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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter Eleven
Mini-Vacation at last

        Spring break at last and Saturday morning we headed off to Disneyland. Buster and I rode in the back and Joey in one of the bucket seats behind my folks. We were three excited kids and nothing could dampen our spirits, not even the light rain that fell as we rolled along past shopping malls and gas stations and eventually farmhouses and trees. We had brought our mp3 players but we were too buzzed to listen to music. We talked endlessly about what we would do first and how much fun we would have as our folks listened with smiles on their faces. I think they were looking forward to Disneyland as much as we were or maybe they were just happy that we were all together as a family and having a good time. I suppose mom and dad had some plans of their own when they were alone in the motel room, if you know what I mean, cause I knew Buster, Joey and me sure
    Buster had spent Friday night at our house so we could get an early start but we had been too excited to get much sleep and we had messed around with Joey for most of the night. We were still up by 6 and pushing my rents out of bed as they grumbled and we didn't even stop for breakfast. Dad said we'd stop somewhere along the way around 10 and have an early lunch and meanwhile we had donuts and chocolate milk in the van to tide us over. The sugar was maybe not such a good idea cause all three of us were hyper and bouncing around and my folks had to quiet us down a few times but basically my rents don't mind us kids being rowdy, my dad says that's just as sign that we're healthy boys.
     Speaking of my dad, we had a heart to heart the other day and I found out some stuff that really hurt me a lot, well made me feel bad anyway. I knew something was up when he asked me if I'd go with him to the car wash to clean the van up before the trip. I was glad to do it, but I expected Joey would be going too. Only dad had already talked to mom and told her he wanted to be alone with me and so she kept Joey busy.
    We went to the car wash my dad always uses and we got pretty wet cleaning the outside but really the inside was no big deal. We used the big vacuum there and dad has this stuff called Armorall and we put it all over the plastic parts and stuff and it really shines. It was on the way home that we had our talk.
    He drove us to Dairy Queen and we got dip cones and sat at a table outside and ate them. The weather was nice, about 75 degrees and there was still sunshine and it felt warm on our backs as we sat there. I felt really good and was glad to have some alone time with my dad, who I love so much, but I still wondered why Joey wasn't with us. I soon found out.
    "Dommie, I suppose you're wondering why Joey didn't come with us," he said like he'd read my mind or something, "I asked mom to keep him busy so you and I could have a little time alone." He looked nervous and that made me nervous. Had he found out about me and Buster? Was this the beginning of the end? Suddenly I had a lump in my throat and my stomach churned and my ice cream wasn't quite as appealing anymore.
    "I know you're getting older son, and going through some changes....growing up to be a fine young man," he said sounding embarrassed, "but...well, it's just that we used to be so close and lately...well, you seem to never have time for me anymore. I know you have your friends, especially Buster but.....well, I miss those times and I just want to make sure I haven't done anything to upset you or push you away. I know I had to work a lot, but that is done and I'll be home a lot more now."
    I felt sick again, but for a different reason. I had hurt my dad by hiding behind my new sexual desires. Because I was afraid he would sense the change in me and figure out what I was doing, I was avoiding him and it had hurt him badly. I wanted to cry like the little kid I really was but instead I decided to try to make it right with my dad.
    "I'm sorry dad. I just didn't want to take up your time and I knew you were really busy with work and stuff and well, I just sort of got busy with my own stuff and....I'm really sorry. We can do stuff again, I promise. As soon as we get back, you just say when and I'm all over it. I miss our time together too." I said smiling my famous Dommie smile, lol.
    I could see the look of relief on his face and as far as he was concerned things were fine again. He tousled my hair and patted me on the back, "You know I love you and Joey equally, but you and I have a special bond, always have had, ever since you were a little kid...a baby really. Sometimes when you were a baby, I was the only one who could get to go to sleep. All I had to do was hold you in my arms and you would relax and go right to sleep." he said and I swear he had tears in his eyes and something was blinding me too, and when I  swiped at my eyes they were wet.
    "Bet you can't do that now," I teased to keep from bawling.
   "Ha ha, well, you are a little bigger now, but you'll always be my know that, right? No matter what you do or who you become, I will always love you and be there for you."
    Wait, what? ?Even if I'm gay? I wondered again if he had figured me and Buster out and was telling me it was okay, but that was silly. No way did he know, and no way would he want a fag for a son.
   "I'll always be there for you too," I said smiling, "No matter what you do, or who you become," I joked then we both laughed and things really did seem okay again. We hugged then and I felt like I never wanted to let him go. Funny how you think you don't need your parents until something like this happens.
