Jimmy's Tunnel of Love, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter One – Jimmy's Tunnel of Lust

At 8:30pm on Thursday night, Carrie and James Smith were sitting on their love seat, snuggling close while they watched TV in the family room. In the background they could hear the voice of their son Jimmy, who was standing at the front door preparing to say goodbye to Derek, his classmate. To hear Derek and Jimmy tell it, the pair of 13 year olds had been upstairs studying for a biology test that was coming. But Carrie and James knew that as soon as their son's bedroom door was closed, the only biology that Jimmy would concern himself with was the hot sperm that shot from the end of Derek's 7th grade boy cock.

When Derek arrived two hours earlier, he politely smiled when he was greeted by the Smith's, then he was ushered upstairs by his young host. When Jimmy closed his bedroom door, the boys quickly disrobed and discussed what they wanted to do.

I was kinda thinking that we could go all the way,” Jimmy suggested, feeling a strong shiver of desire run through him as he set his gaze on Derek's 4 inch erection.

I was hoping that you'd want to give me head first,” Derek remarked, and Jimmy's mouth watered as he nodded in agreement.

Do you want to make out with me?” Jimmy asked hopefully, watching as his classmate blushed deeply at the mention of sharing a kiss. Then his heart fluttered with joy when Derek nodded his bashful reply while he looked at the floor with a goofy smile.

Without another word, the two 7th graders melted into a sweet embrace while they kissed each other on the lips beside Jimmy's bed. Sensing his lover's lack of knowledge, Jimmy tilted his head to the right and very coyly let his lips part before he slipped Derek some tongue. As soon as their tongues touched, Jimmy felt his head spin and he let the older, bigger boy take control. Soon, the pair were sitting on the edge of his bed, holding each other close as their makeout session moved into high gear.

Letting his right hand roam south, Jimmy ran it all the way down to the stiff erection that Derek was sporting and wrapped his paw around the base. He heard his companion sigh with approval, so he proceeded to stroke the rigid member while he continued to enjoy their makeout session. Finally he could wait no more and broke his kiss with his cute classmate, then he batted his eyes at the bigger boy and was rewarded with a smile that took his breath away. Unable to wait another minute, the gay 13 year old dropped to his knees and wrapped his cherry red lips around the moist glans of his lover with a hot moan.

Jimmy's young body was exploding with carnal pleasure as he ran his sucking mouth up and down the length of Derek's boy cock. He loved how hot it was in his mouth, especially when he considered the heat that was pouring off of it and filling the space between his cheeks, his tongue and the roof of his mouth. There was a generous amount of precum pouring out of the end of his lover's rod that he was swallowing with a greedy smile, knowing that his reward for a blow job well performed was on the horizon. At the same time, his own boy boner was standing at a 45 degree angle and dripping with precum that trickled down its 3 ½ inch length, into his tiny pubic patch.

When Derek achieved his climax, Jimmy gazed up at his adorable face and swallowed diligently. He was admiring his lover's clear complexion and his light brown locks. The gay youngster felt breathless as he looked into Derek's fiery green eyes, which were betraying the chaos that was erupting in his 13 year old body while his orgasm ripped through it. Jimmy could feel his little boner throbbing with delight as he watched his classmate's tummy roll and his chest heave as the pleasure coursed through him and his sperm spouted from the end of his fully engorged dick.

When horny little Jimmy sat on the backs of his legs as he swallowed the remaining sperm in his mouth, he offered his lover a sweet smile of his own that melted Derek's heart.

Perhaps it was because Spring was upon them, but Derek had taken a particular shine to Jimmy Smith recently, and there was no hiding it. He found himself mesmerized by the short, skinny boy whose baby faced features could get his parents the discount for kids 10 and younger at any venue. The way that Jimmy's hair was cut boyishly short, allowing his slightly oversized ears to stick out from his head in an adorable fashion, gave Derek goosebumps. Watching Jimmy walk through the halls of their school with his plump bubble butt, which was shaped like a beach ball and always looked stuffed in his pants, had a hypnotic effect on the older boy.

