My Little Brother's Feet
By: Kewl Dad

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My Little Brother's Feet

Chapter 31

Christmas Vacation

The days burned away as we lived for the weekends and before we knew it Christmas was upon us. I was as excited as I had ever been, maybe even more than when I was a little kid. I had asked my folks for a computer for Christmas and I was pretty sure I would get one since the answer hadn't been "NO" right off the bat. This would be my first Christmas with Buster and I wanted to get him something special, only problem was: I didn't know what that was yet.

The second Saturday in December I found myself alone because Buster had to go to his grandma's for her 90th birthday party and Mom took me and Joey to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. I had been saving my allowance for most of the year and with the money I got for my birthday I had over a hundred dollars to buy presents with. Mom and dad were easy to buy for and I knew I'd have no problems there but Joey and Buster were a bit harder to buy for. Not that either of them was unreasonable I just wanted their gifts to be special because they were the two people in the whole world that I loved the most.

Fortunately Joey let it slip what he wanted while we were shopping at Radio Shack. Even though he was 12 then he was still a kid at heart (oh heck, so was I) and he fell in love with this radio controlled monster truck they had there. It was only 30 bucks and that fit into my budget perfectly so I convinced mom to take Joey with her to Sears while I bought the truck and had it wrapped in the mall and snuck it into the back of our van. I joined them at Sears afterwards and Joey acted like he didn't suspect a thing, but I think he probably knew what was up. 

At Sears I bought Dad a new tool box since his old one got crushed when mom accidentally ran over it then we went back out into the mall. Mom drug us to this jewelry store to look at earrings and I paid special attention to the ones she liked so later I could come back with dad and buy them for her. Then  I saw it, I knew exactly what to get Buster and it was right there in front of me. There were all these cool gold chains and I just knew Buster would love one and look so sexy in it that I just had to buy him one for Christmas. They were pretty expensive but I finally found one that was just the right size for him and in my price range and I bought it. Mom said she thought I'd had made a good choice and that Buster would just love it and Joey agreed.

Back home I wrapped the gold chain in this big box with lots of padding so he couldn't figure out what was inside and put it under our tree. On the gift tag I put To: My boyfriend Buster From: Love Dommie. I didn't care that my folks might read it, it was how I felt and they had accepted us so I wasn't gonna hide my feeling from them. Joey said he wished he had thought of a cool gift like that for Jason, but he got him a video game he'd been wanting and I told him that was cool and nothing wrong with that.

It was sort of lonely without Buster and Joey went over to Jason's right after we got home so I was really bummed out. I wanted so badly to at least call him and talk to him, but I didn't know his grandma's number and Buster didn't have a cell of his own yet, although his folks had sort of promised him one for Christmas. I wished I had asked for that instead of a computer but I really wanted the computer and figured I could wait for the phone till my birthday.

I ate supper with my rents and we watched a movie  then I went up to take a shower and I felt so lonely that I thought I was gonna cry. It's crazy how attached a guy can get to someone and when they're not around you don't know what to do. I didn't even fap while I was in there, I wanted Buster and my hand was no substitute. Fortunately for me Joey came home right after that and I hugged him and gave him a big kiss and he giggled and asked what was up. I just told him I was happy to see him and glad he wasn't spending the night and Jason's and he grinned and raised hi eyebrows like he does and I cracked up.

"Does that mean you wanna do stuff tonight?" he asked sounding so cute.

"If you do, I mean...I don't want you to think I'm only doing it cause Buster aint here," I said feeling embarrassed.

"I know that silly, you like my feet bettern' anyones, right?" 

I had to laugh, "Yeah, no competition there. Your piggies are the best."

"Cool, wanna play some video games first or just get after it?" he asked giggling.

"Let's play some video games first and after mom makes her rounds come in and you can spend the night in my bed," I didn't worry that we'd get caught because my folks were especially careful nowadays to knock before entering.

