Jealous Brother

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“Daddy, HE'S been making fun of me again for wetting the bed.” Luke yelled to his dad, pointing at his younger brother Jared, as if there were more than one other person in the house. “Do something, he's calling me a baby pants pisser again.” Luke cried.

“Jared, how many times have I told you that you are not allowed to call your bother names, and how many times have I washed your filthy mouth out with soap because of your foul language. I'm telling you, you keep it up young man, and I swear, you'll be in diapers for more than just bed.” Their dad said angrily, his name was Ted.

“But he makes our room stink.” Jared said softly, angrily.

“Yeah, and you don't. Boy, some mornings the stench of your farts in there is horrendous, and you can't possibly blame Luke for that one. Now, apologize to your you mean it.”

“I'm sorry Luke...........That you're a baby pants pisser.” Jared said harshly, and then ran to his room and slammed the door.

“Dad, you have to do something. He threatened that he'd tell all my friends at school, if he does that, I'll beat the crap outta him, I swear I'll do it. I may wet the bed still, but I'm still way bigger n stronger than he is.” Luke said, barely concealing his rage and frustration.

“I'll deal with him Luke. I'm sorry he's doing this to you, but I'll fix it. I want you to go outside and play for a while, while I take care of some issues.”

Luke just smiled sadly, and turned and headed out back to play. It was Saturday morning, the boys were ten and twelve years old, and other than the fact that Luke was about two inches taller, and a bit bigger all around, the two boys were as identical as if they were twins. They looked almost exactly like their father did as well, just smaller. Their mother was no longer in the picture, she took off when the boys were real young, so young in fact that neither one even knew what she looked like.

Both boys had shoulder length, wavy long blond hair, they were the epitome of southern California surfer dudes if you ever saw them. They had ice blue eyes, cute button noses, slim muscular frames, and asses that almost anyone would kill for. Their dad, like was already mentioned, was nearly identical, other than the fact he kept his hair shorter. He still drew the looks, from both male and female, but he was not interested in the least in going down that road again. He was happy to be a single father. Ted worked a good job, made decent money, and owned their own home that was near the ocean. They all loved their lives together, except the bed wetting thing.

Jared had become increasingly more cruel to his older brother that he used to idolize, all because his big brother still wore diapers to bed. And they were real tape on diapers as well. None of the pull on style worked for Luke, he just wet too much for that. Ted had tried everything to curtail the taunts and teasing, he had spanked Jared, he had washed his mouth out with soap, so often he swore the boy was starting to like the taste, and he threatened the boy with diapering him as well. None of it worked though.

And that was where Ted was heading once again, to punish his youngest for teasing his brother. He walked slowly to the bedroom that the two boys shared, opened the door, and found that Jared was already leaning over the end of the bed, his pants pulled down, waiting for the spanking that he knew was coming.

“If you knew you were going to get spanked, why did you do it?” Ted asked softly.

“I don't know daddy, just do it and get it over with.” Jared said, trying to sound as big as he could, problem was Ted could hear the tears there.

“No, we're going to talk a little first. You may as well just take your pants right off and come and sit down, because you're still going to get your spanking, you already know you deserve it, or you wouldn't be waiting for it like that.”

“Can't you just do the spanking and get it over with first?”

“No, because it's impossible to talk to you when you're crying and in pain, and today you will be in a lot of pain.” Ted warned.

“I thought so.” Jared said sullenly, stood up, removed his pants all the way, and then went and sat down next to his dad. Ted just lifted him up onto his lap.

“Now, care to tell me what's wrong with you, why you keep lashing out at your brother like this for no reason? You know full well that it's not his fault at all, the doctor told all of us that Luke's kidney's aren't shutting down at night and his bladder is too weak. You know that he will have to wear diapers to bed for the rest of his life. You know how hard all that was on him to have heard all that, how depressed that makes him, yet you keep taunting him like that. So, why do you insist on doing it?” Ted asked softly.

“I don't know daddy, it just makes me so mad that I can't have a friend sleep over because he wets the bed.”

“So what, go to their houses, and no one ever said you couldn't, I would just have Luke sleep in my room, you already know that. No one would ever have to know.”

“I know, I just don't know.” Jared said, starting to cry a little.

“No point in crying yet, there'll be plenty of time for that. Now, did you really tell your brother that you'd tell his friends at school that he wet the bed still?” Ted asked softly.


“Why would you do that?”

“I don't know.”

“For someone who seems to be being extremely mean to his brother, you sure don't seem to know why. Now, I'm going to tell you something that Luke told me earlier, just so that you're prepared for it if you decide that you must tell his friends, because I won't hold him back, I wouldn't be able to. He said that if you told his friends at school, that he'd beat the crap out of you. You know as well as I do that he's a considerable amount stronger than you are, and you would not hope to stand a chance against what he'd do to you if you did it. Not to mention that he'd hate you for the rest of your lives. You'd ruin what little friendship you have left with him, although I dare say with how much you have been pushing him lately, it may be becoming too late for that. You used to idolize him, love him, and he loved you too, but then you started teasing him for no reason at all. He never did a thing to hurt you, and he never would either, he still loves you, but trust me, if you go and do what you threatened, like I said, I won't be able to stop him.”

“You wouldn't stop him?” Jared asked aghast.

“Why should I really, wouldn't you deserve every last hit he gave to you? Think about it this way, what would you do if he told all your friends that you were a baby pants pisser?”

“I guess I'd probably want to kill him.” Jared said quietly.

“Exactly. And how would you feel if he teased you incessantly for something that you could not control in the least?”

“I'd probably be very mad.”

“No, with as hot headed as you are, you'd be right pissed off, and you know it. Now tell me, what are the punishments that have been laid out for all that you did this morning?” Ted asked, because both boys knew exactly what each and every punishment for each and every action they had was. He found years ago that laying out a schedule for them, and making them agree to it made things far easier, and then if the boys did something that they knew they were not supposed to do, he would punish them accordingly, to the book, so that they knew there was no way around it.

“For teasing it's five spanks to the underwear butt, for swearing it's two minutes per swear word with soap in the mouth, for mouthing off to you it's five spanks for every minute of mouthing off, for telling someone off, it's ten spanks for every minute, both to the underwear covered butt. For disobeying, the punishment is ten spanks to the bare bum.” Jared quoted all of the punishments that he knew he did, but that was not all of them either.

“So, by the schedule, that means that you are owed a lot of spankings right?”

“Yes.” Jared said sullenly.

“And that only about half of them would be to your underwear, right?”


“Well, what did I tell you would happen the last time that you were warned about this?”

“That you'd double the punishment.” Jared said, all of a sudden remembering the warning, and going ashen with it.

“That's right. Now, you're good at math, so what does that mean to you?”

“That'd be sixty spanks, but only twenty of them bare, and four minutes of soap in my mouth?”

“Yeah, you wish. First of all, how many times did you call your brother a baby pants pisser?”

“Four times.” Jared went even whiter with admitting that, because he knew he couldn't lie to his father, since it would only make it worse. Lying was the largest punishment in their house, and doing so would earn him more than he cared to give up.

“So, if my math is correct, that means sixteen minutes with soap in your mouth, and not even you like soap that much. You're also forgetting something, when a punishment is deemed to be doubled, that includes removing your underwear for all spanks, doesn't it?”

“Oh god daddy, you can't spank me sixty times to my bare bum?”

“Care to place a wager on that one young man? You broke the rules, you know the punishments, you were warned and warned and warned, time and time again, you did not listen, so it is time to pay up. Now, I want you to bend over my knee this time, because it will kill my back to spank you that much, and I'm going to need to hold you down, because this is gonna hurt.” Ted warned softly.

“It's too late to say sorry, isn't it?”

“No, it's not, and in fact you're still going to, but it doesn't change the punishment, does it?”

“No, and you even have a rule against that, so I guess another minute, no, two minutes of soap in the mouth.” Jared said, starting to cry fully now.

