My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl DaD

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 25
Joey's new boyfriend

       Boy I sure was happy that Dommie and Buster were getting back together again and that Dommie wasn't mad about me and Jason messing around, because I was pretty sure I loved Jason. I know that's crazy, but ever since Joe left me I'd been thinking about how much I missed having a boyfriend and there was something about Jason that made me want him to be the one. I didn't know how he felt about it, but I sure wanted to find out now that I knew Dommie didn't care, but the only problem I was:  what about Amy?
       I mean we were sort of boyfriend and girlfriend but lately she'd didn't really act like she cared much any more. She had been spending a lot of time with her girl friends and the only time we seemed to get together was when she wanted sex. I know I should've been happy about that, but truth was, I didn't like girl sex as much as I thought. I mean it was okay, and sometimes it was fun, but I sure missed boy sex. I didn't know how Amy would feel about me having sex with her brother or if we became boyfriends but I just had to try.
      My opportunity came that weekend when Dommie went to Buster's to spend the night. I was glad Dommie was going to Buster's because even though he had said it was cool to mess with Jason, I didn't want to rub it in his face, if you know what I mean. Amy had a Girl Scout thing all weekend and her mom and dad were with her but Jason managed to get out of going and he called me Saturday morning to see if I could come over to "play XBox", but I hoped it was for something else, something that involved getting
     Even though mom and dad knew all about what had caused the trouble between Dommie and Buster, if they knew Jason was the other boy, they never talked about and they were cool with me going over to see him. I think they still thought me and Amy were boyfriend and girlfriend and that I was hoping to see her if I went over there enough. Looking back on things I wonder if they were really that naive or if they just didn't want to believe I was like Dommie. I mean how could they not know Jason was the one Dommie cheated with? Him and Dommie had spent a lot of time together those two weeks Buster was grounded and it didn't take a genius to figure that one out. But I didn't waste time thinking about that, I just took advantage of their naivety and went for it.
        It was about 10 that morning when Jason called and I was at his front door like five minutes later. Jason was wearing nothing but shorts and I got a boner instantly when I saw his smooth well developed chest. He led me inside and I watched his cute rear end as he walked and my boner got worse. I was tenting my sweats pretty good by the time we got to his room. He had the XBox set up and it looked like he had been playing but I really wasn't that interested in video games right then and I hoped he wasn't either.
        "So....Dommie and Buster are...uh, back together now?" Jason said sitting down on the edge of his bed.
        "Yeah, but Buster still aint over it and things aren't perfect yet, but I think they love each other enough to work things out," I hoped he wasn't going to talk about Dommie the whole time I was there. I was horny and no way could he not see the rise in my sweat pants.
         He looked at me then and I think he did notice my boner cause he sort of blushed and smiled, "You, uh wanna play XBox or what?" he asked kind of nervously.
       I grinned and gave him my puppy dog eyes, the look that Dommie says get to my mom every time, and he blushed deeper, "We...uh, can do anything you want."
        "Anything?" I asked trying to sound suggestive.
       "Well...uh, yeah...I mean..." he licked his lips and looked soooo cute then and I wanted to just jump on him and rip those shorts off.
        "You remember what we did last time?" I said blushing a little myself. After all he was older and should be the one running things. I guess I was used to Joe being in charge but it sort of felt good to be in charge for a change.
        "Uh, that what you wanna do, cause if it is..that's cool."
       I grabbed my boner through my sweats and smiled, "Does this answer your question?"
        He laughed nervously, ", uh...wanna get naked?"
       "That's what I'm tryin to tell ya," I giggled, and pushed my sweat pants down to let my boner go free. I wasn't wearing any undies cause I figured Jason would give in pretty easy and I sure was right. He was gawking at my wiener and I had to remind him to take his clothes off too. It didn't take us long to get our clothes off and we were both hard. I really liked how Jason's dick looked with the skin on it and I reached out and touched it causing him to moan softly. I pulled the skin back and the head was sort of red and wet and boy, oh boy I really wanted to taste it. I just couldn't help myself and I dropped down to my knees and started licking it like a lollipop.
       I guess Jason really liked that and he was moaning and running his hands through my hair and pretty soon he was grunting and I knew he was close to coming. I stopped immediately and grabbed his nuts and pulled on them kind of hard. He squealed and that put a stop to his coming. I giggled and stood up and he gave me a look like WTF and I just shrugged.
