My Little Brother's Feet by Kewl Dad

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My Little Brother's Feet

Chapter 27

Buster Almost Gets Even

I gotta tell ya, it was rough being at Dommie's that weekend and not being able to do anything. I know, I know, it was my choice, but he hurt me and I had to make sure he understood I meant what I said. When he kissed me that night in his back yard and pressed himself against me I almost gave in. I mean just looking at him is enough to give me major wood, but feeling his warm soft body against me was almost too much. If he hadn 't ruined it by grabbing my weenie, I might have given in. The kissing was getting me plenty steamed up and I was that close to dragging him inside and ravaging hi,. but when he grabbed me it brought me back to reality and I was able to break it off...just like that.

I know it was hard on poor Dommie too. I love that boy so much that it hurts me to see him upset or unhappy, but I had to be tough. I knew I was right and that he would thank me for what I was doing some day, but I still felt like a dog treating him that way. Poor Dommie. I bet he didn't even figure out that while I was taking a shower I was fapping like crazy thinking about him and came so hard my knees buckled and I almost busted my ass on the shower floor. As far as I know he got no relief that night, and I felt kind of bad about that, but sometimes you gotta do stuff you don't really like just to make things better down the road, or at least that was what I was thinking back then. Funny how things turn out.

After school that Monday after the sleepover I was sitting around feeling lonely and missing Dommie even though I had been with him only a short time ago and thinking about things. I was dressed just in my undies and fingering that friendship bracelet on my ankle and thinking about the day we had tied them on each other. It made me smile thinking about how excited he had been and looking at that frayed faded piece of thread I got an idea. I jumped up and ran over to my drawer and pulled out my money jar. I dumped the jar full of change and bills onto the bed and began counting. I'd been saving for a new bicycle and my folks had said they would match me dollar for dollar but so far I'd only saved.....ummm, twenty two dollars and ummmm 56 cents. Not a fortune, but it might be enough.

I got dressed and ran downstairs to find my mom and she listened with a smile and agreed to take me to the mall. $22.56 wasn't a lot of money, but I didn't need to buy real gold and at this novelty and jewelry shop I found matching ankle bracelets that were gold plated (well the color gold and each had half a heart on it. When I saw them I just knew that was exactly what Dommie and I needed to replace that piece of string around our ankles. Oh, we'd keep the friendship bracelets too (we still have them in our memory book) but the new ones would be a new symbol of our renewed commitment to each other. I was so pleased with myself that I was all smiles as I joined my mom in the food court and we had ice cream while I showed her my purchase.

"Oh Buster, you are such a little romantic," she said patting my hand, "Sometimes I think you boys are more in love than some.....straight couples I know."

I blushed bright red and my mom laughed, "Mommmm....not so loud," I said looking around, "Do you think Dommie will like it...uh, them?"

"Sweetheart, I know Dommie and he will love them. He is a sweet boy and I'm glad you two are together, even if I did want grandkids," she laughed but I could tell she really meant it and I had disappointed her again, but her smile returned and looked genuine and I didn't let that spoil my happiness and excitement.

"Since Dommie didn't get to come over last weekend, can he come over this weekend? I want to give him the bracelet then."

"Of course sweetheart, Domminick is always welcome at our house.....unless you're grounded," she added the last then chuckled.

"I promise not to get grounded, this is too important," I said seriously.

"I know you two have had your problems, but you've forgiven him, haven't you honey?"

"Sure mom, I told him that....but I'm not completely over it yet."

"Sweetie, sometimes you just have to let go of things and move on. Life is too short to waste a moment mad, or unhappy. Forgive and forget and be happy son."

"I know, I know....I'm almost there. That's why I bought the bracelets, so he would know I....uh, him," I said blushing again. No matter how cool my mom was about us being gay, it was still a little weird.

"I won't nag you sweetie. You're smart and you have a good heart. I trust you to do the right thing. Are you ready to go son?"

I slurped the last of my ice cream down and nodded, "Boy, it's going to be a long week. I can't wait to see the look on Dommie's face," I was giggling as we headed out to the parking lot and my mom laughed and put her arm around me and I felt like things were finally going to be alright.

The next day at school I was grinning all day and Dommie knew something was up but I kept the secret even though he kept begging me to tell him. I really had him guessing and by the time he got off the bus he was really frustrated. I hated to let him go like that, but I wanted this to be the best surprise ever and it was worth the wait.

