The following story contains homoerotic themes two under-aged boys. The story is fictional, all it's characters are fictional and all the content is fictional. Any likeness to real events or individuals is purely coincidental. The author does not take any responsibility for or encourage such acts as portrayed in the story.


By: B.R.

"A Lesson To Learn" Pt. 2


It still seems like yesterday, that first night in bed with Dad. I can still remember it-every touch, motion and image. I was still quite young and didn't have the full grasp on sex. My friend Ryan had told me a lot of things-things like when you masturbated that the palms of your hands grew hair. I fell for it-I glanced down and argued against him. I learned all the myths and facts of sex from Dad. We had broken down that sexual barrier, some would say too much, but I never saw it that way-I always wanted more.

The morning after that first night, Dad was up at seven making breakfast, I could smell the eggs frying on the stove. I didn't hear any other voices, but when I realized where I was and that I was completely naked covered in dried cum, I shot up, grabbed my Pajamas and ran for my bedroom. I went into the bathroom to start a shower, but just as I was reaching for the nozzle I heard Dad. "Breakfast is ready!" My mind was all jumbled, I wasn't quite sure what had happened last night, I thought maybe it was a dream or at least some of it was, but the more I thought, the more I remembered, explicitly.

I threw on some shorts and an old little league tee shirt that was way too tight on me and headed, slowly, downstairs. I wasn't sure how Dad was gonna react. Did he remember what happened? Would he blame it all on me? Was I in trouble? I creeped slowly down the freshly vacuumed stairs (which was odd because Dad hardly ever had time to clean). I started into the kitchen, peaking in the entrance. I saw Dad with his back to me. He was wearing some loose Pajamas standing in front of the stove. I tried not to make a sound, but Dad caught me. "Adam! Good morning, son. How'd you sleep?" Dad had the biggest grin on his face, and he looked relieved-like we had won the lottery or something.

"Good." That's all I could say as I tip toed through the kitchen with my eyes scanning the clean tile.

"You want some bacon and eggs?" He turned around and got a plate out of the cupboard. I shook my head yes, but I knew he couldn't see me so I was forced to speak.

"Sure, Dad." I lifted my head up, feeling a little more confident-maybe it all was a dream, maybe I wasn't in trouble.

"Three strips of bacon, two eggs and orange juice coming right up." This was weird, I usually came downstairs in the mornings and grabbed some Cocoa Puffs while dad was still asleep. "Here ya go kiddo." With a huge smile on his face he placed my breakfast in front of me on the table. "Dale should be home soon and Kyle will be home before noon, so..." Dad didn't finish, but gave me a quick wink, so I figured he meant, we'd better not plan on reenacting anything this morning.

Dad had just sat down and started on his plate when I heard the dead bolt switch on the front door. The door opened and a single, "Hey" came out of Dale's mouth as he walked into the kitchen. "What's going on?" Dad just gave Dale a look of disgust, I knew that he was mad at him for staying over at Shirley's. "Sorry, Dad, her parents made us dinner and then we sat with 'em and had a couple drinks...I thought that you'd rather I stayed there instead of driving." Dale walked up to the counter, looked back at the table and furrowed his brow. "Dad? Did you make breakfast?"

"Yeah, I did, for Adam and I. I figured that you'd have something to eat at Shirley's after your little escapade." Dad sounded pissed and I knew where this was going, so I shoveled the last bit of eggs into my mouth and guzzled my juice, quickly.

"I did." Dale walked into the living room, which was still in firing range. Dale turned around and saw Dad's face. "Look, her parents were there the whole time. I called you and besides, I slept on the couch. What's the big deal?" I jumped up and ran to the sink to rinse off my dishes.

"The big deal, Dale, is that you did all this on purpose. You drank so that you could stay there." Dad was still fuming and by this time his face was starting to get a little red. This was the dad I knew, hot-headed and stressed out. I headed for the stairs.

"Dad, that is such bull. You know that I'm response..." Dale didn't even finish before Dad started back in.

