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Chapter 3: Stroke-athon

'Right, I'm off to workout. You coming?' Corey shouted to me as he made his way to his room.

'Yeah, just finishing this washing up.'

I preferred to get done with all the essential cleaning and tidying up the night before so we could wake up to a relatively neat house. It was something mum instilled in us. If we kept up appearances at all times, we'd not only build up a crucial discipline, but we'd also be prepared for any surprise visits. And that went for personal appearance, too. Mum was raised a neat-freak and she made her only two boy's follow suit. But of course, there is always days where I'm just too exhausted or can't be bothered. I just try to make sure those days decrease in frequency.

After finishing the dishwasher load-up and hand-washed the pots and pans, I headed to Corey's room. I was about to push open his shut door, but decided a repeat of the sex walk-in wasn't something I wanted. Not that he was having sex, but you never know.

'Cor?' I yelled, tapping the door twice.

'Come in, you boob.'

I walked in to see him with his back turned to me just as he was pulling up his skin-tight CK boxer-briefs onto his naked form.

'Whoa, geez. I thought you said you were done?' I looked away. Not needing more mental material to haunt me.

'Dude, its cool. It's only an ass.' He replied, slapping the waistband on his hips. I turned back to see him standing with his hands on his slim hips. Wearing nothing but those very boxers.

'Not even keeping the socks on, eh?' I quipped.

'Nah, they'd just get needlessly sweaty. Right, let's get to it.'

He walked to the center of the room where he'd already placed a workout mat onto the varnished wood floor. Sitting down so he his body was horizontal to me, him facing his desk that sat at the foot of his bed. He laid on his back and pulled in his knees, then rested his hands under his head.

'You mind keeping my legs down?'

'Erm, don't you do this stuff on your own?'

'Yeah, but it's obviously easier with someone helping me out.'

Fuck. Maybe I should have declined for tonight and got my head straight first before throwing myself further into this nonsense. I'm not attracted to my brother, I'm certain of it. But the barrage of images that flooded my mind of him in what I can only assume girls would call "sexy poses" was unsettling. This situation wasn't going to help.

'Nah, just pretend I'm not here, dude. I'll be here invisible. In fact, should I just-'

'Oh, please. Just come on and lend us a hand, Hayes. It'll save me getting something to weigh my legs down.' His eyes were pleading. Big, clear ocean blue adorable eyes. Eyes that complimented his short bright blond hair perfectly. I stood there for maybe a little too long and realized I was coming off rather silly. It wasn't his fault I was wrestling with all this overthinking going on in my head.

'Sure. Sorry about that. I'm just a little tired is all.' I gave weakly. What a lame excuse.

'It's okay. I get like that sometimes.' He chuckled. 'Now, sit and hug my legs. With your weight I won't move an inch.'

'Oi, you calling me fat?' I said, faking annoyance.

'Thats exactly what I'm saying, big boy.' He replied with a teasing glint in his eye.

'Yeah, yeah. Lets see what you've got, hot stuff.'

'Glad you've realized how hot I am. Took your time.' I winced at his sly remark, but remained smiling. I kneeled down and held his knees steady, but he just kept looking at me.

'I'd recommend sitting. Your knees are gonna tire out real quick.'

'Fine.' I rolled my eyes. I repositioned myself into a crossed-legged sit and made an attempt to hold his knees again, but it just wasn't comfortable. I guess I'd have to spread my legs and place them on the sides of him. I pushed my crotch right up to his feet and in response he dug his feed under my balls.

'Oi!' I laughed, 'Whats that about?'

'Just using you as an anchor. Is it uncomfortable?'

The thing is, it wasn't. It actually felt a little nice having his feet tucked under my scrotum, creating a warmth. I held onto his knees again, this time my posture ideal.

'Chain your arms around my legs. It's easier that way.'

'Ugh, fine.' I relented. I snaked my arms around his smooth, toned legs and clasped my hands dangerously close to his crotch. I wasn't liking this intimacy one bit. I just had to get my gutter mind cleared out and think of this as it actually was. A workout partner helping out. That was all. Corey continued to stare at me, smiling joyfully.

'What?' I asked, annoyed this was being dragged out.

'Nothing. Just good to see you actually helping your only brother out.'

'Come off it, mate. I'll help you more okay? Can you continue?'

'Another two seconds of smiling at me and off he went, doing sit-ups at a rate I was frankly surprised at. He really was in good shape, and I didn't just meant aesthetically, but physically strong. He got to fifteen and stopped.

'Thats a rep.' He breathed. 'Got a few more to do before we go onto other things.'

