After the Tryout
by Trunkmoose

"Well, Mister Jim Bronkowski, you have given me a great workout. You've got a spot on my team. I'll want to work you around in a couple of positions but you'll get plenty of playing time, way more time than you'll get on any defensive line anywhere in the country. And after a year with the team, if you've got the balls, I'll make you my DT. What do you say?"

Those were the words I had been sweating my butt off for all afternoon, and really, for the last three years, to hear.

Coach Mike Nordstrom was famous for his defensive lineups and my dad and I had been gearing my training for the last three years with him in mind.

My dad, Big Jim, had dropped me off at the State U fieldhouse a couple of hours ago and my dad knew that I would be staying on the campus overnight.

After all our work together he knew that I'd call him as soon as Coach Mike gave me the heads up.

"Coach, I'll do whatever it takes. Football is my life, and I am ready to crunch heads."

"All right, Jim, why don't we head back to my place. My wife and my two sons are out of town, they headed up to her parents' place near the lake, and I am on my own for tonight. How about I throw a couple of steaks on the grill and we chow down."

I could not believe where I was and what I was hearing. Mike Nordstrom, one of the most famous coaches in the country, had watched my workout and he figured that I was ready, ready to play for him on the State U team.

I was dancing with excitement. The grey t-shirt and workout shorts the athletic department had sent me for my tryout were wringing wet, plastered to my body by my push-ups, sit-ups, and the sprints I had run for the coach. I had made it, I was on the team I had worked so hard to make, and, best of all, Coach Mike wanted me to share a steak with him! I was floating on air.

"Gee, Coach, that would be great! Could I call our hotel and leave a message for my dad, he'll be waiting to hear from me."

On the way to the coach's place I used my cell to let my dad know that everything had worked out and that I had made the team. He was thrilled and when he heard that I was spending the night at Coach Nordstrom's place he urged me to do whatever it took to make an impression on him.

"I couldn't be prouder, L'il Jim ! Have a great dinner with the Coach, find some way to show him what a great player he has, and I'll pick you up tomorrow afternoon. I always knew that they would be lucky to have you, congratulations, and I love you!"

"Your dad sounds like a great guy, Jim."

"Oh yeah, Coach, my dad and I are totally together. He's taught me everything I know about playing ball. We've both dreamed about coming here to State and playing ball for you."

The air conditioning in Coach Mike's SUV was starting to chill me. The 100 plus temperatures on the stadium field had sucked all the fluids out of me and I could feel my nipples perking up and pointing out against my sweat soaked T. The funk of my workout was in the air, that jockstrap smell of chlorine and sweat, and even though I was a little embarrassed I could tell that Coach Mike didn't mind. In fact, he seemed to be breathing heavy deep inhalations.

And then we were pulling up a long driveway to the entrance way to a huge house.

"Coach, I'm sorry but I'm smelling a little funky, and I only have these work-out shorts to wear."

"No problem, Jim. That smell, crotch and pit and butthole funk, that's the smell of my career. I'm a football coach, what else could I expect? After all these years I look forward to that funk when I head into work in the morning. Besides, here we are, and if you feel like it you can jump in the pool."

Coach Mike's place was like a manor house and we moved through it, turning on a lamp here and there, heading toward the kitchen and the back deck that led out to the pool.

"Grab us a couple of beers from the fridge if you feel like it", Coach said as he bent to unlace his running shoes.

"I've been waiting to jump into this water all afternoon".

I grabbed two Molsons from the refrigerator and walked to the side of the pool, gulping down my brew.

I stood there like a dummy, watching as Coach shucked his shirt and then his jock and shorts.

I have been an athlete for years, showering with other guys ever since I was 9 or 10, with no pubes at all, but other than my dad, I don't think that I have ever seen anyone as muscular and hairy as Mike Nordstrom. I had thought that nordic types were supposed to be blond, but Coach must have had some other genes running through him.

From the back he had thick black hairs running like a carpet from his shoulders to the top of the meaty curves of his ass, fanning in toward that sweaty butthole of his.

When he bent over to gather up his socks and shoes his cheeks spread and I could have sworn his pulpy red hole, circled by a thicket of moist curly hairs, was winking at me.

When he stood and turned to me I was presented with the chunkiest piece of cock I had ever seen. Hanging from a hairy black bush was a seven inch piece of meat, dangling there loosely with a dark skinned fleshy foreskin that wrinkled in folds an inch below the cockhead, and, as he stood there, his balls seemed to sway between his thighs. Without saying a word he reached for his beer, guzzled half the bottle, and handed it back to me.

Coach dove into the pool. The pool lights ran along the sides underwater and Coach Mike's body looked like a shark's, glistening as he shot back and forth doing a couple of lengths up and back.

After a bit he pulled up to the side and asked, " Aren't you coming in?" and I realized that I had been standing there, staring like a dork.