     When we got home  Joey asked me what was going on with me and dad, but for some reason I didn't tell him what we had talked about. I didn't keep things from him very often, but somehow this thing with dad seemed like our business and our's alone. I told him we just cleaned up the van and he would have been bored anyway and he seemed satisfied with that. Besides I think he liked having mom all to himself while we were gone. After all, Joey was mom's
    "Look, the sign says 40 miles to Disneyland Buster said pointing at a huge billboard. Joey was jumping up and down and telling dad to drive faster and we all just laughed. It took us about an hour to go those 40 miles and then my folks said we had to check into the hotel first, then we could go on to DL. From now on, it's DL, okay?
    The motel was awesome, it wasn't two separate rooms like we had thought, it was a suite with two bedrooms separated by a living room and kitchen and both bedrooms had a bathroom. We could still fool around we just had to keep the noise down and our rents were close by if we needed them.
    We dropped off our luggage and grabbed our stuff to take with us to the park and I don't think I had ever been so excited in my life. It was crazy that we lived so close to DL but had never been there, even though we took vacations every year. I had looked it up on line and knew a lot about it and the three of us wanted to ride as many things as we could in the two days we were here.
    The parking lot at DL was ginormous and we had to walk about a half mile to get to the gate, but boy was it worth it. There was just so much to see. We could spend the rest of our lives there and not see it all or ride everything but we had a plan and if we stuck to it we would be able to ride as much as time allowed. I had read that the best way to avoid long lines was to skip the stuff closest to the gate and start at the back and work forward, so that's where we started.
    Our first stop was Splash Mountain and we had a blast plunging down the plumes and we got majorly wet. There were some lame characters along the way but some really cute boys in the log ahead of us and they kept looking back and hollering at us and it was really cool.
   We worked our way across Frontierland and then to Adventureland and guess who we saw there, yeah you guessed it, those two cute boys from Splash Mountain.
    They looked a little older than me and Buster but they weren't that much taller and OMG were they cute up close. The one boy had long blond hair and big blue eyes and lips that begged to be The other boy was red haired and had just a few freckles around his nose but he was very cute too. They were staring at us and we stared back but we never really got close enough to say hi or anything. Crazy Buster asked mom to give him the camera and he pointed it their way and they like posed for him and he took their picture. I still have that picture along with copies of all the other pics we took that day and sometimes I wonder where those cute boys are today and if we had tried could we have made friends with them.
    We had a snack about 3:00 then made our way down the middle of DL, Main Street, USA. We saw Minnie and Mickey and Pluto and Goofy of course and, yeah I admit it it was pretty cool even if we were big kids now. Buster even had mom take a picture of us with our arms around Goofy. I guess he's Buster's favorite cause he's so goofy Of course we were wearing our Mickey ears too and along with those pics I mentioned I still have those silly ears.
    We finished the day up in Fantasy Land and well, even though we're big kids now we still enjoyed the heck out of it. I mean we grew up with all those wacky characters and saw this stuff a million times on TV and stuff but seeing it for real turns you into a little kid again. We have so many great pictures of that day and I can still remember the looks on the others' faces as we experienced the Happiest Place on Earth.
    Back at the hotel we were exhausted but happy and mom and dad suggested we all take a shower and change and we'd go out to eat. That sounded like a good plan to us and Buster and I were stripping off our clothes as we came through the door. Joey was talking to my mom and came in just about the time we got naked and grinned and took off his clothes too. It wasn't planned or anything but we all three wound up taking our shower together and of course after a few minutes of being naked together things started turning sexy.
    At first I didn't think we'd have time, and it was kind of risky with mom and dad not that far away, but we had the door locked and we were excited and horny and threw caution to the wind. I started when Joey popped a boner, and for some reason that got Buster going and he got one and of course, not to be left out, I popped one too and then it was circle jerk
    But fapping was old stuff and once we'd discovered the other stuff, we hardly ever did it except as foreplay, so pretty soon Buster was on his knees sucking us both as we pushed our dicks together. Buster looked silly  with a dick sticking out of both sides of his mouth, but he was pretty good at sucking that way and before lone we were both grunting and thrusting against him. I came first then Joey and now it was time for Buster to get his.
    I wanted to let him fuck me, but he said he was too tired for that and could the two of us use our mouths and get him off. Well, sure we could. We took turns, while one of licked his balls, the other one sucked and we went back and forth till he was shaking with excitement. I got the prize and drank down the Buster Juice but I kissed Joey and shared it and it was really hot. I only wished I had saved my come for his cute feet, but I planned on hitting those things later that All day long I had been thinking about them and once I saw this  kid with sandals on and his feet were sooo cute and that got me all worked up.
    It was kind of funny, cause even though we had taken a long time in the shower, our folks still weren't ready by the time we were dressed. We joked that maybe they had been in there fooling around too and Joey said that was gross and me and Buster cracked up.
    We ate at a really cool place called Millie's Restaurant and had a really good time. We talked about our day and our plans for the next day and what we were going to do later. We found out the Hotel had an indoor pool and it was open till 10:00 so we planned to go swimming as soon as we got back. My folks said they might even swim for a while and we didn't mind, cause the real fun would be later, after we went to bed.
