Just The Beginning III
"....of The Forbidden Act"
By Joey E


I don't know what it is about this series, but I've been writing like a madman ever since I started. It is awesome to write about. Thanks for all the responses. I do appreciate the feedback, especially since I'm writing a story that I know nothing about. Again, thanks to Jay for the idea and the inspiration. And thanks to Matt, who again is the inspiration of Matt in the story.   So I bring you the third installment of "Just The Beginning". It is actually a spin-off of my high school series, "Losing To Win". It is a work of fiction. Copyrighted in 2004. All Rights Reserved. No unauthorized reproduction is permitted. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), get out. If you are turned off by incest between two loving brothers, then get out as well.

I awoke the next morning in a strange place. I opened my eyes and realized I had a splitting headache. I then realized where exactly I was. This is what happens when I drink too much. I end up in a strange bed. Only this time, it was Matt's bed. However, Matt was no where to be found. At that point, I didn't care. Luckily it was only 6:30AM by the alarm clock. I knew that I wouldn't be late delivering papers. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but I knew I had to get up. It was definitely time for a new job. I got up, finished my paper route, and crawled back into my own bed.

The next thing I knew, it was eleven in the morning. The headache was gone. I got up out of bed and went downstairs in my sweats and t-shirt I had delivered papers in. My bro was in the family room, watching the tube.

"Hey," I said, softly, looking at him from the breakfast nook. "Where'd you sleep?"

"I moved to your bed," he said, looking at me. He was dressed in boxers and that's it. Why the hell did he have to dress like that in front of me?

"Oh," was all I said. I continued to get myself breakfast when he spoke up again.

"Bud?" he asked. I looked over at him.

"Why did you come to sleep with me last night? I'm not gay," he said.

I let out a loud sigh. "Please forget it, Matt. I obviously have some issues I have to work through."

He casually adjusted himself, which he always did. However, now, it was just a visual stimulation for me.

"I left the room last night yesterday because I couldn't deal with you," he said.

"I understand. And I'm sorry," I replied. "I promise, I won't do it again."

He reached into his boxers to further adjust himself and that was the final straw.

"Matt! You can't be doing that shit around me. I will get through whatever I have to do to get over you, but you're not helping me now, sitting there, playing with yourself," I blurted out.

He looked at me, surprised. "What? This turns you on?"

"Yes! I'm sorry, but it does!" I couldn't look him in the eye anymore. It was both humiliating and embarrassing.

"I'm sorry, bro. Didn't even realize it."

Matt and I seemed to avoid each other the rest of the day, which was unusual for us. I tried to build up enough strength to talk to him, but I just couldn't do it. He kept himself busy unpacking, and I kept myself busy outside. I mowed the lawn, and did some yard work. Joe came over and we basically bullshitted into the evening. We played Playstation 2 and though he was my best friend, I couldn't tell him the feelings I was having for Matt.

When we finally emerged from my room, Matt was gone. We ordered up some pizza and hung out in the basement, shooting pool. It was by now about 8PM. I had no idea where Matt was, and at this point, I didn't exactly want to know. I was just glad he was out of the house.

We finally sat down on the couch in the basement. The phone started to ring as soon as my ass hit the cushion. I got up and went over to get the cordless phone


"Hey, Steve," the voice said. "Is your bro there?"

"Josh, what's up? No he's not. I don't know where he is."

"Well, he just called me about an hour ago. Figured I try you first," Josh said.

"No, I don't even know where he right now," I said, wondering why Josh was calling for my big bro.

"Oh well, I'll try him on his cell then. Have any idea why he called me?"

"Have no clue, bud. Strange, isn't it?"

"Yeah, well, I'll try him on his cell then," Josh said.

"All right, bro. Talk to you later," I said. I walked back over to the couch and said, "That was weird!"

"Huh?" Joe asked.

"That was Josh, asking for Matt."

"Weird! Well, let's shoot another game," Joe said.

"All right, you're on, buddy," I said.

