Joe's Boys
by Daddy's Boy

This story describes a different way to grow up and thrive. It contains lots of sex between males ages twelve and up. If you don't like this kind of story or you can't read it for some reason then leave the site now. Comments are welcome but flames will be ignored. Please do not make requests. The story is already written by the time it starts to post and I am only posting a chapter a week to this site and to my blog. My blog gets chapters before any other site.

Joe's Boys Chapter 1

CODES: M/b masturbation, fingering, rimming, oral

My mother was a drug addict. Meth was her drug of choice but she'd do anything to get a fix. It had been speeders when I was little and then it was cocaine. I don't remember when she switched from coke to meth but I think it had something to do with Danny. Danny McAllister was my mother's current boyfriend. He wasn't as bad as some of the other boyfriends she'd had. Danny had three brothers that he talked about a lot and one of them had a son. I'd only met one of his brothers and I didn't like the guy. He looked at me in a way that nobody ever looked at me before and it made me feel dirty. I usually stayed in my room with the door closed when Steve was in the trailer.

We lived in a ratty old trailer in a trailer park where almost every other trailer was empty and or falling apart. Sometimes our power would get turned off and then Danny would yell at my mom about not paying the light bill. I'd hide in my room when they were yelling and screaming at each other but thankfully it never lasted long. Danny would go and get the lights back on and then buy food to feed me. Mom rarely ate anything, but she really craved water. She didn't want tap water though. She said it tasted bad. She wanted the bottled kind and for some reason Danny always stocked the bottom of the ice box with bottled water. My meals were microwave specials. Danny couldn't cook and my mother was too geeked to cook anything. I didn't mind though. At least I had something to eat.

I was sitting in my room, doing my homework the day that it happened. I'd turned twelve just a few days before and Danny had bought me a cake. He'd also given me an iPod. Like I said Danny wasn't perfect but he was better about being a father type than the others she'd dated. He'd also lasted longest. He'd been with us for two years by that time, having arrived in our lives just a few days after my tenth birthday. He wasn't a bad looking guy which was why I couldn't figure out why he was with my mother. He was about six feet tall with very dark hair and eyes. He had kind of pale skin but he looked so much healthier than my mother.

Mom was once a beautiful woman. There was a picture of her with the man she said was my dad on the living room wall above the threadbare blue sofa. She'd had long, curly blond hair, rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes in that picture. Plus she looked like a person instead of a skeleton with skin wrapped around it. Now her hair was always greasy, which made it look almost green. Her eyes were dull and always bloodshot. The meth made her open them wide all the time so she constantly looked startled. It would be funny if it wasn't so completely disgusting. I looked a bit like the woman in the photo but I looked more like the man in the photo so I guess he really is my father. I don't know his name or where he is though. I have the same U-shaped face as my father with my mother's flaxen blonde hair and my father's chocolate brown eyes. My skin was a bit more tanned than my mother's had been, and that was like my father, too. I didn't burn in the sun like the other kids at school when I'd see them at the local swimming pool.

Most of the kids at school had nothing to do with me. I was always wearing old clothes that looked like it was time to throw them out and buy new. My shoes weren't new either. My left shoe had a hole in the toe and the sole at the heal of the right shoe had come unglued. I used super glue to keep it from flapping when I walked. I also got really good grades and always had my nose in a book. That might have had a small part in why the others ignored me. Even the bullies ignored me. I suspected that was because the king of the bullies was Sean McAllister. He was Steve's son and he'd been to the trailer a few times. He'd tried a few times to get me to talk to him but I ignored him all the time just like everyone else. My opinion of people wasn't very high. They were either losers or loser supporters like Danny.

Sean was a stocky boy but I don't mean fat. He was built like a football player which was good, because he played football. Granted it was Freshman Football but it was football. I didn't pay any attention to the football team or any of the sports teams. My nose was in a book, remember? But I did notice Sean. He had the same dark hair and eyes as his family but his skin wasn't as pale as the others. I was ashamed to admit that looking at him in his swim trunks at the pool was a thrill for me. You see when puberty began my fantasies never featured the female form. No not me. Puberty added insult to injury in my case. My pubescent fantasies starred the male form and usually that form was Sean's.

