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Dave MacMillan

Kid Willie

I was in San Francisco to see my big brother for the first time in three years. Sean was supposed to pick me up. I wondered if he was still as skinny as when he left home. I stood at the empty carousel with everybody else from Boston and smothered a yawn. It might be just midnight in California but my body was still working on Massachusetts time. I was dead-assed tired.

I was standing in the center of the San Francisco air terminal waiting for my bags, pissed off that I'd not seen Sean yet. The bastard had never been on time in his life.

An arm landed across my shoulders, moved under my chin, and began to pull me backwards.

Some crazy-as-hell fag right out of the twilight zone was going to hug me in public? My fists balling up, I turned and saw the tall, curly-haired, good-looking - built - guy smiling at me. My brother.

"Wee Willie isn't going to let me hug him?"

"Sean!" I yelped and hugged him to me.

"The one and only, wee Willie."

I didn't punch him for calling me that, not there in front of airport security - even though that had been my standard reaction ever since I was two and understood the thing between my legs was a willie too. But I couldn't just let it pass, either. "I'm not so wee any more," I told him. I couldn't get over how built he was. My big brother had become a serious gym queen. We looked almost like twins now.

A smile twisted his face, and it was like we were kids all over again - something wicked was going through his head. "That might be interesting, little brother - to check out," he answered slowly, shaking his head. "But we've got a lot of catching up to do before we explore that-"

I stared at him. What the fuck was he saying?

His hand grabbed my arm and squeezed - like brothers do. "I'm glad you decided to take me up on my offer to come out to the coast, Will."


* * *


Sean's note said he'd be back late that afternoon and to make myself at home. It also said there was food in the fridge. I'd headed for the icebox straight from taking my morning whiz and made a grilled cheese sandwich and poured a large glass of milk.

I padded through the two bedroom apartment in just my briefs, getting a feel of the place. I'd been bleary-eyed and numb when we'd got in from the airport. I had collapsed on the couch the moment I saw it and was out like a light. Now, I had the place to myself and was awake enough to be curious.

Sean was twenty-two, three years older than me. He was in the west working and going to school part time. He didn't say much about work or school to the folks or me, not in his letters or his phone calls. After that first year of college in Boston, it'd been sorta like he'd started living on that Russian space station or something. We knew he was alive and figured he was making it okay because we heard from him and he never asked for money. But it was like he'd dropped off the face of the earth.

So, yeah ... I was curious.

The apartment was a lot nicer than I'd expected. I tried to guess what it'd rent for back home in the Boston 'burbs - and kept coming up with four figures. And he lived alone. I couldn't imagine anybody paying some college kid this kind of cash for part-time work.

I was beginning to wonder if my big brother was selling drugs by the time I started to cross from his bedroom to the one where he'd stored my bags last night.

"Hi," a voice at the end of the hall hailed me. I looked back towardss the living room and saw a guy standing there. "I just let myself in. You must be Sean's little brother," he said and started towardss me.

"I'm Will," I told him, watching him approach me.

"I'm Alan," he answered, shoving his hand towardss me. "Happy to meet you." I shook his hand.

Alan was blond, tanned, slim, and came up to my nose. He looked to be a few years older than Sean. I realized he was staring at the front of my briefs and, before that could fully register, my dick decided to jerk and start snaking out towardss my hip.

"From what I can see, you aren't so little," he chuckled. "Want some help with it?" His hand left mine and moved straight down to brush my equipment package through my underwear.

I jumped back from his touch. "What the fuck?" I growled, gasped, and yelped all at the same time. My dick took that moment to become a full-sized missile armed for action.

I didn't know what to do. Back home I'd have done plastic surgery on his face. But I was in Sean's apartment and this Alan guy was friends enough with my brother to have a key. And I'd heard about San Francisco.


Alan was looking directly into my face when I was finally able to get my brain working again. "Does Sean know about you?" I demanded.

"I think so. We're fuckbuddies-"

My brother's what? "Sweet Jesus!" I groaned and felt like I'd just been hit between the eyes. My head hurt.

"Sean's not filled you in at all, has he, Will?"

You two-" I couldn't say it. I barely could even think it.

"I think you two need to talk." Alan smiled. "I came over to pick up some underwear Sean wanted. I'll just get that and leave, okay? He'll be home later and you two can get better acquainted." He slipped past me into Sean's room and went directly to the dresser. I watched him pull out a red pair of something that looked vaguely like a jockstrap. Even across the room I could see through the material that was supposed to cover my brother's cock.

"See you around," he said as he re-entered the hall, moved his fingers across my hip, and headed for the front door. "The offer still stands, Will," he called from the living room. "You look good enough to eat, boy." I heard the door slam behind him. And couldn't move. I kept seeing instant replays of Alan's ass as he walked down the hall.