We played PS2 and later we went down and got some snacks and brought them up and my mom came knocking about 10 and said she was going to bed and gave us kisses and hugs and told us not to stay up too late, but I knew as long as we were quiet she didn't care how late we stayed up. Joey took a bath then and dressed in his sleep shorts and came and hopped in bed with me and I turned out the lights. 

It was like the first time we had done stuff and I was a little nervous. I can't exactly explain why, I mean I had known my little brother all of his life and lately we'd become really, really close but that night it was like so much more exciting and seemed brand new. We started by kissing and let me tell you Joey was a great kisser when he was a kid, well probably still is but we don't kiss like that these days, and I got hard instantly. His lips were so soft and his little tongue was like a little animal roaming around my mouth and against my teeth and it was so exciting. I couldn't get enough of his kissing but my dick was leaking like mad and I was so hard I hurt so I figured I'd better do something about it and we could kiss some more later.

I was determined that Joey was going to get off first though so I moved down and started sucking on his nipples. He shuddered and sighed real loud as I moved down to his  flat smooth  stomach and then stuck my tongue in his belly button. He giggled as I tickled his pubes like a cat licking it's fur  and when I finally took him into my mouth he moaned softly.

Joey had grown some down there in the last few months and his dick was a good mouthful now. He tasted great and I just couldn't get enough of his taste and the feel of his dick. It was like steel wrapped in silk and as much as I wanted to lick his balls and ass I just couldn't let go of that dick. I sucked and lapped as he moaned and clawed at the covers and thrust up to meet my hungry mouth. I could feel his balls churning as I squeezed them and I knew I was in for a big tasty treat. Lately he had begun to make as much jizz as me and Buster and I couldn't wait to taste it.

I could tell he was ready to blow but he was trying to hold it back and then suddenly he tensed up and grabbed my head and pushed his dick in all the way and started coming. His jizz hit the back of my throat like a water fountain but I wanted to taste the rest of it so I pulled back a little and the next blast landed right on my tongue. I lapped it up like a cat lapping up cream and was ready for the next volley and the next and the next and then finally he just dribbled a little and then fell back exhausted.

I licked him clean then just held him in my mouth as I lay there with my head on his thigh and let him come down off his high. He was such a little sweetheart and Jason was  a lucky boy to have him for a boyfriend, but I was twice as lucky to have him for my brother. I loved him so much right then that I felt tears forming in my eyes, but fortunately he broke the mood by speaking. 

"That was sooooo good. Now it's your turn. Want my feet or my little butt?"

"I smiled around his dick then took it out long enough to say, "Can I have both?"

He grinned, "Uh huh, that's cool Dommie. I been missing you doing my feet."

"Anytime bro, anytime. Just let me know and I'll make time."

He scooted down to the end of the bed and waved his little feet at me (still size 6.5 even though he was 12 now) and I felt my dick throb with anticipation. I grabbed the lotion and slicked up his feet and my weenie and moved up so he could wrap his feet and toes around my dick. He was so good at it that I hardly had to do anything at all except thrust against him. I liked holding is feet though because they were so soft and felt so good. I loved his little toes and he knew it and always took good care of them. When we were younger mom kept our nails trimmed but those days we did it ourselves and Joey took special care with his. 

I could feel my legs tremble as I started moving in and out between his sweet feet and I knew if I wasn't careful I would come too soon. I wanted to work myself up with his feet then bury my dick in his sweet ass and finish up there while we kissed. It's great when you're a kid and in shape and slender and you can fold your legs up and expose your ass like we could cause it made for some great love making. 

I was leaking all over Joey's feet and knew I had to do something soon or they'd be covered in my spunk so I finally pulled back and guided Joey back on the bed. He knew exactly what I wanted though and he laid back and raised his legs and there was his little pink pucker and I was drooling as I lined my slick cock up and slowly pushed inside him. He smiled as I bottomed out and sighed contentedly and I knew what he was feeling. It was the same way I felt when Buster was inside me and it was the best feeling in the world. But what I was feeling was pretty good too as I felt Joey's soft silky insides swallow me up. The kid def knew how to use his ass muscles and he was making me feel good and I hadn't even started moving yet.

