My Little Brother's Feet

by: Kewl Dad

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 My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 21
The trouble continues

         I missed two days of school but after I visited our family doctor on Tuesday he declared I was well enough to go back Wednesday. Doc Kelly is a really cool guy and I respect him a lot but when he asked my mom to leave the room so he could have a man to man talk with me I almost freaked. Could a doctor tell if a guy have been having sex? Suddenly I was terrified that he might ask me if I was a rump ranger and had I been getting it up the butt lately, but that was crazy. He hadn't even looked at my butt, just my ears and eyes and thumped my chest and listened to my heart. My heart! Could he tell it was broken? I was trembling by the time Doc Kelly sat down on his little stool and rolled over to where I sat pulling on my tee shirt.
      "Dommie, I can't believe how you have grown since your last checkup," he always called me Dommie and that made me like him even more. He looked at his chart and said, "It's been about six months but you have certainly changed," he laughed softly and patted my leg, "Thirteen now, I remember when I was thirteen...."
      "Yes sir," I said nervously, " I really okay, or are you going to tell me some bad news."
      "Why would you think that Dommie, do you feel okay?"
      I nodded, "Yes sir, a little tired, but I feel okay. What exactly happened to me?"
      He paused for a moment and seemed to be considering what to say, "Dommie, have you been under any kind of stress lately? I mean anything out of the ordinary," he laughed, "I mean just being 13 must be stressful enough. Any problems at school, that sort of thing?"
       "I..uh, don't know what you mean," I lied, I knew exactly what he meant, but how did he know?
        "Well, see what happened to you is the sort of thing that usually happens to adults who get too stressed out. Their body reacts in the only way it knows how and sort of shuts down to end the stress. You said you ran all the way to your friend's house, was there some special reason you went to see him? Did the two of you have a fight or something?"
        God, what was he doing, reading my mind? "We, uh...were...I mean...sort of," I said blushing.
        He nodded as if he understood exactly. "Is everything alright now?"
        No, I cheated on  him and hurt him so bad and now he won't talk to me or return my calls and I think I've lost him forever. "Yes sir, just fine," I lied. I knew he must've seen through me, but like I said he was a cool guy for a doctor.
        "Good, just try not to get so worked up from now on. This sort of thing could lead to other more serious problems. Any questions for me?" he added taking me by surprise.
        "Uh, like what?" I asked. He had got my curiosity up.
        "Well, you're 13 now and there must be a lot of changes going on," he lowered his gaze to my crotch causing me to blush, smiled and continued, "down there and it's been my experience that boys don't ask those kind of questions of their parents or teachers and as a doctor I can answer them in a clinical way and avoid any embarrassment and it's strictly between you and me."
        "I...uh, well...I pretty much know know...the Internet and stuff," I stuttered.
        He patted my leg and stood up, "Ah, yes the Internet. I wish they had had that around when I was a boy, I had to learn the hard way. Well, if you ever do have any questions or problems you can always call me here, okay Dommie?"
         I nodded, but I doubted he'd want to hear any questions a gay boy had about his body or sex. He would probably puke if he knew I was a butt bandit. I almost laughed at my own joke. But he took my smile to be a friendly one and he patted my back and called to my mom to come back in.
         "I think Dommie can go back to school tomorrow. Just take it easy young man, and if you have any more dizzy spells or nausea be sure to tell your mom so we can check you out again. To be honest I think you just over taxed your body. The stress of the run to your friend's house and you being upset triggered a panic attack and that was what caused your episode. All the tests came back negative and you seem to be as healthy as a 13 year old. Oh, wait you are a 13 year old, " he laughed and so did we. He was a cool guy and I was relieved that I wasn't dying even if I didn't have much to live for if Buster dumped me.
          "I'm going to have Louis schedule an appointment for one month from today, if by that time there have been no further problems you can either cancel or I will be glad to see him again and make sure. I trust your mother's instincts," he said smiling at my mom. I could tell she thought he was handsome and nice and that made me feel funny. I never really thought about my folks liking other people and I realized in a way Buster and I were sort of like my folks. Maybe we weren't legally married but we loved each other and cared about each other, well at least Buster used to, and if it was bad for married people to cheat then it was probably bad for us to cheat too.
