Joe's Boys
by Daddy's Boy

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Joe's Boys Chapter 3

CODES: M/B, t/t, t/b, oral, rimming, fingering, anal, toys

I woke up before Nikos the next morning. It was fun to watch him sleep but I wanted to suck him again. He was lying on his back with one arm behind his head and the other outstretched along the bed beside him. His legs were spread slightly as well. I crawled under the covers and into position carefully. I didn't want him to wake up until I had him in my mouth. His dick was already hard so I had no trouble in that way. I took the head in my mouth and quickly made my way down to the base. When I reached the base I felt his hand on the back of my head and he moaned. His body started to stretch as I went to work on his dick. Then the cover was lifted from me and I looked up to find him smiling down at me. I worked my mouth and throat up and down his dick as fast as I could without hurting myself. His eyes closed again and he put his head back down on the pillow. Then he was moaning again. I worked his dick over with my mouth, throat and tongue until he put both hands on my head and held me in place. His body jerked and then he was blasting cum into the back of my mouth. I swallowed it all until it was barely dribbling out of the head of his dick. When I had all that he had to give I let his dick fall from my lips and looked up at him with a smile. He looked at me with a very big smile.

"What a great way to wake up," he said through his grin. "Get up here."

He pulled me until I was straddling his chest. Then he took me in his mouth and made short work of sucking me off. In no time I was shaking and moaning and finally shooting my weaker cum into his mouth. When that was over he hugged me around my waist tight. We got out of the bed and he stood at the toilet to piss. I got the shower going and got inside and waited for him. He climbed in behind me and then he started to wash me from my hair to my feet, front and back. He paid special attention to my hard dick and brought me off once again in the shower. When I tried to do the same for him he said it would take him a bit longer to be ready for that.

When we were both clean we got dressed and then he ordered room service. I played video games until it arrived. Then we sat in the dining room and ate pancakes and sausage. He told me that he'd not see me again until the following weekend. He said that he had some business to attend to and that I would spend the coming weekend with Danny. After he put the room service cart in the hall he had me pack my bag and then we rode the elevator to the ground floor where another older man was working the door. This one had very dark hair that was buzzed into a flat top on the top of his head. He was dressed in the same tuxedo as the man from the night before. He said good morning and bid us a good day.

Nikos dropped me off in front of Joe's house and I let myself in the front door. I went upstairs to the room I was sharing with Adam and found him sitting on his bed with a book in his hands. He looked up at me and smiled. We'd seen each other in school a lot but we'd never talked to each other. Now it seemed we were going to be cousins of a sort and roommates to boot. I quickly put my dirty clothes in the hamper and then stowed my bag at the bottom of the closet.

"So you're Josh," he said. His voice was a bit higher pitched than mine and had not yet started to crack.

"And you're Adam," I said back.

"I heard that the older guy who picked you first backed out," he said. "You got the Greek guy?"

"Yeah," I said with a smile. "His name is Nikos and he's pretty cool."

"Did you have sex with him?" he asked. "Dennis sucked my dick three times. It was kind of awesome but I'm not sure about all of this sex with guys."

"I had sex with Nikos twice," I said. "I like the sex a lot."

"Your new dad is Danny, right?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said. "But he isn't my new dad. I lived with him for a few years."

"My new dad is Steven," he said, making a face. "He told me when he brought me here that he wouldn't be spending any time with me. I hear that Danny wants you every other weekend."

"Yeah," I said. I felt sorry for him that he wasn't having the kind of relationship with Steven as I was having with Danny.

"That's cool," he said. "I wish Steven was nicer to me and would want me the way that Danny wants you."

"But Dennis wants you," I said for lack of anything else to say.

"Dennis just wants to have sex with me," he said dismissively. "I want a dad."

"Well I don't know what to say to that," I said. Danny loved me like a father and there wasn't anything I could do about Steve loving Adam or not loving Adam.

"You don't have to say anything," he said.

"Well I don't know about a dad," I said, thinking quickly. "But you have me. We're cousins now."

"Yeah," he said with a smile. "I'd see you in school and stuff but I never got to talk to you before."

"I didn't talk to anyone," I said. "It wasn't personal."

"But do you like the sex? I mean did you have sex with Nikos and Charles?" he asked.

"Okay," I said. "Let's start with the first question. I like sex. So far I've only sucked dick and had my dick sucked. I've had a tongue in my butt and fingers. I liked it all. Yes, I had sex with Nikos and Charles. I liked the sex with Nikos better than the sex with Charles. I didn't really like Charles. He had too many rules and had a fit because of Danny."

"Dennis had me suck his dick," Adam said. "I'm not very good at it though. He said I'd get better with practice."

