Joey 'n' Tyler
First steps into incest with brothers

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  The Story...

  Chapter 3

I'm not sure how long Tyler had been awake for. I know he was still lying on top of me I could feel his warmth on my skin. He was brushing my hair with his fingers, before I could even stop myself, I was moaning from the contact.

Tyler gave a little giggle as he stopped and kissed my lips. I gave way to my sleepiness and replied the kiss. It hit me just as I was moaning into his mouth who I was kissing like I was dating them. 'My brother!' I shouted into my mind, it was like a full attack, which landed me with guilt.

Separating our bodies was the most hardest thing I had done for a while, I didn't mind leaving my girlfriends I had in the past like I did just then, but at the same time the guilt of being with my younger brother made me want to run. I didn't know where to, simply running would have been okay.

I pulled away from kissing him, now on our sides in bed, I was on my back, and he was on his side still wanting to kiss me like it was a dream he didn't want to end. I turned to him and looked him in his eyes and asked, "Is this okay? Did I do wrong?" I was scared of the answer, but was also scared of my actions.

He looked at me and simply said no. He rolled over onto my body again and this time was massaging my chest. "I have always wanted you. I don't like girls, and I don't like guys either. I just like you."

I looked at him thinking of the future, there was no way we could spend our lives together, simply wouldn't work. Would it? "We can't be together you know that don't you?"

While he still was massaging my chest, his eyes started watering. "I know that. But I can't stop thinking about you. I try and think about other guys but that." Tyler broke off and stopped his strokes on my chest, his eyes now completely watering. "I just like you, other people make me feel sick inside, I don't even want to be with another person. I don't care if it's wrong Joey. I just like you. I just like you dammit."

This time he fell onto my body, not from exhaustion, but because he had lost his dream. He started to rub my penis with his, and from there it leads us to another place in our path.

I stopped him doing what he was doing, not because I wanted to stop, but because if we didn't clean up and get the house back to normal, our parents would never let us hear the end of it. I put the TV back into its place outside our room; my body seemed to want to have sex even more as the smell from Tyler's sperm waved over my body as air moved upwards to them.

'I really need to get that smell away from me' I thought. And with that, moments latter, I was watching my brother entering the shower unit, becoming excited at what would happen if I entered in there with him. I felt a foreboding that scared me; it would be a step into something I would never have thought of, sex with a male, sex with my brother. Sure I just had sex with him only hours before. But right now, the idea both excited and daunted me.

My foot entered the shower, water soon was at my feet, soon my stomach was being washed over by the downward motion of the water, and before I even remembered that someone was in with me, I was pushed to the back of the wall, my brother's hands on the sides of my head, with him pressing his lips against mine. It felt like a dance our hands had all our bodies it could explore, not only where our hands exploring our tongues where joining in, and soon I was pushing him against the wall, this time the water was running down my back which is always a pleasurable experience for me.

Like this we waited the water running hot, our bodies hotter. Tyler pushed me under the front of the shower, now the water was spreading down both of our heads; my head broke the kiss and moved under the water moaning from the water and the person who was enjoying this moment with me. Then I attacked my brother with my kissing, this time I had no guilty feelings, nothing stopping me wanting to make love with him, the only thing stopping me doing him now, was that I was enjoying just what was happening.

Our dicks between us where hard and alive again, and was in control of our actions. Tyler grinded into me, and I pushed back too, I didn't know what to do, I have never been with a male before and right now, that's all I wanted too.

We broke off kissing for the knowledge of time ticking down till our parents return was getting to close and if we continued like this, I feared what the response would be from them. I washed his body, starting with his shoulders and moving down his hairless chest. His stomach was didn't define any abs but wasn't in the least bit chubby, it was simply flat. I found his light trail of pubic hair just below his belly button to be intoxicating, and moved down to his light pubic hair.

They seemed to be different than mine, I'm not sure how, but they seemed to be a feature of art work on him, his penis prevent me from just playing with his pubic hair, but I wasn't that much interested in them as I was the fact that they where different from my own.

