The following story contains homoerotic themes between a man and a boy. The story is fictional, all it's characters are fictional and all the content is fictional. Any likeness to real events or individuals is purely coincidental. The author does not take any responsibility for or encourage such acts as portrayed in the story.

"A Lesson To Learn" Pt. 1

By: B.R.

It seemed like an eternity that I sat there, my dick still half erect and in my hand, and my lungs gasping for air, when Dale walked in. I got up and started picking up the articles of my clothing that were still in the kitchen. I was dressing while Dad was trying to explain. He ran after Dale, upstairs, still completely naked to talk to him. I, on the other hand, scrambled and tried to figure out where to go to be out of the line of fire. I threw on all of my clothes and was tying my shoes when I saw Dad at the top of the staircase. He had put on a pair of shorts. "Don't leave me here! I need you here to talk to Dale with me!" Dad sounded pissed, so I just set my shoes back down by the door and stood there, not knowing what to do.

Dale had apparently locked himself in his room and was now blasting his Limp Bizkit CD for all the world to hear. I could hear Dad screaming over the music. "Dale, turn that down! Come out here! We need to talk!" Dale didn't respond at all. I sat down in the lounge chair in the living room and just stared off into space. I couldn't believe it all. It had happened so fast. I sat there, just paralyzed, trying to imagine our lives forever this way; Dale knowing about Dad and I, disowning us as his family and going off to college, never to return. He wasn't my favorite person, by any means, but he was still my brother and I really didn't want him to hate me.

"I can't talk to him." Dad said as he hurried down the stairs, now in a bath robe. I didn't say anything just sat there. I was in shock, I think. "Adam? Are you okay, kiddo?" Dad geared his attention towards me and knelt down in front of me. "It's all gonna be okay, son. Dale will get over it." It wasn't that I was afraid that Dale wouldn't get over it, but more so, that Dad and I would have to stop fucking from now on.

"I'm sorry." I started to cry a little and Dad wrapped his arms around me. "I really fucked things up." Dad was saying things like it's okay, and everything will get back to normal, but my tears still flowed.

"You didn't fuck anything up! It was my fault. I shouldn't have done it. I should've just left you alone." Dad looked down at the floor, ashamed at himself.

"I don't want it to stop, Dad. I want to still be your lover." I sniffled a little and started to dry my eyes. Dad shook his head.

"I don't know if we can keep it up, now. I think we'll have to go back to the way it was." Dad seemed disappointed too, but he kept reasoning with me, that a father shouldn't have sex with his son.

The rest of the day went on. Dale stayed in his room, he eventually stopped his music, but he had even locked the door to the bathroom. I knew that eventually I would have to face him, but the thought of it just made my blood curdle. I laid in bed the rest of the day, basically, just laying there, thinking of what I could have done differently.

Kyle got home later and joined me in our room. Immediately he noticed that something was wrong. "What's going on, Adam? Did someone die?" I shook my head and just turned over. "Come on. Tell me. I have a right to know!" He turned me over, I didn't resist any and he kept demanding that I tell him.

"Well, Kyle. It's about Dad. Today, Dale saw Dad and I..." I didn't finish, I couldn't. Partly because I knew how forbidden it was, and partly because I didn't want to crush Kyle's heart-I wanted him to think that he was the only one.

"Saw what? Doing what?" He didn't guess on his own so I gave him a hint.

"He saw know..." I still didn't finish, but Kyle got the hint.

"You and Dad? Wow! I didn't know." He sat down next to me with a big smile on his face. "How was it? Did Dad fuck you?" He seemed kind of excited about it, so I just let him go his own way, while I shook my head and remained depressed. "That is so awesome. Did Dale join in?" That comment made me respond.

"No! Idiot. Dale was pissed." Kyle's expression changed and he looked at me with a confused, sort of skeptical look. "About what?"

"Figure it out, Sherlock!" I turned around again to ignore Kyle for a while.

