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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter Three

I Discover Sex and My LIttle Bro's Feet

            I could lie and say that a lot of other stuff went on that night at Buster's sleepover but truth was, after Donnie and I finished we were pretty much wiped out and we went to sleep. I don't know if Buster and Rick did anything else or if they finished what they started but I do know that things had changed for me and Buster after that night.
     It's hard to say exactly how it started or who started it but we began to act differently around each other. I don't mean we didn't talk about the same stuff or do the same things, but there was a feeling between us that neither of us could exactly explain. I can tell you a little about how I felt and I guess Buster felt the same, but like I said, we didn't really talk about it then.
        After that night it was like my eyes had been opened. I knew what sex meant and I'd seen enough on the internet and heard enough talk at school to know that what the four of us had done that night was considered gay. Up till then I guess I thought maybe I was just curious or confused, but after sucking Donnie's cock and enjoying it so much, I knew I was queer. Yeah, I said queer. I'm not ashamed any more, at least not with Buster and the other guys I messed with that night, but I'm not exactly shouting it from the rooftops, cause I want to make it through High School with all my body parts intact, lol.
        There were other feeling too after that night, like for instance I started caring more about how I looked and taking better care of my body. I was a little clean freak after that and my mom said she had never seen a boy take so many showers and I overheard her say to my dad that she thought I might have a girlfriend and that was the reason for my sudden interest in hygiene. Boy did she have it all wrong.
        Another thing that happened to me after that sleepover was that I started to notice my little brother. Now before you start thinking what a sick little kid I am, hear me out. After he confessed that he had been frapping too I started being a lot more comfortable around him when it came to my boners and frapping. We never actually did it together but he did walk in on me a few time, maybe by accident or maybe not, and I let him watch me finish. He thought it was cool how I could shoot sperm and how he couldn't wait to get his sperm too. Then one day he let it slip that Joe could come too and that he had sucked his penis and got it in  his mouth.
        Wow, I was totally shocked and when he told me Joe was coming over that Friday night for a sleepover I couldn't wait. He was a year older than Joey and not my brother so I figured he wasn't off limits and if he wanted someone to suck his dick, I was his boy...he he.
        If that had been all concerning my brother I guess I wouldn't feel so guilty, but you guessed it, there was more. I read somewhere on some web site about fetishes and at first I just laughed about it. I mean people who like getting peed on or pooped on or stuff like that is just disgusting. What I didn't know was that there are all kind of fetishes and some are pretty cool and I guess I have one of those myself.
        I don't really know how it started, but suddenly I started noticing feet. Not just any feet at first, little brother's. Yeah, here's the sick part. The first time I remember noticing them was one night after he'd had his bath. See my little brother always takes a bath, but I like showers so I usually take my shower then he takes a bath and sometimes he comes in and we talk or play video games till bedtime.
       That night he came in dressed in his favorite sleep shorts and piled down on my bed with his feet pointed my way and there they were. It was like I had never really seen his feet before. They were about as perfect as anything I had ever seen. Mom always kept his toenails trimmed, and mine too till I got older, and his little toes were pink and plump and for no reason at all I popped a chubby right then just looking at them.
       I found it hard to concentrate on what Joey was saying and he had to repeat himself a couple of times and he looked at me all crazy and giggled and asked me if I was okay. I played it off but I was glad when he moved around and sat down with his feet under him but the whole time I kept hoping I'd get another look at them.
      Okay, here's another sick part...after he left and it was lights out....I fapped thinking about his feet. I came so hard I think my balls turned inside out, lol, and then I felt guilty about it.
       After that night I started noticing his feet every time I was around him and at school I still wondered about boys' dicks but now I was wondering about their feet too. I got a chance to see Buster's a couple of times and they were pretty cool too, but so far my little bro's feet were my favorite.
        You would think that after that night at Buster's he and I would have been sneaking around ever chance we got and sucking each other, right? Well, don't think I didn't think about it or want to, cause I did, but we just didn't have an opportunity...not for a while anyway. But we did talk about that kind of stuff and about what had happened with Donnie and Rick and we always popped a boner. The closest we got to doing anything for a couple of weeks afterwards was to jerk off in the bathroom together only this time at the urinals side by side, but we never even touched each other. We were sort of afraid someone would come in so we fapped like crazy watching each other then we came and cleaned up and zipped up. I went back first then Buster and hopefully no one was the wiser.
        Finally Friday came and Joe came over about six that night and we had pizza and then he and Joey went outside and played while I went upstairs and took a shower. I was just coming out of the bathroom wearing just my boxer briefs when Joey and Joe breezed in without knocking. Now there was a time I would've been upset and maybe even yelled, but this time I wanted them to barge in. I couldn't help but check Joe out as he stood there beside my little bro who was asking me if they could play video games in my room. Of course I said yes, and they sat down in the floor while I slipped on some shorts and a tee. I really wanted to stay in just my  undies but I was afraid I'd pop a boner and they would see it.
    I grabbed a book and pretended to read, but the whole time I was checking out Joe and wondering how big his dick was and all that. After a bit Joey started taking off his shoes, then his socks and I had something else to stare at. I had a full on boner by then and had to keep poking it back between my legs to hide it. It hurt a little too and felt good at the same time.
    Finally Joey jumped up and started skinning off his shorts and announced he was going to go take a shower. He asked Joe if he wanted to take one with him but he said he wanted to play video games some more and then he asked me if I'd play with him while Joey was taking a bath and of course I said yes.   
        So while Joey took his bath I sat there beside Joe and tried to play GTA, but I gotta tell you I couldn't concentrate. First of all being so close to Joe I could smell his musky odor and it was driving me crazy. He smelled different than Joey, or Buster, or even Donnie but if I had to compare him to any of them I guess the scent was closer to Donnie's. Donnie had a sexy big boy smell while the rest of us had that little boy smell and Joe seemed somewhere in between. I managed to get a look at his crotch too and either he was very well hung or had a boner cause I could see the head of it pushing against his shorts. That made me even harder and I had to adjust myself again and Joe looked over at me and sort of grinned real big but didn't say anything. My face must've turned red and I said, "I hate when my balls itch." but I don't think he bought it.
        Fortunately Joey came back about then, wearing his sleep shorts and no shirt and his little feet were wrinkled like prunes from the bath, but they still looked cute to me. Joe jumped up then and went off to take a shower and it was just Joey and me. I played better with him because I kept my eyes on the screen and Joe was back pretty quick, but he wasn't even dressed yet.
       I just caught a glimpse of something dark and out of the corner of my eye I turned my head and there was Joe naked watching us play. Joey looked up and giggled and said, "Get some clothes on Joe my mom might come check on us and you'd scare her with that big thing."
        They both cracked up then and I joined in but truth was I didn't really want him to get dressed. I wanted to get a really good look at him because from what I had seen already, he had a very nice body. Of course the first thing I noticed was his dick and it looked almost as big as Donnie's had that night but of course it was darker with a bright pink head and his balls were pretty big too. Of course I only got a quick glimpse cause I didn't want to get caught staring but that was enough make me want to see more.
     Joe finally put on some bright pink boxers and even though he wasn't naked anymore he still looked sexy and I could see the outline of his junk when he moved around beside us. I swear I could feel the heat coming off of his body and could smell him like I had before only now there was the smell of soap too but I could still smell Joe's scent beneath all that and it made me feel all tingly. I figured everyone had their own private smell and I guessed even I did, and when I thought about it I remembered that sometimes I would sniff my own underwear and sometimes that would cause my boner to throb a little. I guess I was just a little freak, here I was thinking about how sexy boys smelled and how much I liked their feet and I didn't know whether to be happy about it or scared.
      I finally tore myself away from the video game and let Joe have my controller and went back to my book, pretending to read while I watched the two of them play. I couldn't really see anything except their backs and hands from where I lay but I was still all boned up just being around them. I hoped that later I'd get a better look at Joe's junk, but I still hadn't figured how to make that happen.