    Dad drove us around for a little just sight seeing (or he got and then we went back to the hotel and changed into our swim suits. We all met in the living room and I noticed Buster looking at my mom in her little two piece bathing suit. It wasn't a bikini or anything but my mom is I mean I don't think about it that much, being gay and her being my mom, but other boys my age do notice it and I guess Buster was one of those boys. My dad is pretty hot too, and I guess I'm a better judge of that, but I don't have any sexual feeling toward him, I just notice how he looks and I guess I'm pretty proud that my rents look so good. I guess that's where I get my drop dead good looks and sex
    When we got to the pool it was pretty busy. There were a few adults, but mostly kids and most were younger than we were. It was a big pool though and we managed to take over an area in the deep end and stayed there mostly. My rents only swam for a little while then they got out and laid on chairs and held hands and watched us and talked. I smiled at that hand holding stuff, it reminded me of how I felt about Buster and I hoped that someday when I was all grown up like my rents I'd still want to hole hands with Buster or whoever I was with. I wanted it to be Buster, but I knew that was probably just a dream. We were just kids and there was no guarantee we would be together tomorrow, let alone years from now.
     I was floating along one side of the pool day dreaming when Buster swam up under me and grabbed my wiener. I yelped and my dad looked our way but he couldn't see what was going on and Buster surfaced then and grinned at me.
    "Shark!" he sputtered as he blew water out of his nose.
    "Jack ass more like it," I giggled.
    "Ahhh...did I scare widdle Dommie?" he teased.
    "Hey, where's Joey?" I suddenly asked. He had been right before me the last time I'd seen him.
    Buster squinted his eyes and nudged me in the shoulder and pointed toward the shallow end. Standing in about three feet of water was my little brother talking to a girl just about his height. She was blond and had on a little two piece swimsuit showing way too much flesh if you ask me, and shaking her little rump as she talked to my bro.
    "What Joey turning straight on us?" Buster joked.
I shrugged, "Who knows, I mean after all he is pretty young. Maybe he's gonna like both...and she is cute looking."
    "Oh no, not you too," he groaned, "What happened to girls have cooties?"
    "Ah, girls are okay. My mom's a girl, and she is pretty cool."
    "Your mom is a fox," Buster said raising his eyebrows. Your dad is one lucky guy to have a knockout like that for a wife."
    "Now who's turning straight?" I teased.
    "Think I have a chance with your mom?" he asked seriously and I cuffed him one.
    "You touch my mom and I'll cut ur weenie off and feed it to you," I said only half joking.
    "Well, at least I get a big meal out of the deal," he said giggling now.
    Joey said something to the girl and then started toward us and she watched him the whole way. Even cute little girls knew a foxy boy when they saw one and my baby bro was super foxy. He waded in and swam over to us and floated beside me and held onto Buster.
    "Who's your girlfriend?" Buster teased, "She interested in a four way," he added laughing rudely.
    "She's just a girl," Joey said ignoring Buster's lewd suggestion, "her name it Lacey and she's 11."
    "Eleven?  She's almost my age," Buster said leering at her from a distance, "nice legs and.....are those little titties I see?" he said licking his lips comically.
    "Shut up Buster, she's not like that, she's....she's just a girl...that's all," Joey said sounding pissed.
    I wondered why Joey was so serious all of a sudden, usually he was right in there when the joking started. Was my baby bro discovering he liked girls too?
    "Anyway, I just talked to her, that's all. Don't make a big deal out of it, okay?"
    "Sorry Joey," Buster said slipping his arm around my little bro, "didn't mean to make ya mad. I was just teasing. Hey, it's cool if you talk to girls, or....whatever....I aint dissing girls....some of em are pretty cool," he looked over at my mom then and turned to see if I was watching and then winked and grinned.
    I shook my head at him and gave him the stink eye and he cracked up laughing. Buster took off swimming and we went after him. We raced for a while but Buster was way faster than either of us and we got bored with that after a while and slid down the water slide for a while.
    A little while later that girl, Lacey, came over to where we were sliding and asked if she could join us. I guess since Joey had gotten pissed before Buster was extra nice and even talked to her. She seemed to like Buster too and told him she had an older brother names Larry but that he was upstairs playing video games with his friend and that they'd be down later. Buster seemed to be more interested in that info than in the girl and left her to talk to Joey. I noticed they seemed to talk lowly to each other and I couldn't quite hear what they said, but I did hear the words like and cute a couple of
    Mom and dad looked like they were sleeping, or at least their eyes were closed and I wondered if the day had been too much for I mean us boys were plenty tired, so what must old folks like them feel like? I slid down the slide one more time then climbed out and just sat on the side of the pool and watched Joey and Lacey for a while. Buster swam up at my feet and grinned at me.