"That isn't the point, Dale..." Dad trailed off as he made eye contact with me. He looked ashamed. I didn't know what he was ashamed about, but I could read him like a book. "Alright. Fine. Just don't let it happen again, okay?" He changed his tune and looked over at Dale in a non-confrontational way.

"Okay." Dale looked confused by Dad's response and he looked at me the same, `stay out of this butt hole' type of way. I continued on my way to take a shower. It wasn't long before I heard Dale unpacking in his room. We had conjoined rooms. Our bathroom was the connector. Dale had one room, because he was the oldest and Kyle and I got the kiddy room that was attached. Soon that butt head would be leaving, I thought, and I would get his room. I started the water and took off my shirt right when the door to Dale's room flung open. "Hey twerp." he said as he looked himself in the mirror. "What's up with Dad?" I didn't want Dale to suspect anything.

"Whatta ya mean?" I acted as if there was nothing odd, even though, that would have made it look more suspicious.

"You know what I mean. He's cleaning? Making breakfast? And he didn't want to fight with me? Something's up with the old man. Male menopause, I guess." Dale chuckled at himself. He was the most arrogant, vein, self-motivated person on earth. I wondered if I was really related to him. "Hey twerp! Whatta you got all over ya?" I looked down at my chest, where Dad's dried cum was. I was at a loss for an excuse, so I turned it around.

"What, you checking me out now, queer?" I tried to act cocky.

"Screw you, butt plug!" Dale slammed the door and went back in his room. Man, was I glad I got out of that one. I jumped in the shower and cleaned it all off. All the time I was showering my dick was getting hard, recounting all that had happened last night. I saw Dad sucking on my dick and I saw his cum squirting everywhere all over again. I tried masturbating again, this time it felt better, but I didn't get the surge like last night.

I cleaned up and went downstairs. Dale was still upstairs and unpacking or talking to Shirley on the phone, probably. Dad was lounged on the sofa watching a made for TV movie, one that had been on several times, already this week. He was drinking a Coke and snacking on some chips that had been in the cupboard. I started to walk by without saying anything on my way out, but I had to say something to him. "Yur gonna get fat, Dad!" I yelled with a chuckle and headed out the door. As I flung it open I saw Dad smiling, the same smile that he had when he looked at my dick. I started to get hard again.

I headed over to Ryan's house. I had told him I'd come over today and we would go skateboarding in the park. I had to get out of that house anyway, this whole thing was `weirding' me out. When I got there Ryan's mom answered, and almost as soon as she said `Yes' he was home, he came flying out the door on his skateboard. His mom yelled something about being home by two for lunch, but Ryan didn't pay her any attention. Ryan was my best friend. We did everything together, we had all the same classes in school, we peaked at girls in the shower room at school together, we skateboarded together, everything. I had never before really thought of Ryan in a sexual way, until today. I looked him over as we skated along; his blond hair glistened in the sun, his tan skin and blue eyes gave the perfect contrast, and his puny-skater boy look was attractive to me and I started picturing him, leaning over me, with my dick in his mouth. I rid the thought from my brain-I had started to get hard again.

"Hey Adam, did you look at those mags yet?" I had meant to scold him about them, but instead I just shook my head. "What'd ya think? Hot huh?"

"Yeah, but don't you think it's a little violent?" I had remembered what Dad said.

"Yeah, but it's all my Dad had in his drawer. He hid his playboys from me months ago." I thought that was odd, his dad hid playboys from him, but instead left his TORTURE magazine in plain sight?

It wasn't long before my feet started to hurt and two o'clock was rolling around. Ryan had said that he had to go home by two so that his mom could see him before his parents left for St. Louis. They were going to leave Ryan in the care of his older sister, who was nineteen and never hung around the house when she was supposed to baby sit him. He told me to come over later and we could look for his Dad's porn videos together. "I think my Dad has some in the basement, but he's always down there, so I don't ever get to look. So, are you gonna come over later?" I shook my head and we parted, I headed home.

