The following story contains homoerotic themes between a man and a boy. The story is fictional, all it's characters are fictional and all the content is fictional. Any likeness to real events or individuals is purely coincidental. The author does not take any responsibility for or encourage such acts as portrayed in the story.

"A Lesson To Learn" Pt. 1

By: Bruin Roberts


It was the summer of `99. Everything looked great, school was out, the sun was shining and I had freedom. Dad always let us do whatever during summer break, he looked at it as a vacation, that any adult might have and that we should be free to come home when we want to. I ran home with a huge grin on my face and an empty backpack on my back. I soaked up the sun and breathed the fresh air. It was beautiful-summer was great.

When I got home I kicked off my sneakers and plopped down on the sofa. My favorite show was on and I had to catch it before I did anything else. I checked the driveway; Dad hadn't been home yet, so I grabbed a quick snack (Dad always said that snacking would spoil our appetites or make us fat). I kept watching TV until I heard a car in the driveway. I was sure it was Dad. He always told us to change out of school clothes when we got home so I quick, pulled off my jeans and tee-shirt and threw them in the hamper in the laundry room. I shot up the stairs and into my room. I rummaged through my drawers for something that wouldn't be un-cool to wear, yet that Dad wouldn't think was too nice to get dirty. I found some ripped up jeans crumpled up in the corner of my closet and threw them on. "Anybody home?" I heard Dad from downstairs, so I headed down into the kitchen.

"Hey dad. How was work?" I said as I looked in the fridge for something to drink.

"Ha! You look like an 80's music video" Dad laughed and looked down at the ripped jeans. "You know, Adam, it's summer now, you can put on some decent clothes-we'll be getting new clothes in the fall".

"Naw, these'll do" I said as I sat at the table sipping a Capri Sun pocket pack. Dad undid his tie and peaked out into the living room.

"Are your brothers home yet?" I shook my head back and forth. "Oh, that's right, Dale was going over to Shirley's today." Dad grabbed his briefcase that was next to the door and set it in the chair.

"What about Kyle?" I asked.

"Kyle's going over to your Aunt Linda's today, she picked him up from school. Well, I guess I better call her to make sure." Dad picked up the phone, dialed and was immediately connected. "Linda? It's Bob. You did pick Kyle up didn't you?" Dad scrunched his nose and held the receiver away from his ear. This was before cell phones were fool proof-it was a struggle just to talk. "Okay, have fun, kiddo." Dad hung up the phone and headed upstairs, not before messing up my hair as he passed by.

Things had been different since Mom died. Dad seemed more stressed, less fun that he used to be. I guess that's what happens when you're a single parent. I had worried about Dad, all he did anymore was go to work, go to the gym for an hour and come home and work on his computer. It was always the same old thing. I pondered for a minute-maybe Dad needed some time alone and I should go hang out with Ryan or something. Dad didn't date anymore, despite the fact that all the single women in Royal Oak had the hots for him. He just didn't seem to be himself anymore.

"Aren't you gonna watch your show, kiddo?" Dad said as he reentered in some nylon gym shorts and a tee that said Mariners on the front.

"It's over, Dad." I sipped the last little bit of the juice and threw it away.

"Well, then it's on again." I looked up and saw it on TV, it must have been a marathon, I jumped up, and then remembered that I was gonna leave Dad alone today.

"Naw, I'm gonna get going..." I paused and looked at Dad.

"Don't be ridiculous, you love that show and besides, don't leave me alone here, it's depressing." Dad smiled. "I'll watch it with you." I knew Dad really didn't want me to leave, he hated that show, so I decided to stick around. "Let's go, your gonna miss it." He tapped me on the butt and we plopped down on the sofa together.

What a way to start off summer break, chillin at home watching The Simpson's with Dad. It felt good to see Dad laugh, I hadn't in a long time. After the marathon ended Dad got up and stretched. Dad pushed his pelvis forward, displaying a large bulge in the front of his shorts. I looked quick and diverted my eyes, but I wondered if Dad had seen me look.

"So, are you gonna go play with your friends?" Dad asked as he headed into the kitchen. I sat there for a second thinking about it. I didn't really want to, it was nice being here with Dad without my butt hole brothers hogging all the attention.

"Naw. I think I'll hang here with you." Dad came back in with a beer in hand.

"Cool. It'll be nice to spend some quality time with my favorite son." Dad nudged me as he sat down. We both laughed and Dad switched the channel.

I was the middle child, of three boys. I was thirteen and a to-be 8th grader at Royal Oak Middle School. I was pretty much the puny kid in my class, the small build, no muscles or height going for me. Dale was the oldest, he was 17 and hardly around anymore, he was usually hanging out with his girlfriend Shirley. Next year would be his last year living at home, he was going to go to UCLA if he could get in. Dale was just like Dad, tall, muscular and had the pretty face that all the girls liked, like a Back street Boy or something. Kyle was twelve, he was going into middle school next year, so I was going to have to deal with him everywhere I went. He was a year younger than I was and still taller and more built.