At my house I ran upstairs and stripped off my clothes and the phone rang. I ran to pick it up and almost tripped, hoping it was Dommie but instead it was this kid I knew at the old school named Aaron. Aaron was my age and pretty cute, but we'd never really done anything even though he must've known about me from all the other guys who couldn't keep their mouths shut. It was weird to hear form him after all this time, but pretty nice. He was a cool guy and cute too even if he was a little chubby, but like I said, we'd never ever done anything, not even show and tell and I'd never seen him naked or even topless. Aaron was English and I had always thought his British accent was cool. He had short dark hair last time I saw him and dark eyes and seemed serious a lot, but he was fun to be around and I had always enjoyed his company even if we hadn't messed around.

He told me he'd been hanging around with some of the old gang and my name came up and he had heard some pretty interesting things about me. "Oh," I said, "like what? and he proceeded to tell me about some of the sex stuff I'd done with those guys. I couldn't believe they'd spilled their guts until Aaron told me he had been doing stuff with them too. I was like totally shocked. I had always wondered if he was that way, but I was sort of in a world of my own back then. I had a group I ran with and we fooled around at different levels. Some guys only liked fapping some liked head, and one or two were into anal, but of course I liked it all so I was pretty popular back there at my old school. Aaron and I had hung around a lot when I wasn't with the sex guys, and I hadn't really thought too much about trying to initiate him into our group because his rents and my rents were such good friends. In fact, my mom still had lunch with Aaron's mom once in a while and my dad played golf with Aaron's dad once a month. Despite that I hadn't heard from Aaron until that day but suddenly I felt this strange desire to renew our friendship. As luck or fate would have it that was about to happen.

We talked for a good hour and when my mom came home that evening I told her he had called and she didn't act too surprised. Seems that she had been talking to Aaron's mom and they had planned a night out and she wanted to know what I thought about Aaron coming over and spending the evening while they were out. I don't know if I was just stupid or my subconscious was in control, but I told her I thought that was cool and we could catch up on old times. So, the date was set for Thursday and suddenly I couldn't wait to see my old friend Aaron again.

I don't know why I didn't mention the upcoming playdate or Aaron to Dommie, again maybe it was my subconscious in control, but when we were together I pretty much forgot about Aaron and concentrated on Dommie. That didn't keep me from thinking about Aaron once I got home though, or looking forward to Thursday, and almost before I knew it Thursday arrived.

It was a great day from beginning to end. Dommie and I had so much fun that day and I almost asked him to meet me in the bathroom, but I decided to wait till the weekend when I surprised him with the bracelets. We took a shower in gym and did some major ogling of each other and even popped boners and we were giggling and pawing each other on the bus, but never really got serious. I think Dommie was afraid to get too carried away after what happened that last time at his house and I decided that he had learned his lesson and that weekend he would get his reward.

I squeezed Dommie's hand and whispered "I love you" when we got to his stop and as I rode home I thought about how much I loved him and how good the weekend was going to be and almost forgot about Aaron, that is until I got home. As soon as I was in the door, I forgot about Dommie and my head was all about Aaron and our playdate. I know that sounds fickle, but hey, I was 13 and still a kid at heart and my attention span was short to say the least. Of course I wasn't planning anything bad, but still I was looking forward to seeing Aaron again and see what was up with him.

I changed and had a snack and hung around waiting and about 4:30 Aaron's mom drove up and he hopped out. His mom walked him to the house then left to go get ready for her and mom's night out. She was going to pick mom up later and they were going out to eat and then to a movie. If I didn't know that was the kind of stuff chicks did I would have thought it was, but for women it was normal.

Aaron looked great. If he was cute before, he had become a fox since I'd last seen him and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Like I said he had dark eyes and his hair was still short but he'd lost a little weight and was looking fine now. He was taller than me and had that cocky almost over-confident air about him that is so sexy. He was sexy and he knew it and I was about to find out just how dangerous that was. He wore jeans and a football jersey and I remembered that he liked the sport a lot back when we used to hang around. He had those kind of lips that looked sooo kissable and his smile was dynamite and constantly on his face even if he did look a little full of himself. I couldn't help but notice his cute ass and he seemed to notice and almost strutted as we headed up to my room.

Mom left us money for pizza and rolled out about 6 so we had the house to ourselves. Apparently my dad was taking advantage of the situation and was having a guys night out with some of his friends from work so we were totally alone. You know looking back I wonder, what the heck was my mom thinking leaving two horny teenage boys alone? Especially since one of those boys was in a committed relationship. Of course she had no idea what Aaron had in mind and she trusteed me.

