My Little Brother's Feet by Kewl Dad

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My Little Brother's Feet

Chapter 29


Our lives pretty much got back to normal after that weekend but of course it was still a little weird now that our rents knew about us. There were times when it was sort of awkward being around them but they never made us feel bad about our love and of course we kept the private stuff behind closed (and locked) doors. Speaking of which, it was as if we were starting all over again and rediscovering the things we had forgotten about each other and it was an exciting time in our relationship. We managed to spend as much time together as possible and took turns staying over at each other's house most weekends and that gave us plenty of time to play.

I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when I found out Joey and Jason were boyfriends. I mean Jas is a cool kid and sexy too and who could resist my little bro when he turns on the charm? But I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable at first. I mean it was Jason who had caused all my problems with Buster to begin with. Oh, I know I shouldn't of blamed Jason cause it was really my choice and all, but you get what I mean I'm sure. I guess I might have really had a hard time with it if it hadn't been for Buster's calm wisdom.

One weekend a few weeks after we'd made up, Joey invited Jason over to spend the night. Well ordinarily it would have been my weekend to go to Buster's but his folks had an anniversary dinner planned that Saturday night so they asked if Buster could come over to my house and of course we all said yes. I didn't even think about Joey's plans until it was too late and when I discovered Jason was coming over I was in a panic. What would Buster think? and more importantly, what would he do? Was he mad at Jason? We had never really talked about how he felt about Jason,  I just knew he was disappointed in me and hurt by what I did, but didn't know if he had any bad feelings toward Jason. I guessed I'd find out soon enough though.

I was nervous all day wondering what would happen that evening but even though Buster knew Jason would be there too he didn't give so much as a clue as to how he would react when they came face to face. I wondered if he planned to do something stupid and that scared me a bunch. Not only would it mess up what we had but it might cause Joey to hate both of us and I just couldn't let that happen so on the way home from school I felt him out (not

"Uh, Buster I need to ask you something, and I want you to tell me the truth." We were on the bus and I had to keep it on the down low, but I just couldn't wait any longer.

"Ask away. You know I'm always honest with you Dommie," Buster said, sort of rubbing in the fact that I hadn't been honest with him. This was not going like I had hoped.

"Well, it's about Jason," God I was sweating and my stomach was churning, "you're not gonna...uh, do anything...uh, I mean you're not still mad at him are you?"

"Never said I was mad at him, you just assumed that, didn't ya?" he said sounding smug.

"You know it really was all my fault, he even tried to stop me, but I told him it was cool. I know, I know, I was a jerk, but what I'm getting at is that, well, now that he's with Joey and it would hurt Joey a lot if .....well, you know, you two had a problem with each other."

He raised an eyebrow, "Oh, does he have a problem with me?" He said acting cool and calm and driving me crazy.

"No, I'm sure he doesn't. He's not like that, he's a nice boy..." I said regretting it immediately.

"Oh, he is? Nicer than me?"

"No, of course not.....I mean it's different between us, right?" I said putting it back on him.

"You tell me. You started it."

I sighed, "This is not going like I planned. Can't you just meet me half way and give me a straight answer?"

Suddenly Buster cracked up and laughed so hard there were tears in his eyes. Between belly laughs he managed to croak out, "I'm only fuckin...with ya..I don't blame Jason at all and I'm over it Dommie. I swear..."

I punched him hard in the arm but I was so relieved I started laughing too, "You butt, you really had me worried. It's not that I worry for myself, but Joey is like so in love with him and I wouldn't want to see him get hurt."

"I know, I know, and I would never do anything to hurt Joey. I love that kid like he was my own brother. But, I swear I am so over that whole thing. I told you, the thing with Aaron made me understand what you went through and I promise I don't blame either of you any more. Hey, we'll have a blast the four of us and who knows..."he said grinning and raising his eyebrows, maybe we'll have an orgy."

I was so shocked but excited by what he had just said that I thought about it all the way home. It wasn't that I necessarily wanted to do anything with Jason again, but the thought of all four of us messing around was so hot. I know it sounds crazy, but I even thought it would be hot to watch Buster and Jason fool around. Maybe if that happened I would be convinced that he was really over all the hurt from my messing around.

We barged in the front door but no one was home so we had a snack and went up to my room to change. I figured Joey was either at Joe's and mom would bring him home soon (yes, he still went to Joe's sometimes after school) or he was at Jason's and the two of them would be coming together. We changed clothes and kissed and pawed at each other but we didn't do anything else because we weren't sure we wouldn't get interrupted or by whom and anyway we were sort of saving ourselves for later. We were dressed and watching TV when we heard the front door slam and Joey yelling up the stairs.

