Jimmy's Tunnel of Love, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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A Savory Feast for Jimmy – This chapter is dedicated to the great JT Poopinhinder.

What do you want to do?” 14 year old Sam asked, pulling his shirt up over his head and kicking his sneakers off simultaneously.

I want to do everything with you guys,” Jimmy admitted, biting his lower lip as he sized up the three boys in his midst.

Of course, the other boys in the room already knew that Jimmy was in the mood for gay sex. Because unlike all of them, who were still wearing their pants, the horny 7th grader was already nude from the waist down. His shirt was still in tact, but his pants and underwear were puddled around his shoes. Even more indicative of his mood was the fact that his hard as steel boy rod was standing at a 45 degree angle while he ogled the group he was about to put out for.

Do you want to suck our dicks?” asked 12 year old Nathan, a cute blonde who Jimmy had been bending over for since the start of the school year. The soft skinned youngster had caught Jimmy's eye long ago, and the horny boy takes nothing but pleasure in having Nathan inside of him.

Yeah, I want to eat your buttholes out, too,” Jimmy practically stuttered, and the boys all shared a knowing smile.

Right beside Nathan was Charles, an 8th grade Adonis whose cock filled Jimmy's dreams day and night. Never one to let an opportunity pass him by, Jimmy had long ago dropped to his knees and sucked dick for Charles in the privacy of a stall in the boys bathroom at school. Back then, Jimmy was a smaller than average 6th grader and Charles was a tall, athletic 7th grader. As soon as then 11 year old Jimmy laid his eyes on the hunky boy, his rear end throbbed with horny passion and he immediately came out of the closet to the boy. For his efforts, the 4' 5”, 11 year old cutie was rewarded with a mouthful of hard dick and a surprisingly thick load of cum that he swallowed with a horny smile. Since then, the gay youngster has grown, and so has his appetite for sex with Charles. Happily for the boy, he's enjoyed the privilege of Charles' company in bed on a steady basis for the past 18 months.

Jimmy was ogling Nathan when Sam approached and placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. As soon as he felt the older boy's touch, the gay 7th grader smiled sweetly and went to his knees, eager to suck cock for the cute 14 year old. He noticed that the older boy had fished his dick out of his pants and immediately slipped his mouth over the head with a soft moan. As he was indulging in the 5 ½ inch boner that he had in his mouth, the other boys took their respective dicks out and stepped closer to the action.

As soon as Jimmy spotted Nathan and Charles standing on either side of Sam, he shivered with lust and reached out with both hands, anxious to hold a dick in each one. Soon, his head began to spin as he moaned lustily around Sam's cock while administering simultaneous hand jobs. As his passion started to flourish, the horny boy pulled off of Sam's prick and slipped it over Charles' hard dick with a moan. With a new dick in his mouth, he used his free hand to cup Sam's warm ball sack while he smiled up at all three boys with a sparkle in his eyes.

After a full minute of blowing Charles, he turned his attention to Nathan with a naughty moan. Soon he was bobbing his head up and down with a slow, sensual motion while his fists bunched tight around the respective dicks of Charles and Sam. His young body was practically on fire as he hummed lightly around the 12 year old's hairless prick, then he used his tongue to take a long, delicious swipe along the boy's full length. When he pulled off of Nathan's hot dick, he turned his attention back to Sam's prick and was rewarded with his first mouthful of hot jizz.

After swallowing the gooey load that his classmate squirted for him, he slipped his mouth back over Nathan's prick and got to work right away. After giving his classmate a first class blow job, the horny 7th grader watched as his stud shivered with the sensation of his boygasm. When he let the 12 year old's dick go, he moved down to the boy's smooth nut sack and hummed lustily, then he turned his ministrations to 13 year old Charles. With the hot dick of his hunky upper classmate filling his watering mouth, Jimmy began a passionate deep throating that went on for almost five minutes. When it reached its apex, Charles let loose with a loud, boyish moan and unloaded his teen spunk for the horny cock sucker, who swallowed it all with a greedy smile on his cherubic face.

While Jimmy was in the midst of performing for Charles, Sam and Nathan found themselves laying on the bed, watching with lecherous smiles while their buddy got his rocks off. Curiously, Nathan had curled up beside his older friend and was nonchalantly resting his head on Sam's heaving chest. Just as curious, Sam had his arm wrapped around Nathan's skinny frame, holding the younger boy close while they watched Jimmy perform. As Charles was pulled close to the edge of his orgasm, Sam and Nathan shared a sweet smile, then Sam puckered his lips and the boys locked lips for a soft, affectionate kiss with no tongue.