I was a little nervous at first, but after a while I began to remember the old Aaron and how easy our friendship had been and it was just like old times, except there was something more going on that I couldn't quite figure out. Part of it was this new knowledge that we shared a common interest, boys,and part of it was that I suddenly found him more interesting and.....desirable.

He looked around my room for a bit then plopped down on my bed and leaned back on his arms and I swear he had a boner.

"Remember Freddie?" he said with that adorable accent, "he got caught wanking in the boy's loo and go into a bit of trouble, you know what I mean?"

"Who caught him?" I asked falling down next to him and turning to watch his face as he talked.

"Mr. Reed, you know the Algebra teacher. The old bugger was probably just jealous because Freddie's willy was bigger than his," he giggled.

"Oh, and how would you know that?" I asked grinning.

"Oh come of it Buster, you must know I've seen it....and most of the other boys there as well. We regularly wanked each other off, know what I mean? I know you know how horny those boys are and I dare say, I am as well."

I didn't know exactly how to respond to that so I just nodded and he went on talking.

"It's a damn shame we never got together, I always thought you were so sexy and that willy of yours to die for."

I blushed and he laughed, "Don't be so modest, I know the sort of things you were doing back then. It's too bad I didn't find out sooner, know what I mean?" he said then suddenly sat up and placed his hand on my leg.

I must've yelped in surprise because he laughed, but I didn't try to remove it or ask him to so I guess he thought I was cool with it and I guess I sort of was....right then anyway.

"I used to watch you in the shower....after gym class you know, and that bum of yours looked so tight and squeezable. When I found out later that you actually let know, get up into that bum, I felt positively cheated. But when mum told me I was coming over here this evening I just knew I had to tell you how it was back then."

"I never had any idea....I mean I thought you were cool and all, but I guess I just never noticed that....uh, you were interested."

"I know I was a little nervous around you back then and afraid to let you know how I felt for fear you'd tell the others and I'd know, shunned or made fun of," he said looking serious, "but after you moved, I began doing stuff with the others and found out you had been doing it too and I could have died knowing I missed out on that. You know what I mean?"

"Wow, that sucks. We spent a lot of time together back then, it would have been easy to find time to do that stuff. Oh, and learn." I said feeling a little disappointed.

Suddenly his hand slid up my leg until it was only inches from my junk, "But it's never too late to fix things, is it?"

I could feel my boner rising in my sweats and it had a mind of it's own. I wanted to stop him, I really did, but I was like paralyzed suddenly as I watched his hand slide on up until it was touching my cock. It sprang up like a jack in the box and I squealed and somehow found the strength to push him away, but he wouldn't give up.

"Come on Buster, we only have a few hours. Let's play for a while. I'll let you bugger me if you want," he said practically leering at me "I have the greatest ass, know what I mean?" he said winking.

"I....I can't. I'm really sorry, but....I just can't," I pleaded.

"But...why not. You like me don't you? Am I too....uh, fat?" he said looking hurt.

", not at all. You are so sexy and that...umm ass of yours looks fine. You're like totally hot and so cute, but.....I just can't. I'm really sorry."

He pulled his hand back and just sat there looking so sad and I just couldn't help myself. I put my arm around him but he stiffened up and just stared straight at the wall. He sighed deeply and shivered a little and for a minute I thought he was going to start bawling. Boy, it's a good thing he didn't, I'm a sucker for tears.

"I'm really sorry. I don't know why I thought someone as hot as you would want to get with me. I...guess that's why it never happened back then, you just weren't attracted to me or something. I just thought we'd have a little fun and kill some time, that's all, know what I mean? I'm not asking for a commitment or anything," he said looking confused. He must've thought I was dense or a complete ass to resist him.

"I...I just didn't know, that's all. If I had known back then....well, I'd of wanted to do stuff...for sure. But now...well, I...uh, that is, I....I'm with someone now. I have a boyfriend and he's sooo cute and sweet and well, see we sort of had a short breakup cause he cheated on me and I just can't do that to him." I said feeling miserable even though I still had a raging boner.

"He cheated on you? Then he owes you one. Don't you see? Use this as your opportunity to get revenge. What's good for the goose is good for the gander and all that rot. He never has to know either, cause I sure won't tell him. I don't even know who he is. So...what do you say, can we have some fun? Oh, say you will think about it. I want it so bad," he said as his hand crept back over to my leg and walked it's way up to the tent in my sweats.