(The voice of the story will now change to third person I'm sorry, but in order to write this scene, it's needed)

Josh called the cell phone number that Matt left on his answering machine. He dialed it and waited.


"Hey, Matt, this is Josh. You called?"

"Oh, hey, buddy, yeah, I did. What's up?"

"I'm curious as to why you called me in the first place? And how you even got my phone number," Josh said.

"Hold on, Josh," he said into the phone. Josh heard him say, "Yo, bud, I'll catch you later. I gotta take this phone call."

Matt walked out of the pub and put the phone back up to his ear.

"Sorry about that. I was with some friends. What's up?"

"Not much. Why did you call me last night?" Josh asked.

"Buddy, Stevie hit on me last night. I just thought if I could talk to you it would make me feel better. I didn't know who to turn to."

"Oh," Josh said. "Oh shit!"

"Yeah, tell me about it. He kissed me and then he crawled into bed with me. Is there anywhere we can hang out?"

"Sure, my place is free all night. Mom's gone to work."

"Great, I'll just tell him I'm going out. I'll be over in a few. You live on Riverside Drive right?"

"Yeah, 315."

"Are you okay to drive?"

"Oh fuck yeah," Matt answered, though he knew he wasn't in tip top shape. "I'll be over in ten minutes."

"All right, you sound a bit wasted."

"Well, yeah, I am, but I'll be okay," Matt said. "I'll be over in ten."

Josh was thinking to himself what the hell am I doing? Why the fuck is he calling me? He got up off the couch and quickly threw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. True to his word, Matt was there in ten minutes. Josh answered the door and let Matt inside. Josh was quite nervous about having Matt over. But in his mind, he was doing this for Steve's sake. He seemed to feel more like his old self then his new confident, free self that Steve had brought out of him. He was so nervous he didn't say one word until Matt spoke up.

"Thanks, Josh, for letting me come over," he said.

Josh said nothing.

Matt began laughing to himself. "Dude, I am so wasted."

Josh nervously led him to the family room. They both sat down on the couch.

"Why did you want to talk to me?"

"Because you know Steve. You know how he is. I think he has a fuckin' crush on me," Matt said.

Josh closed his eyes and smiled. "Yes, he does."

"Aw, man!" Matt whined. "Why me? I mean, I don't care that he's gay. He can fuck whoever the hell he wants. But why does it have to be me? I don't want to hurt him. He's my younger bro."

Josh let Matt just ramble on.

"It's just fuckin' sick. It's fuckin' sick for me to even think about two guys going at it. But it's more sick to think that my little bro wants me to do him. I don't know....it's just fucked up!"

"Matt....it is a little hard to comprehend. It's even hard for me to comprehend at times why he is so in love with you. But it does make sense in a sick way. Man, if I had older brother like you, I wouldn't rule out that I would feel the same way about him as Steve does about you."

"He's told you we've fucked around before, didn't he?"

Josh let out a sigh and shook his head yes.

"Aw, shit! Now you probably think I'm a fuckin' pervert for..."

Josh had to laugh at that comment. "Dude, there's nothing wrong with what you did with him. You were just two boys growing up. Are you worried that what you did with him will make you gay?"

"Huh?" Matt asked, as if he wasn't quite making the connection.

Josh let out another sigh. "You're worried that it will make you gay?"

"Well, uh, yeah....the thought crossed my mind. He was acting like he was enjoying it too much the last few times we did it together. It made me nervous."

"Did you enjoy it?" Josh asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, of course I did! I got off didn't I?"

Josh was finding himself strangely aroused by the situation and the topic of conversation.

"And this morning, he told me to stop playing with it in front of him because it turned him on!"

Josh laughed. He laughed because he could see and hear Steve saying that.

"Well, I'm not sure what to say. What did you want from me?"

"I don't know man. I love him, you know? I'd do anything for him. But not that!"