He just got up and pulled off his underwear, and laid across his dads knees, and Ted locked his legs between his. Holding Jared down as best he could with his non spanking arm, he started the punishment. He hated having to do this, but he knew that to not do it would make it worse in the long run. He swiftly and accurately gave the sixty spanks to Jared's bared backside, not taking it easy either. He reddened the cute little bum more than it had ever been before, and he felt really bad for doing it, but continued until Jared called out sixty, because the boys had to call out the spanks.

“Come give me a hug Jared, you need it?” Ted said softly, and then picked the sobbing boy up and cradled him in his arms and hugged him for many minutes.

“Come on big guy, you're punishments are not over yet, we still need to go to the bathroom.” Ted said, standing Jared on his own two feet after the hug was done with, it took at least ten minutes.

Jared wordlessly followed his dad into the bathroom, and stood still for the next part. When Ted grabbed the soap, he just opened his mouth, and accepted it silently. As soon as the soap was locked in place by his teeth, he had to close his mouth to hold the bar in place, he went and stood in the corner in the bathroom for the eighteen minutes that he had to. Ted set the timer, and then grabbed something from the medicine cabinet.

“I know that that hurt a great deal Jared, and you took your punishment well. I truly hate having to do that to you, and I'm sorry, but you know the rules just as well as I do. I love you very much, and that was why I gave you the big hugs, because you needed them. I also have some cold cream here that will help as well, and I'm going to put some on your bum now for you.” Ted said softly, and then rubbed a large portion of cream into Jared's aching bum. He moaned at first, not only was it cold, but it felt really good. If it weren't for the fact that he was so sore, he'd probably have gotten an erection, an ever increasing problem for the boy.

“You stand here and taste your soap until the bell goes off, and then you can go and lay down in your bed for a while and think about why it's not nice to make fun of others for their disabilities, and guess what, that's what Luke has. I would certainly hope that you'd never make fun of someone in a wheelchair or something like that.” Ted said gently, and then left the room.

As soon as the timer went off, Jared spit out the soap and went to his room. He wasn't even allowed to rinse out his mouth, that would defeat the purpose. As soon as he made it there, he found Luke laying on his bed waiting for him, the cold cream that they always had in their room opened and waiting.

“Dad already put some on, thanks.” Jared said softly.

“I can put more on if you need it, you look pretty red!”

“Thanks. Luke, look, I'm really sorry. I don't know why I keep making fun of you, I just can't help myself, but I'd never really tell your friends.” Jared said sincerely, and Ted smiled, he was on the other side of the door waiting for that. He knew that Luke had come back in and would be waiting for his brother, he always was, he hated seeing his little brother hurt, but the boy just wouldn't learn to keep his mouth shut, thus was earning himself a spanking at least three times a week. “Could you rub more in, it does really feel like it's on fire.”

“It looks like it too. How bad was it?”

“Sixty bare, it was horrible. You know how hard daddy hits when he has to spank us, and he didn't hold back just because I had to have so many, he just did it. It was so bad I couldn't even scream at most times, and it was so hard to keep counting. I think I missed some though.”

“Wow, no wonder you're redder than I've ever seen before. Why so many?”

“Because I was warned that the next time I did what I did, that it'd be doubled and all bare. I forgot about that.”

“Well, I guess you deserved it then.” Luke said and started applying a lot of cold cream to Jared's naked bum. Jared had already laid down, and neither one of them were shy around each other, they saw each other bare all the time, and they saw each other hard probably once a day at least.

“Yeah, I did, I guess.” Jared admitted and Ted smiled and walked away.

“Well, I better go and leave you to your punishment before I get in trouble for talking to you when you're supposed to be thinking over what you did.” Luke smiled, and headed out, putting the cold cream back on his dresser for when it was needed next.

After Jared's punishment was over, he was pretty quiet for the rest of the day. He hardly said anything, and because he was not allowed to watch TV or play games, he pretty much just stayed in his room reading for the rest of the day. When bedtime came, Ted lovingly diapered Luke, then tucked both boys into bed. If either had have noticed the look on Jared's face though when Luke was diapered for the night, maybe they would have caught a glimpse into why he was so miserable.

Luke had become sick of Jared's teasing though, and no matter how much their dad punished him, Jared was always doing it, and tonight he had a plan. He forced himself to stay awake until after their dad was in bed, and then snuck out and got a bowl of warm water. There was always a bowl under the bathroom sink, so he just used that. Quietly he crept back to their bedroom, pulled Jared's hand out from under the blankets, and then stuck it in the warm water. He knew that this would work, because every time Jared got in the bath, no matter if he had already peed, as soon as the warm water hit him, he had to hop out and pee again. Luke didn't mind getting his hand a little wet, so to make sure that the job was done, his other hand was under the blanket over Jared's crotch. It took less than a minute for Jared to release every ounce of pee that he had in him, and he sighed in his sleep. Luke got a sly smile on his face, and then quietly retreated back to the bathroom to get rid of the evidence.

“Oh my god.” Jared screeched the next morning when he woke up, waking Luke up as well.

“What's the matter Jared?” Luke asked sleepily.

“Nothing, nothing's wrong.” Jared said all panicky.

“Yeah, sounds like it. What's the matter, you can tell me?”

“You'll make fun of me though.”

“When have I ever made fun of you for anything?” Luke pointed out truthfully.

“Never I guess. Okay, but don't laugh at me.”

“I would never laugh at you for anything.” Luke said softly, making Jared all of a sudden feel very bad.

“I peed my bed.” Jared said so quietly that Luke almost didn't hear it, but he also knew what was going to be said, so it didn't really matter.

“Oh, well I'm sure that it was just a one time thing. You better get out of bed and get changed and get your bedding into the wash. You'll have to tell dad as well. You'll probably have to wear diapers for a while to make sure that it doesn't happen again though.” Luke warned.

“Oh god, do I haveta tell him?”

“You know you have to tell him, because you'll only get in more trouble if you don't. I bet he'd consider that almost as bad as lying, and you know how he feels about that.”

“I know. I'm so sorry about teasing you for this, it really feels nasty.”

“Well, I've never waken up in a wet bed, cuz I've just always been in diapers, but I bet it doesn't feel nice.” Luke said softly.

“Yeah you have, whenever your diapers leak.” Jared pointed out.

“True, but I'm never quite as wet as you probably are.” Jared just nodded.

Jared quickly got out of bed and stripped himself and then the bed, throwing it all in a pile on the floor, and then getting into a clean pair of underwear, because that's all he ever wore to bed. He slowly trudged from the room to the laundry room and threw his bedding in the wash. His dad heard him and went to check on Luke to see how bad he leaked last night, and was surprised to see that it was Jared in there instead.

“Rough night Jared?” Ted asked as he realized what had happened, he could see the very wet sheets.

“Yeah, I wet the bed, and I didn't like it.” Jared said softly.

“Did you apologize to your brother, because now maybe you know a little about how he feels?” Ted asked softly.


“That's good. So how bad is your mattress then?”

“Pretty wet too.”

“Okay, you can get the steam cleaner out and clean your mattress, and then just let it air dry for the rest of the day.”

“Thanks daddy.”

“No problem. If it happens again, we might have to think about putting you into diapers until it clears up though okay.”

“It won't. I've never wet the bed before, so it was probably just the once.” Jared said hopefully and thankfully that his dad was not going to diaper him after just the once.

“Hopefully yes, but you never know. You're body is going to be starting its changes soon, so maybe your bladder just hasn't started to grow as much as the rest of your body has, and you know I started wetting at your age for two years for that reason.” Ted said gently.

“Yeah, I know.” Jared said, and finished getting the laundry put in and started it.

The rest of the day went about as normal as it always was in their house. The boys went out and played and had fun, after Jared steam cleaned his bed that is, and that evening they all went to bed as if there was nothing wrong.

Once again Luke was there with his trusty bowl of water, and Jared peed his bed once again. Jared almost got caught though tonight when his dad exited his bedroom to see what the noise was. He had already put the bowl away thankfully, and he claimed to just be getting a drink of water. He was lucky that he had not gotten caught he thought.

“Oh no, it happened again.” Jared said and then started crying, waking Luke up in the process.

“You peed again huh?” Luke asked softly.