It made total sense, Dommie had cheated on me and I deserved a little pay back and Aaron was so sexy and cute and this would be so good and no one would ever know but us two. My boner was all for it and he was bobbing around like a slinky or something and when Aaron grabbed it I threw my head back and moaned lowly. All I could think about was how good it felt to have Aaron stroking my boner through my sweats and how good it would feel if he took it out and really began to work on it. I forgot all about Dommie and how miserable I had felt then he had cheated on me and all I could think about was how much I wanted to get my nut with Aaron.

I closed my eyes as Aaron tugged at my sweats and they came down and off as I raised my butt to help him. What was I doing? I had the sweetest, cutest, sexiest boyfriend in the whole world and I had those ankle bracelets to prove my love for him and here I was letting some other boy into my pants. But it felt soooo good and I was sooo horny. Didn't I deserve a little pleasure since he had put me through so much pain? My boner was throbbing and wet as Aaron slid off the bed and onto his knees and I knew it was now or never. Either I would do to Dommie what he had done to me and have my revenge, or I would stop this now and do the right thing.

I jumped up so fast that Aaron fell back on his butt and the look in his eyes was one of hurt and surprise. I knew how he felt but I just couldn't do what he wanted, "I'm sooo sorry Aaron, but I just can't cheat on Dommie. I love him more than anything in the world and I won't do this to him. I know it was a rotten thing to do, getting your hopes up and all, but I just can't. I'm really, really sorry. Can you forgive me Aaron?" I said pulling up my sweats and offering him a hand up.

He took my hand and stood and I looked into those dark mysterious eyes and he was grinning, "He must be one special lad to resist this," he chuckled as he turned slightly and stroked his cute ass.

"I almost didn't," I admitted, "you just don't know how hot you are. You know, once this thing with Dommie and me is fixed, we....well, as long as we do it together....." I hinted.

He raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to one side, "You'd share me with him, but not take me alone, is that it?"

I nodded, "We sort of have an open relationship, as long as there's no sneaking around." I explained about how Dommie and I had messed with other guys while together and how Dommie had cheated on me while I was grounded and he still looked confused.

"I can't say I understand the difference between messing around with someone together or separately, but whatever works I suppose. But I certainly would be interested in getting with the two of you if you think that would be possible. You don't by any chance have a picture of your boyfriend do you?"

"Do I ever?" I said grinning as I walked over to my dresser and pulled out my photo album. For the next ten or fifteen minutes I showed him pictures of me and Dommie together and separately. He asked who Joey was and I could see a little gleam in his eyes. I think he thought Joey was especially cute, but he did say he would love to get with Dommie too and he could see why I was so in love with him.

"So what shall we do now that snoggering your willy is off the table," he laughed.

"I'll order the pizza and we can watch a movie," I suggested, knowing he must've been as disappointed as I was.

"Alright then mate, let's go.....I don't think I can control myself if we don't get out of your bedroom, it's so sexy up here. I can smell the sex in the air," he said giggling.

"Not sex exactly, been a lot of fapping lately since me and Dommie split up, but not after tomorrow," I said finally getting my head back where it belonged.

So for the rest of the evening we kept it cool and even though I was aching for relief I was glad I was saving it for Dommie. I'm not sure Aaron saved his for anything, because he did spend about 15 minutes in the downstairs bathroom (he called it a loo) and I don't think he was He came out looking sort of flushed and he seemed in better spirits and I figured he must've rubbed one out and I felt bad that I had led him on, but glad that I had been strong enough to resist that sexy mysterious persona of his.

His mom picked him up around ten and and we bumped fists at the door and I watched as he walked out to his mom's car. I was sort of sad to see him go, but it was bedtime and I went up to my room before my mom could ask me about my evening. I took a shower and I thought about Aaron's cute ass, but I pushed it out of my mind and tried to concentrate on Dommie. I wanted to get off, but I was saving myself for tomorrow night and so I went to bed with blue balls, lol.

I shivered when I thought about how close I came to messing up and I suddenly realized that I was no better than Dommie. I had blamed him for something that I almost did myself and probably would have if I wasn't still upset about his doing it first. We were both sex-crazed boys and it was hard to resist other sexy boys. I had a whole new respect for what Dommie had gone through when he gave in to that temptation and I knew I had been way to hard on him. I wanted to take him in my arms and kiss his sweet face and tell him I understood and I forgave him and......suddenly I was up and getting dressed.

It was almost midnight and I knew my rents would be fast asleep and I just knew I could sneak out without being caught. I didn't even think about what would happen when I got there, but I just knew I had to go to Dommie and nothing or no one on this earth could stop me. I stuck the gold ankle bracelets in my pocket, pulled on a hoodie and quietly slipped out of room. I crept out into the hall and down the stairs and I was out the front door and into the cold night air only minutes after the plan had crossed my mind.