         I really wanted to stay home the rest of the week and it wasn't because I didn't like school, it was because I didn't know if I could face Buster after all that had happened, but the doctor had said I was well enough to go and that was that.
          I barely slept that night and when I got up to get ready for school I felt sick at my stomach but I wasn't going to play that card. I took it like a man and ate my Pop Tarts and climbed on that bus and there was Buster sitting in our seat on the back row. I didn't know what to do. Should I go sit by him as if nothing had happened or sit somewhere else and maybe make things worse. I chose to sit by him if only because I had always done that and if he wanted me to go, I would, but it would be his choice not mine.
       As I approached he looked up and smile weakly, "Hey," he said sounding sad and distant.
      "Hey, all better. The doc says I can go back to school so here I am," I said realizing how lame I sounded.
      "I'm glad, you had us worried," he said looking out the window and then back at me. He looked older and his eyes looked red or at least tired, "my folks almost freaked when they found out you keeled over at my house while they were gone."
      "I...I'm sorry," I said and I hoped he understood that I didn't just mean about keeling over at his place, but for everything I had done."
      "Yeah, I know," he said softly then looked out the window again.
      "I...I can sit somewhere else if you want," I said feeling ready to cry.
    He turned back around and looked at me with a frown and said, "Stop making yourself the victim here, okay. I didn't say you couldn't sit here. Do what you want, but don't lay a guilt trip on me, okay?"
      I didn't trust myself to speak for fear I would break down and ball, so I just nodded and leaned back and sat there in silence. He turned back to the window and didn't speak again for so long I thought he was never going to.
      "You really hurt me, you know that.....and I don't know if I can ever trust you again, but...." he lowered his voice so only I could hear, "I still love you, but I don't want to be with you right now. Do you understand what I'm saying? I'm not telling you to go or that you can't talk to me and stuff, but for right now...we're not together like we were, okay?"
        Again I nodded but tears were welling up in my eyes and I felt cold all over. I had brought this on myself and I had no one to blame but me, but that was little comfort to a 13 year old boy in love. I didn't move or utter a sound for the rest of the ride and when we got to school we split up and went to our separate lockers and classes. We always sat together at lunch but I didn't know if he'd want that or if I did if he was going to give me the silent treatment so I skipped lunch and went to the school library and thumbed through the For Boys Only that used to get me so excited before I learned all about sex first hand. I had to laugh at some of the stuff in there and I finally shut the book and just sat there and day dreamed till the bell rang.
        Last year we had had sixth hour math together but this year we actually had two classes together, one right after lunch and last hour PE and I dreaded both that day. I managed to get seated before Buster came in and I didn't even look up as he passed my desk. If he wanted to 'not be together' then I would respect that and not force myself on him. It was amazing how I had suddenly made myself the injured party, but I guess that's a survival technique, because anger sure beats sadness. If he wanted to play this game, I could play it too. Tomorrow I'd sit at the front of the bus and ignore him. That would teach him.
        Sometimes I hated myself for the way I behaved back then, but I was young and stupid and inexperienced and that's just how I dealt with my sadness. I swept it under the rug and replaced it with anger and self righteous indignation and that's how I survived those awful days when Buster and I were apart.
        PE was a real nightmare. First of all we had to play a game of b-ball and Buster was a skin and I had to stare at his smooth perfect chest the whole game. I purposely avoided one on one interaction but once the ball was passed off to me and when I went in to make the shot Buster came bounding up trying to steal the ball and he made me so nervous I queered the shot and the skins recovered the ball and we lost the game. I didn't care about the damn game but I felt like Buster had purposely tried to embarrass me in front of the other boys by causing me to screw up the shot.
        In the showers I made sure I was as far away from Buster as I could and this kid named John shared my stall. He was a tall skinny kid but I knew him from English class and he seemed pretty cool. He watched me for a minute and acted like he wanted to say something and my first thought was, Oh, shit he thinks I'm hot and wants my body and that's all I need, but I was just stroking my own ego and when he spoke I realized that maybe Buster and I weren't as big a secret as we'd thought.
        "You and Buster mad at each other or something?" he asked soaping up his skinny chest. I caught a glimpse of his junk from the corner of my eye and noticed  he had tons of hair, but I really wasn't interested in that right then.
        "Nah, he's always a dick," I said laughing and trying to pass it off as a joke.