"Hey, you guys! Are you nekkid?" he giggled, "I've got Jason and we're coming up."

He didn't wait for an answer and a few minutes later we heard footsteps on the stairs and then a knock at the door.

"Come in," I said in a high voice trying to sound like a girl.

Joey peeked his head in and looked around then laughed and opened the door wide and he and Jason stepped in and he closed the door behind them. Jason looked as cute as usual but a little nervous and I felt sorry for him. But fortunately Buster knew just what to do.

He jumped up and picked Joey up and gave him a big hug and a kiss then sat him down and pounced on Jason. At first I saw a look of fear on Jason's face but when Buster gave him a big sloppy kiss he was grinning ear to ear.

"Welcome to the family," Buster said stepping back and letting Jason compose himself, "but let me warn you, you hurt Joey and you hurt me too," the last was said in a friendly tone, but I knew he meant every word of it and it went double for me.

"I never would," Jason said gently, "and I'm sorry about...well, you know that trouble I caused...."

Buster cut him off before the could finish, "No need to apologize, it's all forgotten, besides, I can't blame you for wanting some of this," he said grabbing me and kissing my face, "it's the best. it is all mine. But that doesn't mean I can't share," he added winking at me. I shook my head and smiled and I knew right then and there that things were going to be just fine.

That night was something special and even after all these years I still remember it like it only happened yesterday. My folks always did their best to stay out of mine and Joey's way when we had company and since they had found out about Buster and me they were even more accommodating. I wondered if they suspected that Joey and Jason were more than just friends, but if they did they gave no indication of it back then. I think they may have thought that Buster and I might be more reserved with Jason present but little did they know that it only made us hornier.

We ordered pizza and bread sticks form Pizza Hut and when the delivery guy brought it we all swarmed him at the door. Turned out he was a cut teenage boy and I swear he was checking us all. We flirted and he flirted back and we decided he might he gay too but of course we couldn't just come right out and ask him but it was fun messing with him. We tipped him five bucks and he was like, "Ah, you guys were tip enough." and that made us all crack up. He was smiling when he climbed into his Neon and headed back to the restaurant, I guess we were the high point of his evening.

My folks had already eaten and were watching a movie in the family room so we took our pizza and drinks up to my room and stretched out in the floor and ate while watching our own movie. We were joking and cracking up the whole time and we really didn't watch much of the movie and after we finished eating we turned off the movie and played PS2. Buster and Jason were playing NFS and I managed to get Joey aside to talk to him. 

"Hey, Joey, I'm glad Buster is like over this stuff with Jason and all but I gotta warn ya. He says he, uh well, that he's totally over it and sort of hinted that he might want all four of us to mess around. I know you were cool with that with Joe, but how do you feel about it now...with Jason."

I saw one second of indecision in my little brother's eyes as he no doubt thought about the fact that Jason and I had been together before the two of them, but then as if a veil was lifted the sparkle returned to his eyes and he grinned. "I don't mind if he don't, anyway you can do my feet. I been missing that."

I hugged my little brother and he leaned in and kissed me. At first it started out as a little kiss then it got nasty and Buster and Jason both looked back to see what all the sucking noise was about.

"Get a room you two," Buster joked and Jason laughed. I had forgotten in all the confusion about how Jason might feel about all this sharing of flesh, but he seemed okay with it.

"I gotta room," I said as Joey smothered me with his cute body, but you two are welcome to use it too."

"Oh? Shall we Jason?" Buster asked eying Jason to see his reaction. I think Joey had been a good influence on Jason, because he seemed less reserved than when I was with him and he didn't bat an eye as he said, "I'm in if you're cool with it."

"I am very cool with it," Buster said throwing down his controller and moving closer to Jason. I watched with first dread then arousal as Buster leaned in and kissed Jason. At first Jason seemed unsure and glanced our way checking for our reactions and I guess he read us right because a moment later he jumped in whole heartedly.

Joey and I moved down to the floor so we'd have more room and be nearer to our mates and before too long we sort of started swapping around and sharing. I made sure not to spend too much time with Jason cause I still wasn't sure about how Buster felt about it, but from what I could see he didn't care. I guess he really meant it when he said it was cool as long as he knew about it. I tried not to be jealous of the stuff he was doing with Jason by doing stuff with Joey and pretty soon it was like old times when all that mattered was that we were together and would still be together after the fun.

We didn't want to risk getting caught by the rents so we waited for the heavy stuff till later after they went to bed, but till then we did a lot of kissing and stroking and teasing and by ten when my parents finally headed to bed we were four very horny little boys.