      I was just about to give up on the book when suddenly Joe threw down his controller and fell back on the floor and I swear his dick was pointing straight up and tenting his boxers and it looked huge. Maybe even bigger than Donnie's dick had been and I was definitely going to have to check that out.
    Joey took one look at Joe's tent and giggled, "Look Dommie, Joe's gotta boner." and then he reached over and grabbed it through his boxers as if it was no big deal and Joe didn't even flinch. He just lay there with his hands behind his head and let Joey feel him up. My poor boner was leaking and throbbing like crazy and I had to reach down and adjust it just to keep from tearing a hole in my shorts and then Joey looked up at me and said, "Come down here, why dontcha?"
    He didn't have to ask twice, I was down there beside Joe in less than a second and Joe just kept laying there only now his eyes were closed and he had a big-assed smile on his face.
    "Feel it Dommie, it's really big. See I told ya it was big."
    At first I was a little nervous, it was one thing for my kid brother to touch his best friend's boner, but did he want me touching it too. Well, the answer must've been yes, cause he raised up a little and said, "You know you want to white boy," he giggled and that was all the encouragement I needed. Joe never talked like that unless he was playing around and I guess that's what I thought we were doing, just playing around and it was no big deal.
    I reached over and put my hand on the front of Joe's boxers and I could feel the heat coming off of that thing and there was a little wet spot and I knew it was called pre-cum and I was amazed that Joe was so far developed. Joe sort of wiggled beneath me and I let my hand slip down and wrapped it around his shaft and I realized then that not only was it longer than Donnie's but also fatter. I guess if we had measured it, it would have been well over six inches and about at fat as one of those little jars of olives that my folks always buy.
    I was giving it a good feeling up when Joe started moaning and then he reached down and pushed my hand off but only long enough to push his boxers down to let his boner spring up and then he pulled my hand back to it and laid back down again. Now that I could see it out of his boxers and hard I knew I just had to have it in my mouth but I didn't know how to make that happen. I mean Joey was right there staring at me and I didn't want to do anything in front of him, well anything more than I already had, but I knew they messed around so I don't know why I thought it was such a big deal.
    "Show him how you nurse on it," Joe said in a dreamy voice. I didn't know if he was talking to me or to Joey and I almost went down on him myself, then my little brother moved over and sort of pushed my hand away and looking up at me and grinning he took Joe's big pink head in his cute little mouth and started sucking like a starved calf.
    My dick was so hard by then I thought I would pass out and my dick was so wet with pre-cum that I thought I had already nutted in my shorts. After a few minutes Joey took a little bit more of it in his mouth but he kept a hand wrapped around it to control how far he would go down on it and Joe never tried to force more of it into his mouth. I don't know why but I thought that was cool the way they had that worked out and later I would find out that there were lots more things that were cool about their relationship.
    "Your turn," Joey said suddenly coming up off of Joe's big dick with a plopping noise, "Oh, and he likes to have his balls licked too," Joey giggled.
    I turned bright red but I wasn't going to give up this opportunity to get that big slab of chocolate in my mouth so I just scooted down between Joe's legs and took over. Boy did his dick taste good and even though his was only the second dick I had sucked I decided right then and there that I loved sucking dick more than video games, or baseball or anything else.
    As I took more of his dick in my mouth I had to keep stretching my lips wider until I must've looked pretty funny cause Joey was pointing and giggling but Joe told him to shut up and watch cause I knew what I was doing. Joey shut up but I could still see a grin on his face but I didn't care, I was determined to get all of that fat piece of meat in my mouth. I could feel the veins pulsing with his blood and taste all that pre-cum that he was making and I couldn't get enough.
    I remembered what Joey had said about Joe liking his balls licked so before I could stop myself I came up off of his dick and pushed his legs apart and started giving his balls the licking of a lifetime. I guess Joey wasn't lying because Joe bout went crazy when I started doin that and he raised up and watched me for a few minutes and our eyes met and he looked a little dazed but happy. Once my tongue even slipped down to where his balls met his a-hole and he tasted kind of bitter down there, so I think I might have accidentally licked his a-hole and he really went crazy then.
    "You gotta teach Joey how to do dat," he said moaning softly, "dat shit feels good."
    "What, lick your balls, I already done that," Joey said sounding confused.
    "No, the other, you tell  him Dommie,"
    I just shrugged as if I didn't know what he was talking about and went back to his dick and this time I got serious about it. I knew I had to be careful not to scrape him with my teeth, so I wrapped my lips around my teeth and then used my tongue to sort of swirl around the head of his dick while I bobbed up and down. A couple of times I sort of gagged then I wrapped a hand around the base of his dick and that helped me not go too far down. I really wanted all of it but he was just too big for me then. Later after I'd had more experience maybe, but for now about half was all I could handle.
    Well, I guess half was enough for Joe cause after a few minutes he started thrashing around like he was on fire and moaning so loud I was afraid mom would hear us but then he just sort of grunted and here it came. His cum surprised me and I almost choked at first then I realized what had happened and I swallowed just in time for the second spurt which wasn't quite as big and I actually got to taste it. It was salty and sweet and the taste reminded me of the scent he gave off. I guess they say the two senses work together so maybe I was tasting and smelling Joe's scent and it was great. He shot one more small spurt then just sort of oozed and I reached down and squeezed his balls gently just to see if I could get some more. I kept his dick in my mouth but didn't move at all cause I know after a a guy comes his dick is really sensitive. When I figured he was done nutting I pulled up and wiped off my mouth with my t-shirt and rocked back on my heels and looked at the two of them. I was embarrassed at first, then I felt sort of proud, cause Joe kept saying how good it was and Joey was just smiling like he was keeping some kind of secret.
    I got up to go pee and rearrange my boner again and when I came back Joe had put his boxers back on and he and Joey were playing Zombie Town on the PS2. I felt sort of disappointed, was I going to fap alone? I didn't really expect Joe to suck me back but he could've at least gave me a hand job. I shrugged and fell down on my bed face down and ground my boner into the mattress but that only made things worse. I was sooooo horny. I continued laying there for a half hour or so and then suddenly Joey jumped up and dive bombed me on the bed and then Joe joined in and it was a free for all.
    I kept trying to hide my boner but the two of them together were too strong for me and eventually they got me on my back and my arms pinned and there it was standing straight up and waving like a flag. Joey giggled and flipped it with his fingers, and even that felt good, but when he grabbed it through my shorts I came right then.
    I was so embarrassed I could've died, not only did I shoot my load right in front of my little bro and  his best bud, but I came at a single touch. Isn't that called premature...something or other? But if either of them was put off they didn't show it, in fact they were pulling down my shorts then and running their fingers through the gooey mess I had made. That even felt good and when Joe grabbed my dick and started rubbing the cum into it I thought maybe I could come again. Joe only did that for a minute then he looked over at Joey and said, "You wanna go first, or me?"
    "You better go first he might get mad if I do."
    What the heck were they talking about....? OMG, Joe bent down then and took my messy dick in his mouth and started sucking like it was the best thing he had ever eaten (well, maybe it was and I knew I could come again and it would be a good one. I was really enjoying myself and had kind of forgotten about Joe's question to Joey and then suddenly Joe pulled off my dick and before I could stop him Joey was on it.
    I wanted to push him away, I really did. He was my little bro and this wasn't right, was it? But now I know what they mean when they say a guy is thinking with his little head, because suddenly I didn't care who was sucking my dick as long as they kept doing it. Joe was actually better at it but maybe because it was my little bro, and taboo or something, I think it actually felt hotter with his mouth on it. He did use his tongue more than Joe and truthfully seemed to like doing it more, but maybe he was turned on by the fact that he had this power over me suddenly. Whatever the reason pretty soon my balls were churning and I cried out to warn him I was coming, but he just went at it faster and so I let him make me nut and then he was drinking my cum and I was moaning and wiggling around and then it was over.