Anyway it had happened that Saturday in September just a few days after my birthday. Mom and Danny had come home all excited about the fact that they had gone to city hall and gotten married. I was amazed that Danny was with her let alone that he'd married her. I couldn't figure out the appeal. Danny wasn't an ugly man by any standard, so why would he go for the sickly thin, nearly green haired uglizon? I didn't worry about it usually but they quickly told me that they were getting ready to sign adoption papers so that Danny would be my father. Now I thought they should have talked to me about this. I mean I, Josh Sanders am a person and I have opinions and things like that. They didn't discuss it with me. It didn't take long either. Just before Homecoming in October of that year I became Joshua Kevin McAllister. Just like that my name changed. It was a "here you go kid, you get a new name but not a new life" kind of thing. Nope life went on pretty much the same as it always had that is until Thanksgiving break. I came home from school that Tuesday and found an ambulance in front of our trailer. There was my mother in all of her naked glory on the stretcher. Danny was talking to a police officer and they all stopped to look at me. She was dead all right. Overdose.

Danny put his hand on my shoulder and told me she was dead. I don't remember the words but I do remember that the only thing I thought about was that it was a good thing she'd married Danny and let him adopt me or I'd be off to a series of foster homes. That's my mind for you. I never can think the right things in a situation like this. He kept looking at me, I think expecting tears but I had no tears for Mrs. April McAllister. She had never had much to do with me throughout my life. It was always left up to the boyfriends to take care of me. So now I had a dad and my mom was dead. Big deal. As it turned out it was a very bid deal.

Danny took me to the mall and bought me a suit to wear to my mother's funeral. Then he took me to a big named clothing store that I won't name here and bought me a pair of blonde khaki pants and an emerald green polo shirt. He took me to a department store and bought me packages of underwear, socks and a pair of brand name tennis shoes. Finally he took me to a styling salon and had my hair cut. It was always just cut short when it got too long. I never paid attention to how my hair was cut before. This time the black man that cut my hair did a lot more than just cut it. He used electric clippers to shave the back an sides and then blended the top until there was very little hair left on most of my head.

He put all of the bags in the bigger bedroom at the back of the trailer and told me to put the suit on the morning of the funeral. I dressed in the suit and put on the shoes he'd bought with the suit and then stood in the living room to wait for him. We drove to the funeral home in his black truck. There were a few people there but most of them were Danny's relatives. I met another brother of Danny's that day. Joe McAllister was different than his brothers. He was dressed in an expensive black suit with patent leather shoes on his feet. There were three teenage boys with him, dressed exactly like he was. Joe looked nothing like his three sons though. One was a blonde like me with green eyes. One had kind of reddish brown hair with blue eyes, a strong brow and a killer smile. The last was really fit. You could see that through the suit he wore. His hair was just that stage between blonde and brown and his eyes were the strangest shade of gray I'd ever seen.

"Joe, this is Joshua," Danny said with his hand on my shoulder as he introduced us. I noticed that Joe looked me over from head to toe and then smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Joshua," he said in his deep baritone voice. His dark eyes sparkled in the light and his smile was awesome. To say this man was good looking was an understatement. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Thank you," I said. "It's a pleasure to meet you, too."

"He's polite," Joe said to Danny. "I didn't expect that. You'll be bringing him tomorrow?"

"Yes," Danny said. "I see that Steve has another."

I looked over to where Steve was standing with Sean and another boy that I recognized from school. His name was Adam Vance and he was a bit more of an outcast than I was. He had deep red hair, pale skin and was covered with freckles. His one attractive feature had always been his golden brown eyes. He'd never looked like much before that I could remember. He looked good today though. He was wearing a suit much like the one I had on and in it he looked completely different than in his usual black t-shirts and black jeans. He didn't look quite so washed out.