        He nodded but I could tell he wasn't buying it, "Just wondered you too are always so close, like....uh, best friends or whatever. I never see one of ya without the other. Not my business but I hope you two get over it. I think it's cool." He said smiling and suddenly I liked him a lot. He wasn't being nosy, he really cared and that was cool.  I wished I had good news for him, but I didn't, not at that moment anyway.
        I hurried and got dressed and beat Buster to the bus and took a seat at the front and leaned back and closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep or resting but I knew exactly when he climbed aboard and passed by me. It is like a sixth sense or something I guess, cause even to this day I can tell when he is nearby and that day I felt his presence as if it were a biting hungry physical force.
        After he passed I opened my eyes and when the bus started moving I risked a quick look back to see if he was watching me, but he was talking to a kid behind him and didn't even look my way. I felt a gnawing in my gut and tears came to my eyes, he didn't even care that I wasn't sitting next to him, and he was having a good time talking to some kid I didn't even know. Was he already working on a replacement?
That had to be the longest bus ride of my life and for once I was glad my stop was before Buster's. As I stood to get off I looked back to see if he was looking my way but his head was down but at least he wasn't talking to some other boy or having a good time. If I couldn't have him I didn't want anyone else to, isn't that about as immature as you can get. I sounded like a....a...girl and I hated myself.
        I went straight to my room when I got home but didn't even bother to change like I usually do. I just fell across my bed and bawled like a little bitch till Joey came in a little later and sat down beside me on the bed. He didn't ask what was wrong, he knew, and he didn't try to tell me things would be better or any bullshit like that he just rubbed my back and sat by me and once I even thought he was crying too, but I fell asleep and didn't wake up till my mom called me to dinner.
        I wiped my eyes and washed my face and went down but I really didn't feel much like eating. Mom had fixed spaghetti and garlic bread, one of my favorites so I tried to eat a little and wound up eating a lot. Mom's cooking is just too hard to resist even when you have a broken heart.
        My dad seemed really quiet and I wondered if he was having second thoughts about having a faggot for a son, but he smiled at me a couple of times and so I guess maybe I wasn't what was on his mind after all. Mom talked all through dinner and Joey always had lots to say so it wasn't like it was quiet or anything and no one pressed me to talk so I didn't. I excuse myself and took my plate to the kitchen and went up to take a shower and as I was getting my underwear I glanced out my window and I could clearly see Jason staring across at me. When he saw me he waved and I waved back but I wasn't in any mood to do more after all that had happened and I suddenly realized that I didn't really feel anything for Jason any more. That made me hate myself even more. I had used him for sex and ruined what I had for Buster and now Jason might wind up with a broken heart too. Man, I was a royal piece of shit.
        I went in a took a long hot shower and tried to think. What could I do? Buster wasn't buying the "I'm so sorry" bullshit and I didn't love Jason. Would I wind up alone? I leaned against the shower wall and let the hot water run over my head and down my back and it tickle my butt as it ran down between my legs. I felt my pucker clench and I longed to have Buster inside me and then I cried again. What the hell had I done? I had the best boyfriend in the world and the coolest little brother and parents who accepted that I was gay and had practically given me and Buster permission to do whatever we wanted in bed and I fucked it all up. Man  what a jerk I was.
         My tears finally dried up and I got out of the shower. I didn't feel much like doing anything and I was glad I didn't have any homework so I went to bed early. My mom came in about 9 and kissed me goodnight and asked me I was feeling alright and I told her I was just tired, but moms know things and she must've seen right through me and yet she didn't push me and I loved her more than ever for that. She kissed me goodnight and left and I tried to sleep but there was too much going on in my head so I just lay there and suddenly  there was a knock on my door and when I told whoever it was to come in my dad walked in and sat down on my bed.
        My heart was beating so fast I thought I might pull another trick like I had done at Buster's and when he spoke I think I jumped a foot and he laughed.
        "Dommie, son...are you sure you're alright? I mean I know the doctor says you are, but you know how you feel. Your mother and I are worried about you. Uh, is everything alright at school?"
         He had asked about school but I could tell what he really meant was everything okay with me and Buster. How could he not know something was wrong. I was a wreck and Buster hadn't called or come by all week and they couldn't miss that little fact.