    The guilt hit me as soon as my nuts settled down and my dick started going limp. Joey pulled off and looked at me and I could see in his eyes that he knew what I was thinking.   
    "It's okay, Dommie, Joe won't tell anyone, and mom and dad will never know."   
    I just laid there like a beached whale and felt like crying. What had I done? Not only had I messed around with my little bro's friend right in front of him, I had let my little bro suck my dick. I was lower than low and should be locked away somewhere where no one would ever have to see me again.
    "I know, I'm really tired though. Why don't you and Joe go to your room now, I'm gonna get some sleep."
    I could tell Joey wasn't convinced and I couldn't really tell what Joe was thinking. He just looked like he always did and I decided that Joe maybe didn't feel things the way most of  us did. He still looked cute and sexy to me and I didn't regret sucking his dick, but I doubted I would ever do that again. Funny how wrong you can be when you're on the down side of an
   So the two of them went off to Joey's room and left me to my thoughts. I was a sticky mess from my first come and I got up to go take another shower and while I was in there Joe came in to pee. I knew it was Joe because he was peeing like a race horse, real noisy, and Joey's pee was always quiet.
    "Hey, dude," he said kind of quietly once he got through peeing, "you need to go see about your little bro, he's bawling his eyes out cause he thinks you hate him now."
    My stomach clutched up in knots and I felt like I was going to hurl, "Whaaat? What do you mean? Why would I hate him?"
    "Oh, I don't know," he said sounding angry, "maybe cause he's a dick sucker."
    "But, I did it too...."
    "Yeah, but he feels like you got mad cause he did to you. You were looking weird and all when it was over."
    So they could see my shame and guilt. "I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at me for letting it go that far. It was one thing for you and me to mess around, but he's my little bro," I said near tears myself.
    "And he thinks your shit don't stink man. Can't you see how much the kid loves you. He'd do anything for you and all he wanted to do was make you happy and now....." Joe even sounded a little choked up.
    "When I get out of the shower, I'll talk to him, okay?"
    "Yeah, man. Kiss and make up," he chuckled, "so me and him can have some fun tonight."
    I didn't want to know what he meant by that but deep inside I already knew. Joe wanted me to fix things so he could get his dick sucked by my little bro. I finished washing and rinsed off and stepped out and I was shocked to see that Joe was still there, sitting on the toilet lid in just his pink boxers and waiting for me.
    "Just wanted to see the whole package dude. Not bad for a white boy," he chuckled.
    "Pervert," I laughed, "Get out of here before I scream rape."
    "Can't rape the willing, I always heard...he he."
    I threw my wet towel at him and he caught it and began to roll it up and I knew what he had planned. I grabbed another towel and wrapped it around my waist and slipped out the door before he could strike and I locked it behind me. He jiggled it a few times then laughed and went away.
    I grabbed some shorts but didn't bother with undies, I liked for my boys to have room to roam at night, and decided to slip on a t-shirt too. I brushed my hair in the mirror and tried to figure out what I would say but couldn't think of anything really good so I decided to just get it over with and see what happened.
    Joe was sitting on the bed beside Joey who had stopped crying but his eyes were all puffy and their were tear tracks down his face. My heart broke then, What a Jerk I am, I screamed in my head. I sat down on the bed and Joe got up and went into the bathroom and pulled the door closed. He actually wound up in my room playing PS2 just to give us some privacy and I liked him a lot for that.
    "Sup?" I said trying to act cool, "You okay, little bro?"
    He nodded but tears were welling up in his eyes again.
   "First of all I'm not mad at you," I began after taking a deep breath, "And secondly you didn't do anything wrong, if anyone did anything wrong it is me."
    "I...I...didn't? What do you mean, what did you do?" he asked sniffing back tears, his cute little nose was running and he wiped it with the back of his hand...ewww.
    "I'm the big brother, I should've stopped you, was so good, I couldn't. Do you know what I mean?"
    He nodded, "Sometimes I do stuff cause I'm horny but later I feel kinda bad. Is that what happened?"
    "Zactly, I let myself get carried away or whatever, but you didn't do nothing wrong. I love you little bro," I said and held out my arms and he jumped up and snuggled up to me almost knocking me off the bed. He did cry then but it was tears of relief I guess and when they dried up he was fine again.
    We went to my room and found Joe and he looked up and said, "You two queers okay?" then he cracked up laughing and we jumped him and tickle tortured him until he couldn't stand it anymore. We played PS2 for a while and then Joe said to Joey, "Come on let's go to bed, I'm tired of this game." but I knew what he really meant was that he wanted to go mess around with Joey and that was cool with me.           
     "You two be good," I said as they left, "or be careful," I giggled and Joe shot me the bird but Joey smiled so big I knew he was okay again.
    I was okay too I guess, because I didn't feel guilty anymore, Joey loved me, I loved him and what we did might not be something we wanted everyone to know about, but what harm was it if we messed around? It wasn't like one of us could get preggers and have a retard kid (sorry about that, that sounded awful). So what harm was it? Only Joe knew so far, but I knew eventually Buster would know too and I was cool with that. Buster was cool and he'd never judge either of us, heck, he'd probably say it was so cool it was cold.
     I slipped off my tee and climbed into bed and discovered I really was beat this time and I was half asleep as I turned off the light. I had a lot to think about, but it wasn't going to be tonight. I don't think I even moved the whole night and when I woke up the sun was coming through my window and I had to pee really bad. I had the worst case of morning wood anyone could ever have and I squeezed it and it felt good and hurt at the same time. Why can't my dick get that hard the rest of the time? I wondered, but it was one of those mysteries of life I guess and I have never figured it out not even to this day.   

     By the time I got downstairs Joe and Joey were out in the backyard playing around and  my mom was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. She looked up when I came in and motioned me over for a kiss, which I hope I never outgrow, cause I love my mom so much, and then she asked if I would help her get breakfast ready and of course I said yes.
    She fixed waffles while I scrambled a dozen eggs (I'm a pretty good cook and mom says I'll make some woman a great husband someday, but boy is she way off) and then added cheese. By then mom had bacon fried and the waffles ready and she told me to go get the boys and when we got back she had everything dished up and glasses of juice and milk for us and we dug in. Joe is a little chow hound and he is always smoozing mom to get more goodies out of her and she eats it up. He is so polite around my rents that it is sickening but I'm sort of glad cause they never give us any grief about him staying over, because he is such a "nice polite boy". The fact that he's black doesn't mean anything to us kids of course, but my folks say it is nice that we have friends of all different colors and I usually laugh thinking about pink or blue friends. Well so far I only have black and beige ones but who knows when a green one might come along and want his dick sucked? Lol.
    Joe and Joey had plans for the day so I was left on my own and I called Buster to see what he was doing but he had to go with his folks shopping later and couldn't get out of it, so he said to try him back after six and maybe he could come over or I could come over there.
    Truth was I wasn't really in much of a mood to be with anyone right then so I asked my mom if I could ride my bike down to the school and shoot some hoops. She said I had a perfectly good basketball goal on the garage, but I told her they had a full court there and I didn't have to worry about the ball rolling out into the street and she laughed and said I could go.
    I tied the ball to my bike with a couple of bungies and got on and rode down to the park about three blocks from our house and was sort of glad to see that no one was around just then. I had the court all to myself and I began making free throws and practicing my dribbling and stuff and was feeling better by the minute. I guess it's those indorkins or whatever they're called that you get when you exercise but it was also making me horny.
    My dick was sort of semi hard and I was glad I'd put on underwear cause I needed the support for the troops, lol. Otherwise my dick would have been flopping around and beating me to death.  I played about 45 minutes then walked over to the rest rooms and got a drink at the fountain out front and then decided to go pee. I left my ball outside and went in and the first thing I noticed was the smell, and it wasn't roses, lol.
