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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 13
The Aftermath 
                 I know I should've been happy that my parents took the news so well and basically gave us their blessings, but the truth was after it all sank in I was a little embarrassed and self-conscious. It was one thing to have sex with Buster and keep it a secret and quiet another to know my parents knew about it. I had a hard time with Joey too. I mean the poor kid just couldn't understand why suddenly I didn't want to fool around any more. I lied and said Buster and I had decided to be exclusive and then I had to explain what that meant and he cried. Imagine how I felt, I loved my little bro more than life itself and would die for him, but I couldn't tell him the ugly truth. I cried too and for two whole days he wouldn't even talk to me. But if you think that was bad, there is more.
          I didn't hear from Buster for three days after that night and I was worried. When I called his house the first time his mom said he wasn't feeling well and was asleep. The second time she said he was with his dad. The third time I called she said he was at a friend's house and I gave up after that. I think my mom knew what was going on, but I only knew I was hurt and sure I'd lost him forever.
      I moped around the rest of the week, laying in bed and fingering that silly friendship bracelet on my ankle and wondering if Buster still had his or if he had thrown it away with his love. Joey finally started talking to me about Thursday of that week but he was still hurt and it showed in the way he talked and treated me. I was one very miserable little gay boy and I wondered what had gone wrong. I'd always heard to be careful what you asked for because you might get it, but didn't know what it meant until I got acceptance from my folks and lost Buster. 
        I didn't know what to do, Buster wouldn't return my calls and in a few days we'd be going back to school and I didn't know how I would survive seeing him everyday if it was over. I finally made up my mind that I would force him to see me and tell me face to face that it was over so I could get some closure and move on. I planned my move for that Saturday and I had it all worked out in my head. I would ask permission to go to the park and shoot hoops only I'd really ride to Buster's and force my way into his house no matter what lame ass excuse his mom came up with and see him one last time.
        I lay awake all night Friday working the plan over in my head and imagining all the different things that could happen and when morning came I was a ragged bundle of nerves. I dressed and ate a bowl of cereal and when my mom came down to fix breakfast I asked her if I could go to Buster's. I told her I needed to see him and I teared up a little and she hugged me and told me she understood and she had expected me to go see him a lot sooner than this. I'm glad I didn't lie about the park and shooting hoops cause now I had someone on my side and I knew without a doubt that my mom would help me in any way she could.
        I dried my eyes and pulled myself together and left her to fix breakfast for dad and Joey and went out to the garage and got my bike. I was in a fog as I pedaled off to Buster's and my stomach ached and I was a frigging case of nerves. I knew I had to do this, but I wasn't sure I was strong enough to pull it off. After all Buster had been the strong one and now I was left alone to sink or swim.
        The ride usually took me about 20 minutes but it seemed like hours since I had left my home and as I rode up in front of Buster's I noticed I had tears in my eyes. I wiped them on the sleeve of my sweatshirt and just sat there in his driveway for a minute trying to work up the nerve to knock on his door. As it turned out I didn't need to. His bedroom window looks out over the driveway and I guess he must've seen me ride up because after a few minutes he came out the front door.  He was wearing jeans and a long sleeved flannel shirt that I had never seen before, and a pair of flip flops that looked totally ridiculous with his outfit. I felt a lump form in my throat and I was sure if he spoke to me I would start bawling like the little girl that I am, but when he reached me he just looked at me sadly and didn't say a word.
         All the clever and meaningful things I had planned to say flew right out of my head and I just sat there on my bike with my feet touching the driveway where we'd shot hoops and rode skateboards a million times  without saying a word. If he hadn't spoken first I'm not sure I would have ever found my voice, but when he did, the dam broke.
         "Hey, long time no see." He said as if nothing had happened.
      Suddenly all the fear and anger welled up in me and I let him have it, "Yeah,'s not because I didn't try. First you're sick, then you're with your dad or asleep or at a friend's. What friend?...I thought I was your best friend. What happened to that or don't I matter any more? Is it over Buster?  Cause if it is....I need to know...I need to know so I can crawl in a hole somewhere and die." I said finally breaking down. Tears blinded me and I was a total mess.
         "Hey, don't...please...." he said touching my handlebars but not me.