       "Didn't want ya to come yet, I got something else in mind. Now, it's my turn...suck my weenie," I said taking charge again, and this time it really felt good. I think I decided right then that if me and Jason did become boyfriends I was going to be in charge....if he'd let me, and it sort of looked like he would since he dropped to his knees right away and started sucking like he was starved. Well, maybe he was and I had some Joey Sauce just for him, lol.
     He was smacking and licking and sucking and squeezing my little balls and then suddenly I couldn't hold it back any more. It had been too long since I was with a boy and I was so horny I couldn't wait any longer to get my nut and when I came I was moaning and my knees went weak. I think I made more Joey Sauce that day than I ever had and the way Jason was slurping it down he really liked it. I let him lick my dick till it was clean and when it got sensitive I pushed him away and he fell back on the bed and just laid there. His dick was wet looking and I could see it throb with each beat of his heart.
        I figured the best way to get Jason to love me was to give him something I knew he really, really liked and my little butt was just that. I grinned as I watched him lay there and I looked around for the lotion we had used last time and there it was on his nightstand. I grabbed it and he raised up a little and looked at me and grinned. He knew what was going to happen next and I knew I had him by the dick, he would do anything I wanted once he got a piece of my tail.
        I climbed up on the bed and squirted some lotion on my hands and started rubbing it into his boner and he sort of moaned. I had to be careful or he'd shoot right then and there so I stopped and put a little lotion on my finger and stuck it up my boy hole. I didn't need much, just a little to get it started, and I was ready. I squatted over him and his eyes got wide and he was grinning really big and I winked at him and he laughed.
        "You are so cool," he said giggling, "you like being in charge don't ya?"
        I shrugged, but he was right...suddenly I did like being in charge and if he'd let me I'd lead the way every time. "Shhhh...just relax and let me do this." I said putting a finger to my lips and grinning.
        He laid back down and closed his eyes as I grabbed his cock and guided it into my hole. I sit down slowly letting his cock sink into me as I moaned and threw my head back. I get such a rush when I get a dick back there. It feels sooo good and once I get it in me I want to keep it as long as I can. It's sort of like I have power over the other boy when he is inside me. I love how it feels, but I what I really like is the way it makes them feel. I can see it in their face and feel it in the way they shiver and shake and hear it in their voice when they moan or talk dirty and that is such a turn on for me, even to this day.
        Jason really showed me that he liked it. He was moaning and saying my name and he even said the F word a few times and I just kept on moving up and down on his boner. It felt like a hard piece of wood wrapped in squishy silk and was so wet it made a fapping noise as it went in and out. I reached down once or twice and squeezed his balls just to slow him down and he moaned even louder, but I didn't want him to come too soon.
        I could see the look of pure joy on his face and he was so cute that I wanted to kiss him but I couldn't in this position so I told him we were going to switch positions. He looked upset at first but when I plopped down on my back the look in his eyes was pure lust. He took charge then and I felt a little disappointed that I had lost control, but when he sank back into me I forgot all about it. As if he had read my mind earlier he leaned down and kissed me and we swapped tongues as he plowed into me, taking complete control of his nut. I knew there was no holding him back this time and I didn't even try. It was only fair that he get his nut now that I had got mine, but I did wish he could hold off a little.
        He kissed me once again and then raised up and grabbed my legs and began to pound me as hard as I'd ever been f..... I was bouncing around and grunting as he forced the air out of me and it was a little uncomfortable until I realized I was close to coming myself, partly because he was hitting that place deep inside a guy that makes it feel so good, and partly because I was rubbing my dick even though I hadn't realized it until then. It was such an awesome feeling that I didn't mind when he began to shoot inside me because like two seconds later he got splattered with another round of Joey Sauce.
        We were moaning and panting and shaking as we came and then he fell down on me and we were stuck together with my goo. His cum was deep inside me and I could feel his dick still throbbing even though he was out of juice. I found his face and kissed it all over and then stuck my tongue in his mouth and licked his braces causing him to giggle.
        "I love your braces," I said softly. "and....I love you," I blurted out before thinking.