It wasn't a long silence, but it was there. Kyle sat on the edge of my lower bunk, I imagined him scratching his head and staring at the floor-maybe he was, maybe he wasn't, I couldn't see. "Adam? I have something I have to tell you." It was like I just had an awakening. I opened my eyes and flipped around. I knew it had to be pretty big, Kyle had never said that he had something he had to tell me before.

"What?" I looked at him with this gossipy, "tell me everything" kind of look and Kyle responded with a sly grin.

"Well, you know how I told you about Brian teaching me all those things?" His tone went up as if he was leading to something huge.

"Yeah, so?" I sat there, totally engulfed.

"Well, it wasn't really, Brian, that taught me that stuff. I only said that because I thought that if I told you it was this other person, you might be "weired" out." I suddenly knew who it was and my eyes bugged out of my head, but still, I waited for his answer. "It was actually, Dale." My mouth shot open and I laughed hysterically.

"No fucking way!" I kind of yelled at Kyle. He kept his smile up and continued.

"Yep. It was Dale who fucked me. It was him who showed me what cum was and it was him who's petroleum jelly we used the other day." It was still a shock to me and I didn't move, but Kyle insisted that we go tell Dad the whole story.

"I don't know if we should, what if Dale doesn't want anyone to know." I said.

"Who cares. You know, he never said it was a secret. He just said that this was going to be a special thing between him and I." I looked at Kyle and made my decision. It was time to let Dad in on the whole truth.

Kyle and I started down the stairs to the living room, armed. I held my head high, not ashamed anymore, realizing that if it was okay for Dale to fuck Kyle, then it was okay for me to fuck Dad. I put my arm around my kid brother when we reached the bottom of the stairs. I had realized at that moment, that Dad didn't know about Kyle and I. I smiled at him and whispered in his ear. "It was better with you." I wanted him to know that. He really did give me the best time and I found myself wanting to do something to repay him. I knew that would come soon enough.

When we looked into the kitchen, we saw Dad, sitting with a beer in his hand and four empty bottles on the table. He wasn't crying, but I could tell that he was. I'm sure that after three hours, your tears are all dried up and you just don't have any moisture left. When we saw him, we both stopped. I stood there, still with my arm around Kyle, wondering if telling Dad was the best thing to do. It wasn't long before I looked in those sky-blue eyes Kyle's and knew the answer, as if he was telepathically sending me the message. Dad needed to know.

When Dad saw us, he shot down the last drop of his beer and slammed it down on the table. He nodded and acknowledged our presence, but didn't say anything. Kyle looked at Dad and almost immediately ran up to him and hugged him. "Don't be sad, Daddy." Kyle looked as crushed as Dad did, I think that he hadn't ever seen Dad depressed before. I had, however, and I knew how bad it got, four beers in three hours wasn't anything-I remember a night when Dad did six shots in that amount of time.

"Dad. There's something I...we wanted to talk to you about." I said as I stood there, with a smart-ass smirk smeared across my face, one that Dad would normally tell me to wipe off.

"Yeah!" Kyle said, he stood up straight with his head in the air and a pleased expression on his face. "Dale fucked me."

"God, Kyle. Nothing like getting to the point." I yelled as I flung my hands up in the air. Dad looked up at me, then Kyle and then around the room as if he didn't know what to make of it.

"What do you mean, son?" He looked Kyle in the eyes. "You mean, he had sex with you?" I knew Dad wanted to smile, but he didn't, it would have been disrespectful, if that made any kind of sense.

"Yep. He put my butt." It was ironic how Kyle had said plainly that Dale fucked him, yet he wouldn't say the word, dick.

"There's something else too. Kyle and I did it together." Dad's eyes almost popped out of his head, he shot up, out of his chair and smiled.

"Why the hell didn't you guys tell me this?" Dad was happy, I could tell. I think he was more relieved than anything.

"Well, I didn't know about Dale and Kyle and I didn't know what you'd think about us two." I said as I walked over to them. Dad grabbed us both in his arms and we had a big group hug.

"So,'re into this too?" Dad said as he pulled away from us. Kyle just shook his head, still grinning from ear to ear. "This is great!" Dad ran over to the recyclables basket and threw his bottles in. This was the Dad I liked, the one who wasn't ashamed of sharing himself, completely, with his kids.