    It smelled like poop and pee and BO all wrapped up in one, but in a way I thought that was the way a public bathroom should smell. Not like my bathroom at home, with 2000 Flushes and Tidy Bowl (no, this isn't a commercial..he he) and air freshener to spray after a stinky dump. In a way it sort of smelled like sex. I don't know how to explain that but as I was peeing my boner started growing until it was all the way up and I was standing there with my hand full of my dick when someone came in and before I could react he was beside me at the trough and hauling out his junk.
    He was probably about 18 or 19, not a man, but not a boy either, a teenager but one I didn't know and had never seen before so I was suspicious of him just because I'd been taught to be that way.
    He let loose and was peeing a big long stream of piss and I still just stood there with my hard junk in my hand sort of frozen and staring at his dick. It wasn't all that big but of course it was soft but when he finished peeing and shook it off it started to grow. I realized then that he was looking at my junk too and I turned bright red and started trying to cram my 4.5 inches back in my pants.
    "Nice, you'll be a real stud when you get your growth," the teenager said suddenly looking me in the eye, "Mine was a lot smaller at your age, I mean when I was your size. How old are you anyway?"
    "Twelve," I stammered still trying to get my dick back in my pants, "Uh, how old are you?"
    "17, I'm Rick by the way. I'd offer to shake know," he laughed, "So were you fapping? Did I disturb ya?"
    "NO!" I gasped, finally getting my shorts zipped up but my dick was screaming at the position I'd put it in and it refused to go down, "I just know...hard for no reason," I stuttered.
    "Yeah, me too and horny all the time. I can't go a day without fapping or getting laid. Not that I get laid that much. How bout you studly, you gettin any strange?"
    "I uh, I'm still a virgin," I said then felt so stupid.
    "No shame in that, but you still fap...right?"
    Should I admit it or not? I mean even my dad said all boys did it and if I said I didn't the guy would know I was lying or think I was really strange. I nodded and left it at that. We were still standing at the urinal trough and he still had his junk in his hands and I realized I had been staring at it the whole time and he was sort of jackin the loose skin on it like I do when I fap and for some reason suddenly I wasn't so weirded out any more. In fact I kinda wanted to touch his big teenage weenie and see what it felt like.
    "This don't bother you does it? he asked shaking his dick once or twice, "I really gotta fap or my balls are gonna bust. I can go the back stall if it bothers you."
    Again I wondered how I should answer but I knew what the obvious answer was and I went with that. After all I'd probably never see this guy again (wrong) and he'd started it.
    "It aint no big deal, just us guys here."
    "I hate to fap alone though," he said looking down at my crotch, "and looks like your little guy might want some relief too."
    I realized my boner was pushing out against my shorts like Joe's had the night before and I blushed again but I was sort of excited and horny too. Should I fap with this guy, or just go? I guess he saw the conflict in my eyes so he said, "Sorry, didn't mean to weird you out, it's just that me and my buddies we do it together sometimes. We're not gay or anything, we just beat our meat and stuff but if it's too weird...."
    "Naw, my buddies and me do it too," I confessed. Again I thought I'd never see this guy again so what was the harm.
    "Well, alright. Hey, what's your name anyway little man?"
    I started to make up something then decided it was no big deal, I mean he didn't know my last name or where I lived. "Dominick, but everyone calls me Dommie."
    "Dommie, huh. Way cool. Hey, I have a little bro name Donnie, that's almost like Dommie."
    At first it didn't register then it hit me, what if it was the same Donnie I'd met at Buster's party? Naw, it couldn't be I decided, must be a coincidence. So I hauled out the big stuff and Rick checked me out again and told me how cool my junk looked and we started fapping together side by side checking each other out as we did it. I noticed he had a lot of extra skin even though he was circumsized and I stored that away as just one more piece of info in my sex education. He really got going after a few minutes and then stopped long enough to push his pants down a little and haul out his balls and man, oh man they were like huge and hairy but I have to admit the hair looked kind of gross. I knew I'd soon be getting hair down there but I'd already decided I would keep it trimmed.
    He was grunting now and breathing real hard and then he stopped and looked over at me and said, "Wanna finish it? I'll do yours if you'll do mine."
    I kind of wanted to but on the other hand it felt a little weird but again my little head took over and I nodded. His hand felt way better on my boner than my own and by the way he was moaning I guess mine felt pretty good on his too. I don't know what we would have done if someone walked in but fortunately they didn't and pretty soon Rick started breathing real hard and sort of grunting and then his dick shot a stream of cum out that splattered on the wall and ran down to the trough and I was right behind him. He shot another long stream and my little dick squirted a weaker one and we kept on milking each other till we were dry and then we pulled our hands away and just stood there for a minute each of us wiping the cum off our dicks and slinging it into the trough. Then Rick went into the first stall and grabbed two wads of toilet tissue and handed me one to clean up with.
    "That was awesome, dude. You are one cool little dude. You should meet my bro he's not much oldern' you. I bet you two would hit it off. He's a horny little fucker too." he laughed at the last part.
    We put our junk away, it was so much easier now that they were soft, and he said he had to go meet some friends and said goodbye, but before he walked out he gave me a hug which totally shocked me. He was older and so cool and here he was hugging me and I gotta admit it felt kinda nice. I smiled at him and he smiled back and said, "Later dude, keep on fapping and someday you'll be as big as me. Well, gotta run, the bitches are waitin." I wondered if he was really meeting bitches or if that was just some macho bullshit to make up for just fapping with another dude, but I really didn't care. A guy's gotta do what  a guy's gotta do to get by.

Chapter Four
My boyfriend

    I was smiling as I rode home and was looking forward to seeing Joe and Joey but I was disappointed to find that they had gone over to Joe's and Joey was spending the night there. I was sort of moping around then and mom must've noticed cause she said,     "Oh, by the way your friend Buster called and said you should call him about 5:30."
    It was just barely 5 then and I think that was the longest 30 minutes of my life as I waited to call and when I did he answered right away.
    "I just got home," he said sounding happy, "I talked the rents into a new mp3 player today, it's awesome and.....they  said if it was okay with your folks I could sleep over there tonight."
    "Really!" I said whooping it up, "I know they'll say yes, Joey is at his friend Joe's so we'll have the house to ourself," I added suggestively.
    "Then go ask, you dork," he giggled. I threw the phone down and ran into talk to my mom but she held up a hand and said, "I already talked to Buster's folks and the answer is...Yes," she said then laughed and I hugged her like a little kid and kissed her on the cheek and ran back to tell Buster the good news.
    The jerk was as surprised as I was and our rents had put one over on us and we laughed about that. I hung up so Buster could get his stuff packed and about six his dad dropped him off and didn't even come inside. Buster said him and his mom were having a night out since he was staying over and Buster added, "They're gonna do it tonight," and then made a puking sound and laughed.
    "I hope your dad isn't the only one gonna get lucky tonight," I whispered to Buster and his eyebrows shot up and he said, "No way Dommie, gonna make a man outta you tonight for sure," then he laughed evilly.
    Boy I was in such a good mood that I didn't even worry about the stuff that had happened last night or think about what had happened in the park, all I wanted to do was spend some time with my best bud and we had the whole night to ourselves. Mom took us to the video store and we rented a movie and a coupe of video games and then she let us order pizza even though she had made stew for supper. She said her and dad would eat the stew and she'd save the rest for some other time. I like her stew a lot but I'd rather have pizza and me and Buster ate the whole thing before the night was over. We watched the movie in my room and ate pizza and drank sodas and clowned around and then played video games just like kids do all the time and neither of us even mentioned the sex thing.
    I wanted to tell him about the cool teen in the park and maybe even about Joe, but I wasn't ready to admit to my best friend that I had done stuff with my little brother. I still felt a little bad about that but it was getting easier to live with as I went along. I really felt bad that he thought I was mad at him because of it but I had decided we probably shouldn't do that kind of stuff again.