        He pulled back and looked at me with surprise, " Cause... I think you are so cool and so cute and.....I been thinking about you a lot lately. I know Dommie probably don't want me messing with you, but I....I think I love you too." he said looking ready to cry.
        I laughed and hugged him close and kissed him again, "No....Dommie thinks it's cool and even if he didn't, well, I love you no matter what and if you love me too....then could we boyfriends? I said as my heart beat so fast I thought it was coming out of my chest.
        "You mean it? You mean like Dommie and Buster?"
        "Better, cause we won't fight...ever. And I won't cheat on you and you won't cheat on me..right?"
       "Never, I promise. If you're my boyfriend I don't need no one else. You are so cute and so sweet and, perfect," he said looking like he was going to cry again, only this time cause he was happy.
        "Then..then, let's do it. We need to get some rings or bracelets or something to make it official but if we both want to...then that's all we need for now." I remembered the ankle bracelets that Dommie and Buster wore and I wanted something like that for us, but maybe something better.
        We just laid there and snuggled for a long time then our boners came back and this time Jason wanted me to f... him. I like it from behind so I had him lay down and I crawled on top of him and stuck my weenie in his butt. I stretched out and was rubbing my feet against his as I ground into him slowly and the feeling built.
        As the feeling got better and I got hotter I raised up and started pounding him harder, going as deep as my little weenie would go and pulling almost all the way out each time. I was really going at it when the door bust open and from behind me I heard Amy say, "Oh my God. Well, I can't say I'm surprised. I shouldnt've known....well, this really changes things," she giggled. She didn't sound mad or hurt just amused, but I still lost my rhythm and my weenie wilted and slipped out of Jason's butt.
        I got off and sat down hiding my shrinking weenie and Jason rolled over and pulled his shorts across his dick, "Try knocking, why don'tcha," he said angrily.
        "Oh, get over it. Just be glad mom and dad are still in the car. I just came by to get my sash I forgot. Well, gotta go," she said turning to go as if nothing had happened, then she spun around and said, "Next time try locking the door if you're gonna fuck," then she burst out laughing, turned the latch on the door, and closed it behind her.
        I just stared at Jason and he shrugged, "I guess she wasn't too upset. Maybe she don't care. I mean....well, what do you think? I mean I don't want to break you two up. I never even thought about her when I said yes."
        I sighed and held my head in my hands, "I don't know. I don't think I love her anymore and I don't really want to be her boyfriend any more, I want to be your boyfriend."
           "We've really never talked about this before, I mean how she feels about you. Maybe you better talk to her first and work things out before know, make it official."
            "No! I mean, yeah, I'll talk to her, but I want to be your boyfriend no matter what. I mean, if you do," I said trying no to sound too upset, but I really was.
           He gnawed on his finger nail then grinned at me, "I want to be your boyfriend more than anything in the world, but talk to her, okay?"
           I nodded, "I will but meanwhile....she's gone and she locked the door.Want to finish what we started?"
          I know we should've been upset and worried and all that, but let's face it when you're young and horny it's easy to put all that stuff aside and get jiggy wit Jason was on his stomach with me on top a heartbeat and my wiener was already hard and wet. I didn't need to use any more lube since he was still wet inside and I sunk in and picked up right where I left off. I was long stroking (well, long for and groaning and panting like a dog on a hot summer day and pretty soon I was close to coming. I wanted it to last though and I made myself stop and just laid on top of him for a little while and nuzzle his neck. He shivered and I knew that even on top I still had a big effect on him.
        There was something else going on in my head that day too, I was thinking about how much I liked Jason and how hot his body was and that I  hardly missed Joe at all any more. Okay, I guess I should tell you that Joe breaking up with me hit me pretty hard and I guess I was trying to replace him with Amy. Well, that didn't work out very well, but I thought maybe with Jason it would. Only problem was I didn't want to hurt Jason if I was wrong, but I just knew this was real and I was willing to risk it. Anyway it was too late to back down now.
        I started up again twining my feet around his and running my hands up under his arm pits to brace myself. When I started moving again the feeling was twice as good as before and it didn't take long before I was near orgasm. I didn't let try to stop it this time and when I came I almost passed out. I fell down on top of Jason but I was still squirming around until I finally got all the feeling out. I stayed inside him and closed my eyes and I think I might have dozed off for a minute or two.