Dad walked over to us again; his youngest children standing before him, relaxed now, waiting for him to speak. He leaned down on Kyle's level and gave him a big French kiss. Kyle's eyes lit up with delight and my crotch started to tingle. Dad pulled away for a moment, taking us both in and then leaned in and kissed me the way he had on the first night, when he had shot his cum all over me. It was sexy and gentle, and my body reacted, accordingly.

We were still standing there when Dale came down the stairs, in a hurry. He peered into the kitchen and saw us, we all made eye contact with him. I looked at my older brother with hate, until I looked closer and saw that he had dried tears under his eyes. My heart melted and I sent my sympathy to him, without saying a word. "What are you guys all faggin it together, now?" He said with a slight speech impairment, which I assumed was from weeping. I didn't take his comment to heart, because I knew Dale. Things like that were a way for him to shut out the world around him, and not have to care about anyone else.

"I know, Dale. I know everything." Dad spoke, but not with the careless, insensitive tone that I had expected, but with a soft, sympathetic tone; one I had never heard Dad use with Dale before.

"You little queer. You told Dad?" Kyle stepped out in front of Dad and I and faced Dale with a kind of bravery that I didn't even have.

"Yeah, I did. So what?" Kyle just stood there, I don't think a stampede would have made him move, it was like he was nailed to the floor. I couldn't help but let my eyes travel down to the seam in his pants that outlined his perfect boy butt. My cock began to move in my pants, just thinking that that was the same ass I had fucked only a few days ago.

"Dale, it's okay. I understand. There's nothing wrong with it." Dad stood behind Kyle, now, his hands placed on his shoulders, protecting him. "I just want us to be able to talk. I think we all have a lot more in common than we ever realized." Dale just stood there, his frown starting to lighten up more and more as Dad spoke. Dale was dressed in his favorite cargo pants, the Abercrombie and Fitch ones. I thought I could see his cock through his pants, a little, but I distracted myself, realizing how inappropriate it was to be thinking about sex at a time like this. "My wish is for us to be a family again, son. Dale, I think this could be a great tool. One common thread..." Dad was cut off by Dale. He had furrowed his brow again, but this time he started to weep. I saw the hurt, the shame and the love in his eyes, all at the same time.

"I'm sorry, Dad." Dad ran over to Dale and put his arms around him. They stood there, whispering to each other. I could hear, `sorry' and `I love you'. I got a tear in my eye. I knew that everything was going to be okay-we were finally a family, after all these years.

Kyle and I watched Dad and Dale hug from the kitchen. Tears ran down Dale and Dad's faces, but the happy ending that I had been waiting for soon happened. Dad pulled away from Dale and started to dry my big brother's eyes. He looked at him deep. I knew that look, I love it; it was so sexy. Dale stopped crying, and without anymore words he pushed his lips up against Dad's, almost violently. It was wet and big and awesome. I couldn't hardly contain my erection, it was popping out of my pants. I kept watching in amazement. "Dad, I have wanted this since I was a little boy and you used to give me a bath." Dale spoke so differently this time. It was as if he had been enlightened, or that Dad had finally broken down that brick wall that Dale put up years ago.

"I know...I have too, son. I love you. I want to share everything with you." Dad kept talking in between kissing. I had decided that it was the tactful thing to do to leave them alone, so I grabbed Kyle's arm and pulled him towards the stairs. Before I had a chance to get away, Dale spoke.

"Adam. Kyle. Don't go. Stay here. We can all enjoy each other, together." Dale smiled, a smile that I had never seen on any human being, especially my asshole of a brother. I turned around, with Kyle no longer attached; he had ran to Dad and Dale. I stood there looking at Kyle making out with Kyle, then Dad and grabbing around to Dad's ass. It was the hottest thing I have seen to this day. I was almost mesmerized, so much that I couldn't hardly bring myself to join them, that is, until my dick told me to. "Come on, Adam. Take off those shorts and come here." He winked at me, sending my member into a tale spin. I wanted Dale for as long as I could remember, I used to watch him dress when he was reaching puberty and try to catch a glimpse of his, muscular, athletic body, all natural. I stood there, seeing Kyle undoing Dad's pants and Dad fondling Dale's ass with one hand as he ran his fingers through Kyle's hair, with the other.