“Yeah, now daddy's gonna put me in diapers too, I just know it.” Jared sobbed.

Luke almost felt bad, but held that in check. Once again Jared got up and got changed, threw everything in a pile on the floor, and then took it to the laundry room. Ted was once again there to see who was in there this morning.

“Happened again huh?” Ted asked softly, he could see that Jared was still crying, very much upset over it all.

“Yeah, now I'm gonna have to wear diapers too, aren't I?” Jared sobbed.

“Yes, but it's not so bad. At least you'll wake up warm and dry like your brother does, and just remember, your brother always wakes up in a wet diaper. You don't hear him complaining do you?”

“No, I guess not. But how can I face him after all that I've said to him?”

“You know as well as I do that Luke would never say anything bad to you, he has a lot more loyalty to you than you've shown to him in a long time.”

Jared just burst into tears more from this, realizing just how cruel he had been to his brother, and for no reason whatsoever. “I know, that's what makes it so much worse.”

Ted just went up to his youngest son and hugged him tightly. He was really crushed by all this, and realizing all that he had done. Once again Jared steam cleaned his mattress, but today he stayed mostly in his room and read, on Luke's bed, he couldn't face his brother. Finally bedtime came, and Ted was in the boy's room once again to diaper Luke, but this time he had two diapers with him. Jared just stared at the diapers in his dads hand with a look of horror in his eyes.

“Jared, I think that tonight you get to go first, so off with the underwear and lay back. Would you like cream on like I do for your brother?”

“N-n-n-n-no th-th-th-thanks.” Jared said through a new round of tears.

“Jared, it's okay, really it is. It's not so bad, you'll get used to it. They're really quite comfortable, just like underwear, just thicker.” Luke said softly, to try and console his brother, it didn't work though, he only cried more.

Jared didn't fight it though, he let his dad diaper him without argument or struggle, because he knew what would happen if he did, but he cried the entire time. Luke was already laying on his bed, naked and ready for his dad once he was finished though. Ted was done in only minutes, tucked both boys in, gave them their kisses goodnight, and then left them.

For an entire two weeks the pattern went on like this. Luke would get up each night and cause Jared to pee his diaper, and every morning Jared was wet as well. He did eventually get used to it though, he no longer cried, he was asking for the cream as well, he no longer teased his brother at all, and they were both better brothers and friends for it. But Luke found out quite suddenly that all good things must end, but he would have rather that they had not ended quite like they had.

Ted had heard a noise again, so went to investigate it, and was just in time to see Luke walking back into his room with something in his hands. He just stood in the hall in the shadows and waited. It took no more than five minutes, and Luke was coming back out with a bowl of water in his hands. He almost laughed. He let Luke get all the way into the bathroom before following him in.

“So, you're the cause of your brothers sudden wetting problem huh?” Ted asked softly.

“Oh shit.” Luke gasped, spilling a little water from the scare.

“I'll forgive you that one swear word, considering I did scare you enough to make your diaper start leaking as well.” Ted said softly, because Luke did pee so much from the fright that he was now dripping.

“Oh daddy, I can explain.”

“I bet you can, and I bet it's a good story too, isn't it?” Ted asked quietly.

“Um, yes, no, I don't know.” Luke said, not really knowing what his dad wanted to hear at that time.

“Go to bed, we'll talk in the morning and figure out some form of punishment, because nothing I have covers what it is that you have done. First thing though is that you get to tell your brother just what it was that you did to him.” Ted said gently.

“Yes daddy. Can you change me please?”

“Yes, come to my bedroom with me and I'll change you.”

Ted quickly changed Luke and sent him to bed, and then thought over what it was that Luke had done. He did have to laugh, and he did think that Jared had deserved it, a great deal in fact, but knew that it was still wrong for Luke to have done it. He had no idea what kind of punishment that he would have to hand out for this though, because like he told Luke, nothing they had covered that. He had never lied, he had never teased, in fact he was the tower of strength and support to his little brother. He did have to admit that Jared sure was acting a lot better lately too, not getting in any trouble at school, never mouthing off at home, he hadn't even let one swear word slip in the last two weeks. He even wondered if maybe letting Luke continue on would actually be not such a bad idea, but dismissed that. He decided to go to bed and work it out in the morning. It was now early Saturday morning, so he did not have to worry about work, nor the boys school, so the day was free and clear.

“Morning Jared, you wet again?” Luke asked softly.

“Yeah, I haven't had a dry night since I started wetting.”

“I got caught last night doing something pretty bad, and I think that I should tell you before daddy says I have to tell you. You're going to hate me though.”

“What is it, I'd never hate you for anything?” Jared asked.

Ted had heard the boys start talking, so decided to go and see about getting the day started off on a bad foot. He was just about to enter the room when Luke started in on the explanation, so stayed out to listen to it all.

“Yes, you probably will. I'm the reason that you've been wetting your bed every night for the last couple weeks.” Luke said softly.

“Huh, what do you mean, how could you be the cause?”

“Well, you know how you always have to pee as soon as you get into warm water, well, all I had to do was place your hand in warm water, and you peed. I've been getting up every night and making you pee the bed. I had to do it though, you were making me miserable with all the teasing. I already felt bad enough for being a bed wetter, and you were just making it worse. I had to make you understand, I had to do it, and while I felt bad making you go through it at first, I did it because I wanted you to suffer a bit as well. You've even been a lot nicer to me these past coupe weeks, we talk again and play again, you don't pick any fights with me any more, I was really starting to like you again. Daddy caught me last night though doing it to you, and I'm going to be punished for it. I hope you don't hate me too bad and will forgive me.” Luke rushed it all out at once, nearly in one long breath.

“Wow, really. I think it's the nicest thing you've ever done for me before. I've come to realize that I was just really jealous of you. Daddy always diapered you up so nicely and tucked you in so tightly, then gave you a nice kiss goodnight. He just tucked me in and gave me a kiss goodnight, I think I felt that he was spending more time with you. It's felt really nice these past couple weeks with him diapering me as well, it makes me feel so loved. I think I even like the diapers as well, they're really comfortable, especially once they're wet.” Jared grinned.

“Really, I had no idea that you liked diapers as well. They really are comfortable though, especially once they're wet. I'll tell you a secret, but you have to promise to never tell daddy though.”

“What, I won't tell, and if I do, you can tell all my friends that I'm a bed wetter, but I won't tell yours?” Jared asked excitedly.

“Thanks. Well, I'd wear them all the time if I could, and I have worn them during the day before. I think that they're so comfortable, and they're the best for when you want to do things and not have to worry about having to go to the bathroom. You know how often I have to go, it just makes sense for me.”

“Really! I thought it looked like you were wearing a diaper a few times, but I couldn't ever tell for sure.”

“Yeah. So, you're not mad at me then?” Luke asked.

“No, never, thanks.”

“Great, then I'll be able to take whatever punishment that dad hands down to me easily. What are you going to do now though that I'm caught and you probably won't end up wetting the bed anymore?”

“I don't know, never thought about that I guess. I can't possibly tell daddy that I like diapers and want him to diaper me for bed though, he'd think I was a freak.”

“Yeah, same with asking to be diapered during the day.”

“I suppose that I could just keep peeing the bed and keep my diapers that way, and we can just wear diapers during the day every so often.” Jared offered.

“You'd wear diapers during the day with me as well?”

“Hell yeah, I really like them a lot.”

“Cool, thanks, but you'd better not let dad hear that language from you. Man, with as bad as your mouth is, I'd swear that you swore just because you like the taste of soap.” Luke grinned.

“It's an acquired taste.” Jared grinned right back, and Ted nearly laughed out loud.

“Can I tell you a really big secret Luke, like even huger than liking diapers?” Jared asked softly.

“Sure, I'd never tell anyone, and if I did, I'd allow you to tell all my friends that I'm a baby pants pisser.”

“Cool, but you'd better not let daddy hear you say that, or you'll get soaped as well.”

“I know, but daddy once told me that all kids swear when around other kids, and that that was pretty much okay, but never ever say stuff like that around adults. So, what's this big secret?” Luke asked curiously.