    Around ten we went downstairs to cop some snacks and found mom and dad hugged up on the couch. At first I was embarrassed then sort of proud that my rents still loved each other after all those years. Buster jabbed me in the ribs once we were in the kitchen and said, "Looks my old man isn't the only one gettin lucky tonight." Of course I told him to shut up and that was gross and stuff, but deep down inside it was kinda cool.
    We gathered up some junk and went back up to my room but the rents had already gone on to bed to do whatever and of course Buster made some lewd remarks about that and I gave him a shove and he almost spilled the junk he was carrying. He ran on upstairs and locked the door and I wouldn't open it but he forgot about the other door into the bathroom so I went through Joey's room and snuck up behind him and jumped his sorry ass and dragged him to the floor. He's a little bigger than me and more buff but I had the advantage and I had him pinned and my crotch was right in his face. I rocked back and forth and kept putting my junk on his face but it didn't bother him much because he kept sticking out his tongue and pretending to lick me so I decided to give him something to lick.
    With one hand I pushed my shorts down and managed to get my dick out. It was hard now and a little wet on the end from all the messing around but he didn't hesitate a second and he darted out his tongue and licked it right on the slit. I jumped back because it felt so intense and then I pushed forward and rubbed it on his lips and he opened up and I shoved it in. He gagged and I pulled back and then just sort of rocked back and forth putting a little bit of in and then pulling it back out and he was using his tongue to lick under the head and it felt so good I knew I couldn't hold out long, but I didn't want to come right then like that so I rolled off of him and just laid on the floor.
    I put my dick up and he sat up and said, "What? Did I scrape it with my teeth or something?"
    "Nope, just saving it. Let's go take a shower then play some more Playstation."
  He looked at me like I was crazy but didn't say anything, he just grabbed his underwear and we went into my bathroom to take a shower. In the shower I paid special attention to Buster's body. This was really the closest and longest look I'd had at him naked and I wanted to remember every inch of him for later fapping. He was pretty buff for a kid our age and even though he didn't have a six pack or anything his chest looked like he worked out or something. His tummy was flat but there was a little bit of fat on the side (my mom calls em love handles) but that just made him cuter. His belly button was an innie, but not real deep and it was cute too. I guess basically I thought everything about him was cute but as my eyes dropped down to his junk I knew that was what was cutest about him. His dick was like pefect. What I mean is it was just the right size and perfectly round or whatever and his head was a pefect shape and even his balls looked perfect to me. He had a little hair down there and it looked thicker than mine but mine is so much lighter that it's hard to see. Being a blond has it's advantages.
    As he turned to rinse off I got a good look at his back and that cute butt of his and they were perfect too. His back was lean and muscled and as my eyes moved down the popple of his backbone to the swell of his cheeks and I noticed for the first time he had dimples down there. I smiled when I saw that and couldn't help but stick my finger in one of em and he sort of looked back to see what I was doing.
    "You have dimples back here," I explained, "and a cute butt."
    "That's my money maker," Buster teased and he thrust his butt back at me and I slapped it.
    Man, oh man, was his butt ever cute. Even though I hadn't decided if I liked all that butt stuff,  I still liked how Buster's butt looked and then I remembered how I had accidently licked Joe's butthole and how he had reacted and I wondered how Buster would feel about that. My eyes went on down to his legs and for the first time I noticed how strong and beautiful they were. Then it hapened: my eyes dropped to his feet and I sprung a boner instantly. I was a little relieved to know that it wasn't just my little bro's feet that turned me on because after last night I was worried about that too, but I didn't know how Buster would feel about me liking his feet like that.
    I took the soap from him and lathered up and rinsed off and we got out and helped each other towel off and by then my boner had gone down. Buster was semi hard but so far he hadn't mentioned anything about what had happened in the bedroom before and I thought he acted a little mad. I rolled up my towel but he beat me to it and gave me a sharp slap on the butt and it stung like crazy. He ran off to the bedroom and I ran after him gritting my teeth and yelling, "You better run."
    I caught up with him in the bedroom but he was on the other side of the bed and was ready to bolt if I moved his way. I fooled him by diving across the bed and I grabbed his legs and he went down on top of me. We were still naked and his half hard boner was pushing against me as we struggled on the bed and we were both laughing so hard that we could barely stay on the bed. I finally got him off of me and pinned him again like I had before but I think he just let me cause he is way stronger than me.
    This time when I straddled his chest my dick was already free and it got hard like instantly. I slapped his face with it and leaned down and said, "Don't struggle. This is going to happen whether you like it or not." I was quoting a line from the movie we'd watched and Buster picked up on it right away and said, "Just don't hurt me, please. You're so strong, and I'm so weak."
    I wanted to crack up but I was horny as heck so I pushed my weenie against his lips and he opened his mouth and I stuck it in like before. This time I was gonna let him finish though and he knew it. He was like really going at it and I was moaning and grinding my boner into his mouth and it didn't take long till I was ready to come. I warned him but he didn't pull off and so I guessed he wanted to taste my stuff so I let him. I shot off into his mouth and he made a lot of noise as he ate it just trying to be goofy I guess and then I was done and started to pull it out but he wouldn't let the suction off and it actually hurt when I pulled back.
    "Owwwww, dick munch let me go. You're like a Hoover."
    He let me pull out then he sat up and quoted another line from the movie, "My boyfriend is bigger," and I laughed so hard I fell over.
    Of course he was on top of me in an instant and we were both laughing and rolling around then we settled down a little and were just laying there him sort of on top of me and our faces were really close and we were breathing real hard and waiting for whatever came next. I blinked and his face was a little closer. Then a little closer and my heart was beating so hard that I could feel it in my ears and then his face was only a couple of inches away and I could smell the pizza on his breath and something else and then I realized that something else was my jizz. For some reason that was so hot that I started getting a boner again. Then before I knew what was happening Buster's lips were touching mine and we were kissing.
    At first I didn't know exactly what to do, I mean I'm not an expert kisser, but I guess it's just one of those things that comes naturally if you do it long enough and pretty soon our mouths were a little open and we were tongue wrestling. I was really hard by then and so was Buster cause I could feel his boner pressing against my hip and it felt hot and wet. We kissed for like a really long time and then Buster broke it off and rolled off on his back.
    I took that to mean he was ready for payback so  rolled over and got between his legs and grabbed his boner and gave it a good lick. He groaned and said "I'll give you an hour to stop that," and we both giggled and his boner shook and that looked so hot that I wanted it in my mouth right then. I didn't waste any time messing around I just slurped it down and starting bobbing like I was starved and pretty soon he was moaning and moving around and then he was pumping my mouth full of creamy Buster Juice, lol.
    I swallowed it all down and then moved up and kissed him so he could taste his jizz on my lips like I tasted mine on his and it was awesome. We kissed for a little while then we sort of lost interest in the sex stuff and put our undies on and played some more video games. We ate some more junk and drank some soda and then around midnight we decided to go to bed.
    I guess I sort of expected we would do some more stuff, but Buster crashed pretty quick and I wasn't too far behind him. I slept really good though after all that sex and when we got up the next morning mom had breakfast ready and we didn't have time to try any more stuff. We ate and then Buster's folks called and said they were coming to get Buster in an hour so we went out back messed around till it was time for him to go.
    We didn't talk about what had happened last night but I don't think it was the sex that had us so confused, it was the kissing part. I mean it was one thing to get your nut with your best friend but kissing him was sort of't it?
    Buster's folks came and I walked him out to the car and punched him in the arm and said, "See ya Monday dork." and he said, "Thanks for the warning," and we both laughed and his folks looked at us like they knew what we were feeling and that made me a little uncomfortable.
    I waved as they drove off and went inside and moped around till it was time to go get Joey and I went with Mom to get him. When we picked him up me and Joey sat in back and wrestled around and mom smiled and said, "Well, I'm glad to see you two missed each other so much", and she laughed.