I ran over to them. Dale wrapped his arms around me. "I wanna fuck you little bro." Those were the best words I had heard all day. He pulled himself away from Dad and Kyle. Dad had knelt down on my little brother's level and was unbuttoning his pants. I saw my Dad slowly take Kyle's fatty into his hot, wet mouth as Dale pushed me lightly onto the sofa. "Do you want this in your boy pussy?" He had whipped his huge dick out of his gym shorts. It looked at me, flirting with me to grab it. There was nothing more I wanted that my brother Dale, even over Dad, Dale was my extreme fantasy.

"Yes, Dale. I want you to fuck me with your huge cock." Dale smiled and with a devilish look on his face, yanked at my pants, taking them off with what looked like a single light pull. My dick was hard and expanding more every moment. I sat up slightly, and trying to be sexy, said, "come and get it." I turned around and bent over, exposing my hairless, perky ass to Dale. He made this grunting sound and came around to where I was.

"Your gonna love this, boy." He pulled up his shirt, not completely, but wrapped the bottom half around his neck, so I could see his washboard abs and hard, hairless chest. He leaned over, on top of me and I pulled him closer by grabbing onto his butt cheeks. He grabbed my dick and rubbed it against his. With both our cocks in hand, his with equal length and more girth, he humped his dick against mine and I was lightly caressing his crack.

"What are you two doing?" I saw Dad, with a huge smile on his face standing to the side of us. He was completely naked, standing there, with his flat stomach and hairy chest. He was a spectacle, especially with the boy wonder, Kyle jerking him off begging.

"Come on, Dad. Fuck me. Please. I can take it. I promise." Dad was letting Kyle jerk him and even pushed his dick against Kyle's hand, but he had a bigger plan in mind.
"Why Dad, what did you want to do?" Dale looked up at our father as he spoke.

"Well, I was thinking we could all get on the floor and go at it, a family." I think everyone of us smiled when he said that. Dad led the way, to the middle of the living room, and laid down. Kyle followed and immediately put Dad's cock in his mouth, talking about how tasty it was. Dale followed me, stopping on the way to grab some petroleum jelly that was tucked away in his gym bag.

I laid down on my back, with Dad to the left of me. We started kissing, heavily and Dale started to rub on the lubricant. Kyle was still going at Dad's dick. "Daddy, do you like it? Am I doing good?" Kyle wanted reinforcement so Dad started moaning. At first I think it was to satisfy Kyle, but not long after, I was sure it was for real. Dad reached over and Dale dripped some lube into his hand.

"Gimme some of that stuff, Dale. Adam still has a lesson in masturbation to learn." Dad reached over and started rubbing my cock as we continued to kiss on and off. I actually had to pull away from my father's sweet lips to groan. It felt so good having Dad do it. He had these strong, construction worker, kind of hands and his grasp was intense.

Dale had lubed himself up and slowly lifted my ass into the air more. I helped as much as I could, not wanting to ruin Dad's job on me. Dad knew that I would soon be distracted, so he scooted right up next to me so our legs were touching. He grabbed Dale's lube and put it on his dick. "Yay! Do I get to bounce on top of you, Dad?" Kyle said as his dick bounced around in excitement. Dad shook his head, and my little brother positioned himself as Dale started to enter me.

"Oooh, your so fucking tight, bro." Dale said as he slid his eight inch dick into my asshole. I was in some pain, but the amount of mental and physical pleasure outweighed it and I hardly even noticed. "Man, I should have done this a long time ago." I smiled at Dale, who returned the kind look, as he pushed even deeper inside of me. It felt like I had to take a really big shit, but just imagined him entering me and I relaxed my muscles and just grinned as he went.