So it only made sense that once Charles spewed his load, neither boy was in a hurry to move from their comfortable embrace.

But Jimmy and Charles never really noticed that, because as soon as Jimmy swallowed his mouthful of spunk, he quickly crawled around to the older boy's backside while Charles looked over his shoulder and warned him, “I took a crap at school before I got on the bus.”

Undaunted by this new information, the randy tyke buried his grinning face between his older lover's plump ass cheeks with a hot moan. Using his tongue to dig into the hot, moist sphincter of the 13 year old, Jimmy inhaled deep and enjoyed the dark aroma of after school boy butt that was dancing around his face. As the sharp stink permeated his olfactory senses, the horny 7th grader felt an unbearable desire to part his lover's ass cheeks and shove his face deeper into the sweaty crevice.

Giving into his own needs, the horny youngster practically smashed his face into Charles' stink filled crack, then he let the boy's plump cheeks close around his face. This had a Dutch oven effect, trapping the odor so that it was continuously wafting into his nose while he used his tongue to take firm, delicious laps at the moist pucker he was enjoying so much. While he was feasting at Charles' back door, he heard the two boys talking on the bed while he drew in a long sniff.

He fucking loves licking assholes,” Sam exclaimed with a mischievous smile on his face, prompting Nathan to nod in agreement. “I got my ass licked at lunch time by him, and then he licked some other kid's ass, too.”

The other day he licked my ass when I had to take a crap,” Nathan revealed, and Jimmy moaned hotly. “I told him that I had to shit really bad, but he said it would be okay and begged me to let him lick my hole anyway.”

With that, Jimmy nodded into the hot crevice that his face was buried in to affirm that what Nathan was saying was true.

I need to take a shit right now,” Sam announced with a grin, and Jimmy felt a strong shiver run through his body. “It's a big one, too. I wonder if he'll want to lick my hole out anyway.”

With that, Jimmy nodded furiously and moaned into the ass he was eating, “Uh huh.”

I wonder what he would do if one of us farted in his face while he was tonguing our assholes,” the 12 year old grinned, eliciting another hot moan from the young ass eater.

Jimmy, do you care if I take a shit before or after you eat my ass?” Sam asked, and the two boys watched as he shook his head no without pulling it out of Charles' crevice. “Are you still going to try to get your tongue up my ass?”

Jimmy nodded his answer, prompting Nathan to say, “He kept trying to get his tongue to go up my butt the other day and I had a piece of poop that was pushing hard against my butthole. I just held it until he stopped, then I hurried to the bathroom and fired it out.”

By now, Jimmy's head was spinning with pure pleasure as the boys talked about his proclivity for eating ass under any circumstance. At the same time, the aroma and flavor of Charles' anus was incredibly powerful, and quite pleasant to the naughty butt muncher. There was an intense, stink filled heat that was pouring out of his lover's hole, dancing around his grinning face and filling his mouth and nostrils. Encouraged by this, Jimmy used his tongue to burrow deeper into the dirty anus that he was eating while the boys on the bed continued their commentary.

Do you have to take a dump, too?” Sam asked Nathan with a mischievous smile, and the boy's answer sent a thrill through Jimmy's young body.

I stopped at home to take a crap before I came over,” Nathan revealed. “It was a bad one, too. My mom was complaining about the smell in the bathroom when I came out. It stunk up the whole hallway.”

Feeling an urgent desire to eat at the back doors of Nathan and Sam, respectively, he planted a long French kiss on the pucker of Charles while the older boy smiled over his shoulder at the pair of cuddling boys on the bed. When Jimmy pulled his grinning face out of the boy's crack, he turned his attention to Sam with a moan and licked his ass flavored lips. With a grin of his own, Sam extracted himself from Nathan's embrace and got up from the bed, putting himself in position to receive a rim job from the eager little ass muncher.

Much to Jimmy's delight, Sam's derriere was just as ripe as he hoped it would be when he crawled up to it. The powerful odor that was pouring out of his crack hit Jimmy's nose like a punch, making his small boy rod jump with excitement as he drew it in. When he pried open the older boy's deep crevice, the stink grew sharper and more pronounced while the pucker seemed to flex over and over again. With the boy's earlier announcement still fresh in his mind, Jimmy placed the tip of his nose up the Sam's sphincter and took a deep, pleasure filled sniff that filled him with both pleasure and desire.