        When I woke up I rolled off of Jason and rested. He snuggled up to me and kissed my face and rubbed my tummy and chest and I knew I was making the right decision then. All I ever wanted was someone who loved me and would make me feel good, and so far Jason was awesome at that. I smiled at him and my heart felt like it was all swollen up with love for him. I maybe even cried a little as we kissed and snuggled and we both fell asleep all tangled up in each other.
        I woke up with Jason's cute face just inches from mine and he was smiling. I smiled back and he leaned in and kissed me. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and yawned. It was almost 5 o'clock and Amy and her folks were due back by six. I hopped up and went to the bathroom and sat on the pot and peed and let some of Jason's jizz out of my butt. I know that's gross, but it's part of boy sex and if you don't like it, well just skip this
        I got dressed and so did Jason but I didn't want to go until I had to so we played XBox until we hear the door open downstairs and pretty soon we heard Amy chattering as she came upstairs. This time she knocked and Jason got up to let her in. He was as nervous as me but Amy didn't seem mad or upset as she breezed in and plopped down on the bed.
        "So, Joey...I guess it's over between us, huh?"
        "I...I'm really sorry. I didn't think you were...uh, into me that much any more," I said feeling really uncomfortable.
        "It's no big deal," she said shrugging, "anyway, I sort of have a girlfriend now."
        I guess I must've looked shocked because she giggled and quickly said, "You know my friend Marcie, we...we sort of messed around and we liked it...a lot. But we can still be friends....right?" she said looking a little worried.
        I was so relieved that I jumped up and hugged her, "Yeah, friends...that's cool," then remembering Jason I shot him a glance and he grinned and nodded, "I guess....uh, that is Jason and me are, well...."
      "Boyfriends," Jason said taking over, "I'm sorry sis, I didn't mean to hurt you or anything, but I really love Joey," he said sincerely, then he looked at me and smiled and I walked over and took his hand.
        "No problem Jas, I love both of ya, and I want ya to be happy, so...this is really pretty cool. And...we can discuss Joey and sex and all when he's not around," she giggled as she said the last part. I didn't know if she was completely over me, I mean I am so cute and so awesome, but at least she wasn't upset or mad.
        I left a little while later but not before I kissed Jason goodbye and he walked me to my drive and we whispered "I love you" to each other. I was floating on air as I walked into my house and my parents could see something was different about me, but I think they thought it was because  I had seen Amy. I hoped they would never find out the truth, I was afraid they couldn't handle having two faggot sons, but if for now my secret was safe and that was all that mattered.

Chapter 26
You don't have to be so mean

            I was trembling as I got ready to go to school that day. Originally I was  going home with Buster and spending the night but because his folks had to go out of town he was coming to my house instead. His grandma who had been in the hospital was coming home and Buster's mom and dad were going to her place to get her settled. Fortunately they said Buster didn't need to be there and if it was okay with my folks he could stay with us and boy, oh boy I was all for that. You know, home field advantage and  Oh sure, he had said we couldn't have sex, but I was so sure that once we got alone it would happen just like it had every time before and I was so looking forward to that. I had hardly fapped all week cause I was saving it up for  that night and I couldn't wait to bust a nut with Buster.
        I grabbed my lunch and headed off to the bus with Joey right beside me. He waited with me a little while before going off to his school and I paced as I waited for the bus. Then there it was and my guts were roaming around and I thought I would loose my breakfast but I managed to keep it down and when I climbed on board and saw Buster I felt alright again. He was grinning and waving like a goof and I plopped down beside him and he started rattling off stuff a mile a minute.
        He talked about everything except what I really wanted to talk about and I was getting a little annoyed. Then I decided that maybe he was as nervous as I was and he was afraid to admit that he couldn't wait for sex any more than I could. Thinking this I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the bus ride to school.
        The day seemed endless but sharing lunch and especially gym class with Buster made it worthwhile. In gym we showered together and though all we did was look, I was sure there would be lots more to come once we got alone at my house. After dressing we headed for the bus and before we knew it we were getting off at my stop. The walk to my house only took a few minutes and Joey was waiting for us as we noisily came through the front door.
        "Hi guys," Joey said swarming us and giving Buster a big hug. He had missed Buster too and he seemed extra happy since we'd gotten back together. Of course he had other things making him happy too, but I didn't know that just then.