    Back at home Joey and I went outside and played catch until dinner and then we sat down as a family and ate and then watched TV together like we usually do on Sundays. It felt good to be with my family, but there was a lot to think about and I guess I looked a little distant cause mom pulled me up against her and started stroking my hair but she didn't say anything. I felt better then but I still had all those feelings inside and I knew it would take some time to figure things out, if I ever did.
    About 8 mom sent Joey up to take a bath and dad had some work to do in his office and it was just me and my mom. She didn't say anything at first then she smoothed my hair back and said, "If there is anything you need to talk to me or your father about, you know we are there for you sweetheart."
    I nodded, I felt like a little kid again and wanted to cry, but I was 12 years ago and having sex so I couldn't act like that any more.
    "Naw, I'm just tired mom...and happy," I added smiling. I could always fool my mom if I tried hard enough.
    "Well, if you ever need to talk, just remember we're there for you. Now, why don't you go up and see if Joey is done with his bath and take your shower and get ready for bed. I'll be up later to tuck you both in."
    I hopped up and she swatted my butt and I smiled, I hoped I never got too old for my mom to love on me like that. Sometimes I wondered if other kids my age still got tucked in and kissed goodnight but I didn't worry if I was too old for that stuff. I think every kid should have rents that show they love them, then maybe they wouldn't turn out to be serial killers, or whatever, lol.
    Joey was out of the bathroom so I stripped off and took a shower and went to my room to get dressed. He came in as I was putting on my underwear and fell down on my bed.
   "Man, me and Joe had sooooo much fun at his house. What did you do all day Dommie?"
    I looked over at him and the first thing I noticed were his little feet and I felt my dick jump a little. What was wrong with me? Man, I couldn't even look at his feet without popping a boner.
    "Buster came over and spent the night last night," I said, then my face got red thinking about what we'd done, and the teenager in the park.
    "Ahh, wish me and Joe'd been here, the four of could've had some fun."
    What did he mean by that? "So what did you and Joe do?" I asked then blushed, maybe I really didn't need to know all that stuff, it might just make things worse.
    "Oh, we played out in his treehouse, it is so cool. It even has a roof and windows and everything. I wish we had one like it. Maybe we could talk to dad and see if he'd build us one."
    I laughed, dad wasn't all that handy with a hammer and anyway he didn't have time for anything like that.
    "And after we went to bed me and Joe did sex stuff." He said almost causing me to choke. He was grinning and when he saw my face he said, "What's wrong? It's not bad is it?"
    "Naw, it's cool. You just surprised me, that's all."
    "Too bad you weren't there with us, we could've all done stuff together."
    "About that, Joey. I think we should talk about that some more."
    "Okay, but you said it wasn't bad...." he said looking worried.
  "It's cool that you and Joe do that stuff, but I'm your big brother and I probably shouldn't be doing the stuff with you. I guess it's okay if I do it with Joe, but it's kind of weird with you there too."
    Joey frowned and began pulling at his toes and my eyes went right to his foot again. So soft and small and perfect and his toes look so tasty...God what was I thinking?
    "I don't understand Dommie. If I like it and you like it and Joe likes it what's wrong with that?"
    He had me there, what was wrong with it? I wasn't smart enough to have the answer but all I knew was it didn't seem right to me. "I don't understand all of it myself, but let's just take it easy, okay. I'm not saying no right now, but I'm not saying yes either."
    He nodded, "Okay, we'll see then." He yawned then stretched his little feet out and they were like right there by my leg and I wanted so bad to touch them but after all the stuff I'd just said it didn't make sense to confuse either of us any more than we already were.
    "Okay," I said and I did swipe at his feet and they felt so warm and my hand tingled for the second or two I touched them and my boner throbbed some more, "Off to your bed, mom'll be coming to kiss us goodnight soon."
    He hopped up but before he left he pooched out his bottom lip and said in his little boy voice, "Can I come back after she tucks me in?"
    Now even though we hadn't shared a room since my sister moved out and I got her room, sometimes when Joey had a bad dream or was sick or whatever he would come in
and get into bed with me. We'd snuggle up and he'd go to sleep and later when I'd wake up he'd be gone. He nearly always went back to his bed and mom and dad never knew the differnce, or so I thought, but years later I learned mom sometimes checked on us and she thought it was so cute that I let Joey get into my bed when he got scared.
    "Sure," I said. I didn't want to ever make him feel bad about our  relationship or feel
like he couldn't come to me for help, "But just for a little while, okay? We got school tomorrow and I'm beat."
    He smiled and my heart swelled with love for him, then he bounced off with his little tail wiggling in his shorts and I sighed. Man, life was sure getting complicated since I'd discovered these new feelings of mine and I wondered if things would ever get easier.    I got into bed and soon my mom came in and tucked me in and smoothed back my hair like she always does and kissed my forehead. Her lips were warm and soft and she smiled down at me and I loved her so much right then my heart hurt. She saw the look in my eyes and she kissed me on the cheek and said, "I am so lucky to have two of the sweetest boys on this earth and Joey has the best big brother any boy could ask for."
    That almost made me cry cause actually I knew Joey was her favorite. I don't mean I thought she didn't love me just as much, but the way she looked at Joey, like she could just eat him alive, said it all. I guess maybe all mom's like their youngest most because they're still their babies. I guess if dad had a favorite it would be me because we spent a lot of time together but lately since I'd discovered my new feelings I'd avoided being alone with him because I was afraid he'd figure me out and hate me. Later I found out that hurt hurt him a lot and he thought I was outgrowing him, but I hope I never outgrow my dad or my mom for that matter, cause they are the best.
    She finally left before either of us broke down and bawled and about fifteen minutes later, Joey came bouncing in and slipped into bed beside me. He felt warm and soft and then he put one of his little feet on my leg and I popped a boner right away. I could smell his special scent and that didn't help my boner any but I was determined not to give into my little head.
   He sighed and I could smell the toothpaste on his warm breath. "Dommie, is Buster your best friend now?"
   I knew what he was really asking. "No, you are still my best friend, but Buster is my second best friend just like Joe is yours."
  He smiled shyly and started rubbing my arm gently and slowly and my boner throbbed. Man, at this rate it was going to be hard to resist if he tried anything.
    "Yeah, you're my best friend too and Joe is my boyfriend," he giggled.
    I raised my eyebrows and looked at him and he smiled, "Well,  he is. We do sex stuff and we love each other so we are boyfriends."
    My brother was ten years old and it seemed like he had things figured out better than me. "What do you mean? You mean like a boy and a girl?"
    He shrugged, "I guess. Dommie....(sigh)...I'm gay."
    "What? I had feeling a sick feeling in my stomach. It was one thing to mess around with a buddy but to admit you were gay was another.
    " you hate me?" he said sounding ready to cry.
    I hugged him, "No way," I said rubbing my face on his blond head, "I could never hate my little bro. I don't care if you're gay or not, but how can you be sure?"
    He pooched out his lip like he always does and gave me a serious look, "Just do. I just know it. I don't like girls and me and Joe do stuff and I like it a lot, so I'm gay."
    I laughed with relief, "Silly, you're probably just curious. You're only ten and you haven't even had a girlfriend yet so you probably just don't know yet."
    Joey shook his head and looked upset, "No, Dommie. I'm not confused. I'm gay and I don't care if you believe me or not. Know how I know?"
    "Promise you won't tell anyone?"
    "You know I won't. We're bros and we're tight. I'd never snitch on you, never have, never will."
     "I know, sorry I asked. Okay, here goes. I know I'm gay cause I like.....the butt stuff."
    The butt stuff? What was he saying? Did him and Joe do that disgusting stuff? Is that why Joe went so crazy when I accidently licked his a-hole? My head was swimming. Had my little bro actually let Joe put that big dick in his little hole? If he hurt my little bro, I'd kick his ass.
