The following story contains homoerotic themes between a man and a boy. The story is fictional, all it's characters are fictional and all the content is fictional. Any likeness to real events or individuals is purely coincidental. The author does not take any responsibility for or encourage such acts as portrayed in the story.

"A Lesson To Learn" Pt. 1

By: B.R.

After my experience with Dad and my adventure with Kyle, I was starting to question my sexuality. I really did like everything that went on between my brother and I, and I saw to it that it continued almost on a daily basis, before we went to sleep at night. Kyle and I would even sneak in Dad's room and watch his porno tapes when no one else was home, and ended up getting carried away in Dad's bed. Dad had the best porno tapes, everything an adolescent boy could want; girl on boy, girl on girl, boy on boy and boy-girls. It soon became obvious that Dad wanting to suck my dick wasn't because he wanted to do me a favor, but because he was turned on and wanted to do it.

Kyle and I got to talking a lot about our sexuality. He told me that his best friend, Brian had taught him all those things, and that his Dad had taught him. I started to think that maybe this was just something that Dad's did when their sons came to a certain age. Much to my dismay, Dad didn't bring the incident up, nor did he try anything again. It had been a week and I was dying to have him again. Dad spent a lot more time with us kids, quality time; going to the movies, hanging out and just staying off his computer more. It would seem that what we had done that night in his bedroom had boosted his spirits and made him a better father.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Kyle was still out playing with Brian at the basketball court. Dale was nowhere to be seen, as usual, which I preferred because he treated everyone like shit. Dad was doing laundry and scrubbing the counters in the kitchen when I got home. He was leaned over the counter, just slightly, perking his hot ass up in the air. I could feel a little rustle in my pants as I stood there staring. He was wearing jeans today-they were really old and faded to almost white. The back pocket hung by a few threads left in the stitching, right beside a tear that revealed, what could have been skin. Dad didn't see or hear me, he was listening to his old tapes that he usually kept in the car, but brought them in to clean to. Dad's t-shirt was old too. It was tighter than Kyle's ass was, which was saying a lot...I would know.

I had the urge to sneak up on him and reach around his hard, muscular body and undo the button on the front of his jeans, but I resisted in fear that Dad would respond badly. Instead, I turned around and flung the door shut-it slammed, which was the point, but Dad jumped and did a complete 180 degree turned towards me. "Whew, boy, you scared the shit outta me!" He said, his face was pale and his eyes were bugged out, but he was still the hottest man on the face of the earth.

"Sorry, Dad." I tried to give him a slightly sexy look as I bent down to untie my shoes. "I didn't mean to."

"That's okay." Dad put down his cloth and turned off the stereo. He looked down at his shirt, which was ruined by spots of bleach. "Well, that one's going in the trash." He smiled at me, that same smile that I had seen when he came on my chest a week earlier. I started to get an erection, but lately was able to control it a little better. I walked into the kitchen and got a Sunny Delight out of the fridge and headed upstairs. "Where ya goin, sport?" I turned around, still trying to be seductive.

"Upstairs, why?" I felt kind of silly talking this way, I was after all, acting like Marilyn Monroe at a Kennedy party.

"Cuz. Just wondering." Dad didn't smile this time, in fact he kind of looked down to the floor and blushed a little.

"Okay, I'll hang out down here." I had Dad right where I wanted him, vulnerable and unsure. That was something I wasn't used to, and surely wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to have a little control over him, for once. I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV. "Awesome! I love this video!" I was really excited, I hadn't seen the video yet and I had just bought the CD yesterday.

"Well...I'll come watch it with you." Dad slowly came into the living and stopped at the couch. I knew he didn't know what to do. He felt exactly like I felt, I think; unsure of how I felt and acting accordingly. "So, how's my favorite son?" He plopped down, right next to me, nudged me with his elbow and set his hand on my thigh, tapping just a little. The tapping was different this time though, he didn't move his hand afterward. I didn't respond at all-I wanted to play 'hard to get'. I loved how his hand felt on my thigh and my dick started to get hard. I looked over at his crotch, through the corner of my eye, and I saw, what I had expected-a big lump. I knew he was hard because Dad never had a lump like that, normally.

"So, what are you gonna do this afternoon, Dad, hang on the computer?" I had to say something; there was this deafening silence in the air.

"I want to spend some quality time with my son." He looked over at me, and for a moment our eyes met and I could hear him screaming inside my head `and fuck you `til your hair hurts! I was also sending a message, a message that I couldn't stop myself from saying-today, my vocal cords had a mind of their own.

"A little to the right." Dad knew what I meant, he definitely was blushing now and this huge grin came over his face, like the tide rolling out and revealing two lovers fucking on the beach.

"Is this a little better?" Dad moved his hand onto my crotch, his hand was shaking, which made the grasp less fierce, but made me even hornier.

"That is much better!" With that I gave a huge sigh of relief and started stroking Dad's arm.

