My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This story depicts sexual acts between minor boys, including brothers. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please go no further. To all others, enjoy. This work of fiction is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 36
7 minutes in Heaven

I was too numb to cry or to carry on like I knew I should've, but somewhere deep inside me there was a gnawing voice telling me I had to do something besides sitting around and waiting. I don't know if you'd call it a trance or not, but Buster said I seemed to zone out after a few minutes on the couch. I don't remember a lot about those few minutes when Buster said I was gone, but when I came back from wherever I had been, I knew exactly what I had to do.

I jumped up and ran to Joey's room and forced my way past the nurses and doctors and took my place at Joey's side. Doctor Sarin stared at me questioningly but he had been my closest ally during all this and I guess he decided my being there wasn't going to hurt anything, and maybe he even believed like I did that my being there was necessary.
      I watched the respirator breathe for my little brother and the brain wave monitor was beeping slowly telling us he was still alive. He looked small and helpless lying there with that tube coming out of his mouth and I wanted so badly to kiss him on the lips. He was naked but someone, probably a nurse with kids of her own, had draped a sheet across his middle to protect his modesty. I almost laughed, Joey had very little modesty these days, but I appreciated the kindness anyway. I wiped a stray tear from my eye and steeled myself for what was to come next. I was just about to speak when all hell broke loose again.

The brain wave monitor flat lined and even though the respirator was breathing for my little brother keeping his heart pumping and the blood flowing, technically he was dead. The crash team went to work immediately massaging Joey's heart and someone injected something into his IV. I was pushed aside as more people came in to work on him but no one asked me to leave and that was a good thing, because I don't think there was enough people in the whole hospital to keep me from being with my little brother, especially if it was the end.

But somehow I didn't think it was Joey's time to say goodbye. Maybe I was just being selfish, wanting to keep him there because I needed him so much, but it didn't feel that way at the moment. I went into that trance again and for the next seven minutes I stood as still as a statue, but I was busy inside my head.

Joey, it's me Dommie. Can you hear me sweetie? I love you bro, more than life itself, little buddy. I need you....Buster needs you, mom and dad need you...we all need you. We all love you so much. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to keep you from all this pain. It won't happen again...only you gotta come back to me sweet boy. I can't make it without's like you're a part of me and I'm a part of you...and if something happens to one of us it happens to the other one. You know that though, you feel it too...I mean we've always known we were closer than most brothers and well, the sex....that only made us closer...and your feet....I mean that's something special for us...don't you think...bro? I know you were confused about what to do about Joe and Jason, and I should've been there to help you. I'm so sorry.....I would trade places with you, but I wouldn't want you to feel what I do right now. To feel like your heart is being ripped out and you're losing the most valuable thing in the whole world. Joey brother..come back to me.

I'm so tired doesn't hurt anymore now...I love you too, all of you, but, I'm just so tired. It hurt at first, but now it''s like I'm outside the pain and looking in....that don't make no sense..I know, but I don't know if I can stand the pain anymore. I...don't want to leave you, but I....I'm sorry Dommie. I love you most and it hurts to see you so sad and hurting so bad....but, I'm not strong Dommie...not like you....

Yes you are're ten times stronger than me and sweeter and nicer and cuter and....I can't make it without you little bro. I will die if you don't come back...I know I shouldn't try to make you feel bad about that, but I..I'm so scared little bro..if you don't come whole world will end. I know I have Buster and I love him a lot, but we're bros and that's the strongest love of all. I have to tell you this now Joey, when I found out you were gonna be a boy..when mom was pregnant with you, I cried...but not cause I was sad..I cried cause I already knew you and I was so happy....I know that sounds crazy...but even before you came out of mom...I knew you in my mind and in my heart...we're the same you and I...we should've been twins only you....only you do things your own way, and you decided to be a wise guy and hold back and come a year later....ha, you fooled us all didn't  ya? But you're here and we know each other better than anyone else and we...we're like one I am ordering you...cause I'm the oldest and you gotta respect me...don't go...Joey..please...don't go baby brother.
    What about Joe and Jason..what am gonna do about them? I can't choose Dommie...I love them both..but I love you more and I can't stand to see...or hear..or whatever it is in my're crying and that makes me sad..and I can't stand it Dommie.

Then come back little bro, come back and let me love you like always and forever...I swear we'll figure something won't have to choose ..... I promise. Just don't leave us, we need you.