I leaned down and kissed him and his little pink tongue snaked inside my mouth and I sucked on it like a lollipop. He giggled and I offered him my tongue and the little turd bit it. Not hard but just enough to excite me. I felt my dick jump inside him and I moaned into his sweet mouth. I started moving then, slowly at first savoring every stroke and kissing my little brother's sweet lips and feeling that high that only having sex with someone you truly love can bring. The feeling built and I began to move faster but I still had things under control. I reached up and grabbed Joey's feet and gave them a gently hug and he sighed and I leaned in and kissed him again. I could feel his dick against my stomach and he was hard again and I got a wicked idea. I wanted him to come again the same time as I did so I started stroking him as I continued to ram him.

He was grunting and moaning and every time I leaned down to kiss him he went crazy with lust. Like I said he was a great kisser and it made the whole experience even more exciting. He was wiggling around under me as I worked on his ass and his dick and I knew it wouldn't be long before we both busted our nut. I was glad we were alone for once and I didn't have to worry about anyone but Joey and me because I knew that there wouldn't be many more opportunities like this one. 

I felt my sap rising and looked into Joey's eyes and he was squinting like he always does just before he comes and I knew it was time. I deep stroked about twice and started unloading just as Joey's dick erupted in my hand. I leaned down and stuck my tongue in Joey's mouth as I continued to come until my knees felt like rubber. His cum went all over both our chests and stomachs and it felt hot and sticky and I could smell that sexy boy smell that only boys our age can produce and it only made me come harder.

I broke off the kiss and leaned back and pushed inside Joey as far as I could  and just hung there letting my nuts drain inside my little bro. It was a gusher and Joey was full of my goo by the time I finally started going soft and pulled out. He frowned as I pulled out, and I knew  what he felt, that emptiness when your lover pulls out, but I was too tired to stay any longer. I fell down beside him and threw a leg over him and snuggled up to him and we kissed again, but this kiss was sweet and less urgent.

"Dommie?" Joey said in his little boy voice.

"Uh huh baby brother," I said sleepily.

"I love you and I love Jason, but it's different isn't it?"

"Uh huh, I love you and I love Buster but that's different too. I guess we'll always love each other and be close, but who knows about Jason or Buster. I mean look what happened with Joe. You loved him, but now you love someone else. I guess what I'm trying to say bro, is that I love you more than anyone else and always will, no matter what."

"Joey smiled and kissed my cheek, "Thanks, I love you lots and always will...even when we're old and don't live together no more."

"I know, me too baby bro. Now, let's sleep a little while and maybe later do some more stuff, okay?" I said yawning.

"Okay," he said sighing, "this is so awesome, having you all to myself for a change," he said then blushed.

"Yeah, it was nice. I miss this...a lot, maybe...well, maybe we should make time more often."

"Yeah, that'd be awesome," he said excitedly.

I kissed him and put my hand on his chest and pinched his nipple playfully, "Now, go to sleep, okay?"

"Okay, night Dommie, I love you."

"Love you too, nighty night."

We slept a little while then when we woke up we peed and started all over again. This time I let Joey fuck me and the little stud pounded me like there was no tomorrow. He fucked like a little bunny and came pretty fast and then I fucked his feet only this time I let it rip all over his feet and legs. We didn't kiss as much the second time and when we were done we took a shower and crashed. The last thing I remember was Joey's soft little feet entwined with mine and I felt so loved and happy that I was just sure my life could never get any better.

Chapter 32
Boys will be boys and then some

The week before Christmas Vacation Buster laid some news on me that made me re-think how open minded I was. I mean it was one thing for me to be tempted by another boy and quite another when it was Buster being tempted.

It was Buster's weekend to stay over at my house and as usual he came home with me on the bus. I thought he was kind of quiet but things had been so good for us lately that I didn't stress over a little moodiness on his part. Sometimes I got that way too, and he didn't trip on it so neither did I. He kept looking out the window and he seemed to be lost in thought and I wondered if it has something to do with Christmas. Maybe he was stressing over what to get me for Christmas. I was glad I already had his gift wrapped and under the tree, but I just knew that whatever he got me I would love it.

