Goodnight, big bro.

Part 1


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Ever since I was a kid I've always had older cousins, and only two, of all 40 of my cousins, were within 2 years of me. My dad was #4 of 10 kids, but when he decided to stay his marriage, his younger brothers and sisters passed him by. So all my uncles and aunts who were younger than him now have kids that are 10-15 years older than me and it fucking sucks. The only cousin I had near my age was from my mom's side and he was 2 years older than me so we usually hung out together most of the time. But they lived on the outskirts of Bombay while I lived closer to my older cousin's house which was in the downtown area. So every summer for a couple of weeks I would go over and stay with them while he was away in the US. But after he came back things took a turn that I didn't expect and it changed my life.


My cousin and I had been experimenting with each other for a coupla years now and since we were so close in age it didn't strike me as anything odd. Though for a 12 year old he was hung like a fucking donkey, at that time he was fully developed at a whopping 7.5 inches. We were always screwing around, on sleepovers, in the back of the planetarium during summer camp, on the train to my grandparents place, everywhere! So by the time I was 12 I was well experienced in the ways of masturbation, sucking and rimming. Though the one thing we had never done was kiss, so it always intrigued me to no end. That summer his family were renovating the apartment so I couldn't stay over as he was staying with his grandmother. So I decided that I'd spend a few weeks with my uncle and aunt who lived in Cuffe Parade. Cuffe Parade is in south Bombay and full of posh housing complexes, we lived in Bandra and it was great but south Bombay was where all the masti and excitement was. My dad worked 2 mins from their house, so I went with him to the office like I usually did during the summer and "helped out" as much as I could. I helped fax some paperwork and begged Satyan (his secretary ... I guess) to let me type a letter. I sat in his lap as he dictated what needed to be typed, mindful of that tasty Malayali cock that was under my butt.

We're Malayalees which means we're from the South Indian state of Kerala and since we speak Malayalam we are known as Malayalees or Mallus for short. Now Malayalee men are almost all alike, they have beautiful, thick mustaches, hairy chests that are firm and always well toned and have thick mops of jet black hair. Satyan (pronounced sut-yen) was no exception to the rule, around 5'7", thin but muscular he fit the Mallu man stereotype to a tee and he was gorgeous.

I've seen his cock once before when I barged into the washroom at the office, the lock was broken and I had no idea he was in there. Stunned, I stood in the doorway not moving a muscle with my jaw on the floor. He just smiled and kept on going, his beautiful milk chocolate cock swinging free as he kept his hands on his hips. A dark bush poked its way out of his fly as he stood there. On returning to my senses I was about to back out when I decided that I needed to keep watching, so I closed the door behind me and went and washed my hands. I kept on watching him pee, I guess my presence there aroused him as I saw his cock twitch a couple of times and lengthen. I then moved closer faking the need to pee, just to get closer to that delicious cock.

I unzipped and slowly pulled out my 8 year old cock, which at this point in time had gone from 0-60 in under .02 seconds. I looked into his gorgeous black eyes and saw him smile so beautifully at me. I smiled back and blushed (as much as my tan skin allowed me to) and my eyes dropped back down to the mesmerizing sight of his member. Now fully hard and standing a whopping, well it was whopping for me back then, 7.5" straight out from a jet black bush of pubic hair with the purple cockhead straining to get loose of the tight foreskin.

My jaw dropped, not only was this the first time I had seen a grown man's penis, this was the first time I had seen one completely erect and in such close quarters. I still remember every detail from the thick veins that run up and down the shaft to the wonderfully musky smell of dried piss and the slight inkling of precum. I remember how it almost throbbed with my racing heartbeat.

