Before You Begin.

This story contains written media in which depicts two under age boys ingaging in sexual activies, these boy's are also brothers. Sexual acts of this nature are called incest; meaning "sex with the family".

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The story now begins.


I didn't know what happened, I was five when mum went to the hospital with dad and I was forced to stay with my mothers' sister. I stayed with her for a month; I guess they thought it was best that I stay away from them for a while.

When I got back thou I had a brother Tyler, and well ever since then he has been a pain in my side. I always tried to ditch him as he got older. When he was five he always wanted to be around me, and mum and dad made sure I did hang out with him. But I did try and get away from him whenever I could.

It was weird, those younger years; he was a pain in my side and even know I wish I had known what fun we could have had if I knew about sex earlier. Well that's not to say that we aren't making up for lost time.

Well the day it changed was on Tyler's fourteenth birthday. I had a so called girlfriend although I didn't like her that much anyway, or any girl for that matter. Tyler was well he didn't seem to be sexually interested in anyone, I would joke with him to find out what sort of girl he likes but he never did like any girl I pointed out to him.

Today was going to be the day I would find out that not only do I have more interest in cock, but so does my brother. But that my brother doesn't just have any cock he is interested in. He is interested in my cock.

Chapter One

My birthday surprise for my lil bro would come in the form of us watching a porn video together, nothing gay or anything like that, just a normal guy fucks girl in every way he can sort of way. I don't know why but I always wanted to know what sort of taste my brother has and this would be a way I would be able to find out once and for all.

The normal party was starting mid day and we where just getting out of bed at 10 o'clock. Since we sleep in the same bedroom we normally see each other in our underwear or every now and then would see each other nude. We weren't rich, but we had enough money to allow us to have a bedroom for us, as well as a joining shower and rest room, so that sort of made it easier to see each other nude.

The party progressed and Tyler's mates started leaving at 9pm, mum and dad had a work thing that they had to do, which left us; as I had planned alone in the house. Tyler had just stepped into the shower so I wheeled in the television vision set into our bedroom, which we have done before even thou our parents don't like us doing that.

I had the VCR tape ready for me to simply press play. I started playing the tape however forgot about the sound which caused Tyler to call out what was that noise, I replied back to him, "Sorry I just stumped my foot on the bed." lying to him as the male was moaning into the air that was now silent.

I wanted it to be the first thing he would see so I turned had it faced so that as soon as that door opened he knew it would be a hot night of masturbation fun. And I would of course get to know what my brother likes in a chick.

So he came out wearing a lime green down around his waist, his hair was still rather wet, and for the first time, I wondered if he was wearing underwear beneath the towel, I was shocked to hear myself say that but it was soon a distant memory as his eyes fixated on the screen.

My plane had worked; he was now getting a look in his eye like he had been waiting for this moment forever. He sat on the floor near me and watching the TV, he hardly sounded like he spoke but he did quietly, "where did you get this?" I told him from a mate of mine, he just looked at me and smiled his sparkling white teeth.

I was stunned at myself; here I was watching a porno with my brother trying to figure out what type of chicks he likes, and all I'm thinking about. Wait what am I thinking about? Oh yeah KISSING my brothers lips. Oh wow, know even the porn wasn't even being watched by me, I was just watching my brother, I liked my lips, thinking that they are now wet because we where kissing each other, I felt my penis stirring in my pants, and then he started to look at me. I snapped my head to look at the porn again, but for some reason I looked out the corner of my eyes, he was looking between my legs!

I didn't know what was happening now, but for some reason I spread my legs and before I knew it they where now touching the side of my brothers arm. At that moment I felt so electrified, so warm and yet so scared. My hand also jumped to my pants, and started rubbing the material of my lose pants above my hardening cock. Tyler was still look at me, instead of the video so I started to move my cock so that he could see it, his face lit up and he pushed his cock down into the towel for it to only rebound back upwards.

That caused my head to turn and look directly at him, the bludge in the material showed some, but I wanted more. Without even eye contact I moved onto the floor next to him and looked him in the eye. This was scaring me senseless, but I wanted to do something I just didn't know if I should or if he would want me to. Before I could bring up the strength to plan my next moved, he moved forward, I moved forward and our lips touched ever so softly. Before I could register what happened he was now standing up near the television facing away from it looking at me, it took a bit longer to hear what he was saying, "I'm so sorry Joey, I didn't mean it honest." he was pledging with me. I stood up and replied to him, "sorry for what bro?"

He turned his head away from me, "for kissing you." he started with sad sounding voice. "I didn't mean to, I just..." he was stumbling on his words, I have never seen him act like this, "I just forgot who you where I guess."

I didn't know what to say so I stepped forward and hugged him softly in my warm arms, his heart pounding on my chest. "Its okay Tyler, its all right." my hands where moving over his warm back it was still sweaty from his shower, my hands massaged his back and then I felt him grind his lower half into me. This time Tyler had placed his arms around me, and whispered into my ear, "So we stop now?"