We waited till mom made her goodnight rounds and we were of course four very innocent looking boys as she kissed and hugged us goodnight, Buster and I in my room and Joey and Jason in his, but as soon as her bedroom door closed behind her it was on.

As Joey and Jason slipped in though the bathroom door that connects our room Buster started ripping off his underwear and then mine. I pretended to resist but when he got me naked I was hard as a rock and pointing straight at him. Joey giggled and took off his shorts and Jason only hesitated a minute before joining us. All four of us were hard by then and you could smell the musky sex smell in the air that I love so much. Of course these days the smell is more mature and stronger, but that aroma of horny boys will live in my head forever.

Just to test Buster one last time I went straight to Jason and dropped to my knees before him and grabbed his wiener and gave it a lick. I looked up just long enough to see what Buster was doing but his cock was already buried in my little brother's ass and all my doubts disappeared.

I licked all up and down Jason's uncut cock and savored that special smell and flavor that uncut boys have. I was drunk with sexual desire and couldn't get enough of his sexy body. I wanted to lick and kiss and suck every inch of him now that I knew Buster was really cool with it and I think at that moment that I loved Buster more than ever if that was possible. It's weird thinking that, but what could be better than a boyfriend who let you sex up other boys and still love you and be there for you when it was over?

I plunged down on Jason's dick and ran my tongue beneath the skin and peeled it back as expertly as if I had practiced for years. He sighed then moaned and I felt him tremble with excitement. I squeezed his nuts and they felt full and bigger than I remembered and I couldn't wait to taste what they held. I didn't want him to come too quickly so I came up off him and started licking his balls and finally taking one then the other into my mouth and sucking gently on them. He was making soft little grunting noises and that mixed with the wet flapping noise Buster was making as he banged my little bro and their moans and heavy breathing must've sounded like the sound track of some porno movie. Boy would that have made a great movie? I bet it would've sold a million copies or at least been shared all across the Internet forever and ever.

I knew Buster was getting close and I wanted to be there when he came so I moved a little closer dragging Jason along by his dick and forced him to lay down next to my little bro. From this position I could see Buster penetrating Joey's little ass and it was so hot I almost busted my nut right then. I closed my eyes and went back down on Jason and started getting serious once again, moving up and down on his cock while licking all around the head with my wicked tongue and he began to thrust up against me in desperation. Buster was moving fast as a bunny now and squinting his eyes and I knew he was almost there.

Meanwhile Jason was shivering and gasping and thrusting harder against me as I moved faster up and down his rigid pole. He was producing pre-cum by the gallon and if his jizz was anywhere near as tasty I was in for a real treat. I heard Joey gasp and I knew Buster was starting to unload and a second later Jason filled my mouth with his tasty cum. It was sweet and salty and so different from Buster's yet they both had that wild boy taste that we loose when we get older, but I can still remember that flavor and how good it  was even to this day. 

Jason must've been saving it up because he filled my mouth so full so fast that it was all I could do to keep up with him, but I willingly accepted his gift and managed to swallow it all. I licked him clean as I watched Buster go through the final throes of his orgasm and I knew my little brother was as full as my mouth had been earlier. He looked over at me and mouthed, I love you, and I smiled and winked at him. I didn't have a single jealous bone in my body at that moment and  I thought it was great to see my little brother and my boyfriend so happy. 

Jason was pretty happy too if the look on his face was any indication and hell, I was ecstatic myself. All this coming had made me suddenly aware that I had two full nuts that needed some draining and I hadn't quite decided who the lucky drainer would be yet. As it turned out, Jason made the decision for me. 

Raising his legs high he exposed his tight pinkish brown hole to me and how could I refuse. I used a little spit and cum for lube and sunk into him to the balls with a sigh. His ass was hot and tight and the thrill of doing it with Buster right there beside me cheering me on sent little shivers through my body. I was barely aware of Buster and Joey moving around and then I felt Buster rubbing my back then Joey straddled Jason's chest and started feeding him his dick. I guess it was something they'd done before and they seemed to have perfected because they worked together like a well oiled machine. 

It was a real turn on to see Joey's sweet butt wiggling around in front of me as I pounded his boyfriend, especially knowing my own boyfriend's jizz was deep inside his guts. I can truthfully say that I had never been so turned on or as horny as I was that night as I thrust in and out of Jason's hot tight hole and I didn't want it to end. I slowed down a couple of times and even after Joey unloaded down Jason's throat I was still slow stroking and prolonging my orgasm. As Joey and Jason kissed I leaned down and stuck my tongue in Joey's butt and I tasted Buster's jizz and I came immediately. I came, and I came, and I came, and I thought it would go on forever, but eventually I began to weaken and I fell down across Joey and Jason and nearly passed out.

