My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 15
 New Neighbors and More Trouble

           Just when things seemed to be going great once again, something happened that almost ended everything for Buster and me. Since Buster and I lived in the same neighborhood we pretty much knew every kid who lived there, including Cody of course who had just moved there that year. There were probably a dozen or so kids that either went to Joey's school or mine and of course a few older kids who went to High School. I didn't know a lot of the older kids except the ones that had brothers or sisters that I knew from school, and there were always kids coming and going as people moved.
       For as long as I could remember the house next door had belonged to an older couple named the Bryants. They were pretty cool with most of the kids in the neighborhood and especially nice to me and Joey. Every year at Christmas they bought us neat stuff and Mrs. Bryant always made fudge and Christmas cookies and gave them to us. She said she couldn't always be around her own grandkids because they lived so far away and I guess she sort of adopted us as her grandkids in the meanwhile.
         The first I heard about them moving was when I saw a For Sale sign in their yard. I was kind of upset, I mean it wasn't just the presents or the goodies, I really liked the Bryants and would miss them if they moved. I asked my mom about it and she said they were moving to Florida to be closer to their kids and grandkids because Mr. Bryant had finally retired. After I got over the shock I began to wonder who our new neighbors would be.   
        My bedroom window faced the Bryant's house and right across from my window, not 15 feet away was the window of one of their bedrooms. Fortunately, the Bryant's used the room for storage and hardly ever went in there, but if someone new moved in and used that bedroom I would have to be careful about keeping my shades drawn and stuff. I know that's crazy stuff to worry about, but that was the first thing I thought about when I realized we'd be getting new neighbors soon.
      It didn't take long for the Bryant's to sell the house, ours was a good neighborhood close to schools and shopping...blah,, and as soon as they got a buyer they made the move. The house was only empty for about a week and then one day when I got home from school here was this moving van and two strange cars in the driveway and people running back and forth taking stuff in. I looked for any signs of kids, but all I saw were adults that day and was a little disappointed, cause as a kid, I was always looking for new friends, especially ones close by.
       The next day I hurried home from school cause I really needed to fap. I had been horny all day but Buster and me couldn't slip away in 6th hour but on the bus on the way home we had pawed each other and gotten even hornier and made a pact to go home and think of one another as we beat off. I know it sounds stupid and childish, but we were after all still kids in most ways.
       I went straight to my room and began stripping off my clothes and was down to my undies when I noticed my mom must've left my shades up and my window open. Probably airing the room out cause it gets a little gamy from what she calls "wild boy smells". I didn't think too much about it because I was so used to the Bryant's living next door and not using that room across from me so I just stripped off my undies and fell on my bed. My hand went straight to my boner and I started fapping like crazy. I cold feel the cool air coming in through the window and it felt great. I closed my eyes and imagined I was doing a 69 with Buster and that got me really hot. I was fapping like crazy when I had this sudden feeling that I was being watched. Of course my first thought was Joey must be home, but I hadn't heard him come in and usually he didn't creep around, he'd yell before coming in or at least make some noise.
      My bed is just across from the window and I can look straight out it and see the window of the house next door and when I did I saw someone standing at the window peeking through the curtains. They were different curtains than the Bryant's had and it suddenly occurred to me that one of the new people next door must be using that room and they had just got an eyeful of their perverted neighbor boy pulling his pud. I was panic stricken at first, then I thought to myself, They're the perverts, watching a kid jerk off is sick....
Just the same I didn't want anyone spying on me or telling my folks what they saw, so I fell to the floor and eased around the window out of sight and pulled the shades down. The wind kept blowing them in and out so I finally had to shut the window too. Then just as I was about to hit the bed and start over, Joey came breezing in and he took one look at me and started ripping off his clothes.
      I laughed at the funny look he had on his face, sometimes he was such a clown, but I was glad he was there and I welcomed him into my bed. Of course we were careful to lock both doors and keep it down just in case mom came home early but we had fun anyway.
     That day like I said I was really horny and I couldn't wait to get after my little bro's feet. They were a little sweaty, but they never ever smelled bad no matter how much he'd been walking or whatever and all I did was brush them off before I started sucking and licking them. I considered rubbing off on his feet but Joey sort of begged me to fuck him so that sounded great and I went for it. But not before I sucked him dry as I rubbed his little balls and when he came he shot a pretty big load. His comes had started getting stronger and wetter and he was actually starting to get a little fuzz down there. He was just so cute it was almost more than I could stand.
      After I sucked him off I kissed him and let him taste his jizz, he always liked that, and then I pushed his little legs up and greased us both up and sunk my hard Dommie weenie in his cute behind. He is such a little character when he is having sex. He is playful and likes to kiss and hug a lot and though he is always serious about getting off and getting me off, he has fun too and that makes it fun for me. It didn't take me long till I was seriously in the groove and I didn't hold back. I plowed his little ass, my balls beating against his as I pumped in and out and I was making those stupid little grunting noises as I got closer and closer. Then almost without warning I began to unload and it was a gusher. There was so much jizz poor Joey had to go poop it out afterward so he wouldn't leak in his undies. I laid back on the bed exhausted while he did that and when he came back he laid some interesting news on me.  
        "Hey Dommie, guess what? The new people next door got kids about our age or maybe older. I saw a boy and a girl and the girl is pretty cute...well, so is the boy," he said blushing. Was my baby bro starting to like girls? I sure hoped so for his sake and my folks.
       "Cool...uh..."   I suddenly remembered the peeper and I told Joey about it and he giggled, covering his mouth with his hand and having a good laugh about it.