But the most appealing characteristic of Jimmy Smith, the one alluring trait that Derek just couldn't get out of his head was the cavalier way he put out for boys at school. Whether he was giving blow jobs in the locker room or being buttfucked in the boy's bathroom, it was common knowledge among everyone at the school that Jimmy enjoyed gay sex, and that he wasn't picky about his lovers. Derek wanted to find out for himself, and dared himself to make a move when he was invited to Jimmy's birthday party a week earlier. But when the moment of truth was upon him, he backed out at the last minute when he realized that there would be an audience of his peers. Too bashful to disrobe in front of his classmates, the horny teenager opted to watch Jimmy take on a group of tops in his bedroom while his mom and dad were cleaning up in the backyard.

That evening, Derek jacked off furiously in his room, all the while cursing himself for not having the courage to join in the fun. Vowing to finally bed the cute boy, he made arrangements to “study” with his classmate, determined to take the plunge. Of course, Jimmy was all too happy to accept Derek's overture, and found himself daydreaming on the bus ride home about kissing and bedding the cute boy.

With Derek's load swallowed, Jimmy made his next move by kissing his way back up Derek's body. When he was face to face with his latest conquest, he leaned in and the boys shared another deep kiss while Jimmy groped his lover's spent boy rod. Realizing that his partner in crime had gone flaccid, the horny little boy did what came natural to him and broke their kiss long enough to instruct Derek to turn around. As the older boy followed his instructions, Jimmy dropped to his knees one more time and grinned when Derek's own bubble butt lingered in front of his face. With a soft moan, Jimmy leaned in and took an intoxicating whiff of his lover's derriere that sent a long shiver through him. Then, as if he had no control over his actions, the naughty boy parted Derek's oval shaped butt cheeks and buried his face between them so that he could indulge in a deep rim job that he was longing to give.

With the hot, moist tongue of Jimmy Smith making continuous revolutions around his puckered brown eye, Derek felt a carnal sensation that he couldn't describe taking him over. Even the climax that he had just achieved wasn't as sinful and decadent as the feeling that he got as the horny butt muncher behind him went to work. There was a strong shiver running down the insides of his thighs and his rear end was burning so sweetly. At the same time, he felt both breathless and invigorated by the action that he was getting. He'd heard stories of Jimmy's talented tongue, and of his love of ass eating, but nothing he'd heard matched the reality of what he was experiencing.

Just when he thought he couldn't take anymore, he felt Jimmy reach around and grip his once again hard cock with his little paw. He felt the little ass eater give it a few firm tugs, then the tonguing of his hole grew more passionate. The moist licks were getting deeper and the sniffing more audible. He tried to look over his shoulder but Jimmy's grinning face was completely encased by his plump buns. He could feel the boy's mouth opening and closing over and over again around his sphincter, sending an even stronger, sweeter burn through his loins. As if he were under a spell, the little butt licker added to his own Nirvana buy sucking furiously on the lips of Derek's ass for a full minute, all the while trying to get his tongue to push through the tight sphincter he was dining on.

Finally, Jimmy ended the rim job and crawled into his bed on his hands and knees with a look of gamey desire on his face. His rear end was sticking straight up and he was chewing on his right pinky as he watched Derek crawl in behind him. With an expression of nervousness and anticipation, the horny boy saddled up to Jimmy's aroused boy butt and very clumsily slipped his boner into it. Right away, the heat and tightness of Jimmy's ass consumed his rod and he almost squirted his load on the spot. Letting himself get used to the feeling, Derek set his eyes on Jimmy's naughty expression and felt himself getting even more turned on. The hot to trot bottom boy was pushing back with his hips and grinding them against his lover's pubic bone, all the while giving him a racy but innocent look that made the moment even more erotic for him.

He spotted Jimmy's boy rod sticking out from his groin, which was nearly hairless save for a few wisps that had sprouted at the base. It was pointing down at the bedspread and dripping with precum, leaving Derek to wonder whether or not he should play with it at some point and try to get the cutie off. No one had done that at Jimmy's birthday party and the boy looked content at the end of the orgy, but he thought to himself that he still might ask about it before he left.

His inexperience in bed showed right away when he began thrusting his hips with short, almost fleeting movements that only caused his boner to pop out of Jimmy's clutching chute. Realizing that his top needed some instruction, Jimmy had him reinsert his dick, then he lovingly guided him through the first of three sessions of anal intercourse that they would share on his bed.