        "I...uh, ummmm...I'm fine just tired. I....." I bit my lip and tried not to cry. If my dad had always wanted a daughter I might fit the bill if I kept this girly stuff up, "It's just Buster and me...well...we sort of had a fight, nothing serious, but we....uh, aren't hanging out much for now." There that wasn't so bad. I had told him more than I thought possible and I knew he'd figure out the rest.
        He nodded, "I see. Well, you know your mother and I are on your side, but if you...uh, did something to cause this uh, disagreement then the thing to do is own up to it and apologize."
         "I, uh...well, yeah, it's my fault and I tried that but he's like really upset and just wants to...uh, not hang around too much till he decides.....uh...what to do...." I was slowly loosing my cool and if I didn't stop talking I was start bawling.
         "Well, I trust you two to work it our, but if you need our help or advise I hope you know we are there for matter what," he said looking at me with so much love in his eyes that I did cry a little then and he leaned in and hugged me.
         I buried my head in his chest and cried quietly and let him love me like he had when I was a little boy and I wished I could be the son he deserved instead of a faggot. But if he thought the same he never showed it then or any other time. My dad was the best and to this day I can go to him with any problem I  have and he always has the right answer.
           Eventually I pulled myself together and he kissed me goodnight and left. Around 10 I heard mom in Joey's room and she checked on me one last time and then it was quiet in our house once more. Soon afterward Joey came in and climbed into bed with me and snuggled up to me. Somehow his comforting me was more important than even my folks. Maybe it was because he knew how I felt or because we had shared more than just our bodies, we had shared our souls and we would always be closer than any two people on earth. I fell asleep with my little brother's feet pressed against gently and lovingly against me and my demons didn't invade my sleep that night.

Chapter 22
Joey again

        I really hate that Dommie and Buster were having a fight but I was sure they would make up. Don't ask me how I knew, I just did. I wanted to go to Buster's house and tell him to quit being mean to my brother and just get over it because it was killing him and anyway he loved Buster more than anything in the world, but I didn't cause I didn't want to make things worse. Instead I just tried to be extra nice to Dommie and every night I went to his bed after mom kissed me goodnight and kept him company. We didn't do sex stuff but that was okay, cause I was sort of afraid it would make things worse since sex stuff is what got Dommie in trouble to begin with. Anyway I was still doing stuff with Amy, but after the first few times it got kind of boring. I mean girl stuff is okay, but there's not much there to look at or touch or suck on like a boy and I really missed doing boy sex.
       I guess that's what caused me to start looking at Amy's brother Jason. Yeah, I know, he's the one caused all the trouble for Dommie and Buster, but it really wasn't his fault. How could he refuse a cute boy like my big brother? No one could...he he. But now that Dommie wouldn't even talk to him, he was sad and I felt sorry for him so I started being really nice to him when I went over there to see Amy.
        One day I went over to see Amy and when I got there only Jason was home. He said Amy was at Girl Scouts and wouldn't be back till later but if I wanted to hang out and play some XBox that was cool. That sounded fine to me and we went up to his room and he brought us Cokes and chips and we had a pretty good time playing video games.
        I couldn't help but notice while we were sitting there so close together how nice he looked. Yeah, I know before I said that Buster was cuter and didn't know what Dommie saw in Jason, but now I could see what Dommie meant when he said he was sort of Harry Potter sexy. Those glasses made his eyes look bigger and I even liked how he smiled and showed his braces. His body was pretty nice too. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and his chest was pretty nice looking. I wondered what he'd look like naked and giggled to myself and he looked at me and smiled.
        Amy came home after about an hour and we watched TV till it was time for me to go home but I kept thinking about Jason all that night. I didn't dare mention it to Dommie cause I didn't want to hurt him any, but I couldn't help liking Jason in a different way after that day.
        I saw Amy almost every day but we didn't do any more sex stuff till one weekend right after Dommie got after the hospital. Jason wasn't there, I think his dad took him somewhere and Amy's mom was on the phone like usual and we went to Amy's room and she locked the door then like attacked I mean she was kissing me and pulling at my clothes and she had my pants down and was playing with my dick and stuff before I knew what was happening.
        She dragged me over to her bed and pushed me down and pulled off her sweat pants and top and she was naked underneath. She climbed on top of me and started kissing me and rubbing her pussy all over me and I was moaning and horny as heck. I didn't know exactly what she wanted me to do until she leaned down and bit my ear and whispered, "Don't move, I'm gonna do all the work."