        "I just hope it wasn't the girl," I teased, cause once she seems little Dommie, there's not going back. She would never be satisfied with another guy again."
          "Paleeeeze;" he giggled, "It aint that big."
          "I didn't say it was, I'm talking about it's beauty and my perfect body."
"Well, you gots a nice one, but I don't think it was her. I think it was the boy cause I saw her in the bedroom downstairs, the one by the kitchen."
          "Oh, so you been spying too?" I teased.
        ", I just saw her, that's all.." he stammered. I really could've given him major grief over that, but he was so cute and I thought it was neat that he might like a girl...since I never would.
      I got dressed and a little later mom came home, then dad and we had dinner and I went up to do my homework. For some reason I went to the window and looked out and there was a light on in the bedroom next door. I tried to see if anyone was looking out the window but I couldn't see anyone so I went back to my homework. When I finished it I decided to take my shower and stripped off my clothes and headed to the bathroom. Joey was downstairs with our folks and I took a long hot shower and it felt really good. I had forgotten my undies so after I dried off I went to dig a pair out of my dresser and caught a reflection of myself in the mirror on the back of my door. I was one sexy little gay boy. I don't mean to brag, but today looking back on how I looked then (and I have the pics to prove it) I was a good looking kid. I felt kind of horny again after seeing myself like that and I wondered what the boy or whoever next door thought when he (or she) looked at me.
      I was drawn to the window and I peeked out through the blinds and sure enough someone was standing at the window looking across at my window. This time the curtains were open and I could clearly see that it was a boy about my age or maybe a little older and he looked pretty cute, what I could see of him. I guess I was just feeling naughty or something because I decided to give him a peek of what I had just seen in the mirror.
Pretending I just needed some fresh air I raised the blinds and reached for the window. As soon as I did the boy darted from the window, the lights went out, and then he returned to the window only now I could just barely make out his form in the darkness. So, that's how you like it, I thought feeling mischievous. You wanna see me but you don't wanna let me see you. Well, get your binoculars because I'm puttin on a show tonight.
       I pretended to be having trouble with the window as I pressed myself against the glass letting my semi-hard dick slide down the glass leaving a little snail He wasn't even pretending to not to be watching, or he was so dumb he thought I couldn't see him because he wasn't missing a thing. I decided to give him a good look at the caboose too and after I finally...he the window up I turned around and showed him by back side. I considered shaking it or spreading my cheeks and winking the old brown eye at him, but I decided he'd seen enough for tonight and walked away from the window.
      I put on my undies  and slipped on a tee and went back over and shut the window. The boy next door was still watching even as I closed the blinds and I laughed at how naughty I had been. I didn't get that way often back then but that day I was full of
     I told Buster about the new neighbors and what I had done and he thought it was hilarious. He even suggested we give him a real show the next time he was over, but I told him I didn't think that would be smart considering what had happened with us and all and he agreed. Truth was I didn't want Buster involved in this neighbor thing. I wasn't sure why but later I'd figure it out all too clearly.
         I checked the window as soon as I got up to my room the next day but there was no action next door at the window, and I wondered if the kid was still at school or in transit. I knew he didn't go to my school cause I'm sure I would've seen him, but there were other schools nearby and even a few private ones. I didn't feel very horny so I skipped fapping and went down to fix myself a PBJ and a glass of Sunny D. It was pretty warm out and I decided to go out on the patio and finish my snack and as soon as I stepped trough the sliding patio door I saw the new neighbor kids in their backyard.
         Joey wasn't kidding the little girl was cute, very cute, even a gay boy like me could see that, but I didn't look at her very long because my attention was focused on her brother. At this distance I could see he was older than me but probably not more than one or two years. He was taller than me but sort of slender and he had  short brown hair and wore glasses like Harry Potter. I wondered why I hadn't noticed the glasses last night and decided it was too dark then to really tell if he had glasses on or not.
      Despite the glasses, he was drop dead gorgeous and sexy as hell. I know he doesn't sound sexy by my description, but trust me he oozed sexuality. As soon as they saw me they sort of gravitated to the fence separating our back yards and I didn't want to seem rude, so I started their way. I was still holding my PBJ and my glass of Sunny D and as I approached the fence I took a bite of the sandwich and a swig of SD.
         "Hi," the girl said showing dimples and pale blue eyes to go with her short pixyish blond hair.
   "Hi, I'm Dommie," I said smiling like an idiot as I stared at the boy wondering if he was as nervous as I was. I mean after all he had seen all of me last night as well as me fapping the day before.
          "I'm Amy and this is Jason, my brother.
         "Hi," Jason said smiling and exposing braces. I usually don't like how braces look on kids, but somehow they made Jason look sexier than ever.
     "So, welcome to the neighborhood you guys. I'm Dommie," I said grinning as if I were the official representative.
     "Thanks," Jason said then, "It's cool that we got someone our age next door....I mean close to our age anyway...I guess...." he said trailing off.
         "I'm 13, how old are you?"
"I'm 15, Amy is 12," Jason said grinning and I could see the fire in his eyes. As horny as Buster and I were all the time, I wondered what it felt like to be 15 and have all those teenage hormones working on you.
        "Cool," So you must go to the 9-10 Grade Center then, right?" Our junior high was split up 6-7-8 grades and 9-10 and finally High School for 11-12. The schools were close together but it explained why I hadn't seen Jason but not why I hadn't seen Amy. It turned out she hadn't actually started school yet but would next Monday.
