L'il Billy

This is a work of fiction – fantasy about a boy, his dad, his brothers and his friends. If you like it and it gets your dick hard, let me know. If you don't let me know that too. You can reach me at foreskindiver1958@gmail.com

I was cleaning out last autumns' debris from my back yard and alleyway when I heard the sputter.

Putt-putt-put-put-Putt-putt-put-put-Putt-putt-put-put and looked up to see the boy looking me pretty much eye to eye. He had a playing card clipped onto the frame of his bike with a clothespin and as he pedaled it smacked against the wheel spokes.

I was down on my hands and knees, cleaning the last of the maple leaves from under the cedar hedge and I looked up at him.

“Whatcha doin' buddy, need some help?” Big blond-haired blue-eyed gap-toothed smile looking down on me.

“Just getting ready for spring,” I replied.

I continued removing leaves from under the hedge as he wheeled his BMX into my yard and squatted down beside me and began picking dead leaves from the underbrush.

“What's your name?” he asked.

“What's yours?” I retorted.

He flashed his big boy smile and said, “I asked you first!”

“Bill,” I extended my hand.

He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face.

“Billy!” he said reaching out proudly with his small hand to meet my hand and to shake on it.

“Hey Billy, you need a Pepsi or something stronger?” I asked him as I got up and moved towards the back door.

“Pepsi's fine!” he replied, “Unless you've got Coke!”

I looked at him and he looked straight back at me, smiling.

I brought him out a can of Coke and a straw and a beer for myself and we enjoyed our drinks together in the fading light.

The afternoon passed quickly.

It was probably 8 pm or so when I stated thinking about the time and and that Billy's parents would be wondering where he was.

“Ah Billy, aren't your parents going to worry about you if you're not home?” I wondered.

“Nah, not really, mom's not there and dad's busy.”

“So, you wanna come inside and grab a bite?”

“Sure I do!” he replied.

Billy called home and spoke briefly with his father. He told him that he was going to spend the night with one of his mates and his father welcomed the opportunity of a Friday night on the town without having to pay for a sitter. I spoke with his dad and told him that I'd have him home first thing and he assured me that there was no problem with his boy staying with me for the night.

I ordered pizza which met with Billy's total approval and we each ate two big slices while watching Aussie rules on the Sports channel. The Brisbane Lions were playing the Kangaroos and the Kangas were ahead by 12 points. Billy was rooting for the Kangaroos and I preferred the underdogs, the Lions.

“My dad lets me drink beer,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Can I have some of yours?”

“My dad lets me do all kinds of guy stuff,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” incredulously.

“I'll show you later!” he mischievously retorted.

“If the Lions win I'll let you have your way with me,” me mentioned nonchalantly at one point during the evening.

“Oh yeah?” even more incredulously.

“And when the Kangaroos win you have to let me do whatever I want with you!”

I was thinking this was a win-win situation.

The Kangaroos did win – 27 to 18. It was going on 11 pm and we decide to call it a night.

Billy asked me where he was going to sleep and wondered if he could sleep with me in my big bed. I offered him a shirt that was too small for me for him to wear as pajamas.

“I sleep bare-assed!” he announced. “Don't you too?”

We decided early who would sleep on which side. Billy changed sides constantly.

I would get settled in, laying on my back when he would climb over me to the other side. I was half-way into a dream when I would feel his naked body moving over mine. He must have felt my hard cock pointing straight up as he moved over me during the night. I leaked copious amounts of precum as I dreamed deep into the night of sweet youthful mouths and fuckholes arousing me.

I'd reawaken with the feeling of having not quite accomplished what I had set out to do and feel him nestling his warm young body back into mine. On several occasions I dreamed that someone was fondling my cock – pulling on my long, loose foreskin, licking deep inside, almost nursing on my skin like a babe at the tit, cupping my big balls with small, gentle hands.

I slept like a baby. I awoke refreshed but with a very sore cock.

Billy's story

I was on my bike going through the alleyways and kept going by one place where there was a guy who was kind of interesting. He didn't see me at first which was good. I parked my bike not far from his yard and watched him from nearby. He was doing some gardening stuff with a pair of old cotton shorts and t-shirt on. I was looking between his legs from behind and a couple of times I saw his dick and balls hanging out of the shorts.

My dad and older brothers Nick and Charlie liked me to play with them while they were pretending to be asleep and I really liked that. Sometimes when my dad or my brothers were drunk I'd let them do what they wanted with me. I'd suck their cocks and big nuts and lick their assholes but they had to pay me. The time my dad got my cherry I was 11 and that's when I got my bike.

A couple of times while I was watching the TV with Bill I saw his big cock hanging out of the legs of his shorts and I wanted to play with it.

Ever since my mom left, my dad lets me take care of him and my brothers too. I like being in control of them just by playing with their cocks. I got my BMX from sucking my dad's cock and letting him fuck me, and pocket money from my brothers for being available for them when they needed a tight boy hole to shoot their big teen loads into. They climb into my bed with a hard cock and don't care what hole they stick it into. I love my dad and my brothers and make sure to take extra special care of them.

It was great sleeping in Bill's big bed with him. I went down under the covers all night long and licked his big uncut cock and nuts. My dad likes me to lick under his foreskin and so do my brothers so I thought Bill would like that too. I took his big cock in my hands and licked it from top to bottom. Man! He had so much juice when I was licking under his foreskin! My dad and brothers have a lot of juice but nothing compared to Bill! I put my tongue under his skin and he really tasted nice! He didn't have the same taste as my dad and brothers. I guess Bill had had a shower that day whereas in my family you only bathe a couple of times a week. I guess I like clean and not so clean equally well. I just know that I really like sucking cock.

I waited for Bill to fall asleep before exploring. I thought he was faking a few times – I'd reach down and brush my hand over his soft cock, cup his big hairy man nuts and pull on his foreskin to see if there was a reaction. I'd pinch his foreskin and pull it way down over his cockhead the way my dad and brothers and I do. That's one thing about us; we all have long foreskins. I know that mine is long from my dad and brothers pulling on it ever since I was a little kid. After that I began to like it and began pulling on it on my own. I guess my dad and brothers started pulling on mine when I was very young because it's the longest skin in my family and my dad and brothers all have very long ones.

A couple of times while Bill was sleeping I'd move over him to get over to the other side. Once while I was astraddle him with his cock pointing directly to my hole I slid down a bit on it. He was leaking precum like mad! I could feel the wet tip of his foreskin dripping all around my boyhole and I pushed back onto him just to see if I could take it all inside. It went in all the way and felt real good inside of me. It was so nice and long and as thick around as anything I've ever had inside me before. It slipped inside pretty easily with all of the precum and with me being as excited as I was. I wanted to jerk myself off then and there with him in me but decided to wait to see what would happen. My cock was hard as steel and leaking juice. I had never been so hard before when my dad and brothers fucked me in my ass and I wanted it to go on forever.

Bill's cock thickened inside of me and his big hands made their way to my waist. He was still asleep and was fucking into my boyhole like a madman. He was lifting me up and down on his big pole – his cock was almost leaving my body and he would plunge me down again and again. I wanted to feel him ejaculate inside of me. I wanted him to fill my innards with his copious load and to make me his boy for now and forever. I clenched my sphincter around his cock hoping that in his dreams he was fucking me and I laid my plans for the next day.

To be continued. Let me know if you want more.