Joe's Boys
by Daddy's Boy

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Joe's Boys Chapter 2

CODES: M/b, oral, frotting, rimming, fingering

The room he took me to was actually a suite of rooms with a bedroom, a sitting room and a kitchenette. There was a sink, microwave, mini bar and mini fridge in what he called the kitchenette. Each room had the same fabric wallpaper. It was powder blue with darker blue stripes. The carpet in each room was deep royal blue. The bedspread was quilted and almost as dark a shade of blue as the carpet. The bathroom had a white tiled floor, sky blue tiles on the walls and a white ceiling. There was a huge claw foot tub in the bathroom and a clear glass stall type shower along the wall to the right of the door. A toilet, urinal and what he called a bidet were along the wall opposite the door. He'd brought up one of the bags from the shopping plaza and an overnight bag of his own. He promised that when we returned home he'd see to it that I had both an overnight bag and luggage.

"Would you like a bottle of water?" he asked as he walked over to the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle for himself. He grabbed another when I nodded and we sat at the round table.

"Thank you," I said when he handed it to me.

"You're very polite," he said with a smile. "Did your father teach you that?"

"No, Sir," I said. "I learned it from watching others."

"Ah," he said. "Then you're also very observant. That's good. Tell me do you know about sex?"

"Yes, Sir," I said. "I've heard all about it in school. I've seen things on the net and of course my father taught me about sex, too."

"What exactly have you done sexually and with whom?" he asked.

"I sucked my father's penis," I said, though it made me a bit uncomfortable to talk about it. "He licked my butt hole and put three fingers in there. He touched something inside my butt that made me feel really good. He sucked my penis, too."

"Has there been anyone else?" he asked.

"No, Sir," I replied. "Just my father."

"So what did you think about having sex with your father?" he asked me.

"He's very good looking," I said. "He isn't my real father anyway so it wasn't as bad as that."

"You think incest is bad?" he asked. I'd never heard that word before, but I assumed it meant sex with relatives.

"I don't know if it's really bad or not," I admitted. "I just know that at school it was a great put down the boys would use that so and so 'made it with your mother'."

"All right," he said with a smile. "So tell me what you thought about having sex with your adopted father."

"I loved it," I said with a grin, thinking about having Danny's dick in my mouth or his tongue in my butt hole made me smile. "He's a very good looking man."

"Yes, he is," said Charles. "He loves you very much, too. What I wanted to know was did it bother you to have sex with a man?"

"You mean did it bother me to have gay sex?" I asked. He nodded. "No, I'd been fantasizing about boys for a while. I know I probably should have fantasized about girls but I just never really cared much about them. Boys are better looking and I know what to do with a boy."

"Okay," he said. "Let's discuss you and me. First of all I read in your file that you have no gag reflex and are very good at deep throating. That's a good thing because I like to be sucked. You said your father put three fingers inside you. You won't have to worry about that with me. I think you're too young for anal penetration so I won't be putting anything in your butt."

"Okay," I said, hiding my disappointment. I didn't know what he meant by anal penetration, but I suspected he meant the fingers. I was disappointed because he didn't seem to want to put his tongue in my butt hole.

"Now I can't stop your father from doing anything with you," he said. "He's your father and has that right. However I won't do that to you until you're much older and can better accept my dick in your ass.

"That's another thing," he continued. "From now on I'd like for you to call your penis your dick and your butt your ass."

"Yes, Sir," I said. "What should I call you?"

"You can call me Charles or Charlie if you like," he said with a grin. "I want us to be friends, Josh. I hope we'll be more than friends soon but we have to start out as friends."

"I thought I was going to live with Joe," I said when he was finished talking.

"You are," he said. "I will spend time with you as often as I can, but my business keeps me busy."

"Do you have a wife?" I asked.

"No," he said. "I never wanted a wife. I'm a boy lover, Josh. I love boys of all ages. That wouldn't do for a wife, now would it?"

"No, Sir," I said after thinking about what he'd said for a moment. "I don't suppose it would."

"I run an import and export business," he said. "I import silk from China. I have a line of factories that use the silk to make clothing and other goods. I also have a line of retail stores that sell the goods made with the silk. I also export a lot of those goods to various countries.

"That's what I do because I love silk," he went on. "My money comes from my family. We have owned a series of very lucrative oil fields for many generations. The money comes from oil and investments. That money is what will allow me to be your benefactor and to see that you have the best of everything from clothes to your education."

"Thank you," I said, thinking that it was appropriate.