Just as Dad's grip bettered and he started playing with my cock through my shorts, he pulled his hand away, very abruptly. "I wanna talk about the other night." I was extremely disappointed, I wanted his hand on me again.

"The other night? You mean, a week ago. God, Dad! I have been waiting seven long days for you." I looked at him, pissed all to hell and I could tell by the old man's face that he was pissed to.

"That wasn't supposed to happen, son. I got carried away, I shouldn't have..." He had a stringent, angry look on his face, I could tell he was mad at himself. "It's not right, you're not suppose to..." He paused and looked at me. He still looked mad, but I knew it wasn't at me.

"Suck your own son's dick?" He looked shocked, my hard on was still growing. He changed his look and whispered.

"Someone might hear you...ssh." He put his pointer finger to his lips, the same one that was massaging my member a minute ago-I longed for it again. "I'm sorry. It was wrong and I shouldn't have done it, but it was that you are so attractive and your...penis...was so perfect looking."

I didn't let him finish all he was going to say before I debated. "Who's to say it's wrong, Dad? I liked it. We both had a lot of fun, right?" I reached over and touched his crotch, which was now growing once again. "It's okay with me. I want you to show me more." Dad looked me deep in the eyes before he spoke and allowed my hand to travel and unzip his jeans.

"What do you want to learn, son?" I smiled at him and took his hand in mine.

"I want you to teach me everything. I want to taste you. I want to feel you inside of me." I rubbed his cock harder than ever and guided his hand to my shorts. He returned the favor.

He smiled and leaned over to kiss me. Our lips met and we both opened our mouths together. It was beautiful and so stimulating; massaging my dad's cock, him massaging mine and kissing him so deeply. He took my hand away from his crotch and stood up. He unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled them down to the floor. "Do you like my body, Adam?" I shook my head and kept my right hand on my dick. He stripped down to his underpants and t-shirt and then walked over to his boom box in the kitchen. "Come in here, son." I jumped up and on the way I threw my own shirt on the floor. I stood there, waiting for something and kept touching myself-I had to admit it was pretty long for a kid my age.

Dad turned on the boom box and fast forwarded to a different song. This one was instrumental with a lot of bass. He pulled out one of the wrought iron kitchen chairs and placed it in the middle of the floor. He took my hand and sat me down in the chair. "No, no, no." Dad said and he pulled my hand away from my dick. He turned around and shook his ass a little. He was wearing almost see through, white briefs that outlined his cock and head so plainly. His back was glistening in the light, covered with man sweat. I wanted so badly to touch his skin, but I sat in the chair and reached for me dick once again. Dad turned around and kept shaking back and forth to the music. He saw me playing with myself and shook his head. He reached in the junk drawer and got out the duct tape and walked behind me.

Dad taped my hands to the back of the chair so I couldn't masturbate. I was miserable, not being able to touch my dick, but was very pleased by what I saw. Dad kept dancing, a little sexier this time and slowly pulled off his shirt as he rotated around, revealing more and more of his six pack and pseudo hairy chest. I was so hot I couldn't stand it. I wanted so much to break the tape, but knew Dad must have something in mind.

"Dad, your body is so hot." I couldn't help talking, he was dancing so sexy and it diverted my attention from my penis.

"You like your daddy's body, kiddo?" Dad kept swaying and leaned in towards me and licked my nipple, slightly. Then he turned around, bent his knees and landed his ass on my crotch, still being covered with my shorts, I was unable to slide it in his hole, but I loved looking at my Dad's ass. He moved his ass back and forth; towards me and away from me, flipping my erection, making it slap a little on my stomach. "How's that feel?"

"Real Good, Dad." I started to breath heavy and roll my eyes in pleasure. Then, Dad turned around and with a full erection started bumping his dick against mine while leaning in to kiss me.

"How about this? This good?" I shook my head, I really couldn't speak, it was so hot, seeing my Dad in this manner. I wanted so badly for him to un-tape me, bend me over and fuck me on the floor, right there. Dad, however, had a different plan. He pulled a little on his briefs and revealed more and more of his silky body to me as he rotated in the middle of the floor. "You like that? You wanna taste that?" Still, I shook my head in agreement and said nothing.

At that point Dad turned around and bit the tape off, setting both of my hands free. He stood in front of me pointing his ass in my face and pulling on the band of his briefs. I knew what he wanted, so without hesitation, I pulled harder than I had ever and ripped them off him and onto the floor they went. Dad turned around with his fat dick standing right up, pointing in my face. I opened my mouth and allowed it to enter. The taste was indescribable; it was salty with a little bit of sweet. I loved it and allowed my hand to venture to his ass and play with it a little. His ass wasn't smooth like Kyle's, but had peach fuzz all over it. "Go ahead, son, suck your daddy's dick and play with my ass!" He sounded somewhat demanding, which I liked, so I did what I was told. I even let my finger slide into his crack a bit and felt the hair that surrounded his opening. "Oh, you're an ass man, eh?" Dad pulled his dick out of my mouth; I heard a pop as he stepped away. He leaned into me and whispered in my ear. "I want you to tell me if you don't want to do something, okay?" I shook my head and allowed my dad to instruct me.