He gave it a slow stroke, pulling the tight foreskin up over the massive cockhead as I saw a bead of clear precum ooze out of his piss slit and fall into the toilet bowl. He let go of his penis and pulled it upwards as he tugged on his underwear and treated me to another amazing sight. With a sigh he let his big balls flop out of his underwear for my already wide eyed viewing pleasure. They must have been the size of lemons with a sparse covering of wiry, black hair. The musk of his manly balls hit the back of my nostrils and sent a rush of blood to my cock as my senses went into dizzying heights of overload. By watching him pleasure himself in front of me in such a bold manner I was taken over by some force and for no reason I let go of my own cock and stretched out my hand. I saw his hand slide of his cock and then I felt the warm hardness of his penis as his pubic hair tickled my hand. He let out a loud groan and threw his head back as I made contact with his chocolate coloured fuckstick.

I began to stroke it slowly feeling every thick, pulsing vein along the 7.5" shaft. At this point he was leaking like a hose and it smeared precum all over his cock with my slow strokes and my hand was soon covered in his sticky offering. I moved my hands over to his balls and felt the heaviness of each ball, the satin soft feeling of his nutsack, smearing his cockjuice all over his beautiful sack. He moved his body to accommodate my explorations and in this way his cock was pointing right at me. In all our activities I had completely forgotten to touch my own cock that was bobbing painfully and dripping a slight amount of precum. He saw this smiled and winked at me and in one quick motion he gripped my throbbing boy cock in his hand and I nearly melted.


We jerked each other off in the silence of the bathroom, the noise from the city barely filtered in; the office crew was still on lunch so it was just Satyan, my dad and myself in the office. Our heavy breathing echoed off the tiled walls as we set up a frantic pace, I used both my hands on his cock to get as much of his precum on it as possible. He massaged my boycock in his hand and stimulated me with his touch, I was about ready to blow and the increasing amount of sweat on my brow gave me away. His breathing got heavier and he began to moan a little more and I could see his balls slowly contracting upwards. The slapping sounds of our combined jerking, with this amazingly good looking man drove me over the edge as I clenched my eyes shut and threw my head back with a groan. I shot 4 tiny spurts of clear cum into his waiting palm and held onto his hips to prevent myself from keeling over. He held me firmly and waited for my orgasm to pass through my system and I looked back up with a flushed smile, he smiled back and still had my cum in his palm. What he did next surprised the fuck out of me!! He raised his palm to his lips and slurped up my boycum. I looked at him in wide-eyed awe as my cock sprang back to life as I saw him lick his lips and smile at me, some of my boycum still on his lips. His cock twitched and pulsed and snapped me out of my reverie and I went back to work double fisting his cock. He threw his head back and let out a groan of pleasure and grabbed the wall to steel himself for the impending explosion. Now it was my turn to surprise him, I could feel his orgasm building as I saw his big balls draw up, his penis became as hard as steel, pulsing and twitching under my ministrations and his breathing got heavier, he let out a grunt signaling his release and before he could shoot I wrapped my lips around his gorgeous flared cockhead.

That was all it took, he looked down at me and exploded into my waiting mouth, doing his best not to shout to the heavens. Man did he ever shoot, those big balls must have been saving up for weeks!! 12 thick creamy shots of his hot cum hit the back of my throat and I tried to swallow it all up. But it was too much for me I'd never had that much cum in my mouth, and it dribbled out of the corners of my mouth. Satyan was breathing hard as his orgasm subsided as if he had just run a marathon, and he was dripping sweat, he smiled at me as he panted to catch his breath. I licked inside his tight foreskin tickling his now sensitive cockhead to get to all the cum trapped in there and he shivered violently.

He reached down as I let his quickly softening cock flop back against his balls and scooped up all the cum that I had around my mouth and quickly sucked on his fingers. He smiled as told me to clean up as the staff would be returning soon, he carefully rinsed my boycock and I helped him clean his and we slowly emerged from the washroom. That was the only sexual experience we had together, but every time I sat on his lap he would get a hard on that I would grab and he would put his hands on my boner pretending to keep me from falling off.