"You're very welcome," he said. "I suppose I should have had a biological heir to pass all of this down to. I could have used a surrogate to have a child but I didn't want to do that. For one thing I didn't want a daughter and I had no way of ensuring that any child I sired would be male. I met Joe a number of years ago. He told me about the benefactor program he runs and I met Eric, Kieran and Levi. I also met their benefactors. I was excited by the prospect of mentoring and caring for a male boy until he graduates from college, so I told Joe that I would like to be a benefactor. With Levi ready to graduate from high school he had spots to fill. Jason started college in the fall so that left one spot open. Levi will leave next fall so that would leave a second spot open. You and Adam filled those spots."

"He only has four boys at a time?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, nodding. "He had six for a while, but he said it was harder to monitor six boys and harder to maintain that number. Four was the right number. Besides it was harder for him to find men suitable to be the benefactor of six boys."

"Eric, Kieran and Levi are the three that live with Joe now?" I asked. I'd seen them at the funeral but I hadn't met them.

"Yes," he said. "You'll get to know them soon. Any questions for me?"

"You said you want to enrich my life," I said. "How?"

"Well I'll pay tuition for you to attend a private school in your home town," he said. "You'll study music, literature, political science as well as all of the usual things a boy your age is learning. You'll just have a better education than most. I'll try to expose your life to culture via museums, plays, trips abroad and by giving you fine things. I want to help to shape you as you grow into the man you'll become. I also plan to leave my fortune to you, make you my heir."

"And sex?" I asked.

"Yes, sex is a given," he replied. "I'm a boy lover, as I said. Josh, I have no plans to force you into anything or hurt you. You have to be a willing participant in anything we engage in. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied. I liked that he wasn't going to force me. I liked the sex I'd had so far so I wasn't sure if there was anything coming that I wouldn't like. I supposed I'd have to wait to find out.

"All right," he said, standing up. He took my empty water bottle and put both mine and his in the waste basket. "Let's shower and get ready for bed, shall we?"

I followed him into the bedroom where he immediately started to strip. He'd seen me naked so I wasn't embarrassed. I took my clothes off, folding each article like before and placing them on the bed. I watched him as he stripped out of his clothes and folded each item. He was in shape. I could see muscle definition. I didn't know how old he was, but he looked good. I saw that his chest was dusted with fine white hair that got denser between his pecs and extended in a thin line that flared again around his navel and then another thin line connected it with his darker pubic hair. His dick looked bigger than Danny's. He was already hard which made me hard. He had dark hair on his legs and arms as well.

I followed him into the bathroom and waited while he turned on the water. I knew that we would shower together so I waited patiently for him to adjust the temperature. While he waited for the water to get to the temperature he wanted he took two fluffy white loufas out of their plastic wrappers as well as a bar of hotel soap. Then he opened the stall door and stepped inside. He looked at me so I joined him. The water was hot but not unbearable. He pushed me under the spray until I was nice and soaked. Then he got one of the loufas wet and lathered soap into it. Then he proceeded to wash me from my neck to my feet, taking the time to carefully wash my dick and balls. He turned me around and did the same to my back from my neck to my feet. He spent no extra time on my ass but I did get a thrill when his soapy finger ran up my crack and over my hole.

He rinsed the loufa so I turned around again. Then he lathered my hair with shampoo and scrubbed my scalp vigorously. He pushed my head under the spray and I closed my eyes. Then he lathered it again and really worked my hair into a lather. When he rinsed it this time he added conditioner. He told me to leave that in my hair as he turned us around and got under the spray. He didn't have me wash him so I just stood patiently and watched as he washed himself with the soapy loufa. He turned around and handed me the loufa and I washed his back but when I got to the base of his back he took it from me and washed his own ass and legs. Then he shampooed his own hair twice and added conditioner. He turned us again so that I was under the spray and rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, running his fingers through my hair over and over again.

We dried ourselves after he'd rinsed his hair and turned off the water. He toweled his head so his hair would be damp dry. Then I did the same thing. When we were dry I followed him into the bedroom. He put our clothes on the chair that was next to the door, pulled back the bedspread and sat on the bed. I crawled onto the bed and sat beside him. He surprised me by lifting me up until I was sitting in his lap with my legs on either side of him. He held me close and we were almost nose to nose. Then he kissed me. I felt his tongue running over my bottom lip and somehow knew to open my mouth. He ran his tongue around my mouth, massaging my tongue. Then he pulled back.