When the first session was over, Jimmy dutifully licked and sucked Derek's shaft clean, then he pulled his legs to his chest and accepted it again. After a three minute fudge packing that left both youngsters smiling, Jimmy got back behind his top and rimmed his hot, odorous hole with an indulgent smile. When the boys were ready for round three, Jimmy got back in the doggy style position and enjoyed a five minute lay. When Derek seeded his boy box for the final time, Jimmy once again sucked his beau clean, then the boys cuddled and kissed for the remainder of the visit.

When it was time for his lover to go home, Jimmy made one last pass at his classmate by squatting behind him and tonguing his brown eye with lust filled moans. Giving into his truest desires, the horny little ass muncher fell back into his earlier trance, licking and sucking on the tasty orifice with a determined effort. Derek could hardly believe how captivated his young lover seemed to be with the task of eating his asshole but at the same time, he took great pleasure in letting him carry on with the act. At some point, he felt Jimmy's fingertips rubbing his pucker with firm strokes, then the boy resumed the rim job post haste while the scent of Derek's bottom grew sharper in the air around them.

When the rim job finally ended, it was only because Jimmy's tongue was too tired to continue. So with a sweet smile, the naughty boy sucked his lover to completion, then he let him get dressed with no more interruptions. Taking his dreamy stud by the hand, Jimmy opted to walk him to the door wearing only his white Fruit of the Loom briefs. They were the same underpants he had worn to school, and it was clear to Derek that there was a full day's worth of cum seepage in their badly skidmarked seat, but Jimmy didn't seem to care at all. Descending the stairs hand in hand with his older lover, Jimmy leaned into his top and gazed up at him with starry eyes and a dreamy smile. At the door, the boys shared a final French kiss, then Derek was off and Jimmy reported to his mom and dad.

Hey kiddo, did your little lover take off?” James asked with a warm smile, prompting Jimmy to nod. “Did you get your shitter serviced?”

Yeah, but not as good as I wanted,” the boy lamented, earning him a sympathetic smile from his mom and dad. “But we kissed and cuddled for a while and that was nice.”

Did you have a nice makeout session with him, honey?” Carrie asked with a hopeful smile, then she beamed when her son nodded with a sweet sigh of relief. “How about if you sit with mommy and daddy and tell us all about it, baby?”

Okay!” Jimmy agreed, then he took a seat on his dad's thigh and rested his head on James' shoulder. He felt his dad caress his soft cheek right before planting a loving kiss there, and he responded by kissing his dad's stubble chin.

Are you still horny, kiddo?” James asked, letting his eyes wander to the little bulge in the crotch of his son's underwear.

Yes daddy,” Jimmy answered with a soft tone.

Would you like to spend some time between daddy's legs before bedtime?” the man asked, and his boy nodded with a look of longing on his face.

Daddy?” Jimmy said in a small voice that was laced with need.

Yes kiddo?”

I want to get between your legs after you...” the boy's voice broke as his desire overtook him.

After I do what, kiddo?” James asked, sharing a knowing smile with his wife before turning his attention back to his boy. “Are you looking to get your shitter stuffed, son?”

Yeah,” Jimmy admitted, feeling a strong shudder encapsulate his small frame.

With a knowing smile, James ran his hand down his son's warm back and over the cum crusted seat of Jimmy's plump bottom, raising an eyebrow when he felt the soiled briefs with his fingers.

What's this all about, kiddo?” James asked in an even tone while his wife gave him a knowing smile. “It looks like daddy found something naughty in the seat of your britches.”

With a deep blush and a shy smile, Jimmy said, “My butthole leaked a little bit and it went in my undies.”

In a teasing gesture, James tickled his son's ribs and belly button while he asked, “Did you crap your pants, Jimmy?”

Still giggling from his dad's playful tickling, the naughty boy grinned up at his dad and exclaimed, “Yes, but I waited to go poop until I was sitting on your lap.”

With that, James went back on the attack, tickling the horny boy unmercifully for 30 seconds until he feared that his son might lose control of his bladder. Relenting long enough for his boy to catch his breath, he leaned down and puckered his lips while Jimmy did the same with a sweet smile, then he slid his tongue deep into his boy's mouth and they shared a deep French kiss. While they were kissing, James took the opportunity to sniff his boy's face, noting that the smell of hot ass was prominent all over it.

When their lips parted, Jimmy smiled up at his dad and sighed, “I love you, daddy.”