    "Ah, young love," he teased, " aint it wonderful?"
    "They are cute together," I admitted, "Buster? Do you ever wish we know, normal?"
    "Normal? We are you mean straight? Cause I don't really think much about it, it's how I am and that's all there is to it. I didn't choose it, it's just the way it is," he shrugged, "I think my lucky stars I met you though," he said looking shy and causing me to love him all over again.
    "I'm glad I met you too, you dork," I said in a shaky voice, like I could start bawling any minute.
    He grabbed hold of my foot and rubbed it gently beneath the water and just floated there looking up at me and smiling. I smiled back and had the sudden urge to drag him up to the room and ball his brains Funny how quickly I had associated love with sex. I loved him so much it was scary at times and right then I was trembling. I was glad I wasn't in the water, I might have drowned right then.
    Buster finally climbed out and sat by me, so close I could feel his leg against mine, and sighed, but neither of us spoke for a while. We were content to just sit there in each other's company and watch my baby bro and his girl friend. I had been serious, they were cute together, and I felt a pang of guilt that I had introduced him to boy sex and completely disregarded the fact that he might like girls too. But that was silly, long before he and I messed around him and Joe had been doing stuff that I had only found out about when I met Buster. It wasn't my fault but I could at least be encouraging, I thought, so when we got back I was going to have a long talk with him and see where his head was (his big one and his little one...he he).
    Eventually mom and dad told us it was time to go and we said goodbye to Lacey and followed them up to our room. Mom wanted to know about the little girl Joey and met and we listened while Joey told her all about Lacey. It was kind of cute really, I think Joey maybe had a little crush on her. Too bad we'd never see her again.
     Back in the suite we split up to shower the chlorine off and we dressed in undies and went to our room to chill. My rents said they were going to bed and told us to keep it down and, "don't burn the place down," and we all laughed. My rents are so cool and I was about to find out just how cool before this week was over.
    In our room we latched the door and watched TV for awhile. They had cable and someone had forgot to put a block on our TV and we actually saw some porn. It was straight though and we didn't like it too much so we found a Transformer Movie and watched that for a while. Buster was laying with his head on my tummy and Joey had his feet in my face, which is, and pretty soon I was rubbing them then licking the bottoms. Well, that was the beginning. Buster saw what was happening and moved around and started sucking Joey's dick as I sucked his toes.
    Suddenly I wanted my little brother's dick in my mouth more than anything in the world and I  pushed Buster away and took it. Buster didn't seem to mind and he moved down between my legs and started sucking me as I took over. It felt so familiar and so good to be sucking my little brother and I knew he was getting close. I could feel his little tummy tighten up and he was making a soft uhhh sound and then the most amazing thing happened. For the first time in his young life he shot. It wasn't a lot and it was thin but it tasted so awesome and that it was his first made it very special for me...for both of us.
    I made sure I got it all and held some on my tongue and when I came up off him I stuck out my tongue for them to see. I guess Buster knew something special had happened because he quit sucking me and looked up as I stuck out my tongue and he was grinning like a opossum.    
    "Wow, I comed," Joey said with wonder, "and Dommie got it first."
  I kissed Joey so he could taste his unique little gift and he smacked his lips afterwards and said, "It's Joey Sauce...get it, like soy sauce, only Joey sauce....he he."   
    We three cracked up laughing and after that night it was always Joey Sauce.
    Buster went back to work on me and Joey went down on Buster and soon we were panting hard and I shot first and just fell back exhausted. I heard Buster moaning and then he cried out softly and I knew he had come too and I smiled. I must've drifted off for a few minutes cause the next thing I knew Buster was kissing me gently and as he pulled back I saw his beautiful smile and I reached up and pulled him back down and we played tonsil hockey for a long time as we groped each other.
    Joey was in the bathroom for a while and when he came out he piled down in one of the double beds in the room and pulled the covers over him. Poor little guy was worn out. I pulled Buster up and we got in the other bed and snuggled up and soon we were both asleep.

Day Two

    We woke about 8 and took another shower to wake up and had breakfast downstairs in the restaurant. They had a buffet and we even got to choose how they fixed our eggs and stuff and me and Buster had an omelet, but Joey only likes scrambled eggs so that's what he had. We ate a lot cause we didn't want to run out of energy before lunch, which we would eat at the park, and we were stuffed when we left.
    We drove to the park and this time we didn't have to walk so far. We walked up Main Street again then headed over to Tomorrowland which was way cool. We spent like two hours there  and Space Mountain was my favorite part. We rode the monorail and that was pretty cool too and we could see all of the park from up there and people looked like ants. The Matterhorn Bobsleds were fun too and we finished up the day at It's a Small World. I know that sounds hokey but remember besides being sex crazy boys, we were still 12 years old and we got caught up in the spirit of things and reverted to our childhood and we just had to see all those little singing robot things.