         Buster gave Joey a big wet noisy kiss on the cheek and picked him up and swung him around as he giggled. I smiled as I watched them,  I was so happy to have Buster back and glad that things would soon be back to normal.
        We had a snack and then went up to my room to change. Joey went off to his room and I guess he wanted to give us some privacy cause he didn't come in till later. I pulled off my clothes and when I was down to just my undies I expected Buster to make his move, but he just went on changing and was dressed before I knew it. I was a little disappointed but I figured he wanted to wait till later when we were in bed so we would have lots of time so I didn't say anything.
        We played video games and Joey eventually came in and joined us till my folks got home. My folks made a big deal of welcoming Buster back and my mom gave him one of her famous hugs and he was grinning and really looked happy. We had pizza and ice cream and watched a movie with Joey in the family room while my parents played cards at the breakfast table. The movie was pretty good and Buster and I sat on the couch and held hands the whole time and we didn't even mind that my mom saw us when she came through on her way to the bathroom. Joey laid in the floor at our feet with his cute little feet in the air as he laid on his tummy and I watched them as much as the movie. If Buster didn't put out soon those piggies of Joey's might get a work
        We snuggled a little but no kissing while we watched the movie but I think Buster might have still been a little nervous that my folks might see us even though they had given us their blessings but it just felt good to be near him again and I was happy. When the movie ended Joey went up to take a bath and Buster and I went out back and played with my dog Yoshie for a while. It was dark cause I hadn't turned on the porch light and I pulled Buster into the shadows and hugged him and we kissed for the first time since the breakup.         I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to have his warm hard body pressed against me and his wet soft lips on mine and I got instantly hard and so did he. I could feel his boner pressing against me and I just knew he wouldn't be able to resist me so I reached down and grabbed it.
        He pulled away and though he was breathing heavy he shook his head and said, "Uh uh, not gonna happen Dommie. I told you no sex and I meant it. Kissing is cool and hugging and holding hands, but no sex.....I meant that."
        I felt like I'd been hit in the gut and my lip trembled as I turned into a little bitch and said, "You don't have to be so mean."
        He laughed but not like it was funny or anything, more like he was nervous to see me turning into a whiny little beatch. "Dommie, can't you understand that I'm not ready for sex yet? I mean you hurt me a lot and this should be hard for you too. Are you just so horny you can't think of anyone but yourself?"
      I felt guilty, but truthfully I didn't know why exactly. I just nodded and shrugged, "I....I'm sorry...I just got carried away. You are like so hot and the feel of your body and lips and stuff....I just couldn't help myself."
        "Let's go in now, I think we need to cool off a little."
        I didn't know what he meant at first, it was like 40 degrees outside, then it dawned on me he wasn't talking about body temp, he meant sexual heat. I followed him inside and we went up to my room. He grabbed his stuff and went in to take a shower and I didn't even try to follow him or take a shower with him that time. I just sat there and watched TV till he came out and then went in and took my shower. I dressed in shorts with no undies and a tee shirt, but I had already figured out that nothing was going to happen that night.
        I was moody the rest of the evening and finally Buster had enough and
sent Joey to his room, closed the door, and  and sat me down on the bed and read me the riot act.
     "Look, it's not that I don't love you...cause I do. I love you more than anyone or anything in the world, it's just that I can't get over this thing as easy as you have. I want us to be together more than anything in the world, but it's got to be my way. Do you understand?"
        He paused long enough for me to nod, then continued, "I'm not trying to be mean or hurt you, it's just how it is. I don't know how long it will take but look at it like this, I'm suffering too. I want and need sex as much as you do, and at least you had some," he said looking a little mad, "and I haven't....not since you and I were last together."
        "I'm sorry," I said softly, but I knew sorry was too little too late and I hung my head and felt like the worst boyfriend in the world.
         He surprised me by sitting down by me and hugging me and kissing my cheek, "I love you no matter what, and when this is over we will be together forever, I swear it."
      That simple statement touched me so deeply that I cried a little and to this day I remember exactly how he looked when he said that, the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice, and it still causes me to get emotional. And of course he meant every word of it and guess what? We are still together some ten years later.