Dad was still chugging beers when he got up, went into the closet and got out Monopoly. "Wanna play?" I ran into the kitchen and helped him set it up.

"I'm gonna beat you this time Dad, I've been practicing." Dad smiled and picked the shoe out of the box. I picked to play the horse, I always had better luck that way. We sat there playing for what seemed like, and probably was, hours when the phone rang. Dad jumped up and grabbed it.

"Hello? Oh, Dale, what's going on kiddo?" Dad paused and I planned out my next move. "Well, son, we talked about this. Yeah, I know. Alright, but be home by two, got it?" Dad hung up the phone and sat back down.

We were finishing up our game, and I had Boardwalk and Park Place. It was going on nine and Dad seemed to be getting a little drunk. He kept looking at me weird as if he were getting ready to drop a bomb. "Adam, you know, we don't ever get a chance to talk, you know?" I knew it, something big was going on. I shook my head as Dad continued. "I have been wanting to talk to you about something." I waited for it. "I had Linda pick up Kyle because I wanted us to have a talk."

"What is it, Dad?" Dad looked at me and all of a sudden I knew what it was. We were gonna have, THE TALK.

"Well, your getting older now and we haven't really talked". That was it, I knew it, I should have seen it earlier, Dale and Kyle gone, it was a set up. "Well, first off...I was in your room cleaning the other day..." Damn! I thought to myself, those magazines that Ryan had given me, Dad found them under my bed. I was in BIG trouble. "Well, I saw those magazines you have." I started to make excuses, but Dad waved his hand for me to be quiet. "I understand that your curious, you're 13 for God's sake. I just don't want you to think that what's in those magazines is what sex is all about."

I just sat there as Dad talked. I couldn't believe it. I knew that those magazines were different than regular magazines. Damn Ryan. I should have given them right back. "Dad," I said as I started to pick up the pieces to the game. "Those magazines are Ryan's, he just gave em to me. I didn't..." Dad interrupted.

"Adam, they're Bondage magazines. I just don't want you thinking that sex is about hurting people, it's a lot different than that, it's about love." I shook my head and Dad went on, becoming a little braver than he had once been. He leaned over the table to the chair and opened his briefcase. There they were, the magazines, my damnation staring me right in the face. The look of horror on my face must have been comical because Dad laughed. "Adam, it's no big deal. We all look at magazines, guys do anyway, it's part of growing up". He opened them up and turned to a page where there was this girl who was strapped to a wheel and she had tears coming down her face. "This is bad. This kind of stuff makes it seem like women are sexual objects, and they're not."

Dad and I kept talking, I even came out of my panic phase and had a real conversation about sex. Dad explained parts of the body, changes that I would be going through as I got older and how sex shouldn't be demeaning. That night I headed to my bedroom feeling good about what we had talked about. I laid there thinking. All through the conversation I couldn't help myself, I kept imagining Dad having sex and him being naked. I knew that it was forbidden, so I tried to rid it from my brain. Images of Dad in bed doing the masturbation thing that he talked about kept me up. I couldn't sleep, so I headed downstairs for a glass of water. As I came down the stairs into the living room I heard Dad on the phone talking. He was talking to Dale and it sounded like Dale was going to stay the night at Shirley's house. Dad seemed mad, so I didn't go into the kitchen right away, but stayed in by the staircase.

When he hung up the phone he sat down in the kitchen. I headed in slowly as if I hadn't heard anything. "Adam. Sorry, did I keep you up?" I shook my head, no, and poured a glass of water out of the pitcher. I glanced over at Dad, he was sweaty and only wearing a pair of boxer briefs, I couldn't help it, I got a hard on, right there in the kitchen. I stood at the counter, facing the sink drinking my water. "Whatta ya doin? Come sit down."

"Naw, I'm just gonna drink this and go back to bed." I didn't want Dad to see my soldier at attention, so I made almost every excuse to stand.

"Just sit your ass down, son, geez." I wanted to, but decided, because of his tone, not to argue with him, so in spite of my pride, I sat down. Dad had to see it, poking right out as I passed him. "Ah. I get it." He smiled and snickered a bit. "That's nothing to be ashamed of, kiddo. We all get em." I just looked at Dad like I didn't know what he was talking about, but he kept it up. "Did that talk we have get you going?" I felt a bit more comfortable and actually became vocal.

"Yeah." I laughed a bit and kept drinking.