    I skipped over a lot, I'm sure but I didn't want to bore you. The main thing I wanted to get across was that we had the most awesome time of our lives and being together made it even better. Our rents were grinning ear to ear and I sort of think they had as much fun as we did. Maybe they reverted to little kids too because of the magic of DL and I was glad that we had all shared it together.
    We were dragging as we headed back to the van and kind of feeling let down or something, sort of like you feel the day after Christmas, but we were still happy and we knew we had one more night of fun before heading back. My folks were sort of quiet and we kept it down as we relived our day with one another and all three of us were smiling when we got back to the hotel.
    We got up to the room and sat around in the living room for a while and talked till we dinner time. We ate out again, this time at the Cheesecake Factory. I wondered if this was the same Cheesecake Factory in the TV show, Big Bang Theory, but Penny wasn't our, and we joked about that as we waited for our food. I don't even remember what I ate that night, I was high on life and in love and I had just spent two days in the most magical place on earth and it was great to be alive and be 12 years old. It seemed like nothing could go wrong and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and show Buster just how I felt. Funny how things turn out.

            Back at the hotel we split up as before and took our showers. My folks said they were tired and were going to turn in early, but it was sort of funny since they took a bottle of champagne into the room with them. Buster dug me in the ribs and made a rude noise and I cuffed him on the chin. Joey seemed quiet and thoughtful and I wondered if it was because the mini-vacation was almost over or if he was still thinking about that cute little girl Lacey.
    I was feeling very horny and couldn't wait to get nekkid but we waited till we were sure the rents were done with their celebrating and maybe passed out from the, before we started. Joey was laying on his bed watching TV while Buster and I snugged and did some light making out on our bed. I looked over and saw Joey's feet and my boner throbbed and I wanted to go over there but I made myself wait.
   Buster kissed me gently and swirled his tongue in my mouth and I felt my boner throb some more. I nuzzled his ear and whispered something dirty and he giggled. It was so nice to be young and in love and I felt like the luckiest boy in the world right then. Joey yawned and looked over at us and smiled and I stuck out my tongue at him and he giggled and stuck his out back.
    I got up to pee and brushed my teeth and when I came back I glanced at the beside clock, it was 10:30. I figured my folks had drank the wine by then and done the deed and were now passed out so it was probably safe to start our fun.
   I fell down beside Buster and grabbed his dick and he squealed like a little girl and I laughed. Joey took the hint and bounced over and jumped us and pretty soon it was a free for all. We were playing dick and ass grab and kissing and bumping against each other and we were so hard I didn't know how much longer we could last. I still thought we should wait a little longer but we were getting past the point of no return and I didn't know how much longer we hold out.
    Buster and Joey took a pee and when they came back they were naked and I knew it was time. I ripped off my undies and the fun began. We started out where we left off bumping and rubbing only now that we were naked it was more fun and more intense. I kissed Buster and then Joey and then Buster and Joey kissed while I sucked their toes, going back and forth between their feet until I was so worked up I had to get some relief. I wanted Buster's ass but I wanted Joey's feet too and I didn't know where to start. Buster made the decision for me though as he grabbed the lotion and greased up my boner.
     He rolled onto his back and raised his legs and I saw his hole winking at me. I didn't waste any time getting into position and I was in him in one push. He was so loose now that we did it regularly but once inside he was tight and hot. I groaned as I pushed all the way in and I felt Joey scoot in beside us and start rubbing both of us wherever he could reach. I took my good slow time and really enjoyed myself. It was as if it was my first time and so intense I almost couldn't stand the feeling.
    So many things were going through my head as I moved in and out rhythmically in Buster's hole and I could feel his ass squeeze me gently as if he were hugging me. I loved him so much but I was still a little confused about my feelings about being gay. I liked it but I felt weird about it sometimes at the same time. I tried to put it all out of my mind and concentrate on Buster and Joey and soon I was plowing away and thinking nothing except how hot and tight Buster's ass felt and how good it would feel when I busted my nut.
    I talked dirty in my head as I fucked my boyfriend senseless and pretty soon I was grunting and a minute later I let loose. I felt the first shot as it rushed up my dick and it was so intense I almost fainted, the next one was almost as strong and I wondered if Buster could feel it hit his guts. The next on was a dribble and then I was done. I suddenly noticed I was sweaty and shaking as I fell down on Buster pushing Joey aside and I kissed him for a second before just laying  there and panting as I recovered.
    "Wow, that was pretty hot," Buster said grinning, "Was it good for you too?"
    "Oh, yes...the best," I panted, "let me rest a minute and you can do me."
    "Well, how bout while you rest Joey and me do some stuff?"
   "I don't care," I said weakly as I rolled off of him, "just wake me when you're done," I teased.