    "You mean....butt sex?" I asked afraid he'd say yes.
    He nodded, "Joe says it's the real test, if I guy likes that he's gay."
    "Maybe not," was all I could think to say, "maybe it just feels good you think you're gay but really you're just horny or something." Why was I trying to make up all these excuses for my little bro when I felt the same way about myself?
    He sighed as if he were tired of trying to convince me of something he already knew was true, "Okay, whatever," he said rolling his eyes comically, "have it your way, but you'll see, I won't change."
    "Don't matter to me either way as long as you're happy with it."
    "I am, but I'm glad I told you cause it was awful hard to keep it a secret for so long."
    I felt bad that I hadn't known or been there for him while he was hurting, but now that I did know I would make sure he had someone to talk to when he had a problem.
    "Well, I know now and it's cool, you're cool and my little bro and no matter what I will always love you."
    He was looking like he was ready to cry so I pulled him against me and patted him and pretty soon he was asleep. I held him for a long time and then I finally fell asleep, but a lot had changed for us that night and I didn't know it then, but there were a lot of changes still ahead.
    I guess it was the next day at school when Buster and I met for lunch that I realized that things between us had changed again. When I saw him my hert gave a little leap and I felt all hot and weak and I started popping a boner just from thinking about what we'd done the night before. Buter looked at me differntly too and I could tell that he had something on his mind.
    We sat side by side at the table and Buster kept reaching down and running his finger along the inseam of my pants tickling my leg and then grinning at me. He was also putting his foot against mine and that really turned me on and my boner was throbbing by then. So to retaliate I made sure no one was watching and I reached over and pinched his dick. It was hard as a rock and he jumped and the kid across from us, Ben Smith, asked what was wrong.
    "I had a bain in my nuts," Buster said giggling, "wanna rub em for me Ben?"
    "Gross, you gaybo, let Dommie do it, he's closer," he giggled.
    I was sort of afraid that Ben had figured out what we were doing but I guess he was just messing with us like kids do, but I kept my hands to myself after that. Unfortunately, Buster didn't and I was a nervous wreck by the time we'd finished eating and on top of that I had a boner. But I was able to hide it and we went back to our lockers and got our stuff for next hour and split.
    "See ya in math," Buster said as we parted company, "be watching and when  I go, you go too."
    I knew he meant going to the bathroom and I was a little nervous about that, because since we'd done that a couple of times I was afraid the teacher or the other kids would get suspicious. Turned out though that we had a substitute teacher that day and she acted like she could care less. In fact she just told everyone to work on their homework and consider it a free hour.
    So Buster went first and then about five minutes later I went and I found him in the back stall and went in and closed the door behind me and latched it. He already had his pants down and was sitting on the crapper and he pulled me close and unzipped my pants and hauled my boner out and started sucking on it right away.  I was so horny and hard and I think the danger of getting close actually made it seem hotter and I didn't last long at all.
    Buster swallowed all of it down and then licked my boner clean and it started going down. I zipped up and then dropped to my knees and gave his dick a good licking before I started sucking. I had him moaning and he was holding onto my head and sort of guiding me up and down and I knew he wasn't going to last long either.
    He was almost there when suddenly we heard the door squeak open and footsteps coming closer. I froze but I knew that if anyone came back where the stalls were they could see my knees and Buster's feet and it didn't take too much imagination to figure out what we were doing. Fortunately I think fast and I jumped up and sort of sat straddle of Buster with my feet up off the floor and if anyone looked all they'd see was Buster's feet.
    My crotch was pressed against Buster's boner and it hadn't gone down a bit. I don't know if it was because of the danger or because I was pressing against him but his dick was hard and leaking and my jeans were getting soaked in the crotch. We waited with our hearts beating so hard I thought I could hear them and that they might give us away but pretty soon we heard the urinal flush and the door squeaked again and we were alone.
    I didn't realize I had been holding my breath till I took in that first breath then I hopped up off of Buster and grinned at him and he pushed me back down on my knees and I finished him off. It only took a few up and down strokes and I was swallowing his cum and then I got up and he wiped off with some tp and we got out of there fast.
    I went first then Buster came in and he didn't even so much as look at me because we were trying to act cool and not let anyone know what was going on with us. Later though I looked back at Buster and he was sucking on his finger and he winked at me and I turned bright red. I looked around but no one seemed to be watching or interested, heck half of the boys in there looked asleep anyway.
    After school we rode the bus and sat on the back row and talked. There was no one close but we whispered anyway and  kidded about what had happened in the bathroom. Then he said something that sounded crazy at first but once it was out of his mouth I knew it was the truth.
    He looked over at me with those big brown eyes of his and he said, "I love you man, you're the best boyfriend a boy ever had."
    At first I thought he was kidding, then I saw the look in his eyes an he looked like he would cry if I didn't say the right thing. I guess if I had said anything besides what I did he could have just said he was goofing around or something but I guess I'll never know because I said, "You'r not bad yourself....for a dork."
    Buster got off at his stop and I rode home thinking about what Buster had said. So I was his boyfriend now and he was mine. Did that mean we were gay? Did it mean we couldn't mess with other boys? I had just started my sex life and so far I'd been pretty lucky. Would Buster be enough to satisfy my curiosity? What about Joey, how would he react if he knew that Buster and I were boyfriends? A million questions went through my head, but then I started to think about what that really meant. It meant I had someone who loved me and someone that I loved too and thinking about it I had loved Buster practically from the first minute we met. I laughed when I thought about how we had met and a kid across from me looked at me and grinned real goofy.
    By the time I got home I was sort of feeling warm and fuzzy and I guess mom noticed my mood cause she gave me a curious look and ask how my day went.
    Well, Buster and me sucked each other off in the boy's bathroom and almost got caught and then Buster told me I was his boyfriend and I don't know yet how I feel about all of this, but I know I like sex and I think I love Buster....I laughed to myself thinking what she'd say if I really did say all that and then I said, "Great mom, we had a sub in math and she let us do our homework so I don't have any. Can I go over to Buster's after I change?"
    She gave me a funny look, but like I said, I can fool her pretty easy so she said I could but that I had to be home by 6 because dad was going to be home for dinner and she wanted all of us to be there.
    I zoomed upstairs and started changing and I noticed my jeans still had a little bit of Buster's pre-cum on the front and I thought, I have to be more careful about that if I'm going to have sex with my boyfriend all the time. Joey came in as I was pulling on a pair of sweatpants and fell down on my bed.
    "Whatcha doing?"
    "Going to Buster's as soon as I get changed. I don't have any homework tonight."
    "Awww...I wanted to play video games with ya."
  "Maybe later, I'll be home by 6 and after dinner we can play. Better get your homework done while I'm gone."
    I left Joey on my bed and ran downstairs and jumped on my bike and rode over to Buster's as fast as I could. He lives just about a mile from me and it's all side streets and not much traffic so I made pretty good time but I got to thinking I should've called first. What if he wasn't home or he couldn't have company? Was this what being in love was like? Just going off and doing stuff without thinking about it just cause you wanted to see your boyfriend?
    I could see Buster's mom's car in the driveway so I knew she was home, and his mom was pretty cool so I knew she'd let me see him even if for only a little while. I parked my bike on the front walk and before I even got to the door Buster was running out all excited and I thought for a minute he was going to hug me but at the last minute he jumped up and body slammed me. Fortunately I was used to that kind of stuff and I didn't get knocked over and I grabbed him and threw him to ground and fell on top of him and we were wrestiling around like we always do.
    I let him pin me, okay maybe I didn't exactly let him, but anyway he was on top and his face was only inches from mine and then his face came closer and I just knew he was going to kiss me right there in public and then at the last minute he licked my eyelid and I then jumped up and ran towards the back yard. I jumped up and took after him and went through their back gate but I didn't see where he'd gone so I had to stop and look around for a minute before I heard him giggle and then I ran toward the little shed where they keep their lawn mower.