        We chatted for about 20 minutes before Joey found us and he went straight up to the fence and started talking up Amy as if they were old friends. I could tell by the way Amy looked at my little bro that she thought he was cute and that she liked him right off the bat and it was obvious he felt the same. It was soooo cute.
         Jason and I got to talking about video games and systems and he said he just got a new XBox for his birthday and I should come over when they got settled and play it sometime. I said sure just let me know, and then mom got home and we had to go in and help her unload some groceries from the van.
        The next day was Thursday and Buster was spending the night on Friday so we were saving up and I didn't fap that day when I got home from school but I did go up to my room to change. I checked the shade first and it was up again and the window was open and it was sort of cold in my room. I already had my shirt off and as I walked over to close the window I looked across at the neighbor's house and came face to face with Jason. This time he didn't try to hide and he actually waved. I waved back and gave him my sexy smile and he flashed his braces at me and for some reason that was so hot I got an instant boner. God, what was happening to me? I had the greatest bf in the whole world and I was perving on Harry Potter next door.
           I closed the window but I left the shades alone and went back to changing clothes. I didn't try to hide but I didn't flaunt my body either. After all it was no big deal, just two guys and we both had the same equipment, and what difference did it make if he watched me change. It was just like at school in the locker room or the change room at the pool, except I wasn't getting totally naked...just stripping down to my undies and then putting on some old clothes. So then why was I so horned up about it? I tried not to think too much about it or what it meant so I hurried and got dressed. When I was finally dressed I glanced over at the window, but Jason was gone. I felt a little disappointed at first, then I got a grip on myself and went on down to have a snack.
       Joey came in a few minutes later and he was crying. I jumped down from the breakfast bar and went to him and gave him a hug, "What's wrong Joey?" I asked panicky. What if mom was hurt or dad.....or who knew what?
          "'s Joe. He..he...he told me he didn't want me anymore..." he blubbered.
          "What? Why? What happened?" I asked hugging him close.
          "It's because....because he...he....doesn't love me any more," he sobbed.
        "What? No, he still loves you. Did you two have a fight? He'll get over it...I promise. Don't worry little bro," I said soothingly.
          He shook his head and tears ran down his small cheeks, "Nope, he doesn't love me anymore and that's final," he said sucking in a deep breath, "I don't care. I don't love him no more either. He's a....a..." but he couldn't finish. Instead he collapsed into me and sobbed uncontrollably.
          I managed to get him upstairs, just in case mom came home early because I didn't want her to freak at seeing her baby crying and I sure didn't want her hearing the story of how Joe had dumped Joey. I took him to my room and sat him down on my bed and held him while he cried it out. Then he told me the whole story, only crying a little along the way.
          He told me that it had been going on for quite a while. That Joe had been messing with another boy at school but he kept telling Joey it was no big deal and that he had nothing to worry about. Since Joey went over to Joe's sometimes after school he actually saw the kid a few times and he said Joe sometimes took the kid to the pool house and left Joey to watch TV or play video games. My guts were crawling with worms as I thought about how much that must of hurt my baby brother and I wanted to march right over to Joe's and give him a black eye. I gritted my teeth and kept quiet until he got to the part where Joe told him it was over. He told Joey that him and the new kid, Brandon, had decided that they wanted to get serious and be boyfriends and that it had been fun with Joey but it never was serious. Never serious? I thought to myself as I got madder and madder. He took my baby bro's cherry and made him do everything under the sun for him. How serious did it have to be to be decent and not a jerk?
I had to put my anger away and help my little bro and the only way I could think of was to love him more than ever and let him know he was not going to face this alone. Boy, I couldn't wait to tell Buster, I was hoping he'd go over and kick Joe's black butt, but as I settle down a little I just couldn't hate Joe. He had been good to my little bro for a long time and cool with us and I just couldn't figure out what had gone wrong.
            Joey finally cried himself to sleep on my bed and I covered him up and went back to finish my snack. As I sat there eating my Pop Tarts and drinking milk I thought about what had happened to my little bro and it made me grateful I had Buster. Considering what had just happened to Joey, it is crazy what happened with me but that was a little later and I guess people forget.
           When mom got home I played it cool and when she asked about Joey I told her he was taking a nap and I'd go see if he was awake yet. I wanted to make sure he was all dried out before mom saw him because this was one thing she could never know about. I found him sitting up rubbing sleep from his eyes and he looked a little better. He managed a weak smile and I hugged him and kissed the top of his head. I hurt for him as much as if it had been me that got dumped, but I had to be strong for him.
           "You okay, bro?"  I asked gently.
         He nodded, "I don't care no more. I think I like girls now anyway," he said as calmly as if he had been talking about baseball or a video game and not his life.
            I smiled, "I saw how you  looked at Amy, do you like her little bro?" I said gently.
           His blush said it all and I hugged him again, "Way to go, little bro. I am so happy for you."
          " are?" he said, his voice a little shaky, "I thought you might be mad cause I liked girls."
           I sat down beside him and slipped an arm around him, "No way, I'm glad for you. Just cause I don't like girls that way doesn't mean I don't understand why boys do like them and......sometimes I wish...well, that I was, you know, straight and liked girls that way. It would be so much easier than this...but, that's how it is and I'm happy. And I'm happy for you. I think it's so cool."
         He seemed to relax a little and he smiled again, "I love you Dommie and I still want to do stuff with you, but I think I'll try girls now." he said simply.
        "Awesome, little bro. And you can tell me all about it. It will be so cool. You'll see."
