L'il Billy II

This is a work of fiction – fantasy about a boy, his dad, his brothers and his friends. If you like it and it gets your dick hard, let me know. If you don't let me know that too. You can reach me at foreskindiver1958@gmail.com

I sent Billy home the next afternoon and soon after received a call from the boy's father.

“Uh, Bill”, he began, “Do you want to take Billy for the rest of the week? I have out of town meetings and it would sure help me out if you want to take him off of my hands for a while.”

“When do you want me to pick him up? He's welcome here any time.” I replied.

We made arrangements and I stopped by to pick up Billy and his pack sack on my way home from work.

When I got home from Bill's place I told my father that I wanted to go back to stay with him. I had to put up a fuss but I finally got my way and the old man couldn't wait to get rid of me.

“Do you want to freshen up?” I asked Billy as we pulled into the driveway.

“Nah, I'm ok. I can wait until later. I really liked sleeping with you the other night. Your bed is real comfy and it's nice not having to sleep between my dad and my brother.”

We had our supper – fish and chips - and were relaxing once again in front of the tv in our shorts and t-shirts.

“Anything in particular you want to watch?” I asked while handing Billy the remote.

“Whatever you want is good with me.” He stretched out on the sofa – we were each lying with our heads resting on opposite ends of the sofa. He pushed his butt down so that we were lying with our legs forked together. I could feel his butt pressed up against mine.

Bill wasn't wearing underwear under his loose shorts and the way he was lying gave me a perfect view of his big cock and balls. His foreskin tapered to a nipple about an inch beyond the tip of his cock. My foreskin hung well over two inches beyond the end of my cockhead. My dad and brothers had been training my foreskin ever since I was a little kid. All of the men in my family had long skins and I guess my dad wanted me to have the longest. I loved having my foreskin pulled and often pulled on it distractedly. As we lay together on the couch I spread my legs and my cock and balls fell out of my shorts.

“Jesus H. Christ!”

This was amazing. I had never before seen a longer foreskin. The boys' cock was a nice four inches soft but the foreskin almost doubled the length and I was completely engrossed.

“Can I see that, boy?” I wanted to check it out up close and Billy didn't seem to mind. He played coy.

“What? It's just a dick. Just like yours, maybe just a bit bigger,” he said, laughing.

“Come here, show me!” I insisted.

He slowly dropped his shorts for me and kneeled with his legs on either side of my chest with his young and perfect cock near my chin. He moved his hips back and forth and the foreskin dragged back and forth across my chest before me. I was mesmerized.

“Holy fuck!” I couldn't get over it. It was the most perfect cock I had ever seen. As I mentioned, the flaccid shaft itself measured about four inches. It was medium thick and rode above a pair of walnut-sized balls. How appropriate was that? The foreskin hung down another three inches beyond the apparent end of his cockhead and tapered to a beautiful tip. The whole package had a fine etching of veins coursing throughout. He had very little pubic hair – what was there was fine and wispy.

I lifted my eyes to his belly. It still had the soft contours of a developing boy. I gently passed my hand over his stomach and he sighed and contracted his muscles. He hadn't yet developed the six-pack of an older youth – his ribs showed somewhat. I figured I could feed him some decent food and help along with filling him out somewhat. His chest rose and fell as I continued to softly brush my hands against his perfect body. His areola were pink, dime-sized and delectable and when I stimulated his nipples he threw his head back and moaned deeply.

His neck was fine and slender and gave way to a future strong chin. He looked down at me with icy-blue eyes, his thick dark lashes fluttering and smiled – one perfect dimple forming on his left cheek.

“Is everything ok?” he asked.

He had arched forward – his foreskin was touching my chin – his dick was lengthening and thickening considerably.

I extended my tongue and leaned forward. His penis – semi-turgid was lying across my chin. I was in heaven.

I didn't want to go too fast with Bill. I knew that my dad would let me stay over – that wasn't a problem. I guess I just needed to know whether he liked boys or not before moving in on him. This guy has got a really big cock! Man! I'm looking forward to sucking it and letting him cum inside of me! It'll be nice to cum inside of him too!

“Um, Billy? Would it be ok with you if I licked it a bit?” Shit! What's the best way of asking a boy if you can suck his dick?!?!? I figured since he had it already laying across my chin and I could have licked it just by extending my tongue a bit....

Hell! I thought he'd never ask! I moved forward just a bit more so that my cockskin was lying directly on his lips and moved back and forth. My cock and foreskin slowly slid along the crevice between his two lips. He slowly parted them – his hot tongue slithered out and we finally had mouth to dick contact!


More to come!