Buster was right there waiting for me though and was on me kissing and pawing at me and before long I was ready to go again. It's amazing how fast your battery recharges when you're a young teen. I can actually remember coming six times one night but it wasn't that night though I did come close. 

It felt great just laying there and letting Buster ravage me and when he pushed my legs up and rubbed his dick against my hole I was begging for him to fuck me. He used a little spit, but it didn't take much to get inside and soon he was gently making love to me as we kissed and I rubbed his butt. My turn would come soon and I couldn't wait to get in that hot ass of his. It didn't matter that I had just come a few minutes earlier, no one was keeping score, we were just four horny boys in love who wanted to take all that we could get while we were still young enough and innocent enough to enjoy it.

Buster is like the best lover I have ever been with. He can take something as raw and primal as fucking and turn it into a sweet dance of perfection. He can take it slow and easy or fast and hard and still make me feel loved and pampered. That night I felt especially loved and pampered and horny as hell. It's funny how we seemed to fit together so perfectly even though we had only been lovers for such a short time, but I think even then we knew we were destined to be together.

To say I was in heat was probably closer to the truth that night and I was absolutely rutting as Buster began to pound me harder. I loved it when he got a little rough and I sometimes got a little carried away and that was the case that night. I was a little loud at first and Buster had to remind me to keep it down, but I was still moaning and begging him to fuck me harder. 

I lost track of Jason and Joey for a while then I felt someone grab one of my feet and then the other and then something wet and warm surrounded each of my big toes. On one side Joey sucked a toe and on the other Jason mimicked his actions and it drove he absolutely crazy. As much as I love feet, I think I loved having mine loved even more. I was really going nuts then as Buster pounded me and the boys sucked my toes and without even touching my dick I began to squirt. Buster must've been turned on by that because he began to unload in me then and I could feel his strong hot torment of jizz filling me up. Buster smothered me with kisses then and we all fell down in a jumble of arms and legs and hot young bodies and rested. 

"Anybody hungry?" I ask as I wiped some jizz off my butt cheek and licked my hand clean.

"For that?" Buster giggled, "or for some real food?"

"Well, I was thinking about raiding the kitchen, but if you wanna lick me clean first....." I joked.

"Maybe later, let's go raiding...and I dare you guys to go naked."

I shrugged, my rents rarely left their room after they went to bed so the risk of getting caught was low, however Jason didn't know that and was hesitant to join in. It only took a little convincing on Joey's  part (and a kiss) to get him to agree and the four of us crept down the stairs and out to the kitchen. There was a light on in the laundry room but the dining room and kitchen were dark so it appeared we were home free. 

I led them out to the kitchen and switched on the light over the stove. Buster checked the fridge and when he bent over to see what was inside I goosed him and he hit his head on the door and everyone laughed.

"I'll get you for that," he growled as he rubbed his head.

"Promises, promises," I teased.

"Hey, there's some cookies over here," Jason said checking the pantry, "and some chips."

"I want ice cream," Joey said. He was an ice cream-aholic back then.

"There's some kind of meat in here. Ahhh, it's fried chicken," Buster said opening a Tupperware container, "Awesome, I loves me some friend chicken. I'm a regular chicken hawk," he said smiling. We had only recently learned what that meant in sexual terms and he thought it was hilarious.

"Any soda?" I asked. Usually my mom didn't buy a lot of soda, but sometimes when I was having company she broke down and bought a twelve pack. We were in luck there was a twelve pack of Mt. Dew and a six pack of Dad's root beer.

"Yep, and Sunny D," Buster said hauling out the chicken and handing in to me. He returned to the fridge and grabbed a dew for all of us and a couple of root beers for later.

With our loot in hand we started back for my room just as my dad came down the stairs. He took one look at us and sighed, "I don't want to know. I just came down for a bottle of water to dissolve an Alka Seltzer in. Please ignore me and carry on," he added laughing. 

We were freaked at first then we decided my dad knew the score and was dealing it in the only way he could, by ignoring it. He never mentioned that night to any of us and I had almost forgotten about it until I started writing about that night.

We took our snack and ate sprawled in the floor in front of the TV and we even laughed about my dad catching us naked. I figured if he wasn't cool with it he would have hit the ceiling then and since he didn't I wasn't going to worry about it. Joey never takes thing too seriously and doesn't worry about most stuff and of course Buster is so tough hardly anything bothers him, but Jason was a little freaked. We tried to reassure him and I think we finally convinced him my dad thought it was probably a dare or a joke or just boys being boys and he seemed to be able to live with that. 