We stayed in silence for about thirty seconds before he went for another fifteen, stopping again for a brief rest. His chest muscles were more pronounced now. Clearly working just as hard as he was. By the third rep, his pace hadn't slowed, but his cheeks and chest were crimson and had a light sheen of sweat. Every time he came up off the mat, his chin almost touched his knees, his face drifting an inch or two from mine. What I hadn't noticed until the fourth rep was my clasped hands slip up and down his thighs as he did a sit-up, only a few millimeters from his boxer-covered dick. I immediately tried to think of something else. My dick was growing slowly and it couldn't have been a more inappropriate time if it tried.

'Final rep and then it's pull-ups.' He said during the final rest of this routine. His breathing was quite a bit heavier, but didn't hint exhaustion. He had a fierce determination in his eyes, but maintained that incredible gleaming smile. He did the last rep with ease as I took my cue to disengage. I got up and stood in front of him, holding out a hand to help him up. He looked down at his stomach, still moving with the heavy breathing he was doing.

'Not bad, right?'

'I think this is the best type of abdomen to have. Not crazy like those gym rats with the mini hills for abs, but tight and defined, like that.' I complimented.

'Thanks bro.' He smiled, looking up with appreciation. 'I agree. I want to maintain this. I'm not crazy about getting bulky or anything.'

'No, just leave it like that. I think its perfect.'

'You could achieve this, you know?' He quickly lifted my shirt to reveal my flat, but undefined chest. I didn't have abs, but I always thought my surfboard chest was good enough.

'Quit it. I look alright.' I huffed, a little embarrassed.

'Its alright, but you could do with more definition, bro. You see this...' He reached out with his other hand and placed it on my lower abdomen, just above my shorts waistband. My gut sucked in instinctively. '...this could be firmer, like mine. Here.'

He took his hand off my abdomen and pulled my hand onto his abs. My dick gave an involuntary twitch. I could have sworn his did too, but I put it down to me imagining things. His sweaty but incredibly firm abs radiated heat.

'You see? It's like a completely different kind of solid, isn't it?'

'Yeah...' I almost whispered, trying to keep my eyes locked on his head. He looked up to see me staring at his face and got a little annoyed by my supposed lack of enthusiasm.

'Dude, pay attention! I'm trying to teach you. Now look!' As I looked down he pushed my hand down below his waistband to the side where I felt a crevice in-between his thigh and crotch.

'You know what thats called?' He asked, looking up at me to make sure I was paying attention.

'V-line, no?'

'Spot on. I swear, most guys and girls judge a dudes fitness by that alone. If you've got them, you'll be soaring with the ladies.' he chuckled. 'I swear, the amount of times I'd hear the girls in class say a guy was hot because of his v-lines...'

At this point I was zoning out. My hand was a mere two or so inches from his dick and it was pretty clear he now had a bulge.

'Here. It's better to just know what it could look like.' He pulled my hand away and pushed down the front of his boxers to the start of his cock. I could only see an extremely small big of the base, but it was painfully obvious nonetheless.

'Now, you see that line?' He slowly caressed the crease that he called the v-line. 'That'll happen for you if you start working out. What you think?' He looked at me, gauging my facial expressions. I was genuinely impressed. Every inch of my brothers torso was carved out of stone and just beautifully designed. 'Go on, have a feel' He said, as if I should have done it without needing permission.

I slowly reached out and grazed the deep line with my finger tips, goosebumps rising on my neck from the new level of intimacy I was experiencing here. All plans to keep a distance for a while shot down long ago.

'What do you think? I know its not as deep as some have it, but I'm working on it.'

'Nah, it's good. Smooth' I croaked, my voice cracking slightly. I pulled back, realizing his bulge had grown exponentially. My head must have been rotten. He pulled up his boxers again. 'Right, now pull-ups and the rest of it.'

By the end of his thorough workout, Corey was dripping with sweat, but was more energized than when he began. What was this kid eating? His small bedroom had gotten stuffy with body odour and heat that even I felt like a shower was due.

'That was fun, wasn't it?' He gleamed. He was like his 14-year-old self again. Except not scrawny at all. I nodded in admiration of this work ethic and noted the effort I would need to put in to have the same physique, which I really wanted.

'So, gonna shower first, or shall I?' Corey asked, already walking toward the bathroom.

'Oh, you go ahead, bro. You're dripping loads.'

'Or we could shower together and just save water.'

I stopped and looked in the direction of the bathroom as if I could see him through the walls. I chuckled loudly, but there was a nervous edge that made it sound a little forced.