"Yeah, me to. I couldn't sleep." That made me feel a lot better, to know that Dad was turned on by our conversation too. "Almost anything does it nowadays, with your Mom gone." I couldn't help seeing Dad there almost naked talking about being horny, my dick began to throb. "Why don't you go upstairs know...take care of it." I knew what Dad was talking about, but I didn't know how to do the masturbation thing. We both sat silent for a moment. "You do know how, dontcha son?"

"No, not really." It was like a big relief came over Dad.

"Oh, is that all. Well, take it in your hand..." Dad sat here, his hand in a half-first position and moved in vertically in the air. "and you jerk on it like this. You hafta do it for a little while, but then it'll feel good." It turned me on to see Dad making those motions. I smiled and headed upstairs once again to commence the masturbation thing.

I laid in bed, I had my dick in my hand and I moved it up and down. I didn't feel anything, it was a little soothing, because my dick started to ache a little, but I didn't feel a burst of anything, like Dad had said. My hand was getting tired and I decided to let it go when a heard a light tap at the door. Dad opened the door and stood there, his hot body in those white boxer briefs. I tried to cover up quickly. "How's it going? Any luck?"

"No, Dad, I tried it like you said, but nothing's happening." I sounded whiney, probably because my balls and dick were throbbing and aching.

"Okay. Come on into my room." that's all Dad said, so I got up, with my dick still hard and followed Dad. When we got into the room, he told me to sit down on the bed and he opened his closet. "Now, don't tell your brothers I let you watch this or where they are, okay?" I shook my head, and dad pulled out a shoe box and opened it up. He got out a video and popped it into the VCR. It was in the middle of a scene with a guy, laying down with another guy in bed. Dad fast forwarded it and stood in front of the TV. I saw Dad's ass, it was in full view and it made me hornier than ever.

When Dad stepped away, there were two guys on the screen, in bed together and they were both masturbating. My dick started to throb, Dad must have seen it because he looked down there. "Oh, man, you really need some help". He sat down next to me. "Okay, now take it out and do what they're doing." I just sat there, it felt wrong to do it in front of Dad. He looked at me with impatience in his eyes and then redirected them to the TV. After a few seconds Dad spoke again. "Come on, Adam, if you don't I will...this is making me horny." I just looked at Dad, trying to tell him telepathically that I felt embarrassed. He got the message. "Well, will it help if I do it too?" I shook my head, yes, I wanted so badly to see Dad naked.

Dad got an erection and I could see it through his underwear as he stood up. "Okay, then" was all he said and he started to unbutton my shirt. He pulled it off, with my help and then undid my PJ bottoms. There it was, for Dad and the whole world to see, hard as a rock. "Holy Shit, son. You got a huge one!" I felt a little proud of my member, but Dad couldn't believe it, he just kept staring at it. Dad pulled down his underwear to reveal his thick cock. It was beautiful, just like I had imagined it. My cock jumped at the sight. Dad laid down on the bed and I followed, laying down next to him. "Okay, son, just like this..." He started jerking his dick and watching for me to start. I was mesmerized by Dad's dick and didn't even start stroking mine, yet. I redirected my attention and did what Dad was doing, to myself.

Again, I seemed to be doing it wrong, I couldn't get anywhere with it. "Dad, it's not working, still" I said, a little more whiney that time.

"Okay,," He put my hand on his dick. "Show me what yur doing." I started to stroke, and Dad seemed satisfied with it. "Hmm, that feels fine to me. I'll tell you what, I'll do it for you this time, okay?" I shook my head and Dad got up and straddled me from the front. He grabbed onto it. "Wow, this is so beautiful." He paused for a minute, which frustrated me, I wanted relief so bad. "Son, don't think this is weird or anything, but it'll give you a lot more release. And you have got such a beautiful cock, do you mind if I do it with my mouth?" I loved the idea and shook, my head, yes. Dad went down on me and slurped on it, commenting on how beautiful and long it way. "Adam, your lucky, I wish I had one like yours." In the mean time, Dad kept jerking on his own rod.

It was then that I felt a shaking through my body and I screamed, it was such a strong feeling, I didn't know if to like it or hate, but Dad didn't respond at all, just sped up his sucking. The pulsating of my body got stronger and I felt a surge go through my body and down through my dick. Dad kept up until the surge stopped and then straightened up and faced his dick towards me. He said something, but I couldn't hear. "Here it comes, son...ready?" I had heard that. I knew that Dad must have been having that surge that I did, so I watched, so turned on by it. I heard a deep, almost demonic groan come out of my Dad and then this white liquid shot all over my face and body, I got some in my mouth; it tasted salty, but it was my Dad's so I swallowed it. I looked at him as he leaned on me. Dad later told me that that was cum or semen that came out. He leaned over and kissed me, but unlike he usually did, Dad slipped his tongue in my mouth. We both slept in Dad's bed that night, both too tired to move.