Goodnight, bro part 3

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As if like a never ending dream my memories of last night played on loop behind my closed eyelids. The sun had slowly risen above the World Trade Center's auditorium and framed by the two massive apartment buildings outside our window. Through the slit in the curtains, the golden rays of the morning filtered in slowly illuminated our sleeping forms. I felt Ajit stir behind me and I slipped into consciousness, becoming aware of something hard pulsing between my asscheeks. I fumbled around and found Ajit's massive paw around my chest, pulling me closer into him, and slowly intertwined my fingers with his. As we sighed and squirmed against each others body, I clenched my cheeks only to have Ajit gasp and squeeze my hand. It finally registered what the meaty thing between my cheeks was, his 9" cock was stuffed between my buns like a hot dog. I felt his breath on my neck as he tenderly kissed my neck, causing a jolt of electricity to run through my body, and continued onwards as he kissed my cheek and I turned my head to find his gorgeous lips hovering near mine. Like two lovers, we passionately kissed, not like the wild, lustful kisses of last night, a long, lingering kiss that we slowly held.


We pulled apart and I smiled into his beaming face, I flopped onto my back, yanking his cock from between my cheeks causing it slap against his thigh and then lay on my thigh as I scooted in close to his body. We snuggled together for another while, slowly exploring each other in the sun's golden rays. I licked his nipple and sucked on it, causing him to hiss and his cock to twitch violently and drool a little precum that dribbled into my crotch. He reached for my boner and began to slowly stroke it as I snaked my way under the covers and grasped his blazing hot cock as well. Still nibbling on his nipple we both started stroking each other, our breaths getting shallow as we stroked and teased each other's pricks.




"Wake up you two, time for breakfast!" Ajit's dad yelled through the door as he began to open it. We both scrambled to cover up and went back to spooning with each to cover our tenting boners.

"Why aren't you wearing any shirts? You'll catch a cold!" he queried as he busied himself in the fridge that was in the room. He grabbed the tray of eggs, yelled at us to get up before he pulled the covers off (which would have catastrophic) and sauntered back to the kitchen as the door shut by itself. We sighed deeply and he hugged me closer, kissed me on the cheek and then bounced off the bed into the bathroom. I kicked off the blanket and scooted off the bed, grabbing our clothes that were strewn around (which my uncle hadn't noticed) and jumped into the washroom before Ajit could shut the door. I tossed him his shorts as he strained to pee through his hard on and I settled by the sink and proceeded to brush my teeth. He came up behind me after pissing, which was a great effort, and then stood behind and followed suit. From time to time his now flaccid cock would tap the small of my back, causing me to jump and gag on my toothpaste, as I was seriously ticklish. He chuckled through the foam in his mouth and continued, I finished up, dressed and quickly stepped into the cool bedroom making sure no one was around. I went into the living/dining room and sat on the couch and clicked on the telly to catch some morning cartoons on Cartoon Network (before they ruined it by dubbing 90% of the shows in Hindi).


Ajit entered a few minutes later and sat next to me on the couch, I laid back and placed my head on his lap, looked into his face, flashed him a smile and then began to guffaw at Scooby and the gang. Today, I was to hit up the local tourist haunts with my buds from the building and scope out some tourist chicks, we were going to meet at the gate at 10. Ajit was heading to the office with his dad for a bit before coming to find me for lunch, as my dad would be making an appearance. We both wolfed down our breakfast and went to change, Ajit went to his own bedroom this time and I felt a little sad. But the prospect of ogling foreign women and hanging out with my friends didn't leave me much time to be depressed and I showered and changed and raced into the living room once more. I dumped my camera into my backpack as well as the necessities for any scouting mission, condoms (like a 12 y/o was going to get any from an American woman), water, some candy bars and a couple bags of chips. By the time I had thrown this all together, Ajit and his dad were ready to head out too, so we all put on our shoes and headed out together. We got into the lift as the liftman shut the grilles with a clatter. Ajit and I made small talk as we descended and I quickly gave him a good grope when his dad wasn't looking. But the liftman saw us and we smiled sheepishly as he goggled at what I had done.