If he was too worried about it he never showed it the rest of the night as we continued our little orgy on full stomachs. I started things out by giving my little brother's feet the attention they had been missing for a while. He purred as I sucked and kissed and licked those perfect little feet of his and Jason seemed especially interested in what I was doing. I think he must've thought that this was something he needed to learn to keep Joey happy and he watched me until Buster finally drug him away and went down on him. 

I was too busy enjoying Joey's feet to watch too closely but I did see the look of lust on Buster's face as he worked on Jason's uncut meat. Jason was pretty passive when it came to sex, but with Buster he seemed a bit more aggressive. I saw him push Buster down on the bed and Buster didn't resist as he rolled him onto his stomach and crawled on top of him.

I lost track of them again as I switched feet then I saw Jason hammering my boyfriend and it made me so horny I practically devoured my little brother's foot. He was squirming and panting and pawing at his boner but I reached down and pushed his hand away and told him to save that for me. He grinned and put his hands behind his head and enjoyed the rest of my foot worship and waited for his own release.

I worked my way up to his middle and licked his cute little balls and he moaned and then sighed and spread his legs wide for me. I licked that spot just under his balls and I could taste Buster there and that excited me even more. I moved back up and swallowed his hard prick and he moaned in appreciation. I guess if you're gay, like us you know that every guy, every dick, tastes a little different. Every male has his own unique flavor and my little brother was one of the tastiest males I've ever been with. Maybe it's because we are related, maybe I taste a little of my own flavor there, or maybe he's just special, but whatever the reason that night he tasted so good I just couldn't get enough.

I ate his sex like candy and felt I could go on forever if not for his orgasm that produced even more of his unique flavor and I gobbled his Joey Sauce down like a starving man. He shivered and raised up off the bed and clutched at the sheets and moaned and shook and continued to squirt until he was dry. I licked him clean and just held him in my mouth for a long time wishing I could do it all over again, but even young studs like us needed a little time to recharge their batteries.

Meanwhile, Jason was pounding my boyfriend relentlessly and I moved over to watch. I could see Jason's uncut cock as it disappeared inside Buster's cute butt then reappear as he withdrew it almost completely only to plunge back in. I was so turned on that I had to get my rocks right then and I didn't care how. Fortunately Joey felt my need and was right there to help me out with those cute feet of his.

As he applied the lube to his feet I was trembling with excitement and anticipation and when he positioned himself at the end of the bed with his cute feet exposed to me I moved in and began. 

If you have never tried a foot fuck, you don't know what you are missing. There is something about those soft strong feet gripping your cock that excites like nothing else can. Of course Joey's feet were especially enticing to me, but I have been with other, and found them nearly as pleasurable.

Joey's feet were especially soft and he had perfected his positioning and movement to the point that I did very little work until I was ready to finish. I let him do most of the work as the feelings ran through my young cock and up into my body like little electric shocks. Jason was nearing orgasm as I continued to fuck my little brother's feet and this being my third orgasm of the night I was in no hurry to come. I managed to prolong my orgasm for another ten or fifteen minutes and when I finally came I covered his feet and lower body with enough whipped cream to top two sundaes, lol.

I licked Joey's feet clean and then started on his chest and from the corner of my eye I saw Jason tense and begin to unload in my lover. I heard Buster whisper something softly but the words were lost in the confusion of moans and whimpers coming from the rest of us. Jason was panting and shaky as he laid down beside Buster and I piled down on top of them both. Joey dived in the middle of us and we had a little rest all tangled up in each other as our bodies tried to recover from what must've been a shock to their adolescent sensibilities.

Sleep came shortly after and I vaguely remember bodies moving around as Jason gravitated toward Joey leaving Buster to spoon up to me as we slept on. I guess we must've slept two or three hours before I realized I needed to pee really bad. I unwound myself from Buster and made my way to the bathroom and ran into Jason coming out of Joey's room. He was dressed in boxers and looked sleepy but happy and I gave him a brief hug before going over to take a pee.

He lingered and when I had finished peeing he pulled me into a hug and kissed me hungrily surprising the hell out of me.

"Whoa, not without Buster and Joey around, I don't want to give them any wrong ideas."

"Sorry," he said sheepishly, "I'm just so happy that Buster isn't mad and we can be together again."

"Whoa, we're not together. You're Joey's boyfriend and what we did in there earlier was just fun, that's all. It didn't mean anything."

He frowned and looked sad, "Maybe not to you, but to me....."

"Oh, shit....come on Jason don't tell me you're still in love with me after all that has happened."

He shrugged, "I...I don't know, but I do know I like being with you and tonight has been so cool."