      He gave me a quick hug and jumped up and went to the bathroom. I heard him peeing then the water running as he washed his face and hands and when he came back he looked fine. I always knew he got over stuff quickly, but this was a record even for him. Two hours after his breakup, Joey was already looking to replace him with a girl. I laughed out loud. Boy, life is really strange sometimes.

Chapter 16
One thing leads to another

               One thing led to another and before too long Jason and I became friends. First he invited me over to play video games on his XBox which was way cool and the next we were calling each other and talking for hours about all sorts of things. Eventually of course as usually happens when you're a horny kid, we got around to talking about sex. At first he was pretty shy about the subject. He admitted that he was a virgin and when I told him I was too, that caused him to open up a bit more. It was true of course, my being a virgin, at least with girls and I wasn't ready to admit that I was gay or had lots of experience with boys, so as far as he was concerned we were on equal footing.
         My first hint that he might have some interest in boy sex was one evening as we sat playing video games he admitted that he had been sort of turned on by watching me fap that first day. I turned beet red but I didn't deny anything, not even the little show I had given him the next night.
       "I didn't know who was watching me so I decided to give em a good show," I said trying to make things seem less gay just in case, "When I saw it was you, I figured it was like a know?"
      He shrugged and turned his attention back to the game for a minute before adding, "I think you have a great bod, by the way."
         I smiled but didn't say anything. He had just told me all I needed to know, now I just had to figure out what I wanted to do next. I felt sort of out of breath and I realized my heart was beating really fast and my palms were sweating. I hadn't been this nervous since I met Buster. Yeah, Buster....that certainly put a halt to what I was thinking. How could I even think about cheating on him with Jason? Truth was though, if I had told Buster about Jason and let him in on the thing, we probably would have both got to him. But for some reason I kept quiet about my budding friendship with Jason and of course my sexual feeling toward him.
        Maybe if Buster hadn't been a jerk and got himself grounded again for two weeks none of this would have happened, or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to do what I already knew I shouldn't. It was such a stupid thing that got him grounded and I was mad as hell because I was supposed to go over there that weekend and spend the night and I was super horny. He refused to talk about it at first, just said his folks were unreasonable and they hated him, then he finally told me his dad had asked him  to clean out the garage and he had told him he didn't have time. So...his dad said, "Well, since you don't have time we'll just ground you for two weeks and put your social life on hold and now you have plenty of time. So he had to clean out that damned garage and he got grounded for two weeks and that put an end to our sex for a while.
         I was so mad when I found out that I actually hit him. Oh, okay, not hard, but I did hit him and then I pouted the rest of the day and wouldn't even meet him in the bathroom 6th hour. He got mad at me then and on the bus ride home we didn't even talk, in fact, for the first time since we'd met we rode in different seats. I was too mad to care right then but later at home I felt a little hurt. I know it's crazy, I was the one who got mad and started that crap, but after all it was him who messed up our weekend.
        I was still mad when I got home and when Jason called and asked me if I wanted to come over, I said yes. I began to feel better as I changed and got ready to go and by the time I got to Jason's I wasn't mad anymore, but I was still horny. Being 13 and horny is dangerous stuff especially when you have just had a major fight with your boyfriend, but that's really no excuse for what happened next.
       Jason met me at the door and said his folks were still at work and Amy was at a friend's house and we had the place to ourselves. If I had thought about it I would have realized what he was really saying was, "We can do anything we want cause we're all alone". He asked me if I wanted a snack or something and he got us a Capri Sun and some chips and we headed up to his room. He told me he needed to change and I figured he was gonna go into the bathroom or something but when he sat down on his bed and started taking off his shoes I tried not to stare.
        I was curious of course, he'd seen my body but so far the most I'd seen of him was his chest when he took off his tee one day and now that I might actually get to see his undies and legs I was pretty excited. I started a game on XBox as I sat down beside him on the bed but managed to sneak a peek every so often. Turned out I didn't need to sneak though, cause suddenly Jason jumped up and started doing a strip tease right in front of the TV blocking my view anyway.
        He was laughing and goofing and he said, "This is payback for the show you gave me that night."
       My heart was thumping in my chest. Did he mean he was gonna show me as much as I showed him? Cause if he was I was all over that. Maybe if Buster and I hadn't had a fight and he'd been a better bf and not got grounded, I might not have wanted to see Jason naked so bad, or at least that's how I justified it then, but I knew it was wrong. Unfortunately I was young, horny, and undisciplined and I was thinking with my little head as I often did.
       By the time he got down to his undies, tighty whities by the way, I was hard as a rock and from the bulge in his CK's he wasn't far behind. He swirled around and I got a good look at his rear in those tight low cut undies and my cock throbbed. For a kid as slender as he was he had one hell of a nice ass, nice and round and just sticking out there and inviting someone to bury their face or dick in it, and if I had the opportunity I knew I'd do either or both without a care.
      He spun back around and was teasing me by lowering the waist band on his CK's then pulling them up giving me a little glimpse of his pubes and once I thought I saw the base of his cock. There was no doubt he was hard by then and I could plainly see the outline of his cock through the thin fabric of those tighty whities and it looked enormous. Where the tip pressed against the fly I could see a small wet spot and I knew he was as excited as I was.
       God, I thought to myself, he must've been planning this for a long time and there is no telling what else he has in mind. And the thing was, right then and there I was ready for anything.
