L'il Billy III

This is a work of fiction – fantasy about a boy, his dad, his brothers and his friends. If you like it and it gets your dick hard, let me know. If you don't let me know that too. You can reach me at foreskindiver1958@gmail.com

I awoke as if from a drink-induced nightmare. I was sweating profusely and my hair was matted to my head. A pool of liquid had formed in the middle of my chest during my troubled sleep.

Billy lay beside me as he had the night before. His arm was laid across my chest and his fingers played sleepily with my chest hairs. He too was dripping sweat from every pore of his body.

I drew away from him and wondered to myself, had last night actually happened or had I dreamed the whole thing? My cock stood at complete attention as the sun shone into the second storey bedroom. He lay on his side, still asleep, with his soft cock reaching to the bed and his long slender foreskin stretching several inches beyond the tip.

I moved down where I could scrutinize his boy cock closely without awakening him. It was truly beautiful and I so wanted the events of the previous night to have actually transpired. I put my tongue out and gingerly tasted the very tip of his foreskin. It tasted salty – a bit sweaty and a bit precummy. I figured it was a good sign; if I could taste boy sperm then the chances were that last night had been real and not something my overactive libido had conjured up.

“I have to go.”

My head jerked back and I felt that I had been caught doing something horribly wrong.

I sat up in bed and drew the sheet around me feeling somehow exposed.

“I had a nice time. It was fun watching the game with you,” was all he offered as he stretched and turned to get out of bed.

I watched him as he gathered up his clothes from where they were lying on the floor and I asked him if everything was ok.

“Yeah, everything is fine,” he replied nonchalantly. “There's another game on Friday. Maybe if I come back we can watch together?”

“Yes!” I replied. Too eager. Fuck! I should try to play it cool. I felt torn between love for a sweet young boy and lust for his hot boy body and big boy cock with the amazing foreskin. I figured I'd try to slow myself down and wait to see what would happen.

Friday morning I got a call from Billy's dad asking me what time I wanted to pick the boy up. I told Billy's father, Richard, that I could pick him up from school or whenever was the most convenient for them. He suggested I stop by their house after school and I told him that I'd be there. I noted the address and told Richard that I'd be by around 4.

Traffic was a bitch and I finally found the address 30 minutes late. I knocked on the door at 4:35 and received no answer. I knocked harder and still there was no reply. I walked around to the side and peered through a window. I saw a light in one of the rooms near the back and walked further around the house. I rapped hard on the back door and finally saw a figure coming to open it.

“Yeah, you must be Billy's friend,” the young man said unlatching the back door. He was not much older than Billy and said his name was Steven.

“I'm Billy's brother. My dad's not home yet and Billy should be back from school soon. Um, cummon in if you want.”

He opened the door and I stepped into the dark room.