“Cool. Well, you know how boys are supposed to like girls, well, I don't. I like boys. I think I'm gay like they say in the playground. I've even sucked a boys peepee before, and I really liked it. I loved it when he sucked mine too. You don't hate me do you? Because my friend says that if anyone ever finds out that we did that, we'd be made fun of and called names, but you'd never do that to me, not like I did to you.”

“No, I won't make fun of you for that, because I'm gay as well. I've sucked a couple boys peepees as well, and been sucked a couple times too. It feels real nice.”

“No way, you mean it?”

“Cross my heart.” Luke smiled brightly.

“Way cool.” Jared smiled brightly as well.

Ted was standing in the hall listening to his sons confess their hearts to each other, and he had to smile as well. He was proud of his sons. He had already known about Luke, he was home one time he and his friend had sucked each other, and they had not been so quiet as they should have been, and he had heard it all from his bedroom. It also didn't surprise him that Jared was gay either, although he felt that Jared would probably end up bi later on. He decided that since the boys seemed to be finished for the time being, that he was going to go and grab a couple things. The boys just hugged after their emotional purge, and were surprised to see their dad enter the room with the diaper rash cream, a damp cloth, and two fresh diapers in his hands.

“Good morning boys, it looks like you had a nice night.”

“Yeah, what's up daddy?” Luke asked, clearly puzzled.

“Well, today I am going to diaper the two of you up, and we're going to stay in all day and watch movies. I think that you will both appreciate being able to watch a movie all the way through without having to pause it once, or more likely three times as I always have to do. You don't have to if you don't want to of course, but you may as well give it a shot.” Ted said gently.

“Um, but what about last night daddy?” Luke asked.

“I see no reason to bring it up, everything is working nicely right now as it is.” Ted smiled to Luke, to make him think that he decided that he too liked Jared the way he was.

“Oh, okay daddy, thanks.” Luke said, clearly puzzled, but thankful that he was getting out of a punishment.

“Well, I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but I'll do it if you do it Luke.” Jared said, but clearly knowing exactly what it was that they were talking about, and so did the other two, but two of them did not know this.

“Okay, I'll give it a try, it would be nice to actually get to see a movie all the way through without stopping it three times.”

“Go ahead and lay down then and I'll get you two all cleaned up.” Ted offered, and then slowly and lovingly cleaned up his two sons, diapering them nicely as well. Both boys smiled from this, looking to each other as they did. Ted saw it of course, but pretended not to.

“Okay, breakfast first, and then we can watch a movie or two.” Ted said, smacking both boys cute diapered bums as they stood up.

The three of them headed to the kitchen and made breakfast together, and then headed to their media room and started the first of many movies that day. When they stopped for lunch, both boys were soaked and happy.

“Come on you two, we need to get you two changed, then we need to have lunch, and then we're going to sit down and have a talk before our next movie.” Ted offered, so that was what they did.

Neither boy had any idea what the talk was going to be about, neither had any clue that their dad now knew their biggest secrets, but they knew he was not mad, so they let it drop, because they knew they would find out nothing until the time came. They made lunch together again, and then sat down and ate.

“Okay boys, let's go lay back down on the couch again, and I want to talk to you about some things.”

The boys just nodded and they headed into the media room again and laid back down on the couch. Ted in the center, and one boy on either side, laying on their sides, each of their heads on their daddies lap, both of them touching at their top. They had laid like this for the past couple hours, and they all found it very relaxing, especially the boys when their dad played with their hair.

“Okay boys, some of what I have to say and ask may be difficult, but please do not deny anything, because what I'm about to say I am already almost a hundred percent certain on.”

“Okay daddy.” Both boys said softly, not really liking the sounds of that too much.

“First of all, you are both diaper lovers.”

“H-h-h-how did you know daddy?” Luke gasped.

“A few reasons really, but the first is, look at what you're wearing. Someone who hated them would not be laying here in the middle of the day and peeing their diapers, and they certainly wouldn't have them as their only source of cover. If they had a day time problem, that would be different, but neither of you do. Also, one of you does not actually have a night time problem.”

“H-h-h-how did you know that?” Jared asked.

“I know that Luke would have told you by now, he probably told you as soon as you boys woke up, because he's just like that. He knew that he did wrong, and he knew that he'd have to apologize to you face to face, so I know that he would have done so at his earliest convenience, which would have been this morning.”

“You know me so well daddy.” Luke grinned.

“Yeah, I do, which is also why I know for a fact that you're gay, one hundred percent, not a girl in your future at all gay.” Ted said softly. Luke's face just fell.

“I am not upset by that at all Luke, I have known that you were gay for a few years now. Jared, I also am certain that you are gay as well, although I think that you might like girls a little as well, but would prefer boys.”

“But how did you know?” Jared asked, a little more okay with this since what his dad had just said to Luke.

“Call it intuition if you will, but I just know you two very well. Not to mention that I have in fact caught you and one of your friends giving each other head once Luke. You weren't nearly so quiet as you should have been, but that's okay. I had already known anyways.” Ted said softly, Luke was still shaking a bit and sniffling.

“Y-y-you really don't m-m-mind?” Luke asked.

“Of course not, I would be crazy, and a hypocrite to mind. I'm actually bisexual myself, but haven't been with a male since I was in my teens myself. To tell you the truth though, when and if I decide to go out and get someone new, it probably won't be a female, so don't be too surprised. I'm just sick to death of women and their shit.”

“Really Daddy, then you could teach us all sorts of things, you're bound to know all sorts of fun things to do, you could teach us!” Jared said excitedly.

“Whoa there big guy, before you blow a load, forget about that ever happening. I will not now, nor ever have any sort of sex with you boys. I am not into young boys, and it would make me sick to do so, even to just teach you things. You can learn like every other boy before you, find someone to experiment on. Of course you both know all about safe sex and all that, so make sure and heed those warnings. I also don't mean that you should go out and find someone now and shag like bunnies, that would be wrong as well, but if the opportunity arises, don't hesitate to take advantage.”

“Oh, okay then, I guess. I've sucked another boy before too though daddy, and he sucked me, it was great.” Jared offered freely, now that they were talking about it.

“You don't have to tell me of your conquests Jared, unless you really want to, but it's not necessary. I would like to ask both of you boys how far you've gone though, and I'd like you to tell me the truth, but you don't have to go into details?”

“I've given a couple hand jobs and a blow job.” Jared offered.

“Same here, but a few times each.”

“Okay, so so far it's just mouths and hands. That's good. No need to rush into anything. If you have any questions though, I do want for you to come and ask me right away. I would also like to point out to you boys that even experimenting with someone that has never had sex before should always be done safely. That means condoms at all times. Problem is that I doubt very seriously that there are condoms for boys of your size, because neither of you are quite large enough to fill an adult condom, even though you are getting pretty big Luke.”

“Oh, so that means no more sucking then?” Jared asked.

“That would be correct yes, however, it is your choice. If you know your partner well, and can trust him, then you choose. Also remember to be careful of people that would try and cause you harm or grief. Many people still don't quite agree with people being gay, so be careful how you act, and where you do things, always stay safe in that regard as well.”

“That's why you only covered anal sex in your sex talk, isn't it daddy, you knew we were gay?” Luke asked this time, all of a sudden remembering the talk that they had had almost a year ago now.

“I was wondering when you would realize that.” Ted laughed.

“But how did you know though, even before you caught me?”

“Like I said, because I know you well. As a young boy you'd get hard and have your hands down your pants, both of you, only when there were boys on the TV, never girls. Then there is who you look at at the malls and other places. Luke you only ever look at the cute boys and men, while Jared, you do look at the exceptionally pretty girls, but mostly boys and men. There are a few other subtle reasons that I knew you were both gay, but those are the major ones.”

“Oh, I never knew that.” Luke said.

“I know. Now Luke, you also seem to look at the baby accessories in the department stores an awful lot; bottles, soothers, sleepers, diaper shirts, and that sort of thing. Would you like any of that stuff, you only have to ask?”

“Yes daddy, I'd love a bottle and a soother, and a diaper shirt would be wicked, but I don't think that I need a sleeper. It might be hard to find those anyways.”