I love you too, baby,” James said with a doting smile, then he scooted Jimmy out of his lap. With their son's skid marked, cum crusted rear end directly in front of them, Carrie and James took stock of the seat of his briefs by pulling the waistband back and looking inside. The sharp aroma of their boy's busy bottom filled their nostrils, prompting Carrie to fan the smell away from her nose while her husband commented, “You've been busy back here, haven't you kiddo?”

Jimmy looked over his shoulder and gazed into the brown seat of his otherwise white underwear, then he nodded his answer and said, “I want to be busy back there some more.”

Oh yeah?” the man said, feigning surprise at his horny son's announcement, then watching with pride as Jimmy nodded his head again. “How about if daddy gets a closer look, kiddo.”

With that, Jimmy's briefs were peeled down until they fell to the floor around his feet, then his buns were pulled apart. He felt his dad's hot breath filling his deep crevice, then the familiar sensation of James' tongue probing his boy pussy sent a thrill through the horny 13 year old. While his dad was eating his bottom, Jimmy smiled over his shoulder at his mom, who was watching him with a knowing smile of her own. When James abandoned the rim job, Jimmy was lifted back into his lap and they shared a long, tongue filled kiss.

When their lips parted, Jimmy looked spellbound and James had a loving expression on his face.

Is that the way you made out with your little buddy?” James asked, and Jimmy nodded with a deep sigh. “What else did you do with him, kiddo?”

I played with his hard on,” Jimmy revealed, unbuttoning his dad's trousers and unleashing his one eyed monster. As soon as it was free, he wrapped his hand around the base and nuzzled his head into James' shoulder. “It was nice and hard, just like yours.”

I know how much you enjoyed that, kiddo,” James noted, and Jimmy nodded in agreement. “What did you do next?”

I gave him some head, daddy,” Jimmy moaned softly, looking into his father's face for approval to proceed. When James nodded, the horny little imp slid out of his lap and dropped to his knees, slipping his mouth over the head of his father's prick and indulging in a mouthful.

You give such good head, kiddo,” James complimented his son, who was beaming up at him, then over at his mom who was watching with a grin. “Did he give you a nice load to swallow, son?”

Jimmy responded by nodding his head furiously, never taking the shaft out of his mouth. Instead, he let loose with a guttural moan and proceeded to swallow all 8 ½ inches of his dad's shaft. As he settled into a warm, wet deep throating of the meaty treat, the clever teen took care to use his fingers to pull his dad's trousers and boxers down to his knees. James gave his boy a smile born of pride as he rested his palm on the back of his head, then he continued to speak.

You know, daddy smelled hot ass on your face when we were making out,” he observed, and Jimmy's eyes sparkled with joy as he nodded up at his dad. “Did you have a feast in your room, kiddo?”

Once again, the moaning little cock sucker nodded his answer, all the while maintaining his momentum as he deep throated his father's magnificent rod with passion. As much as James was enjoying the wet blow job that Jimmy was giving him, though, he knew what his son needed.

How about if you come up here and let daddy fill your tight shitter with his shaft, Jimmy?” he said, and in a flash, the boy pulled his rod out of his throat and spit it out with a loud, wet slurp. Giving his boy an approving smile, the doting man lifted him up into his lap so that they were face to face with his cock poking Jimmy's hot entrance. Giving his son a playful swat on the left butt cheek, he pushed up so that he was on the verge of penetration and asked him, “Is this what my little guy needs?”

Yes, daddy,” Jimmy panted, then he leaned forward and rested his head on his father's shoulder while he waited for the cock to enter him.

Tell daddy what it is you need, son,” James encouraged him, and Jimmy moaned hotly.

I need you to give it to me good,” Jimmy practically stuttered, but James wasn't satisfied.

Where at buddy?” James asked, and Jimmy reached back and pulled his buns apart with a needy stare. Still not happy, James encouraged him by saying, “Do you need it in your shitter, son?”

Yes!” Jimmy hissed, then his dad kissed him on the cheek.

Then tell daddy that you need it there, kiddo,” James encouraged him.

I need it in my pooper, daddy,” Jimmy confessed, then he felt his dad running his fingers through his short dark hair.

No baby, talk dirty for daddy tonight,” James told him. “Tell daddy what you want, son.”

I need my stink hole serviced,” the boy said with a naughty inflection, then he gave his dad a hungry look. “I want you to pack my fudge deep, then cream my stinky, dirty hole just like Derek did for me.”