"Your first kiss?" he asked. I nodded in affirmation. "Try to do what I do to you back to me."

He kissed me again. This time I ran my tongue over his bottom lip and when he opened his mouth I ran my tongue over his, but he circled my tongue with his and it was like our tongues were dueling. It was very nice for me. I liked it a lot. When he took over the kiss I did what he did to me. When he pulled back he smiled. I slid of his lap and pulled his legs apart. I took his dick into my mouth and slowly sank down. His dick was a bit thicker than Danny's and a bit longer as well but I got it in my throat and sank to his pubes. I breathed through my nose as I moved my head up and down, keeping his dick in my throat the whole time. I tried to swallow around him but it was harder to do. He moaned in appreciation so I must have been doing a good job. He pulled me off his dick and smiled at me.

Then he patted the bed so I got back onto the bed and he kept pulling me up until I was lying on the bed with my head against the pillows. He crawled over me, kissing me deeply. Then he kissed my neck, behind my ears and down the center of my chest to my stomach. I nearly folded in half when he stuck his tongue out and licked my navel. Then he had my dick in his mouth and he did things with his tongue that Danny hadn't thought of. I was gasping and moaning and then suddenly he pulled away from me. He slid up until his upper body was almost against the wall. That brought his dick right next to mine. They were both shiny with saliva. He started to rub his dick against mine. The feeling was amazing but not as good as having his mouth on my dick. He kept rubbing them together and I started to feel the beginning of my orgasm. He sped up his thrusts and then suddenly he started to shoot his cum all over my stomach. I added mine as well after the first shot of his. Then I was a mess from my chest to my crotch. He slid down so he could kiss me again.

Then we were back in the shower to rinse the saliva and cum off our ourselves. We dried quickly and then he ran a brush through my hair before we returned to the bedroom. He straightened the bed and we both got in. He turned on his side and pulled me against himself. I took his hand and shoved it down over my crotch. He got the message loud and clear. I felt him cup my dick and balls and then I settled down and fell asleep.

The next morning he had me dress in one of the outfits he'd bought for me. Then we had a room service breakfast after which we took our bags back to the car. He checked out and drove us back home. Once there we went straight to Elmhurst Academy. Elmhurst was on the edge of town. It was a huge red brick building that looked like a mansion. There were wings that served as residence halls for live-in students. The inside of the building looked old. The hardwood was dark and the walls were covered with dark wood panels. We went to see Dr. Marcus Primrose, the Dean of Students at Elmhurst. He was a fifty-something year old man with gray hair and blue eyes made huge by his wire rimmed spectacles.

"I was told that there were two brothers," he said to Charles as he accepted the paperwork that Charles handed him. He looked it over and then back at Charles. "These seem to be in order. Yet, what of the second brother, Adam was it?"

"Yes," Charles said. "Adam will be enrolled by his benefactor soon. I'm not sure when as I've not spoken to Mr. Vale this morning."

"Very well," he said. "I assume he has uniforms? He won't be able to start classes here without the uniform."

"He has uniforms," Charles said. I got the distinct impression that Dr. Primrose and Charles didn't like each other.

"Well then," said Mr. Primrose as he rifled through one of the drawers in his huge oak desk. He produced a small, thick book and handed it to me. "This is the handbook for our school. You'll be expected to read it from cover to cover over the next week or two. Elmhurst accepts only male students, Mr. McAllister, of a high caliber. Your grades at public school were stellar and we'll expect the same level here at Elmhurst. Now as you won't be housed here I'll tell you that classes begin at nine A.M. Now, that's not nine fifteen or nine thirty. You'll be present by eight forty-five every morning. Follow the rules and you'll do just as well here as your older brothers."

"Yes, Sir," I said as I accepted the hand book.

He got up from his chair and went to his bookcase that lined the entire wall to the left of his desk. He selected a stack of books that he placed on the desk in front of me. He added what looked like workbooks as well before he sat back down. He told us that though I wouldn't be allowed to start classes until the next semester I would be expected to attend semester final examinations in December. We took the stack of books, the handbook and the packet of requirements and went back to the car.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked when we were back on the road to, I assumed Joe's house.

"Of course you can," he said with a smile.

"Do you and Dr. Primrose not like each other?" I asked.

"Well not really," he said with another smile. "He and I were both very interested in being Eric's benefactor. We had a bit of a rivalry over him. He spent a week with me and then a week with Dr. Primrose. He chose Primrose. It was unusual, but I think Marcus just hates the fact that I've had sex with Eric."