"Yes," Joe said. "Young Adam will be with us soon as well. His mother simply didn't want him anymore. She allowed Steven to adopt him just last June."

"You have benefactors lined up for both of them?" Danny asked. The conversation was beginning to confuse me.

"There are four men coming to the house to get a look at Joshua and Adam," he said. "I'm sure we'll get them paired fairly quickly. Have you been preparing Joshua?"

"No," Danny said. "It all happened too fast for that."

"No matter," Joe replied. "You can start on that tonight I suppose. If not we'll get him sorted when he's with us."

We all took our seats after that. My head was spinning from the conversation that had gone on around me. Adam Vance was now Adam McAllister? When had that happened and why hadn't I noticed? What were they talking about benefactors for? I was very confused as a minister I didn't know and paid no attention to gave a small sermon from behind my mother's coffin. We followed the procession in Danny's truck to the cemetery where the same minister gave another sermon before they lowered her into the ground. Then we went back to the trailer and Danny told me to change out of the suit and take a shower. When I came out of the bathroom wrapped in my towel I found Danny sitting on the sofa. He was naked!

I'd never seen a man's penis before. I couldn't stop staring at his. I felt my cheeks heat as it started to grow. I looked up at his face and found him smiling at me. I didn't know what to think about this development. Were we going to be nudists now that my mother was dead? I had to admit that the idea of seeing Danny naked all the time wasn't a hardship for me. As I'd said he wasn't a bad looking guy. He was muscular but not overly so. He had a six pack, nice pecs and very nice biceps. I learned a bit later that they were called guns for some reason. He had never been a star in my fantasies but he would be now!

"Lose the towel and come over here," he said with a grin.

I wasted no time. I dropped the towel and walked over to join him on the couch. The living room wasn't that large. There was a matching recliner adjacent to the sofa but no one sat in it because it would tip over backwards if you did. I sat beside him and tried to look everywhere but at him. He chuckled for some reason and put his arm around me, pulling me against him. My heart was pounding in my chest. I kept thinking about all the times they'd told us about the "bad touch" and the "bad men" in school for some reason. I knew on some level what was coming but on a conscious level I just couldn't think.

"Why are we naked?" I asked stupidly.

"Well I thought you might like to see me," he said. "I like seeing you, Josh. I couldn't get a fix on you until now. I didn't know if you'd discovered your dick yet or not."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well I searched your room every day and never found any evidence that you masturbate," he said. "The way you stared at my dick when you came down the hall gave me what I was looking for. You can touch it if you want. I promise it's okay."

My hand was on auto pilot. I knew that what we were doing was wrong on some level but I really didn't care. I'd been fantasizing for months about touching a penis that wasn't my own. Sure I'd thought of boys my age and maybe a little older but now I had the real thing in my sights and I wasn't about to let it pass me by. I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his penis, feeling the heat and the pulse of him. I held it for a few minutes and then slowly started to stroke it up and down much the way I did my own. It was a little awkward at first because the angle was wrong but he moaned after a minute and that let me know I was doing it right. I found myself wondering what it would taste like. I'd seen things on the computer at school. I'd had to be careful not to let anyone see what I was looking at but I'd seen blowjobs, rim jobs and few other things.

"You can put your mouth on it," he said as if he was reading my mind. I wasted no time. I slid off the sofa and moved between his spread legs.

I put my lips to the head of his penis and let my tongue play over the head. He moaned again but I was caught up in the taste of him. To say I took to sucking dick like a pro was an understatement. We quickly learned that I had no gag reflex which later in life I would understand was a blessing of sorts. I slid my lips down over the head of his penis and moved my hand as more and more of him sank into my mouth. When I felt him at the back of my mouth, right up to the entrance to my throat I didn't even think. I just kept going. He was gasping now as I sank to the bottom of his penis. His pubic hair, though trimmed tickled my nose. I went back up, tasting and feeling the veins that stood out along the shaft. I was amazed that I could take all of him. He tasted like skin with hints of both sweat and soap. His smell was amazing. I couldn't get enough of it. I went all the way down again and he sighed.

