow.” James sighed a few seconds later, his dick still in Jonathon's mouth.

“Did I do it right?” Jonathon pulled off and asked, and then smacked his lips.

“Wow, if you didn't, it had to have been better. That was my first time too, but I doubt anyone else could have done any better than you just did it. Now lay back, I definitely want to do that for you now.”

“Good, I'm glad you liked it.” Jonathon said so happily he glowed, but he did lay back, so that he could feel the same thing.

James wasted no time at all in bending down and engulfing the entire tiny treat in one go, balls and all, and he sucked and licked and gave Jonathon the best blowjob his limited knowledge could possibly do. The sounds that Jonathon was making though told James that he must be doing something right, because it sure sounded like Jonathon was enjoying himself immensely.

It took not even five minutes for Jonathon to build up enough pressure to explode, and when he did, he squeaked and squealed, and then gave out the cutest yell that James had ever heard, and then once again, he passed out. James got up with a bright smile on his face, grabbed their diapers, and got them both diapered, Jonathon first of course. James then laid down with his little cousin and cuddled up to him and waited until he woke back up.

“Wow.” Jonathon said as he finally came to.

“How'd you like it?”

“That was the best ever, I can't wait to do that again. What else can we do, or is there anything else?”

“There's lots more things we can do for each other, if you want to learn them.”

“Like what?”

“Well kissing and caressing each other, then there's sucking each other at the same time, that's called a sixty nine, then there's fucking.”

“What's fucking?” Jonathon asked cutely.

“Whatever you do, don't repeat that word in front of any adult. It's also called making love, but it involves putting our dicks in each others bums. From some of the things I've read though, it sounds like it might hurt the first few times, but that we can lessen that by fingering each other before we do it.”

“Can we try that next?”

“Are you sure, it might hurt?”

“I don't care, as long as it's with you and it feels good, then I'd do it.” Jonathon said honestly.

“Thanks. It sounds as if it feels really good once you get used to it, but we won't try fucking right away. Maybe after a few days of playing with our mouths we can try fingering each other.”

“You mean you'd let me do that to you as well?”

“Um, yeah, of course. I'd never do anything to you that I wouldn't want done to me as well. We're a team here, what one does, the other does as well, plain and simple.”

“Wicked. When can we suck again?”

“How about once our diapers are nice and full and we need a change?”

“Okay, let's go get a huge drink then?” Jonathon said excitedly.

“Okay.” James said brightly.

Not even two hours went by when Jonathon informed James that his diaper was getting pretty full. James just laughed and stood and picked Jonathon up and carried him to his bedroom.

“Can we try sucking each other at the same time?” Jonathon asked.

“Sure. I'll lay down and then you lay on top of me with my dick at your face and yours at mine. Pretty easy actually.”

“How do you know so much about this?”

“I do a lot of research on the internet.”

“Cool, can you show me some of it?”

“Sure, we can look at all sorts of videos after we play around, and I'll even show you what fucking is.”


They both stripped off the others soggy diapers, and got into position. Without waiting or playing around, they both latched onto each others dicks and started sucking quickly and eagerly. James knew that Jonathon still took a long time to cum, so he was trying his best to hold on, so that they could cum together. It took almost five minutes for Jonathon to be ready, and by that time James was nearly burning up. As soon as he felt Jonathon explode, so did he, and Jonathon happily and greedily sucked down the entire offering, such as it was.

“Wow, that was awesome.” James sighed a few moments later.

“Yeah, it was.”

“Come on baby, let's get each other nice and thickly diapered again and go do some research.” James grinned.

“Okay.” Jonathon said brightly once again.

They diapered each other and then James went and booted up his computer and started searching some of the videos that he had seen before. There were a great deal of them, and for the next two hours, both boys totally forgetting about lunch, they watched video after video of late teens and or men sucking, fucking and or just being super horny and or raunchy. They each had their hands down the fronts of each others diapers after only maybe five minutes, slowly jacking each other off as they watched at the very least thirty videos, and they both came four times.

“That was so awesome. I so want to watch more tomorrow.” Jonathon said happily once James shut it all down.