        Sounded good to me so I just relaxed and let her do it. She straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my dick and then she moved around till she got it in her pussy and sat down on it. It felt awesome, all wet and hot and then she started moving up and down and riding me like I was the mechanical horse at I didn't last long and I blasted off in her pussy and but she didn't stop. I tried to tell her my dick was sensitive and she should get off, but she hadn't come yet so I told her I'd lick her pussy till she did.
        I could taste my own cum in her pussy and that made me think about Joe and Dommie and Buster and how much I enjoyed sucking them and tasting their cum and then I thought about Jason and what it would be like to suck his big teenage dick and I got so horny I made Amy come twice with my tongue. She sighed and fell back and then I got dressed and went home cause she had to got to a girlfriend's house and spend the night. I didn't care, I liked her but I decided I didn't really love her like a girl friend and lately she had seemed kind of cool too, except about sex then she was red hot. I wondered if she was just using me for sex and I laughed. Wasn't that what guys did to girls?
         After dinner I was out back feeding Yoshie our big old dog and Jason came out of his house and came over to the fence. Yoshie came over and licked his hand through the fence cause he really likes Jason and I thought if Yoshie likes him he must be a good kid.
        "How's Dommie?" he asked after a while looking really sad.
        "He's pretty unhappy...kind of messed up since...well, you know."
        He nodded, "Tell him...uh...tell him...nothing. I should tell him myself."
        "I don't think you should talk to him....yet, he's pretty upset and I know it aint your fault, but it's still not a good time....okay?"
        He nodded and continued petting Yoshie, "I'm glad you're Amy's boyfriend. I like you a lot Joey," he said then blushed.
        "I don't think we are...boyfriend and girlfriend any more. I mean we're friends and all, but we don't like love each other like that," I admitted. Maybe I didn't want him to think I was unavailable in case he wanted to mess around.
        "That's cool. Just sex..huh?" he said blushing and grinning.
        I grinned back, "You know huh?"
       "She told me all about it. She's a pretty a cool sis, we talk about boys all the time. She thinks it's cool that we both like boys cause we can compare and stuff."
        "So...what does she say about me?" I teased, "I'm a sexy boy...right?"
        "She didn't have to tell me that," he said finally standing up, "I can see that,"then he blushed bright red.
        I knew right then that I could get with him if I wanted to but I had to think about that. Would it hurt Amy if she found out? And worse, would it hurt Dommie? I grinned at him and said thanks and that he was pretty sexy too then I blushed. So much for thinking about it. I was practically throwing myself at him. Suddenly Dommie was at the patio door and when he saw Jason he had a strange look on his face.       
         "Hey, Joey want to play some PS2?"
       "In a minute. I'm talking to Jason, okay?" I don't know why I said that and didn't just tell Jason bye and go in, but I think it was because I had a boner and I wanted to look at Jason a little while longer.
         "Okay. Hi Jason,"he said trying to sound friendly.
         "Hi Dommie, got a minute?"
        For a minute I thought Dommie might just run back inside but finally he shut the patio door and walked over to the fence and said, "Sure, what's up?"
        "Can I talk to Dommie alone?" he asked looking at me nervously.
      "Joey can stay," Dommie said sounding stubborn, "I got no secrets from my little bro."
        I guess Jason understood since him and Amy were so close and he just nodded, "Okay, well...see...I just wanted to say I was sorry. I know it wasn't all my fault but I did worry this would happen and I know, asked you about how Buster would feel....and, well....I know it's too late now, but I should've known better being older and all."
        Dommie laughed but it didn't sound like he thought it was funny, "Older? You're not that much older, and I knew better. I just....I just thought I could get away with it, I guess. Anyway, don't worry. Things will be okay again, but....but I don't think we can be friends any more." he said then looked down at the ground.
        I was looking right into Jason's eyes and I saw what that did to him. I was afraid he was gonna cry but instead he said, "I know, I sort of figured that out already. I'm sorry we can't be friends but I hope you and Buster work this out. I ...I gotta go..I got to, some stuff....inside," he said but I knew what he really wanted was to just get away and then he might cry and I felt so bad for him I wanted to go with him and snuggle with him like I did with Dommie and make him feel better.