"That's it, Honey," he said, his voice a bit high. "Yeah, all the way. Oh, yeah,"

I took his words as encouragement and continued to move my mouth up and down on his penis, swallowing it each time. I learned quickly that I could breathe through my nose when his penis was in my throat and then I just left it in my throat for a while. I swallowed around it and his knees jerked. I liked that so I did it again and again. Then he put his hands on my head and held me in place. I could feel his cum as it shot into my throat. I swallowed repeatedly and he would gasp and jerk each time.

"That was cool," I said when I sat back on my heels.

"You're a natural," he said. "Come on up here and I'll return the favor."

He got down on the floor between my spread legs this time. I couldn't believe he was going to suck my penis but I wasn't going to say no to whatever he wanted to do. When he put his hand around mine I nearly blasted off right then. He quickly put his mouth on me and I nearly died. My penis was not quite as large as his but it felt so good to have it trapped inside his warm, wet mouth. He used his tongue in ways I hadn't even thought of, but I loved every second of it. He went all the way down to my pubes which were only just starting to grow in. He did that twice and I thought that if he did it again I'd cum. Thankfully he didn't. I wasn't happy when he took his mouth off my penis but then he sucked both of my balls into his mouth and that was another very powerful experience for me.

Then he lifted my pelvis off the sofa a bit and before I could even register what he was doing I felt the most amazing feeling in the world. He was running his tongue up and down the skin between the back of my balls and my ass hole and when his tongue dragged across my hole I nearly came off the sofa! I moaned and he worked his tongue around and around my hole, digging in finally and then he started to move his tongue around my hole again. I didn't know at the time but he was coaxing my hole to loosen up. When it did he had his tongue inside my hole! I moaned again and tried to push my ass against his tongue to get more of it it up there. I had fantasized about a lot of things that boys could do together but this was something out of this world! He had me moaning and gasping and begging him to do it more. Then he was back on my penis and I knew that we were headed for the home stretch. He bobbed up and down, taking me to my pubic bone each time and I finally blasted off like a rocket. There was nowhere near the amount of cum as he'd shot into my throat but I gave him my best. My head felt like fireworks had gone off inside it. My vision blurred and I kept shaking. He held his mouth on me until I quieted down and stopped moving then he sat back and smiled at me.

"Wow," I said finally. I couldn't produce any more words than that.

"Like that?" he chuckled.

"Wow," I said again and he chuckled again.

"There's so much you're going to learn, Josh," he said. "It's all going to be amazing for you."

"That was so good," I said. Then my stomach growled and he laughed again.

"A boy can't live on protein alone," he said with a grin. He patted my leg. "Get cleaned up and dressed and I'll take you out to eat."

I went into the bathroom and took another shower. I dried off and dressed in the best clothes I had in my room. I chose the only pair of jeans I owned that both fit me and had no holes in them. I didn't bother with underwear because I rarely wore them anyway. I grabbed the best shirt I owned, too. It was a blue polo shirt that my mom had gotten at the second hand store. It looked pretty good but there was a small stain under the collar in the back. I put it on and grabbed socks. Once I had my shoes on I went to the living room. I only had to wait a few minutes before he came down the hall freshly showered and dressed.

We got in his truck and drove off to a fast food restaurant. We sat in the back where no one could hear us and then he told me what was about to happen. He said my life was going to change drastically after tomorrow. I didn't understand so I just ate my burger and let him talk. He said that we were moving out of the trailer and he would sell it and all of the furniture. He said that the money would go into an account for me that Joe would open soon.

"Joe is going to help you, Josh," he said. "He's going to help you change your life so much that you won't even recognize yourself when it's done. You'll love living with Joe."

"Are you going to live there?" I asked between bites.

"No," he said. "I can't live with Joe. I have to find another woman."

"But you're my dad now," I protested. I really didn't want to stop having sex with him. I mean I'd finally had sex and it had been amazing. Now I was going to lose him?