"Could you do it once? You know much Steve likes a challenge. Maybe if you finally gave it to him, he'd be happy with that and be able to move on. Let me ask you this. Have you ever screwed around with another guy besides your brother?"

"Nah...well...." Matt started to say.


"My bud and I hooked up a couple of times in high school. But I can tell you I'm attracted to chicks, Josh. Dudes don't do it for me."

"You know what's funny?" Josh asked. "You sound just like your brother did when we fooled around in the beginning. Only thing is, I was his bud in High School."

"Shit," Matt said, realizing it was the truth. "So are you saying that if say you and I hooked up, I would be suddenly lusting after him?"

Josh laughed. "WOAH! I didn't say that. You claim you're straight, and you probably are. I mean, you're past that experimental stage. Did you feel anything towards your brother when you were fooling around with him?"

"Well, sure I did. I was fuckin' proud of my little bro becoming a man. And that in itself was hot. Brought back memories of me discovering myself. But that's it."

"Dude, this is too fucked up for me to deal with. Here I am talkin' to a fuckin' stud about gay sex and men," he started to say.

"This is turning you on?" Matt asked.

Josh shook his head yes. "I'm sorry, I"m only human. You're turning me on."

"Yeah, it's turning me on too," Matt said, laughing nervously. "I'd better go."

"Might be the best thing to do. Go home and jack with your bro. Who knows? He might do something you like."

"NO BUD! I ain't jackin' with my bro anymore."


"Because it's wrong! That's why!"

"Some say what I do in my bedroom is wrong. It's not hurting anyone. Why not?"

"Because I'm his older brother. I don't want to corrupt him. I feel like I would be responsible for him being gay. In fact I already do," Matt said in frustration.

Josh knew he was breaking through whatever barriers there were now. He grinned and said, "Sit back down, Matt. It's all making sense now."

Matt hesitantly sat back down on the couch.

"It took us this long to finally get to the root of the problem. Now, just between you and I, dude, tell me. Are you attracted to guys?"

"No, bud!"

"Tell me, Matt," Josh said, putting his hand on top of Matt's.

"Maybe," Matt finally responded. Surprisingly, he didn't move his hand from Josh's.

"Your brother one of them?"

Matt looked at Josh. "Shit."

"So, what you're saying is that if you weren't his old brother and you weren't corrupting him, you'd let it happen?"

"I didn't say that," Matt answered defensively. "Buddy, I gotta go. This is way too fucked up for me."

Josh took back his hand and Matt got up. "Matt," Josh said softly.

Matt turned around and looked down at Josh.

"Do what your cock says, not what your mind says. In this case, it might be the right thing to do."

Josh stared at Matt's chest. In his eyes, Matt was so fuckin' hot. Matt put his hand on Josh's shoulder. They locked eyes. Josh felt himself melting away.

"Like bro like bro?" Josh asked, grinning.

Matt grinned back. "Maybe."

Matt gradually pulled Josh closer to him. Josh lost himself and wrapped his arms around Matt's strong hard body. Matt instinctively wrapped his around Josh. Josh felt some tears fall on his shoulders. He looked up at Matt and saw that he indeed was crying.

"I'm sorry, bud. I can't resist it anymore. I tried, and I tried, but I can't. Not with you here in front of me," Matt whispered. He grabbed the back of Josh's head, leaned down, and planted a kiss on Josh's lips, despite the terrified look on Josh's face. Matt wrapped his arms around Josh again and held him in a tight hug.

"Thanks," Matt whispered. Josh wasn't sure what to do now. He had a boyfriend. He had his ex-boyfriend's brother trying to kiss him. He broke out of the hug and stood back.

"I couldn't let him see me like this," Matt explained. "That's why I came to you."

"Like what?" Josh asked.

"A wreck, man. A confused, vulnerable wreck."

"Matt, are you attracted to me?"

"Oh fuck yeah," Matt said, taking Josh in his arms again and kissing him hard. Josh did his best to resist, but finally gave in, taking his tongue inside his mouth. The kiss lasted long enough for Matt to sneak his hands down Josh's back and feel his hard smooth ass. Josh, in turn, felt Matt's hard cock grinding up against his stomach.