"Oh," I said as I thought about the fact that my benefactor had engaged in sex with someone who was now supposedly my cousin or brother or whatever.

"Don't be jealous, Joshua," he said. "I'm glad he chose Marcus, because that left me available until you came along."

"Oh," I said for lack of anything else to say. I didn't know him really at all yet, so I couldn't be charmed by cute little statements. He might have been waiting for a boy like me but I'd had no inkling that I should have been waiting for a guy like him.

I was a bit jealous about the sex between him and Eric, but not because he'd had sex with a member of my "family". No, I was jealous because I'd only seen the three teenagers once but I'd thought they were all good looking, and I wished at that time that I could have been the one to have had sex with Eric, Kieran or Levi. I found the prospect of "big brothers" much more intriguing than the prospect of a benefactor who wanted me for sex. Sure he was going to spend a fortune on me. I also believed that he'd done all but said he'd make me his heir, whatever that meant. I didn't think much about that. No, I'd been alone all my life. Sure I thought people weren't worth my time, but that was before I had anything close to brothers.

He didn't say anything else for the rest of the trip and I wasn't as full of questions as he might have thought I was. I understood his role in my life pretty well. I may have been twelve years old but this wasn't the 1950's. Men having sex with boys wasn't unheard of. It was one of those things our teachers warned us about in school. Predators were out there. In my opinion Charles was one of them. He may have been nice about it and covered it with money, gifts and an expensive education, but he was still a predator and I was still the prey. I just wasn't uncomfortable in my position.

We pulled up to the house around lunch time. We got out and Joe helped us carry all of the boxes and bags up to my where my new room was. I didn't find out until I got upstairs and saw the two twin beds that I was sharing a room with Adam. I didn't know what I thought about that. I'd always been a loner, and though I was kind of excited about having "brothers" I wasn't so sure I wanted one of them in my bedroom with me all the time. Of course we'd be at school all day and with our benefactors on the weekends. Still he'd be in my room with me. I supposed I should then call it our room. I just wasn't sure how that would work.

"Your closet is at the end of your bed," Joe said as he brought up the last box of clothing. "All of this should fit in there, but it may be tight. I placed your luggage and an overnight bag at the bottom of your closet. You're the only boy in the house for a while. Your brothers are in school, except Adam. He's still with Mr. Vale."

"All right," I said. "Thank you."

"Yes, you are polite," he said with a grin. "Come downstairs. I'll get Phillip to take care of your clothing. It all has to be laundered. We have a few things to discuss with your benefactor."

I followed him back downstairs to the dining room where the "negotiations" had gone on between Danny and Charles the day before. Charles was seated in the same seat he'd sat in the day before. This time I sat beside Joe on the other side of the table. An older man with very little dark hair on his head and watery blue eyes came and placed cups of coffee in front of Charles and Joe. For me he had a bottle of juice. I looked at it and saw that it was Mango.

"Thank you, Phillip," Joe said. "You'll take care of the bags and boxes in Josh and Adam's room?"

"Yes, Sir," he said with a smile. He walked out of the room after that.

"Yes," said Joe. "Now for the schedule. I realize that you've already begun the bonding process with Joshua, but he is still my brother's son. That means that visitation for his father have to be scheduled. Now you left a tentative calendar with me yesterday. I've reviewed it and added in Daniel's visitation with his son."

He handed the small book across the table to Charles. Charles looked it over and nodded. Then Joe handed me a book much like it. I looked through it and saw that I would be with Danny every other weekend, every other holiday and two weeks out of every summer. Winter and Spring breaks were to be split evenly. It reminded me of the schedule of visits a classmate had talked about in school once. His parents had divorced.

"And the stipend?" Charles asked.

"Yes, about that," Joe said, grinning at me. "It seems that Daniel has grown more attached to Joshua than any of the other boys he's fathered. The stipend will be paid to Daniel once a month until the day that Joshua turns eighteen. I realize this isn't what we'd discussed but it should make no difference to you where the money goes. It is still the same amount."

"Tell me," said Charles. "Do the other benefactors have this same schedule with their charges?"

"No they do not," Joe said. "I told you all when I selected the group to come and meet Joshua and Adam that Joshua's situation was different. Daniel lived with Joshua for just over two years and in that time he's come to love the boy as if he really was his son. It's unusual, I will admit but it is a fact. Now if you have a problem with this arrangement, Joshua can find another benefactor. You however will no longer be considered for one of my boys."