I didn't run to Dommie's as he had to my house that day, but I did hop on my bike and ride like the devil was chasing me. I must've made record time because when I looked at my watch as I rode up in front of Dommie's it was only 12:30.

The house was dark as I'd expected, but when I made my way around to the side of the house I saw a faint glow as if from a TV in Dommie's room. This was even better than I'd planned. Dommie was up and awake. I searched the ground and finally found a fair sized rock and tossed it at his window. There is a screen on it but I hit the metal frame and it made a fairly loud pinging sound. I waited a few minutes but no Dommie, so I found another rock and this time I hit the top part of the window without a screen and that one brought him to the window.

He pulled the shade up and the glow was brighter now and  silhouetted against that glow was Dommie's sweet figure. I waved and he opened the window and pushed his face against the screen, "Buster? What the heck are you doing?" I could hear surprise and amusement in his voice.

"Let me in?" I said trying not to be too loud. I didn't want to wake up the whole neighborhood or worse, his parents.

"Come to the back side door, by the laundry room," he said in a loud whisper and I was off in a flash.

He must of ran down the stairs because he was at the door almost as soon as I was and as he opened it I rushed and he closed it behind me.

"What are you doing here?" he asked again as he studied me closely, maybe thinking there had been some trouble at my house, or that I was just plain crazy.

"I had to see you," I said panting, suddenly I couldn't get enough air in my lungs. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to explode and I was sweating like a prisoner on death row, "I had to tell you....I'm so sorry. I forgive you and I love you and I want to be your boyfriend again....for real this time...I want us it..right now." I said not making a lot of sense but saying it with feeling.

"Have you been drinking?" Dommie giggled.

"I'm drunk alright, but on love," I said grabbing him and kissing him on the lips. He resisted a minute then gave in and we were all over each other. He was wearing nothing but boxers and I ran my hand down the back of them and felt up his cute butt and he moaned into my mouth. I could feel his boner pressing into mine and I was afraid I would come right then and there, but I had to do what I had come for before we were interrupted.

I finally pulled back far enough to reach into my pocket and I pulled out the bracelets and dropped to my knees. At first Dommie thought I was going to suck him and he pushed his crotch out at me, then when he saw that I was bending down and had something in my hand he put his hands on my head and watched curiously.

"This is a symbol of our love. It replaces the friendship bracelet that I gave you, cause now it's more than friendship, it's love and.....(I was making this up as I went) commitment and we will always be together no matter what. I had a little trouble untying the string one but I finally got it loose and I snapped on the new one and it fit perfectly.

"Now I want you to put this one on me and we will be boyfriends for ever. that okay with you?" I asked suddenly wondering if I was assuming too much.

"Are you kidding, it's all I ever wanted from the first day I met you," he said sounding choked up. He took the bracelet from me and as I stood he knelt at my feet and raised my sweatpants leg and fumbled with the old string bracelet for a long time before he got it off. Then with trembling hands he snapped on the new one and bent down and kissed my ankle. It was a sweet gesture and I wish I had thought of it first, but I was just glad I had gotten out my little speech without croaking.

I pulled him up and kissed him on the lips and let my hands roam all over his sweet body and after looking into my eyes to make sure I was okay with it, he began to feel me up too. Our clothes came off slowly, well all he had on was boxers, and then we were naked and going at it like two dogs in heat. The next time I fell to my knees I kissed his tummy and pubes and licked that sweet cock and balls of his while he moaned softly. I ran my hands up and down his butt and took him in my mouth and began to suck him like his cock was a tootsie pop.

He ran his hands through my hair and gently guided me as his heat built and before too long he was thrusting and bucking against me and when he finally exploded I drank down his delicious spunk until I had it all. I stood up and kissed him and shared his taste and he sucked at my lips like he was starved for it. Then he dropped to his knees and returned the favor. I hadn't gotten my nut all week cause I had been saving it for the weekend and I almost drowned Dommie in jizz when I came. He managed to get it all down and shared it with me like I had with him and we continued kissing for a long time.

I was suddenly aware of movement behind us and I jerked around just in time to see Joey grinning and rubbing sleep from his eyes.

Giggling he said, "Boy, you must've needed Dommie pretty bad to come all the way over here so late. What's up you two?"

"How'd you know we were down here?" Dommie asked looking past him to make sure his parents weren't following behind.

"Didn't, but I had a bad dream and went to Dommie's room and he was went looking for him and I found you guys nekkid," he giggled again, "Did you guys make up for sure this time?"