When I got home, Aunt Linda was there with Kyle and Dale was leaving to go see Shirley once again. Dale just gave me the look of death as he passed me on the front stairs. I walked in and the usual gabbing between Dad and Aunt Linda was filling the house, so I went upstairs to be alone. Kyle was there, in the bedroom waiting. He was unpacking his stuff and dancing to some stupid kid's tune he'd heard on the radio. "Hey butt hole" I said as I came in. I didn't really dislike Kyle, he was second in line for best friendship after Ryan, for me. He smiled at me and returned the comment. I put my skateboard away and plopped down on my bed. Kyle had the top bunk and kept going up and down, driving me crazy.

"So, what did you do yesterday?" I smiled inside.

"Nothing. What about you?" It was a rhetorical question, but Kyle opted to answer with a four hour speech. I just closed my eyes and imagined everything all over again. I turned over so that Kyle couldn't see the hard on that I was getting in my pants. I actually started to drift off to sleep, when I heard the door open. I turned around to find Dad standing there in his suit.

"I've gotta go guys. There's an emergency meeting at the office, I can't miss it. You guys will be okay right?" I shook my head while making the most intimate eye contact with Dad. He smiled really sexy and gave me a wink as he closed the door. "I'll be home by 5:30, don't burn the place down!" he yelled from the hall way. Kyle was restless.

"What are we gonna, Adam?" I just turned over.

"I'm gonna go to sleep." Adam threw his arms on me to shake me and touched my hard dick accidentally. He stepped back and looked down at it. He wasn't as young as I sometimes liked to think he was, so he knew what it was.

"You've got a boner! I'm gonna tell Dad." That always worked for Kyle whenever he was embarrassed.

"So what. Tell Dad, I don't care." That seemed to send Kyle back further than my erection did. "If you wanna DIE!" I jumped out of bed and pinned Kyle on the floor, we were both cracking up. We often wrestled-it was always innocent, well, until today, because as I pinned him down my dick grew even more and poked him in the jaw. Kyle looked at it. He wasn't resisting anymore, but he seemed taken in by it. I looked into his eyes and thought about doing with him, what Dad and I had done. I think Kyle was thinking the same thing, because he smiled back at me and bit at my cock lightly, enough to send me jumping back on the floor.

When I composed myself I laughed at what he'd done. I looked down at Kyle, who was still laying on the floor-his dick too had gotten hard, I could see it through his sweats. I paused for a moment, looking at him. He was truly the best looking of anyone I knew. He had dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin. He was built better than I was, and it looked like he had a fat dick. "You got one too!" I picked on him jokingly and started to crawl on top of him. He met my sexy glance and cracked a sly grin as I towered over him.

When I approached it, I took another look, it did look pretty big, not as big as Dad's but along those lines and I wanted it. I wanted to touch it. "Have you ever masturbated Kyle?" I asked, another rhetorical question, it didn't matter his answer I was gonna grab that hunk of meat anyway.

"Yeah." He said a little guilt in his eyes. I was surprised, another thing my little brother seemed to have on me, more experience in sex too.

"Has anyone ever put it in their mouth before?" His eyes widened, but I found a smile followed the surprise.

"No." I grabbed at the elastic of the waist band, Kyle didn't stop me, instead, he lifted his butt off the floor, so I could pull them off. I yanked at them and down they went, to his knees and there it stood, the one-eyed monster staring at me, challenging me to suck it. I wanted to so bad. "Go ahead, do it!" Kyle's voice became strong and demanding. It was such a turn on, he was always submissive with me and now he was giving me an order.

I told him to sit up and our eyes met. I tugged at his shirt and pulled that off too, before I attempted to do anything else. I headed south of the equator, towards that hard, sweaty dick that was calling my name, when Kyle stopped me. "You hafta take your clothes off too Adam, otherwise it isn't really sex." I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. My brother knew all of this? But instead of questioning him, I undid my belt and stood up. I did a little tease for him, flinging my shirt onto his face and then my underpants which he sniffed.