       "No hard feelings, okay?" Dommie asked then stuck his fist over the fence for Jason to bump.
        "No way," he said bumping my brother's fist and grinning, "it was cool, but it's over. I understand. Good luck man, I....I....gotta....gotta go," he said then bolted for his back door.
          I looked at Dommie and there were tears in his eyes and that made me want to cry too. I put my arm around his waist and we walked to the house but we didn't talk about what had just happened right then. We played XBox and Dommie never let me out of his sight for more than five minutes all night. Not even when I took a bath. He came in and sat on the toilet and talked to me the whole time and then took a shower while I dried off and brushed my teeth and then we went to his room and watched a movie and fell asleep and my mom kissed us there and didn't make a fuss cause we were both in Dommie's bed and I slept the whole night there.
        If you think that was the end of it, you don't know how horny little gay boys can get when they see another boy they want and I was the horniest little gay boy in the neighborhood. I saw less of Amy over the next week but I saw a lot of Jason. Seems like every time I went over to see her, she was gone to a GS meeting or at her friend Lorrie's house and I wondered if she was done with me. I didn't ask her cause I was afraid she'd say yes and then I'd  have no excuse to see Jason. Yeah, Jason was the real reason I kept going to Amy's and I wasn't upset at all that she wasn't home.
        One afternoon while Dommie and mom went shoe shopping for Dommie I went to Amy's and as usual she was gone and so were here rents. Jason was there though and when he answered the door he only had on a pair of shorts and no shirt. His face looked a little flushed and I could smell his dick. I guess us gay boys pick up on that kind of stuff cause the first thing I thought was that he was jerking off and I interrupted
       He didn't seem mad though and was really friendly and invited me in and explained that he was the only one home and that I could stay and play XBox or whatever if I wanted. I wanted to whatever, but wasn't quite sure how to get things going.
      Once we got to his room I was sure I had been right about interrupting his jerking off cause the bed was messed up and there was a towel laying there. He noticed me looking at the towel and he grabbed it and shoved it under his bed and I bet if I had picked it up and smelled it it would have smelled like his cum. He asked me if I wanted something to drink but I told him no, I was fine and he didn't get anything either.
       At first I thought he was going to offer to play XBox but he just sat there on his bed looking nervous. I sat down beside him and gave him my innocent little boy eyes and he grinned and showed his braces and he looked soooo cute.
     We didn't talk for a long time just sat there and stared at each other and I didn't pretend not to be checking his body out. His chest was nice, not really a six pack but close and his skin looked so smooth and soft and his nipples were hard. I knew his dick was hard too cause I could see the outline of it in his shorts and it looked bigger than Joe's and his was pretty big.
     "So, Amy says she sat on your dick, did you like that?" he asked finally looking nervous but excited.
       "Yeah, it was pretty cool. She's a horny girl," I said laughing.
       "So, you like just know, ever tried boys?"
       I knew he knew that already. No way Dommie didn't tell him or at least hint at it.
       "I like both, but I think I like boys mostly. I...I haven't been with a boy for a while and I miss it," I hinted.
       "Oh," he said then just sat there fumbling with his waist band on his shorts. My eyes went down to his crotch and I could see his dick jump a little. I knew he was ready, but I liked making him wait.
     "Can I have that soda now, I decided I'm thirsty." I said. I needed him out of the room for a minute.
       "Oh, sure. Be right back," he said looking disappointed.
        As soon as he was out of the room I started ripping off my clothes and I jumped on his bed and laid down with my legs open wide and my boner sticking up. I was a little nervous. What if he wasn't really horny for me, or what if he didn't like pushy boys?
       I waited and waited and I was afraid he wasn't coming back but finally he pushed the door open and he took one look at me and dropped the two cokes he had his hands and just stared.
       "See anything you like?" I asked giggling.
      "What are  you doing?" he asked but he was giggling too, "You really want to...uh, play?"
       "Uh huh, if you do," I said hoping he did.
       "I...uh, what about Dommie?" he asked looking confused, "won't he be mad?"
      "Why would he? I aint his boyfriend," I said laughing, "besides, I might not tell him, at least not till him and Buster are okay again." I realized I had just made a decision to keep a secret from Dommie and that would be the first time I had done that since we found out we both liked boys.