    I watched as they kissed then proceeded to make out properly. I know I should've been jealous or upset but I loved them both and I was too tired to care at the moment. I guess deep down inside I was just a horny guy who only looked forward to his next nut. I propped my head up on my hand and watched as Buster gently entered my little bro but pretty soon he was fucking him like mad. I felt the bed bouncing beneath us and I was glad it was quality stuff and didn't squeak or bang the wall.
    I finally managed to work up enough energy to go down to the end of the bed and lick Joey's feet and suck his toes while he got pounded. He told me afterwards that that was really hot and made him come even though all he was doing was pushing his dick against the bed. He left a little spot on the sheets and I laughed at myself thinking what the maid would think when she cleaned the room tomorrow.
    I watched Buster's body tense up and his face got that look and he started coming but he didn't stop moving until he was completely done. He pulled out and fell off beside me without even so much as a pat on the butt for Joey. He loved Joey but he wasn't in love with him. I guess he just enjoyed hitting a nice tight boy ass and my little bro's was the tightest and cutest around. I was in a sort of fog as I laid there still resting and didn't know what was next, but I wasn't done yet.
    Joey scooted over beside me and rubbed his little hand against my cheek and grinned at me, "Dommie, can I....fuck you? Please....I know you said it was just for Buster, but if he don't care, can I?"
    I looked at Buster who shrugged. Was Buster giving me away? What about all that special stuff we talked about. Oh well, if he didn't care why should I? I shrugged and rolled onto my side and I felt Joey move up against me. I glanced back and saw Buster grab the lotion and grease up Joey's cute dick and I began to get excited about what was to come. Now that he could shoot would I be able to feel it? I sighed and Joey moved into position and rammed it in.    
    It hurt a little at first even though he is much smaller than Buster,but Buster is gentle when he does it. Was Joey trying to hurt me on purpose? Man, sex was confusing. I grunted and took it like a man and pretty soon it started feeling better and better and then awesome. He was really pounding me now and sort of humming like he was vibrating and I almost laughed at the little noises he was making. It was the first time I got fucked that it seemed more about sex than love and I was beginning to understand that both could be nice as long as it was with someone you cared about.
    I felt him come only because his little dick expanded and throbbed but I didn't feel the squirt of his little blob of cum. I guessed he would make more and more as the days and weeks passed and his body matured but for now it was just nice that he could come at all. He hugged me close and just laid there for a little while and I held his hand against my tummy and dozed a little.
    I felt Buster in front of me and he was kissing me awake and his boner was pushing against my tummy. Man he sure could recharge his batteries fast. I kissed him back and I felt my own boner getting back up too and I decided it was just because we were so young that we could get it up so soon.
     I let Buster fuck my face and I could taste Joey's butt on his dick. I guess that's not the smartest thing in the world to do, mixing anal and oral, but fortunately we were pretty healthy kids and never got any disease because of stuff like that. I loved having Buster sit on my chest and feed me his dick and I was really going at it when Joey moved down and started sucking my dick. I didn't last long and then Buster shot off and I was drinking his juice down and it was all over.
    We fell down and went to sleep all in the one bed, naked and smelling of ass and cum and boy musk and no one in their right mind would have missed those odors if they'd checked on us. Fortunately the door was locked and no one found out just how perverted the three of us were, not then anyway, and we made it through the night with our reputations still in tact.

Chapter Twelve
The Shit hits the fan

       The trip back was boring and stressful, there was no fun waiting at the end and we were tired and a little cranky. Add to that the fact that I was sort of pissed at Buster and I couldn't even say why. I mean I sort of knew, the thing with Joey had continuted to eat at me but I didn't want to make a big deal of it and kept quiet. If fucking someone else was alright then I guessed getting fucked was okay too, or at least I decided that's how Buster felt, and he was in charge so that was that and I could learn to live with it or move on. I didn't want to move on, I loved the jerk and if being his bitch was what that meant then I guess I was his bitch.
    I was quiet and Buster didn't try to pull me out of it either. He seemed thoughtful too and I worried that he might be getting tired of me or was pissed at me for some reason. It was so crazy, I was pissed at him but more worried he was pissed at me. I was a freaking wreck by the time we got home and so tired I couldn't even hold my head up. I wanted a nap and I wanted it now. As soon as we had the car unpacked I snuck off to my room and crashed without evening saying goodbye to Buster. I  probaby would feel bad about it later, but right then I was too tired and too upset to care.
    I was vaguely aware of the bed moving and then I opened my eyes and saw Buster sitting there looking sad. I blinked to make sure it wasn't a dream then raised up and looked at him curiously. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't make my mouth work.
    "Hey," he said in a shy voice, "my folks and your folks said I could stay the night, but if you don't want me to......" he said sounding near tears.