         I shook my head, unable to speak. Tears and snot were running down my face and I must've been a real sight to see at that moment. I wanted to just ride off and find someplace to hide until I could pull myself together but I was frozen, unable to move or speak. I just sat there and blubbered like the little bitch that I was and eventually Buster had had enough and he slapped me.
        Yeah, he slapped me, but looking back on it, it was the best thing he could've done at that moment. He told me later that it hurt him more than it hurt me, and I knew what he meant, but at that moment it felt as if he had taken my head off. I stopped crying immediately, a result of the shock I guess, and my sadness turned to anger. I threw my bike down and jumped him before he could react and had him on the ground before he knew what had happened. I grabbed his head and banged it against the ground a couple of times and he had a dazed look on his face. I screamed obscenities at him as I held his shoulders and shook him and  if his folks had been at home that day this little tale might have had a totally different ending.
       When I ran out of ranting and rage, I stood up kicked him in the butt and grabbed my bike. If he hadn't jumped me from behind and pulled me to the ground I would've been half way home, but as it was I found myself under him as he pinned me, his face only inches from mine as he read me the riot act.
        "Look, Dommie....It's not over....I swear I was gonna call you today. I just needed some time. It's kind of weird your folks knowing and ....well, I just freaked, okay. But I still love you....I'll always love you and I want to be with you, but I don't know if I know, be with you at your house anymore. I'm sorry that I hurt you...I was a jerk...I should've called you or talked to you...I just freaked."
         He took a deep breath and calmed down a little and rolled off of me and sat on the grass with his arms locked around his knees and his chin down, "I don't blame you if you're mad, but I know you love me," he said grinning, "and we can make it work somehow, I just need time, okay?" he said his voice quivering and tears in his eyes.
          I was over the mad and over the sad and over the rainbow with relief and love. I looked into his eyes and smiled and he smiled back and just like that it was okay again. I stood up and brushed the grass off my ass and reached my hand out to help him up. I'm sure if the neighbors were watching they thought it was just two boys being boys, but if they could've heard our conversation they probably would've called social services.
       "My folks went shopping and out to a movie and they won't be back till late, wanna come in?" he asked shyly.
          I shrugged, "You sure?"
       "Yeah, I'm sure. We...don't have to do anything if you don't want to, but...." he looked down at his bare feet, he had lost his flip flops in the melee, and looked so adorably shy, "I've missed you a lot and I'm soooo horny," he said looking up and grinning.
          I smiled and cuffed him on the shoulder, "Let's go. I missed you too, dork and I'm twice as horny. I may kill you in the process but I intend to ball your brains out."
         "What a way to die," he said putting an arm around my shoulders and leading me toward the house.
        Even though I had been in his house a hundred times and spent I don't know how many nights there, it seemed strange as we walked in and he dragged me up to his room. As soon as we were in the door, he started ripping off his clothes and I took the hint and started stripping mine off too. He hadn't even bothered to put his flip flops back on and they were somewhere out there on the lawn and his feet were cold and a little dusty, but I didn't care. As soon as we were naked I pushed him onto the bed and fell on top of him. I rammed my tongue down his throat and didn't come up for air until we had tasted each other's tonsils. Our hands were like little animals, roaming all over each other's bodies and making us shiver with delight.
       "I love you," he whispered as he nibbled on my ear and sent cold chills up and down my spine.
         "I love you more," I said giggling.
         He sighed and as I slipped down his body and licked his nipples. They were hard and rubbery in my mouth and I teased them with my teeth, but just enough to drive him crazy before I moved down to his cute tummy. I blew bubbles in his belly button and I realized how much I had missed this simple intimacy. I loved him more than I could express at that moment and I felt tears forming in my eyes as I moved on down to take him in my mouth. My tears were soon forgotten as I devoured his boyhood and tasted that taste that to this day excites and satisfies me like nothing else can. I guess you could say we were soul mates, even though we were young and the world wouldn't admit it, and that we were meant to be together and we had come through our first real trial with our love in tact.
        I had him moaning and ripping at the sheets as I sucked and licked and gently made love to his hard boy cock and when he came he cried out my name and I knew he was mine forever. I held him in my mouth for a long time and he never went soft and when I moved up to lay beside him he pulled me on top of him and raised his legs and guided me into his hot waiting hole.