Dad turned around and spread his cheeks. "You wanna taste all of me, right?"

"Yeah, Dad, every crevice." I wanted to too, nothing could have turned me off at this point.

"Well then, lick this" I started an upward and downward stroke of my tongue on the outside of his hole. It tasted a little bit weird, but I liked it. It was a little musty, but if Dad would have asked me to eat his shit I would have, so I obliged. "Oh, wow! That feels really good, kiddo. You got some experience in this field." I was doing what I saw guys do to girls in the porno's, I started out slow then flipped my tongue back and forth really fast. I was getting comfortable and liking it so much that I even started to fuck his asshole with my tongue. Dad loved it, I judged by his moaning.

After a few minutes of eating his ass, Dad turned around and knelt on my level. "So, kiddo, you wanna be the giver or receiver?" At first I didn't know what he meant, so I questioned him.

"In what?" Dad didn't want to say it. It was funny, it was like he had a different voice when we were doing something that he did when he looked me in the eyes.

"You know, intercourse."

"Oh, yeah. I want you to fuck me Dad! I want it long and hard!" I yelled kind of loud, but I wanted Dad to hear my plea. I don't know how he did it, but Dad put his arms on my legs and my back and lifted me to the countertop. We both threw everything on the floor that was there and Dad sat me down on the cold tile. My ass was hanging off the edge, and Dad stood before me with a big smile. "Ooh, Dad. What a good idea!"

"I'm gonna make you beg for mercy. But first, I'm gonna get me a taste of that sweet boy ass." Dad kneeled down and I slid my ass even more out for him. He spread both my cheeks and revealed my hairless, twelve year old ass. "I love you boy! I love this body! You are a dream come true." Dad buried his face in my butt and gave me the most pleasurable rim job I have had to this day.

"You know how to make me happy, Daddy. I love you too!" I was enjoying this so much, I didn't want it to stop, but I did long for my Dad to fuck me, so I was glad when I saw him go to the cupboard and grab some Crisco. He opened the lid and grabbed a glob of it and spread it on his dick, then all over my butt hole.

He started slow, working his way in and out of my ass. "Do you like this son? Does it feel good?" He asked me, sincerely and gently.

"Yes, Dad. I love having your penis inside me. I want you to cum inside me like you did when you created me." I was talking up a storm, but I couldn't help it, the fucking was getting more intense and my dick was throbbing.

"Best decision I ever made!" Dad kept fucking my ass as I sat on the counter, right in front of the window. I imagined the little boy Jimmy that's bedroom was right next to our kitchen looking in and jerking off to this, and I couldn't sustain myself anymore-I had to cum. "Oh yeah, boy! I'm gonna shoot my load inside my son." Dad was pounding my ass harder than ever. His sweaty balls were slapping against the counter and my ass, but he didn't seem to mind. I could see through the reflection in the window, Dad's ass muscles constricting as he shoved his fat cock in and out of my boy pussy.

I took a deep breath and prepared for the surge. I looked down at Dad's red face and veins almost popping out of his forearms, holding my hips down. I kept slapping my meat and felt it. My body jerked and just then I heard Dad. "Oh, fuck yeah! Uh! Uh! I'm cumm...Uh! Uh! Oh God!" Dad and I were both getting the surge at the same time.

"Oh, Daddy! Daddy! Oh, yes, fuck me hard! Uh! Uh! Ooh! Yes!" I joined Dad in his tantrum and yelled out. At that time I felt the electricity go through me to my ass and dick-I knew I was cumming, as Dad said. Dad started shaking and through the reflection, his ass muscles stopped compressing and he slowed his fucking speed. We were both breathing heavy. All of a sudden I felt a huge warmth come over me inside my butt. I knew it must be Dad's semen, the same stuff that made me when he shot it into Mom.

Dad kept fucking, but slowed down even more, still breathing heavy, I started to calm down and stared at him through the window. I thought I'd heard something outside, but I figured it was the neighbors passing out at the sight, and I smiled. "I love fucking you. Your so hot, son. Your such a sweet boy, letting your dad make love to you." Dad kept praising me and I stroked my hands through his hair as he drained his last little bit of cum through his dick.

It was sudden and like a bolt of lightning striking you on a blue sunny day inside your car-Dale walked in through the front door. My eyes just bugged out, Dad hadn't seen or heard and I just tapped Dad on the shoulder when Dale stopped in his tracks and dropped his mouth open. "What the fuck!" He said. Dad pulled out of me and with a little bit of cum still dripping off his dick and sweat causing a flood on the floor, he turned towards Dale and froze.