    I reached over and took his hand and held it to my lips and kissed it hoping that would say what my heart felt. He smiled and leaned in and kissed me gently and just like that everything was alright again. We never talked about what had happened but we went back to our asses being off limits to other guys and that's the way it is even to this day.
    We ate pizza and watched movies with my folks and played Monopoly till they got tired and went to bed and then it was just us boys. Joey didn't feel good, and mom said he had a slight fever and put him to bed and we didn't see him again until morning, and that turned out to be a good thing.
     We couldn't wait to get into bed and make love and after showering we didn't waste any time. We didn't even bother to dress, we just fell into bed naked and started kissing and making out and we were both rock hard by the time we started. We kissed like it was the first time, new and exciting, and I hadn't felt that horny for him since we met. We explored each other's bodies like we were strangers just starting out but I already knew every freckle and every scar on his beautiful body and yet it seemed more exciting than ever.
     We took our time and made slow and gentle love to each other and then rested. We were snuggled up naked and kissing when the door opened and my dad walked in.
   We had been in too big a hurry to remember to lock the door to the bathroom and evidently my dad had checked on Joey and intended to check on us as well, but what he got was more than he bargained for.
   We pulled apart and tried to cover ourselves but we were both hard and the room must've smelled of our sex and there was no way anyone could've misread the evidence. He looked at us as if he were in a trance then just turned and walked out without saying a word.
    I jumped up and started crying as I mindlessly pulled on underwear  as Buster just laid there no doubt waiting for the end. I was dressed in a minute flat but I didn't know what to do or where to go. I wanted to run away, but where would I go and what would I do? I was 12 years old and totally dependent on my parents for everything.  And what about Buster? Was my dad calling his dad even as I sat there crying my eyes out? Would this be the last time we ever saw each other again? If so I didn't want to live. For the first time in my life I considered suicide and if I had had more nerve and a way to do it I might not be writing this right now.
    Buster eventually got up and put on underwear and moved to one of he video chairs in front of the TV. It had been almost 15 minutes since my dad discovered our sin and neither of us had spoken a word. Call it shock or call it survival but we just couldn't verbalize the panic and fear we both felt right then.
    Finally, about five minutes later there was a knock on my door and unable to speak I got up and unlocked the door and opened it. It was my mom and she had been crying.
    "Sweetheart, your father and I would like to talk to you in our room. Buster please stay here, okay?"
    Buster seemed to be in a trance but he nodded and I allowed my mother to lead me to my doom. I loved her so much at that moment and hated that I had let her down and ruined all our lives. I was just grateful that Joey had been sick and not involved and he could live a normal life no matter what they did to me. I guessed I'd be put into therapy or maybe sent away, but I didn't really care, it was over and I knew there would be no more happiness in my life.
    My dad looked as if he had been crying too, or maybe he was just sad from knowing his son was a faggot. He didn't look at me when I walked in but when my mom had me sit down on the bed he got up and stood in front of me. My first thought was that he was going to hit me, I mean he had every right and I deserved to be punished for being the sick little faggot that I was, but he didn't even move his hands from his side the whole time.
    "Dommie," my mother said, and I could hear the love in her voice even if I wasn't worthy of it, "Your father and I have been talking, and we think it's time we talk about some things  that we have suspected for some time."
    I nodded, I knew what she meant but I didn't know she had been on to us. I guess it was stupid of us to thing we were invisible in a world run by adults.
   "I have known for awhile that you and Buster were....well, closer than most boys your age," she said sighing, "but I guess I didn't really want to know too much or make you feel uncomfortable about your feelings."   
    It almost sounded like she understood, or at least wasn't mad. I scooted forward and paid better attention to what she said next.
    "Your father wants to say a few things then I will say a few things and then we want to talk to Buster and you together. Is that alright?"
     Why was she asking my permission to punish me? It was all too weird and almost unreal. It was like some horrible nitemare and soon I would wake up and find Joey or Buster next to me and it would be okay again. Only I wasn't dreaming this time.
        I nodded and for the first time since I entered the room my dad looked at me. Our eyes met and I broke down and started bawling like a baby. My mom came and sat beside me and held me gently while I cried and when I got it under control I looked him in the eyes and prepared to accept my fate. I had killed the love my dad had for me by loving another boy and he would never forgive me.
     "Dommie, son....I love you more than you can ever know," he began. Well, maybe I was wrong, maybe I hadn't killed his love after all. "I can't say I understand exactly what is going on between you and Buster. I mean, I know boys are curious at your age, I was and messed around some with my buds, but it was never.....romantic or intense and we went on to girls as we got older and got the opportunities."
     I found I couldn't look him in the eye any longer and I looked down at my feet and almost laughed. It was so ironic, feet got me into this to begin with. My love for Joey's feet led to other things and now look where it had gotten me.
  "I want to know son....are you gay, or just experimenting?" he asked sounding embarrassed.