"But you spent most of it with Buster, do you love him too?"

He smiled, "Buster is nice. I totally see what you see in him. I guess I love you both a little."

"What about Joey, if you hurt him....I...I can't be responsible for what I do and Buster is even worse."

"I love Joey, no problems. I promise I won't hurt him. If we break up it'll be cause he breaks up with he did Amy." he said sounding bothered by that fact.

"She's okay with it though, right?"

"Yeah, no problems there. She.....well, she told me she never really loved Joey, she just liked the sex and well, she sort of likes to take boys' virginity."

I laughed, "He wasn't exactly a virgin you know."

"You know what I mean, he hadn't been with a girl, right?"

"Yeah, well....neither have I. I wonder if she's like to take my virginity?"

"Ask her, I bet she would. Buster too."

"I'm not sure if he's a virgin there or not. Anyway, I'm only kidding, I'm not into girls. I mean they're nice and all but I like boys...period."

We were interrupted by Joey as he walked in rubbing is eyes as he walked over to the toilet and let loose without so much as a word. He finished peeing and flushed then said sleepily, "Come back to bed Jason."

"Okay, Dommie and I were just talking. I'll be right there."

He washed his hands and left and as soon as he was gone Jason said, "I'm sorry if I made you mad or uncomfortable. I promise I won't do it again." Then he left before I could reply.

I shrugged and followed him back to bed and snuggled up to Buster and went back to sleep. I woke up next just before sun up and Buster was gone. I waited for a few minutes and he came out of the bathroom looking wide awake and I knew why, he was horny again. I smiled and my hormones kicked in and I was ready to go.

Buster slid into bed and started kissing me and before long we were making out hot and heavy. Jason and Joey woke up as we got a little noisier and active and started making out too. I was really into Buster right then and didn't want to share so I sort of ignored them and concentrated on my lover.

I think he appreciated my efforts because he was moaning and gasping for breath as I took him in my mouth and began. I love how he tastes and it's a special treat for me each time I make oral love to him. His cock was just the right size then (and still is) for my mouth and the taste and feel and aroma of it was and is an aphrodisiac to me. Once I got him in my mouth I didn't want to let him go, but to hold back his orgasm I worked on his nuts for a while and he spread his legs wide to give me better access. 

I let my tongue wonder down to his taint and he moaned. I tasted a different flavor there and realized it was Jason's and that excited me a little more. I moved up to his chest and suckled his nipples and he moaned lowly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason and Joey doing a 69 and Joey's cute butt was at eye level. I moved on up after a few minutes and kissed Buster wetly. He tolerated it a few minutes then pushed me back down and I knew he was ready to get his nut.

I started by licking and kissing all up and down his shaft and he moaned in appreciation but I could tell he was impatient for me to finish. I swallowed him down and went to work with determination and pretty soon he was grabbing my head and gently guiding me up and down his hard cock. I could taste his pre-cum and couldn't wait for the real thing. I let him take control then and he sort of face fucked me as I timed my breathing to coincide with his entry and exit. He was moving faster now and it was hard to get a full breath, but I knew he was close and there would be plenty of time for breathing afterwards. I used my tongue to stimulate the sensitive ridge of his cock head and with a few more strokes he began to come.

His jizz was thick and hot and plentiful and I gobbled it down as fast as it spewed forth. He continued to move for a few more minutes then he fell still as I continued to hold him in my mouth as he basked in his afterglow. I laid my head on his thigh and rested and watched Joey and Jason finish up almost simultaneously, and must've dozed because the next thing I remember was waking up beside Buster and as I lay there watching him sleep I thought I had never seen anyone or anything as beautiful as my boy lover. I sighed and drifted back to sleep nestled in the loving arms of the only boy I have ever loved completely. 

Chapter 30
Our love grows, and we share it.

Thanksgiving came and went and we continued to renew and perfect our relationships. Joey and Jason became such a common sight around our house that there was no way my folks couldn't have figured things out but nothing was ever said or implied as far as I know. School was a drag but we knew we had Christmas break to look forward to and there would be lots of sleepovers, not to mention the presents.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we all went skating. Mom dropped us off at Skate World and we had three hours of fun ahead of us. Buster was like the best skater I've ever seen and he was really on his game that night. He had this killer pair of in-line skates that cost like two hundred dollars and he really knew how to use them. He can skate on one leg, backwards, sideways, and all ways, and I have never once seen him fall. 

I'm a pretty good skater but once in a while I take a fall and I took a really nasty one that night. That's why I was sitting in the snack bar when this kid came over to me and sat down across from me.

"I know you," he said with a strange accent. Was it British? "You're Buster's friend, aren't you mate?"