       I could tell he was cracking and all I had to do was make the first move and he would give in so I sat up and wiggled my little finger at him and said, "Come here and sit down beside me."
        He didn't waste any time getting over there and when he sat down I put my hands on his chest and rubbed it, "You're really buff," I said trying to stroke his ego a little.
        "Thanks, but you are, you are so hot. Don't take this wrong, but you look like Dommie in a lot of ways."
        I just smiled, that was the best compliment he could ever give me but I knew what he really meant was "If I can't have Dommie, I'll have his little brother."  I didn't care, I was already falling for him and I wanted him so bad it hurt. I moved a little closer trying to get him to kiss me but he seemed to get shy all of a sudden and pulled back. I guess I looked hurt cause he leaned in and then we did kiss and it was awesome.
        I know it sounds corny to say my toes curled but they did and my boner jumped and I grabbed his and he squealed into my mouth and I could feel his braces and it was awesome. I tugged at his shorts and he helped me pull them off and then I got to see his boner and it was huge. Well, to me it was and I wanted to lick it and suck it right then but mostly I wanted it up my butt. I guess I missed that most since I lost Joe and I wanted Jason to keep wanting more of me so I figured if he had my little butt I'd have him
        I stopped kissing him and dragged him onto the bed and climbed on top of him and kissed him some more and he was moaning and stuff and pressing his boner against me and it was all wet with pre-cum. I liked how it looked with the skin on it and all and I couldn't wait to get it inside me. I licked his nipples and he really liked that and then I couldn't wait any longer and I started sucking his dick. I pushed the skin back with my lips and tasted his pre-cum and used my tongue to lick all around the head and it was yummy. Different than a cut dick tastes and extra juicy too. I only sucked for a little while though cause I didn't want him to come yet.
        I wanted him to fuck me on my back but I didn't just wanna come right out and say it so I just fell off of him onto my back and raised my legs and he got the idea. You should've seen the look on his face when he saw my little brown eye winking at him and I could see him shaking a little as he moved up between my legs.
        "You, uh....sure about this. I don't wanna hurt ya, I'm pretty big...."
        "My old boyfriend was almost as big, I can handle it. I really, really want you to." I almost begged.
       That was all he needed and he reached past me to the night stand and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion and greased up his wiener. He was shaking as he did it and then I felt his wet finger poking at my butt hole and when it slid in I sighed and so did he. I guess he didn't expect to go this far so soon, but I wanted to make sure he liked me right off and butt sex usually works best for that.
       "You still sure?" he asked nervously once he had us both lubed up. Instead of replying I just reached down and grabbed his boner and guided it to my hole.
         I moaned a little as he slipped in past my pucker but he didn't stop till his pubes were up against my butt. I felt full but it didn't hurt, heck it felt great, and I couldn't wait for him to start pumping. I guess neither could he cause suddenly I felt him move back a little pulling out till just the head was inside me then it was on like Donkey
          He took it slow at first but after a little while he started really pounding me and I liked that a lot. His balls were slapping against me and it made a soft fapping noise and I could smell my butt and his dick and I was soooo horny I couldn't keep my hands off my dick. I jerked on it while he pounded my little ass but I didn't want to come yet so I slowed down and let things cool off for a minute.
         I finally let go of my own dick and concentrated on the feeling at my back door and then he leaned down and kissed me and I felt him start to come inside me. It was a big come and I could feel his hot jizz hitting the insides of my guts and that really made me horny. If I didn't get off soon I just knew I'd explode.
         I let him lay there and rest a minute hoping he'd still be horny enough to get me off but when he finally raised up he started pumping again, this time slowly and gently as he leaned down and kissed me. This was new for me, I'd never had a boy fuck me twice in a row and it was so exciting to think he thought my ass was that sexy that I almost came just thinking about it.
         He took a long time the second time and there wasn't as much jizz but I could still feel it and it was awesome. He pulled out right away this time and kissed me again and reached down and grabbed my dick and jerked it a little before moving down and swallowing the whole thing in one gulp.       
     Joe was a good cocksucker and so is Dommie but Jason was like the king of cocksuckers. He did things to my little weenie that I never thought about before and he had my toes curling and me thrusting up off the bed with my hands tearing at his hair and when I came I almost passed out. It was awesome and he gobbled down all my jizz and just held my dick in his mouth while I came back down to earth.