I grabbed his erection in my hand and slowly started to stroke his penis. Tyler's head softly laid in my neck now as he quietly said to me, "No, not now, not yet please." Not wanting to do anything he didn't want to do, I relaxed my hand and lowered myself to my knees, I couldn't resist from kissing it, just kissing the top of his exposed head. I never thought about doing it, but the desire to do it just then was overpowering. Tyler seemed to want to do more, but bite his lip to try and prevent a moan from echoing out of his body.

I washed his legs clean, and thinking I was done, stood up again and he did the same to me.

He was on his knees this time, washing where his sperm had dried between us ensuring it was all removed, he dropped the soap and simply massaged the area like it was sacred ground. He moved his head forward but unlike me, he kissed above my penis, he? I had to look down to see what he was doing; he was sucking the water from my pubic hair. It did nothing for me except to make me feel weird but he seemed to be enjoying it. I smiled and giggled; he looked up at me and said, "Sorry I have always wanted to know what it would be like to do that." His whole face went as red as I have seen it, just like the time me and another mate found him wanking in bed. I couldn't be angry for him trying something new, he was my brother and I felt like a teacher in some way, although I didn't know anything about the subject I taught.

We started kissing, ignoring our erected brains and soon it was Tyler's time to again do his thing and learn what it would feel like to do something he had only wished would happen. "Turn around Joey." I was speechless the idea of what he might want to do with me in that direction would not only scare me but made me not want to do it. He asked me a second time, and said he only wanted to clean my body.

My footing slowly turned my body; his penis was just high enough to rub against my lower butt. (Tyler was more or less my hight, but his erection didn't point outwards as much as mine did.) I held a moan within my body but couldn't prevent my lips from creating a smile. His hands started with my shoulders not cleaning them but massaging them, causing my head to roll around as his hands touched spots that shot pleasure into me.

His hands where now cold from what I guessed was his personal shower gel, which I was never allowed to use. The gel was like oil in which caused him to massage my lower back into bliss.

He got some more gel on his hands and before I knew what was happening, I was moaning as he sent a finger down the vertical crack of my ass. I have never thought it was possible for me to get pleasure from there, both me and the other girlfriends I have had thought the idea of even touching that areas was dirty. But here I was my brothers' hands now pushing on each side of my ass separating them. I knew what he was doing, or at least thought he was going to try and enter me from behind. But I did nothing to stop him, I just wanted this moment to happen, regardless if that happened or not.

His hands again separated my buttocks, this time I pushed back into his hands to cause a slight twinge of pain that was slightly enjoyable. My moans caused Tyler to giggle; his hand this time however instead of going to the outside was down at the bottom of my butt. I really didn't know much about my back, but didn't really realise that what he was going to do was what I didn't want to happen; ignorance is bliss situation I would guess.

First his hand slide between my legs letting me willingly separate them, he then rubbed up against my balls, and some how moved behind me and was now stroking my dick from underneath me. My head this time rolled again in the water, opening my mouth and was filled with water it ran out of my mouth as I lowered it, and swallowing any water that was left inside. He stood back up and this time with my legs separated he was happy. He moved his hands again to the side of each buttock, and pressed them again. I didn't know what moved between my skin, but it didn't feel like a penis.

My butt closed again and my body seemed to sigh in sadness because it stopped. He moved his hands over my whole butt again, and did the same thing, this time he stroked the same thing over my butt again slowly and more defiantly than the last.

This had got my interest, what was he doing down there. I turned just in time to see him moving his head away from my butt.

"You're licking my ass!?" I attacked him with my words. I didn't know why but that was just gross. "Yeah? Its clean so there's nothing to worry about." I didn't take a second to speak again, "You licked my ass!?" I still had my back to him, "You licked my ass?" I began to stumble over my own words, he fall backwards onto his own butt, laughing, "YES!" He yelled out.

"Joey where are you? I need to ask you if you can stay home tomorrow?" The bedroom door opened, "Joey, what's going on in there," the bathroom door opened. "Joey who is in there with you?"

"JOEY, who is in there with you!"

It was our mother.