"Here take this mobile, I'll call you when I come to pick you up." Ajit said, trying to move past our little display, "Keep it on at all times and don't you dare give it to anyone."

"Yeah, yeah! Stop being such a dick in the mud." I shot back at him.

"What?" his dad queried at my crude choice of words.

"Nothing ... hehehehe! I said stick ... stick in the mud!" I blushed back as the lift came to a halt. The liftman, Raju, got up of his stool and held the doors open for us, giving my uncle a quick salute. I saw that his crotch was bulging out a bit and I intentionally brushed against his growing hardness. He hissed as Ajit passed and Ajit copped a quick feel, spurred on by my openness. We chortled as we left a flustered and horned up Raju, floored at our coming on to him, and we noticed a slight wet spot forming as he quickly bustled back into the lift to go back up for another trip. I grinned impishly and Ajit smiled devilishly and I waved to them as their car pulled up and ran off to see the gaggle of my friends that were hanging out at the gate chatting animatedly about the last India-Australia cricket match.


The morning flew by as we loitered around the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel (that many of you saw go up in flames last month) scouting out the hot foreign women that fluttered in and out of the doors. We even got some looks from a few of the teenage girls, our age ranging from 10-14, that made us blush furiously and then wave like idiots. Eventually the heat got to us, as we all bundled into the lavish reception area of the Taj and went to the small coffee shop called Birdie's and picked up a few croissants (which they were famous for) and a Pepsi and began eating around the main island in the restaurant. We chatted about the cute British girl whose skirt got lifted up in the breeze revealing a pair of flower pattern panties or about the rich motherfucker who pulled up in the new Jaguar. While chatting, I noticed the guy behind the counter who must have been in his 40's, slightly plump but still fit with a glorious tuft of jet black hair, with a hint of white mixed in, jutting out of his collar. I could immediately tell he was Malayalee, from the well trimmed moustache to his crisp English with a hint of his Malayalee accent peeking through. He was 5'8", probably around 190-210 lbs, with a thick mop of hair on his head, lightly tanned skin, nearly the same colour as mine and a dazzling white smile. We had run out of ketchup and seeing no other bottles, I took this opportunity to go up to him.

"Excuse me ... John," pausing to read his name, "We have run out of ketchup, can I get another bottle?"

"Definitely, sir. One second, please." He replied, and I almost creamed my pants, because he had a silky, baritone voice that was Barry White-esque. I held on to the counter, as I had temporarily gone weak in the knees. He returned with another bottle and flashed me his amazing smile. I must have also gone weak in the head as I just stared, unabashedly at this gorgeous man before me. I quite obviously ogled his crotch, which seemed to be hiding a considerable lump behind his black uniform pants. I grabbed the bottle of ketchup from his hand and my fingers grazed his hairy knuckles and I sighed softly. All this while he had kept his gorgeous black eyes, locked onto my movements and had definitely noticed me checking him out.


"Dude, are you asking him to make the ketchup or what?" Pratik called over the din of my friends and I snapped back to reality. Thanking John quickly I scampered back to my spot, my shorts barely hiding my growing boy cock, from which I continued to shoot glances at this Adonis. We kept chatting as a few of the boys grabbed another croissant, so we patiently sipped on our Pepsi's waiting for them, when my mobile went off. The guys looked at me incredulously as I quickly answered the call.


"Hey, kiddo. Where are you? I'll be leaving in 10-15 minutes to come pick you up." Ajit queried. I gave him my location and said I would wait in the coffee shop. I quickly informed the boys, that my excursion would be cut short as I had to return and that they should go on. They tried to persuade me, but 5 minutes later they were out the door, shouting reminders about the cricket match that evening. I waved them off and plonked into a seat by the window and continued to eye my new found eye candy. John busied himself with his work, and I watched his glorious hairy arms tense as he lifted a box of something and then turned around and bent over, showcasing his exquisite behind in those black pants that stretched tightly over his glorious globes. 10 minutes had passed since Ajit had called me and behind the counter a woman had come to relieve John as he smiled and I barely heard him say he had to go to the washroom. Excellent!