"Yeah," I said curious as to who this cute boy was and how he knew me, "Do I know you?"

He laughed and shook his head, "No, but I've seen your Buster's. I'm Aaron. Surely he's mentioned me."

I should have know right away, but sometimes I'm dense, and I wasn't quite prepared to meet the one person that almost caused Buster to cheat on me.

"Oh, I...uh, yeah...he's mentioned you before. You, umm...knew him at the old school right?"

"Yes, and we spent the evening together not too long ago. Look, is Dommie, right?"

I nodded and he continued, "I know he probably told you about that evening, but I swear nothing happened. He was a perfect gentleman and he told me how much he....uh, cares for you and what happened and all and I want you to know you have nothing to worry about as far as I'm concerned."

I nodded again. Damn he was cute and I could totally see how Buster would be tempted.

"I trust Buster, that's enough. Anyway, I can't be mad at someone for wanting that," I said pointing to where Buster was putting on a show for the other skaters. He looked so sexy out there and I was starting to get a chubby just watching him, "he's like the sexiest, cutest boy in the whole world and he's mine," I added proudly.

Aaron smiled and he was even cuter if that was possible, "I agree and I'm glad you two are together, but I just had to try, do you know what I mean?"

I laughed, "So, does Buster know you're here?"

"No mate, I just got here and I saw you and I just had to say hello and make sure things were alright, know what I mean?'

"Sure, come on then, let's go tell him the good news," I said grinning.

"What good news its that?" he asked looking amused.

"That we aren't going to kill each other over him." I laughed. He cracked up and put his arm around me and I felt the beginnings of a new friendship.

When Buster saw the two of us he headed toward us jumping the curb onto the carpeted rest area and skidding to a stop expertly at our feet. 

"Well, I see the two of you have met and seem rather cozy," he laughed, "Am I to assume you have made nice and won't be cat fighting over me?"

"Aaron and I are cool," I said, "but if you're not good to me I may trade you for this foreign model," I teased and Aaron busted out laughing.

"You two are a scream. We can all be mates, know what I mean?" he said winking and Buster gave me the eyeball.

I shrugged, after the wild weekend with Jason how could I deny Buster getting together with Aaron? And honestly, I wanted a piece of that Brit myself. Buster smiled but didn't make any promises or commitments right then, I guess he just wanted to see how things went and besides Aaron wasn't exactly running in the same circles we were.

Joey and Jason skated up about then and we introduced everyone and Joey looked at me questiongly. I avoided his eyes and continued to shoot the breeze with the others and pretty soon he gave up and joined in. Later though he followed me to the bathroom and the first thing out of his mouth was, "That's the kid that almost caused Buster to cheat, isn't it?"

"Yep, but it's cool. Buster didn't cheat and he told me all about it and I trust him. Besides, we might let Aaron join us, if you know what I mean."

"Holy shit, for real? He's pretty hot, can me and Jason play too?"

"I don't care if they don't," I said zipping up, "Nothing for sure yet, I'm just saying it could happen."

"I hope so. Do you hope so?" Joey just wouldn't let it go.

I shrugged trying to play it off, but it did sound exciting to my horny 13 year old self, "If it happens that's cool, if not I still have Buster."

"And us," Joey said grabbing my arm to steady himself. Sometimes he was a little shaky on skates.

"Yeah, and that's enough. Come on let's skate some more, we only have another hour till mom comes to pick us up."

When we emerged from the bathroom Buster and Aaron were skating sideways with both of their hands locked together and the other skaters were looking on in awe. They were both awesome skaters and suddenly I felt a little jealous, not of Aaron's sexiness, but of his ability to skate as good as my boyfriend. I vowed I would practice until I was as good as they were, but you know how those things go, later it didn't seem quite as important.

Joey and I skated out to the floor and Buster and Aaron broke it up and came up to skate beside us. "Aaron's moving next week Dommie. And guess what, he's moving into our neighborhood," Buster said looking at me to gage my reaction to this bit of news.

"Cool, then he'll be going to our school, right?" I said trying to sound enthusiastic.

"No, he's going to finish out the year at his old school but next year he will."

Well, at least I wouldn't have to see him every day. What was I thinking? Why was I suddenly worried about Aaron? I had to get a grip on myself. The boy I had cheated with lived right next door to me and was my little brother's boyfriend. If Buster could handle that why couldn't I handle occasionally seeing Aaron?

"But we can hang out together when we're not in school," I said smiling straight at Aaron to let him know I was cool with him. He must've taken it for something else cause he winked at me.