Coach stood there in the shallow end, his cockhead bobbing just at the water level, the pool lights and the water making his ballsac seem even bigger and plumper than it had been earlier. His big grin and smiling eyes told me that he was ready for anything.

I knew that I had a sheepish grin on my face. Together with my dad I had been working on my body, exercising, lifting weights, running, and I knew I was built, my pecs were cut with my big brown nipples standing out, my shoulders and my thighs bulged with muscle, and my butt quivers, twitching like a horse's butt shaking off flies.

It was a hot, humid night and I was standing there, my naked coach floating in front of me, and was I having second thoughts about stripping off and jumping in? FUCK, NO!!! Mike started to laugh as he watched me struggling with my clammy t-shirt. I finally wrestled it off and threw it to the ground.

I hesitated again. I had bonered up a bit, my dick had thickened and stretched out, and I knew that if I hung my cock out there naked I'd be totally hard in no time at all.

Coach smiled, encouraging me. I knew that he had been in this spot at some point in his past, standing naked and revealing a throbbing, horny dick to another man. He watched me closely as I drew down first my grey gym shorts, and then my sweaty jockstrap.

I stopped breathing for a second or two, but my dick was carrying on all by itself.

Coach Mike and I watched as it jerked upward, until it was rigid, pointing at the sky.

Even at this point I might have been able to make some excuses about my dick getting hard, but as we both watched my throbbing red cockhead it seemed to burp and a slimy dollop of clear, shiny precum bubbled out of my pisshole, grew in size on the fleshy ridges of my dickhead, and then, in slow motion, stretched in a slick dangle, falling toward the poolside concrete.

"Jim, you seem a mite horny." offered Coach, and we both burst into laughter.

I dove into the water, and bounced off the walls underwater for a while, streaking back and forth, the delicious coolness streaming against my hard dick and my balls.

Finally, the workout seemed to soften up my boner, and I floated over to Coach.

He was hanging out in the corner of the deep end, resting against the side, with his muscular arms spread out on the pool edging.

Without mentioning the one time Dad and I had really gone to town, four years ago or so, when Dad helped me out, I explained to Coach Nordstrom how my dad and I had decided years ago that sex, fucking around and beating off, would undermine my focus on athletic achievement. It had been tough holding off for all this time, but I had always tried to keep my goal of playing in the NCAA uppermost in my mind. Of course, that meant that my wet dreams were real gushers, cum that built up in my balls until it exploded out in thick streams, and my pubes were crunchy with dried ball juice in the mornings.

Coach Mike said very little while I was explaining my workout regime but I couldn't help but watch his schlong as it waggled back and forth above the surface of the water.

The cheesy foreskin had long ago receded back along his dick, smegma just lining the edge of the fleshy cowl, and Coach gently bounced his butt at the side of the pool, sending rushes of water into his butthole and up under his swaying testicles.

"Jim, you are a rock hard stud with a dick that looks like it will shoot off any second.

Buddy, you made it onto my team, and I figure all that hard work, and pent up cum, deserves a reward and some release."

Coach laid his strong, calloused hands on my shoulders and gently turned me to the side of the pool. He reached down and pushed up on my buttcheeks, moving my chest up onto the warm pavement. My thick hardon rubbing against the side of the pool and my ass was in the air. Mike moved up behind me, spreading my legs so that the water just lapped against my asshole.

" I am not going to fuck you Jim, not this time anyway. "

Coach moved up my legs, massaging the thigh muscles, while his cockhead nuzzled up and down in the trench between my legs, poking every now and then gently at my hole. Turning me slightly, he laid his thick thumb at my lips and I licked it up and down, making it runny with my spit.

Looking me in the eye, smiling, Mike put his thumb against the folds of my rectum, softly nudging the thumbhead in and out of my asshole.

I was panting, breathing in gulps of air, saying," oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, do it, Coach"

Coach, watching me and grinning, licked the palm of his left hand until it was slick and then wrapped his slimy fingers around my straining cock, making my whole body jerk with near orgasm.

Down to serious business at this point, Mike Nordstrom jerked me forcefully, squeezing my cock with a iron grip, whacking me off so hard that my nuts were bouncing around.

The slick precum that Coach was jerking out of me mixed with the pool water and the frothy saliva on his hand and the gliding, silky sensations were making me spasm.

"UNNNHH, FUCK ME, OH FUCK, FUCK, COACH, I'M GONNA CUM!!!! Right then Coach Nordstrom jammed his thick thumb deep into my asshole, mashing it around the walls of my rectum. He pulled quick hard strokes on my cock at the same time, and nudged harder and harder with his thumb against my prostate.


Thick white streamers of cum shot out of my dick, splashing in every direction as Coach jerked it, running his hand up and down in my jism, and jiggling his thumb gently in my asshole. I flopped about in the water, close to passing out.

As I dropped my head back onto the pavement I saw Coach grinning from ear to ear.

"You know, Jim, I think that I might have a small talk with your dad about the pros and cons of jerking off while you are training. What do you think?"