I stared at the blank TV screen and didn't know how or when I'd gotten to the living room. I sat on the sofa still dressed in my briefs from yesterday as the afternoon waned outside. I didn't know what to think.

This Sean - the San Francisco doppleganger of my brother - was a total stranger. He was queer - and a well-off one too from the looks of his apartment. This stranger had paid my airfare out here and I was obligated to him for that - almost five hundred dollars worth. And I was three thousand miles away from my nearest friend. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? And how did I get out of it?

I wasn't a homophobe. I didn't beat up queers. I suspected some of the guys I'd known in school were gay. They kept their hands to themselves and I kept mine to myself; and we got along like the buds we were. I'd even done a few circle jerks with my friends when we were young. But I got hard for the ladies.

And Alan.

The memory of that kept me scared and glued to the couch while I tried to understand things and how they were going to work.

I figured if Sean wanted me to pay him back for the plane ticket I would let him blow me - if he really pushed it. I sure wasn't going to tell the folks. It'd be just between us. And it'd only be for as long as it took to pay him back. That kind of shit would stay right here in San Francisco if I had anything to say about it.

But, if Sean could go queer, could I? That scared me as much as me watching Alan's butt as he walked down the hall - every time I shut my eyes. I was scared, but I had finally calmed down - like the guy on death row the night before he met the chair. I didn't know what the fuck was going to be the ending to all this, but I accepted I didn't have any way of bailing out at this late date. Whatever the ending was, I was going to be there, right in the middle of it.


* * *


Hands cupped my naked collarbone on either side of my head and tightened their grip. I jumped and started wondering how to dig my finger- and toenails out of the ceiling. "You've got a bad case of nerves there, wee Willie," Sean said carefully.

I was shaking when I turned to look at him over my shoulder, taking in his hand on me before my gaze moved on back. "You scared the shit out of me!" I growled.

"And you stink. Didn't you even take a shower?" He looked over my shoulder. "Hey, Willie, you're going to get jock burn if you wear the same briefs every day. Don't you have any more?"


"You can use some of mine if you need to."

I remembered those see-through things Alan had pulled out of his drawer. "I've got clothes, Sean," I told him. Shit! I might as well go around naked as wear that stuff.

"Alan said he saw you today-"

"That - that guy came on to me, Sean."


"He felt my dick through my shorts. He said he'd help me out with it." I turned around to face him. "He said you're fuckbuddies."

"I figured he'd made a move on you. I was surprised you didn't beat him up to prove how big a man you are."

"It's your place and he had a key. I didn't know how good a friend you were."

 "Not enough for him to put the make on you, bro."

I relaxed. Sean wasn't the stranger I'd been making him out to be. He was still my big brother. "What did he mean by you being fuckbuddies?" I asked timidly.

Sean sighed, let go of me, came around the sofa, and sat down. He pulled his leg up on the cushion and turned to face me. "I guess we're gonna have to have a talk I'd hoped to put off for a while."

"What talk?"

"Have you noticed the apartment?" I nodded. "Have you tried to figure the rent on a place like this?"

"I guessed maybe a thousand-"

"Those windows there overlook the bay, Will! The whole apartment does. Triple that." I gasped. "Go look. I need a beer. Want one yourself?" I nodded as I pushed myself off the couch and started for the balcony.

"It's beautiful," I told my brother and reached for my beer. We were again facing each other.

"And it's expensive, Will. Anything nice in life is. Don't ever forget that." I nodded, not knowing anything else to do.

"Alan's sugar daddy owns this building. Alan produces gay porn vids. I fuck Alan and let him suck me off. Sometimes I suck him off too. He's happy and goes home to his sugar daddy."

I'd figured that. I was kinda glad Sean wasn't into spreading his legs for guys, though - at least, not for very many. "How did you start? Back in Boston you had girls waiting in line to let you fuck them."

"I thought with my dick back then too. I turned and walked away from a guy who offered me a hundred dollars just to suck my dick before I left. That was a hundred I could've used. But I didn't let myself even think it through. I just walked away-"

"But out here?"

"Out here, I was living thirty miles from campus in a three bedroom house where the rent was eight hundred each. There were six of us living there and one bathroom. Two beds to a room and no privacy at all. It was almost an hour into school every day and an hour back."

"That's almost like it was at home, Sean - before you moved out here."

"Yeah. But I wasn't married and didn't have kids, like Dad. I also have my degree which he doesn't have-"

"You graduated?"

He grinned. "Got the degree back in December, Kid Willie."

"So, you've got a regular full-time job now?"