As if he were under the spell of the tale tell aroma that was dancing around his smiling face, little Jimmy Smith practically melted into a deep ass eating right off the bat. His tongue was lapping away at the hot pucker of 14 year old Sam, back and forth with firm, forceful licks that he was enjoying so much. He didn't care at all when the wrinkled orifice pooched out, just slightly, under the oral assault he was administering. His pleasure only soared when the sharp, metallic aroma grew stronger around his face while he ran his tongue around the spines of Sam's butthole in a clockwise circle. When the dark, savory flavor he was enjoying so much intensified, he felt his little boner twitch and he responded by placing the tip of his tongue at the center of his lover's pucker and digging in with all his might.

Holy crap, he's trying to shove his tongue up my ass,” Sam exclaimed, and Jimmy let loose with a depraved moan while he doubled down on his efforts.

It smells like shit in here,” Charles noted, and Nathan nodded in agreement while Sam grinned over his shoulder.

Of course, Jimmy knew that the other boys were right, but he didn't care at all. He was acutely aware that the boy he was rimming had a full rectum, and that the powerful odor swimming around his smiling face was a result of the load that was sitting just on the other side of his sphincter. But he was so filled with passion and need that he couldn't be bothered with pulling his face out of the boy's rear end at the moment.

That was because Jimmy needed to perform his dirtiest, most indulgent act more than anything else in the world. And he needed to do it with Sam, who had a rectum filled with boy fudge. In fact, it was because Sam had a full rectum that Jimmy felt such an urgent need to perform his dirtiest act right then and there. He lived for the moments when he could bury his face in a boy's butt and enjoy the decadent flavor and distinctive aroma that's only derived from nature's call. It was his reason for meeting boys after school anywhere he could. At their house, at his house, in a park restroom, or even in an outhouse. He longed for the flavor of ass to saturate his taste buds, and the stink was nothing but a pleasure for him to inhale and even wear home.

But the fact that his lover had to drop a deuce only added to the naughtiness of his mood, especially when he pushed the tip of his tongue between the lips of Sam's pucker and felt the powerful heat of his anus encapsulate it. At the same time, the stink and flavor of the ass he was eating grew incredibly strong and the other boy's spoke up again.

Dude, did you take a crap or something?” Nathan asked, and Sam shook his head no. “It stinks so bad.”

Maybe you should take a break or something,” Charles suggested to Jimmy, but the horny boy shook his head no.

It feels really good,” Sam sighed, then he grinned down at the top of Jimmy's head, which was all he could see. “My ass stinks bad, doesn't it?”

With that, both boys nodded in agreement while Jimmy let loose with a soft moan and continued to feast at Sam's back door. For three straight minutes, the only sounds in the room that could be heard were Jimmy's wet licking and moaning in the derriere that he was feasting on and the soft moans and moist kissing that was emanating from the bed. Because while Jimmy was delighting in a naughty act with his 14 year old lover, Nathan once again found himself locked in a kiss, this time with 13 year old Charles. The boys started making eyes at each other while Jimmy was taking deep whiffs and hard licks of their buddy's ass, then they locked lips and their tongues started to dance.

Charles grinned over his shoulder at the sight, then down at the top of Jimmy's head as his ass eating commenced. At some point, Jimmy changed his technique from a passionate licking of his lover's pucker to a forceful sucking of it. Sam could hardly believe that the boy seemed to be testing his sphincter strength, almost challenging him to either hold on or lose control. His bowel signal was getting more and more urgent, but Jimmy seemed unconcerned with this as he drew hard on the lips of the boy's anus. Sam was about to speak up when out of nowhere, Jimmy switched his method back to deep ass licks that tasted so good to him and felt so good to the 14 year old.

When the shameless butt muncher finally pulled his face from Sam's crevice, all three of his lovers were sporting boners again. Jimmy was craving another feast, this time at Nathan's 12 year old boy butt. Licking the flavor of Sam's delectable ass from his lips with a hungry gaze, he quickly got his way when he announced his need. Before getting up from the bed, Charles and Nathan shared a sweet kiss on the lips while Jimmy and Sam watched. When he stood up to take his turn having his ass licked, Sam approached him and the two shared a kiss with more than a little bit of tongue.

Much to his delight, Jimmy didn't have to move from his spot because Nathan put himself in position by hanging his rear end out over his face. As soon as he used his fingers to part the 12 year old's ass cheeks, a sharp stink encased his head and a naughty smile spread across his face. Taking stock of the boy's less than tidy sphincter, Jimmy let loose with a horny moan and once again, fell into a deep, pleasure filled ass eating. His head was spinning in no time as he dragged his tongue around the moist spines of Nathan's pucker, loving the way the flavor just exploded in his mouth. While he was doing this, another odorous wave washed over his face and his small hard on jumped. Unable to resist the allure, he licked the sweet tasting skin all around the boy's delicious anus with a moan, then he used his thumb to rub the pucker so he could coax more of the flavor that he was craving.