"And am I expected to put up with the fact that another man is having sex with my boy?" Charles asked. For the first time I was starting to see that he was a little angry about all of this.

"Yes, you are," said Joe. "Now if that is a problem I can make other arrangements for Joshua. All of the money you have spent on him so far, including his tuition for four years at Elmhurst Academy is nonrefunfable I'm afraid. However you can back out of this at any time."

"Then I'm out the money and I have no boy," he said angrily. "Tell me how this situation is a benefit to me? I wanted a boy to guide sexually who'd had very little experience. Now I'm going to have another man putting his dick where mine belongs."

"Legally Joshua belongs to his father," Joe said. "I'm starting to think this pairing is a mistake. Believe me I already know who to pair him with if you back out, Charles. I understand that this is vastly different than what you'd originally been told would happen. Do not try my patience too far."

"I also am expected to pay the stipend to Daniel," Charles said, looking even more angry. "So I'm essentially paying your brother to have sex with my boy."

"Yes, and there are two other men who would jump at the chance to be Joshua's benefactor, Charles," Joe said. "I've spoken to both of them. Either of them would be fine with sharing him with Daniel, but one of them in particular is perfectly suited to this. I'll admit I had hoped that he would have picked Joshua before you did. As you know I honor first choice. However he was too slow yesterday. Shall I call him and have him come back?"

"Yes, I believe you should," Charles said, shocking me. "I was promised certain things, Joseph McAllister. You lied to me."

"I did no such thing," Joe said. Now he was angry. "You were promised a boy to cherish and to support. You had certain ideas that you thought I might also entertain. As it happens I don't entertain those ideas. You will hand over the forms that Daniel signed right now."

Charles handed him the folder and the schedule book. He looked angry enough to start swinging. I didn't understand what was so bad about sharing me with Danny. I liked that Danny had grown attached to me. I guess in the two years that he'd been living in the trailer with us I'd grown attached to him, too. Charles was very different from Danny and though I was grateful for all he had done already the sex with him wasn't as fun as it was with Danny. I watched silent as Joe tore up the papers that gave Charles any right to me. We hadn't gone to any lawyer so he hadn't had a chance to file them. He left without another word.

"I'm sorry, Joe," I said softly.

"Joshua this is in no way your fault," he said calmly. "I apologize to you for making you witness this. Your tuition has been paid, you have a new wardrobe and Charles didn't go too far with you sexually I'm sure. Not with his desire to mold and shape your sexuality slowly. No, I'm afraid I'm the one who's sorry for allowing him his chance with you. I'll call Nikos and get him over here. Daniel will be pleased. He and Nikos are friends."

I was actually excited about that prospect. If he and Danny were friends then there shouldn't be any anger over sharing my time. I couldn't wait to meet Nikos. I was sure that this would be a perfect match for me. If I had to have a benefactor who I also had to have sex with then I was glad it was going to be a guy that my father at least liked. I could tell when we met with Charles yesterday that he and Danny didn't like each other. I hadn't liked that.

I didn't have to wait too long. Both Danny and Nikos arrived about an hour later. Danny took me off into living room to ask me how Charles had treated me. I told him everything he'd done and said while I was with him. Danny hugged me tight and then we joined Joe and Nikos in the dining room. He was the man I had thought was Greek the day before. He smiled at me, revealing very white teeth. He was a good looking man all right.

"Joshua, this is Nikos Stavros," Joe said as we came into the dining room. "He's very happy to be your benefactor."

"Hi, Josh," he said. He looked much more excited about the prospect than Charles had been. "You and I are going to be really good friends."

"Hello, Nikos," I said with a grin. I noticed that Joe was smiling, too.

"Daniel, it's good to see you again," Nikos said, smiling at Danny. "It seems we're going to be sharing a son."

"I can't think of a better man to share him with," Joe said. "Welcome to the family, Nikos."

"Well I'll leave the three of you alone to talk," Joe said. "I'll gather the forms for you both to sign and you can come up with a schedule on your own, I'm sure."

"Thanks, Joe," said Danny with a big grin.

"Come, sit," said Nikos with another grin. I was liking this guy already. I had thought his eyes were dark like Joe's but as we got closer I saw that they were a strange mixture of blue and gray that only looked dark from a distance. His skin wasn't just tanned. It was what I later found out was an olive complexion. He was dressed in a button down blue shirt and black dress pants with black leather dress shoes on his feet. "Joe tells me you've had a hard time, Josh."