"Yes I am," he said. "I'm going to be your dad for the rest of your life. You'll still see me, Josh. Don't worry about that. I'll see you as often as I can, but you'll have a benefactor before long and he'll want to spend a lot of time with you."

"What's a benefactor?" I asked. I understood the word. It meant a person who gives money or other help to a person or cause, but what did that mean for me?

"A man with money, Josh," he said. "I don't have a lot of money to give you the things that you need. A benefactor will see that you have everything you need from clothes to your education and health care. You'll go to a private school I imagine and he'll shower you with gifts."

"I have to live with Joe to get this benefactor?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. "You're going to be one of Joe's boys, Josh. Trust me it's a good thing."

That's all he would say about that. We cleaned up our mess and left the restaurant. In the truck he told me what a natural I was at sucking dick. I was proud of that for some reason and I smiled for a while. He told me that he couldn't wait to get my mouth on his dick again and I was happy that it was going to happen again. I really couldn't wait to get his tongue in my hole again but I didn't say that to him. I just let him talk. He said no more about Joe or my benefactor on the drive home.

When we got there he told me to get naked and meet him in the back bedroom. I went to my room and took off my clothes and then went to the bedroom he'd shared with my mother. I tried not to think about her as I crawled onto the bed, hoping that he'd at least changed the sheets on the old ratty mattress. He was naked again and that's all I needed to see. I smiled at his smile and crawled between his legs. I wasted no time getting his penis in my mouth again. I sucked him just the way I had in the living room earlier but this time I tried to use my tongue the way he'd used his on my penis. The problem was there wasn't as much room in my mouth with is penis in there so it was hard.

He let me suck him for a while but my jaw and throat were getting sore. He must have either knew that or he didn't want to cum yet because he pulled me off of his penis and told me to turn around and lie on my stomach. He used pillows to prop me up until my butt was elevated and my legs were spread. Then his mouth was on my hole again and I sighed. Oh God I love this, I thought and then moaned as his tongue shoved into me. I loved how much it felt like being tongue fucked. Of course I didn't learn that term until much later but as I record how it all started I'll slip now and then.

He ate my hole for a long time. I couldn't stop moaning and gasping and jerking. I don't remember exactly when his tongue was replaced with his finger but I knew it was his finger when he touched a spot inside my hole that made my entire body twitch as if I'd been electrocuted. He did it again and I let out a louder moan. He chuckled a bit and then added a second finger. He told me to tell him if he hurt me but so far it felt amazing. I felt full and he kept touching that spot inside me so I couldn't decide if the full feeling or the feeling I got from him touching that spot was more the feeling I was thinking about. I kept moaning and then I felt the third finger and I had to tell him it hurt. He leaned forward and licked around his fingers and that felt a little better. He finally got all three fingers in my hole and I felt even fuller. When he touched the spot inside me it felt great but I could still feel the sting and burn of his stretching my hole.

"Flip over, baby boy and I'll take you to the moon," he said.

I wasted no time flipping over and then his mouth was on my penis. As he sank to the bottom of my penis he inserted those fingers one at a time until he had all three in me again. From this angle it didn't hurt as bad for some reason. Then he started to assault that spot inside me and suck up and down my penis rapidly. I was jerking and moaning and then I felt my orgasm again. I knew from experience that the second cum wasn't nearly as much as the first, but the feeling of this orgasm was ten times the feeling of the first. Wow was it amazing. I must have passed out for a second because when I opened my eyes he was staring me in the eye. He'd moved up to lie beside me. He was smiling.

"That was amazing," I said when I could speak.

"I'm glad I could do that for you," he said. "I'm sorry that I hurt you though."

"It didn't hurt long," I said. "Give me a minute and I'll suck you."

"Just sleep little one," he said with a chuckle. He got up and grabbed the blanket after repositioning the pillows. He put one under my head and then crawled into the bed beside me. He turned off the light and then put his arm around me, pulling me against him and then cupped my soft penis and balls in his hand. That's all I remember because I was asleep after that.