"You will I guess," I said. "Didn't Steve have sex with you?"

"Steve and Sean," he said though he didn't look happy about it.

"Did you do more with Steve and Sean?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said and then got quiet. I guessed that he didn't want to talk about that so I let it go.

Just then the door to our room opened and the older three boys came in. They were still wearing their school uniforms. I thought they looked great in them. Adam looked like he was scared to death. I wondered about that. He didn't seem to be a very confident boy. I wondered if I was too confident. I mean Nikos seemed great so far. Should I have been a bit worried about him? I didn't know. He and Danny were friends and Danny had never done anything to hurt me. That's why I trusted Nikos.

"So you're the new boys," said the one I thought was Kieran. He was the fit blonde.

"That's us," I said. "I'm Josh and this is Adam."

"I'm Kieran," he said with a grin. "This is Eric and Levi. Levi will only be with us until the end of summer."

"I can talk for myself," Levi said, running his fingers through his dark hair. "I'll graduate from Elmhurst in June. Then I'll spend the summer with Trey."

"Have you decided which college you'll attend?" Eric asked him. It was like they'd forgotten us.

"Probably Harvard," he said. "Trey went to Harvard and he's trying to pull some strings."

"So when do you two start Elmhurst?" Kieran asked, turning to me again.

"We have to take final exams but we don't start until January," I said.

"Figures," he said with a sigh. "You guys'll be here all day while we're at school."

I didn't know what to say about that so I just stayed quiet. They left our room after that and it was just me and Adam. He looked like he'd calmed down. I sat next to him on his bed and we were quiet for a long moment. I didn't know what to say to him. I was too busy trying to figure out Kieran, Eric and Levi. I knew form talking to Danny that the benefactors had money but I didn't expect that they'd help us go to college when we graduated from Elmhurst.

"They didn't seem to like us very much," Adam said.

"Well they only just met us," I said. "They've been together for a long time. We're new. It'll take time I guess."

We were all seated around the dining table that evening for dinner. Conversations flew between Joe and the older boys. Adam and I remained silent for most of it. I wasn't sure how much I liked how freely they threw around the kinds of sex they had with their benefactors at the table. I wasn't sure that I was going to offer anything about what kind of sex I had with Nikos or Danny. To me that was private and I didn't want to make it dirty or make it seem like it was normal dinner conversation.

"Levi," said Joe after the sex talk was over. "You'll be happy to know that you've been accepted at Harvard. Trey called while you were all upstairs to tell me about it."

"That's great, Levi," said Kieran.

"Yeah," added Eric. "It's what you wanted."

"We'll have to tell Dr. Primrose," Levi said. "He'll want to add me to his wall of fame."

"Yes," said Joe. "I'll call him in the morning. You'll be with Trey and Daniel this weekend to go and take the tour of Harvard."

"All right," Levi replied.

"Joshua," Joe said, turning to me. "Did you know that you and Levi are legally brothers?"

"No," I said as I looked over at Levi. He smiled back at me.

"Levi was the first boy that Daniel saved from nothing," Joe informed me.

"I was living with my mother in New York," Levi said. "Daniel had come to New York for a conference. He paid my mother for a night of sex but only after he found out about me. He moved in with us not long after that, married my mother and adopted me. Then my mother got arrested. I didn't find out for a while but she killed her pimp. She was put in prison for the rest of her life and I moved here to live with Joe and he introduced me to Trey."

"Yes," said Joe. "You were one of the first of my boys. You'll no doubt be happy to learn that you will soon be reunited with Robert."

"I hadn't thought about that," Levi said with a smile. "He's been at Harvard all year."

"Yes," said Joe. "He'll be spending the summer with William in Australia."

"Awesome," Levi said. "He loves it over there."

"What are your plans for the summer?" Joe asked him.

"I don't have any," Levi replied. "Other than the two weeks that Trey said he'll spend with me. He's working a lot this summer."

I learned more than the fact that Levi was legally my big brother at that dinner. Eric was legally Adam's big brother and Kieran was legally Joe's son. I also learned that Eric would be away all summer with his benefactor. Kieran and Levi would both be gone for two weeks but otherwise they'd be here in the house with Joe. I didn't know what Nikos had planned for me so I didn't contribute any information. Adam looked a bit sick at the thought of spending the summer with Dennis. I had already figured out that he didn't like the sex. I didn't know how that was going to play out.

We all went back up to our rooms after that. The older boys had homework assignments so Adam and I sat in our room. We talked about trips to Australia and all of the things we'd get to do with our benefactors. I kept the conversation away from sex because it seemed to upset Adam to talk about it. Instead I got him excited about trips and events that he might get to attend. I knew that without Nikos I would probably never get to do some of the things we were talking about. I wasn't sure what Nikos had in store for me, but I knew that he would do things with me that I'd never have gotten to do without him.