"It wasn't so bad," I said. "He was nice to me, but he didn't seem to be all that excited to be with me. I was nervous most of the time."

"And the sex?" Nikos asked, letting me know that he was a blunt and bold man who wasn't afraid of any topic.

"I had better sex with Danny," I replied with a grin.

"I like him already," laughed Nikos. "Let's talk about the schedule, shall we?"

"You can have him any time you want, Nikos," Danny said. "I'm very happy that I know that he'll be taken care of and cherished rather than become the object of lust to an idiot."

"Well I'll cherish him completely," Nikos said. "You say I can have him any time I want, but what I was thinking was that maybe from time to time the three of us could do things together. I'm not talking about sex. I know that you don't like the ménage à trois. I mean go to events and things together, spend time together. Daniel, you and I are friends. There's no need to play like we're ex-husbands. You said welcome to the family, well then let's be a family."

"Well then how about instead of every other weekend you take thinking of him as mine we'll go with every other weekend thinking that we're his?" Danny said with a grin.

"I like that," Nikos said. "How about every holiday and summer we'll be together? I know that you'll have commitments over the summer, Daniel but I'd like you to be with us as much as possible."

"What about sex?" Danny asked. I just smiled.

"What about it?" Nikos asked. "I'm not Charles Grant. I don't have any plans to mold his sexuality. He likes sex, yes?"

"So far," I said, and they laughed.

"Well then we'll just go with the flow," Nikos replied. "Daniel, you and I will just let him decide what he wants to do with either of us as well as which of us he wants at any given time. There's no need to put strict rules on him about sex. I want him to feel free with sex, the way I always have. He'll have his time when he's free of us for the school week unless there are events or things that I need him to attend with me during the week. Let that be all of the structured rules he has."

"I think that's a good idea," Danny said as Joe came back with a stack of papers.

"Here we are," Joe said. "The Power of Attorney paperwork and guardianship. His tuition was paid in full for four years at Elmhurst Academy. I trust that you have no objection to him attending classes there."

"None," Nikos said. "After all that's where I went. Daniel, too."

"I trust that the two of you have worked out your schedule," Joe said, looking from Danny to Nikos and back.

"We have," said Danny.

"No schedule," laughed Nikos. "We're going to spend time together, the three of us."

"Well then," Joe said. "I think all that's left is to sign the paperwork and get it filed so that both of you can take care of him."

They singed the papers and then Joe left to get them filed. It seemed he knew a judge that would do this for him without all of the legal stuff needed. It meant nothing to me either way, as long as I could still spend time with Danny. I liked that they were friends and I was really looking forward to spending time with both of them. Nikos was a good looking guy and so was Danny. For a gay boy I thought I might have just won the jackpot.

"You know, I know Dennis quite a lot, too," Nikos said after Joe left. "It wouldn't be too hard for me to set up times for him and Adam to join us at certain events as well. What do you think about that?"

"I don't know," I admitted. "I've seen Adam in school from time to time but I don't really know him. I mean I know we're going to be sharing a room here in the house but I've never even talked to him."

"Well we'll let the two of you get to know each other a bit," Nikos said. "If you decide you don't want to get together with Dennis and Adam then we won't. It's all up to you, Josh."

"All right," I said. I really liked that he said that this would all be up to me. That made me feel really good about him.

"Well I feel jealous," laughed Nikos. "That bastard Charles had you all night and I've only got to see you twice. How about you spend the night with me tonight?"

"Okay," I said with a smile. He smiled back at me.

"We'll wait until Joe gets back so he'll know where you've gone," said Nikos. "Daniel are you planning anything tonight?"

"No," he said. "I've been bumming around my new apartment. No prospects in sight."

"Well stop looking," said Nikos. "Let your brother do all the work. We have a boy to raise."

"Well I have to save other boys, too, Nikos," he said. "We can't spend every day together, and besides you need to spend some time getting to know Josh."

"All right," he said. "But soon the three of us will get together. We'll see a movie and grab dinner or something."

"That sounds good," Danny said. "Hey, kid. Come give me a hug."

I turned in my chair and wrapped my arms around Danny. He held me tight for a long moment and then kissed the top of my head. I looked up at him and he smiled. Then he kissed me like Charles had kissed me. He kissed me long and deep. My dick was hard when he let me go. He noticed and chuckled. I just smiled at him. I liked that he'd kissed me like that. I had wanted to kiss him like that since Charles had taught me to kiss that way.