Well now that you have a sort of mental picture of Malayalee men it should be fairly easy to picture my cousin. Ajit, the oldest male cousin I had seen from my dad's side of the family up until that point was him. Well at least on a prolonged basis. He had been in NYC for the last 4 years studying at Columbia University and this summer he came back after graduating. I guess all that North American air had done him some good, because when he left he was like any other Malayalee 20 something, tall, thin with a puberty mustache. Now he had filled out he was 6', 210 lbs, with no facial hair and had packed on some solid muscle, but his many dates with McDonald's was showing through. For the first time in 2 years I saw him and could barely recognize him, but he had no trouble remembering me.

"Little man!!" he yelled as he ran forward to hug me, I dropped my bags and jumped into his arms as he lifted me clear off the floor. I hugged him tight, feeling the new muscle mass (well to me it was new) on his shoulders and back. I let go and looked right into his face, beaming that he still remembered me.

"How are you kiddo?" I could hear his American accent filter through.

"I'm awesome! Well you already knew that but I'm good!" I replied modestly. We laughed as he put me back down. I grabbed my bags and quickly threw them in the room I would sleep in, well I thought that I would sleep in, and ran back and threw myself onto the couch next to him.

I don't really have many memories of him when I was a toddler, mainly because he still lived in Cochin and soon after finishing college in Bombay he went off to the US. But whatever time we spent together was me running behind him like a little puppy dog, admiring all that he did and worshipping the ground below him. I would go to play badminton with him, go with him to pick his dad up from work, go with the driver to get him from college; wherever Ajit was I went. My father and his father at that time still worked together so whenever I would go to the office with my dad we would end up at Ajit's for lunch.

There I would happily busy myself with all the video games and other things that he had in his room and it was on one of these days that I came across my first REAL porno mag. Indian porno mags have never been decent, a boob here, some pubic hair there not much to sneeze at, but this was Playboy and oh boy did I have a field day. Eagerly, I flitted through the pages of the blonde, busty, bombshells that inhabited the pages as my cock went from 0-60 in a heartbeat (ahh the joys of youth!) I tried desperately not to drool over the images of these beauties that were flashing in front of my young eyes.

So engrossed was I that I didn't hear Ajit get home from college, and as he slid his door open, my mind, which was currently soaring into the heights of naked blonde ecstasy, came crashing back as I sheepishly tried to hide the mag. He stopped in the narrow doorway, looked at me, looked at the little bulge I had going and then smiled his wicked smile. Blushing madly, I smiled back still trying to stuff the magazine under my butt. He chuckled as he dropped his bag and kicked off his runners; quickly strode over to me his 6 foot frame towering over my cowering self and sank on to the bed beside me. He leaned over grabbed the magazine from under my ass and tossed it aside.

"That's an old issue kiddo, let's look at the newest one of Pamela!" he said as he rummaged in one of his drawers by the bed and pulled out a magazine that had Pamela Andersen plastered over the front with very little in the way of clothing. My pre-pubescent mind was barely registering what was going on, expecting a stern scolding and a hard smack over the head, instead Ajit was allowing me to read Playboy with him!! The bustling sounds of Bombay slipped away and the muffled talk between my dad and my aunt were silenced as my focus zeroed onto the pages that he was leafing through.

Adrenaline coursed through my body as page after page of gorgeous half naked women came into view; Ajit looked at me and smiled at my curiosity. We sat there barely talking as we looked at image after image of a semi-naked Pamela Andersen, our breathing got a little shallow and through my tunnel vision I saw Ajit rub his crotch with his free hand. The bulge looked massive and my focus was suddenly shifting from the magazine to my cousin. The tight jeans that he wore constrained his erect manhood to form a cricket ball sized bulge that he was slowly massaging. My cock was aching in my own shorts having been confined in my tighty whities that was quite considerable for my age. He looked over at me and I looked at him we both smiled as we noticed where our gazes were going, he was eyeing my bulge and I was unabashedly ogling his. Had we had a some more time who knows where that could have gone, but the harsh reality of the world around shocked us back down to earth. His mom called for lunch and we both jumped as if shocked by some imaginary electrical current and he quickly stashed away his magz while I bolted to the dining table, followed closely by Ajit. We sat next to each blushing slightly and wolfed down our lunches. As we settled into the couch to watch some TV he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"What we saw was a secret between you and me, alright? If you're good the next time you come over we'll do this again." He winked and leaned back against the couch. I soon left and went back to my dad's office, still aroused and excited. I spent the rest of the afternoon perched on Satyan's lap grinding my ass onto his boner as he cupped my cock.