“Yeah, I love watching them as well, but I'm starving, our diapers are soaked, and mom's gonna be home soon, so we should get cleaned up and get dinner going.”


The next several days were like that, they stayed sitting at the computer, hands down each others diapers, watching more and more videos, learning a great deal, and they came so often they were both starting to get worn out, yet neither wanted to stop.

“Instead of watching videos today, I want you to fuck me James, I think I can take it if you finger me a bit?” Jonathon asked softly after their bath.

“Okay.” James said, hoping that he would be able to fuck Jonathon with little discomfort.

They headed to their bedroom, and the first thing James had Jonathon do was to kneel down, so that he could lick and suck Jonathon, they both agreed it looked hot, and that it would certainly help to loosen Jonathon up nicely.

For ten minutes James ate Jonathon, and Jonathon loved each and every second of it. James then had Jonathon roll over onto his back, and as James stuck a finger inside of Jonathon, he sucked in his hot little balls and started moaning and tonguing. All of this together was driving Jonathon mad, it just felt so good.

Not even a minute after starting, Jonathon nearly commanded James to stick another finger in, so he did. Jonathon felt no pain whatsoever as James added the second finger and started fucking him with them. Almost five minutes later Jonathon asked for a third, and James did so, this time with only a slight bit of discomfort from Jonathon, which he did not let James know about. Then again, it was gone only a few seconds later.

“Oh god, do it now, fuck me, fuck my little baby boy pussy?” Jonathon begged.

“Oh fuck yeah.” James groaned as he pulled his face from heavens door.

Quickly he crawled up Jonathon's prone body, pulling his legs up higher as he went, and when his dick hit it's target, James stopped.

“Are you sure you want me to continue baby, once I start, I doubt I'll be able to stop?” James asked, forcing himself to do so, he had to.

“Oh yeah, like nothing else before I want you to fuck me now, just do it, fuck me.”

“Okay.” James said, and then sunk in.

They both sighed deeply all the way in, and then James started the age old motion and began fucking his little baby lover. Sadly it did not last at all long enough for either of them, James lasted only about two minutes. However, instead of pulling out, James just kept right on going. Jonathon seemed more than okay by that, because his moans only increased. He had not yet had his immature little orgasm, he had only been about half way there when he felt James shoot his load inside him, and he had loved the feeling.

This time it took almost five minutes for James to cum, and that was only because Jonathon could stand it no more and came. Jonathon had been getting higher and higher, and he was holding it as best he could, because he was enjoying James fucking him too much, but eventually it just exploded out of him, and he moaned out deeply as he did. His moans were joined by James' though, so it was hard to tell who it came from.

“Wow, that was incredible, I loved you fucking me. Your dick felt so amazing in me, and when you came, my goodness, that was the best ever.” Jonathon said excitedly once he came down.

“Oh man, I agree so much, it felt so good inside you, but now I want you inside me. Hop up and fuck me deep?” James asked.

“I doubt it'll be too deep, I just hope you'll even feel it.” Jonathon said softly.

“I'm sure it'll feel great no matter what.” James said encouragingly.

James just got off of Jonathon and up onto his hands and knees so that Jonathon could prepare him in any way he so desired. Jonathon desired to lick James, so he did so. He lasted almost fifteen minutes before he just had to vacate, and as he did so, he asked James to roll over, so he did so.

James rolled onto his back and pulled his legs up and grabbed them, opening himself up completely for Jonathon. Jonathon did not even think it over, he did not stop, just zeroed in on his target and slipped his entire little erection into his older cousins asshole.

Without even pausing, Jonathon hit bottom and then started a nice moderate pace and made love to the person who had shown him love, his cousin.

James though was amazed at just how good it felt to have the small boy buried inside him. Deep down he had had the same fear that Jonathon had voiced, that he would hardly even feel it. This simply was not the case, and Jonathon was just ever so slightly brushing past his excited prostate on every deep stroke.