His grin spread across his face and he was chuckling. "I manage. How does twenty thousand a month last year sound to you?" He held up a hand. "I did have to take two months unpaid vacation though."

I did the math in my head and my eyes bulged. "A hundred grand?" I yelped. "Last year?" I almost let myself wonder why I'd had to take the red eye special from Boston. He nodded. "Doing what?" I demanded.

He sighed and sat up straight. There wasn't a bit of humor in his face. "Basically I'm a whore. I do porn shoots and I appear at strip clubs for special appearances - but those only brought in a little more than twenty thousand last year. The rest I made fucking guys who wanted my dick. Or letting them suck me. Sometimes, I turned my ass up and they fucked me."

"It sure sounds like it was worth it," I told him and meant every word - even the getting fucked part. Even if I hadn't thought it through.

"Would you suck dick or take one up your ass for that kind of money, Will?"

"I-" I almost said sure I would. But then I knew I had to think that one through. "You want an honest answer?" He nodded. "Let me think about it."

"Go take a shower, Will. Think about it while you clean up." He reached over and patted my knee. "I'm taking you out for a steak with the thousand I made today."



By the time I had toweled off, I'd decided Sean had made the right decisions - for himself. Prostitution didn't bother me. If somebody was willing to pay to have sex with a guy, why shouldn't the guy get his nut off and get paid for it? What I wasn't sure of was if I could ever do what my brother was doing.

I was guessing but I sorta figured you had to be a little gay to get hard for another guy. I was trying hard not to think about how hard I'd got just looking at Alan's butt that afternoon. I wasn't gay.

I walked out into my bedroom naked. A fully dressed Sean was lying on the bed watching me. I blushed but kept kewl, going directly to my bag and a pair of underwear to cover things with. "Alan was right, bro." I turned to face him and he grinned. "You're big Willie now." I hurried to my bag.

With briefs covering my equipment, I turned to face my brother. "When did you learn that you were gay?" I asked.

"I'm not gay, Will. I like girls too. The thing you've got to understand is that I just like sex."

"You do it with guys-"

"Hey! Every guy out there has a prostate gland. That includes you and me." Sean sat up and I saw he had a real boner. It had to be almost as big as mine got. "We've got a bunch of nerves right there at the entrance of our shit chute too. Unless you've bought into all this reactionary shit that the preachers are polluting us with, you'd enjoy getting fucked - just like you'd enjoy fucking. Any guy would because we're all bi-sexual to some degree. It's just a matter of clearing your head of all the shit that's been pounded into it."

"You're saying that you'd have sex with a guy just as quick as you would a girl?"

He studied me for a moment. "Come over here," he said softly.

I stepped up beside the bed and looked down at him. His fingers moved to the waistband of my briefs. "Sean!" I cried, staring at him, and felt my dick come to attention.

"I'll stop whenever you tell me to, Will." He began to slide the cotton down over my growing dick. I stood still and didn't say a word.

"That's really nice," he mumbled as he hooked the elastic under my balls. "How big is this weapon? About eight inches?"

"Seven and three-quarters," I corrected him automatically. I was harder than I ever remembered being. He stroked my shaft a couple of times. It felt good.

I jerked when his tongue touched the mushroom knob. His hands went to my still covered butt to hold me steady and his lips started down my shaft. I groaned.

He pulled off and pulled my shorts out from under my balls, letting them cover me again. "That's enough for now," he said, sitting back and grinning at me.

"Sean-" I whined, watching him and hoping he'd come back and finish what he'd started.

"Later. After dinner, Willie." He stood up. "Think you'd like to do it in front of a camera?"

"Do what?" I growled. My cock wanted his mouth where it'd been moments before.

"Get a blow job and fuck - it's five bills in your pocket."

I caught on, and my brain took over thinking from my dick. "You can get me into a - a dirty movie?"

"Yeah. Alan mentioned that he thought you'd be perfect for the part he's still got open."

"We aren't talking about my butt here, are we?"

"You're fucking Alan - think you'd like that?"

Remembering the ass on Sean's buddy, I was nodding before I realized it.

"Get dressed, Will. I'm hungry, and Alan's waiting for us to firm up the deal."


* * *


Sean had lied to me. Alan had two scenes in mind for me. But, at the restaurant, I was enthralled by the thousand dollars I was going to make. I still hadn't started to think when we arrived at the studio.

We started with the second scene because Alan wanted us to do it first. We were in the middle of a bed, sixty-nining with me on top. I was covered in sweat from the lights and had a camera inches from my lips which were sliding up and down Alan's pole.

I couldn't believe it. I was sucking dick. Watching his shaved scrotum come towardss me and then move away. Feeling his veiny shaft with my tongue as it slid between my lips. I'd already found a way to open up my throat for his thick knob to get intimate with my tonsils. I was harder than I'd ever been in my life and oozing pre-cum like it was honey.