“Me too.” Jared piped up, not wishing to miss the opportunity.

“Not as hard as you'd think. Diaper shirts would be tough, if dancers didn't need body suits, and they're virtually identical. They should work perfectly. Sleepers are a little tricky, but they can be found in your sizes, even if we have to special order them from somewhere. And of course you can both just use baby bottles and soothers.” Ted smiled to his boys, they had both looked up happily when he had asked.

“Can we go and buy some today?” Luke asked hopefully.

“No, maybe tomorrow, okay.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

“I'm really proud of you boys, I just want you to know that, and I love you both very much. I'm so happy that I haven't had to punish either of you once in these last couple weeks, it feels nice. You have any idea how much I hate spanking you boys, and how much I cry afterwards?” Ted asked softly.

“You cry afterwards?” Jared asked gently.

“Yes, it's very hard to have to hit someone, it makes me feel very bad for doing it, but I know that it is necessary sometimes.”

“I'm sorry for making you feel bad so often then daddy, and I'll try, really hard, honest.” Jared vowed, and from then on, Ted never had to feel bad for spanking either of his boys, because neither of them ever deserved one again.

“Thanks, I'd appreciate that. Now, let's start the rest of our movie marathon. Who picked last?”

The rest of the day passed in much that way, the three of them curled up on the couch, watching movies all day, and the only time they got up was for meals and then bed. The boys soaked a few diapers a piece throughout the day, and they were very happy, so Ted was of course happy as well, because he was happy if his boys were happy.

“Would you boys like to wear diapers today again, we'll be going out, so it's your choice?” Ted asked the following morning, just after the boys had waken up and he was getting them changed out of their wet night diapers.

“Diapered please.” Both boys said at the same time.

“Okay. So Jared, did you wet on purpose throughout the night, or was this an accident?” Ted asked curiously, not really caring one way or the other.

“Actually, I only just realized it, but it was an accident. You didn't have anything to do with it did you Luke?” Jared grinned.

“Nope, not this time.” Luke grinned back.

“Cool.” Jared whooped.

“Come on you little soaker, let me get you into a nice dry diaper, and then you can get dressed.” Ted grinned as well, and then diapered Jared first, followed by Luke.

The boys quickly got dressed into some baggy pants and long shirts, putting their underwear over their diapers to help conceal them just a little better. Ted then treated the boys to going out for breakfast at an all you can eat breakfast buffet, and both boys were happy to hear that. They stuffed themselves silly, and then headed out.

“Okay boys, these are the body suits I was telling you about for dance class. Pick the styles and colors that you want, and then we'll go in and try them on to make sure they fit. You may pick as many as six each.” Ted offered the boys when they walked into the store they headed to after breakfast. The store was a small store that dealt almost solely in dance and gymnastics clothing.

“Wicked, thanks daddy.” Both boys said together, and then started picking through the rack.

They each picked out their six that they were allowed, both choosing four white, one black, and one red, and all of them in short sleeve. Ted took them to the change rooms, the lady had already had them open for the boys, and had the boys strip down and try them on. They were a perfect fit, so both boys kept one of the white ones on each. They all filed out of the change room with their shirts, and the lady was told that the boys were each wearing their shirts, and offered the tags to be scanned, and then she rung them through, with hardly anything being said. They headed out from there, and headed to the nearest department store.

“Okay boys, you may each pick out two bottles and two soothers, and if there's anything else you want, just ask. I'm going to grab more diaper rash cream while we're here as well.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

To anyone looking, this would not look odd, because for all anyone knew, the boys were looking for gifts for some reason. Ted grabbed four of the largest tubs of diaper rash cream he could find, the same ones he had always bought for Luke before, and piled them in the cart. The boys each picked out their bottles and soothers, and they too were piled in the cart. The three of them looked around the store for a while longer, all of them adding things to the cart that they needed or wanted, but nothing more in the way of baby accessories. They had been gone so long, that they were all getting hungry again, even after the large breakfast, so they ended up going out for lunch as well. Off to home they finally headed after lunch.

“Daddy, I think I need a clean diaper please, I think I'm going to leak soon if I don't?” Luke asked.

“Okay, and I can well imagine that you too need a change right Jared?”

“Yep.” Jared smiled.

Ted took the boys to their room and quickly stripped them and changed them. Both boys opted to just stay in their diaper shirts over their clean diapers,, and then they all went about cleaning the house and doing chores. The rest of the day went well for them all.

Chapter 2

The next few days went by well for all of them. The boys were beyond happy, they had everything they wanted, and they had a loving daddy that understood them a great deal. Ted too was very happy that his boys were so happy. The boys were unable to wear their diapers during the day so much now, because they had school, but they sure wore them after school. Ted of course worked, so the boys were home alone after school until just a little after six each evening. It was Thursday afternoon when our boys' story starts to get a bit more interesting.

“Luke, I don't want to ask my friend for blowjobs anymore, he's not really gay, and the only reason we did it was to try it out, but I don't think that he'd want to any more. Daddy said that we should only do sex stuff with someone we really trust, well, I trust you. Would you suck me if I sucked you?” Jared asked as soon as their homework was done.

“I don't know, isn't that like wrong or something. I mean, people aren't supposed to do that sort of thing with their brothers are they?”

“I don't think it'd be wrong. I love you, I trust you, and if no one else knows about it, then no one can say anything about it.” Jared pointed out.

“Okay, I suppose we could try it out, I haven't had any fun lately either, for the same reasons. I don't think my friends are gay either, just were horny and wanted to get, so they had to give as well.” Luke said, already getting hard in his already wet diaper.

“Cool. Do you think we could do it at the same time, I could lay on top of you, facing your feet, that'd be neat I think?” Jared asked.

“Oh, you mean a sixty nine, sure, I've always wanted to try that.”

“Oh, I didn't know there was an actual name for it, or that other people would do that.” Jared said, showing his naivety about sex. He of course knew the basics, and a bit more, but not all the positions. Luke did know though, because he used his internet time wisely.

“Come on. Let's do this before I chicken out and get blue balls again.” Luke laughed.

“What's blue balls?”

“The term that guys use when they haven't had any release for a long time and it actually starts to hurt.” Luke said smartly.

“Can you shoot the stuff yet?”

“No, not yet. I can't wait 'til I do though.” Luke grinned.

By this time they were in their room and already starting to strip off their slightly damp diapers. They had of course seen each other hard a number of times, and they had checked each other out as well, but never like this. They stood no more than a foot apart from each other, and they just looked at each others bouncing boners. Jared started to reach out first, and Luke matched his movements. They grasped each others erections at almost the exact same time, and they both moaned lowly from it. At the same time they also started lightly stroking their brothers.

“Luke, it feels so much nicer when you do this then when the others did this to me. You feel so good.”

“You too. You're really good at this.” Luke sighed.

“Can we lay down now, I bet your mouth feels a thousand times better?”

“Yeah.” Luke sighed again, and then detached.

Luke laid down first, because he was the bigger of the two of them, and then Jared climbed on, facing the other way. At almost the exact same time, the two of them sucked each other in to the root, and they both moaned loudly. Luke was only about four to four and a half slender inches long, and Jared as about a half an inch shorter, and slightly thinner than his brother was. Both of them reached the backs of their brothers throats, and Luke entered Jared's throat slightly, but neither gagged from this action, they both liked it in fact.

Gently they started moving together, moving their tongues on each others boners, started sucking on each other, and started bobbing more and more. For their first time, they held off an amazing amount of time, they were going so slow, but after almost ten minutes of this they could hold on for no longer. Both started squeaking their way into their immature orgasms. Jared slumped down on top of Luke a few moments later, both of them gasping. Eventually Luke had to push Jared off so that he could breath properly.

“Wow, you suck real good. No one has ever made me feel so good before.” Luke half sighed, half groaned.

“Yeah, you were way better than I had as well. I can't wait until we do that again.”

“Yeah, same here.”

“So, there'll be a next time then, cuz I sure hope so?” Jared smiled triumphantly.

“Yeah, for sure. Nothing that feels that good and right can be so wrong that we're bad people. Besides, no one has to know.”