"What are you guys doing?" Levi asked as his head peaked around our door.

"Nothing really," I said. "Just talking."

"Talking about your benefactors?" Levi asked with a smile as he came into the room.

"Kind of," I said, returning his grin. "We were talking about the things we'll get to do with them."

"You'll have a lot of fun," Levi said as he sat beside me on my bed. "I got to know Nikos a bit over the years. He and our dad are friends and have been since high school. He's a great guy. I'm happy that he's your benefactor."

"Do you know Dennis?" Adam asked.

"No," Levi said. "He's young and I had never seen him before they brought the four of them in to meet you guys."

"He said to think of him like my big brother," Adam said, though he looked like that was a stupid idea to him.

"Well Eric is your big brother," Levi pointed out. "You should spend some time with him. He's a great guy, too."

"What's he doing now?" Adam asked, looking at least mildly interested.

"By now he's probably fucking Kieran," laughed Levi. "We can go and see if you want."

"No," Adam said, making it clear that he didn't approve of what his big brother might be doing.

"Well I'd like to see," I said, standing up. Levi grinned at me and took my hand in his. We were almost out the door before Adam got up to follow us.

"What?" he asked when I looked at him. "I don't want to sit in here by myself."

We went down the hall to Eric and Kieran's open door. Their room was exactly like ours. I thought of them like the dorm rooms I'd seen in college shows on television. Levi had been wrong though. Eric wasn't fucking Kieran yet. They looked like they were sucking each other's dicks. Eric was lying on top of Kieran with his crotch in Kieran's face. It was evident that Kieran was sucking Eric's dick. Eric had Kieran's legs up too far for that to be the only thing he was doing to him. The sight of what they were doing excited me. I got hard very quickly. Levi noticed and smiled at me. We sat on the other bed with Adam and Levi on either side of me and watched the action.

"I thought it was time the younger boys see what the older boys got up to when the benefactors aren't around," Levi said when Eric stopped what he was doing and looked at him.

"Whatever," he said and then went back to shoving his tongue in Kieran's ass.

It was amazing to watch and it looked sexy as hell. Kieran moaned around Eric's dick a few times and then pulled his mouth off of it and said, "Yeah, Eric." Then after a few more minutes he said, "I'm ready." Eric climbed off of him and turned around. He got back on the bed as Kieran lifted his legs, presenting his ass to Eric. Eric used a bottle of lubricant that I hadn't seen on the bed and greased his dick. Then he moved forward and I paid close attention as the head of his dick made contact with Kieran's ass hole. He must have applied pressure because his dick started to enter Kieran's ass slowly.

"Like that?" Eric asked with a smile on his face as he looked down at Kieran.

"Oh yeah," he said. "Give it to me, Eric."

"I hear you're good at sucking dick," Levi said to me. I just smiled up at him. "Want to show me?"

I got down on the floor between his legs. I didn't even look in Adam's direction. Levi unzipped his pants and his dick popped out. I was happy to see that it was no bigger than the others I'd had in my mouth and throat. I put my mouth on it and ran my tongue around the head. Then I started to go lower, accepting more and more of him in my mouth. When I felt him at the back of my throat I just relaxed and kept going. My nose was in his pubic hair in a matter of seconds.

"Damn," Eric said behind me. "Did he go all the way down?"

"He sure did," Levi said happily. "He's good. Damn."

"He's only twelve?" Eric asked. "I couldn't do that until I was fourteen."

I didn't care what they were saying. I just kept bobbing up and down on his dick, taking it into my throat each time. He laid a hand on my head but didn't apply pressure. He just let me go at it at my own pace. I liked sucking his dick and I thought about the fact that I actually had my big brother's dick in my mouth. That made me think for a second because I wasn't sure what I thought about incest. I mean we weren't blood related so I guessed it wasn't all that bad. He was a hot guy and I decided to just let it go and suck his dick for him.

"I'm gonna cum," Eric said behind me.

"Me too," said Kieran. Then he gasped. "Yeah, right there."

I just kept sucking Levi's dick. He was moaning a bit now and then to let me know that he enjoyed what I was doing to him. Then his hands were on either side of my head like he wanted to hold me in place. He didn't apply any pressure though. He just kept his hands on the sides of my head while I went up and down. He jerked and I buried his dick in my throat, breathed through my nose and tried to swallow around him. That set him off and I could feel his dick pulsing in my throat. He moaned for a long moment and then I slowly eased off of his dick, sat back on my knees and smiled at him.

"That was awesome," he said, smiling back at me. "You can do that to me any time you want. You guys should get his mouth on you. You won't believe how awesome he is."