Josh broke the embrace and said, "Go home to Steve."


"Go home to Steve, Matt."


"Because you obviously are attracted to him. You obviously want to fool around with a guy. He wants you so bad, Matt. If you only knew. Do it for him...."

"But, I want you..."

"Nah, man. I have someone. I want you too, but I can't. Steve is the one for you," Josh said, as much as it hurt to say that. "Man, you're drunk. You're not even thinking straight. I have a boyfriend. Go home to Steve. He'll take care of you. And you'll be the luckiest guy alive."

Matt smiled at Josh. "I know that, Josh. I love him so much. All right. I will."

"Be careful driving," Josh said.

"I will."

Josh led Matt to the front door. Matt began to have reservations of the whole scenario.

"Go ahead Matt. It's time. It's time to face yourself. It's time to face your brother about the truth. And who knows? You'll get it out of your system. He'll get it out of his, and maybe it'll all be for the better."

Matt wrapped his arms around Josh without saying a word. Josh gave him a hug back. "Good luck, he said."

"Thanks, I'll need it," Matt replied.

"Somehow, I don't think you will," Josh said, before he closed the front door.

Matt walked back to his car in a haze and drove back to his house. He went inside, thankful that the door was unlocked, meaning Steve was home. He heard the TV on in the family room, so he went towards there. He was relieved to find Steve there all alone.

(And now we revert back to Steve as the narrator - told in first person).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my best bud Joe had just left. It was now around 10PM, so I figured, what the hell? I have the house all to myself. Why not enjoy myself. I didn't even go up to my room, since I knew my parents wouldn't be home. And if Matt caught me, then so be it. I think subconsciously that's what I wanted to happen anyway.

I didn't need porn tonight. I had a fresh memory of my bro next to me in my mind. That's all that was needed to make me hard as a rock. It took me no time at all to become completely naked. As I stroked my big cock, my thoughts reverted back to a time that I remembered very well.....

"Hey bud," my bro whispered after he knocked on my door. He came in. I already was in bed, ready to go to sleep. I was no more than thirteen and he was fifteen. These meetings late at night were nothing new to us anymore. We'd been having them for the last year.

I scooted over, making room for him next to me on the bed. He climbed in and laid flat on his back next to me.

"Well what are you waiting for, bud? Whip it out!"

Needing no more encouragement, I whipped mine out from under the covers. He did the same from his sweat shorts. He was hard and dripping already. I checked him out as I always did. Fuck, this was so fuckin' hot to beat off with Matt.

We both began to stroke our meats. Matt looked down at my developing cock and said, "You're gettin' bigger there, aren't you, bud? You shoot a load yet?"

"Nope," I grunted.

"You will soon, man."

We kept stroking, keeping an eye on each other. As he usually did, he slid his arm underneath my neck and held me as we both bated.

"You're getting bigger too, Matt."

He grinned, proud that his working out was paying off. "Thanks, bro. You wanna feel it?"

I gave no answer. Instead, I just put my hand on his pecs and started feeling his chest. He moaned softly. It was hot. He began to feel my pecs with his hand and then tweaked my nipple. I groaned out softly as well.

After about ten minutes, I felt that familiar feeling. But it was also a new feeling. It felt like something was building up inside me, more so then ever. I strangely knew that this was the night I would shoot, just like Matt."

"Matt, I think I'm gonna cum..."

"Yeah, bro, shoot it," he said, wildly stroking his cock. He looked down at mine and watched.

It was the weirdest sensation I have ever felt. I almost thought I was going to piss, but I just kept stroking. I grabbed my balls hard and suddenly, I felt a bog of something hit my stomach. I saw the rest dribble out of my piss slit.

"Oh yeah, bro!" Matt murmured, watching my first load ever. I let out a high pitched moan. So much for not disturbing the parents. I couldn't believe it. I fuckin' shot my first load!