“Except maybe your dad.” Ted said gently from the boys' bedroom door. He had heard the commotion as he came in, and came to check it out, and was only slightly surprised to see his sons working together.

“Oh no, daddy, it's not what it looks like.” Luke said suddenly, trying to cover himself up.

“Oh, really, then tell me, what was that, because it looked a lot like two loving brothers helping each other out in a safe way to me?” Ted smiled warmly to his sons.

“Yeah, I guess thats what it was. You're not mad are you?” Luke asked quietly.

“Nah, for that, I'm glad that you two are helping each other out. Some may not understand, but really, who are you hurting? No one! So I say if it hurts no one, and no one is forcing anyone, then enjoy yourselves.”

“Really daddy!” Jared said happily.

“Sure. I mean me and your uncle fooled around a little as well when we were your age, and we're normal, well as close to normal as most people can be.”

“No way, you and uncle Mark fooled around as well, that's like so cool!” Jared said giddily.

“Yeah, we thought so too. We never moved from hands and mouths though, because he's not gay at all, he was just a horny boy. I would have went further and gone on for longer, but he didn't want to. Once he got himself a girlfriend at fifteen, that was it, he no longer needed me, because she put out for him, regularly.”

“You wanted him to bum you even?” Luke asked in shock.

“Sure. I have had anal sex before, and if done right, it can feel incredible. All that information I gave you boys was not read about, it was experience. It's been many years mind you, but I still know all about it and how good it feels.”

“Daddy, could you buy some lube for us, because I'd really like for Luke to bum me one day, I've been dreaming about it for a long time?” Jared asked casually.

“Well, I'll buy the lube, the rest is up to you two. Remember though, no forcing each other in any way, or such a spanking you will never imagine, and you'll get the same punishment for at least a week.”

“Cool, thanks daddy. We don't need it right away, but eventually I'd like to feel it, and don't worry, I'd never force Luke into anything, I love him.” Jared said, like he was the older and the bigger of the two of them, but Ted knew just as well as the boys did which one of the boys was more outgoing.

“I know.” Ted smiled.

“Daddy, how come you're home so early anyways?” Luke asked.

“There was a fire in the office, and all the sprinklers went off. The entire place is soaked, and I barely escaped being soaked myself, only because I had an umbrella in my office. It'll probably be days before we can get back to work, so you boys get to suffer with me for a few days.”

“That's too bad and cool all at the same time.” Jared smiled.

“Should I ask which one is not too bad and which one is cool?” Ted grinned.

“Oh definitely too bad that you can't go to work and cool that there was a fire.” Jared grinned back.

“Yeah, that's what I thought.” Ted smiled warmly to his youngest. He then grabbed the boys each a dry diaper and then diapered them up lovingly.

Once the boys were nice and thickly diapered, they all headed to the kitchen to make and eat an early dinner, seeing as how they were all hungry anyways. The next few days went by well for them all, and Ted even decided to keep the boys home with him the next day to make it a nice long weekend, just so that they could spend more time together. They were always very close anyways, but extra time together never hurt. He took them to the park, and they played like boys that were much younger. Neither cared that they were playing and having fun outside in their nice thick diapers, but no one could really tell anyways, unless they looked very closely. There was almost no one there to look that closely though. It took three days for Ted's office to be cleaned up, they had worked long and hard through the weekend to do so, so on Monday, Ted went back to work. The boys did not play with each other again during that time, even though they both wanted to, it just didn't feel right with their dad home.

“Wanna suck together again?” Jared asked as soon as they walked in the door after school on Monday.

“Yeah, but we'd better do our homework first, you know dads rule on fun before homework.” Luke said sadly.

“True. Thankfully I hardly have any at all, how about you?”

“About half an hours worth, if that much. I was able to finish almost all my work at school today.”

“Yeah, me too, because I tried so hard to get it all done so that I could come home and suck you.” Jared grinned.

“Same here.” Luke smiled.

“Let's hurry then, the faster we get it done, the faster we can get to the fun stuff.”

“Don't rush it so much though that you get it all wrong, you'll just get in trouble for that too.” Luke warned, but already rushing to lay his homework out on the kitchen table as well.

“I know, no worries.”

They both rushed through their homework as fast as they could get away with it, but making sure that it was done correctly. As soon as it was all done, Jared was done a few seconds before Luke, it was all unceremoniously stuffed back in their backpacks, and then Jared started stripping where he stood, showing that he was painfully hard.

“Wow, you're really hard!” Luke said, looking up just as he finished stuffing his things into his backpack as well.

“Yeah, I've been like this all day. I had to walk around with a book in front of me all day, and in gym a couple of the guys teased me cuz I was hard, I just teased them back, saying they wished they could get hard too. We all laughed, but I've been dreaming of coming home and sucking you all day, and hoping you would repay the favor.”

“Of course I'd suck you if you sucked me, it'd only be fair after all.” Luke smiled while stripping off all his clothes as well.

“Thanks, but I'd suck you any time, even if you didn't pay me back, that just makes me want to do it more.”

“Thanks. Well, should we do it here, or should we go to our room?” Luke asked curiously, now that they were both naked and hard.

“I'm so horny I'd say right here, but the floor'll be cold, and our beds will be much more comfortable, so let's go there.” Jared said, and then took off.

Luke took off in chase and followed Jared's very cute little ass to their bedroom, he was in time to see Jared take a leap from about two meters from the bed, and turn in mid air and land on his back in the middle of the bed. Luke also took a leap, and landed nearly on top of Jared, but making sure not to crush his little brother with his bigger size. As soon as they were settled, Luke leaned down and while they looked right into each others eyes, they kissed. They had never kissed before, but it was nice, it was tender, and it was making both boys climb even higher towards their orgasms. Mind you, it didn't hurt that as they were kissing, their naked bodies were grinding together, their painfully hard erections caressing each other. Even though they both wanted to suck each other, they were enjoying the incredible kiss, and the incredible feelings that it was causing, so much so that they just let it go, and at almost the same time, they both exploded.

“Wow, I never knew kissing could be so good. That felt awesome.” Luke sighed a few minutes later, he was now laying on his brother, his head resting on Jared's shoulder. Both boys were still shaking like leaves on a tree on a windy day.

“Yeah, me neither.” Jared sighed out as well, enjoying the feelings of his brother cuddling him like they were.

“You're still hard!” Luke said, feeling his not so little brother still poking into him.

“So are you.” Jared giggled.

“Wanna suck each other now?”

“Hell yeah.” Jared squealed in delight, and Luke rolled off his brother.

Jared rolled at the same time, so that they were both now on their sides, and then Luke flipped himself around so that they were facing each others boners. They grabbed a hold of each others warm hard asses, and then reached in with tongues extended, and then just started licking each other, as if it were planned, but neither one of them said a word. They both licked and sucked each others balls, Luke's just a little larger and looser, but Jared's a respectable size, both hummed as the others sack was fully in their mouths, and they both moaned deeply as well, adding even more incredible sensations. Once again at the same time, they let each others balls go, and started licking up the hard young shafts in front of them, swirling their tongues around the sensitive heads as they each pulled back the others foreskin tenderly. Once again they both moaned lowly from this, both enjoying it a great deal. Then they sucked each other in and started a slow gentle suction, using their tongues as best they knew how, and they were getting very good, bringing the other so much more joy then they ever thought possible. Neither boy was a stranger to cock sucking, they had both done it before, as well as had the pleasure of getting it done to them as well, but it was only boyish playing before, and no one was really any good at it. Both boys were now getting very good at it though, gaging just when to do what to their brother to make them feel the best. They were doing that now.

With just having an orgasm not too long ago, the fire was not yet so hot that they were going to explode, but they both knew that it would be soon. As they were sucking and being sucked, they were both moaning and groaning a great deal. Even though it lasted about seven or eight minutes, and every second of that was bliss to the two boys, it was still much too soon for their orgasms in their opinions. It took longer for them to come down from their second orgasm than it had taken for them to have it, and in the meantime, they just laid there, staring straight ahead and gasping for breath.