     The movement at his waist got wilder and now he was actually lowering his briefs enough to expose most of his prick and as I had thought it was pretty big. Well, bigger than mine or Buster's, but probably average for a kid his age and it was uncut. Yeah, that was my second uncut cock in just a few months and I wanted to get a good look at it even if I didn't get to do anything more. My opportunity came a second later as he finally grabbed his undies and pushed them down his slim hips letting his boner spring free.
        I was staring, but he expected that...wanted that, and he actually shook his dick at me as he got his undies down and kicked them off. He was grinning and didn't seem embarrassed or worried about my reaction at all. Of course the lump in my shorts and the drool leaking from the corner of my mouth may have given me away, but still for Harry Potter he was pretty
     He spun around once more and gave me a look at his ass uncovered and it was just as fantastic as I had imagined. He was totally naked now, and I wondered, What's next? I didn't have to wait long to find out. He plopped down on the bed then, and breathlessly said, "Okay, your turn."
        I could've said no and either insisted he get dressed or go home, but come on, let's get serious: I was 13, horny, mad at my boyfriend and there was a hot naked boy laying beside do the math. I jumped up and did a dance that made his look tame as I undressed and didn't stop till I was as naked as he was. He lay there propped up on his elbows the whole time watching with a glazed horny look in his eyes and when I was done and I fell down beside him he began moving my way.
       At first I wasn't sure what was next. I mean I'm not stupid but I really didn't know Jason that well yet and had no idea how experienced he was despite our long talks, but when he leaned in to kiss me I met him halfway. It was sort of obvious that this was new to him, but he learned quickly and I considered myself an expert and I showed him how it was done. It was sort of awkward at first. I had never kissed a boy with braces before but it wasn't that bad actually. We lay there not really touching except for our lips and kissed for a long time before I broke it off and looked into his eyes.
        "You sure about this?" I asked just to make sure he knew what he was doing.
         He smiled shyly and nodded. He was so cute and as I reached up and took off his glasses he giggled nervously. I laid his glasses on the night stand and scooted closer to him and put my hand on his hip and kissed him again. This time we pressed our bodies together as we kissed and he gasped a little as our dicks met. He was fully hard now, as I had been all along and we were leaking and slick. I had no doubt that if we rubbed together and kissed long enough we would come just like that, but I wanted our first time to be better than that.
        After a few minutes of making out I pulled back and he looked at me curiously. "Have you ever done anything with a boy before?" I asked gently.
        He shrugged, "A little, jacked off and stuff, that's all," he admitted blushing, "But I've wanted to do know....."
     "I should tell you before we start, I'm gay and my folks know it. I have a met him, Buster, but we sort of had a fight and.....well, he wouldn't care anyway, so if you want to do some stuff...."
     He nodded, "Ever since that first day when I saw you naked and jacking off I've dreamed about doing stuff with you...I....guess I'm gay too."
      "Maybe, maybe not, doesn't can have fun with a boy and still like girls. Anyway....this is a good way to find out. Once I did it the first time I knew for sure."
      "I...I'm a little nervous, but I want to do try it....with you...I really like you Dommie and you're really cute," he said blushing.
      "Let me lead, you can do whatever you want when I'm done, but let me start and show you how it's done, okay?"
      He seemed to relax a little now that the burden of initiating sex had been lifted off him and I took it as a sign to begin. I gently pushed him onto his back and straddled him propping myself up on my arms. I looked down at him and he smiled shyly and I kissed him again but this time I let my body press into him as I used my hands to explore his upper body. His chest was smooth but well defined. With a little work he could easily have a boy six pack and his stomach was tight and not an ounce of fat on it. His belly button was an outie, something I hadn't seen a lot of and I was intrieged by it.
     I released his lips form mine and moved down to his neck and began nuzzling it and planting kisses on his soft smooth flesh as I began moving lower and lower until I found his left nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and it got hard instantly. He sort of moaned and I knew I had found something new he liked. He would learn as I went what he liked and he's remember for the next time or the next person.
     I sucked and licked both nipples for a long time before moving down and licking that tight little knot of a belly button. It tasted salty and felt wonderful on my tongue but his cock was pressing into my chest and I couldn't wait to get a taste of it. I really wanted to explore the rest of him, especially his feet, but I didn't' t know how much time we had and I didn't want to freak him out our first time so I kept to the basics.
      His dick was awesome. It was about 6" long and fat and the skin that covered it hung down over the end of it so far that even hard it could cover it. I had heard about docking and Jason's dick would be perfect for that. I made a mental note to explore that next time, if there was a next time, and returned to the task at hand.
     I gently pulled the skin back and was immediately aware of his musky odor. It was different for uncut cocks. I guess they held the flavor under the skin and of course if a guy didn't clean good it could get stinky, but Jason's smelled awesome. I ran my tongue over the head and he moaned loudly and actually cursed, the first curse word I'd heard him say.
       "Fuck, that feels good," he said breathlessly.
    I took that as a sign that I was doing something right, so I continued. I pulled the skin all the way back and began licking his boystick like it was candy. He was squirming and clawing at the covers and when I moved down to his balls he almost came up off the bed. He made a funny mewling sound then cried "Fuck" again and when I let his nuts go and swallowed his cock in one gulp he looked down at me with a dazed look on his face and moaned so loud I bet Joey could've heard him next door if he'd been home.
      I sucked and moved up and down on his cock going faster and faster as I squeezed his nuts gently and before too long he was breathing so hard I was afraid he would hyperventilate. Then without warning he tensed up and began to spurt. I wasn't quite prepared but I recovered quickly and managed to gobble it all down without missing a drop and then I licked him clean and moved up to lay beside him
     His eyes were closed and there was a silly grin on his face but as I watched his eyes popped open and he blushed, "Sorry I didn't warn ya, I just couldn't speak....that's all. I hope it was okay."