I grinned and grabbed Joey and hugged my wet sticky cock against him, "Yep, want to feel how wet I am now?"

You know Joey, he aint shy and he grabbed my cock and it got hard in his hand and he squeezed it playfully and looked at Dommie, "I guess he's over it then. Sooooo what're you two gonna do now?" he asked hopefully.

"I gotta get back home before I get caught and ruin the weekend but I just had to come over and tell Dommie I forgave him and give him this," I said picking up Dommie's foot and showing Joey the bracelet.

"Oh, cool. It's so cool. You guys are sooo in love," he giggled.

I let go of Joey and hugged Dommie again and kissed him for a long time then got dressed as Dommie slipped his boxers back on. He was smiling the whole time and we were both so happy and I couldn't wait for tomorrow when we could really make up properly.

I lingered for a few minutes more kissing and hugging Dommie goodbye and then taking Joey aside and whispering in his ear. He giggled but nodded and I left them and rode back to my house. I was lucky, no one missed me and I had done what I set out to do and things were okay again between me and Dommie. No, actually things were better, cause now that this had happened and we had gotten over it, our love was stronger and I knew what I had said was true, we would be together forever. As I settled down in bed to sleep that night I thought about all that had happened since I had met Dommie and it was like my eyes were suddenly opened. I knew right then and there that we were meant to be together and always would be and that made me the happiest boy in the world. I went to sleep with visions of Dommie dancing in my head and I slept better than I had in ages.

Chapter 28

Love at Long Last

We made it through Friday knowing we'd have all weekend to have fun and make up for lost time and when we got off at Buster's house we went straight up to his room. We started stripping off our clothes and intended to change but things sort of got out of hand and before we knew it we were naked and wrestling around on Buster's bed.

"I have so been waiting for this,"I said breathlessly as I pulled back from his lips.

"Shut up and kiss me,"Buster giggled as he stuck his tongue down my throat to see if I still had my tonsils, lol.

"What time are your folks gonna be home?" I asked as we came up for air.

"Ummm...who cares, they can't play with us. They can play with each other," he laughed.

"No, silly. I just don't wanna get caught with my pants down again..."

"What pants?" he said lying back and pulling me on top of him.

"Exactly, I'm bare-assed naked, and if your mom was to walk in on us....I'd just die."

"Not to worry, they said they wouldn't be home till 6 or 6:30, so we got lots of time to get this party started," he was pulling me down on him and our boners were rubbing together and it felt sooo good.

We kissed again and then Buster's hands found my butt and he started poking at my hole and I knew what he wanted. Pulling myself up I sat down on his lap and reached back and grabbed his boner. It was hot and slick and so hard it felt like an iron rod with silk on it. As I guided him inside me I sat down on it and soon I felt his pubes brushing my smooth little ass. I sighed as I sunk all the way down on him. How can having something up your butt feel soooo good?

We were quiet for the next few minutes (well, except for moaning and grunting) and I sort of got lost in the feeling of having the person I love most in the whole world so deep inside me. I couldn't express myself then but now I know that loving him the way I did made it so wonderful. Sure I'd had sex with boys and had a good time, but nothing compared to the sex I had with the boy I loved. Oh, sex with Joey came close, but it was still different, maybe because the love we shared was a different kind of love.

Buster surprised me by holding out a lot longer than I would have guessed, but I figured the little beejay the night before had eased things up and he was taking his good slow time with me. When he finally came I wasn't disappointed though, he filled my guts with enough Buster juice that I had to go poop it out or I'dve been leaking all evening. When I came back he was laying face down with his cute butt in the air and humming that stupid song, "I'm too sexy" and I had to laugh. I was just about to tap that ass when I heard a car door slam and I jumped back and started looking for my undies.

It was only 5:00 and either they were home early or someone was coming to visit. Buster seemed annoyed but got dressed although he took his good slow time. I was tying my last shoelace by the time he had his undies on. I waited for him to finish dressing and still no one had entered the house or rang the doorbell.

When Buster was dressed we went downstairs and peeked out the window but there was no car anywhere in sight

"Damn, it. It must've been next door or they just turned around and left. We could've kept on playing."

But seconds later the door from the garage opened and in walked his folks carrying sacks of groceries. Boy talk about dodging a

"Hi Dommie," his mom said as she gave me a one handed hug. His dad smiled and said hi but wasn't a very physical guy so there was no hug for me or for Buster. In fact Buster said he couldn't remember the last time he had been hugged by his dad except for the night he told them he was gay.