       We played video games with Joey till bedtime and when the lights were out we lay there quietly waiting for my mom to come tell us goodnight. It seemed like a long time but when she knocked on the door and I told her to come in I was glad she was there. She kissed my forehead like always and I reached up and pulled her to me and smelled her soft hair and I felt like a little kid again. I never wanted to let her go, but I didn't want to be a big baby so I finally kissed her cheek and then she kissed Buster on the forehead and went off to Joey's room.
        "Your mom is so cool," Buster said softly. I sometimes thought that if Buster wasn't gay he would've hit on my mom and that made me smile.
        "She's the best, so's my dad and your rents are pretty cool too. We're two lucky gay know that?"
        "Yeah," he said in a whisper, "Two lucky gay boys." He sighed and I felt his hand nudging mine and we entwined our fingers and just lay there and held hands for the longest time. If we couldn't have sex at least we could touch and that was awesome after being apart so long.
        "Uh huh," he sounded far away.
        "Do you really think we'll be together always?"
       "Yep, I said so didn't I?" he didn't sound mad, just impatient like he was dealing with an especially difficult child.
       I squeezed his hand gently and then brought it to my lips and kissed it softly, "I love you so much," I said choking up a little.
      "I love you too, but I don't trust you any more,"he said breaking my heart all over again.
       "I know I messed up, but I swear it will never happen again. I won't keep anything from you ever again. Just say you forgive me," I said sitting up and touching his chest with my free hand.
        "I've already forgiven you or I wouldn't be here," he said simply, "I love you enough to get over it, it will just take a little time. Am I worth waiting for?" he asked sounding unsure for once.
        I leaned down and kissed him sweetly, "I'd wait forever for're my knight in shining armor," I said reverting to my little bitch mode.
       He laughed, "You're a dreamer and you read too much, but I love you anyway. What're you gonna do when you grow up, write stories?"
      "I just might write about the greatest love story of all time....ours." I teased, but as you know, it turns out I did just that.
     "Will you make me out to be a meanie when you tell this part?" he asked sounding interested.
        "Uh uh, I'll put all the blame on me...cause that's the truth."
         "Dommie, ever wonder what things will be like a year from now or when we're 16 and old enough to drive and stuff like that?" he said sounding far away again.
        "Sure all the time, but I like how things are now too. It's like, well...I don't wanna grow up too fast cause being a little gay boy is awesome," I said giggling.
         "For us maybe, not so good for some boys. I wonder what would've happened to us if your rents hadn't been so cool."
          "Don't even say that, I couldn't have stood it if they kept us apart," I said shivering.
          "I'd of killed myself," he said simply and I knew he meant it and I was terrified.
          "Don't say that, " I said shivering all over, "cause I'd of killed myself if you did."
         "Naw, you wouldn'tve, trust me, you're stronger than me. You'dve got over me pretty quick."
       I wanted to tell him how wrong he was and I almost did, but the words got lost somewhere between my brain and my mouth and I just leaned into him and held him and cried a little.
        "It's not a bad thing," he said softly as he patted my head gently, "it's just how you are and sometimes I wish I was a strong as you."
         As strong as me?  I thought how absurd that sounded. "I'm not strong, you are, but I'm not," I said stubbornly.
        "You just don't know how strong you are," he said gently, "you're a survivor. You roll with the punches, but I fight every step of the way."
        Where was all this coming from? He was pouring his heart out to me and I wasn't sure I could stand to hear all of it.  Then suddenly I realized, I wasn't strong until he told me I was and then I was like a lion when it came to us.
        I held him and patted him as I listened for hours to him pour out his heart and then he cried and I held him until he slept. I think that night was some sort of turning point for our love and our relationship. Never again did I take him for granted or underestimate the power he had over me, he was my "night in shining armor" and to this day when I call him that he always smiles then comes through like royalty.
       I know you were  hoping there might be some juicy sex stuff that night,  but I'm telling you how it happened as well as I can remember it and what went on between us that night was more intimate than any sex I've had before or since. We shared more than our bodies that night, we shared our souls and we were changed forever because of it. There would be lots of steamy body contact once Buster's ego healed, but I was content at that point to follow his lead and take all that he offered and it made me a better and stronger person and a much better lover. No one can predict what they will do in any given situation but after that night my actions were guided more by my heart and less by my flesh and I had Buster to thank for that.

End Chapters 25-26

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