At my house Joey met us with a big smile and Buster hugged him and picked him up like usual and gave him a big kiss on the lips. I laughed and went  into the kitchen to get us a snack and after a few minutes they both followed me in. I'd been trying to eat better lately so I grabbed some fruit and some yogurt and poured us some Sunny D and Buster gave me a sour look.

"So, Dommie when did you go healthy on us?" he said sarcastically.

"It doesn't hurt to eat healthy once in a while. I like fruit but if you want there's some cookies and chips in the pantry,"   I said frowning.

"No, no this is fine," he said making a gagging noise as he deep throated a banana.

"Hey, you're pretty good at that," I teased, "if you like bananas I got one you might like."

"Is it pink and full of white stuff?"


Joey giggled and grabbed an apple and went to work on it with his sharp little teeth and I smiled at him. He was such a good kid and so easy to get along with.

"Hey Dommie you remember Aaron," Buster suddenly said out of the blue.

"Yeah, sure...the kid from the skating rink," I said curiously.

"I been talking to him a lot lately," he said avoiding eye contact.

"Oh, what's up with him?" I asked trying to sound interested.

"His folks are going out of town next weekend and...well, my mom wanted to know if he could, uh....spent the weekend with us," he said looking nervous now.

I thought about what that meant for like ten seconds, decided I didn't like the idea, but said, "Well, whatever you think Buster, he's your friend and it's your house and if you say it's cool, I don't mind."

"Really? You mean it?" he  sounded both relieved and excited.

I shrugged, "Buster, I love you and I trust you and if you think it's what we should do then that's what we'll do. Uh...I mean I'm invited too, right?"

"What? Of course! It's your weekend to sleep over and we're exchanging our gifts and all....." Buster said quickly, "I wish it was some other weekend, but my mom sort of promised Aaron's mom before she even asked me so.....well, I'm sort of stuck with him."

I felt better then. At least it wasn't Buster's idea

"There's more," he said sounding nervous again, "My folks thought it would be nice if we had a party for some of our friends that weekend and introduce Aaron to them."

"Like who?" I asked wondering what other surprises he had in store for me.

"Uh, well...Joey and Jason of course and maybe Cody and Kenny and mom thought we should invite Joe too."

"Joe? After what he did to our baby brother," I said getting angry. I hadn't spoken one word to him since he broke up with Joey, even though Joey saw him a few times a week and I sometimes saw him when we picked up Joey.

"Hey, it's up to Joey. My mom don't know about any of that stuff that went down. I mean as far as our rents know our little Joey is a virgin," he said laughing nervously.

"I don't care," Joey said speaking up for the first time, "anyway him and his new boyfriend broke up and now he's got no one. I wouldn't mind showing off Jason to him," he said grinning. Revenge is so sweet.

I shrugged, "Well, it's just for one night, right?"

"Uh, the party...yeah, but Aaron will be there all weekend...sorry,"he said grimacing like he was afraid I would hit him.

"Oh, sure I understand that. I was talking about the party," I lied, "I think it might be pretty cool. It's been a while since we've hung out with Cody and Kenny and I guess I can be friendly to Joe for one evening. And I liked your friend Aaron, he's cute and I love his accent," I said trying to convince myself that it would be fun and not an ordeal.

"Great, I'm so glad you took it so well. I gotta tell ya, I was sweating all week," Buster said giving me a hug and one of his long sexy kisses.

I sort of forgot all about how lousy I felt about Aaron and the other's ruining our weekend and decided to enjoy the time we had together and not worry about next weekend. We finished our snack and went up to change before my folks got home and of course we had to mess around a little. Joey stood guard at the door and watched us as we did a quick but fun 69 and we finished up just in time. A few minutes after we got dressed my mom and dad came home and we rushed down to say hello.