They tell me that after Joey was pronounced dead I moved to the end of his bed and began kissing and rubbing his feet. I don't exactly remember that but I do remember Joey sort of humming contentedly in my head and then he began to sing to me. I'm not sure what the song was, but it was beautiful, like listening to an angel sing...cause of course it angel Joey. The cutest, sweetest, sexiest angel in Heaven.

My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 38
ON loan from heaven

Later after it was all over with they told me that I continued to work on Joey's feet the whole time I was in that trance or whatever it was. They had pronounced Joey dead at 2:22 P.M. August 31, but neither one of us was ready to accept that.

For seven minutes, from 2:22 till 2:29 my brother was in Heaven. Later he told us and anyone over the years who would listen, about how he had rested on a cloud and listened to a choir of angels singing. Then he says he started singing too and that's the singing I heard in my head that day.

At 2:29 P.M. August 31st, the flat line on the monitor peaked and began beeping normally again, Joey sputtered and coughed and reached to yank the breathing tube from his mouth. Dr. Sarin helped him to remove it and Joey took his first breath on his own at 2:30 P.M. The crash team began to cry and laugh and cheer and clap and experience every other human emotion possible. 

For seven minutes that day my brother was dead and his coming back to us was nothing short of a miracle. He opened his eyes then and he smiled at me and in a voice made raspy by the trauma to his throat from the breathing tube, he called my name. It was the sweetest sound I have ever heard and I rushed to his side. I kissed those lips that I had so longed to kiss earlier and not one person there thought it was weird or perverted. I held him gently and cried then, tears of joy, and remained with him until I was so exhausted they had to carry me to a vacant room and put me to bed.

I slept till 7 AM the next morning and felt wonderful. I wasn't worried if Joey was alright, I could hear him in my head and he was bored and lonely and hungry and that was great news because only the living feel those emotions and Joey was very much alive. I allowed myself a hot shower and breakfast before going to him and when he saw me he was so happy that I was sorry I had waited so long to go to him. He was sitting up and he had eaten his first solid food since the accident. His complexion was still pale but he looked...alive and wonderful. Buster was there at my side that whole time and we held hands without shame and not one of the nurses or doctors made us feel bad about it.

We talked and hugged and kissed and made plans for when Joey would be well enough to come home and it was like I had a whole new lease on life. I knew Joey did, he had died and gone to Heaven but God had sent him back to us because he knew we needed him more than Heaven did for now.  But he was only on loan to us and one day he would go back, but not for a long time, and I was determined that both Buster and I would go there too and we'd all meet up there again someday.

We finally found out what happened to Jason about two days after Joey's miraculous recovery. He had stolen his mother's car and driven to Joe's house to confront him about Joey. He blamed Joey's accident on Joe, but Joe reminded him that it was Jason that had laid down the ultimatum for Joey to decide between them and suddenly Jason realized the lion's share of the blame was indeed on him. He stumbled away from Joe's house abandoning his mom's car and wandered aimlessly finally winding up at the park near our house. 

Unable to go home and face his parents or the world for that matter he wound up wandering the streets aimlessly until he was picked up by none other than James. Of course James knew who Jason was, but I guess Jason was too upset to realize who he had climbed in the car with. I don't think he really cared at that point what happened to him and perhaps he even thought the man who picked him up would molest him or kill him, both punishments he felt he was due.

James of course understood what Jason was going through and attempted to comfort him, but was reluctant to reveal his identity for fear he's upset Jason more. Jason was adamant about not going home, and James didn't push it. He took Jason to Denny's, fed him, and suggested he freshen up in the mens room. I think Jason expected James to follow him to the restroom and give him what he deserved but when James didn't show up he used the bathroom and cleaned up as best he could in the sink and returned to find James waiting for him. 

Assuming James intended to take him somewhere else to do him in, he gladly climbed back into his car and waited for his fate as James drove around trying to get Jason to open up. When he was finally convinced that it was a hopeless case, he asked Jason straight out what he wanted to do.

Jason shrugged and said something like, "I don't care, do whatever you want with me just make it quick". James began to cry then, pulling the car over in a deserted lot so as not to wreck, he proceeded to bare his soul to Jason.  I guess Jason must've been confused at first, then angry, but eventually he began to understand that James had to feel as bad as he did and perhaps they could help each other to heal.

End of Chapter 36

Wow, these chapters were really hard to write, they are short but I won't apologize for that. We've had enough pain and sorrow, now it's time to move on and get happy again. In the next chapter Joey goes home and heals with Dommie and Buster at his side the whole time. But what will become of Jason and Joe? And what part will James play in all this. I hope you are still enjoying the series, I never intended it to run this long, but the story just seems to keep going regardless of what I think. 

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