While Jimmy was tonguing the hole of his young classmate, the two eighth graders were locked in a kiss on the side of Sam's bed. Their tongues were dancing freely, almost as if they were putting on a sexy show for Jimmy and Nathan. Jimmy was far too engrossed in the rear end that he was eating, but Nathan was panting over his shoulder, watching his older lovers make out while strong shivers ran up and down his skinny legs.

When the boy's broke their kiss, they listened to Jimmy draw in a strong sniff through his nostrils and smiled naughtily. With their attention back on their depraved classmate, they discussed how they planned to top the horny bottom boy.

My mom's going to be home in like 30 minutes,” Sam said. “Let's just do it doggy style. It'll be faster.”

My dick is so fucking hard right now,” Charles announced, prompting Jimmy to moan lustily into Nathan's plump buns. “We need to get our rocks off, then we have to open a window because it smells like someone shit their pants in here.”

With that, the boys shared a chuckle and Jimmy dug his tongue deeper into Nathan's rear end. As was always the case, the young ass eater was eager to get his tongue inside of Nathan's tasty bottom, so he centered the tip of his tongue and began to burrow in. And just like every other time, Jimmy was able to penetrate the tight sphincter, getting the first half inch to slip through the opening. And just like that, Jimmy's taste buds were inundated with the powerful flavor of boy butt and ass juice, giving him pleasures untold while little Nathan moaned and hissed with sheer delight.

When it was finally time for the boys to mount him, the aroused bottom boy crawled into Sam's bed with his pants around his ankles and a lustful grin on his face. He let his feet hang off of the side of the mattress while his bare bottom lingered invitingly in the air, giving the other boys easy access to do with it as they wished.

Since he was hosting, Sam took the first ride in Jimmy's aroused rear end, letting his hard as steel boy rod slide back and forth in the moist orifice while they both hissed with pleasure. When Sam pumped his load into the clenching hole, Nathan lined up and pushed in with a breathy groan. Letting loose with a deep sigh of contentment, Jimmy grinned over his shoulder as the cock of 12 year old Nathan began to run back and forth in his hole. The adorable 7th grader was panting as he grinned back at Jimmy, his eyes filled with naughty anticipation and his pouty lips glistening with saliva.

As soon as Nathan achieved his boygasm, he pulled out and Charles took his place. As usual, the 8th grade hunk took Jimmy to the heights of gay ecstasy with relative ease, bringing him off midway through their fuck. Two minutes later, Jimmy received his lover's load with a satisfied moan.

After taking the cocks of all three classmates, Jimmy hiked his jeans and offered to meet with them the next day. With their next rendezvous arranged, the boys parted company and the young bottom sent a text to his mom that he was on his way home.

Jimmy Smith was grinning from ear to ear as he hurried down the sidewalk. His rear end was still roaring with pleasure from the triple dicking he had enjoyed in Sam's bedroom, as well as the earlier cock rides he'd taken throughout the day. In the front of his pants, his boy sized boner was standing straight up, fully transparent through the blue denim fabric that was containing it. There was an odorous tail that seemed to linger in his wake as he made his way home, even in the outside air. It was pouring out of his satisfied bottom, as well as off of his grinning face, which had been buried in more sets of ass cheeks than he could remember.

The brunette boy had just exchanged a series of texts with his mother, who had beckoned him home after his gathering with the trio of boys from his school. As soon as he got home, the youngster was greeted by his mom and dad, who were eager to dote on him. Taking a seat on the couch, Carrie and James made room for their boy to sit between them, then the powerful stink that was swirling all around him hit their noses with a punch. Still, they proceeded to smother him with kisses while he scrunched his nose. When the barrage of kisses ended, Jimmy grinned up at his mom and dad while they petted his cherubic face and asked him about his day.

Did you have a nice time with your little buddies?” James asked, and Jimmy nodded with a warm smile. “You know, daddy stopped off at the mall on the way home from work today. Can you guess what for?”

Did you buy yourself some new underwear?” the boy asked with a silly grin, causing his dad to reach in and tickle his ribs.

No, kiddo, but the next time we're there we'll pick some up for you,” the man said, fanning the air in front of his face with a playful smile and prompting his wife to chime in.