James was moaning deeply, but that was nothing compared to the sounds that Jonathon was making as he made love to James. He was panting and gasping and moaning out, 'Oh fuck, never...have....I........felt.....sooooooooooo.....goooooooood.' It was more than enough to give James pleasure just to hear how good it was for Jonathon, but the fact that James was feeling good from the fucking was even better yet.

This time it was Jonathon that built up to his crashing cum first, and in only about five minutes he was there, he exploded with a scream, and this set James off as well. Jonathon though did not stop, he just felt too good, and James got to go twice, so why should he not get to as well, but this time he slowed his pace way down.

Both enjoyed the slower deeper pace even more, because Jonathon was pulling all the way out before slipping all the way back in and then grinding his little hips just as he got as far inside James as he could. Watching all those videos and natural instinct gave Jonathon all that he would need to know to make this feel as good as he could. James sure was enjoying it too though.

This time they both lasted just a little longer before they exploded, and when they did, it was with a scream, but Jonathon also passed out, something that seemed to be natural to him.

James, who was still shaking in his incredible aftershocks, pushed and rolled Jonathon off of him, so that he could get them both diapered, so that they would not pee the bed. It took a few tries, but eventually James was able to crawl out of bed and he grabbed their diaper supplies and went back and diapered Jonathon properly first, and then himself.

This time it took more than half an hour for Jonathon to wake back up. James laid there watching him as he came too, and he smiled. It took a full ten minutes, maybe more for Jonathon to actually come fully awake, and it was to the bright smiling face of James.

“I love you.” Jonathon whispered, it was deep and heartfelt, it was with all the feeling that Jonathon had in him, and it was the first time either had said it to the other.

“I love you too.” James whispered back, pouring just as much love and feeling into it as he had to offer.

With their loving proclamations voiced, they reached in for each other, and they both learned what kissing was really all about. They kissed softly and tenderly for almost half an hour before breaking apart. James even introducing his tongue to Jonathon after only a few seconds.

“Wow, this has been the best day of my life.” Jonathon sighed.

“Same here. I really do love you baby, I hope you know that.”

“Oh, I know it alright, I just look at you and I can see it and feel it. I'd never felt love before, but I sure know what it is now. I hope you know I love you even more than that though.”

“I doubt that's possible, but I can see and feel the same from you. I just hope that I didn't push you into something you weren't ready for, that I didn't corrupt you and that later on you'll hate me for taking your innocence from you.” James said softly.

“I could never do that. You didn't take anything from me, you gave me so much more than I ever had.” Jonathon said softly, accentuating it with another kiss, this one lasting only ten minutes.

“Thanks. I guess we should go get something to eat, we skipped breakfast and it's well past lunch time already, and I'm starving.”

“Okay.” Jonathon said softly, smiling brightly.

From then on the two of them shared a deep love with each other. They stayed together for the rest of their lives even. They knew they were cousins, and that what they shared most frowned upon, but they did not care in the least. The very afternoon that the boys first made love to each other Jane came home and saw that something was different with the boys. She sat them down and asked them point blank about their relationship, and it was Jonathon that told her that they loved each other, and that they did nothing more than what he had wanted.

Jane had not been happy with the situation at first, but quickly found that the boys really and truly were in love with each other. Not even a week later, when she told them this, James admitted that he was a diaper lover and that he wanted to wear diapers all the time with Jonathon, and that very afternoon Jane went out and bought him diapers that fit him better, because the Pampers, while they worked well enough, did not fit that great.

Come school time, both boys decided that they should do home schooling, and while Jane had her reservations about it, she allowed the boys this, seeing as how they were in love and diapered, and could hide neither at school.

The boys shared everything with each other, and at least once a week as they grew up, they watched an entire day of porn on the internet to learn new and interesting things about gay sex. Not only did it make them horny, but it also gave them lots of ideas. They tried nearly every way and or position there was, and they loved each and every one of them.

Their first time, almost a year after starting, of making love to each other through their soggy diapers was probably one of their most intense sessions, and that was saying a lot, and from then on, it was rare for them not to make love through diapers.

And there ends our short tale of the love of two young cousins. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope that you will email me with your comments. Please email me at erich5748@ymail.com.