    He was holding the door closed but there was no lock on the inside so it wasn't too hard to get it open a little and then I stuck my foot in and finally managed to get my whole body through the crack. He moved back a little then but didn't try to get away and as soon as I was inside I pushed the door closed and stood in front of it.
    "I've been watching you since that first day in the park," I said quoting from the same movie that we'd seen the other night, "and now you're mine."
    "Just don't hurt me," he said but I don't think that was what the woman in the movie said then, that was from the other part but I guess it made more sense at the time.
    "I promise you are going to like this," I said and that was from me, not the movie.
    He moved up against me then and he did kiss me and I popped a boner at the first touch of his lips. I could feel his boner pressing against mine and I thought for a minute I might come right then. I sort of groaned into his mouth and he pulled back and dropped to his knees. I'd wanted to do him first, but he was in charge now and I didn't resist.
    He had my dick out and was licking it all over and yanking on my sweats to get them down further and he was squeezing my nuts and I was moaning and thrusting at his face and he was moving up and down on my dick and then he did something neither of us had done before. He took his finger and started poking at my a-hole. At first I was scared and sort of grossed out and I almost told him to stop, then he began to massage my pucker and it felt soooo good that I wanted more. He must've read my mind cause suddenly he was poking at my hole but I was too dry so he quite sucking me long enough to stick his finger in his mouth and wet it then he tried again.
    It took him a minute to get it in but it finally slipped in a little then up to his first knuckle and he was sucking away on my dick the whole time and then I came. I came so hard I saw stars and my knees buckled but he caught me before I collapsed and then he was busy licking up the rest of my cum and then he pulled his finger out of me and he stood up and hugged me and we kissed again. I tasted my cum on his lips and stuck my tongue in his mouth to get as much as I could.
    When he broke it off he pushed me down on my knees and opened his jeans, the same ones he'd been wearing back there in the boy's room at school, and I reached for his dick and held it while I licked all around the head. I squeezed his nuts with my other hand but even though I had liked it when he fingered my hole I didn't try that with him. I still wasn't sure about all that butt stuff and I wasn't going to ruin things by trying something I wasn't totally into. I was into sucking and fapping and I gave Buster a good feeling anyway without the butt stuff and when he came he moaned and pumped out so much cum that I could barely keep up.
    We kissed again and then we just sort of stood there hugging until we heard his mom yelling for him from the back door and we freaked out and pulled up our pants and giggled as we piled out of the little shed.
    His mom thought we were hiding out there and she laughed and said if we liked it that much out there we should grab the mower and put it to good use. She didn't act at all put out because I had showed up and even invited me to stay for dinner, but I told her I had to be home by six and so she said we could play till then and Buster could do his chores later. Wow, what a cool mom Buster had.
    We went up to Buster's room and he closed the door and turned the lock and sat down on his bed and patted a spot beside him and I sat down next to him. We looked at each other and smiled and I think he was as nervous as I was. I mean it was one thing to do sex stuff when we were all horny and stuff but now that we'd come there was a little bit of tension between us. I didn't know what to say or what to do, but again Buster took charge.
    Reaching into his pocket he pulled something out and held it tightly in his closed fist and then the turned to me and said, "I made these at camp last year and I been saving them for my first...ummm...girlfriend." then he laughed, "only it turned out it wasn't a girlfriend I got after all." he blushed then and held his hand out and opened it. In it were two friendship bracelets, you know the kind they make in Girlscouts or camp or someplace like that. They were made of blue and purple embroidery thread and woven together so that they were about five or six strand thick. I could see that they were perfect and I figured Buster had spent a lot of time on them. I felt my heart skip a beat when it sunk in what he was actually saying.
    "So....if you want to ....I mean....I thought you and me know, wear them to show we are...ummmm....boy friends or something like that," he was blushing and looked ready to cry. If I had said no he probably would have. His little heart was out there on his sleeve and he was begging me with his eyes to accept.
    I smiled and reached over and took one of the bracelets and turned it over in my hand. It was soft and barely weighed anything and like I had first thought it was perfectly woven and had never been worn.
    "Will you put it on me?" I said trembling with anticipation of what all this meant.
   He nodded, "But we should wear them on our ankles so no one else will see them. That way no one but us knows what they mean."
    He must've given all this a lot of thought and it made perfect sense to me. Even our rents wouldn't see them if we wore socks. Of course Joey would but I figured I could just blow it off or just tell him the truth.
    He knelt at my feet and rolled up my sweatpant leg and acting silly he rubbed my leg and said, "Oh, sooo smooth." and we both giggled.
    His hands were soft and as he slipped the bracelet around my ankle I felt a chill go through my body. Even his touch did things to me that I wouldn't have dreamed of a few months ago. It was if I had awakened from a deep sleep and was just learning everything all over again only better this time.
    He tied the bracelet loose enough so I cold slip it down into my sock and then kissed my ankle before he rolled my pant let back down and sat back down. I took the other bracelet in my hand and knelt in front of him but instead of tickling his leg when I rolled up his pant leg I leaned in and kissed his crotch through his pants, but neither of us giggled this time, this was serious stuff even for 12 year olds.
    I tied his bracelet on and kissed his ankle as he'd kissed mine. I figured it was some sort of ritual he'd thought up like when the bride and groom exchange rings and then kiss. We didn't have rings but  we had these bracelets now and only us two knew they were there or what they meant.
    "So...we're like...boyfriends now?" I asked saying it out loud just to make sure it was real.
   He nodded, "I love you," he said sounding shy for once, "and I don't want no girlfriend, I want you. that okay?"
    I leaned in and kissed him on the lips and then pulled back and rested my forehead against his and stared into his eyes. He smiled nervously but I knew he could see it in my eyes that I loved him too and I wanted to be his boyfriend as much as I wanted him to be mine.
    "I love you too, dork. And I want you too. I will wear your bracelet forever, or until we break up or whatever," I said then giggled nervously.
    "I hope we never do, but if it happens....I'll never forget you."
    "Hey, don't go making it all sad and stuff. We've just started and nothing is gonna happen. We'll be together a long time, I just know it. It feels....ummmm...right."
    He kissed me then and held me real close and I could feel his heart beating against mine and I think I had never felt anything as good in all my life. I mean sex was really good but this and I had a boyfriend and I was the happiest boy in the world.
    Too soon it was time for me to go but we managed a quick hug at the door when his mom was in the kitchen and then I turned and he watched as I got on my bike and rode off. I waved until I was out of sight of his house and then rode home almost in a trance. I cold feel the bracelet on my ankle and it was as if a part of Buster was there with me. I wondered if that is what being married felt like and decided if it was, then marriage was a good thing.
    I was floating on air when I got home and had never smiled so much or been so nice before in my life and I think my family noticed it. My mom just smiled but my dad said," Well, you look like the cat who ate the canary. What have you been up? Did you kill someone and bury the body?" he was always saying funny stuff like that and I laughed so hard I almost fell of my chair.
    "No sir, I'm just in a good mood. It's so good to be alive and twelve years old."
    My dad smiled, "Ahh, well I agree with both sentiments. Wish I were twelve again myself. I had a girlfriend named.....uh, well....better not go into that with your mom here," he chuckled.
    So I had a boyfriend now and I guess I grew up a little more that day. But I was still twelve and my life was pretty much ran by adults but somehow I just knew that Buster and I would find plenty of time to share our love and the sex stuff and I was as happy was I had ever been in my life.
    If I had a diary I would have written in it that day....Dear Diary,  I am in love with the most wonderful, cutest boy on this earth and today we sealed our love with ankle bracelets (and some nasty sex) and now we are boyfriends and I can't wait to see him again tomorrow and just be with him. I am twelve years old and in love and the happiest boy on earth.

End of Chapter Four
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