Sooner rather than later, please,” she teased, leaning in and giving her boy a whiff. “At the rate he's going, he'll only have brown underwear.”

With that, Jimmy stuck his tongue out and blew a wet raspberry at his mom and dad, prompting James to go back on the attack, tickling his boy until he begged for mercy through a fit of laughter. When he finally calmed down, James reached down and picked up a poster tube that Jimmy hadn't noticed. Right away, his young eyes lit up and he let go of a surprised gasp while his mom and dad watched with knowing smiles. His hands were practically shaking when he accepted the tube from his dad and read the printed label, then he lifted his gaze back to his mom and dad, who were watching with hopeful smiles.

Open it up, honey,” his mom encouraged him, and the cute boy nodded obediently. He removed the cap from the end and carefully removed the poster. Standing up so that he could hold it high in the air, he watched the glossy poster unfurl and a warm glow beset his face. It was a poster that he had practically begged for the last time they took him to the mall, and as he took in the image, he sighed with contentment. It was a shirtless poster of his favorite boy band, all eight members smiling so cutely that it took his breath away. As he gazed up at the boys he longed to kiss and make out with, he felt his mom and dad rest their hands on his shoulders and smiled excitedly up at them.

Let's hang it up for you, kiddo,” James said, and Jimmy dutifully handed his dad the poster so they could hang it in his room.

At his son's request, James tacked it up on the wall closest to his bed. Jimmy was practically beaming as he admired the brand new poster that his parents presented to him.

Do you like it, sweetie?” Carrie asked with a hopeful inflection, and Jimmy nodded eagerly.

I love it, mom,” Jimmy said, his voice husky as he gave his poster a once over, then the grateful boy wrapped his skinny arms around their torsos and gave them each a tight hug while they doted on him some more. With the poster now hanging over his bed, Jimmy felt his mood grow romantic and he found himself making a pass at his daddy by crawling into his bed so that they were at eye level and planting a deep kiss on his mouth. While their tongues dueled, James sniffed his boy's face and was almost overwhelmed by the aroma of his pleasure filled feast at Sam's house.

Have you been eating ass all day, kiddo?” James asked, and Jimmy nodded his answer. “I can smell it on you, buddy.”

I ate three boy butts after school, daddy,” Jimmy admitted with a stutter, resting his head on James' shoulder. “Sam's butt was the smelliest and I ate it longer than the other butts.”

What did it taste like, baby?” Carrie asked with a warm smile, then she share a knowing grin with her husband when Jimmy answered her question.

Poop,” the boy almost whispered, then he gave his mom and dad a naughty smile and went on. “He had to go really bad while I was eating him out. I could smell it and taste it really good.”

That sounds very naughty, honey,” Carrie noted, and Jimmy nodded.

I was in a really naughty mood, mama,” Jimmy countered, then he felt a stir in his rear end and sighed. “I'm still in a naughty mood.”

What are you in the mood for, buddy?” James asked, and the little boy moaned.

I want you to service my pooper,” the boy said while his dad ran his fingertips through his short hair and gave him a whiff.

I don't know about that, Jimmy,” the man teased. “Daddy's going to get in the shower, but I don't think you need one.”

Yes I do,” Jimmy countered with a naughty smile. “I have a stinky face and a stinky butt.”

I don't think so, kiddo,” James said with a wink while Carrie watched with an amused smile. “You don't smell stinky to me.”

Knowing that his dad was taunting him for fun, Jimmy felt the cum loads in his ass fighting to get out and decided to turn the tables on his parents.

I forgot to tell you about all of the cum loads I have up my butt,” Jimmy said with a cheeky smile, lifting his head up from his dad's shoulder so he could crawl off of the bed.

Oh yeah?” James asked, and the boy nodded. “How many cum loads is it, buddy?”

It's too many for me to hold in,” he said with a taunting tone of his own, then he walked across the room to his favorite corner and hung his bottom out in his parent's direction.

As soon as he had their attention, he gave a hard push and the seat of his britches filled up with hot cum and ass juice that he'd been holding all day. At the same time, a dark stink filled the room almost instantaneously, so powerful that Carrie and James had to fan it away from their noses. Letting go of a loud strain, he gave a second push and forced another torrent of cum and ass juice out of his boy hole that overflowed in his underwear and ran down his left leg.

Are you shitting your britches, buddy?” James asked, and Jimmy nodded his answer with a naughty expression.

Looking at the alarm clock next to her son's bed, Carrie noted the time and said, “It's about that time, isn't it?”