I scampered out of the chair and followed him through the side entrance that led back into the hotel lobby area and towards a secluded set of toilets that were hidden from view by a large arrangement of flowers. I kept a few paces behind him and zoomed in on his butt as his ass cheeks rose and fell rhythmically with every step. He pushed the door to the men's washroom open and I quickly scarpered inside. I saw his reflection in the mirror, moving towards the urinals that sort of doubled back behind a wall obstructing an outsider's view of men doing their business. My heart was thumping in my chest in the quiet of the washroom as the only sounds were the rustling of clothes and the ambient music filtering through the speakers overhead. I quickly turned the corner and entered the urinals, which thankfully had no dividers between them, and saw this beautiful man heft out a delicious looking cock. I instantly went hard and my breathing slowed to deep breaths as I slowly approached one of the remaining three urinals. John had taken the first of the four against the far wall and I took the one immediately next to him, he noticed me and looked down into my face as I gave him a weak smile. He smiled back and continued to let a golden stream of piss flow into the urinal, and I fumbled as I fished out my boner and began to sneak looks, quite obviously.


His cock was almost like Ajit's about 5.5" inches in length and almost the girth of a Polish sausage, with a network of veins criss-crossing the shaft that was covered in a gorgeous foreskin that was darker than his tanned skin. He had peeled back the foreskin to reveal a large piss slit and purple glans from which spewed his golden fountain. My eyes traveled up his shaft and I noticed a forest of dark, wiry hairs poking out of his fly, making me drool a little, both from my mouth and my cock. So engrossed I was at ogling this beautiful cock, that I didn't notice him looking right at me and smiling to himself. I looked up, knowing that I had lingered too long, and sheepishly averted my eyes as I made eye contact with him, and flushed furiously ... my face, not the urinal. My cock was rock hard and pulsing, with a little precum dribbling out of my head. I looked back into his eyes and he smiled softly, that relaxed me, and I shyly smiled back, the lust in my eyes shining through as I scanned him up and down once again. He looked around to see if there was anyone else in the bathroom and then took a step back from the urinal, letting me get an eyeful of his delicious cock. My eyes glued to his slowly lengthening dick, I moved back as well let him gaze on my 5.5" boner.


"Do you like what you see?" he whispered, his baritone voice causing my cock to twitch violently. Entranced, I nodded back like a twit. His cock was twitching and pulsing and growing to mammoth proportions. Mesmerized, I watched as his cock continued to grow, he stroked it a few times with his hairy hand and a clear drop of precum collected in the folds of his foreskin as he squeezed the head. Before I could think, I reached out and ran my trembling finger along his foreskin and picked up that clear nectar and brought it to my mouth. It was sweet and smooth as I licked it off my finger, causing me to moan and John let out a growl that reverberated in the marble confines of the washroom. Realizing that this was going to need a little more privacy, John quickly wheeled around and pulled me into one of the spacious cubicles. The teak wood doors and partitions went all the way to the floor giving us all the privacy we could need. He bolted the door shut and flashed me his amazing smile, and not wasting any time I jumped onto him hugging him close as he wrapped his beefy arms around me. I caressed his face, feeling the coarse stubble, and slowly kissed him. He parted his lips and let my curious tongue in, we both kissed passionately as I threw my arms around his neck and pulled myself into him. His thick moustache was tickling my lip as we sucked face like men possessed, so this was what it was like to kiss a man with facial hair ... I liked it. He sat down on the toilet, with me still in his arms, and I straddled him, feeling his hard cock on my butt. We drew apart, breathing heavily, and I proceeded to rip his shirt off of him as he lifted my t-shirt up and over my head.