"Are you boys hungry?" his mom asked as we followed them into the kitchen. Suddenly I realized I was starved. No afternoon snack and the little sex session had used up my last reserves.

"Yeah, what're we having? Buster asked sounding grumpy. I didn't know what he had to be grumpy about, he got his nut.

"Your father and I thought we'd take you boys out someplace special tonight. How does El Rico's sound?"

El Rico's was this really cool Mexican restaurant (duh) that had like all these different rooms you could eat in and each one had a theme. Like one was a cave and one had a waterfall and one was dark and had lot of little twinkly lights on the ceiling and it looked like you were outside under a starry sky. They also had a killer arcade and for the little kids a puppet show. Okay, I liked it too, cause the guy doing the puppets was funny and he'd clown with the kids and stuff. I hadn't been there since I was like 10 or something and even though I wanted to be alone with Buster we had to eat anyway and we could have some fun there so I was all for it. Buster surprised me by hugging his mom and dad and thanking them and he seemed as happy to be going as I was. I guess he knew his parents a lot better than I did, cause it was like a major thing for them to do that for us and he told me later that he was really surprised and almost cried when they told us where we were going.

The restaurant was really crowded and we saw some kids we knew from school in the arcade and had a blast playing video games and skeeball. We actually went to the puppet show and the guy who was doing the puppets asked for a volunteer for this one part and I pushed Buster forward and he wound up as part of the show and we all howled with laughter.

After the puppet show Buster and I went to the bathroom and there was this kid from school in there at one of the urinals and me and Buster stood on either side of him and we talked and I sort of checked the kid out. His name was Aidan and he was very cute, with blond hair and big blue eyes and a baby six pack. I'd seen him a hundred times shirtless in PE but never naked, cause believe it or not, he never showered with the rest of us guys after PE. I guess he either had a thing about being naked around other guys or he didn't have good hygiene, but as sexy looking as he was I don't think anyone would mind if he smelled, lol. We shot the bull about school stuff and the games we'd played in the arcade and funny thing was, even after he was done peeing, he didn't put the goods away. Buster gave me a raised eyebrow look and smiled and I knew what he was thinking, but I wasn't gonna be the one to start anything.

"So...Aidan," Buster said eye-balling me and winking, "I see you're uncut. How's that working out for ya?" he laughed.

"Are you perving on my dick Buster?" he said, but he didn't sound mad.

"Just sayin.... I'm curious...that's all. The man took my foreskin and left me naked," he laughed.

"Next you'll be wantin to feel it," he said laughing a little. Weird thing though his dick was starting to chub up.

"Can I?" Buster said clowning around and pretending to reach for it.

Aidan flicked his eyes my way and gave me a nervous smile,"Naw, Dommie might get jealous. I know you guys think you're like a big secret or something, but everyone with a brain has figured it out."

"Figured what out?" Buster said sounding a little panicky.

"Save it, dude. I am not one of the brainless ones. I know you two are kickin it and I aint got no prob with it. Hell, it's actually kind of cool. I aint that way mind ya, but I can totally see what you see in Dommie...." he said then blushed. Was Aidan perving on

"I don't know what you're talking about, Dommie and I are buds, that's all." Buster said sounding angry now.

Aidan snorted, "Whatever," he said as he finally put his dick away and zipped up, "Have fun you two and don't do anything I wouldn't....or if you sanitary," he laughed as he started out. He didn't stop to wash his hands and I decided he did have bad hygiene.

When he was gone Buster looked at me and smiled, "He wants to play Dommie, what do you think? If we gave him a bath he might be okay," he said laughing.

"Doesn't it bother you that he knows?"

"He doesn't know anything except he wants his dick sucked or his butt fucked. I tell ya he's a closet case if ever I saw one." Buster said as he washed his hands.

"But if he suspects...then maybe other kids have too," I said wondering if we were a little too obvious.

"Well, so what if they do? Who's gonna call us on it? No one, that's who, cause I'd kick their ass if they did. Not to worry lover, we are as safe as health food in a fat lady's fridge," he said poking me and laughing.

I grinned and shrugged, "Well, I guess if no one cares, we might as well start holding hands and kissing during class," I teased.

"Alright!" Buster said grabbing me and perving on me, "I can't wait till Monday. Old lady Hennesee will loooove us.

Mrs. Hennesee was so prudish she thought women wearing slacks or jeans was sinful. She had publicly denounced gays and called them "those people" and said there was a special place in hell for them. When Buster heard her say that he said, "Yeah! Dommie we have special reservations in hades."