Joe came back and gave Danny and Nikos their folders of signed and stamped papers. It was official. I now belonged to both of them. Nikos told Joe that I'd be spending the night with him and I was sent up to pack an overnight bag with the clothes that Phillip had already laundered. I packed clothes for two days because I had no idea how long I'd be with Nikos. I met him in the living room. Danny was already gone.

"I have an apartment at a local hotel that I use when I'm in town," he said. "My home is in the city, and I'll spend a lot of time there. When you're not in school I'll take you home with me for a while. We'll have the summer and Christmas is coming, too. I'll need to get with Daniel and plan that event."

"Okay," I said with a smile.

"So tell me all that you've done sexually so far," he said. "Daniel tells me you're good with your throat."

"Yeah," I said with a blush. "Danny taught me to suck his dick. He sucked mine, too but he shoved his tongue in my ass and made me feel really good. He worked three fingers into my ass and touched something in there that made me really feel good. With Charles it was just me sucking his dick. He sucked mine for a bit and then rubbed his against mine until we came. It wasn't all that exciting."

"Oh?" he laughed. "Then I guess I'll have to keep sex exiting for you. Don't worry, Josh. I like sex a lot, and I want you to like it just as much as I do. I won't hurt you on purpose. Some of the things we'll do will probably hurt at first but once the pain goes away you'll probably like it all."

"I trust you," I said.

His car wasn't a Rolls Royce but it was nice. He told me it was a BMW and he owned a few BMW dealerships in the area. His money came from his family just like Charles, but his family owned a big corporation in Greece. He told me he'd tell me about it one day and maybe take move over to Greece to meet some of his family. I liked that idea. He said we'd have time before that happened and then said no more about it.

His apartment was in the biggest hotel in town. It was called The Regent and I knew from school that only the really rich stayed there. I also knew that the top floor was divided into three apartments that were owned by the three wealthiest men in town. Nikos Stavros owned one of them. That told me a lot about his financial situation. He probably had more money than Charles. The Regent was a huge building. It looked like a skyscraper but it was probably not half as big as one. It was one big rectangle shaped building with what I soon learned was one hundred floors with hotel rooms on them. The ground floor had the front desk, the laundry room, vending machines and a small gymnasium. The second floor had a clothing shop and a restaurant. The hotel rooms didn't start until the third floor. Nikos had one of the two apartments on the top floor.

An older man with salt and pepper hair, cut short and almost buzzed on the sides and in the back with dark eyes met us at the front door. He was dressed in a blue tuxedo. He smiled and greeted Nikos as if he knew him well which was most likely because he either rented or owned an apartment at the top of the building. He commented on me and Nikos told him that I was his nephew and that I was spending the night while my father got some work done.

The ground floor was all beige and white. The front desk was off to the left of the main entrance. The lobby had two sofas back to back in the center of the space. I saw the doors to the gum but Nikos led me to the elevators which were behind a wall with a huge portrait of a park scene with a woman walking a very large dog. There were four elevators and the second one opened when he pushed the button. We got inside the elevator and rode to the top floor in silence. I was very excited by my surroundings and Nikos was watching me with a small smile on his face.

"Wait till you see the apartment," he said with that grin. "You're in for a treat."

When the doors opened again we stepped out of the elevator into a small hallway. There were two doors that were directly across from each other. The walls here were a very light blue while the carpet under our feet was a darker blue. The wall directly across from the elevator was glass and you could see the cityscape beyond it. He used a key and opened the door on the left of the elevator and allowed me to walk into the apartment ahead of him. I stepped into the living room and stopped to stare.

The room was a long rectangle. The carpet was beige and it almost matched the walls though they were a bit lighter. A long cream colored sofa took up almost the entire wall beside the door. In front of the sofa was a long glass coffee table. There were two easy chairs adjacent to the sofa with a smaller glass table between them. On that table was a brass lamp. The wall across from the sofa was nearly taken up by a huge television screen. There was electronic equipment in the wall to the left of the screen. What caught my eye were the video game systems.

"Wow," I said as I gawked at everything.

"I'm glad you like it," he said as he closed the door behind him. "We'll be spending a lot of time here, but I can't wait for you to see the house in the city."

"Is it like this?" I asked, turning to face him.

"And so much more," he said with another grin.