And Alan was gobbling it down. Deepthroating me. He was under me, his hands on my asscheeks guiding me in and out of his mouth. My helmet plunged into his throat with every downstroke. I was in heaven.

The bed gave as someone crawled onto it. I knew it was Sean. I tried not to think about it. I didn't want to think about what was about to happen. I just wanted to enjoy what Alan and I were doing to each other.

Alan spread my cheeks and, a moment later, I felt cool greasy stuff spread over my pucker as a finger found my hole. Sean didn't waste any time; his finger was buried in my ass before I could even tense up, much less relax. I bucked and Alan swallowed me whole as I grabbed his hips. Another finger worked its way into me and dove for the gold.

Sean's other hand found the back of my head and pushed my face into Alan's pubes. His fingers pulled out of me and I felt strangely empty.

Then something big was in my pucker and pressing against my entrance. I knew it was Sean's dick and that I was about to earn my thousand dollars. I just wasn't sure I wanted to go through with it. His hand kept my face buried in Alan's crotch though as he humped his hips forward and his cockhead pushed into me.

Pain seared through me and tears welled up in my eyes. I saw the camera's lens recording them. I tried to scream but it came out a muffled grunt around Alan's dick. My brother's battering ram pushed deeper and deeper into me. I felt Sean's pubes in my spread asscrack, his balls against mine.

"I'm in, kid," he grunted. "Grind that butt around on my dick and show me that you like getting stuffed."

I hoped something would show me that I liked getting stuffed. The initial pain of Sean's penetration had ebbed, but having all of my brother's wide-bodied dick crammed into my tight little hole sure wasn't the funnest thing that had ever happened to me. Alan sucking me from the front was keeping me hard but I was sorta wondering where the sex went. Tentatively, I swiveled my hips and felt his cock move against my insides.

Jesus! The shaft of his dick rubbed against something that felt damned good. My whole body got into the act of finding that one exact spot again and again. Alan started bobbing up and down on my pole because all I could think to do was to grind everything south of my bellybutton - and hold the cock in me just right so that magic spot got rubbed. I held Alan's meat deep in my throat with my nose buried in his balls.

Sean let me learn about dick all by myself. For minutes he knelt behind me and didn't move, his cock buried in me. I ground my ass all around it and moaned around the knob in my throat. My balls tightened and climbed onto my shaft. I was in heaven.

Sean started to move, fucking me slow and easy. Alan's load crashed against the back of my throat and went right down. He started fucking my face. I'd forgotten about him. I opened my eyes just as the head of his dick expanded again and blew out another load. This time his helmet was on my tongue and I tasted his cum.

It was hard with all the sensations crashing through me with Sean plowing my ass, but I concentrated on that taste. And the next one. It wasn't bad. I figured it wouldn't be hard to get used to sucking dick.

Sean didn't give me a lot of time to think about the finer points of cocksucking. What he was doing in my butt was awesome. I promptly forgot about Alan's dick still humping my gaping mouth and spurting his jizz.

I was riding the surging waves of pleasure that washed over me. It was like the Fourth of July at Boston Harbor. Sean was still fucking me slow and easy, but I was way ahead of him. My dick erupted. And kept on erupting. There couldn't be anything left in my balls. Alan jerked under me and pushed my hips higher. I remembered he'd been sucking me and hoped he liked the taste of me. I laid my head on his crotch, keeping just the head of his cock in my mouth as Sean continued to fuck me. Alan started to lick my balls.

"Has he come yet?" my brother asked.

"Has he?" growled Alan. "He nearly drowned me."

Sean picked up his tempo. In moments he was pounding my butt, his groin crashing into my cheeks and his dick taking full possession of me. I started to get hard again. Alan already was.

Sean pulled out of me and, a moment later, I felt his cream splashing across my back. My butt was screaming for more. Another wad of Sean's jizz hit my shoulder. "Cut!" Alan called and started to crawl out from under me. I didn't feel Sean behind me either. I looked over my shoulder and saw him take a roll of paper towels from a cameraman. "We'll shoot the next scene in the other bedroom," Alan told us.

Alan looked at me and grinned. "A fuck from your brother will wear a guy out. Take five and we'll come get you when we're set up for the scene."

Sean came back to the bed, still cleaning his dick. "How was it, Will?"

 I blushed but told him anyway. "I can get real used to it - fast." I frowned. "But I didn't like you just pulling out and leaving me empty like that."

"That's what we do on a shoot, bro-" He grinned and his eyes sparkled. "Want to sleep with me tonight? We'll do it the way you want it done."

I looked into his eyes. "I think I'd like that," I told him.