“Wow, that was like the best ever.” Jared panted out.

“For sure, I've never been sucked so nice before.” Luke sighed out.

“You're welcome. You know what Luke, I really do love you, you know that right?”

“Yeah, and I love you too you foul mouthed brat.” Luke teased.

“You weren't complaining about my foul mouth a minute ago.” Jared laughed.

“No, I most certainly wasn't.” Luke laughed, turned around, and laid a kiss on his little brother that rivaled even the first one, and neither thought that that was remotely possible.

“Wow, look at the time. We should get diapered and get our clothes in the laundry room, and then get dinner started. Dad'll be home soon already.” Luke sighed out a while later, breaking their kiss and looking at the clock.

“I suppose we should. I'm getting really hungry.” Jared also sighed, hating having to break their loving embrace.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Can I sleep with you tonight so that we can cuddle up all night long, I've really liked just getting to hold you?” Jared asked softly.

“Yeah, I'd really like that too.” Luke smiled warmly to his loving little brother.

The two of them diapered each other lovingly, and then went and collected their clothes, putting them in the laundry hamper where they belonged, and then got started on dinner.

“Mmm, dinner sure smells good boys, whatcha burnin up?” Ted asked as he walked in the kitchen.

“We decided on honey garlic pork, egg foo young, chicken fried rice, and noodles. We wanted to make egg rolls as well, but we didn't have the stuff or the time to make them.” Luke answered.

“Dear god boys, you're turning into some mighty fine chefs, and if you keep up all this good cooking, you're gonna get me fat.” Ted grinned at his two diapered boys.

“Thanks daddy.” They both said.

“You two are glowing, it looks like you had a good afternoon while I was gone to work, making a living.” Ted smiled warmly to his boys.

“Yeah, it was real nice.” Jared said dreamily.

“You kissed, didn't you!” Ted said simply, not really a question.

“Yeah, I never knew kissing could feel so nice.” Luke said dreamily this time.

“When it's with the right person, and you're both in love, it can feel that way, yes. I'm really glad that you boys are getting along so well, but remember, you're brothers, and people wouldn't understand what you two are doing. Also, you might not want to go and fall in love with each other, you really should find life partners for that, although I can tell that that statement might be too late in coming.”

“What's wrong with us loving each other daddy?” Jared asked curiously.

“Well, as brothers you'll naturally be together for life, but people need others in their lives as well, someone that they can grow old with. If you two do in fact love each other like that, then I will not stand in the way, but just remember what I said.”

“Thanks daddy.” Jared smiled, and then went and hugged his daddy, joined only a second later by Luke.

“You're welcome boys, but you should go finish up dinner before it burns. I'll set the table.” Ted smiled softly to his boys, and then patted their cute diapered backsides as they turned to go back to what they were doing.

Ted just watched his sons for a few seconds, watched how they were interacting with each other, watched how they touched each other, and he realized that it really was too late, they were in love. He grabbed the plates and utensils, as well as all the other items that they would need for their dinner, and quickly set the table. Dinner was ready in only about half an hour, and while Ted was waiting, he sat at the bar counter in the kitchen and watched and talked to the boys.

Once dinner was prepared, they all sat down and enjoyed their feast. They all enjoyed it a great deal. The boys were truly getting very good, but it was Luke that was the real cook of the two of them. He loved to watch the cooking shows on TV, and loved to cook more, he loved to experiment and try new dishes or flavors. Sometimes it was a colossal flop, sometimes it was spectacular. Jared mostly just followed Luke around and did as he was asked to do, and he did it well, but he needed the guidance.

After dinner was all eaten and cleaned up from, the three of them went to the living room and watched TV for the rest of the night. When bedtime came, Ted diapered the boys, and then was not even shocked in the least when they just curled up in the same bed, the same one they had just been changed on, and covered up. He gave them their kisses and hugs goodnight, and then left the room, turning off the light as he went.

The rest of the week went about the same, every day the boys would rush home, rush their homework, and then slow down for some nice tender loving. Their techniques on kissing and sucking got better and better throughout the week, and their love for each other was growing even more so. It came to the point where Ted actually had to tell them that brothers did not look that way at each other in public. They would sit and stare at each other, and not even realize what they were doing. Ted thought it cute, but he wondered how long it would take for their friends to catch on and see that there was more to the brothers than was normal. He did warn the boys about this of course, and they tried, really they did, but it was just so hard, no pun intended of course.

Their weekend was really nice again. Ted took the boys to the theater and the park on Saturday, and then they laid back at home and relaxed on Sunday. The boys stayed sleeping with each other all week as well, and Ted had no problems with it.

Monday came once again for the boys, and once again they rushed in the house and rushed through their homework. The funny thing was that ever since the boys had found each other and their love of diapers blossomed, their grades had gone up, even if they did rush through their homework, because they did it all correctly. As soon as they finished their homework, they finished at almost the same time again, Jared grabbed Luke by the hand, pulled him up to a standing position, and then kissed him deeply. Luke was the first to break the kiss nearly ten minutes later, and without saying a word, led his little brother, his lover to their bedroom.

“Jared, I want you to make love to me please?” Luke whispered.

“I'll grab the lube that dad bought us.” Jared smiled warmly.

“Okay.” Luke smiled back and started stripping himself.

“Here we go.” Jared said, coming back a second later, victoriously holding up the tube of KY jelly their dad had bought them. “I'll make love to you Luke, as long as you promise to make love to me as well afterwards.”

“Okay, I'd really like that as well.” Luke smiled and laid down on the bed, his young erection standing tall and proud. Jared wasted no time at all in undressing himself as well, and then climbed on the bed.

“I want to try something.” Jared whispered, crawling in between Luke's spread legs.

Luke just laid back and let Jared do to him whatever he wanted, fully relaxed, fully horny. Jared pushed Luke's legs up and out further, spreading his brother fully, and Luke grabbed the backs of his knees to hold his legs up for Jared. As soon as Luke was nice and open, Jared dove right into Luke's crack and stuck his tongue in. He figured that he had better do it quickly, or he would lose his nerve again. He had almost done this a few times over the past week, but had chickened out at the last second, and ended up just licking Luke's balls instead. This time he did it though, and it was wondrous. He loved the feel, and by how Luke growled and nearly bent in half, Jared had to say that he seemed to like it as well.

Jared stayed in there for about five minutes licking his brother, slipping his tongue in and out of the tight entrance as well, really loosening him up and making him feel spectacular. Jared's tongue ended up getting sore long before he was ready to exit, but he had no choice. As he realized though that he'd have to vacate, he got the lube opened and got two of his nice slender fingers covered in the thick slimy goo, and as his face exited, his fingers entered. First one, and then the second a few seconds later, since Luke seemed so relaxed and wide open. Slowly Jared worked his fingers in and out, rotating them as he went, really opening his brother up for ultimate penetration.

“Are you ready for me baby?” Jared asked softly.

“Oh yes, this feels so great, I want you in me, I need you in me, make love to me.” Luke sighed breathlessly.

“Just make sure and tell me if I hurt you at all and I'll stop okay.” Jared said with no small amount of love pouring out of him.

“Uh huh.” Luke sighed out again.

Jared climbed up his big brothers body, giving kisses in select locations as he went. As their lips met, so did Jared's erection meet the entrance to his brothers most private place, a place his tongue and fingers had just been in for their first time. Without hardly a shove, Jared slipped inside just a little, and they both moaned deeply, far deeper than boys of their age would or could normally moan, but it felt just so good. Jared stayed still for just a few seconds for them both to get used to it, and then started slowly sliding all the way in. Luke was obviously very relaxed and very well prepared, because not once did he have even the slightest amount of discomfort, only a delicious warmth and incredible feeling spreading throughout his body.

As soon as Jared was buried inside all the way, he pulled back out, accidentally slipping out on his first time, but he rectified that situation immediately, and slipped all the way back inside. Once again they both moaned deeply. Jared started them on a nice slow motion, pulling almost all the way out, and then reversing direction and slipping all the way back inside, just as far as he could reach.