That happened before Ajit left for the US, now he was back and we were cuddled up on the couch watching TV. We were catching up on each other's lives as I quizzed him on all the typical American stereotypes and also on my cousins and uncles and aunts who he lived with when he was there. He asked me how school was and how I was settling into my new school (having started only last year) and what I did in my free time. I bounded off the couch and grabbed my bag and brought it into the living room as I showed him the black hole that consumed all my free time. My brand new PlayStation (man that was a long time ago).

I excitedly jabbered on how I was the first kid in my whole school and within a 50 Km radius of my house that had one. I hooked it up to the TV, since Ajit suggested we both see who's better at it. I threw in Virtua Fighter 2 and we spent the rest of the afternoon pounding on one and another's characters. Turns out he was better than me, but not by a lot. 4pm rolled around faster than we expected and we both got up, he had to go to the gym and I had a cricket match with the kids in the building to attend to, of course the star batsman had to be on time. We rode down the elevator after getting ready and made plans to go out that night, well plans that revolved around me since I was still 12 and nightclubs, no matter how eager I was to get in, were out of the question.

The evening crept by, I was occupied with cricket and Ajit was still at the gym, around 6:30 he walked in through the compound gates just as I was running to make what would have been a spectacular catch. Ajit however had a different idea and stuck his giant paw out and grabbed the ball inches from my outstretched hand and I went crashing into him, dumbstruck at my bad luck. We tumbled to the ground and I was in such a rage I didn't realize that I had landed face first into his crotch, but when I filled my lungs to yell at him all I got was his man musk which sent me rocketing into heat. I lay there for an extra few seconds as he righted himself, then looked up at him to see him looking at me with a curious smile. Realizing my situation I jumped up, grabbed the ball from his hand, gave him an exasperated look and ran back to the match. I looked back to see him chuckle and pick himself up off the floor and head to the elevators, I smiled as I felt my hard on struggle for some air in my underwear. Soon enough the game was called off thanks to our respective mothers (in my case, my aunt) calling us up for dinner. All 14 boys crammed into the elevator and we made plans for tomorrow that revolved around hitting the arcade. I got off on the 9th floor, waved to my buddies and jammed impatiently on the doorbell; the servant let me in but not before scolding me on my impatience. I waved off her lecture as I kicked off my sneakers and ran to the washroom for a quick shower.


The apartment had 3 bedrooms, the two biggest were my uncle and aunt's room and my cousin sister's room (who was now married and lived in the Middle East) which were right across from each other, Ajit had what would usually be the servant's room but since they didn't have a stay at home maid he usurped it and made it into his own little haven. However, his little matchbox of a room wasn't enough to hold all of his clothes so he had a cupboard in "my" room and I didn't hear him come in over the noise of the radio I had blaring in the shower. I shut off the taps and quickly toweled myself off but didn't bother to cover myself off since I would be alone in the room ... or so I thought. I swung the door open, towel over my head, humming the last line of the song I'd just belted in the shower and froze.

"Hey kiddo, sorry I had to grab my shorts from here." Ajit mumbled, I ripped the towel off my head and saw my cousin's beautiful ass sticking out of his cupboard, "Ah ha!! Here they are!"

He pulled out his shorts with a flourish and looked at me as I goggled at him. Here he was, my older cousin butt naked just like me. I looked at him agape and he just grinned back at me. For the first time in my life I saw his cock and what a gorgeous piece of man meat it was. Still soft it must have been at least 6 inches long and as thick as a sausage, covered in a milk chocolate sheath that hid a pretty big cockhead. His trimmed pubes looked so neat as if they were delicately done, with his big balls hanging low like two cum-filled eggs. My eyes managed to rip themselves away from his crotch as it slowly followed his treasure trail to his pecs and quarter-sized nipples that had a covering of black hair. My mouth watered at the sight of my Adonis-like cousin, all the time in the gym had done him good. Gone was the skinny, stereotypical Indian kid and before stood the man that had my fantasies in his clutches.