         It felt familiar and comforting to gently make love to him and I made it last a long time, nuzzling his neck and kissing him as we enjoyed the experience. When I came, to be fair, I cried out his name but it didn't seem silly or contrived and he took it for what it was, my declaration of love for him and my commitment to be his and his alone forever. We lay in each other's arms for the rest of the afternoon, kissing and cuddling and making love a second time, then we dressed and  he walked me to the door and we kissed one last time and he hugged me to him and whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry and I do love you, more than ever."
        "It's okay, I'm sorry too," I said grinning, "I should've had more faith in you. I won't ever make that mistake again."
       He nodded, "We just have to trust each other, that's all, and things will be fine. Hey, if your rents will let you maybe you can come back later and spend the night." he said looking shy once more.
         "I...I think it's too soon," I said even though I wanted nothing more than to spend a night in his arms.
         "Yeah, I guess you're right. Do...uh, do your folks look at ya weird now?" he said looking embarrassed.
       "Naw, in fact they've been really cool, but Joey is really upset.....I...told him we had decided that I couldn't fool around with him anymore. I didn't know what else to tell him. He is so hurt, he thinks I don't love him anymore." I said confessing my worst fears.
        "Aww, he'll get over it. He has Joe....and who knows, you may change your mind."
        "I...I don't think so, my mom would hate me if she knew....."
     "Yeah, I know, but he would never tell. And now that you know to be more careful..."
       I sighed, "I don't wanna talk about it right now. I better go. I...I love you, and today, what we did up there, it was awesome, better than ever," I said blushing.
      "Yeah, it was. I guess make up sex really is the best," he said laughing, " but seriously it was cause we love each other so much".  
        I nodded, near tears again. If I didn't go soon I'd be dragging him down on the carpet right there and ripping his clothes off. I hugged him and we kissed and he walked me to my bike and he promised to call me and say goodnight and my head was swimming with thoughts of him as I rode home that day. The trip home was a blur and when I got home mom was baking cookies and as soon as she saw that look of happiness on my face she smiled. She didn't ask, and I didn't tell, but I guess mom's just know these things and she loved me and was happy for me and I knew things would be okay again.
     We had a family night that night and mom fixed her famous meatloaf and we watched a movie and played Monopoly and Joey won and for a little while his pain seemed to go away and he treated me as he always had. I knew the next few days and weeks wouldn't be easy for either of us, but eventually things would work out and we'd be best friends again, just without the sex. I would miss his cute soft sexy feet but I had Buster and that was all I really needed and he had Joe and he would be okay.
      Buster called to say goodnight as promised, and we talked for almost an hour. I took a shower and went to bed happy, but still a little worried about Joey. I was surprised but relieved when later that night he crawled into bed with me and told me he loved me. I knew he still needed me and I still needed him, but he didn't try to start anything and I was glad of that. When I woke he was gone and I felt sort of sad. I felt his place and it was cold but I could smell his little boy scent on my pillow and I cried a little as if I had lost him forever. I was such a mess sometimes. I went back to sleep and didn't wake up till I smelled the Heavenly scent of bacon and waffles and I wiped the dried tears and sleep from my eyes and hopped out of bed to face the world once more.

Chapter 14
Things work out at last

                     Back at school things sort of got back to normal. Buster still felt a little weird about being around my folks and it took a while to get over that, but I spent the night at his place as often as we thought was wise and always had a good time. The tension between Joey and me eased up some and he spent a lot of time with Joe and once or twice Joe even spent the night at our place, but I was careful not to get myself into situations that might lead to sex. Joe took me aside the first time he stayed over and we had a long talk and he told me he understood where I was coming from, but that I was hurting Joey by cutting him off and that he didn't know if the kid could stand it much longer. That really hit home and I did a lot of thinking about things after that. I still wasn't ready to go back to the way things were, but I was weakening and I figured it was just a matter of time before I caved.
          Cody and Kenny knew something was up with us but we didn't tell them about it right away. It was at a school dance that we finally told them. We felt a little weird going to a school dance stag, but we weren't alone. Lots of guys went solo, although most were hoping to find girls there, most just stood around and shot the bull and dreamed. We had a great time though and even danced a few dances with some cute girls. See, even though we were gay we were still cute boys and the girls liked So after that dance we were more popular than ever with both the boys and the girls.