I got back down on the floor, but it was so hard that I grabbed Kyle's hand and led him through the bathroom into Dale's room. It was then that Kyle took charge, lightly pushing me onto the bed and jumping on top of me. He `scooted' up to my mouth and inserted his dick in. It tasted so pure and filled my mouth. All I could see beyond that was his bellybutton which was swaying as he pushed it in and out of my mouth. "Do you like it, Adam?" Kyle said as he pushed harder.

"Yes." I tried to speak, but I could only make sounds. He understood though and kept going. It was great feeling his dick inside my mouth. I reached my hand around him to his butt. It was a little bubble butt which I had noticed in the past as being cute, but not in the same way as I did today. I started to caress it with both hands reaching around. It was smooth and tiny, like a baby's butt and I could feel the muscles contracting as he kept fucking my mouth. "Play with my butt hole, Adam!" He said it so sternly, as if he was used to taking charge and demanding sexual favors. He must have known it turned me on because he kept it up, getting more intense each time.

He pulled his dick out for just long enough for me to speak a few words. "Am I doing a good job, sir?" I asked like a slave obeying his master.

"Yes, very good boy." He talked to me like I was a dog. I felt so horny that I couldn't help but let my right hand slide onto my dick. I started feeling what Dad was talking about. It felt really good to touch myself. Suddenly Kyle stopped and pulled out. "Stay right there, don't move boy!" I laid there, alone and aching with sexuality. I wanted him to return so badly. It wasn't long before he came back in, still sporting his hard on and carrying a tube of petroleum jelly. He got back on the bed and squirted some jelly into his hand.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"It's lube, so you can fuck me." I thought about it for a moment. I knew what fucking was; when a dude puts his dick in a girl's pussy, but I wondered how it worked with two boys. "You wear this..." He paused slightly as he layered it onto my throbbing dick. I moaned a little, it felt really good that time. "And then I sit on it and bounce up and down." It started to make sense, but I didn't understand, wouldn't it hurt? Dad said that sex wasn't supposed to hurt. I let Kyle do whatever it was he was going to do. He slopped it on me and started to crawl towards me again.

"What do I do?" I asked in a slave tone.

"Nothing, just lay there, I'll do it." He got on top of me, and started to press his butt against my dick. He spread his butt cheeks and pushed ever harder, eventually pushing my dick inside of him. He didn't seem to be in pain at all. Just then, Kyle started bouncing up and down bringing my dick in and out of his butt. It felt really good and I couldn't help put yell.

"Oh my God! Kyle that's great!" I was glad no one was home, because for sure I would have drawn attention.

"Your dick feels good inside of me, Adam. I like you fucking me." He kept up the pace, taking it kind of slowly.

"Kyle you're the best little bro around." I brought my tone down a little, but not enough, because just then he sped up. "Kyle! Yes! That feels so good! I love fucking your tight boy ass!" I didn't know where that kind of language came from in me, but from what Kyle was saying you would have thought I learned it from him.

"I love your big dick, Adam. You make me so fucking horny. Fuck me!" I was loving this, but by now I couldn't even think, it felt so good, better than with Dad even, and I found myself getting that surge again. Kyle was jerking his dick while he kept bouncing on top of me. He was about to surge too, I could tell by his expressions, so I went ahead and let myself do it. This time Kyle was first. I didn't expect anything to come out of his cock, because he was so young, but as he moaned this deep, bone shattering moan, he dripped a little clear liquid from his dick. I was hardly paying attention because at about the same moment I felt the surge intensify and I started to shake.

"Oh, my God, Kyle! What is this? It!" My body went into a sort of spasm and I could feel my dick throb inside of him. I looked up once to see Kyle smiling. He was in all his glory and I was in all of mine.

I started to recover and Kyle pulled my dick out as it became soft again. He laid down next to me and giggled. I laid there with my mouth wide open and my eyes bugged out. I was still trying to recuperate. I looked over at him once to see his shining smile. "That was fun, wasn't it Adam?" He giggled again and I shook my head. We laid there for about an hour, I wanted to do it again, but my body wouldn't let me, so instead I fell asleep, while Kyle took a shower. To this day I have never had an orgasm like I had with my little brother. Thanks Kyle!