        I was as tired as if I had ran a mile, and I hadn't done any of the work. He finally let my dick slide out of his mouth and moved up beside me and kissed me. I could taste my own jizz on his tongue and I sucked at it to try to get more. We laid like that for a long time and would have probably done some more stuff but suddenly we heard noises in the hall and I jumped up and found my clothes and pulled them on as fast as I could.
      Jason didn't hurry but he did finally get dressed and got up to unlock the door. A few minutes later Amy knocked on the door and Jason told her to come in. I was sitting in front of the TV by then playing XBox and tried not to look guilty but she didn't seem to be suspicious as she slid down beside me and put her arm around me. I felt kind of bad about what Jason and I had done and I wondered if that was how Dommie felt. Was I cheating on Amy just like Dommie had cheated on Buster?
        Amy leaned her head into me and just rubbed my chest as I played XBox and it felt nice but I wasn't really horny after having sex with Jason and I hoped she wasn't headed that way. Fortunately the phone rang and it was for her and she was gone a long time talking to one of her girlfriends. By the time she got back it was time for me to go and she walked me to the door and kissed me, but it didn't seem as nice as it usually was. Maybe she was getting over me or something. I didn't worry cause I sort of felt like I was getting over her too, and now that I had messed with Jason, I decided that maybe Amy wasn't what I wanted after all.
        When I got home Dommie was taking a nap. He took a lot of naps those days when him and Buster were apart and I climbed into bed beside him and just rested while he slept. I watched him for a while and he made funny faces in his sleep. Sometimes he looked happy in his sleep, and sometimes he looked scared or sad. I wondered what kind of dreams he was having and decided they were probably about Buster and what had happened but I never asked.
          I wanted to tell him about Jason and me, but I was afraid it would hurt him worse and anyway it was probably just a one time thing and it was best to forget it. Fat Finally about 5 Dommie woke up and stretched and when he saw me he smiled really big and I knew I couldn't tell him about me and Jason. I felt rotten that I had messed with Jason when Dommie was still hurting because he had done the same thing and no way did I want to hurt Dommie any more.
         "Hey, little bro," Dommie said hugging me and patting my butt.
         " have a good nap?"
         "Uh huh, cept for my dreams, but I feel okay. Where's mom? Is dinner ready yet?"
         "Uh uh, it's too early, but we're having meatloaf, the beatloaf, the big fat meatloaf, I said giggling."
         "Oh, yeah...I forgot. Did you and Amy have fun?" he asked suggestively.
       "She was gone," it just slipped out of my mouth and I had to think quick about what to say next, "uh, but she came back and we kissed and stuff, but no sex." I said trying to sound disappointed.
         "Too bad mom's home," Dommie said sounding horny.
         "Yeah, maybe tonight...if ya wanna," I said hopefully.
         "Okay, it's a date,"Dommie said reaching down and squeezing my wiener through my pants and causing me to giggle.
         "I'm gonna go take a shower," Dommie said as he sat up and stretched. He looked tired but at least not as sad as he had lately. I think he had finally decided there was nothing he could do and he would just have to wait for Buster to either forgive him or kick him to the curb.
        I tagged along and sat on the toilet and we talked while he showered and when he got out he let me dry his back off and I gotta boner and so did he. We didn't do anything about it though cause we had already planned on doing stuff later after the rents were in bed and that made it seem extra good when we did do it.
        That night was pretty cool. We did a 69 and then Dommie fucked me and later he sucked my toes and feet and gave me a beejay and then he rubbed his dick on my feet and shot all over them. We were so tired we could barely keep our eyes open and I slept all night in Dommies bed. I was glad my mom or dad didn't see me there but I don't think they would have thought it was bad. They knew me and Dommie were closer than close and they thought that was cute.
        I had a lot to think about after that day. Did I really like Jason or was I just horny? And did I still like Amy that way, or had I just been experimenting like some boys do with other boys before they move on to girls. I didn't know for sure but I figured I didn't have to make any decisions right then, I was young and, and I had plenty of time to figure things out. Meanwhile my most important worry was helping Dommie get through his separation from Buster and he didn't need me making things worse by messing with Jason. I decided that night to try it with Amy again and see if things had changed or if I still liked girl sex and take it from there.

End of Chapters 21-22

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