Uh huh,” Jimmy said, then he gave a final push, expelling the entire contents of his rectum with a longer, louder strain than before while warm pee darkened the crotch of his denim jeans and spread down the inside of his left pant leg.

When he was finished with his naughty act, he let go of a deep, contented sigh before going to his mom and dad so they could take control of the situation. He saw that his mom was looking at the wet patch in his crotch as he approached, prompting him to say, "I pooped my pants with a lot of cum."

Planting a kiss on Jimmy's head, Carrie instructed him to turn around so they could inspect his bulging pants for themselves. When James pulled the waistband of his son's pants and underwear back, they found themselves looking at a full load while Jimmy looked over his shoulder so he could see for himself. Taking stock of their son's pant load, the pair noted that it partly consisted of dark brown cum and ass juice that was practically steaming in Jimmy's soiled briefs.

I guess you'll be getting in the shower with daddy after all,” James noted, and Jimmy smiled triumphantly at his mom and dad.

With that, the two doting parents each took their son by the hand and walked him to the bathroom, then James took over and cleaned his boy up before getting in the shower with him. Jimmy stood still and let his dad wash him from head to toe, then he accepted the bar of soap and used it to lather up James' man cock. When his dad's rod was sufficiently slicked up, the naughty little boy bent over and accepted his daddy's full length with a hot moan.

With his body clean and his bottom seeded, Jimmy went to his room to bask in the afterglow of his butt fucking and admire his new poster. With a warm glow hugging his naked body, he spent the better part of an hour ogling the cute boys who fueled his already rampant 13 year old libido. His imagination started getting the better of him, and soon he was having visions of being topped by all eight of the cuties in his bed.

After supper, the horny boy went upstairs and got online to surf gay porn. While he was doing this, the overwhelming desire he had for anal sex led him to open the bottom drawer of his night stand, where a collection of butt plugs and vibrators were stored for his enjoyment. After lubing himself up, the horny boy slid a long, thick vibrator up his butt and turned the dial to high, then he settled in for an evening of porn viewing. Soon, the boy was resting on top of his bed on his knees, riding his long vibrator with a glazed over look on his face while gay porn played on his tablet.

While Jimmy was watching cute guys suck cock and take it in the ass, he heard the sound of the doorbell and listened as the first of three visitors arrived for an all night poker game. Some ten minutes later, a knock at the door signaled the arrival of two more guests, then the adults went into the dining room. When the video he was watching came to its glorious end, Jimmy used his forefinger to push the long vibrator all the way up his ass, then he donned a clean pair of white briefs and went downstairs to see who his parents' guests were for the evening.

As he approached the dining room, he could hear the conversation between the adults at the table. He knew that his mom and dad were talking about him with the others, and it made him grin. When he heard the context of their conversation, he felt a strong shiver run through his horny young body and listened intently.

My boy's got a nice, tight shitter,” he heard his dad boast. “It stays horny all the time.”

Well, I'll be happy to help him out with that,” one of the men said, his face filled with anticipation.

Once he gets a good look at your dicks, he'll want all of you to take it for a spin,” James assured them with a confident smile, earning him a tender kiss on the cheek from his wife. “He's got the tastiest little hole you'll ever eat, too.”

How horny do you think he is tonight?” asked one of the younger men. Jimmy watched as his dad sat back in his chair with an amused smile, chuckling a little before he answered.

Let's just put it this way,” the man said. “He takes it in the ass at school, then he usually has a boy or two tend to his shitter on the way home from school. Then when he gets home from school he invites a few more boys over so he can suck cock, eat some ass and get his shitter serviced all over again.”

Hearing his father talking about his voracious sexual appetite in such a nonchalant way sent a strong shudder through Jimmy's 5' 1” frame. Filled with passion, he let loose with an involuntary moan that alerted the adults to his presence. Soon, all eyes were on the horny boy, who was standing in the doorway with the vibrator still humming so deliciously in his ass.

Hey champ,” James said with a warm smile when he spotted his underwear clad son in the entryway of the dining room. He noticed right away that Jimmy was ogling the men at the table, so he held his right arm out for the boy, beckoning him to step into his embrace.

Hi dad,” Jimmy said with a sweet smile, then he turned his attention back to the three strangers and bit his lower lip. Right away, the men at the table turned their attention his way and took note of the boy sized erection that was raging in the pouch of his white briefs. The tale tell humming of the vibrator was audible to everyone at the table while the heady aroma of his anal pheromones quickly filled their noses.

Taking note of his son's aroused state, as well as his scant attire for the evening, James planted an affectionate kiss on his son's soft cheek and gently asked, “Do you like what you see?”