      "Okay? Hell it was awesome. You taste so good man and you make lots of jizz. I could suck that think all day. I love the skin too."
      He smiled, "I...I'm probably not as good as you, but if you want I'll try to do that to you."
       I was just about to say yes when we heard a door slam downstairs and we both jumped up and started throwing on clothes. I was down to my last tennis shoe when Amy knocked on Jason's door and then pushed it open. She was wearing a Girl Scout uniform and looked as cute as ever, but damn was her timing bad.
     "Oh, sorry...didn't know you had company. Hi Dommie, where's Joey?"
    "Hi Amy," I said grabbing a controller and pretending I'd been playing all along, "He's at a friend's house. My mom is gonna pick him up on her way home from work."
     "Oh, too bad. Tell him I said hi," she said smiling sweetly.
      "Okay, I will."       
  "Well, see ya guys later. Gotta go change and do my homework...byeeee."
    I threw down my controller and looked at Jason, but the opportunity had passed and I knew it. No way would he do anything with his little sister in the house, and I didn't blame him. I'd have to fap later and wait till next time to see how good Jason could suck dick.
     We played XBoy then and forgot about sex and when his folks got home I left. He walked me to my yard and frowned and apologized for not being able to return the favor, but I told him it was no big deal and maybe next time. He said definitely and we did a bro shake and I went home to see what was going on.
     Buster called after dinner but I only talked to him for a few minutes, I was still pissed and he knew it so he didn't press it. He told me he was sorry and hung up. No 'I love you' or anything else, just a lame assed 'Sorry', so I didn't feel too bad about what I'd done with Jason. It's amazing how we can justify anything in our head if we try hard enough.
   Maybe if I'd told Buster about what Jason and I did, or more accurately, what I did to Jason, things would have been okay. He might of said, "Hey, I want some of the dick too", or something like that, but I kept it to myself and made plans to do it again and it would come back to bit me in the butt later.
    I wasn't as mad the second day but I still played it cool around Buster and he was really quiet and didn't press me on it. I know now that I was a real dick to him but then all I could think about were my own needs and the disappointment his getting grounded had caused. Maybe deep down inside I was trying to get back at him for that by messing with Jason, but all I knew right then was that I couldn't wait till the next time.
      The next time came that Friday night. Since I wouldn't be spending the night at Buster's I had the whole night free plus the weekend and when Jason asked if I could sleep over at his place I practically jumped up and down as I said yes. I knew my rents would agree, they liked the new kids next door, especially Amy who they thought was so cute around Joey, and when I asked they were all for it. I found out later that they had plans to go out and Joey was staying over at Joe's. I thought that was weird considering him and Joey had broke up but see the thing was, since my folks never knew they were anything but good friends before, they didn't know about the break up and leaving Joey at Joe's was something they had always done.
        I asked Joey about it as I got ready to go to Jason's and he just shrugged, "It's no big deal. We're friends now. I'm so over him...." he said in a goofy voice. I had to laugh but I wondered how he could just quit loving someone just like that.
       Jason's folks were pretty cool as rents go. I guess they were what you would call Urban Professionals and they looked and dressed the part. They  were both college grads and had professional jobs and they drove matching Beemers. They were cool around me and Joey and my rents liked them, but they were so different it was hard to relate to them. I wondered how Jason and Amy really felt about the way they were, but I guess they were used to it.
       They had some kind of party to go to but they actually hired a baby sitter for Amy and Jason and she was there when I got there. I'm not sure my rents would've liked the fact that his folks weren't there, but I figured what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them or me. The baby sitter was like 19 or something and kind of plain looking. I guess all the hot baby sitters were out on, but she seemed nice and didn't bug us kids. She ordered pizza with the money Jason's folks left and fed us and then she stayed downstairs and watched cable while we spent the evening upstairs.
      I guess sisters are way different than brothers cause Amy didn't bother us once all night. She talked on the phone most of the time and then she went to bed at 10 o'clock without anyone telling her to. I thought that was weird but nice. Her room was downstairs and Jason's of course was upstairs right across from mine and so we didn't see her again till morning.
      Jason's folks didn't come home till around two a.m. and the reason I know that is because Jason and I were still awake. I guess you're wondering why we were still awake so here goes.
      After Amy went to bed Jason said we should get ready for bed too. I always take a shower at bedtime and so I asked Jason if it was okay if I took a shower. He said yeah, that he was gonna take one too, and that gave me a great idea. I said, "Hey, to save time why don't we take our shower together?"
       I could see the look of excitement in his eyes and he nodded and we grabbed our stuff and headed to the bathroom next to his room. They didn't have a separate shower, just the tub/shower combo but it was plenty big enough the two of us and we wasted no time getting naked and hopping in.
        The water felt nice on my skin and looking at Jason's skin was nice We really didn't do anything except look and once or twice we brushed against each other and that felt good, but we did was each other's backs and butts and that was fun. When we finished we dried off and put on just our undies and went back to his room.
       He had a full size bed so there was no problem with us both fitting in it so we piled down and watched TV for a while. I wanted to ask if that offer to blow me still stood, but I was a little shy even after the other day. What if he decided after it was over that it wasn't really what he wanted?