He turned on the television and then took my overnight bag. He left me in the living room as he went down the short hallway to the bedroom. When he came back he got us both a bottle of water from the kitchen and then he turned on that huge television set. He showed me that the controllers were wireless and I was amazed by this. I'd never seen wireless controllers for a video game system before. He explained that his company in Greece manufactured the video game systems and they were a bit ahead of the US companies. He played video games with me for quite a while. Then he ordered food from room service and when it arrived we ate in the small dining room at the round glass table.

After the food was put back on the brass room service cart he took me into the bathroom were absolutely everything was white tile. He filled the tub with water and then we took our clothes off. I got my first look at him naked. He was muscular but not so much that it was intimidating to look at. His body was completely devoid of hair other than under his arms and just above his dick. His legs had a dusting of dark hair on them as well. His dick wasn't hard but it looked pretty big. I wondered as I looked at it how I was going to get it in my throat.

We got into the tub with him behind me. I sat down and leaned back against him, feeling his growing erection against my back. He washed me, having me move forward, stand up and finally turn around. Then he allowed me to wash him. I found this very exciting and my own erection was standing out in front of me. He smiled at me when he saw that. I guess he was happy that he could get that kind of response from me. Then we just soaked in the water and he ran his wet hands all over my body. When the water started to get cold we got out. He used huge fluffy white towels to dry me and then himself.

We left the bathroom and went into the bedroom. There was a king sized bed against the wall across from the door. It was covered with a gray spread. He climbed onto the bed and patted the spot beside himself. I crawled onto the bed and into position and then he leaned over and kissed me. His kiss was soft but demanding. He rubbed my tongue with his and then swirled his around mine. Then he pulled me closer and maneuvered me until I was sitting in his lap with his hard dick right along side my smaller one. His kiss got deeper still and I pressed myself against his hard dick.

"Such a sexy little guy," he said with a grin as he pulled back from the kiss. "I'm going to love you for the rest of my life, little Joshua."

"I think I'm going to love you for the rest of mine, too, Nikos," I said, grinning at him.

"Show me," he said.

I kissed him again but without tongue. I kissed his neck and down his chest. I really didn't know what I was doing but I liked the heat of his skin against my lips as I kissed my way down his torso to his crotch. Completely erect I saw that his dick wasn't much bigger than Danny's. I smiled before I took the head of his dick into my mouth. I moved my tongue around the head like I'd been taught and then started to take more, bobbing up and down to get it wet and make it easier to take. When I felt it at the back of my mouth I pushed myself a bit and opened my throat. He moaned loudly as I reached the base of his dick. I breathed through my nose and swallowed around his dick. It was hard to do but he jerked when I did it so I tried again. Then I pulled back a bit and started to move up and down, taking him to the base of his dick each time.

He pulled me off of his dick and twisted until he had me lying on the bed. Then he crawled over me and kissed me again. My throat was a bit sore but I was having a good time so I smiled at him when he pulled back. He got a look in his eye that I didn't understand at first. Then he was sucking my nipples one at a time and lightly biting them. I didn't know why but that made me feel really good. It was like my nipples were connected to my dick. It was amazing.

Then he licked his way down my body to my crotch and took my dick into his mouth down to the base which wasn't hard. I wasn't big enough for him to use his throat. He amazed me by sucking my dick and balls at the same time. They were in his mouth and though I was sure it would hurt it didn't. It felt unreal. Then he lifted my legs and licked behind my balls. I was moaning and gasping as he made me feel things I'd never felt before. When his tongue made contact with my hole I tried to pull my legs back further. I felt him as well as heard him chuckle against my hole which made his lips vibrate against it. I thought I'd see stars at that point.

Then he was shoving his tongue in and out of my ass over and over again. I was rolling my head back and forth against the bed and moaning. I really loved to have my hole licked. Then I felt his finger at my hole and I knew that he was going to put it inside me. He pushed it in slowly and carefully but once it was in he went straight for that spot inside me that drove me crazy. He took my dick back into his mouth and sucked it in time with his finger moving over that spot. I tried to warn him that I was going to cum but he just kept up. I finally shot my tiny load in his mouth and he moaned around me.

Then he turned me over and put his dick in the crack of my ass which was very wet and slippery from his saliva. He humped his dick along my crack over and over again until I felt him jerk and then I could feel him cumming all over my butt. He was still for a bit as his hard breathing went back to normal. Then he surprised me my licking up all of his cum from my butt and back. When he was done he took me back to the bathroom to the shower stall. We rinsed off and then he dried us both. We climbed into the bed and he spooned me against him. I took his hand and put it over my dick and balls and he held them as I fell asleep.

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