You have a very horny stink hole, don't you son?” James said with a confident smile, and Jimmy nodded shamelessly. “You've had a lot of dicks in that hole today too, haven't you?”

Yes daddy,” Jimmy moaned, then he felt his father's glans melting through his anal ring. With another soft moan, Jimmy felt his little body shiver as James lifted his ass up from the couch, pushing his cock all the way up his moist anal canal until his pubic bone smashed against his son's rump. Realizing that he was fully engorged in his little boy's rear end, the man settled his ass down on the couch and let Jimmy ride his cock at his own pace.

What about your little buddy, son?” James asked, and Jimmy gave him a curious look. “Tell mommy and daddy all about his shitter.”

It was so tasty,” Jimmy practically sang, his voice melodic as he recalled the intense flavor of Derek's hot boy butt that he enjoyed so much. “I never wanted to stop feasting there, so I ate him out more than once.”

Oh yeah?” James mused, watching as his horny boy took a slow, deliberate ride on his cock while he nodded his answer. “How many times did you tongue his shitter, son?”

Three times, daddy,” Jimmy revealed, then he felt a naughty shiver beset him and gave his parents a mischievous smile. “His stink hole smelled so good, and I was sniffing it the whole time that I was licking it and sucking on it.”

Tell daddy and me how that smelled and tasted, honey,” Carrie encouraged her boy, and Jimmy's smile melted into a deep grin.

It smelled so good, mama,” Jimmy sighed blissfully, then he rested his head back down on James' shoulder and went on. “It tasted like a smelly boy butt should, and I loved it.”

You enjoy the smell and taste of boy butts, don't you honey?” Carrie noted, and her son nodded his head while at the same time, increasing the force with which he was riding his father's prick. The doting mother responded to her son's admission by caressing his grinning face, then she watched as he maneuvered his up and down motion so that his daddy's prick was hitting his sweet spot over and over again.

You've been eating a lot of boy butts lately, kiddo,” James reminded him, and Jimmy responded with a horny whimper that caught his daddy's attention. “Are you getting ready to cum for daddy?”

Without picking his head up from James's shoulder, Jimmy nodded his answer and increased his momentum at the same time. His moans were growing more and more frantic and the dense smell of ass juice was in the air, telling his parents that their son was about to achieve his long overdue climax. At the same time, James felt the walls of Jimmy's moist boy pussy contracting over and over again around his shaft, first rhythmically, then in a chaotic wave that spelled the peak of his boy's pleasure. With a frantic series of up and down strokes on his daddy's cock, little Jimmy Smith felt his young body take flight and his hard as steel boy rod erupted with four hot shots of honey that spouted straight up and landed on his daddy's heaving tummy. When his orgasm had played itself out, Jimmy continued his frantic ride for another full minute, then James wrapped his strong arms around the youngster's shivering frame and held him close, determined to calm him down.

Did my big boy just have a nice cum?” James asked, and Jimmy nodded his answer through hazy vision. Planting a kiss on his son's cheek, James said, “That makes me so happy, buddy. I want you to rest for a little bit, then you can get back between daddy's legs and treat yourself to a mouthful of cock. Doesn't that sound nice, kiddo?”

Yeah,” Jimmy panted, letting his small frame rest against his father's strong body. “I love you.”

I love you too, baby boy,” James assured him, feeling Jimmy's rear end squeeze his aching stalk while they calmed down. “Do you want daddy to stay inside of you while you catch your breath?”

Yes please,” the horny boy said in a small voice, then he melted into his dad's embrace and enjoyed the feeling of being loved while his small frame was rocked gently. Finally, after five minutes of being doted on, the boy treated himself to a few more moments of riding James' spring loaded cock before he climbed off. Curling his legs under his body, he rested his tired head in his dad's lap and wrapped his cherry red lips around James' dripping pole, sucking it lustily while his parents resumed their television watching.

Ten minutes into the blow job, the tired boy found himself fighting to keep his eyes opened. He felt his daddy's comforting touch, rubbing his back with loving strokes that only added to his drowsy condition. There was a warmth that he could feel encasing his young face and wrapping itself around his torso. His lustful sucking was now nothing more than a reassuring suckling that pacified the gay 13 year old as he greeted the sandman. Finally, with the afterglow of his orgasm still powerful all around him, little Jimmy Smith drifted into a peaceful slumber while he nursed diligently on his daddy's cock.

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