Yeah,” the little boy said breathlessly, then he rested his head on his father's beefy shoulder. From his left, the youngster felt the familiar touch of his mother's caress and smiled, then he said, “Hi mama.”

Hi baby,” she said with a motherly smile. “Did you get yourself all worked up in your room?”

Instead of a verbal answer, Jimmy simply nodded his head without taking his eyes off of the three hunks in his midst. It was his father's voice who broke the boy out of his trance.

What's on your mind, champ?” the man asked, and Jimmy averted his passion filled eyes to James' face for a moment.

All of those cute guys are making me horny,” Jimmy admitted, feeling the burn in his rear end grow more intense.

Oh yeah?” James asked with an amused smile, and the boy nodded again. “What are you horny for, son?”

I want to suck cock for all of them,” he said in a soft but husky tone that wasn't lost on the men who were seated around the table, then the youngster added to his confession. “I want my poop chute serviced, too.”

With that, James planted another loving kiss on his boy's cheek while he rubbed his warm back, then he let his right hand travel down to Jimmy's plump rear end. Using his thick fingertips, he gave it a series of soft pinches as the steady hum of the vibrator played like music in his ears.

Don't I hear you getting that serviced right now?” he asked, and Jimmy nodded. “And you're in the mood for more?”

It's with my dildo,” the boy practically whined. “I need some big dicks to ride.”

My my, sweetie, you're so randy tonight,” his mother noted, and Jimmy nodded in agreement with her. “Didn't you ride a few big dicks already?”

Yeah, but that was way earlier,” the boy reasoned, earning him a proud smile from his parents.

Did you get to suck some big dicks, too?” his mom asked, and once again the horny boy nodded his answer. “Why don't you share by telling us all about those cocks, honey?”

I gave blow jobs at school,” the boy revealed, still resting his head on his father's shoulder. “Then I gave some head after school, too.”

Did you give blow jobs to men, or to boys?” his dad asked with a lecherous smile, and the youngster bit his lower lip while another strong shiver beset his 80 pound frame.

Both,” he admitted with a hard whimper, feeling his already humming rear end starting to flow heavy with ass juice. “I sucked off two teachers at school and a really cute boy, too.”

Who did you blow after school, sweetie?” his mom asked, and the horny boy tensed up for a moment. The briny aroma of ass juice intensified all at once while he tried to steady himself through a set of labored breaths. Finally, he regained his composure and answered her.

I went to Sam's house,” he moaned softly, the tiny bulge in his underpants visibly more rigid than ever and soaked with precum that the boy was excreting at an accelerated rate. “Charles and Nathan were there.”

What did you do with them, baby?” Carrie asked, and the boy shuddered hard before he could answer.

I sucked their cocks as soon as I got there, mom,” he answered, then he smiled blissfully at the men in the room while his dad grabbed a handful of his plump bottom. “I licked their butt holes out, too.”

What about your horny little shitter, son?” James asked, and Jimmy practically moaned at the mention of the anal sex he enjoyed with his classmates.

I got that serviced, too,” the youngster conceded. “But I need to have it serviced some more.”

I see,” the man said with a nod, then he manually turned his son so that the boy was face to face with him. At the same time, Jimmy's underwear clad bottom came into view to the other men, giving them a perfect view of his round bubble butt. With mesmerized stares, the men watched as James used his strong hands to manually part Jimmy's slender legs so that his rear end was hanging out in their direction. When he was satisfied with his son's stance, he slid his hands through the blue dashed waistband of Jimmy's white briefs, using his fingertips to peel them down until his white, creamy globes were exposed. Then, almost as if it were second nature to the man, he used the fingers on both of his hands to part his son's cheeks, revealing the boy's moist pucker and the base of the vibrator that it was stretched tightly around. Right below the boy's hot brown eye dangled a tiny set of boy balls, which were as smooth as the skin on his bottom and pulled tight to the youngsters scrotum.

Give daddy a kiss,” the man said gently, and the boy instantaneously planted his lips to his father's with a soft moan. Then with a naughty hiss, he slid his tongue into his daddy's mouth and enjoyed a deep French kiss while James used his fingertips to take control of Jimmy's vibrator. The men at the table were practically in a trance as they watched the man ease the long phallus out of his son's hole until it was almost completely removed. Then, with a knowing hand of experience, the man glided it back into his son's tight sphincter until it was submerged. Hearing his little boy sigh with contentment, James settled into a rhythmic coitus with the dildo, running it back and forth with steady momentum while Jimmy moaned into his mouth. When they broke their kiss, James continued to fuck his son with the dildo while he talked gently to the boy.