"Buster says you guys do sleepovers on the weekend, it would be awesome if I could stay over sometime, you know what I mean?" he said in that dreamy English accent.

Buster looked at me and I nodded, "Well, we'll see what we can do, but I have to warn ya, we don't get much sleep...he he."

Aaron laughed, "I bet, with all you hotties together...mmmmm, I can just see it now. I may have to go wank just to get those pictures out of my head."

No one offered to help him out so he sort of dropped the subject and we continued to skate and eventually he drifted off to talk to some kid he knew from school and until it was time to go we didn't see him again. He did come by to say goodbye when his friend's mom came to pick them up but he didn't mention sleeping over or anything and neither did we.

Mom came shortly after that and we stopped by DQ on the way home and got Buster Bars. Yeah, Buster has an ice cream treat named after him, lol. For those of you who don't know what a Buster bar is or Dairy Queen for that matter, Dairy Queen is a drive in restaurant with great hamburgers and stuff, but mostly  they have the best soft serve ice cream in the whole world. I sound like a commercial don't I? Lol. Anyway a Buster Bar is an ice cream bar with nuts on the top and dipped in chocolate and it's oh so yummy.

We cracked up saying we were eating Buster's nuts and we were licking our ice cream noisily my mom actually told us to keep it clean back there and we died laughing. My mom was so cool but we tried not to rub that stuff in her face, if you know what I mean so we quited down after that though we were still giggling when we got home.

Jas had to go home so the three Muskequeers, LOL, headed up to my room and Joey went off to take a bath while Buster and I played PS2. When Joey got done Buster and I took a shower together and we were like all over each other in there. I think seeing Aaron had horned up my lover, but I didn't care. I didn't care where he got his appetite as long as I was the main

He dropped to his knees and starting sucking little Dommie and I was grabbing his head and face fucking him before I knew what was happening. I had never been that aggressive or rough with him before but the weird thing was he told me later he actually liked it. He said there was something very hot about me taking what I wanted and he said I should do that more often.

After I came Buster scooted up behind me and reached around and pinched my nipples almost painfully, but as if we had both reached some new level of our sexuality, I liked that too. When I felt his soapy dick head pushing at my hole, I bent over and braced myself against the wall and he rammed it in. It hurt for like half a second then it felt awesome just like always. 

Buster was grunting and moaning and he leaned in and bit my ear playfully and that hurt a little, but again I liked it. I didn't realize till later that the little love bite he gave me next was actually a big love bite and easily seen and I had some tense moments over that later, but fortunately by Monday it was faded enough that I didn't have to explain it to the whole school.

Buster was nearing the end when he leaned in again an whispered in my ear, "I want to bring Aaron into this, is that okay?"

What a hell of a time to bring that up. Was he thinking about Aaron as he pounded my little ass? What could I say though? I had to trust him and I needed to regain his trust. I had said I was cool with this sort of thing and as long as it was me bringing in the other boy I was, but now it was Buster's turn and I had to deal with it.

"I think that would be great. He's such a sexy Brit. I'd love to wank that. Is he cut or uncut?" I asked trying to sound excited and truthfully I was...a little.

"Uncut and very nice, you'll love it. But we'll take it slow, okay....Uhhhhhh...." he was cut off as he started to unload in my guts and I could feel several days of pent up cum spewing into me. It felt awesome as always and when he finally finished he leaned in and kissed my face and said, "I love you Dommie, more than life itself and you don't ever have to worry, you will always be mine and no one or nothing can ever tear us apart."

Wow that was a lot for a 13 year old to say, and especially Buster and I knew he meant every word of it, because I felt exactly the same way. I quit worrying about Aaron then, or any other boy that might come along and catch our eye because I knew that no matter what, when the dust settled there would still be Buster and me side by side loving each other till death do us part.

We finished showering after I took a dump to get rid of Buster's cum and then hopped into bed naked. Joey was laying on my bed asleep and between the two of us we carried him to him own bed and he never stirred. He looked so cute and innocent as he slept and my heart ached with love for him. I was such a lucky kid, I had a great little brother and the awesomest bf in the world and rents who not only knew I was gay, but supported me. 

As I snuggled up against Buster in my own bed I felt a wave of happy exhaustion come over and soon I was fast asleep. Things might not always be exactly like I wanted them to be, but my life was great and I knew things would only get better. I didn't worry about tomorrow any more, I just wanted to live each new day and be the best boyfriend, brother, son, and friend that I could be.

End of Chapter 30 

Well, we see Aaron has wormed his way back into the picture and though Dommie was worried at first, he has come to grips with the prospect of Aaron joining their little family. What do you think, will it work out, or will jealously rear it's ugly head after all?

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