As he shucked his shirt off, I was treated to the beautiful sight of his hairy chest, under a vest. This man was my dream come true, his hair was thick, like a rug, and covered nearly every part of his body. I could see it go over his shoulders and run down his back, I quickly grabbed his undershirt and pulled it over his head and ran my hands through this thick forest. I moaned, like a bitch in heat, as my hands traveled over his firm chest and his beer belly. I found his hard nipples, barely sticking out of the forest, and they were huge! Like inch long torpedoes sticking out from his chest, I pinched them causing him to throw his head back and growl. Unable to control my lust I kissed him again and crushed my chest into his feeling that gorgeous mat of hair against my smooth chest. He quickly stood up and I almost fell off his lap, and he began to undo his belt and I quickly followed suit. We kicked off our shoes, dropped our pants and underwear to the floor and stood there in our socks. I finally got a good look at his cock, nearly 8.5" inches in length, but at least 7 inches around, with the angry, purple head, twitching and oozing precum as his foreskin got pulled back. His big hairy balls, hung low in a loose sack that swung to and fro with every movement. His legs were as hairy as the rest of his body and I was literally drooling at the sight of this magnificent man in front of me.


I wasted no time in reaching out and grabbing hold of his rigid member, I felt the velvety smooth sensation of his foreskin, the shaft being as hard as steel and the cock was scalding as I held it in my hand. John hissed as I slowly began to milk his cock, and I slowly drew closer and closer my mouth near inches away, I could smell his musky aroma and as I reached out to lick the clear drop of precum that was collecting in his piss slit ... and my mobile rang. We both sprang apart and I immediately began rummaging through our pile of clothes for that annoying thing. I found my bag under our clothes and dug out the mobile phone and impatiently answered the phone.

"Kiddo, where are you? I'm inside Birdie's and I don't see you anywhere!" Ajit asked impatiently. I was about to snap back when I saw John milking his cock slowly out of the corner of my eye. I grinned like the little imp I am and went back to our conversation.

"Come to the washroom in the lobby, the one near Birdie's." I replied, causing John to raise an eyebrow.

"What? Why the ..."

"Just shut up and get here in 10 seconds!! I'll be waiting ..." I trailed off as I hung up. This would be an afternoon to remember. I tossed the mobile onto the pile of clothes and I pulled closer to John and began to run my hands through his carpet of fur. I heard the door creak open and close as Ajit's footsteps drew closer. I quickly undid the bolt on the door, peeked out, just to make sure it was Ajit and then pulled him in by the wrist as he passed by our stall. Caught completely off guard, he almost started to yell at me when he noticed that I was completely naked and then he slowly turned his head and became aware of John and his nakedness. John, who was very confused by this time, was beginning to cover up but I wouldn't let him as I grabbed his hand, pulled him forward and stuck them onto Ajit's growing bulge. Ajit was practically foaming at the mouth at the sight of this Adonis and without any urging began to strip and toss his clothes into the pile as well.

Quick introductions aside, we all jumped right into where John and I had left off. Ajit moved in and kissed John furiously, running his hand through his fur coat and moaning as the fur rubbed up against his nipples. I squeezed past the two of them and sat down on the toilet seat right between then and was at the perfect level with their two cocks that were grinding into each other and leaving massive wet spots of precum. I grabbed John's fat cock and Ajit's monster and simultaneously stuck both cockheads in my eager mouth. They both split apart and moaned at the same time as I lapped up the precum that was oozing from their dicks. The sensations of their cockheads rubbing up against each other and my tongue licking, lapping and tickling their heads were causing them both to moan and shiver. John reached out and grabbed Ajit's cock at the base and started to slowly jacking him off, Ajit wrapped an arm around John and began pinching his nipples as they both leaned in for another kiss.