He slid into his shorts at an agonizingly slow rate as it slowly hid his gorgeous cock from view, not wanting to miss my last few seconds of looking at his manhood I stared, open-mouthed and without shame. Finally semi-clothed Ajit looked up as I slowly began to slip out of my daze and grinned at my reaction, he quickly crossed the room and soon slipped past me into the bathroom to find his deodorant. As he passed his cock rubbed my shoulder through his shorts, sending a jolt of electricity through me.

"You better get some clothes on, in case someone else comes into the room you wouldn't want them to see you in that state." he smirked as he pointed at my cock that was sticking straight out from my crotch. My nakedness finally dawning on me I quickly wrapped myself in my towel, trying to conceal my woody, and scooted off to throw some clothes on. He stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed me by the waist as I fumbled with my shorts and zipped me out through the door as I barely pulled my shorts over my ass. Quite enraged by his actions I started beating on his back and yelled for him to let me down or else, not realizing that he would take up my challenge. Flashing me a smile that was pure evil he slammed me into the carpeted floor (not hard, but just hard enough to daze me a little) and then straddled me, "Or else what?" challenging me. Giggling like an idiot I squirmed and kicked trying to worm my way out of his grip, all memories of the past 5 minutes forgotten and we were back to being cousins as we rolled around on the living room floor nearly tripping his mother as brought food to the table.

"Will you two grow up??!?!" she yelled, mopping spilled curry of her hand.

"I don't wanna!!" I chimed in from under Ajit's armpit.

"And I already have, but I don't wanna either!!" he replied blowing his mom a raspberry. We laughed as we collapsed into a tangled mass of disproportionate arms and legs. Still chortling we untangled ourselves (which proved to be tricky when my leg somehow wrapped around his waist and ended up at his knee, don't ask me how that happened) and he finally lay panting atop me. I held onto his broad shoulders and drew myself in for a hug which he complied with and as we slowly separated we both felt each others' hardness straining the fabric of the thin shorts we were wearing. Amazed by what I felt grinding into my own hard-on I looked into his eyes, searching for an answer to the question "Is this ok?" and all he did was blink slowly and smile. Slowly I brought my lips closer to his, I could feel him breathe heavily on my face, his warm breaths fogging up my glasses. Inches, became centimeters, then millimeters and then



We quickly sprang apart, as his mother began yelling at the servant for breaking another plate. He rose off of me and I scrambled to my feet and ran back into my room and vaulted onto the queen bed, burying my face and my boner into the mattress. Ajit sprawled on the couch and turned on the telly, flicking through channels like he does girlfriends. His dad, who had also come home when I was playing cricket, stepped out of the bathroom and called me to eat and we all sat around the table as my aunt busied herself with serving the food. Ajit and I sat in a tense silence and after dinner we sat on separate sofas, trying to catch each other's eye but taking turns missing. We decided to stay in, instead of going out as it was already 8:30 and my favourite show would be on soon.

Eventually 10:30 rolled around, and after praying together, my aunt and uncle said their goodnights and shut themselves in their room, keeping the air conditioned cool in. Ajit turned on the telly once more and I sat there too, just waiting ... just waiting. Eventually I nodded off and woke up in a haze as Ajit lifted me in his strong arms and carried me to the queen bed that I would be sleeping in. I smiled as I placed my glasses on the night table, thanked him and bundled myself under the covers as the A/C kicked in.

"Good night, baby bro.".

"Good night, big bro." I replied, expecting him to shut the door and plod off to his own bed, but boy was I surprised when he pushed the door closed, turned around and sat on open side of the double bed.

"I think I'll sleep here, just in case you get scared tonight." Ajit said as he crawled under the covers with me and all I could do was nod, smile and thank God for letting my prayers be answered so quickly.




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