"He really got into it," said Kieran. "It was awesome to watch. I think that's what set us off so fast."

"I know it's what set me off," laughed Eric. "Damn, boy you can really go to town on a dick. Where'd you learn to do that?"

"I didn't learn it," I said. "I just do it."

"And he stayed down on you for so long at the end," said Kieran. "You came down his throat?"

"Sure did," he said. "He was swallowing around me. It was fucking amazing."

"Did you hold your breath all that time?" Eric asked, looking at me in amazement.

"No," I said. "I just breathed through my nose."

"What else do you like to do?" Kieran asked.

"I've only ever done that," I said. "That and Danny and Nikos shoved their tongues in my ass. They both put fingers in me too. I liked that a lot. They touched something inside me that made me want to back up on their hands."

"That's your prostate," said Eric. "It's what makes anal sex so much fun for the bottom."

"Well it's not fair that I was the only one who got to have fun," Levi said. "Come to my room with me and I'll show you something that will have you blasting off to the moon."

I followed him into his room and was a bit surprised when Adam came in and sat on the other bed. Levi told me to take my pants and underwear off and lay on the bed. Then he lifted my legs and before I even knew what was going on he was licking around my hole. I gasped and smiled really big at that. Then he started to shove his tongue into my ass over and over again. I looked over as Eric and Kieran came in and sat beside Adam. I noticed that Adam moved to the head of the bed, leaving a lot of space between him and Eric.

"That's it," Kieran said. "Give it to him, Levi."

"Like that?" Eric asked with a big grin.

"Oh yeah," I said, making him and Kieran chuckle.

"Just wait," said Kieran. "Levi is the king of toys."

"Toys?" I asked. I thought he was probably a bit too old for toys. Then he took his mouth away from my ass and sat back.

"Yeah," he said. "I still have my first prostate massager. I don't use it anymore. You can have it if you want. I'll even show you how to use it."

"It'll touch that spot inside me?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said with a smile. "It'll also get you ready for the real thing. You'll need bigger toys before you can take a dick as big as mine or either of those two. Adam can help you out with that, too."

"I don't think so," said Adam. He looked revolted at the thought.

"You know, little dude you're gonna have to get on the bandwagon or Joe and Dennis will think they've made a mistake," said Kieran. "Believe me it's happened before. They just send those boys to live with their other brother and I'm sure you wouldn't like it. I hear they live on a farm and the boys work the farm all the time. So if you want a life of hard labor then you keep telling yourself that you think this is bad. If you want a life of privilege and pampering then get with the program."

It was a bit harsh I thought but Adam really did need to understand what his life was about now. I felt a bit sorry for him with the options laid out like that. It was either have sex with Dennis or move to a farm where he'd no doubt be expected to do back breaking work. I liked Adam so far. I didn't want to see him go. I just hoped that he could get used to having sex with Dennis. I wasn't going to force him to have sex with me and I didn't think the others would do that either.

"Any way," Levi said as he pulled a small blue rubber thing out of his drawer. It was curved and looked like a warped handle bar but with bigger places for your fingers. "This was my first massager. Trey bought it for me when I was eleven."

"You've been with Trey since you were eleven?" I asked.

"No," he said. "I've been with Trey since I was eight."

"Okay," I said as I processed that information. "How does this work?"

"Well you have to use lube," he said, grabbing a bottle of clear liquid out of his drawer. He squeezed some into his hand and rubbed it all over the toy. Then he put some on his finger and started to run it around my hole. It was cold but felt amazing. He put more and more lube in my hole and then he put the tip of the toy to my hole. "Relax. It shouldn't hurt you but you'll feel a bit full."

He pushed it into me and he was right. It didn't hurt but I did start to feel full. He twisted it slightly and I gasped as it touched my spot. He grinned and then leaned forward and took my dick in his mouth. I was nowhere near as big as he was so he had no trouble with me at all. I just laid there and let the amazing feelings take me over. All too soon I was cumming in his mouth. He sat back, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and slowly slid the toy out of my ass. He had me follow him to the bathroom where he washed the toy and dried it with a towel. He handed it to me.

"You can have it," he said, smiling. "I've outgrown it. I'm sure Nikos will buy you more toys if you ask. If not just talk to me. We can share mine."

"Thanks, Levi," I said, smiling back at him.

"That's what big brothers are for," he said, putting an arm around me. "Let's go get you dressed."


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This is a shorter chapter with a little more sex. There's more to come but the chapters were too long in my opinion. Expect more of Adam's story to be fleshed out in future chapters. I also mentioned that Levi's mother killed her pimp. I won't expand on that in the story as this story isn't about Levi per say. Hope you liked it. More to come.


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