         Anyway it was outside while sitting on a wall and drinking punch that Cody asked us what was going on. We didn't pretend not to know what he was talking about and we told them the whole story while they just sat and stared at us with looks of horror in their eyes. When we had finished telling our story, they both had a lot of questions and we answered them as honestly as possible. Cody said he was sorry it had happened to us and that now he would be twice as careful when him and Kenny were together so it wouldn't happen to them, because he was pretty sure his folks would just kill him and hide the body if they caught him messing with another boy. We sort of laughed nervously at that, but I wasn't entirely sure he was kidding.
         We all went in after that and Cody and Kenny went off to the bathroom and didn't come back for a long time and me and Buster figured they were getting busy in there, but we were too paranoid to try it ourselves. Since it was a school night there was no staying over and Buster's folks picked us up and dropped us kids off before taking Buster home. At school the next day Cody invited me and Buster to his birthday party. Yeah, I know it seems like there are a lot of birthdays, but all of us had one and they were all at different times and we were all tight so naturally we invited each other to our parties.
          Cody's birthday party was on a Saturday and we were all pumped about it. Even Joey and Joe were invited since Joe had been so cool about inviting Cody and Kenny to his party, and I was glad my little bro wasn't gonna be left out. There was a sleepover afterwards but only Kenny and a kid named Brian were staying over. We didn't hold it against Cody, we knew his folks weren't quite as cool as Joe's or ours were and that kid Brian was Cody's cousin, but not the one he had told us about when we first met him.
          But we had a really good time and Cody's folks pretty much left us alone after the cake and ice cream part was over and by six o'clock it was pretty much just us main group of friends and Cody's cousin Brian. Brian seemed like a pretty nice kid but was younger than all of us. He was only nine and seemed a little immature for his age. He was a cute kid though with big brown eyes and a sweet smile and I liked him right off the bat. He seemed to take to me too and Buster kidded me about robbing the cradle and stuff and I cuffed him and told him to get his mind out of the gutter. I think the kid just felt sort of lonely and out of place and needed someone to make him feel welcome. I mean it's not like Cody was mean to him or rude, but let's face it, all he could see was Kenny when they were together and I wondered if his parents were really as blind and stupid as he thought they were.
        Joey and Joe were nice to Brian too, but they were nice to everyone and Brian didn't seem to take to them as well as he did to me. He followed me around like a puppy, but I didn't mind as long as Buster didn't and he was cool with it. It wasn't like me and Buster were going to sneak off and have sex, even though we wanted, so it was no big deal to let the kid hang with us. Once when he went off to use the bathroom Cody came over and apologized for Brian bothering us and we told him it was cool and not to worry, to just enjoy his time with Kenny. He thanked us and ran off to see what Kenny was doing and we didn't see much of  the two of them  the rest of the party.
         My mom picked us up about 8 and Buster was really quiet around her at first. Then she pulled the van over on the side of the road and had a talk with him. I was amazed at what she was doing, but that was my mom.
         "Buster, have got to get over this thing. When you're around us you act like someone died. We don't hate you or blame you for anything and we want you to be comfortable around us. We love you like our own son and you are always welcome in our home. I know it is a little uncomfortable and maybe a little weird but I promise you we won't treat you any differently than we did before."
         I was shocked to see Buster was crying and Joey was patting him gently and that almost made me cry. My mom gave him a minute to pull himself together and then she said, "You are going to spend the night at our house tonight. I have already asked your parents and they approved. I promise you no one will treat you any differently than we did before all this business, you are just going to have to trust me on that one." She let that sink in then she said, " Do you want to spend the night?"
       He nodded and wiped his eyes and then smiled sadly, "You guys are the greatest. I'm sorry.....I should've believed you before. I promise I won't act that way any more, okay?"
      My mom smiled and reached back and managed to snag Buster's hand and she rubbed it gently, "Welcome back sweetie."
       Then she let go of his hand, started the van, and drove us home. We were grinning all the way to my house and I felt like things were finally gonna be okay. Joey seemed happy too and it suddenly occurred to me that mom had just made this terrific speech in front of Joey who was supposed to be ignorant of the whole affair. Did she know I had told him, or had she felt he needed to know and told him herself? I would certainly have to ask him about it later.