When I woke up the next morning he wasn't in bed with me. I got up and went to my room to put on the clothes I'd worn to the restaurant the day before. I figured they'd be good enough for school. I went to the living room and found him in the kitchen. He had containers from a fast food restaurant on the table. I walked into the kitchen and he leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. I liked that. I sat down and he put a container with scrambled eggs, two sausage patties and a biscuit in front of me. He put butter on the table and a butter knife and then sat down with his own container. I looked at the clock and panicked. It was nine A.M. I was late for school!

"I'm late for school," I said as I stared at the clock.

"No school for you today," he said. "Remember we're going to Joe's in a little while."

"Oh yeah," I said in a defeated voice. I'd hoped that after last night he'd have decided to keep me.

"Cheer up, baby boy," he said, smiling at me. "You are going to love living with Joe. I promise."

I just sat there and ate everything in my container. I got up and put it in the trash. He put his in the trash as well then he went to the back bedroom and got the clothes he'd bought for me the day before the funeral. He told me to change into them after a hot shower. I did as I was told and even put on a pair of the underwear. I felt strange dressed in these expensive clothes but I went back to the living room. He was already standing there with his keys in his hand.

"Am I taking anything with me?" I asked.

"Do you want anything?" he asked in return.

"Not really," I said. "There are some things in my room that I want but nothing out here."

"All right then," he said. "We'll get those things you want later. Come on. Joe's waiting for us."

We drove all the way across the city to what I considered the rich neighborhood. The houses were bigger here and looked better. I thought Joe probably lived in one of these but Danny kept driving until we were headed out of town. I saw the sign for the Country Club and he turned onto a road before the sign and the houses at the end of that road were even bigger and better looking than the ones in the rich neighborhood. He pulled into the driveway of a three story dark brick house with a slate roof and black shutters on the windows. We got out of the truck and walked to the huge dark oak front door and he opened it and we walked straight into the main hallway of the house.

There was white marble under my feet. The walls were marble and the staircase was marble with a dark red carpet running down the steps. A huge crystal chandelier hanging from the top floor. It was open to the very top ceiling. The chandelier hung down past the second floor and cast little prisms of light all over the white marble. The effect was amazing. Danny walked into a room that was open to the hallway and there I found Joe with Adam Vance. Adam was dressed almost exactly like me and I saw that his dark red hair was cut almost exactly like mine as well. He looked so different that at first I didn't recognize him. I saw recognition in his golden eyes though.

"Ah yes," Joe said. "Come right in and have a seat. Danny, I'll speak with you a little bit later."

"All right," Danny said. He looked at me and smiled before he walked out of the room.

"Boys," said Joe. "There isn't time to explain what is going on. In a moment four men will arrive and they will want to talk to you about a lot of things. They'll want to touch you and see you undressed. You do what they ask. There's nothing to be ashamed of. You'll each get to know one of those men very well in the coming years."

I didn't know what to think of what he'd said. They'd want to see us naked? Well I wasn't going to be a baby about it. I'd enjoyed sex with Danny so I imagined I'd enjoy it with whoever turned out to be my benefactor. I didn't have time to think about it though. Steve walked into the room with a stack of folders a few minutes later. Then the four men that Joe had said would be there soon were coming into the room. We were told to stand up. Two folders were handed to each man and I had the strangest thought that we were being sold like products.

The men wore expensive suits and looked rich. The first was probably in his early to mid thirties with dark hair and eyes like Joe, Danny and Steve. He had darker skin than mine but not too dark. For some reason he reminded me of a Greek kid in school. The second was maybe a bit older than him with dark hair that was going white at the temples. His dark eyes scanned us both and his skin was tanned but I could tell that it was from the sun. The third man looked younger than the first with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked like someone I'd seen before but I couldn't figure it out. The fourth man was the oldest by far. He was bald with green eyes and a small golden hoop earring in his left ear. He looked us over with much curiosity.