       Eventually he turned out the light and we laid in bed and watched a movie till it was after midnight. He turned off the TV and it got instantly dark in his room. I could feel him moving around and suddenly I felt his hand on my arm. It sent little electric surges up my arm to my brain and I knew what was next.
       I found his face and his lips and we kissed and he moved up against me and pressed his boner into my hip. I guessed he had decided he did like what we had done the other day or at least needed another go at it to be
        He was a fast learner, the kissing was excellent that night and if I hadn't known he had braces I would have never guessed. I could feel his hands groping my pubes and pretty soon he found his prize and squeezed my boner gently. I squeaked like a dog toy and he laughed and that made me like him all that much more. I loved to have fun during sex and he was turning out to be a fun partner.       
        I couldn't wait to get my hands on that uncut dick of his and I reached for it and that's when I remembered about the docking thing. I didn't even ask, I just scooted over till we were lined up and I pushed his hand away and pulled the hood of his skin over my head. It felt so awesome and I decided right then and there I was coming that way.
      I had never jerked mine and another boy's dick together like that before but it didn't take me long to figure out how to do it and with Jason's skin and our combined pre-cum for lube it was awesome. Before too long we were both panting and thrusting while still kissing.
       I came first busting a nut inside his foreskin and it was so awesome. Right then I was mad at my folks or the doctor or whoever decided my dick skin should be cut off cause I was sure having skin was the awesomest thing in the universe. Jason came a few seconds later splashing his jizz all over my stomach and pubes and he made quite a mess.
       We fell down breathlessly  still tangled up in each other and rested for a minute and had a little pillow talk.
      "One thing I don't get," he said softly his face only inches from mine, "If you and Buster are boyfriends how come he don't care if know, mess around with other boys?"
      I shrugged, "I don't really wanna talk about Buster right now, we're sort of having a fight...cause he's such a jack ass," I said feeling a little uncomfortable about the whole thing.
       "I...I just don't wanna ruin things for you guys. But this has been awesome."
      It sort of bothered me that he had more of a conscience than I did, so I quickly changed the subject. "So you liked the docking thing?" I asked grinning.
       Is that what it's called? Yeah, it was're awesome Dommie," he said and I knew I was in trouble just by the look in his eyes. Damn, I'd seen that same look in Buster's eyes and in the mirror when I thought about him.
        "Hey, it was just a little sex...he  he, nothing special." I said trying to downplay things a little.
     He sighed happily, "I've never met anyone like you before Dommie," he said dreamily and then he leaned in and kissed me and before I could think about it I kissed him back.
       We kissed for like ten minutes and not surprisingly we got hard again. Man, I didn't know what to do. I was turned on and I really liked Jason and wanted to keep messing with him, but I loved Buster and didn't want to hurt him and whats more I didn't want to break Jason' heart either, because I was afraid he was falling for me. I don't think it was so much that I was  such a prize, I think it was because I was his first. They say you always remember your first...first love, first sex...etc. and I think Jason was just a little overwhelmed by these new feelings and confusing them with love. Or I was just the hottest, sexiest boy in the world and no one could resist
        Unfortunately a boner has no conscience and mine was screaming at me to have sex again with this young Harry Potter hottie and I was too weak to resist. Anyway, I kept telling myself that it wasn't a big deal and we probably wouldn't do it again and Buster would get ungrounded and we'd be back together and he'd never know.
        "I...I didn't get to, you know, suck you off the other day...wanna let me do it now?"
        I took a deep breath and let my dick do the talking, "That would be cool...if you're sure."
       "Uh huh, I really want to...I mean, like I said, I've never done it before but I really want to try it, especially with you," he said smiling shyly.
        "I'm all yours," I said stretching out on my back."
        I expected him to just go down there and do it, but he surprised me as he straddled me and started kissing me again. He didn't go as slow as I had that first night but he pretty much did all the stuff I had done to him. Of course since I'm cut he didn't have any skin to play with, but he seemed to like my poor skinned dick just the same. For a kid who was new at this he was pretty good. Oh, he would learn a few things if he kept doing it, but right then I couldn't complain, in fact I was pretty much cheering him on with my moaning and grunts.
       He seemed to like my nuts a lot and spent a lot of time down there. I guess he was learning what  he liked and I was like a guinea big, lol, a cute guinea pig with an awesome boner. Once he accidentally or maybe on purpose licked a little too low and caught my pucker with his tongue and I moaned even louder. He finally moved on to my dick and I gotta tell ya, The boy had a magic mouth. I guess us gay boys think about this stuff so much and fantasize and fap while doing it for so long that when the real thing comes along it's like we already have a heads up on it. Or maybe Jason was just a natural dick
        Whatever the reason he had me moaning and thrusting and the great part was, he was deep throating me most of the time. I mean that stuff takes practice. Had he been shoving whole hot dogs down his throat most of his life? Lol. I didn't ask, I just laid back and enjoyed it and when it was time to bust a nut, I didn't even warn him. I knew instinctively that Jason was a swallower and not a spitter and I was right.
      Not only did he swallow every drop of my generous portion Dommmie cum he licked it clean like licking ice cream off his fingers. I was exhausted even though Jason had done most of the work so when he moved back up and laid beside me it took me a few minutes to recover. When I did I praised his work and gave him a few pointers, just mostly fine tunning, the boy already had the art mastered as far as I was concerned.