How does that feel, son?” the man asked, and Jimmy had to catch his breath before he could answer.

Really nice, daddy,” the boy cooed, then he swallowed hard and gave his father a labored look.

Are you looking forward to the real thing, Jimmy?” James asked with a knowing smile, and the boy nodded eagerly. “You know, you never did tell us about those big dicks you sucked today. Why don't you start by telling everyone whose cock you sucked first?”

Yours,” Jimmy whined breathlessly, feeling a luscious brand of heat swirling in his midsection. “When I woke up I came down the hall to see you in your room. You were sleeping but you had a big boner so I got under the covers and sucked it.”

You enjoyed that, didn't you sport?” the man noted, still feeding his son full thrusts with the vibrator while the boy nodded again. “Did daddy give you a tasty load to swallow?”

Yeah,” Jimmy practically heaved, his chest expanding and retracting at the same rate of his breathing. “I liked what we did after I swallowed, too.”

Remind daddy what that was,” James encouraged him, and Jimmy's shoulders pulled tight for a moment as a powerful wave of carnal pleasure washed over his horny young body. Seeing that his boy was reeling with sexual energy, the man planted a soft kiss on his cheek in an attempt to soothe him.

You fingered my butthole while we made out,” Jimmy revealed, then he looked over at his mother with a naughty smile. “It was so romantic, and it got you nice and hard again.”

What happened when daddy got hard, buddy?” James asked with a look of satisfaction on his face.

You made love to me,” the boy whimpered, earning him another kiss on the cheek from his dad.

Where did daddy make love to you, son?” the man asked, and Jimmy moaned like a harlot. “Say it so everyone can hear you, Jimmy.”

In my poop chute,” Jimmy practically stuttered, but James wasn't satisfied.

I don't think our guests heard you, sport,” James noted, and Jimmy looked up at him with a wild brand of passion in his eyes that spoke volumes of the sexual pressure that was building inside of him. “Say it louder, buddy. Where did daddy make love to you this morning?”

In my poop chute!” Jimmy moaned hotly, then his parted legs started to quiver and his sphincter started contracting around the long dildo that was still running in and out of his opening. At the same time, his smooth, boyish ball sack pulled even tighter to his body and his barely pubescent erection caught fire. With a final shiver that ran through his young body, Jimmy's boy rod twitched and spouted a trio of cum shots that fountained up his smooth tummy and dripped back down into the almost undetectable strands of pubic hair that were sprouting around its base.

Knowing that his baby boy had just been through a powerful climax, the doting man responded by smashing his mouth into Jimmy's and kissing him forcefully while the boy reeled from the experience. Jimmy's head was spinning out of control, even after his boy cock stopped shooting, and his only recourse was to try to cope with his powerful feelings. Without realizing he had done so, the 13 year old wrapped his arms around his daddy's neck and tilted his head to the right with a sigh, letting his instincts take over. When it dawned on him that he was now in a full scale makeout session with his dad, he also realized that the dildo was still running in and out of his ass with full, deep strokes that felt so good to him.

In the midst of their kiss, James used his fingertips to slide the vibrator all the way up his son's clutching chute, then he let the boy's cheeks close with a loving smile. When their makeout session ended, the doting man slid Jimmy's briefs back up, then he lifted his boy into his lap and held him close while the other men in the room watched with mesmerized stares. As soon as he was in his daddy's safe arms, the satisfied little boy curled his skinny legs up and looked up at his father with a loving smile of his own. Leaning down to kiss the boy on the end of his nose, James started to rock his son back and forth while his wife shuffled the deck.

Is that better, champ?” the man asked softly, and Jimmy purred with contentment while he nodded his answer. “Would you like to crawl under the table and suck some cock after you calm down a little, son?”

Yeah,” Jimmy panted with a voice so breathless that it almost sounded like a whisper. “Daddy?”

Yes buddy?”

I'm ready to start sucking cock right now,” he said, and the man gently stroked the top of his head.

Shh, baby,” James said with a soothing tone, still rocking his boy back and forth. “I want you to rest up while we play a few practice hands. Then you can get under the table and suck all of the cock you want, son.”

Will I get my pooper serviced, too?” the boy asked hopefully, and his mom and dad both nodded at the same time.

Of course you will, buddy,” James assured him, then he smiled around the table at the men who were eyeing his boy like a pack of dogs. “We're going to play a lot of hands tonight, son, and your tight shitter is going to be up for grabs all night.”

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