    I couldn't lie, I had come too far to back out now and to deny my feelings for Buster just wasn't something I could do. Suddenly I was angry, angry for living in a world where you had to hide your feeling and be someone you weren't, and angry at myself for getting caught.
    "I'm not experimenting," I said bravely, my chin only quivering a little, "I love Buster and I'm gay. I know you think I'm too young to know what I feel but I know what I feel and it's real. I know you probably hate me because I'm a faggot and I can't blame you if you disown me or send me away or whatever." I couldn't go on, my anger was gone and I was crying again as I considered my fate.
    My dad came to me and knelt down in front of me and pulled me to him and we both cried then. When he got his under control he said simply, "I could never hate you Dommie, you are my son and I love you with all my heart. And if you are gay then that is that. I will never make you feel bad about  that again. As for your love for Buster, it was the first real clue that we had about your sexuality. I recognized the looks you gave each other as the kind your mother and I used to exchange when we were younger. I don't know what's next, but I promise you , you aren't being sent away or being sent to a shrink.  This is the new millennium and being gay is not a big deal like it used to be. I won't promise you it will always be easy but as far as your family is concerned, we love you and support you no matter what."
    My mom started then with more of the same only she admitted that since she did  my sheets that she had a heads up long before dad did. She said at first she thought it was just me being careless but when the mess became doubled and on both sides of the bed she figured it out. I was red faced as she told me all this but she kissed my nose and hugged me and said she understood more about boys than most moms since she had been in nursing at one time in her life and there was nothing to be embarrassed about.
    What comes next? I wondered and they soon told me.
    "We want to talk to the two of you about this....about your relationship and sex." my mom said causing me to blush again.
    "If Buster was a girl," she said and I sort of giggled, "we would tell you that you are too young to have sex, but with a girl we would worry about pregnancy and such and it's much more complex. Truthfully, I think you are a bit too young to understand the implications of sex and a relationship, but......the problem have already experienced both and like it or not there is nothing we can do about that. We would be heartless and uncaring parents if we tried to keep you two apart and anyway, we love Buster too in our own way and don't want him to be hurt either.'s the deal:  your dad and I have decided on a don't ask, don't tell sort of compromise. Do you know what I'm saying?"
    I knew the military had that, it meant don't tell anyone you're gay and we won't ask, but they already knew I was gay.
    "What you and Buster do behind closed and locked doors is between you two from now on.  And...I don't want Joey to know anything about this either, do you understand me?" she said sounding irritated for the first time. I wondered if she'd be so understanding if she knew Joey and I had been messing around.
    I nodded, "Are you....gonna tell Buster's folks?"  I had to know if he was going to get in trouble even if I hadn't.
    My mom looked at my dad and they both seemed to agree, "No, I am not going to tell tales to other parents. Now, mind you I think they should know...eventually, but it should be him who tells them, don't you agree?"
    I nodded, boy this was going great. Not only did my folks still love me, but they were practically giving us their permission to fool around.
    "So all that's left is to talk to him and explain what we've told you already. So why don't you go get him and we'll get this over with and get some sleep."
    When I went to get Buster I couldn't find him. I checked the bathroom then Joey's room but he was sleeping peacefully and I didn't wake him. I finally found him outside sitting on the patio and he hadn't even bothered to get dressed. He was just sitting there in his underwear and staring out into the yard. My dog Yoshi was laying at his feet as if to comfort him and looked up at me and whined as if he knew what had happened.
    I knelt down and put my hand on Buster's legs and said gently, "It's okay, they're cool with it and they aren't gonna tell your folks what happened. They want to talk to you, that's all, the two of us together, then it'll be cool. I promise."
     I finally managed to get him up and moving and into my rents room and I sat him down on their bed and sat beside him. I don't know where I got the courage to do it but I reached over and held his hand the whole time they talked to us and when he started crying I held him as my mom had held me and my folks seemed to accept that as proof of our love.
      When it was over I took Buster back to my room and we climbed into bed and talked quietly until we fell asleep. We didn't do anything but snuggle, I guess even though we had the green light to have sex it was still a little weird being found out and it would take time to sort things out.
     His mom picked him up around noon cause he had a dentist's appointment at one and we said our goodbyes at the door. Just to prove that everything would be alright I hugged him and he let me though he didn't hug me back. I tried to understand but it hurt a little. Would he still feel the same about us now that the truth was out, or would it push him away? I worried about it, but I believed if we could just get through this, we could get through anything.
    Joey knew something was up, but this was another secret I would keep from him until much later when things were better. Meanwhile I was keeping my hands off my little brother and I knew that was not only going to be hard to do, but would probably hurt his feeling as well, but for now there wasn't any other way. It wasn't my fault that I was like I was, but I could learn to control my urges better and starting with my urges about my little bro was the first step.

End Chapters 11-12
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