We found Buster's parents sitting outside on a bench and they persuaded us it was time to go. Of course we acted disappointed but truth was after the little encounter with Aidan I was ready to go. Besides the sooner we got back to Buster's and his rents went to sleep, the sooner we could!

We stopped at the video store on the way to Buster's house and rented two games and two movies and Buster talked his mom into a bag of sweet n' sour gummy worms and some M&Ms and we were all set. On the ride home we sat quietly in the back seat and held hands. I don't know if his parents knew that we were holding hands, but I wasn't going to refuse when Buster took my hand and gently held it. It was nice just sitting there quietly and enjoying each other's company without any pressure to be anything or anyone or do anything. Sometimes when I look back on those times as we were growing up it seems like there were not enough times like that. Most of our time was spent in a whirlwind and we were always under pressure of some kind so when we did relax it was something special.

 We watched a movie with his parents in the family room as we laid in the floor on our tummies and that warm feeling continued. We were side by side and so close I could feel Buster's warm flesh against mine but we didn't gross out his rents by holding hands or smooching, lol. It felt kind of good though just being a kid again and doing regular stuff like we had before everyone and their dog knew our secret and I wasn't in any big hurry for that feeling to end. 

Half way through the movie Buster cracked open the M&Ms and the gummy worms and we had sodas and pigged out while Buster's parents watched us and smiled. Maybe it was nice for them too, you know, us just being boys again and not lovers and I wondered if they were really as happy with us as they let on. I mean they were so cool about it that it almost seemed too good to be true. But I still thanked God that they hadn't gone ballistic and tried to separate us cause I can tell you I would never had made it without Buster. Fortunately, I have never had to.

After the movie his rents went to bed and left us alone. We packed a few provisions for later and headed up to Buster's room and locked the door behind us. I was a little nervous and that seemed weird considering it was just Buster and we'd been together so many times and gone through so much lately, but I guess it was because of the trouble we'd shared that I was so nervous.  I was glad that Buster didn't just jump right into things like we had earlier. We played PS2 for a while then we took a shower together but we didn't get hot and heavy in there. We kissed and washed each other and we did pop boners, but neither of us wanted to get off in the shower so we waited.

It was about 11:30 by then and I was a little tired, but not too tired to fool around and as we piled down in bed naked Buster pulled me into him and started kissing me as if he were starved for my lips. I had never felt as excited by a kiss as I did that night and I wondered what was different. I finally decided it was because our relationship had somehow changed. We were no longer two stupid kids messing around, we were two lovers who had made a commitment and this was serious stuff.  Looking back I realize now that a lot of what we did was serious stuff from the beginning, but we were only kids and didn't know any better. I mean now that I'm older I understand  things better and realize some things should be reserved for the people we love and care about most. I'm not sure I would have done some of the things I did with those other boys if I had known that then, but luckily none of it hurt me in any lasting way, so it's all good.

There was a feeling of wonderment and awe that night as we made love and rediscovered each other and what made our relationship so special. I had forgotten how much he liked having his nipples sucked and bitten until then, but it all came back to me as we roamed each other's bodies and brought ecstasy to each other. I loved his feet as if they were my first and moved up slowly to lick and suckle every inch of his beautiful body and when I reached his cock the taste, texture and aroma of it was almost overpowering. To say I was near tears is not an exaggeration, but they were tears of joy. I had my boy back and nothing would ever come between us again. 

Oh, sure we'd have disagreements and I'd be the little bitch that I always am sometimes and he'd have to jerk me back in line, but in the end we'd survive it all and be stronger for it. Ten years later we are still as much in love as we were that night and no one or no thing has ever come between us. Sure we still occasionally bring someone new into our bed, but we share equally and there has never been one ounce of jealously between us on those occasions. Our friends are amazed and sometimes skeptical of our lasting relationship but I think we are so perfect together because we were destined to be so. We met in the oddest of places doing the strangest of things and weird as that was we somehow knew we were meant to be together and  our bond has only strengthened over time. 

I know you probably wanted a lot of details about that night and I could tell you, but I think it's best to just say that we did it all. Oh, and if you were wondering what Buster whispered into Joey's ear that night he rode his bike over and gave me that ankle bracelet, it was simply this: "Go to Dommie's bed tonight and keep him company for me." It goes without saying that what he meant was not just to keep me company, but to do all the things he couldn't, and we did, but that's a different story for another time. I love them both in different ways and to his day they are still my two favorite guys in the whole world. We've been through a lot, but we are as always the Three

End of Chapters  27-28

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