        My dad was watching football when we came in and Buster asked him who was playing and before I knew it he was piled down next to my dad on the couch watching the game. I hate football and Joey prefers baseball so we went off to help mom fix dinner and let them re-bond. I was a little nervous about leaving Buster in there alone with my dad, but I loved and trusted them both and I knew things would work out just fine. We helped mom ice some cookies and she fixed her famous meatloaf and things seemed just like old times.
       We ate dinner like we were one big happy family and Buster seemed to finally accept that my parents meant what they had said. Joey was a little clown all during dinner and mom was giggling at all his jokes and I could see the love in her eyes. He was still her favorite but I didn't care, I knew she loved me and after all I was dad's favorite and even my being gay hadn't changed that.
      After dinner my parents insisted on cleaning up the mess and sent us boys off to watch a movie or play video games. We started out in the family room but eventually moved up to my room and Joey and Buster played PS2 while I took a shower. Afterwards Joey went in and took a bath and Buster and I groped each other and kissed but didn't risk any more right then. There would be plenty of private time later.
        That night was something wonderful for me and Buster. Even though he was still a little self conscious about being around my parents, once the bedroom door was locked he was his old self. Joey knew how important it was for us to have our time together and he left us about 10 o'clock and we didn't see him again till morning. He gave us both a big hug and I kissed him on the lips and whispered in his ear, "Thanks little bro. I love you." He was all smiles as he left and I knew things were finally going to be okay between us again.
        I think that night we got maybe two hours of sleep. It was about eleven or so by the time we finally settled into my bed and the fireworks began a minute later. It's a good thing we were both healthy and strong cause otherwise we might not have made it through the I mean we had sex like four times in every way you can imagine and only quit cause we basically passed out.
        As soon as the light was out I was on top of Buster kissing him as I slid my body down his and our boners rubbed together. I tasted his toothpaste breath and he thrust his tongue into my mouth as far as it would go. I have always loved kissing Buster but that night it was as if I had just discovered my love for kissing for the first time. I couldn't get enough of his lips and even though I wanted to move on down and taste the rest of him, I kept on kissing him for a long time.
        When I finally unlocked my lips from his I slid down to his neck and for the first time since we met, I gave him a hickey. I made sure it would be below his neckline so no one would see, but it was a good one the next day and we laughed about it. I sucked his nipples like I always do and he went nuts as I nibbled on them. I could feel the wetness of our pre-cum all over our pubes and stomach and that drove me crazy. I slid down a little further and licked his tummy and traced a path down to his belly button. It tasted salty and good and I licked it for a long time as he moaned softly. He told me the next day that it was hard not to be loud, but he was afraid my rents would hear him, so he kept the noise down.
        His cock was right there below my chin, hard and throbbing and I could smell the sexy musky smell it was giving off and it was all I could do not to swallow it down right then, but I hadn't waited this long to end things so soon. I wanted all of him for as long as we could stand the wait. I moved down to his balls and licked them as he moaned and ran his fingers through  my hair. His balls were awesome, all smooth and full of Buster Juice and they had a unique taste of their own. I had worked up to the point where I could hold both of them in my mouth at once even though it was a mouthful and when I did that he always went
        His nuts have a unique taste, different than the rest of him and it drove me crazy with lust. I finally managed to pry myself off of his nuts and gave them one last lick before I ran my tongue down his leg all the way to his feet. I smiled when I saw that little braided ankle bracelet that meant so much to us both. I fingered my matching one as I kissed his ankle and I felt so much love I couldn't stand it.
        I had been thinking about his feet a lot lately. Now that Joey's feet were off limits I needed a foot fix and Buster's feet might not be as small and soft and cute as my little bro's but they were pretty awesome and I went after them like a Rottweiler on a pork chop. He wasn't as used to that sort of stuff as Joey was, but he liked it, not because it especially felt good for him, but because of the effect it had on me.
        I licked the bottoms of his feet and he sort of shivered but didn't pull away event though I knew it must've tickled and when I started sucking his toes he relaxed a little and laid back and really started to enjoy it. I could see his boner throbbing and calling my name, but it would just have to wait till I got my oral toe fix. I made a pig of myself that night and didn't let up till every inch of his feet and all his toes were serviced.
        Finally it was time for the good stuff, the prize, the hot dog express. I climbed up his body like Tarzan on a grapevine and grabbed his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. He let out a little yelp and then sighed as I went down on him. His cock tasted so good, it was like a meal to a starving man, and I couldn't get enough. I used my tongue to lap up all the pre-cum and it tasted extra good that night. I had had sex with Buster many times before that night, but for some reason everything we did that night seemed better and lasted longer and I felt like I could've sucked his beautiful cock all night long.