'Nah, I'm good! But thanks for the offer, bro.'

He laughed, 'suit yourself.'

I heard the shower turn on and the water hit the tub, followed by the sound of Corey stepping under the spray. He let out a groan in pleasure that easily reached my ears and my cock gave another twitch. He was showering with the door open, something neither of us ever did. What an evening. I went to my room and turned on my laptop while I undressed down to my boxers, getting ready for when Corey got out of the shower. I had several business emails that gave me enough work and income for the foreseeable future. Thankfully I never had to struggle to find work. I couldn't imagine going back to dad to beg for a place to stay.

After I answered the majority of them, I came to a familiar contact. The saggers. They wanted to do a light redesign of a certain aspect of the VIP section and to implement a like or dislike function. Something they said they were against before due to the fact that comments would be able to speak for themselves, but a change of mind was always expected with clients. Up until this point I hadn't seen any VIP content, so I was unaware as to what they were offering these paying customers. So I decided to have a quick look.

There were only a few videos, but the views were substantial. At least a hundred thousand views each. I clicked on one that had a thumbnail of two guys standing in what seemed to be a tub. The video started to two guys fully clothed. One wearing an Adidas shirt and the other a Reebok shirt. Both wearing blue skinny jeans. The guy on the right began taking off his shirt while the guy on the left followed. Both of their chests were smooth and slim, with the right guys chest having some slight definition. Nothing like Corey's, though. Their "sag" was low enough to view the top half their boxer-briefs. It seemed like this was the type of boxers you wanted to sag with.

They flexed and pushed down their jeans more to give off an improved sag and turned to show off their backs and fronts in all its glory. Then they unbuttoned their jeans and pushed them down completely, kicking off the rest, leaving them in only their underwear. At this point I was a little skeptical about what I was watching. This seemed to be leaving the conventional sagging, and was now two slim, smooth guys just standing in what was evidently a bathroom, almost nude. But I'll give these guys one thing. It was engaging. I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen and wanted to know what the outcome would be. What these VIP paying members were actually paying for.

As that thought had come and gone, the two guys stepped into the tub behind them. The one on the left turned on the shower mounted on the wall and in an instant, both bodies were soaked. The boxers were clinging to their waists, their bulges now more pronounced. Was this some new trend? Water sagging? But this was clearly only the start, because what happened now was something I was never exposed to. The guy on the left started to rub his partners smooth chest sensually. He'd rub his pecs, then the abdomen in circles. His body glistening with moisture. The hand drifted lower and lower until it grabbed a hold of his crotch. Wow.

He gently kneaded and pulled and in an instant, the guy was hard. Without waiting further, the left guy yanked his partners boxers down, leaving him to step out of them completely. He was now standing there fully naked and as hard as can be. His deep red, uncut thin cock bobbing with excitement. The guy doing the rubbing ran his hand through his meticulously trimmed pubes before taking his shaft in his hand and started a slow but firm stroke. Fuck.

I realized at this point I was as stiff as a board myself. Why on earth was this turning me on? Two guys experiencing intimacy causing the same effect a girl would for me. The guy doing the stroking had pulled his own boxers down revealing a smaller 5 inch but girthy cock with a thick bush of untamed pubes and pushed into the crevice of his partners ass. He wasn't fucking him, but rather rocking in-between his firm buns, all while continuing a stroke that had sped up tremendously.

I couldn't hold it any longer. My own dick was about ready to burst and I hadn't had any me time in a while. Thats it! This had to be why I was being turned on like this by guys. I was just a stupid ass horny teenager. Without a moments hesitation, I pulled down my shorts and boxers in one swooped and let my 7 inches of steel thwap against my belly. I groaned at the relief of freedom and took my pole in my hand and started a madly aggressive stroke.

'Fuck me.' I grunted. My hand was a friend I had long missed. I was lost in a haze, my eyes not really focusing on anything other than the odd glance at two guys simulating anal and having their own stroke-athon.

'Oh, shit! Dude!'

My brothers voice smashed through my sphere of lucid pleasure. Standing in my doorway once again, but with a towel wrapped around his waist, fresh from the shower I had failed to hear stopping. His blonde hair wet and messy. It was too late.

'Fuuuuck' I gave one last grunt as a volley of cum erupted and collided with my chin and cheek, the rest cascading over my chest and completely soaking my cock and hand. My eyes were shut in the furious relief and pleasure of an orgasm long expected. After what felt an eternity, I opened my eyes but there was no Corey. I turned to look at my screen, the guy with the shorter dick now being fucked in the ass.