Buster told my mom all about the party and she said it sounded like fun but I think what she was really thinking was that with all those boys there maybe me and Buster wouldn't get busy, if you know what I mean. Little did she know what was in store for all of us that next weekend.

Buster called Cody and wasn't surprised to find that Kenny was there and they said they'd ask their parents and call us back later. The call I dreaded most was the one to Joe. I didn't want to talk to him so Buster made the call and the first thing he asked was if Joey would be there and if he was bringing anyone. Buster told him about Jason and he said Joe seemed to get sort of quiet after that. He said he'd ask his folks but he was pretty sure they'd say yes and that he would call us later.

"Anyone else you can think of?" Buster asked looking at me with a curious look on his face.

"Uh, like who? We really don't hang with anyone else these days. In fact it's been ages since we've been with Cody and Kenny. We spend practically all our time with each other."

"Just askin, that's all. I was wondering if we should invite one more so Joe wouldn't be the odd man out."

"What? You mean like set him up with a date?" I said getting flustered.

"Naw, nothing like that, but remember my cousin's friend Donnie?'

How could I forget, technically he was the first boy besides Joey that I had done anything sexual with. Even before Buster. I could still remember his sexy teenage swimmer's body and how exciting that night had been and suddenly I wanted to see him again. "Sure, Donnie, right?"

"Yep, he's a friend of Aaron's too and they hang out a lot and I was wondering what you thought about inviting him too."

I didn't want to sound too anxious but if the weekend was ruined anyway might as well make it worthwhile. Donnie would be 16 now and probably driving. He might even have his own car and how cool was that? I could just imagine how sexy he'd look now and how big his dick was and I started getting hard.

"Hey, it's your party. I like Donnie so that'd be cool with me."

"Oh, okay then. I'll tell Aaron it's cool. He can bring Aaron in his car."

So he did have a car, that was definitely cool.

We ate supper with the rents and watched a movie and later Cody and then Joe called to say they could come to the party. I was glad in a way and actually looking forward to next weekend despite my initial reaction. Maybe it wasn't exactly what I had hope for but I was determined to make the best of it and make Buster proud of me. Little did I know what was ahead.

We went up to my room and my rents went off to bed and we let Joey take his bath then Buster and I took a shower together. We hugged and kissed in the shower and washed each other but didn't do anything else and when we came out Joey was sprawled out on my bed naked.

"What the....?" I laughed, "Look Buster there's a naked boy in our bed. Oh, what shall we do about that?"

"I say we eat him," Buster said in a sinister voice, "I want the middle part, you can have the legs and feet." 

He jumped on the bed and began motor boating Joey's tummy as he giggled uncontrollably. I jumped in and started devouring his feet and he tried hard not to kick me but with Buster tickling him it wasn't easy. Buster finally managed to get Joey rolled over and he attacked his butt and things started turning sexual at that point. I continued to work on Joey's feet as Buster began to tongue Joey's hot little hole. He looked up at me and as if to ask my permission and I nodded and he reached over and grabbed the lotion and I knew what was next.

I quit working on Joey's feet and moved around so I could watch Buster as he lubed up Joey's hole and his hard cock. I know I should probably have been bothered by the fact that my boyfriend was getting ready to fuck my little brother, but I guess I was one fucked up kid cause all I felt was excitement. I watched as Buster moved into position behind Joey and my hand automatically went to my dick. I squeezed it and it felt wonderful and as I watched Buster begin to penetrate Joey I almost came. I slowed down because I wanted to come with Buster and I knew he would be a while. He knows how to pace himself better than anyone I know and Joey was in for a long hard fuck.

I knew Joey loved that though and there was not a jealous bone in his body when it came to me and Buster. Joey loved us both and to him it was only natural to share his body with us. I laid down by Joey then and he turned his head and stuck out his tongue so I scooted close so we could kiss. My God, he is such a good kisser and my toes were really curling, not to mention my dick was throbbing and crying for release. 