        Unfortunately, Buster couldn't hold out that long. I mean he tried to hold off as long as he could, but he was feeling things just as intensely as I was and before too long he was squirming and thrusting and then he began to erupt. The first volley caught me off guard and slid down my throat untasted, but I was ready for the next one and caught it on my tongue and savored the unique flavor. The next one was weaker but actually tasted stronger then the last one and I held it in my mouth and enjoyed the flavor before swallowing it down. He dribbled a little after that and I managed to get a little more than just held him in my mouth till he began to go soft. I pulled off and planted a big sloppy kiss on the head of his cock before moving up to lay beside him.
        Buster's eyes were closed and  he was breathing heavily and as I laid my hand on his chest I could feel his heart beating fast, like a little bird in his chest. I kissed his cheek and let him rest a little while but it was him who started the next chapter of our love story that night.
        He rolled into me and kissed me on the lips and when he pulled away he held my bottom lip between his teeth and stretched it out a little before letting it snap back. He giggled and stuck his tongue in my ear then whispered, "Fuck me lover boy. Fuck me hard and make me yours."
        If you think I was horny before, once I heard his dirty talk I was shaking with lust for him. I mounted him as he lay on his back with his legs raised high, using only spit and the gallon or so of pre-cum my dick was leaking and I sank right in. His guts felt extra hot and silky smooth and they hugged me like a comfortable pair of undies. I sighed as I sank in and just lay there for a while letting my senses flow out to that part of me inside my lover and marveling at the feeling.
        When I started moving it was like little electric shocks traveling through my body. I moved slowly at first like I usually did, but as the feeling built I began to move faster and faster. He continued to talk dirty the whole time I was inside him, moving faster and faster, my balls slapping against his ass, his legs high over my shoulder as he grunted and talked dirty to me and soon I was near the edge of no return.
       I fell down on him buried deep inside him and just lay there unmoving till the feeling passed before I started up again. I managed to hold out a good fifteen minutes longer by doing this but this time when the feeling came, I rode the wave to the end. I cried out as I came and I didn't care who heard me. I was doing more than just getting my nut, I was claiming something that was mine. If Buster had been a girl he would have not doubt been impregnated at that moment, but instead my seed merely marked him as mine.
        I kissed him as I began to come and his tongue met mine in combat, I was vaguely aware of a wetness between us and realized he had come again just from being fucked. I have never been able to achieve that particular feat, but Buster was able to do it many times during those crazy wonderful years of our sexual antics and occasionally even today.
        Eventually I managed to pull out and untwine myself from Buster's body and I fell down beside him once more to kiss and cuddle till the next session. The night was ours and our love was like something new, or at least something treasured that had been refound.  We didn't know what tomorrow or the next day or the next would bring, but for now everything was alright in our little world.
        We made love again and again that night and each time seemed just as fresh and wonderful as the last. We showered half way through because of the mess and the second half of night of sex was strictly oral. A fabulous sixty nine and separate beejays crowned the evening and then we passed out still wrapped up in each other and didn't wake till late the next morning.
        Buster was fine the next day and able to look my folks in the eye despite defiling their little boy over and over the night before, lol, and I knew he had finally accepted that things would be fine despite what had happened that fateful night after our DL vacation.
        We spent the next day just doing boy stuff with my little brother. We rode our bikes to the park, Buster pumping Joey on his bike, and we shot hoops and lay in the grass and talked and looked up at the clouds and saw shapes there and shared our love with one another. There would be many days like that one in our lives but that day stands out in my mind because of the simplicity and innocence of it. I loved Buster and I loved my little brother and life was good. I had finally accepted who I was and the great thing was, so had my folks. So many kids weren't that lucky and you read about some kid everyday killing themselves because they were gay and felt alone and hated. Being gay wasn't something I would have chosen, but it was how I was, and I could learn to live with it as long as I had people around me who loved me and understood me. People like my folks and my family, good friend like Joe and Cody and Kenny. We were lucky kids to have found each other when we were discovering our sexuality and hopefully we'd be together long enough to make it to the end of that discovery.

End Chapters 13-14

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