They looked at the information in their folders and then looked at both of us for a few minutes in silence. Joe told them to get a closer look and then the young one was standing in front of me. He asked my name and told me that his name was Dennis Vale. He asked what I liked to do and smiled when I said that I liked to read. Then he went over to Adam and asked the same questions. The man with white hair at his temples stepped up to me and smiled. I smiled back because it was what you were supposed to do when an adult smiled at you.

"So tell me, Josh, what sort of books do you like to read?" he asked.

"I like a lot of different kinds of books," I replied. "The one I recently finished was about space."

"No sports?" he asked.

"No," I replied. "We never had the money for much so I just didn't bother."

"Are you interested in any sports?" he asked.

"I like baseball," I replied.

"Well my name is Charles Grant," he said. "I think you're a very smart looking young man. Might I see the rest of you?"

This was it. He'd said that they'd want to see us naked. I looked over and saw that Adam was taking his clothes off so I began to take mine off. I folded everything out of nervousness and placed it all on the black leather sofa before turning to stand naked before him. He looked me up and down with a small smile on his face. Then he asked me to turn around. I did so and then felt his hands on me. He massaged my shoulders and my arms, ran his hand down my back and cupped my butt cheeks. Then he ran a finger through my crack and I gasped as it passed over my hole. He turned me around and then did the same to the front of me. My penis was already erect and he smiled at that. He lifted my balls and put his hand between my legs and then stood back. He was smiling happily.

"It looks like Mr. Grant has chosen his boy," Joe said as he came over to us.

"Yes, I have," said Charles. "Josh, you can get dressed now."

"Once he's dressed you can take him into the dining room where his father is waiting with the forms," Joe said. I didn't understand any of that so I didn't say anything. Once I was dressed Charles took my hand and we left the room.

We went into the dining room which was a long room with a dark hardwood floor, dark wood paneled walls and another crystal chandelier suspended above the long Mahogany table. Danny was seated at the far end of the table, talking with Steve when we came in. Both men smiled we we came into the room and Danny got up to walk to the other end of the table to take a seat at this side. We sat down across from him.

"So we'll be sharing young Josh for the next six years," Charles said. "I'm very happy to help take care of him."

"We can sign the paperwork," Danny said. "Let me tell you that Josh is very special to me and if you hurt him in any way you'll deal with me."

"Of course," Charles said. "But then I'm not interested in hurting him. I want to make his life rich and full."

"Okay then," Danny said. Then he signed the document in front of him.

"What we're signing, Josh gives me power of attorney over you medically, financially and educationally. We're also signing a guardianship agreement which will allow you to spend time at my house and anywhere I decide to take you," Charles explained.

"All right," I said. I had no idea what any of that meant.

"In a few moments we'll leave here together and go shopping," Charles said. "I trust you'll behave responsibly while we're in public."

"Yes, Sir," I said, gaining a smile from both of them.

"Very well," he said. "These are all signed and I'll take them to my lawyer in the morning. Right now we have a wardrobe and other things to purchase. Come along, Josh."

"I'll see you soon, Joshua," said Danny.

"See you soon," I said, trying to smile at him. I was very nervous.

We left the house and walked around to the driveway where there were four more cars. The one he led me to was a bug shiny black car with what looked like a silver angel with wings spread behind him, kneeling on a pedestal of silver on the very front of the hood. The seats and interior were blood red. He asked me to buckle my seat belt and then he pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street. I'd never seen a car like this one in my life. It was exciting to ride around in such an expensive car.

"This is a Rolls Royce, Josh," he said as he drove. "This car represents style, class and wealth. One day you may own a car such as this one yourself."

He told me all about his import and export business as he drove down the streets to the highway. He explained that he imported silk from China and owned many clothing manufacturing companies that made silk clothing, sheets and various other products. He exported those products to several countries for a large fee. He also had a chain of retail stores all over the country that sold silk products. His money had come from his family. Silk was what he loved but oil was what brought in the money. He also owned twenty-seven oil fields that produced quite a bit of oil. That kept him living the life he was accustomed to, and he said I would soon become accustomed to it as well.