My jaw was seriously beginning to hurt and I needed some attention on my dick, so I let both cocks fall out of my mouth and stood up, being the shortest (at that time I was around 5'2", John was 5'8" and Ajit was 6') I couldn't get in on the kiss, so grabbed each of these hot guys by the ear and pulled them down. They wriggled free of my grip, but got the picture and with a smile, scooped me up so I was supported by each of their muscular arms and was at their level and we started a hot three way kiss, sucking on Ajit's tongue first, then John's, then try to suck on both of their tongues as they made out with each other. Ajit motioned to put me down and then he took a seat on the toilet as we both positioned ourselves in front of him. He was eyeing John's thick dick with great interest as it leaked precum in a steady drip, which neither of us could do. He licked his lips and then slowly sucked the thick head into his mouth and lapped up the steady stream of precum, John growled once more and threw his head back. As Ajit sucked on John's beer can dick, I started sucking and nibbling on John's right nipple and ran my hands through the dense forest of hair on his chest. He pushed my face harder onto his nipple as I began to bite and nip causing him to shiver with pleasure and also leak a lot more which Ajit was loving. Ajit pulled off John's cock and slowly sucked on mine as I moaned into John's furry chest, he continued to milk John's cock. John smiled and bent down and kissed me, probing my mouth with his tongue as I slowly humped Ajit's face. We switched positions once more as John took a seat on the toilet and began trying to deep throat Ajit. Jamming the 9" monster into his hot mouth made Ajit sigh softly as the silky warmth enveloped his throbbing cock, I knelt down between the two of them and pushed John's hand aside as I sucked on his member. In a weird chain of dick to mouth madness we sucked and slurped on each other's cocks until I felt the pressure building in my balls, I knew I was going to blow at the rate my hand was moving on my cock.


I scooted out from under Ajit's legs and began stroking my cock as I moaned softly, Ajit knew what was going to happen and pulled his cock from the depths of John's throat and began furiously fisting his dick as well. John opened wide and waited as we both simultaneously exploded all over his face and chest. I nearly buckled a the end of my orgasm, 5 short spurts that covered John's face and the dribble that was falling onto his cock, and Ajit shot another 8 shots of thick, white cum that was all over John. John was trying the lick up all the cum that was on his face as it slowly dribbled near his searching tongue, we both kissed and lapped at each other's orgasms and shared the cum we had lapped up with John and each other. All that cum swapping had gotten John really hot and he was really close to shooting his own load, those low hanging balls were drawn so close to his body, both Ajit and I got down on our knees and began to lick at his sensitive cockhead.

His growl echoed off the rest of the washroom as he began to shoot thick, hot creamy spurts of his essence onto his furry belly. Ajit and I were almost kissing around his cockhead as we began to lap and slurp up the cum as it shot out of his cock, I counted 10 shots as we fought for the cum. Spent John leaned back against the toilet seat, heaving at the intensity of his orgasm. Ajit and I began to lick up the cum that was dribbling into his thick carpet and I scooped a thick gob of his goo onto my finger and brought it up to John's mouth. With a smile he sucked on my finger with gusto, Ajit then did the same as we fed him his own cum. We all shared in a kiss one more tongue, the taste and traces of each other's cum mingling and mixing in our mouths.


We cleaned off and began to dress, amid hearty gropes and a few kisses. I peeked out of the stall to see if all was clear and we quickly spilled out into the restroom and headed to the sinks. We all pretended to wash our hands as we shot glances and sly smiles at each other. We made small talk in Malayalam and then Ajit gave John his mobile number and we exchanged one quick kiss before exiting the washroom. I was copping a last grope as we exited the second set of doors, when we found ourselves confronted by a massive man standing in the doorway. I quickly dropped my hand back to my side, but it was too late, we saw him raise an eyebrow as he walked past us. 6'6", around 290-300lbs, broad shouldered, bearded and fierce looking, but clothed from head to toe in a flowing white gown and a red checkered head dress, the huge Arab gave us a final glance as he proceeded into the washroom. Without looking back, we bolted from there, saying quick goodbyes as John headed back to work and Ajit and I headed home. Things were going to get interesting over the next few days and boy was I in for a surprise!!

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