I laid there after it was over, relieved and excited. My bro whispered, "Nice, bro. Your first load. Damn, I'm proud of you."

I said nothing as he continued to stroke. I brought some of it up to my lips and licked my finger. Didn't taste too bad. Matt began to make those soft moans he always did when he was about to shoot. I quickly reached over and began to pull on his nuts. I looked up at his face. He looked so cool.

"Uh, oh, I"m gonna, gonna, cum..." he whispered and shot off like a cannon onto himself. He shot his face this time. Only saw him do that twice before. Hit him square on his right cheek. He smiled as he shot more out.

"Fuck yeah, oh, fuck yeah," he whispered.

He turned to me and said, "Fuckin' nice, Stevie. Glad I saw your first load, man. Proud of you," he said, giving me a hug. His semen was still on him when he hugged me and it got all over me.

"Oops, sorry, man."

We cleaned up and he left with a grin on his face...come to think of it, I went to sleep with a grin on mine....

Back the present, my moans were getting higher and louder as I approached the point of no return. There was no holding back this time. I lifted my ass up in the air as I began to shoot. I shot it all over me. Some reached my hair. Fuck, it felt good.

I quickly got up and cleaned myself up with paper towels from the kitchen. Nothin' else like jacking your dick. I went back to the family room, and put my clothes back on. As soon as I buttoned my shorts, I heard the front door open. I scrambled to put my t-shirt on and saw my bro appear.

"Matt, what's up?" I asked, surprised, but relieved, to see him home in one piece.

He sat down next to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I fell into him.

"Buddy," he said, "I've been a complete idiot."

"No," I said. "I've been an idiot. I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I should've never put you in that position. I'm sorry. You're right. It is sick. And I want you to know that I don't blame you one bit for reacting how you did. It's cool."

"No it's not," he yelled. "It's not cool. I'm probably going to regret this tomorrow morning, but right now, I don't care!"

I looked at him as he leaned into me, his lips ready to kiss. I closed my eyes and felt his lips press against mine. I let out a moan. He kissed me, full-fledged, tongue, open-mouthed, everything. Bells and whistles and hell even fireworks went off in my head. He worked his way on top of me on the couch. He wrapped his arms around me and kept kissing me passionately.

I pushed him off me, not believing this was happening. This could not be happening! This wasn't real.

"I love you, bro," he said, before he kissed me again.

"Matt! What the fuck?" I asked, catching my breath. I looked into his eyes and saw a glint in them that I've never seen before. A big grin crept across his cute face. I couldn't help but grin back. There was something going on here that I wasn't expecting.

"Josh said to go after what I wanted. He's a helluva guy, you know?"

"What the fuck?" I asked him.

"Just shut up and enjoy what you've been wanting for a long time. Because, I am prepared to give it to you. I'm ready to give me to you. God, you're so hot!" he said as he hugged me again.

I pushed him up off me, too freaked out to comprehend what was going on. It was almost too good to be true. And if things are too good to be true, they usually ARE too good to be true.

"What?" he asked, very innocently and hurt.

"Matt, what are you doing/" I asked, sitting up on the couch.

"Giving you what you've wanted. I had a long talk with your ex. He put things into perspective for me."

"Oh god," I said. "What did he tell you?"

"Can't that wait?" he asked, leaning into me again. I pushed him off me. This wasn't right. There was something drastically wrong with this whole scene. He wasn't supposed to be coming on to me. I was supposed to be coming on to him.

He grabbed my cock through my sweatshorts and, of course, he got instantly hard. He gave it a few strokes, never taking his eyes off me. I could tell he wanted it all. But I was scared. There was something wrong!

"Stevie, come on, don't back down on me now. We both want it, and I'm not sure if I'd have the strength to ask you again. So, come on. What's the harm?"

I hated to admit it, but he did have a point. Being that I had just beat off a minute before he came home, I was reluctant to even try. But, he was right, what was the harm?

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