Kyle had hopped up on Dad's dick and was slowly working Dad's cock inside of him, when Dad reached over and grabbed my dick. With Vaseline still on his hand, he worked my rod hard and fast. "How's that feel, son? How's your Dad at jerking?" I moaned, a real one, and simply told him that he was the best.

"I love you, Daddy. I want it to always be like this. I want you to touch me everyday." He smiled back at me and I could hear Dale's moans getting loud. He sure was pounding my ass, as Kyle was bouncing harder and faster. It reminded me of a time when Kyle and I were little and we both took turns riding the penny horse. I would stare at his sexy body-even at seven I had sex fantasies about him. Even though the horse did all the bouncing, Kyle would bounce more on top of it, always worrying Dad and Mom that he was going to fall off and hit his head. I thought for a moment, Kyle was meant to ride.

"Oh, yeah, your so fuckin' tight, little bro!" Dale was pounding me even harder. I looked up at him and saw sweat dripping down his forehead. Dad was still jerking me, but his grip was a lot weaker since Kyle was bringing him to orgasm. I could see Dad's abdomen constricting and the veins in his arms and face popping out. Dale was red and breathing hard. I could feel his low-hanging balls slapping up against my butt as he held onto my little legs that was rested on his shoulders. Kyle had relied on the floor for some support as he seemed to be lifting himself on and off of Dad's dick. "Oh, God. Your so hot. I love you Adam. I'm cumming, I'm cumming in your boy ass! Oh, yeah, here it comes, get ready..." Dad was starting to come, just as I felt the surge running through my body.

"Daddy, your dick feels good inside of me. You want it harder?" Kyle was almost whiny, it was so adorable and sexy.

"Yeah, boy. Give yur daddy more of that little ass." Dad was cumming, as I thought, I could tell, it was the same expression that he had had earlier with me. Even though he was about to blow his wad in my little brother's ass, he never let go of my dick, he kept jerking me.

"I'm cumming, Adam. Get I...UH UGH! Oh, FUCK! Yes! Oh. Um." Dad made the most animalistic sounds as he came. I could feel his cum shoot inside of me-a gust of warm in the deep recesses of my ass. I could hear Kyle speak what I was feeling.

"Oh, Daddy, I can feel your cum inside of me." He kept bouncing on Dad, massaging his own tool, all along. Dad kept up with mine and as Dale started to settle down a bit, still inside of me and slowly fucking me, I felt the surge heighten. I could feel it all through my body. I got chills and there it was, the feeling I had come to know and love. I could hear Kyle remark as I came.

"I think I'm gonna cum, Daddy!" My kid brother was so hot, being fucked by Dad and jerking his dick, right there, for me to see and enjoy. I think Kyle and I came at the same time, because our moans almost ran right along side each other. "OH, Daddy, UH! Fuck me, Dad. UGH! Yeah. Oh, yes."

"Yeah, OH Yes. I can feel it. It's so good. OH, yes. Oh, Dale...your good!" I felt the surge and I looked straight into Dale's eyes as I came. It was the most beautiful thing in the world to me...cumming while looking into Dale's shining eyes.

After I came I saw what Dad and Kyle were already talking about. I looked at my stomach to find spots of white liquid spread out over me. Dad leaned over and licked it off me and Dale scooped some up and ate it too. "Your first cum, son. Congratulations!"

"Yeah, you're finally a man, now, butt hole!" Dale smiled as he spoke and leaned over to kiss me. I could taste the saltiness in his mouth and knew it must me my own cum that I was tasting. It was delicious. I'm not sure whether I liked it because it was my cum, cum in general, or because Dale had ate it. Whatever the reason, it was wonderful.

Well, that's the story of how our family really became a true family. Sure the story's not like what most families describe. We're not the Brady Bunch or anything corny like that. We're the Robertson's. Dad is still teaching me everyday, even to this day. Dale and I set aside a whole day when he comes home on vacations from college and Kyle and I share a bed, now. We fuck every single night, and it's still as good as the first time. So, we're not the normal family...but normal families don't have as much fun!