Before You Begin.

This story contains written media in which depicts two under age boys ingaging in sexual activies, these boy's are also brothers. Sexual acts of this nature are called incest; meaning "sex with the family".

Nifty nor myself encourages these acts, nor do we want underage people reading this material. Turn away now if you are in voliation of either being under age to read this material, or being in a country that outlaws incestous relationships.

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The Story.

Chapter Two

"Should we stop now?" It was racing through my mind so wildly I couldn't stop myself if I tried. I removed my top and felt our skins touch each other, I sighed heavily at the contact of someone I liked and said almost without a voice, "no."

His arms again wrapped around my back, I know I pushed forward, but so did Tyler. My god our dicks although behind fabric could be felt, I was beyond any words or expression and yet something was missing. At once I started moving backwards to Tyler's bed, the backs of my legs touch the bed softly and I kissed Tyler on the lips as a way to ask him to follow me down onto me.

This caused him to nearly jump on me, I felt him land on me causing me to exhale loudly, but before I could even recover, I was now breathing while kissing Tyler, my hands now rushing onto his back and for the first time I felt right, I didn't have to remind myself what to do, I didn't have to tell myself that chicks like different things, I just knew what to do. And with that I manoeuvred Tyler onto his back.

Now on top of him, I was pushing my pants down, I didn't have any underwear on since I didn't want them to stop me wanking watching the porn video. So not before long I was completely naked upon Tyler. Again and again I pushed my penis against him; he rolled his lower body upwards into me as well it caused so my bliss I could hardly breathe.

I was so driven made that before I knew it I was tearing at his towel and opening it up to reveal that he was in fact wearing underwear. Well that blew my fantasy out of the window, but was nearly instantly replaced with another one. I slowed the kissing down and started to lick my way down my brother's chest, licking and softly biting his nipples, I didn't want to stop but the desire for what was still covered drove me closer and closer to this goal. My tongue circled around his belly button, down further to wear his underwear started.

I started mouthing the fabric, with my lips, he gasped loudly and moved his head left and right, lifting his butt I lowered his underwear, and before I knew it, Tyler was sucking in air between his teeth and grasping the bedding underneath us. His checks a shade of red, his eyes tightly closed as I sunk my mouth over his penis.

I didn't realise it at the time but I was literary drooling over my brothers penis, stopping I looked at his shaft and noticed that my spit was rolling down his balls, that meant I had to clean it up and with a slight inward jump of excitement, I moved my tongue over his hairless balls, and shivered with pleasure, as one of his balls slipped into my mouth he gasped out nearly crying as I rolled my tongue over it and realised it, and then repeated it for the other one causing a even louder cry of enjoyment from Tyler.

I was so overcome with emotion I didn't know what was happening I just knew I was enjoying it like nothing before. Tyler was moaning and moving around so much I stopped and rose and laid back on him, sucking his nipples again, but he was still moaning and moving underneath me. He started grinding into my body which caused me to moan with him and before I knew it I was back at my brothers' mouth kissing him with a dancing tongue in his mouth.

He this time rolled me over and know was grinding into me quite hard, it didn't hurt me, but I was worried it would hurt him, so even though I didn't want to, I told him to stop and from the side draw, removed some lubrication and rubbed my hand along his cock a few times, and then moved it where he was rubbing his cock on my body, just above my belly button.

He continued grinding his penis into me, this time he was moaning into my mouth, his breath was so heavy, and so hot, he and I where both sweating and with my still lubed hands found my way to his ass, which caused him to bite my lower lip with surprise. It didn't hurt but made me jump causing me to pull his buttocks apart.

He broke the kiss and with a very loud moan spilled his seed onto my stomach. He didn't stop rubbing his erection till moment before in which he just flopped down on me nibbling my neck. I didn't know what to do next; I so wanted to cum myself but it seemed as if he wouldn't be able to do anything.

So I decided that at least for now, I would let him rest, with him still on top of me, and still sandwiched between a spread of Tyler's Seed.