He was a self professed boy lover who had never married and didn't intend to marry. He had thought of siring a child through a surrogate but hadn't done that as of yet. He said there was no way to ensure the child would be male and what he wanted was a male heir. He said that if we grew to love each other I would be that male heir. No, I wouldn't be required to change my name to Grant but he hoped I would want to eventually.

He drove for two hours to the bigger city where we stopped for something to eat in an expensive restaurant. He told me to start from the outside with the silverware and work my way in. I did what he said. He ordered for both of us and even ordered what I would drink. I was to have a glass of milk with my food which was veal parmesan with a light salad. He did order chocolate silk pie for desert. I wasn't sure what veal was but I didn't say anything.

The restaurant had deep blue carpet on the floor with dark wood paneled walls. The waiters were all in tuxedoes. The tables were all covered with white tablecloths. The dishes were all china and the silver was real silver. He told me all of this while I sipped my milk and waited for the food. The waiter called him Mr. Grant and didn't flinch when Charles patted him on his butt before sending him off with our order. I didn't know what to think of that. I was too buys being impressed by the restaurant in general.

The food was really good, and I made it a point to tell him so. He smiled at my praise for the food and only had to tell me to slow down on my eating once. When we'd finished the chocolate silk pie he paid for the food, gave the waiter a tip and then patted his butt again. The waiter told him he hoped to see him again soon and then left the table. We left the restaurant and went back to the car. Then he explained that I was to have a physical before we went shopping. He said that he trusted this doctor and he wouldn't need paperwork to have me see him.

We pulled into what looked like a shopping plaza but was really a medical clinic with many doctors and offices. It was a long "L" shaped building with a Spanish Tile roof and white stucco walls on the outside. Inside there was dark green carpet everywhere. The walls were the same white stucco as outside. He spoke to a young dark haired man in purple scrubs who sat behind a long wooden desk and then we were seated. He had a clipboard with a lot of questions on it. He asked me about broken bones, childhood illnesses and the like. I told him that I'd never broken a bone, but I'd had the chicken pox and the measles. He asked a lot of other questions I didn't have answers to. In the end he consulted the papers in his file on me.

The doctor said his name was Dr. Phillip Massengill. He was an older man with very white hair on his head, his silver framed glasses framed his blue eyes and he smiled a lot. He took me into an exam room where a black male nurse wearing the same purple scrubs as the man behind the desk had me pee in a cup and step on a scale. He took my temperature, blood pressure and pulse. He wrote all of the results on a form and had me strip naked and sit on the exam table. He didn't hand me a gown or anything.

The doctor came in minutes later and began the exam. It was thorough I suppose. He had his hands all over my body. He even checked my feet. Then I was getting dressed and we were back in the car. Charles took us to a shopping plaza next. I don't even remember what it looked like to be honest. The day's events had overloaded my mind already. I do remember that I was measured from top to bottom and then tried on many different pairs of pants, shoes, shirts and even underwear to model for Charles. In the end he bought me enough clothing for the rest of my life or so it seemed. We went to another store where I was once again measured from top to bottom. Here he bought four suits in different styles and colors. I had to have two more pairs of shoes and socks to match the suits. Then we were off to a uniform shop where I was measured again and finally fitted for two school uniforms which consisted of black trousers, a white shirt, blue tie and a black blazer with blue piping around the collar and pocket and a school crest for a place called Elmhurst Academy.

Then we were in an office supply store where he bought folders, notebooks, pens pencils both regular lead and colored, sketch pads, water, tempera and oil paints, brushes and a black leather bound binder. He paid to have my name engraved in the leather and embossed with gold. When we left the store the back seat and truck of the car were full of bags and boxes. He drove us to a huge white hotel with columns in the front. The roof was slate and there were black shutters on all of the windows. We went inside to the brilliant white lobby where he received a room key and then we were in the elevator. He told me we'd spend the night and he'd take me back home in the morning. I started to get nervous, but I supposed it was time to start my new life.

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