       Another thing I've learned over the years is if you love your work, you're most likely to be good at it, and Jason loved sucking dick, maybe even more than he liked getting sucked. I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to get at that uncut weenie again and after I rested a few minutes I gave him my "around the world treatment". My ATWT includes air fare from head to toe and numerous stops in In short I did all the things I did the first night plus I experimented with his feet and guess what? He liked it. His feet were awesome too, size 7 and slender and his toes were plump and gorgeous. I started by kissing the top of his foot and he moaned so I tried licking it. That got more moans and I went for it. I started slowly, licking the soles and his ankle, then I got brave and sucked his big toe. That got such a positive response that I gave each toe the same treatment and by the time I was finished he was trembling.
       "I never thought about that before," he said breathlessly, "that was awesome."
      I just grinned around a mouthful of Jason's cute toes and went on nursing like a starved calf. I wondered what he would think if he knew my foot fetish had began with my little brother's feet. I gave his feet about 10 or 15 minutes of action and then flew up north to
      I had been so turned on when Jason accidentally (or not) licked my hiney hole that I decided to return the favor, only I wanted to go whole hog. I asked him to roll over and without any questions he did. I was a little surprised at his submissiveness but later I'd find out it was because not only did he trust me completely, but he was also head over heels in love with me.
        His ass was beautiful. Two perfect globes just a little lighter than the rest of is skin and you could easily see where the tan lines began. He was hairless back there just like all the boys I knew including myself and I didn't hesitate to spread his cheeks and take a peek. His pucker was pinkish brown and looked tight and perfect and delicious so I dove right in and started licking it.
      Boy talk about getting a, Jason was cussing and bucking up pushing his ass into my face and grinding his boner against the bed at the same time. At that rate if he didn't slow down  he was going to shoot just from fucking the sheets. I reached under him and found his pre-cum slick dick and pulled the skin back as I continued to chow down on his tasty ass. He used my name and the f word and several others and it was almost funny, but I knew to him it was deadly serious. It was his first ass play and he was so excited he could hardly stand it. I wanted to suck him but I wanted to eat his ass too, so I finally decided to fap him as I ate his ass. There was no spoken agreement between us but I knew it was what he wanted just from his reaction.
        At any rate I was too far gone to care, I wanted that ass in my face and his dick felt good in my hand and that was all that mattered right then. His ass was sloppy wet from all my spit and his cock was slick in my hand. Eating ass is not something Buster and I do a lot, but we do enjoy it usually before we fuck, but for some reason with Jason it was amazing and different and I couldn't get enough. Maybe he was giving off some special pheromone or something, I don't know, but it was awesome and I ate till my lips and tongue were numb.
        I felt his dick throb in my hand and it seemed to swell and then he cried out and it began to squirt tons of cum  beneath him and all over my hand. I knew his sheets were soaked but I couldn't worry about that. I rolled him over quickly and got to his dick just as the last bit of cum oozed out and I sucked it out causing him to swear some more. I licked his dick and belly and pubes clean and then licked the rest off my hand. He was zonked out by the time I finished but he had a sappy little grin on his cute face.
        I fell down beside him and kissed his nose. I get so affectionate and playful with my sex partners back then, still do, though these days it's mostly good ole Buster, and for that moment I sort of loved Jason. I wasn't in love with him, but he was a great kid and sexy as hell and fun in bed and that meant a lot to a horny 13 year old Dommie. I watched him for a few minutes then realized he was asleep for real.
        I got up and peed and washed up a bit and when I came back he was on his side facing away from me so I snuggled up to his back. BIG MISTAKE.
       Yep, you guessed it. I spooned up to him as I always did with Joey or Buster and started getting hard again. His ass crack was still slick from my spit and it felt so good that I slipped my cock up between us and let it rest there. Before long I was moving a bit to create a little friction and it was feeling really awesome.
      This went on for quite a while and I figured he was either still asleep or didn't mind but when he reached back and grabbed my boner, I knew he was awake. At first I was a little worried that he might he upset, but when he pulled my cock against his hole and guided me inside, I knew he wanted me to fuck him. I was shocked at first, then I thought about how good he had been at sucking and how eager he was to get rimmed and I put two and two together: Jason was living out his every fantasy right then with me.
        I felt honored but scared at the same time. But not so scared that I refused. My cock was inside his warm tight tunnel and he was thrusting back forcing me deeper. I froze for a second then gave in to my urges and let him have it. The pleasure was so intense that I was afraid I would embarrass myself and pop my cork with out moving at all, but I managed to control myself enough to hold back.
        I finally bottomed out and we both sighed contentedly. I nuzzled his ear and asked the same question I'd asked the first time he initiated sex, "Are you sure?" And his nod was so enthusiastic that I knew he wanted me as bad or worse than I wanted him. Somehow we managed to get flat on the bed without my pulling out and I lay on top of him as I began.
        Not much to tell about my technique, but I think as fucks go this one was a 20 out of 10. The resulting orgasm was one of those kind that almost causes you to black out and the feeling is almost like multiple orgasms as they wash through your dick all the way to your brain causing you to shiver with joy and then collapse in exhaustion. I was one happy boy as I lay atop Jason, our soft smooth boy feet entangled and holding hands above his head. I sighed and kissed the nape of his neck and he shivered.
      I lay there in him and atop him for so long I was afraid I was hurting him but when I asked him if he was okay, he said the sweetest thing. He said, "I could stay here with you inside me forever and never get tired. I will be sad when you pull out."
        So to not make him sad I stayed there and fell asleep inside him. I awoke around two and we were laying side by side holding hands. He was awake and smiled at me and squeezed my hand. That's when I heard a door slam downstairs and I knew his parents were back. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep and didn't wake till morning.

End Chapters 15 and 16

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