'Oh shit!' I yelled, quickly shutting the laptop off and slamming the lid down. The realization that Corey had just witnessed me having an intense orgasm, soaking myself with cum to what clearly was gay porn on my laptop, smashed into my consciousness. What the ever-loving fuck was I going to do now. Dread and fear took a hold of me as my dick shriveled to its dormant state, as my cold, sticky cum only multiplying the self-loathing that quickly took over.

Corey didn't wait this time for me to throw him out. He had obviously spotted the screen and saw it's effects on me and felt repulsed. He must hate me right now. Despise me for what I felt like I was becoming. No, surely not. I love girls too much. This...this was just my urges getting the better of me! He had to know that! I have to tell him what he saw wasn't the be all and end all of what he thought I was. I'm not gay for fucks sake!

I cleaned the cum off of my body hurriedly and pulled my shorts back up. I checked my self in my full length mirror to see if I missed any spots, just in case I ran into Corey on the way to the bathroom. I ducked out of my room, a weight of guilt forcing my head down, as if I was doing the walk of shame after a mind-numbing one-night stand. I hesitantly walked through the kitchen and dining area with no Corey in sight and finally wound up at the bathroom. I quickly dropped my shorts again and got some warm water from the tap and washed my sticky flaccid dick. After it was done, I splashed some cold water onto my face and checked myself in the mirror again. It seemed like I had lost a couple shades of colour. Suddenly I wasn't feeling too well.

I couldn't hold this off, though. I had to be up-front with Corey and get rid of the elephant in the flat. I wasn't going to live in awkwardness. I'd tell him I got caught up in the moment and one thing lead to another and I lost control. It meant nothing but my urges desperately needing care. Hell, I'll tell him that we should head out tomorrow to pick up girls. Together! I'm certain he needs the company of a female just as much as I do.

I took a breather and headed back toward the rooms. I started feeling a little better. The one trait I will always admire about Corey is his extremely laid back, easy-going nature. If anyone got on his nerves, he had this incredible way of letting that anger go in a jiffy and let life continue as if nothing changed. Certainly a trait I myself could be more acquainted with.

I was but a few steps from his door when I heard that familiar rhythmic tapping again. I paid no mind as I approached his door. It was slightly ajar, but I took it as shut. Tap tap. No answer. The rhythmic slapping was louder now that I was right outside my brothers room. Tap tap. Still no answer.

'Cor, is it okay to come in?' I asked meekly. No response. He was probably listening to music and tapping something with his fingers in sync with whatever he was hearing. I pushed the door open and stepped in.

'oh shit...' I muttered, gawping at my 15-year-old brother lying in the missionary position on top of his bed, his body facing me. He was completely naked, one hand stroking his rigid, pre-cum leaking cut cock at a feverish pace, whilst the other hand used two fingers to effectively fuck his hairless asshole.

'I'm sor-' I tried to get out but he interrupted me.

'Stay.' He replied, breathlessly hoarse. His face and chest was red, just like mine had been a few moments ago.

'What?' I was so confused at this point. Why stay? He stopped what he was doing and lifted his head from his bed to look at me, his face serious.

'I owe you a show.'

'Corey, it's my fault, I wa-'

He through his head down and went back to finger-banging his hole while he stroked his stiff prick at a maddening pace. I felt my cock hardening in my shorts again, and knew this was going into a territory I didn't think I was feeling good about. I started backing out when Corey suddenly leapt off the bed. He walked a few paces to me but stopped a couple feet away. He was now stroking faster, sweat dripping down his naturally smooth body, down to his hairless cock that almost seemed to aid his strokes. Not a moment later did he slow his stroking down. He only palmed his head now, his hand going in a circular motion as he let out a low grunt that gave way to a sudden thick blast of cum, followed by several more ropes that landed near my feet.

'Fuck me! ugh!' He groaned, his eyes shut tightly as his orgasm rippled through his body. He convulsed as the last few shots blasted and then leaked from his 6 inch rigid pole. After twenty seconds or so, the room went quiet. Only Corey's breathing filled the space between us. He opened his eyes, making eye-contact with my crotch. I looked down at my tented shorts, feeling my face heat up at the new found embarrassment.

'Corey, I'm so-'

'Nah, don't be.' He interrupted. 'I don't care.'

We stood there for another moment of silence, my hardness not subsiding. It was Corey to break the silence this time.

'I need to get cleaned up. You can get rid of that in here if you want.' He said, tapping my dick as he walked passed. If I thought I was in deep before, I realized it was nothing compared to what I had facing me now.

Who am I?