After a while Buster flipped Joey onto his side without missing a stroke and I had a wicked idea. I flipped around till my crotch was in Joey's face and he got the hint and took my dick into his sweet hot mouth. He sucks dick as good as he kisses and I had to slow him down to keep from coming too soon. Buster was watching my cock slide in and out of Joey's mouth and I knew he was getting close. I tried to stretch out my senses until I could feel what Buster was feeing and when I was pretty sure he was ready to orgasm I allowed myself to let go and let Joey finish me off. 

Just as I began to shoot in Joey's mouth Buster moaned and pushed hard against Joey and let loose. I saw him grinding as he grunted and moaned and then he fell still and we just lay there, Buster in Joey's ass and me in his mouth as we rested. 

We finally pulled apart and went in to pee and clean up a little and Buster brought up the party again. Talk about a mood killer. Here I was all ready to jump his bones and he was advertising his next sexual fling. I just knew that this whole party was about Aaron and Buster wouldn't be happy till he had screwed that Brit boy. But I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me upset so I pretended to be excited.

Joey really was excited about it, I think mostly cause he wanted show Jason off in front of Joe, but it could have been  that he wanted a shot at Aaron too. I decided right there and then that I was going to hit that Brit boy myself and see what all the fuss was about. 

Joey was tired and decided to go on to his bed and I was sort of glad. If I wasn't going to have Buster all to myself next weekend at least I'd have him now. As we snuggled down into my bed I forgot all about the party and just enjoyed Buster's sweet body. 

He is such a hottie, even today, and I just couldn't get enough of him. We lay there just kissing at first then his hands began to roam all over my body and I got so hard I was hurting. I pushed him onto his back and mounted him and pressed our boners together and we kissed for like a long time getting more and more excited with each minute.

"Fuck me Dommie," Buster said in a lusty whisper.

"Okay, but if we get caught it was your idea," I giggled. That was what we always said at school when someone said fuck you.

Buster laughed softly and pulled me against him as he raised his legs high. I didn't need much lubrication since my cock was so wet with pre-cum and I was inside him quickly. He felt so hot and tight and I knew I wouldn't last long if I didn't pace myself.

I leaned down and kissed him and he moaned and bit at my tongue playfully. I love the way he kisses me, it's like at that moment I'm the most important thing in the world and he's in no hurry to get it over. He likes to stretch it out for a long time and that was exactly what I was going to do with my love making.

I thought about the first time and realized we had gotten better at love making as we became more and more familiar with each other's bodies. What had started out as sex was now a dance of love and I smiled at the thought of  it. With each downward stroke I felt my excitement build as I slowly anticipated my release. I knew how Buster was feeling beneath me and I tried to make it better for him. He was moaning and breathing heavy as he pulled me down to kiss again. 

"I love you," he whispered before plunging his tongue in my mouth.

I managed to mumble an "I love you" back but it was hard with his tongue in my mouth but I knew he knew how I felt even without the words. It showed in how we treated each other and even my mom had said we looked like we loved each other. I asked her what she meant terrified that the kids at school might see it too, but she said it was just something she recognized because she had been that in love before. I ask her if it was with dad but she changed the subject and that got me to wondering.

Funny time to be thinking about that stuff, but it did help to slow we down and I managed to hang on a bit longer before blasting inside Buster's hot guts. I cried out his name as I nutted and he pulled me down and kissed me again as I unloaded. It felt like all the juices were draining out of my body but it finally stopped and I fell down on Buster and just rested.

I could feel Buster's heart beating against mine as we lay there with our bodies pressed together and it felt wonderful. I quit worrying about what was going to happen next weekend with Aaron and the others and just let myself enjoy our time together. 

After we rested Buster returned the favor and had his way with my tight little ass and it was spectacular. I had never felt as loved and needed as I did at that moment and I just knew that Buster and I would be together for a very long time. Oh, there might be disagreements and hurt feelings but I knew that in the end we would always work them out and things would be fine again. 

As we lay down together that last time that night, snuggled up and loving each other I sighed with satisfaction and fell asleep in my lover's arms.

End of Chapter 32

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