With all the foreplay that Jared had done, they were both very charged and ready to fire, so unfortunately their first love making session did not last very long at all, five minutes tops. Near the end Jared also got so spastic that it looked as if he were having a seizure, but then, Luke looked nearly as bad. With twin screams from the boys, they came their single most powerful orgasm as of yet. Had their minds have been clearly focused though, they would have realized that that had equaled no less than five of their previous best orgasms total. It was that great, and because of that, they both collapsed. Neither boy passed out, but it was a close call.

“Wow, I never knew.” Luke gasped out almost ten minutes later.

“Me neither.” Jared said, still breathing heavily.

“Just wait 'til you try it from this side, it was incredible, and what you did with your tongue, well, wow is all I can say.” Luke panted out.

“Can't wait. Just give me another minute or two, and then we can switch places, cuz I so wanna try receiving as well.” Jared sighed out.

They laid there, starting their kiss once again, for a few minutes longer, until Jared bodily rolled them over. As soon as Luke was on top, he got the hint, and got to work. He crawled down Jared's still heaving body, kissing as he went, but not spending too much time at any given place.

Jared instinctively pulled his legs up and out, locked his arms under his knees, thus preparing himself for almost anything that Luke had planned for him. Luke just smiled at what Jared had done, and dove his face into the moist crack and gave Jared a hell of a rim job. He too had thought of this a few times over the last week, but he too chickened out at the last second. This time though, he knew just how good it felt to receive, so wanted to make Jared feel the same things as well. And boy did he. Jared growled from the insane pleasure, and his body also nearly snapped in two when he arched up from the feelings.

Luke was only able to last a few seconds longer than Jared had while doing the same thing, and he too started preparing his fingers just before he knew he had to evacuate heaven. Just as Luke pulled his face out, his fingers were slipping in. He too started with one finger, and it slipped right inside without any indication of discomfort. Luke waited a few moments longer before entering his second finger, but as he waited, his finger was busily probing and feeling everywhere inside that it could. Jared gave a long low moan as the second finger joined the first, and Luke was happy to see his baby brother so happy, because he sure looked happy right then.

After a few minutes of finger work, Luke pulled them out and then kissed his way back up Jared's body. Once again, as their lips met, so did Luke's erection to Jared's soon to be non virginal hole. Luke slipped in just as easily as Jared had, and there was no pain at all in Jared's face. He too stayed still just after his head was inside, but he was amazed at how hot and wet it was inside his brother, and he was wanting to be even deeper still. As soon as he felt the hole relax just a little more, he slipped in the rest of the way, but not actually intending to do so. They both moaned deeply again into the others mouth as they kissed.

Luke started a slow rocking motion, pulling nearly all the way out, and then slipping back in. He not once slipped out of Jared, not due to experience, just luck. They were both enjoying their first love making a whole bunch, and they were both torn between what felt better, giving or getting, because they both thought it was great.

With their first powerful orgasm out of the way, they both lasted a little longer this time, if you wish to call thirty seconds longer. With another pair of screams into each others mouths, they came, and came hard, and that was it, this time they did pass out.

And that was how Ted found his sons almost an hour later. They were still attached, Jared's legs were now relaxed and resting on Luke's bum, and they were both wet from pee. Luke's pee ended up squirting inside of Jared, but because there was little room for it, most of it came back out, and it was pretty dirty. Ted actually started laughing, and that was how the boys awoke.

“Oh, hi daddy. I guess we fell asleep.” Luke looked toward the sound and stated shyly.

“As much as it smells of sex in here, and how tired and worn you two look, I would say so. The first time is always a bit more draining. Did you both get a chance to receive, or was this your very first time?” Ted asked, his amusement still apparent.

“Oh, we both got to receive, and it was glorious. You never said it would be that good.” Jared said brightly, not in the least bit shy.

“Glad to hear, and there are just no words suitable to describe just how good making love feels, both giving and receiving, and I think that you'll both agree with that.”

“Oh yeah.” They both said dreamily.

“Come on, get up, grab a shower and get dressed, we're going out for dinner, because I doubt you had a chance to make it.” Ted smiled to his two loving boys.

“Okay.” Both boys said happily, realizing just how hungry they were now that food was mentioned.

Luke and Jared quickly separated, got out of bed on shaky legs, and headed towards their bathroom together, passing by their daddy, who just to happened to smack their cute bare bums as they passed. Ted grabbed all the bedding once the boys were in the shower and took it all to the laundry room to throw in the washer. He was thankful that they had at least been on Luke's bed, it at least had a water proof mattress protector. He still had not bought one for Jared's bed, but now it didn't seem that he'd really need to, seeing as how the boys seemed to prefer Luke's bed, possibly because it did have the mattress protector on it. He got the washer started and then headed to his own room to get changed into some more comfortable clothes, instead of his stuffy suit that he had been wearing.

Half an hour later, the three of them were ready to go, and where would a knowing daddy take two very hungry preteen boys for dinner but to an all you can eat restaurant. Boy did they eat a lot too. Even if Ted had not eaten anything at all, the two boys ate more than enough for him as well, even if he too had have been very hungry, for which he was. Each of the boys went back up to the food tables no less than three times, and then the dessert tables at least twice, and not one plate could be seen at any time for all the food piled on them. Ted only managed two to the food, and once to the dessert tables before he was full, and just sat and watched the boys eat once he was done.

“So, how do you boys feel after what you did this afternoon?” Ted asked Luke and Jared once they were back home, comfortable, and seated on the couch.

“Really nice, really loved.” Luke said dreamily.

“Yeah, what he said.” Jared added dreamily as well.

“I'm happy for you two, I wish that I could have had what you two have now when I was your age, if even with someone else other than my brother. Have you two thought more of finding actual boyfriends, someone other than your brother?”

“No daddy, I can't.” Jared said.

“Me neither, I love Jared too much.” Luke admitted.

“I thought as much. I want you both to promise me though that if someone ever comes along that makes you feel just as good as your brother does, that you'll talk to your brother and work it out and go where your heart belongs. You two'll always be close together, but together as boyfriends for life is not where your hearts belong.”

“But why daddy?” Jared asked.

“Well, it's hard to explain really, and it's not wrong, well in some peoples eyes it would be, but it's more that you just should have other people in your life. Your family is who you're supposed to come to for comfort when you and your lover has a fight, because disagreements happen in relationships. I know it doesn't make sense, and you feel that why would you need anyone other than your brother, but eventually I think that you should.”

“I still don't really understand, but is it okay to take a few years?” Jared asked and Luke nodded.

“Yeah, share what you have together for a few years, then when someone comes along, then you can work it out at that time.” Ted smiled warmly to his boys. He knew it was probably useless, but he felt that he should at least try.

For the rest of the night, the three of them curled up on the couch and watched TV. When bedtime came, the boys' diapers were deemed good enough, so Ted tucked them into their bed as is, and they went right to sleep.

The boys did end up finding themselves someone as well. They found another pair of brothers that were lovers, but their mother was always telling them that they needed to find someone else as well. This didn't happen until the boys were fourteen and sixteen though, but in all those years, the boys learned all there was to know about each other, and their love making abilities increased ten fold over their first times. They really did love each other.

It was at that time as well, when the boys were fourteen and sixteen, that Ted told the boys how exactly he had known all about them on that very first day. Both boys were surprised by the news, but were not unhappy with it. How could they be, they had the best lives imaginable.

When they found their life long partners though, they found what true love truly was. They did share a few times together as a group, and they all enjoyed that, no surprise there, and they all lived together in the same house for many years.

Luke and Jared kept their love of diapers, and wouldn't you know it, but their boyfriends too were diaper lovers, and they all loved their diapers together. Luke's bladder did get worse throughout the years though, and he found that he had to wear diapers twenty four seven, or he would find he'd end up with wet pants at times. He wasn't exactly crushed by this though, and the others all ended up wearing right along with him, in support they all claimed, but Luke knew better.

Ted ended up finding himself a hot hard bodied eighteen year old surfer dude when Luke was fourteen, and they were together for just as many years as the boys all were. So a jealousy of diapers and the extra love he perceived from it caused so much good to happen in all their lives, and they all still love to sit and laugh about it.